we have almost the same haircut

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pta meeting au with mas. thank you so much for doing these, i love your writing!

“Who is the president of this,” Ace mutters pretending to smile at the myriad of mothers with the same haircuts as the ones that almost always snapped at him when he had been working at the fast food joint in college. “Why do we have to be here?”

“Because,” Sabo whispers back smiling politely at one of the parents that had grabbed his ass the week before during a parent-teacher conference. “Apparently everyone has to suffer.”

“Can’t I suffer in another way? If I hear one more parent talk about your ass, I’m gonna have to deck ‘em. That’s my ass.”

“It’s my ass. It’s on my body, therefore my ass. You are just the only one allowed to touch it. Also, don’t get us kicked out of this school for being ‘unnatural gays’. I don’t want to have to move across the country to get a new job.”

“Fine,” Ace sighs leaning back against the wall and crossing his arms over his chest as the meeting started.

“Ah,” Sabo glances at the man looking rather nervous about stepping in. “I’m late again.”

“They’ve just started,” He grins as the man jolts slightly. “I’m Sabo Outlook, one of the fourth grade teachers. This is Ace Portgas, he’s gym and music.”

“Marco Newgate.”

Ace glances over, “Any relation to Haruta Newgate? She real tiny and kicks like a donkey?”

“That’s Haru,” Marco sighs. “My daughter. I’m so sorry she kicked you, I keep telling her to stop but my dad keeps encouraging her.” 

“Don’t worry about it, she’s a good kid beyond that. There’s a seat just there if you want to actually pay attention.”

“Thank you.”

Sabo waits until Marco is stated to raise an eyebrow at Ace, “You and blonds.”

“He’s attractive with a little girl who thinks I’m cool and not married. I’m allowed to look, you said we were allowed to look.”

“Mhm, what are the chances of us getting him into bed anyway?” Sabo agrees. “He’s hot.”

“You’re hot.”

“Are you asking me to seduce a parent? In the middle of a PTA meeting?”

Ace tilts his head, “I think I’m saying that you couldn’t but also that I think it would be great if you did.”

“You are going to get us kicked out the school district.”

Everyone have to go through Touka hairdressing skill at some point  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Characters/Pairing: Kirishima Touka, Kirishima Ayato, Kaneki Ken, Fueguchi Hinami, Touken, Ayahina.

Words: 824~

“What ?”

“What what ?”

Ayato stare at her, nose twitching and eyes rolling in annoyance. It’s too obvious. They’re not even through half of the day, and he feel like the need to start an argument with his big sister.

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Why Disliking Ressie Has Nothing to Do w/ Shipping Richonne

There are a lot of reasons to dislike this ship apart from how it ignores the strong bond between Rick and Michonne. Allow me to summarize based solely on the reasons their kiss made me physically squirm.

From the beginning I was disturbed at the idea of Rick endangering the lives of everyone around him in order to obtain access to a woman who, for all he knew, was happily married. This is the biggest difference between the comic arc and what we’ve gotten on the TV show (you can read more about the hugely signficant differences here).

As of yet there’s been no examination of WHY Rick behaved this way. Gimple tends to write arcs that play out over long periods of time, so hopefully we will get some inkling as to what psychological issue might have caused this behavior.

Then there is the issue of a “connection” or lack thereof. As far as I can see, the connection between the two of them is purely physical. Why would Rick trust someone he doesn’t know to give him a haircut or hold his child? The same Rick who almost didn’t enter Alexandria because of ingrained fear and mistrust? He’d known Jessie for all of 5 minutes when those events transpired.

So those are the first two reasons the kiss was repulsive to me - the creepy behavior of Rick’s that lead to such a kiss being available and the lack of emotional connection behind it, in light of the creepiness.

As to the issue of whether Rick and Jessie are bad parents - well, as has been said we don’t see Rick interacting with his kids. Just in the interest of showing us they’re in his thoughts and are factoring into his decisions, it would have been good to show him interacting with them. Let’s just say I buy that he has been interacting with them. Jessie has been interacting with her kids, assuming that Ron will get over the recent death of his father just because she says Rick’s her “friend” now and not even trying to comfort him, trying to comfort a terrified Sam with cookies and no real effort to physically or emotionally comfort him in any way. With Jessie, it’s clear that she’s more interested in getting close to Rick than she is in actually parenting her children. The writers could easily have taken a different approach to this but unfortunately they chose not to. I was never interested in hating Jessie and found the arc about her in the comics to be poignant and affecting, but they’re just not selling her well as a good mother on the TV show.

Anyway, I digress, but even IF Rick were shown to be parenting his children, there is still the fact that Ron is in turmoil and Jessie and Rick both know it but continue their courtship with his knowledge and prioritize their physical attraction to each other over the wellbeing of a boy whose father has just been killed and who is just now dealing with the reality of the zombie apocalypse. That is loathsome and vile to me and the kiss left such a bad taste in my mouth because of it.

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I have a question about Dean's new hair. So I know how Dean's normal hairstyle looks (we saw it for 9 seasons xD) and in the Season 10 promo trailer it looks way more poofy, almost swept to the side? I don't know I'm not a hair expert or whatever. I want to know exactly how different his new hairstyle is from his old one.


okay, so throughout the past 9 seasons, dean has actually had what i like to call a “military haircut”

…basically because that’s EXACTLY what it is. it’s shorter along the sides, longer at the top. albeit a bit long to meet actual regulations i believe, but dean’s hair has always been about 1 1/2-2” long at MOST. it’s generally done like this, or almost the same length throughout. but you always see dean spike it up, even when he’s in the shower because he’s a nerd and it’s who he is

but now, we have demon dean, who DOES NOT care to meet up with his past expectations for himself, because he no longer cares. but his hair! ohhh, his hair:

it is SO MUCH longer than usual (2”-3” throughout), even extending out to the sides. it’s no longer spiked and almost freer in this sense. he parts it on the left side, and it’s no longer a borderline-regulated haircut.

we can also see here the sides a bit better:

i think that this is a HELLA COOL haircut for him to have, and so awesome to see after all these years. WANNA JUST [MAKES HAND RUFFLING MOTIONS]

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Whats your fav hairstyle from all the members?

Okay, this is going to take a bit of explaining so bare with me. Also, I did B&W pictures because you said hairstyle & not color. Color would be a whole different post :P

I tried to only use one gif each & I did my best to describe the ones that I didn’t use gifs of. Hopefully you all kind of know what I was talking about. haha but if not, you can send me an ask & I’ll give gifs for them.

ANYWAY, here we go…


Personally I love whenever he has a middle-part. No matter the length of it, the middle part just makes him look so sexy & adorable at the same time. I really like when he has it kind of covering his eyes a bit like in part of CMB too.


I love almost every style he’s had & it took me a bit to settle on one for this. I loved his Call Me Baby hair when it was all standing up but I really have a weakness for his slicked back/side-parted hair. It’s just so sophisticated.


I hate almost every haircut he’s had, to be honest. I hate the bowl cuts & the short weird choppy things. But I love when his hair is longer & kind of messy. It’s just super flattering for his face shape in my opinion.


I will always be team SooSidecut. I loved it, I worshiped it. 


Basically any time he’s got his hair in this kind of messy side-part style is my favorite. I don’t know why, I just think messy suits him. The longer, the better on Jongin. But I don’t mind when he has his hair shorter.


100%  team Growl sidecut.


Many of his styles are the same, a variation of the bowl cut. But his Call Me Baby hair was like sex. I loved it. I fell in love with him because of it. Messy & just sexy as fuck.


I go between two styles on him. His Overdose backcombed hair & his sex-god messy up-do thing that he had for the GQ shoot. 


Anytime he has his hair slicked back, I’m a fan. But I really liked when he had it longer & would just kind of push it back without anything to hold it. It would just kind of flop around & look hella sexy.


I liked his longer side-swept hair from Mama the most. I don’t know why. But I also really loved when he did the slicked/side part from Overdose era.


This was a hard one too. Because there is a style I like on him where it’s all just kind of up in the air in the front, but I loved his shaved/designed sidecut too.


I love just about every style on Xiumin, but his recent middle part hairstyle has caught my eye & it’s slowly becoming my all-time favorite on him.