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“But Guys, Dragons!”

Driven by the head-canon of an Asexual (and possibly also Aromantic) Charlie Weasley, explaining to his snog-obsessed friends “But Guys, Dragons!” we have decided to merge representation and fandom into a new pendant.

This Ace Flag Dragon pendant is now available on our website in 2 styles. The 30mm round style is $16, the standard dog tag style is $22.

Now with finished examples!

A big thank you to Rin Venieris for doing the artwork on this new piece.

PLEASE share this. We hear so much that the Ace/Aro community is ignored or erased. By sharing this you are letting your friends and followers know that both you and we are making an effort to include them, not to ignore them, and not to co-opt the A for anyone else. Representation matters, and it can be fun. Because, dragons.


This year football fandom became a little bit bigger and now we have more fantastic editors and I guess that we need a tag system for these edits. Some of these tags people already use and some will be new.

FCBEDIT -for FC Barcelona

RMEDIT - for Real Madrid

BVBEDIT - for Borussia Dortmund

FCBMEDIT - for FC Bayern Munich 

AFCEDIT - for Arsenal FC

CFCEDIT - for Chelsea FC

LFCEDIT - for Liverpool FC

MUFCEDIT - for Manchester United FC

ACMEDIT - for AC Milan

JUVEEDIT - for Juventus FC


We are a new network for aromantic spectrum and asexual spectrum fans of Les Mis. You can meet people and discuss your ace / aro spectrum headcanons, or anything else you want!

A few rules:

  • You need to be aromatic spectrum and/or asexual spectrum. Unfortunately, we will not accept any allies as this is a safe space for asexual and aromantic spectrum fans.
  • You need to post at least a noticeable amount about Les Mis, though it needn’t be your main fandom.
  • You need to have a decent tagging system, at least for potential triggers.
  • You have to fill out this survey
  • Follow Nat and Camille (okay, you don’t have to, but it would be nice. We’re cool people, I swear. Plus there may be updates and stuff).
  • Follow this blog


  • Friends and stuff!
  • More aro/ace spectrum people!
  • Headcanons we can relate to, yay!
  • People will reblog your selfies and promo you, and that alone is an awesome thing
  • We’ll probably do some livestreams of Les Mis versions sometimes

Acceptances and all that jazz:

  • We don’t want to turn anybody away, but if this gets a lot of interest, we’ll have to do acceptances in waves.
  • Those waves will probably be in groups of 10
  • The survey really doesn’t have an impact on whether or not you get in. Everyone gets in, as long as you follow the rules we have posted here.
  • We’ll send you a message saying that you’ve been accepted, and we;ll give you a little place on the network page.

That’s it! Please consider joining. We look forward to meeting you!

Flag credit

are u aro?? are u ace??? are u tired of tumblr’s senseless discourse and just wanna chill w the peeps and not discuss love/sex for once??? then you have come to the right place my friend

U GOTTA*:・゚✧

  • be aro and/or ace obvi (ง ͠° ل͜ °)ง 
  • follow the ace and aro cacti
  • reblog this post to apply~
  • fill this snazzy survey (solely for organizing purposes, u’ll 1000% ace it)
  • dont forget to send us ur name and icon so we can add u on our super cute net page 
  • follow the tag #aroacenet to share aroace character headcanons and edits and your cute selfies with each other :’)
  • possible groupchat~~
  • that is all welcome to the new loving sassy family ♥
Dai Gyakuten Saiban spoilers and you

A new game, a new set of spoilers to watch out for! DGS will be available to download in just a few hours, and a few lucky folks in Japan have already gotten their hands on early copies.

We’re asking the same thing of the fandom we always do: let’s strive to all use the same tag to tag DGS spoilers, so that folks can avoid spoiler posts easily.  In this case, DGS really only has one official name, so we recommend tagging any posts with spoilers “#DGS spoilers”.  This is particularly important given DGS’ localization status is still up in the air, and as such lots of folks are avoiding spoilers until we hear one way or the other.

As always, C-R will not be posting unmarked spoilers on any of its accounts.

Here’s to the start of Ryuunosuke’s adventures!


Driven by the head-canon of an Asexual (and possibly also Aromantic) Charlie Weasley, explaining to his snog-obsessed friends “But Guys, Dragons!” we have decided to merge representation and fandom into a new pendant.

Rin is making us an fantastic dragon in the Black/Grey/White/Purple of the Ace flag which we will be offering for pre-order (and then regular order) on our website (soon).

If you are interested in this pendant (either with or without text, as a glass pendant, or as a dog tag), please let us know by email {info@optimysticalstudios.com} so we can let you know when we have the art and they are ready for pre-order.

Also, PLEASE share this. We hear so much that the Ace/Aro community is ignored or erased. By sharing this you are letting your friends and followers know that both you and we are making an effort to include them, not to ignore them, and not to co-opt the A for anyone else. Representation matters, and it can be fun. Because, dragons.


To celebrate the New Year (and our comeback) we’ve decided to host another cosplay competition! The winner will get a choice of figurine (Ace or Luffy) and a Luffy keyring. The runner up will get a Strawhat washbag and One Piece keyring.


-Must be 18+ (or have permission from parents.) Winners will be giving out their address to strangers after all.

-One entry per person (but can be any One Piece cosplay)

-Tagging our blog in a post or submitting your entry directly to our ask box are both fine.

-Must be following this blog (we will check! Fufu)

-No inappropriate/nsfw content (there’s a side blog for that!)

-Must have your ask box open - we need a way to contact the winners!

Other than that, just be respectful of all participants and have fun! Competition ends on January 31st, and we will announce winners either that day or February 1st. Winners will have exactly one week to reply, or the prizes will be given to the next in line.

Good luck!

-Doffy and Cora

Hello, my dearest! So Tara (wut-a-duckie), Kim (havillird) and I (savingraphaelsantiago) decided to create a The Last Hours Network so we can all help each other to survive the long wait ‘till Chain Of Thorns (2017, guys! Only in 2017!) 

Here we’re going to be able to talk about fancast, our expectations about the book and the characters we already love <3. We can also share our talent with our creations and bring some fire to the table with some challenges! :) Now, let’s go to business:


  • must be following the queen, the joker and the ace (have no idea why I nominated us like that!)
  • reblog this post (likes only count as bookmarks)
  • you must post The Shadowhunter Chronicles (multifandom is fine)
  • fill out this form
  • track the tag #thelasthoursnw
  • this post must get at least 30 notes 

What you’ll gain in this!

  • new friends <3333 and lots of love
  • a follow from everyone in the squad
  • a mutual help to survive the wait ‘till the last hours
  • reblogs/likes on your selfies/edits
  • the opportunity to participate in challenges

What we’re looking for

  • people active in the fandom
  • friendly people
  • nice tag system ;)

That’s it everybody! The deadline is September 30th (my birthday <33)! Members will be chosen soon after this date! Thank you everyone and good luck! <3


A new tag for aro-spec and ace-spec Harry Potter content! 

Please tag your own posts with it and spread the word! Here are a few thoughts on its use:

  • This tag isn’t just for headcanons! Tag your art, picspam/aesthetic, fic, meta, anything you like as long as it’s HP and aro or ace!
  • Content doesn’t have to include both spectrums in order for you to use the tag. It can be about just aro wixen or just ace wixen.

We hope the tag will make it easier to find the HP content you’re looking for!

(Credit to @loonyloupylupin, whose original ask with the idea is here.)

- The Mod Team

Network page | App | Badge

This is a sports anime network where we can fangirl about cute sports anime characters (´▽`)♡ 


- Must be following me.
- Please reblog this post (likes will not count, only for reference).
- Fill the network’s application.
- Once you have entered in the network, you have to put the network’s badge in your blog.
- Have you ask box open! So if you are accepted I can notify you.
- You have to like sports anime ofc (*´▽`*)


- New followers (and new friends and mutuals bruh)
- Being part of a hella rad sports anime network (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)
- Being part of a Skype chat group (this is optional).
- Promos and cool stuff from me.
- Fangirling about your favorite characters/OTPs (this is very important).

I’m not sure about the badge yet… but if you have any suggestions please tell me~ and contact me if you have any questions! and sorry for the ugly edit.

My dash has been a little dead so I’d love to have some new blogs to follow! If you post some of this stuff I’d love to follow you! Just like or reblog this and I’ll check your blog out.
I’m mostly interested in:
Hunter x Hunter
Ace Attorney
Fire Emblem
Steven Universe
Aesthetic pastel things and nature
Kingdom Hearts
Parks and Recreation

Tbh just give me anime and some memes and we’ll best friends

Also feel free to check out my blog if you want! I post most of the stuff I listed on my blog too if you’re interested :)

We have a month to prepare for asexuality awareness week (it starts on the 26th of October I think) so between now and then I’ll be looking for all sorts of new ace media which hasn’t previously been on the blog to make sure the list is nice and long. If you feel like contributing by submitting a post (just let us know its for ace week) or by rec'ing something (just reblog this or send us a message with your rec) feel free and if it’s non-anon and a good rec we haven’t found ourselves we’ll credit you within the list.

If you want to know what we already have on the blog in terms of asexual representation check out the tag (x) specifically the most recent media rec list we made (x).


I was tagged by @thelittleegg to pick three characters that represent my personality (and I started a new post because the other one was getting a little long).

Luke Danes

  • Drinks a ton of tea
  • Rants about rich people
  • Wants to take care of everyone

Emma Woodhouse

  • Tries to hide insecurity by taking on way too much
  • On the ace/aro spectrum
  • Says the worst things at the worst times
  • Convinced that everyone hates me
  • I too am in love with George Knightley


  • We might have different fashion styles but I firmly believe we both kick ass in that department (actually, I have his jacket)
  • Great hair
  • Makes terrible jokes but convinced they are great (my latest is calling Wordsworth “the Wordsworst”)
  • Thinly veiled self-loathing
  • Not the best at social cues
  • Too much empathy
  • Obsessed with space and the universe
  • Obsessed with old books
  • The fact that things exist is just so cool
  • Can make up creepy scenarios and then become convinced they are 100% real
  • I too am in love with Clara Oswald

@inandoutofspaceandtime @thesolutionismoredragons @elizadunc @its-justmickey @klairabelle really anyone who wants to do it.

tagged by @greychangkyun thank you so much dear <3

nickname: martita, martuchi, martuch
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hogwarts house: slytherin
favourite colour: maroon, light purple and black
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average hours i sleep: 7
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last thing i googled: myasiantv (the w ep has been subbed omg)
blankets i sleep with: none right now, it’s way too hot for that we have to sleep with the ac on
favourite bands: 5sos, monsta x, bmth
dream trip: greece, japan
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age of blog: one month old lmao
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what i post about: kpop
when did my blog reach its peak: i guess right now?? it’s still pretty new tho hahaha
url: i love changkyun and i love kihyun and i love it when they interact so yeah

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hi. there’s a new ace attorney game so i’m here to remind you that i will remain anime lawyer trash until the end of time. i would’ve liked to have gotten this game Yesterday when it came out but that couldn’t happen. but now it can!!!

the tag is #doctor tess plays spirit of justice and we will commence the fun as soon as my fucking game finishes downloading