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Today marks the 3rd (third) anniversary of thesovietbroadcast!

One more year has passed and one more year we done our best to follow the guidelines on which this blog was founded: the general purpose of exposing socialist aesthetics, music, political propaganda, photography, and art alongside educative content on the same, as well the foundations of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism Third Worldism, and resources on the various socialist countries that existed during the 20th Century.

No small achievement was the soviet library through which we have made hundreds of books available for free, and our continued interest is to further expand it and ensure that all important (and non important) Marxist works are accessible and within a click’s reach from anyone wishing to further educate themselves and dispel the myths and lies cast by the bourgeois education system and accept by most as an universal truth.  

Efforts have been raised to answer several of the questions we have received last year (some of which we won’t answer because we already have), and new comrades have joined us, thus further easing the workload and incrementing our collective knowledge in handling particularly hard-to-answer questions. In the spirit of collaboration, we are also in partnership with the stalin society and a yet unnamed DPRK focused blog that should be going on-line in less than a month.

At this moment, over 8000 follow thesovietbroadcast and we would like to thank each and every one of you for the growing support and collaboration. Without you we would have never achieved half of what this blog is today and so we want you to know how meaningful it is and how grateful we are about your support in our daily activity.

Our promise, and main goal, is to continue our fullest adherence to the principles on which thesovietbroadcast was founded and hopefully - on the long run - establish a bigger network of MLM users and create better education & agitation tools for those who already are anti-capitalists but lack that ‘push’ to develop their knowledge on marxism and its history.

Last night the new photosets happened and I was dead and voting like crazy and this morning I had to whip this up. It got me wonder how many photos are out there…? Not that I’m not grateful for what they have given us already :)))) 

AND Happy to know that we have won strong ! Alt er love <3

Why I vote Malec

I live in Sweden and a part of me wants to vote for my neighbors in Norway but my heart is with Malec. And here’s why:

  • I identify so much with Alec
  • The build-up to where they are now
  • The wedding
  • Magnus is amazing 
  • A half-angel in love with a half-demon, shadowhunter and downworlder
  • Alec is a stuttering mess around Magnus in season 1
  • Alec standing up for Magnus in season 2
  • Their communicaton in season 2
  • Magnus’s clothes
  • Gay and bi representation
  • Interracial couple
  • Magnus is flamboyant and bi
  • PowercoupleTM
  • Their relationship is so realistic, at least for a person who’s not espescially affectionate (like me and Malec)
  • The way Alec looks at Magnus
  • The way Magnus looks at Alec
  • Them smiling to each other
  • Alec didn’t think he could have what he wanted, until Magnus
  • Magnus closing off his heart for almost a century before Alec
  • Magnus when Alec was unconcious in “Parabatai Lost”
  • Alec not minding when Magnus talked about Camille
  • No biphobia
  • Simon’s face when Alec went to Magnus at the wedding (You and me both, Simon, you and me both)
  • Did I mention the gift??

I can go on, there’s so much about these two that I love so much. Whether you vote Malec or Evak, I hope you have a great time voting! And all of us that are part of LGBTQ+, we have already won.

So a thing I’m seeing a lot of lately as more and more folks become interested in anarchist and antifascist tendencies and organizations is the idea of “I don’t know how to do this” and people getting paralyzed by their own lack of experience.

Here’s a secret: none of us does. Even those of us who have been organizing anarchistically for years or decades are always making it up as we go along.

The terrain we fight on is constantly shifting and evolving and to develop effective tactics so must we. This means that we are ALWAYS hurtling face first into the unknown. Sure, a lot of things have precedent and our experience in anarchist praxis means that sometimes it looks like older/more experienced folks have it “figured out,” but if we really had it figures out we’d have won already.

So go. Organize. Engage in fearless naiveté. Learn from past struggles but dont be bound by them. We are limitless because there is no program, no “correct” way to organize.

The key is to DO. The secret is to BEGIN.

Vikings 4x20 review:

  • omg it’s the end? I survived 20 episodes of this shit?
  • Aethelwulf cosplaying Jon Snow circa Battle of the Bastards
  • Ubbe happily waving a dude’s severed head around…same, bro, same
  • Little Bros: “YAY WE WON!!” Bjorn: “NOT YET you FOoLS”
  • I guess Aethelwulf stopped to take a bath between Repton and Not Winchester
  • is Ecbert in a straitjacket
  • warp-speed coronation! And mad props to Moe Dunford for rocking that tacky Adventure Time crown
  • “thank you for loving me” he literally had your ear cut off and blackmailed you into sleeping with him in s3 but w/e this season is all about men not being held responsible for their actions and retconning dubcon sex into romance so
  • I love how Ecbert gives Alfred all this sage advice on how to be a good king and then turns to Aethelred (who should be the fucking aetheling) and is like “try not to get your dick caught in your zipper”
  • did Ecbert…did he….did he just….did he make out with his son
  • “no I’m going to stay with you and get shitfaced” aw Bishop is such a cute friend <3
  • a battering ram? Sure, why the hell not, they already have crossbows
  • Little Bros: “YAY WE WON!!!” Bjorn: “NOT YET you FoOLS”
  • aw yisss it’s Plundering Time™
  • Sigurd, Hvitserk and Floki gleefully setting scrolls on fire CUZ READING’S FOR LOSERS
  • I’m glad Hirst showed them doing that, though, because barbarian groups like the Vikings, Goths, and pagan Franks before them were responsible for the loss of so much knowledge of classical antiquity (like how to build a bridge the way the Romans did) after the disintegration of the Empire.
  • Floki took Helga with him everywhere: to Frankia, to Spain, to a fucking warzone…but I guess he just REALLY needed that manpain push to get him to Iceland, huh, Hirst?
  • at least her burial was beautiful and Gustaf was fantastic. I got so emotional when Floki began laying out her personal items (that fucking comb, man)
  • lol Harald looked so hurt when his bro decided to go cruise the Med with Bjorn
  • Ivar working the crowd like a pro
  • “it looks like revenge was the only thing keeping the sons of Ragnar together” wow no shit
  • it’s just a scratch, Sigs, you’re fine…Rollo survived being trampled by 30 horses…just walk it off bb
  • my heart hurts
  • oh, but it’s not over…here comes JRM’s debut
  • well that was quite the climactic ending *ba dum tss*

So many new photos in the news  of everyone’s new SWAG for Season 7 Game of Thrones.

Except the Characters I really want to see lol /  Come on people would a sneak peek at Jorah or Bronn kill ya

Maybe they are trying to play it close to the vest as these are two charaters whose storylines could go either way - Survival or death I mean lol..

So by not realeasing photos of said characters it keeps us in mystery and suspense a little more and a little longer…

I’m here to the ruin the mystery lol

Come on most of us ( or very many of use here at Tumblr ) have  already SEEN the leaked photos so we won’t really be spoiled by it.

So give us a Sneak peak  of our faves too…-

So yup we’ve seen it in the leaks -

 I just can’t wait to see up close and much less grainy / Cause this beautiful new SWAG looks like it will give yellow shirt of sex and Armour porn a run for their money.



chief: “see how i crashed that pelican cortana? we’ve filled our quota of one crashed pelican per mission now so it definitely won;t happen when we have to escape”

cortana, already done with john’s shit after 5 minutes: “you thought of everything…”

thel, only his legs visibly sticking out of the ground: “i hate this spartan”

J as Justin? (college hockey player jb)

♡This is my first imagine like this so have that in mind when you are reading thanks♡

word count: 2171

“Girl, you should feel lucky you even have a man, my sorry ass is always alone, you at least have someone who loves you.” Y/F/N said while eating the last few fries from her plate. “I know I’m lucky, he is a great guy but he is such an asshole sometimes you know?” I said and looked at her for confirmation that I’m not just being a drama queen and that what he did was wrong. “I agree that what he did was not cool Y/N, but at the end of the day, you and I are going to finish this dinner and drive back to campus and you are gonna watch him play, get mad every time someone pushes him and tear up every moment he falls on the ice.” She took a sip of her drink while looking at me with a smirk and put some money on the table to pay for her dinner. “So, you can say you are mad at him and that he is an asshole, but deep down you know that after the match tonight you will wait for him and spend the whole night asking him is he hurt.” I just rolled my eyes at her because I didn’t want to admit to her nor to myself that everything she just said was true. “Whatever Y/F/N, can we just go?” She smiled at me and got up. “Sure babe, let’s go watch your man win this game.”

Walking into the arena, trying to find a sitting place closest to the actual rink and waiting for the match to start was always a stressful thing for me. I knew that any minute now my boyfriend, captain of the hockey team will come out and everyone will start cheering for him. People have his name written on cheering banners, people are constantly yelling his name and I’m just sitting here praying to God no one hurts him. I honestly never thought ice hockey would be such a big deal when I get to college, but here it’s probably the most important thing. Every week during the season when there is a match the entire faculty and almost every student gets down to the arena and for one night forget about studying and all the shit that college is usually about. 

It is nice though, it always feels great watching Justin play on those Friday nights because every time he scores, and he scores a lot, he winks or points at me with the biggest smile on his face and seeing him that happy makes me happy and knowing that I am the first thing on his mind after he scores feels great, just knowing he loves me as much as I love him is the best possible feeling in the world. Of course, that lasts for a few seconds only, through the most of the game I am just looking at the guys trying to push him into the wall or tackle him to the ground and every time they do, my heart stops for a second but then he gets up, finds my face in the crowd and nods telling me he is okay. 

Tonight is the semifinals for this season and yesterday we got into a fight because me being a drama queen who needs attention all the time and him being a busy guy who had never had a serious relationship before me because of his commitment issues, don’t always work out for the best. So the last time we talked he told me that I was clingy and that hurt me so bad so I might have said some awful things to him too. We don’t fight as much as I thought we would when I met the person he is because somehow things I hate about people usually don’t bother me when it’s up to him and vice versa so we are good. But today is the first time he is playing something important and I wasn’t with him before, I wasn’t there to calm him down and tell him he is going to do great and it feels weird. Like, I know he is going to do good and that they are going to win this thing but it still doesn’t feel right. 

“Oh, it’s about to start!” Y/F/N said with nothing but excitement in her voice and I laughed because I know she wasn’t referring to the game but to the boys coming out into the rink and if there’s something she loves it’s looking at hot guys and telling me which one is she going to get with tonight. Everyone was standing up now, cheering for ever guy from our team whilst they were coming to the rink but I was waiting for only one face to see. “And now, saving the best for last, welcome our captain, Justin Bieber!” The moment that sentence came out of every speaker in the arena the entire crowd went completely crazy. He got out and instead of smiling and waving at the people like he usually does he had a worried expression on his face. He was scanning the crowd as if he was looking for something and the moment his eyes locked with mine, he looked like he found it. He smiled and I could see his body relaxing as soon as he knew I was here. We kept eye contact for few more seconds before he was pulled to the side by one of his team mates and after they all talked for a few minutes I heard him yelling “Woohoo” while he was skating to the middle of the rink and the match started.

The third period is about to end in few minutes and our team is leading by two, people who have finals on Monday are already leaving the arena counting with the fact we already won so they don’t have to stay till the end. It was a good game, Justin scored the majority of the goals and it was an easy game for our team considering no one understands how the other team even got to the semifinals but okay. The puck was just passed to Justin while there were no people in front of him and a second before the game ended he scored another goal, looked at the scoreboard, smiled, looked at me and mouthed ‘I love you’.

I was waiting in the back, next to the exit Justin was going to come from and was texting Y/F/N who already left with some guy and was telling me not to wait up for her tonight because she isn’t coming back to our dorm room. Cute. 

“Hey pretty girl, waiting for me?” I turned around and saw a guy from the rival team walking towards me. “No, waiting for my boyfriend actually.” I said slightly scared already because he was so much bigger than me and looked like he really doesn’t like no as an answer. “You are Biebers girl, aren’t you?” He asked and came way too close to me for my liking. “I saw him looking at you through the match but believe me, I could make you feel so much better than he ever could if you just go with me.” He started leaning towards me and me pushing him with all the strength that I had in me wasn’t enough for him to move even a bit. “Get off of me!” I hissed and tried my best to set myself free from his grip. “Hey!” I heard a voice way too familiar to me yell from behind us. In a matter of seconds the creepy guy was pulled of me and Justin punched him in the face the way that I was sorry for the doctor who is going to have to fix that guys nose. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you harassing my girl like that, huh?” Justin pushed the guy against a wall and punched him once more. “I destroyed your game in the rink and I’m going to destroy your face here.” He said and I swear I have never seen him that mad. “Justin” I said softly “he is not worth it, let’s just go, please.” He was looking at me still holding that asshole pinned to the wall. “Fuck” he said before he moved away and walked towards me while a guy who was so confident just few minutes before ran away like a girl. “Are you okay princess?” Justin asked and put his palms on both sides of my face trying to see if I am hurt. “I’m okay, he didn’t have a chance to do anything before you came out and saved me.” I smiled at him and felt him lighten up at my comment as he pulled me for a tight hug. 

“I’m sorry for the stuff I said yesterday.” I said and felt him lightly kiss my forehead. “I am sorry too baby, I was so sad today when I thought you are not coming to see me play.” I just smiled at him and pecked his lips. “I will always come and see you play Justin.” “Good. I feel like I wouldn’t play as good if I knew I don’t have my girl in the audience to impress.” He took my hand and started walking towards his car. “Like you still need to impress me after two years of dating.” “Quite opposite Y/N,” he started in his 'I am talking nonsense but will make it sound serious’ voice. “I have to start impressing you right now.” He opened the door of his car for me and quickly came in himself. “And why is that?” I asked ready to be amused by his answer. “Because right about now, after two years of the adventure that is dating me, right now you are going to start getting bored with me.” “Oh my God.” I started laughing and turned on the radio. “It’s not funny Y/N” he said and turned the radio off. “I was listening to that Justin.” “See, you would rather listen to music than talk with your boyfriend, you are so getting bored with me.’' ’'Are you actually serious?” I asked as I started to realize he isn’t just joking around. “Yes, I’m serious, why would I joke with shit like that?” “So you think that I’m not serious with you, that I’m going to leave just because we don’t do new things every day?” “I don’t know, are you?” he asked with a serious voice and tried to avoid eye contact. 

“Like, you are so great and beautiful and smart and funny and everyone loves you and I can just play hockey. It was fun for a year when we did all that new stuff together and were still getting to know each other and you were so happy and now I am comfortable around you, like I don’t get butterflies anymore because I feel calm and that is exactly what I need and I love it that way you know? But I don’t know how you feel about it and-” “Justin, stop.” I said and put my hand on his. “Stop the car.”  He looked at me confused as he pulled up next to the road. “Look at this.” I said and turned my back to him pulling my hair up showing him a tattoo on the back of my neck I got few days ago. “Oh my God.” I felt his fingers caress the skin of my neck. “It says 'J’.” I turned around and looked at him. “Yes it does.” “J as Justin?” He asked and I rolled my eyes at him. “No Justin, J as jacket.” he looked at me confused and I started laughing. “Of course its J as Justin, I am serious with you, I am serious with us okay? I love how we are right now and how you make me feel and I want it no other way. I sure as hell wouldn’t get a tattoo with the first letter of your name if I was planning on breaking up with you or if I was bored. We are at the stage where we are always there for each other and we know each other so well so there are no new things to do but that doesn’t mean my love for you changed even a bit. I love what you and I have okay? I wouldn’t change it for anything.” he smiled and pulled me into a hug. “I love you.” “I love you too Justin, so much more than you could imagine.” He pulled away to kiss me and went over my tattoo with his fingers once again. 

“My dorm room is empty tonight just so you know.” I said and he smirked at me. “Oh yeah?” he started the car and put his hand on my thigh. “I guess I will be showing you just how much I love you tonight.”

OKAY if you read this till the end God bless you and please leave feedback, tell me if you liked it and what you didnt like bc it would mean a lot when writing a next one. Thank you i love youuu

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We’re not protesting because our candidate didn’t win. We are protesting to keep rights that have already been won over the years and are now being threatened under the new administration: to have equal rights no matter what race or gender you are, the right to love who you want to love, to control your own body and decide when you want to have a family, and to worship your God the way you want to worship. The women of the world felt it was important to remind our government that these issues are very important to us and we need to continue to move forward, not backward.

jessmk93  asked:

Praying for you, friend. Just remember, no matter how distant from God you feel, He is always with you and has already won the battle. We just have to trust in him. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. ~ Isaiah 43:2

Thank you for the encouragement. It means a lot. God bless you! ❤

When I see people who ship nothing but canon ships yet choose to make a big deal about shipping them like it’s a deep, dark secret to ship them. Or they go out and criticize works made by other shippers.

“What are you doing? You already won. Leave us sad people alone. All we have left are our fan works and dreams.”

Hi there, Kat here!

I made a new blog. I decided to archive this one and move because I wanted a fresh blog after almost two years. I’m planning on keeping all the threads I have from here. This is also once again, a mutuals only blog unless starters are tagged otherwise. Granted, I am still getting things together so bare with me if some follow backs are slow. Obviously if we are already doing something, you won’t have a problem gaining a follow back.

so carelessxtroubled —> ragingwars


Do not walk around with your head down.
Do not act as if you’ve been defeated.
We already have victory because of the Cross.
We should walk as if we have already won the war, because we have.
God has saved us. Healed us. Redeemed us.
Sin has no power over us.
WE ARE FREE! Let us live in such a way that reflects the freedom and hope that we have!

Riarkle Drabble #11

This drabble was requested by livingunafraid. The prompt is from this post, number 28: “Marry Me.”

Farkle and Riley were walking back to their apartment when he blurted it out.

“Marry Me.”

Riley stopped in her tracks, her hand falling from Farkle’s as he kept moving forwards. She almost dropped her groceries as well before she managed to stutter out a, “What?”

Farkle turned around, she noticed that his cheeks were a pinker shade now and he looked at the ground instead of at her. “Marry me,” he suggested, his voice significantly quieter than he had first announced it.

Smiling, Riley walked over to where he was and grabbed the groceries from his hands, effectively dropping both her bags and his, on the ground. She lifted her hand and held it in front of his face. On her left hand, the ring shone in the sunlight, “We’re already married, Farkle,” she reminded him. She took his hand in hers and lifted it up, “See? You have a ring as well. To match mine.”

Grinning, bashfully, Farkle looked at her through his lashes, focusing more on his shoes still. “I know,” he confessed, intertwining their left hands. “But we did that right after we graduated college, in a town hall with your parents and mine with Maya, Lucas and Zay. Don’t you want to have a big white wedding, like you had always talked about?”

Riley’s heart melted at the fact that he had remembered. She had told him once before they had even started dating that she had always wanted this wedding with a dress and everything. And now, as they stood there a block from their apartment she just couldn’t believe he had retained that fact. 

She stared at him, bewildered, “Well, yeah, but I got to marry my best friend so I think I already won,” she smiled. “Plus, we don’t have the money to sponsor a huge wedding. The cost alone for a dress would be too much.”

He led her to the steps that were close by, taking their groceries with them. “You’ve been thinking about it, haven’t you?”

Riley shrugged, moving her head back and forth, “Kind of, I guess. I was always going to be alright with marrying you inside of the town hall as long as I married you.”

Farkle looked at his wife as she played nervously with her ring. “Then let’s do it for real, with all the marbles,” he suggested, happy when a smile grew slowly onto Riley’s face.

“You really want to do this?” she asked, her face already giving away the signs of giddiness.

He nodded, “I really want to do this.”




Farkle held his wife close as they slow-danced around the floor of the ballroom. He watched as the room moved while they spun around, the click of his shoes with the patter of her bare feet (she had requested not to wear shoes since the heels were already killing her).

As the song winded down, Riley looked at her husband. “Thank you for letting me do this,” she smiled, twirling in her dress a bit after the song had come to a close and the applause from the guests erupted.

“Everything you wanted?” he asked, leading her back to their table in the corner, picking up her white, sparkly shoes along the way.

She nodded fervently, “And more,” she remarked, leaning her head on his shoulder as they sat down. She played with the fabric on her dress before sighing, “Gosh, do I love this dress.”

Farkle let out a loud laugh and kissed Riley’s shoulder, “You look beautiful,” he commented.

“Now see, you’re supposed to say that, you’re my husband,” she pointed out, teasing him ever so slightly.

“I don’t know, Mrs. Minkus, I’d like to think that I wouldn’t have to,” he argued, “I would’ve said it either way.”

Riley hummed in agreement, sipping her champagne and watching her parents as they danced across the floor like idiots. I want to be like them, she thought, wistfully. But then Farkle pulled her out to the dance floor and they did cheesy dance moves.

Suddenly, Farkle dipped her eliciting a squeal from her as she thought she was going to hit the ground. When she didn’t, she looked at her husband, he pecked her lips quickly before pulling her up and spinning her once more.

Forget me being like my parents, she thought. I want my life to be just like this.

jan 20

okay I know we talk about this all the time every day and I’m not the first one to bring it up but I was drinking my coffee just now and trying to go one frickin miraculous day not living in shame and I started thinking

isn’t it so romantic? Jesus died for our hearts and souls. I don’t know about you but I grew up in a media age where Edward was obsessed with Bella, young adult novels and movies that focused on obsession and addiction to another person and we labeled this “romantic” because we want someone to give their all for us. we want someone to die for us.

we want to be adored and loved so badly because it’s human nature to want to be loved.

this is because we have already been died for, and our souls have been won, and the only thing left to do is surrender our wandering hearts to that love.

our destiny isn’t to find that sacrificial love, but to recognize what was already done for us and identify with it.

which is why we define ourselves by other things, like our sin or a man we love. because we are looking for something to fulfill us, but it is only Christ who can.

And to recognize it, we have to change our perception, not our actions or thoughts, or sinfulness. We open our eyes, not become perfection.

Somewhere right now, I’m in heaven, and I have no shame. God is timeless and as I beg Him for victory, He’s saying, “don’t you know? you already have it. you’re already there.”

It’s just about opening my eyes and changing how I think. I am not this flesh. I am hugging Jesus and I’m dancing and praising and maybe I’m eating some really great food and I’m living life without any anxiety. What a concept.

But most importantly, I’m free.

He is so loving and gentle. And patient. And kind. I feel loved in the most romantic of ways. I feel like someone gave their life for me.

Cards Against Moriarty (Sherlock Reader Insert)

Name: Cards Against Moriarty

Author: Micia

Fandom: Sherlock

Characters: Implied!John x Reader (actually it can be read as JohnxReader, SherxReader or GregxReader, thats up to you)

Word Count: 2.419

Warnings: None

Summary: Suddenly the reader is nowhere to be found, the only clue left is a black card, that reads “Cards Against Moriarty”. Which horrid game does our brilliant psychopath have in mind this time?


More One-Shots: (x)

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