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I honestly think relationships in general would be healthier, in general, if we didn’t believe they should last forever.

When the default is “forever” and shorter relationships are seen as a failure, we miss out on a lot. We stay in relationships that don’t work because they’re not “bad enough” to leave, as though not wanting the relationship anymore isn’t a good enough reason. We deny ourselves happy memories, saying “If it doesn’t work now, our love then wasn’t real.” We pass on relationships we know would be short, because if it doesn’t last forever, what’s the point in joy in the moment?

An ending isn’t a failure. It’s an ending. Most relationships have them. What would our relationships be like if we stopped focusing on our fear of endings and started focusing on what we - and our friends, partners, and family - need right now?

Significant Weather Advisory 

by reddit user OtistheWriter

I hate thunderstorms in the Midwest, mainly because they bring with them a threat of real danger. In southern Nebraska we’ve been known to have tornados somewhat regularly, ugly black funnels that drop from the sky and ruin your life. 

That is, if you lived in my neighbors house in 1997, when I was a teenager. I’m referring to a family of three just several homes down. Family friends and caretakers of our corgi while we were on vacation, they helped our street feel like home. Then the storm came and everything changed.

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This is one of the things I take from 2016, the fact that Castle and Beckett defied the odds, everything that was against them and survived, became parents and created a beautiful family of their own, with three adorable munchkins. It stopped being wishful thinking or babysitting other kids, that “wanna have a baby?” became real. And Beckett, who went from “not being a baby person”, from something that freaked her out, that she thought wouldn’t get, to a loving mommy, a role embraced happily, as we can see here. 

Happy New year! Hope 2017 to be a good one.

Baby Photos

Mark heard giggles coming from the bedroom, so he went to go see what was going on.

Mark’s family came over that day to hang out with him and Jack so the house was kind of a mess, so Mark had to walk over a whole bunch of stuff on the floor. It was the first time his family had properly seen him and Jack together as a couple, and his family were so supportive of it, his mother in particular had a fondness for Jack, she spent most of her time talking with Jack, that made Mark a very happy chappy.

Anyway we are going off track, Mark crept up to the bedroom door and put his ear against it to have a good listen of what was going on.

Yep, it was definitely Jack, Mark could recognise Jack’s laughter anywhere, but the real question was, what was he laughing at.

“Hey Jack what’s so funny in here…”

Jack quickly glanced back at him from across the room, quickly closing a book he was reading, with a surprised look on his face he glanced at Mark.

Mark took a look at the book, and he realised what book it was. A horrified look covered his face and embarrassment filled his body, that wasn’t just some ordinary book, that book was his photo album his mum had made him and was filled with his baby photos.

“Oh, hey Marky, what’s up, something wrong…”

“Where’d you get that?” Mark asked pointing towards the book.

Jack stood up so he was facing his boyfriend and put the photo album behind his back.

“Get what?” He said with a cheeky grin on his face.

“That book behind your back.”

“Oh nobody, just a friend gave it to me.” Jack was trying so hard to hold back the giggles but it was so hard.

“Mum gave that to you didn’t she.”

Rage filled Mark’s body and it instantly mixed with the embarrassment, how could his mum do that to him, he knew she did it out of love but she had to give it to Jack didn’t she. Jack will use anything against Mark and he just about had enough of it.

“Give it here now.” Mark said in a serious tone.

“No way dude.”

“Jack, now.

“Come and get it.

Jack held the book above his head, which aggravated Mark even more because now Jack was making fun of his height.

That’s it

Mark leaped onto the bed to reach Jack, but he was prepared for that so he ran around the bed and ran for the door, with the book in hand.
Mark jumped off the bed and chased after Jack, there weren’t many places he could run and Jack was wearing socks in a wooden floored house, he would definitely slip, so he ran after him.

They went all over the house, in the kitchen, in and out of their offices and even through the bathroom, until they were finally in the lounge room where Jack stood on one side of the lounge and Mark stood at the other.

“What’s the matter baby Mark, too tired to play chasies? Do you need to take a nap?”

“Hand over the book and you won’t need to suffer the consequences?”

“Not a chance, I can do this all day.” with that Jack opened the book and looked at the photos of Baby Mark butt naked.

That gave Mark the last of his parkour energy to jump over the lounge and finally catch Jack. This caught Jack off guard and he squealed as they both fell to the ground with Mark straddling Jack.

“You really shouldn’t have tested me Jack. Now I will make you suffer.”

“Oh no, Babyplier is going to make me suffer, what am I ever gonna do.”

“Laugh actually, you are gonna laugh, a lot.”

With that Mark snuck his fingers under Jack’s shirt and started skittering his fingers all over Jack’s ribs and torso.
Jack instantly started laughing, now and then trying to hold his laughter in, but that would never work, because in their household, Mark was the tickle king.

“Nohohohoohoohohohohohohohohohohohhoohohooho Mahahahahhahaahhahahahahhahhahrhrhrhkkk.”

“What’s the matter Jackie, you seemed to laugh a lot at my baby pictures, I figured you would enjoy laughing now, I need to get all of that beautiful laughter out of you to teach you a lesson.”

A mischievous grin grew on Mark’s face as he leaned in closer to Jack’s mouth to listen to his lovely laughter.

When he did so, he crept his finger up to Jack’s armpits, Jack took note of this so he closed his arms down to try to block Mark’s torturous hands, but instead, he trapped them there in the place Mark wanted them.

“Nohohohoohohohoohoohohohohohoott Theheehhehehehehehehhhehehehhrhrhhr Yohohoohohohohoohohohouhuhuhuhuuh Bahahahahahhahahhaststtstststaarredd.”

Jack’s words were slurring and he could hardly speak, this made Mark feel very powerful, since Jack’s favourite thing was to speak and at that moment he could control whether he did or didn’t.

“What, you mean I can’t tickle you there? Well you have trapped my hand there so all I can do is tickle there. Coochie coochie coo Jackie.”

“Dooohohohohoohoohhoohnnnttnnt Sahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahayyy Ihihihihihiihihihittt.”

“Say what, tickle, but I love to say it, I love saying tickly tickles and I love giving you tickly tickles.”

Jack’s laughter was booming, and his face was almost as red as Mark’s hair, especially when Mark says those deadly words that can turn green apples red.

Jack was writhing around, trying to get away but couldn’t, Mark made sure of it. Soon he lifted his arms slightly, letting Mark’s hand roam elsewhere around Jack’s very vulnerable body.

Mark moved his hands down the body and headed for the belly next, when he did so, Jack laughter went at least three octaves higher.

“Plehehhehhahahahahhasss Nohohohohohohoohoh theehehhehehehhehehehehhehherrree.”

Mark knew exactly where Jack meant and was deliberately heading towards there.

“Where?” he was playing dumb. “Here?”

He poked Jack’s belly button and swirled his finger around there.


“No? Oh, you mean here.” The tickling stopped for a moment.

Jack’s eyes widened as he felt where Mark was resting his hand.

“You’re already squirming, and I’m not even doing anything.”

Jack rested for a moment, hoping that Mark was going to stop.

“But I’m about to.”

Oh no

“NOHoHOhHohOHohOhoHOhoHOhoH FuhUHuhUhuHUHuhuhUHuhUHuhcK.”

Jack’s was screaming with laughter as Mark attacked his right side. Oh dear god, how could a man be so ticklish. Mark was now joining in on the laughter as he spidered and squeezed along Jack’s right side and poked at his belly button. You could now call Jack a tomato, because he was as red as one, a wet tomato. Tears were streaming down his face and he was wriggling from left to right, desperately trying to get away.


Mark stopped

“Swear to never make fun of me without my consent, ever again?”


“Say it.” Mark squeezed his side, making jack squeak.

“Say what?” Jack whined.

“I swear to never to make fun of Mark without his consent, ever again.”



Mark blew a big, fat raspberry mid sentence, making Jack go ballistic.

“What was that, I didn’t hear you, say it again.”

Mark was now starting from beginning, back to tickling the torso, what a nice alliteration.

“I swehehehehehhehehehehehaahahhahaarr tohohohohohohoho nehehehheevevevverrr mahahahahakkee fuhuhuhuuhuhhhunn ohoohohohohoohf mahahahahahahhrrk wihihihihihitthhiiooohohohohohuut hihihihiihihihihihihiiss coohohohohohonnsehehent eheheheheveverrr ahahahaahahahagahahahaaiiinn.”

“And Mark is the best boyfriend ever, in the whole wide world.”



“OHOHOHOOHHOOHOKKKAAYAYAY Ohhohoohohohkahahahhaayy, ahahahandd mahahahharrkk iihihihihihiss thehehehehehe behehehehst bohohohohoyfhriheheehehehnnd ehehehehveverr, ihihihhiin theheheheh whoohohohohohlle whihihiihihihide whoohohohohohohohoorld.”

“And for the next week I get to eat your snacks and make fun of you whenever I like.”

“mohohoohohthheeeheheherr fuhuhuhuhuhuuuccckehehehrhr.”


“Alright, alright, I think I’m satisfied.”

Mark pulled away from Jack and sat next to him. As soon as he did so Jack curled into a ball and rocked himself on the floor.

“I hate you.” he said, still giggling.

“No you don’t, you just said I was the best boyfriend in the whole world.”

Jack didn’t answer, he was too tired to anyway. Mark felt kinda bad for the poor guy, he was too ticklish for his own good.

He also had almost forgot about the whole thing that started this fight, and he looked at the photo album with all of his baby photos that was thrown across the room, then he had a little think.

So to make him feel better he grabbed the photo album and said..

“Later, when you feel better, do you want to look through the photo album with me, that was the reason my mum gave it to you isn’t it, so we both can look at it, together, as a couple.”

Jack’s face lit up as he looked back at Mark, and he faintly nodded.


Mark stood up and smiled at his mess of a boyfriend, then he walked off to make a very important phone call, his mother had some explaining to do.  

Hello, sorry this took so long but I have been so busy with school and I have just done a huge performance, but i am done now and so close to the summer holidays so if you have any prompts for me, that would be great.

I need some ideas for future fanfictions so you can send me some if you want.

Hope you enjoy

So, honestly...

If Dean and Castiel aren’t romantically involved, I’m fine with that. So so fine with that. Because let me tell you, the bond they have is invaluable, it runs so deep, it’s silent conversations and hoarse “where’s the angel” in purgatory and it’s “I’d rather have you, cursed or not” when they feel like they have nothing left but eachother. It’s love. Of course it’s love. A deep, unique, and infallible bond. It doesn’t have to be romantic for it to be valued. Hell, Dean hardly trusts anyone, doesn’t call someone family easy. And yet here Cas is, an angel, a broken, broken angel pieced back together by a broken man and his brother and it’s real. They love eachother. It is so real and maybe it is romantic, maybe it isn’t. But either way, they value it, we value it.
Destiel makes a lot of people very happy. Sometimes it can make us frustrated, because of all those looks, longing glances, “I’m not leaving here without you"s and subtle touches. But let me tell you this.
It is canon that they have eachother. As family, as best friends, as potential soul mates of sorts. It is canon that they love eachother. “Everyone you love will be long dead. Everyone except me.”
Hang onto that. Hang onto that and onto happiness.
Castiel, I think, a lot of people identify with. Someone who doesn’t quite fit in. Somebody searching for purpose.
It is important to know that you have a purpose.
Dean and Cas and Sam and every character we love has a purpose, makes us happy cry and write fanfic at 2am.
Dean and Castiel have something special.
“Dean and I do share a more profound bond. I wasn’t going to mention it.”
Never forget that.

And btw, of course I’d prefer them not to queerbait and leave blatant hints that they never live up to. Of course I’d prefer bisexuality and same sex relationships to be valued and loved on the show. I just…I’m too invested right now and it hurts I want to live in a world where gay relationships can be given the same credit and value as straight ones, I want to see a world completely equal. It’s just sometimes, for a little while, I need to let go
Time off for Bawbles, Bows & Blessings!

Happy Hump Day everyone! Just letting you know with 5 days til Christmas, I will be taking a mini sabbatical to get ready for the holiday. We have family coming in tomorrow, and my house currently looks like the amazon warehouse, so time to get wrapping, cooking, and wining!🍷

The latest OL PR of Claire and Frank didn’t bother me too much, only because I know how that story ends. I expect them to milk every drop of expectation towards “the reunion” for all it’s worth, so no real worries for me on that front.

As for our dynamic duo, this past week has made me smile, and reminded me why I started shipping these two in the first place! I can only hope these two “everyday partners” get it together moving forward, and allow the squee-worthy moments to continue. If we happen to see some other attendees at the party along the way….just remember, it is the season of giving, and I hope they just give them some socks and let them be on their way to the next family dinner where leafy vegetables are served. To quote JAMFF….you can eat grass, but it’s not very filling “, if you get my drift! I will stick to protein any day, and the "baws” have it! And, that is all Sam and Cait!

So, I wish each of you the warmest and happiest of holidays, and know that I enjoy following every one of you! You are some of the smartest, snarkiest, funny and creative people I know. And most importantly, you all care deeply, whether about OL, S/C, and everyone here. And I count that as one giant blessing to share this ride with you!

Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas to each of you! May you find joy in all you do, and always believe in true love. After all, it is what brought you here!! Love to you all!!❤💚❤💚❤

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not to bother and it may sound stupid but will there ever, at any point in olly's life, be an encounter with his real dad or no?

you guy’s are never bothering me I’m happy to get asks about my OC’s ! thats a question i ask myself a lot lol Sometimes Im like he should! he has been wanting to know who his dad is his whole life, he has spent so long trying to beg his mom to tell him  and as a kid he always fantasized about running away to go live with his dad, “maybe things were better there, does he have a big family? does he look like me? do we act the same? like the same things?” but theeeeen I think eek maybe he shouldn’t  what if he finds out his dads a bad person? then thinks he’s a bad person  what if ruca was right and he was a product of rape what if he finds out he looks just like him and just being around is whats been causing his mom pain all this time?
lol Olly is sensitive as fuck he already has a drinking problem he already has a weird guilt about messing up his moms life i think that shit would crush him. i dunno ???

Life’s too short..
So take a moment. Look around you and cherish what you have! You probably have more than you think. Don’t complain too much..if you don’t have something…some people don’t have anything! If there’s someone you care about, let them know that. Write letters(real ones) to your friends, tell them how much they mean to you. Spend time with your family, yeah we all say at one point in our lives: “I hate my parents..or siblings..they’re so annoying.” But take a moment and think, what if they’re not there tomorrow. Would you be able to live..to breathe without them?! If there’s someone who supported you when you were struggling, say thank you to them. Maybe you felt alone at some point and there was someone who lifted your spirit. So say thank you!! Cause the truth is..so much can happen in a single day..in a moment. Spread some love and truly cherish the life around you!

It’s nearing 2017!! Since this year a lot of things happened, Ego and Mun decided to reveal their new year’s resolution!! Time to prepare for the next year~ It’s a real joy to be in the bd family! THANK YOU EVERYONE <3 

HAVE A HAPPY UPCOMING NEW YEAR!! We want to hear others’ resolution too~!!

@badlydrawncrownclown @badlydrawnartofkanda @badlydrawntim tag others pass it on!!!

To: Dear My Future

Someday it’s us, who have responsibility to teach our lil hero about Faith and Aqidah, English and Arabic, Al-Qur'an Al-Kareem, Cleanness and Discipline, Knowledge and Insight, some life values and skills even Martial arts.

Their quality, more or less, depends on our own quality. So, don’t forget to upgrade our self day by day. Think the thing we can give and teach to others and our family. Learn it from now on.

It’s very important to tell them the real story of their prophet and their real hero. So they’ll learn how to lead and manage the world.

Happy Saturday Night.
Don’t forget to read your Holy Qur'an.
We may never meet before but I feel that you’re always by my side.
See you.

Your Future Partner

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Not precisely an ask, but mostly a thank you. Both your NB!Alex and Ace!Alex fics give me hope for more representation for those of us in the world who are still working and figuring out where we fit. Thank you also, for being so welcoming and loving to all of us...It's a wonderful feeling to know I have a safe space to come to if need be. You're truly an amazing human being.

Oh darling, you deserve all the representation that is positive and safe and affirming and happy and real. I am so proud of you for being you, and I’m so glad to be able to be part of this beautiful family we have on here. You’re fantastic: rock on, my wonderful darling!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Never Meant To pt. 2 [Rap Monster Angst]

Originally posted by whereisuniq

“One of the heardets things to do in life, is letting go of what you thought was real”


As if it was going to easy. Loving someone you knew from the beginning that, that person, never belonged to you. You were just someone that people would called ‘the second hand’. But did you ever meant to getting this hurt? Was it not supposed to bring you happiness, now that he finally was yours?

Dear family and friends. We are gathered here today to witness and celebrate Kim Namjoon and Y/N Y/L/N in marriage. With love and careness, they have decided to live with each other for the rest of their lives as husband and wife.

“Love is about caring and understanding your partner. Loving with your whole heart until the end. Marriage is a way to start a bright future. A future where Kim Namjoon and Y/N Y/L/N will be beside each other for the rest of their days.

“May God be with you through all your ups and downs.”

“I promise to love you, to care, to live happily and to share everything I own with you. You have my heart Y/N Y/L/N, you own it since the day I saw those eyes of yours. I fell in love with you in the most unexpected situation and I don’t regret it. We’ve been through so much but here we are and I’m grateful to have you in my life. You make everyhting brighter in my dark life.

I promise to always love you, Y/N.”

At the end of his speech, you had tears in your eyes and a few rolling down your cheeks which he carefully wiped away.

“I promise to always be by your side, through everything that life might give us from now on. You’re the only one I love and the only one I want to marry in this world. I wouldn’t wish for someone else when I have you. 

I promise to always love you, Namjoon.”

“Do you, Kim Namjoon, take, Y/N Y/L/N to be your loving wife, to start a future and love each other through joy and sorrow, sickness and health and through all the challenges that may face you in the future?”

A few seconds went by and you were starting to get worried that he might say no. But even though he was going to, Namjoon never got the chance to say that word before someone else did.

“He doesn’t.”

All eyes were on her the moment she stepped into the church looking like she hasn’t been in coma for the past year. She was beautiful, no, gorgeous in her casual outfit. But her eyes were full with so much hatred and anger and worst of all, they were toward you. The whispers came shortly after the apperance of Hani. Some sounded better than others while some made you want to curl into a hole and never come back out.

“I knew she was going to come back for that bitch.”

“But what about Y/N?”

“Will Namjoon leave Y/N?”

“Oh my God, Hani has to hate Y/N, stealing her boyfriend and all.”

“Namjoon will choose Hani, wanna bet?”

But what hurt the most was the look on Namjoon’s face. It told you everything that you needed to know. How much he had missed her. How much he had waited for her. Lastly, how much he still love her.

“Ha-Hani,” he muttered, confused. She was still in the hospital bed yesterday. The doctors told them that the chance of her waking up was only 40%. Yet there she stood, looking like the girl he first fell in love with. But now, instead of those angel eyes, there were nothing but anger and wanting revenge in her eyes and he felt a pang of guilt attack him.

“So now, after that the two of you got me on the edge of death, you’ll just carry on with your lives and get married like I never existed?” She said and laughed humorless. “And you, Kim Namjoon. I thought you were better than this. I thought you loved me. But what did you do? You cheated. And with who?! With this bitch! I can’t believe the two of you.” Hani’s eyes were no longer soft and calm. They were wild, wanting to kill someone just by looking at them.

“You have to let me explain. Please, Hani. I- I do love you. But…”

“There’s no buts. You have broken me. You nearly killed me. I risked my life for you. For loving you. Everything I’ve done for you. How much I’ve cared for you when no one did. There’s no buts here, Namjoon. It’s either - Me or her.”

You could hear your own heart bumping faster and faster and it felt like you already knew the answer. It felt like no matter if you begged him. Or if you begged Hani. Or anyone, he would still choose her.

Namjoon turned to you and looked into your teary eyes.

You knew what this meant.

“Y/N…I-I lo, I- I’m sorry…” And your heart was breaking as he turned around, his back facing you before he walked to Hani and grabbed her hand. The two of them then left the church, together.

Yes, it did hurt a lot seeing them leave together. It was a kind of hurt you’ve never been through and had never expected to go through. Perhaps it was your fault for believing in happy forever after. Perhaps it was wrong of you to think that everything was going to be as planned with no consequences and perhaps you should have waited with finding the right one.

Now a little more than 1 month later, you were still as heartbroken as the day he had left you standing and walked out of the church, a hand grabbing her hand tightly. Now, 1 month later, you were still locked in your house, never leaving once. Now 1 month later, you still thought about him. You still thought about how the promises that he made that never got to become true. Now 1 month later, you were still trapped in love. Trapped in something that was going to be impossible to get out of.

How would you describe your life now? How would you describe how much pain you were going through. Was that even possible?

It was the same everyday. Wake up, do nothing, drink, sleep, cry, cry a little more, drink more than a lot and cry yourself to sleep. You were not only destroying yourself, mentally, but also physically. You were pathetic, pathetic for crying over someone who never was yours from the beginning. You were pathetic for still holding on to your feelings for someone unavailable.

Two months later, you had finally let yourself move on . You finally let yourself get up and actually do something with your life. Life was too short to do nothing. Life was too short to not move on. Life was too short to not being able to do something about it instead of crying. What would crying bring you? Happiness? Success? No. Nothing, it would only drown you deeper in the mass of heartbreak.

But in the middle of the night, there was a knock on your door and for a second Namjoon wasn’t the first person on your mind. But, unfortunately, it was him.

The moment he opened his mouth to say something, you were already ready to shut the door. After three months. He really thought that he could come back to you after three months? Did he really thought that you would let him say your name and explain whatever bullshit he had in mind?

“No, Y/N- Please, listen to me. Please.

You were still weak. You realized that after everything, you were still weak at heart for him. You still had strong feelings for him although you tried to hide it. You knew that deep down, you wanted to let him in. Just to be by him. But that was what your heart wanted. But your brain wanted otherwise.

“There’s nothing to talk about. Please, leave me alone.” You said. You didn’t know if you were going to break down again, after these past months, you’ve worked so hard to get up. But just by looking at him and hearing his voice, took you down from where you started. At the bottom, heartbroken.

“I was wrong.”


“I was wrong for choosing her. But you have to understand, Y/N. I was the one who made her life a living hell. She couldn’t live her life for over a year, all because of me. I broke her, not only her heart but her - everything. But I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to fall in love with you when I was supposed to love her and only her. I never meant to break the one I truely love, you. I know that I have put you through a lot. I know that you hate me- But, I just wanted you to know that I love you.”

You felt the tears burning under your eyelids. You throat was dry and you weren’t able to say a word. What were you supposed to say? That you love him more than anything else? That you didn’t need anything in this world but him? That he meant everything to her?

But you did nothing of that. Instead you let your tears fall before shaking your head and closing the door softly.

“I never meant to hurt you, I love you, so fucking much, Y/N.” he cried, pressing his forehead against the cold door.

“I know… I love you too,” you whispered although you knew that he couldn’t here you. And then you were breaking all over again. You didn’t know if it was meant to be this way or not.

But you knew that the only barrier that kept the two of you apart from each other was the wooden door.


I really hope that you liked, tbh with you, I’m not that satisfied with how it turned out but I think it’s good enough. Because if I don’t post it or just be done with it, then it won’t be done, ever.

Anyways, I hope you liked it and make sure to give it a like! Also send me a message and tell me what you thought about this part. You can give me feed backs, tips, compliments - everything!

Thank you so much for waiting so patiently for pt. 2! I LOVE YOU!

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I seriously love Fersali they are the cutest! 😍 They are so proud and excited! I am only here from april 2016 so thanks to their natural behavior without filter I have a glimpse of the Early S1 days in Scotland .. the natural sharing of joy with fan.. thanks to them we have a glimpse of a OL Family sunday hiking and this is so cute.. beyond word.. in all tv show they said that they are a big family but here this is a proof of a real friendship in the new/old cast and it makes me happy 💛

I love what they are sharing. I feel like we hear lots of stories after the fact, but never have someone documenting and posting. Both Cesar and Lauren seem to post a lot of Instagram stories which is perfect. We get a quick glimpse of what is going on, but it’s not a permanent addition to their account. Hopefully they spread the love of sharing to everyone else.

Mumus I would love to have: 

Bands on tour. We could create one or two bands and basically just rp their adventures and have romantic/platonic pairings and basically go crazy and have fun. 

Superheroes and Villains. We basically create our own version of the Justice League or The Avengers and create villains that are their foes. If we get sick of rping certain characters we can kill them off and create new ones. 

Runaways. A group of runaways who basically find each other and create a family together. We can create like 2-4 characters each and build this little group of friends who rely on each other for anything and everything and create ships and brotps within the group. 

Road Trip. A group of 4-8 characters that have been friends since high school and are doing this as their last get together before they graduate college and enter the real world. We can have so many dynamics within the group, like the couple who is engaged, the on-again off-again pairing, bitter exes, happy exes, newly dating, best friends, friends that had a falling out, siblings, literally anything and everything and have them pile into a van or two cars and just drive all around the country. They can go to goofy places or fun places (i.e. world’s largest ball of twine or disney world) and it would be a lot of fun. 

So I was commissioned by @unseelieaccords to write a holiday gift for the fandom, and, as tonight is the first night of Hanukkah and I already have it written, I figured tonight was a good time to share it.

Warning: Harry tries to host Christmas dinner for his friends and family and we all drown in sap under the cut.

How The Wizard Stole Christmas

Harry stared at the pink lace being brandished at him for a moment, before snatching it from Karrin’s hands and tying the frilly apron securely around his waist. “Happy?” he asked.

“Exceedingly,” she replied, flashing a bright grin at him. “Grandma Murphy would have been thrilled to see it put to good use. Pink suits you.”

Harry scowled at her, but there was no real annoyance behind it. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to piss off a wizard?”

Karrin snorted. “My apologies, Great Wizard Dresden,” she said, “Now do you want me to finish the roast beef or not?”

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I’m gonna rant who’s ready for Ashley rants here we go

Ugh I really just wish LGBTQ+ was so much more normalized and not fetishized. I want to sit down with my family and watch a happy Disney movie with lesbians, and read about two boys saving the world and falling in love, and see shirts sold in stores that say witty slogans about being aroace. I really want to be so much more open about these things in real life but I just can’t because it’s “not normal” and and I just wish it was fucking normalized so I could watch or read something without having to go through the same boring ass girl meets boy story. I want to read stories and watch shows with LGBTQ+ people that aren’t extremely sad, sexualized, focused on only LGBTQ+ issues, and involve death every. damn. time. I want space girlfriends. I want bisexual mermen. I want pansexual princesses. I want nonbinary heroes. I was on the boardwalk and I kept seeing the same “she’s mine” and “he’s mine” shirts (totally off topic but I always wonder how same sex couples would be able to pull those shirts off like?? Would they have to buy two different kinds so the arrows face eachother??) and then I saw a shirt with a rainbow background that said “can’t even think straight” and a rainbow shirt that said “pride.” Those shirts made me so freaking happy. Everytime I go back to the boardwalk and pass those shirts on display (I saw them last year and they’re still being sold) I smile. I grin so big that people must think I’m weird for happily smiling at a boardwalk store. Of course, I need to hide my smile from the unsuspecting family™. But it still makes me so happy. And that’s what representation would do for LGBTQ+ people. Do you know how happy the LGBTQ+ community would be if Finn and Poe were a canon couple in Star Wars, a HUGE movie franchise. Do you know how excited gay children would be if Elsa from frozen, another huge movie, was a lesbian? Do you know how many people would be educated on the topic and realize that LGBT+ isn’t 18+? Anytime I see representation I get so excited and happy as can be. I was watching America’s Got Talent. There was a trans woman and my parents were explaining to my little brothers what transgender was while I tried not to smile. Of course, they weren’t too educated on the topic but still, just seeing a trans person on tv expanded my brothers’ knowledge.

I just really want to see more representation. I want to read LGBTQ+ fiction and watch LGBTQ+ movies and shows that aren’t horrible and homophobic dammit! And thank god for people like Troye Sivan and Hayley Kiyoko. Shows like Shadowhunters and Steven Universe. Media that displays queerness as something that can be shown in public and something that’s normal and not strange.

tldr: LGBTQ+ representation is so important. Fuck off with your heteronormative bullshit

Ok that’s all of my rant. (Which is probably full of typos this was written at 1am) Sorry for this long ass post if you didn’t want to read it, but I really needed to type this all out since I can’t actually talk to somebody about it.


“What is considered the "normal” way to live life;
to go to school and to graduate.
to then spend money.
to go to more school
and to graduate again
to get a “real” job.
and get promoted.
to get a higher job.
to make more money.
to buy more things.
and pay more bills.
and buy a bigger house.
and nicer cars.
and the newest phone.
and nicest clothes.
and have a family.
and pay for their school.
so they can repeat the cycle.
and once this cycle runs it’s course.
…we still end up in a grave one day
While this cycle could still be filled with amazing memories, laughs, smiles and fun…it’s not the cycle that I plan to follow.
I would prefer to fill my life with constant traveling, meeting new people, trying new things, seeing the world, experiencing unique cultures and adventures. I want to live a life apart from the norm. Break away from the cycle of expected everyday living. Buy a ticket to someplace new without a plan. To surround myself in the culture of the area.
In this life, there are only two things that are promised:
Birth & Death.
What we do in between the the two is completely up to us.The rules that society has created are not meant to be followed, only to be used as a guide. However, I’m not one to follow a plan…and I don’t plan to.“

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a / age: 31
b / biggest fear: I have bigger fears, but for now, I’ll say writter’s block
c / current time: 3:03 PM
d / drink you had last: A glass of water
e / everyday starts with: Breakfast!
f / favourite song: It’s so hard to say, because it changes all the time, but maybe Seenroot-Sweetheart
g / ghosts are real? In way that I don’t think we are really aware
h / hometown: The capital of Missouri
i / in love with: Tommy, My pets, my life
j / jealous of: People with big happy families
k / killed someone: Lol whut? nooooo
l / last time you cried: This morning
n / number of siblings: None
o / one wish: To have a big house in the country where I can raise chickens and sheep
p / person you last called/texted: My bff
q / questions you’re always asked: “What are you doing?”
s / song last sang: Beatwin-태양이 뜨면
u / underwear colour: Satisfying Ivory
v / vacation destination: Not sure, maybe someplace with a beach since I’ve never been
w / worst habit: Over doing something that doesn’t need to over doing
x / xrays you have had: Dental and once on my finger as a child
y / your favourite food: I like too many foods to choose! Maybe, I’ll say breakfast foods
z / zodiac sign: Leo

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Hi ! I feel you on cs, I was also there from the very beginning of this shipdom, I was there between the doctor and thalahasse, I remember the first "10" the cs grandmas but I was and still is too anxious so I always lurk without participating... I can't beleive we made this far, we were called the "cancer of the fandom" etc etc captain swan is important to me as it is my first real fandom/ real otp experience. Now with everything's going on I don't know how this fandom/show is going to end...

Aww another CS grandma. You have to tell me who you are. I swear I won’t tell anyone.

I remember being called cancer and being kicked out the fandom. I remember it all. Those were horrible times and I am so happy we endured it, became a CS family and in the end are getting a CS wedding to celebrate

For me this wedding is bittersweet. I am beyond excited. I can’t even explain how excited I am. Yet I have cried because the one person I know who would’ve loved the seeing get married, Adriane, isn’t here. That’s hard for me and to be honest I think I am more excited just about a wedding than I am to the events or what actually goes down. For all we know it’s this huge elaborate thing and at the last minute it is stopped because of a big bad and then we later get this time wedding on the Jolly Roger with just family. For all we know we see Emma’s Fairy Tale wedding because she is ok with it. Either way I don’t mind and if other’s do that is perfectly fine. We are all entitled to our opinions and feelings. What hurts is people attacking others for feeling a certain way. For a ship that has gone through hell and back we shouldn’t behave that way. Be happy or upset about the wedding. You have EVERY RIGHT to be. No one has the right to tell anyone how they should feel.

I guess for me I see it as what would Adriane say about it and I know deep down she would say that she is happy because Emma is so loved and she found her home in Killian and was now making a permanent home with him. Oh and that Emma was having the family Regina robbed from her and it was Killian who fought alongside her to give it to her. 

So as a CS grandma (feeling like one of the last ones around), I say this from my wheel chair and through my oxygen mask, whether you love the idea or not of the CS wedding, all I ask is you LOVE how far Emma and Killian have come along and RESPECT others feelings.