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It’s our turn! About that time, huh? With the series finale almost upon us we just wanted to say thank you for making the past 5 years a blast. Your talent, passion, humor, and love has inspired us every single day, and what inspires us most of all is the community that you’ve created, the friendships you’ve made, and the support you have for each other. #CloneClub is a family that we’re so proud to be a part of, and one that isn’t going away anytime soon. Even after the show is over we’ll still be here sharing the incredible things you make and stories you tell, laughing at your jokes, answering your questions, and being borderline sass masters. Orphan Black Forever, yeah?

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How They Would React to You Being Extremely Clumsy

A/N: Hype me up for my first reaction guys! This was requested and they didn’t specify if they wanted OT12 or not so I’m just gonna do it. *I don’t own any of the gifs*

Requested by: @armyexolgalaxy

Chanyeol: He would live and thrive off the fact that his baby was just as clumsy as him. You two would practically have to wrap yourselves in bubble wrap just to go outside. You were a walking caution sign, but no matter what, Chanyeol would be there to give every bruise, cut, and scrape a kiss to make you feel better.

Baekhyun: Homeboy is the king of teasing and judging so be prepared for some side glances when your clumsy side shines through. He would always help you, but you’re lying to yourself if you think he isn’t gonna throw some kind of remark at you.


BH: “Jagi, are you okay?!”

Y/N: “Yeah! I just tripped over the coffee table.”

BH: “You mean the one that’s been in the same place since we moved in…?”

Y/N: “…Yeah, that one.”

Minseok: He would be amazed that you could manage to trip over nothing but your own two feet.He wouldn’t really mind it if you two were at home, but if you were out, he’d probably opt to just carrying you around.

Yixing: I don’t think he’d really mind that you were so clumsy. He might even find it super cute that you were so accident prone. Like, I imagine you walking towards him with a super nice homemade meal that you made for your anniversary before you completely wipe out at his feet. He’d laugh as helped you up and brushed food off your clothes before pecking your lips and suggesting you two order takeout.

Kyungsoo: He wouldn’t be bothered by it, and if he was he wouldn’t say anything.He would just silently do things for you so that your accidents wouldn’t happen. For example, cooking for you and keeping you out of the kitchen, wrapping an arm around your waist when he sees a wet floor sign, showering with you. (Okay, that last one might be more for him than for you.)

Jongdae: So, you remember that episode of EXO Showtime when Jongdae was cooking meat and it flew off the grill and onto the ground, right? You’re the meat. Every time you fell or dropped something, he would give you that disappointed look followed by an elongated sigh.

“Aish, there she goes again.”

Junmyeon: Mama Bear Suho would do everything in his power to baby proof your surroundings. Once he realized that you were clumsy to the point of tripping when standing still, Mama broke out his tools and went to work. Lord save him when you two decide to have kids. Having his big baby walking around with his little baby would make him stressed to the max. It’s lucky that he’s had good practice dealing with Chanyeol.

Jongin: This little sunshine wouldn’t even notice that you were abnormally clumsy. He just thought things seemed to happen to you because of fate. Every time you fell, he would be shocked.

“Wow, isn’t it crazy that you always seem to trip over the same spot whenever we come here?”

Sehun: Sass Master Sehun always had something to say whenever you fell or dropped something. His snide remarks would be followed with a glare and pout from you before he laughed it off and said you were cute when you pouted or something like that.

“Hm, I wonder where that wall came from. Sure seems like it popped out of no where, right?”

“Wow, gravity is sure loving on you today, Jagi.”

“Floor, are you okay?”


Luhan: He would always teasingly scold you whenever you tripped, but you both knew he found it to be the funniest thing on the planet. 

“Yah!” *laughs* “Why can’t you just walk normally?” *laughs again* “I’m gonna have to make you wear padding under your clothes now!”

Kris: Kris would always give you a strange look whenever you fell, even though he was guilty of the same things. He’s just as clumsy as you, but refuses to admit it. 

“How did you manage to-” *trips over the exact same thing you did*

Tao: He really wouldn’t care if you two were at home, but in public he was more wary of your clumsiness. If you fell while out with him, he would pretend he didn’t know you.

*through gritted teeth* “Jagi, we’re in public.”