we have a situation tumblr

Does it seem like we have a weird linguistic situation within LGBT+ Tumblr?

I never saw anybody using the phrase “materially benefiting”, about oppression, before I got here. That if you can’t list how a group “materially benefits” from another’s oppression, then they don’t. (which is really problematic because it cuts things like suicide rates, assault rates, etc., right out of the discussion.) The only place I can find that phrase commonly used outside of Tumblr is in Marxist discourse.

“Coherent group” is the latest one that I’ve seen pop up. All of a sudden everyone started scoffing that this or that was “not a coherent group.” I can’t find that phrase used ANYWHERE outside of Tumblr, except in one blog about topology algorithms, of all things.

I feel like there are at least two other academic-sounding terms that get passed around here, especially in Discourse, that sound really official and authoritative but don’t actually mean anything?

I’m super curious about where this stuff comes from, and what other phrases I’m not thinking of right now. Has anybody else noticed this?