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I'm not sure if you're doing the prompt number thing, but if you do, can I have number 4, please? Thank you

Prompt Number 4: “May I have this dance?”

Thank you for sending this prompt! Of course we are doing these! :) I made it an HS - AU. Hope you like it anyway.


Tony sits in the canteen and looks out of the window. Its the week after finals. That means its time for the big dance at the end of this term. Tony smiles a bit.

Howard allowed him for the first time do go to the dance. Tony was so happy when his father told him, because he worked really hard for his good grades even tho he is a genius.

Not a genius in biology and history. So he studied really hard this year.

“Hey Tones.” Rhodey says when he sits down next to Tony.

Tony nods at his best friend and then smiles at Pepper who is behind Rhodey. He giggles a bit when Pepper kisses Rhodey on the cheek. He is happy that his two best friends finally found each other.

“How is it going?” Rhodey asks then and Tony shrugs.

“Did you finally asked someone to be your date for the dance?” asks Pepper then and Tony looks down.

Well…he should ask someone. He knows that. But he isn’t good with dating and such things. So…

“No.” murmurs Tony and he bites on his underlip. He is afraid that he’ll get laughed at. Because he is such a freak in this school, that most of the people hate him.

He is still not sure how he managed it to find so many friends this year, but maybe the others are just around for Pepper and Rhodey.

Before Pepper can answer, Steve and Bucky arrive at their table.

“Hey lads.” says Bucky and sits down opposite from Tony.

“And Pepper.” says Steve and he frowns at Bucky. Tony shakes his head. Sometimes the Brooklyn Twins are so…weird.

“Where are the others?” asks Pepper and ignores Bucky who eats his lunch rather noisily.

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Prompt: Tony is forced to go to a live-interview by Pepper. He has no idea what it’s going to be about (not that he cares). Unfortunately, a question that Tony was not prepared to answer pops up.

This prompt was really fun to write, mainly because I would have never ever thought of it myself. So I really hope I did the prompt justice (I kind of feel like I screwed up and need to apologise).

Further notes: I did not include the original prompt here because it’s spoilery. Sorry for that. ^^“

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Queer Eye for the Star Spangled Guy
(Part Four)

Here is Part Three

“You know what?” Carson says dreamily as he looks through Steve’s closet.  “I am so relieved that I do not have to wear a hazmat suit while I go through your closet.  Please tell me Bucky Bear’s a neat freak too?”

“Um, only with his clean clothes – ”

And then Carson screams.  “AAAAUGGGH MY GOD!!! KHAKI HELL!”

From the hallway, Ted’s voice is soothing,  “Stand down, soldier, it’s just Carson having a fashion breakdown.”

And then there was Thom, “You sure that wasn’t an orgasm?”

“Carson doesn’t believe in poaching, boo.  Bad karma,” Jai chimes in. 

Steve is hoping that Bucky is not as hopelessly confused as he is. 

“Okay, sweetie sugar pie honey bunch, it’s not that I don’t appreciate a good pair of slacks and khaki pants but you need to remember that jeans are an actual thing now.  We can wear them.  Repeat after me:  I can rock denim.”

Steve parrots it dutifully.  And gets a pat perilously close to his rear end for his trouble.  He eeps. 

“Oh, that future boyfriend and BFF of yours is a lucky so and so,” Carson muses. 


Carson blissfully plunges onwards.  “Okay, I won’t take away all the khaki from you but we need better fitting pants.  Covering up that ass of yours is a CRIME, okay? And you’re supposed to stand for Truth, Justice and the American Way!”

“I think that was Superman.”

“Pfft, whatever.  Also - who on earth told you to wear this size t-shirt?" 

"Oh, those are my friends Milo and Bean, from this store I shop at.  They keep pushing me to wear more denim too. Heh." 

"Your friends deserve Medals of Honor.  You need to introduce me.”  

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