we have a bird house

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Long time follower who has major respect for your knowledge! I'm a big fan of local wildlife & really enjoy watching animals around my house. We have about 15 bird feeders in our backyard. I was wondering if it would be ok to put out food/water for opossums, raccoons etc? We have highly tolerant (indoor) cats if that factors in and I live in rural Wisconsin for reference (I heard Eastern US is high risk for disease). If so, would cat food work? Thanks!

Generally, no, you really don’t want to feed local mammals. They end up becoming pests and you’re still going to be altering their natural behavior and their diet - cat food is very different than what they’d be eating. Raccoons are also major pests, and once habituated to you become pushy and potentially dangerous. They also stop at nothing to break into places they know have food (like your house) and are impossible to get rid of without killing after they figure it out. 

Feeding mammals also means you get animals you don’t intend - a high concentration of smaller mammals means you’ll attract larger predators, and bears also love the food you leave out. Just don’t do it. 


Hangin out on the couch with one tired puppy and his favorite toy. It is a hot day, we have the AC off to throw the windows open and air the place out while we deep clean since we have to be so cautious with birds in the house. All he wants to do is splat his tummy down on fresh patches of cool floor when he isn’t trying his best to tolerate the warmer couch LMAO

At some point someone’s gonna notice so: hey, those pants? I promise it isn’t always the same ones. I uh, really really love chickens, and they were on clearance at walmart and have roosters on them so… I grabbed all of them and have many pairs…… my great shame…………………………

Okay okay I’m sorry but I just remembered another ridiculous snake story I haven’t shared yet.

So at my house we have a front veranda that’s roofed in, like just a covered entrance to the house, and we used to have some birds in a cage that we kept there. I was really young at the time, primary school age, and at some point a snake moved in to our roof. And occasionally it would hang down from the roof on the front veranda trying to get into the cage to eat the birds, and mum would fight it off with an enjo mop.

So one day mum had to go into town for something and I got to stay home by myself, which was so exciting for little-kid-me, but then mum turns to me and goes:

“Now listen, I’m not losing my birds to that snake. So you keep an eye on the front veranda and if it starts coming down you fight it off with the enjo mop.”

 And young me was pretty terrified of snakes, having just survived the ‘brown snake next to my foot’ situation, so I just stood there staring at her like “are you serious” and I’m pretty sure I spent the whole time mum was gone standing nervously at the doorway to the veranda holding the mop in front of me like I was about to go to war.

tl;dr the snake didn’t even show up and mum got scolded by her workmates for traumatising her daughter

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Who inspired you? Who put all those beautiful thoughts in your mind? Who keeps you going?

Thank you for this question… just thank you. 

There are people who will never see their name in big lights.  People who’s name never got to be shared amongst the billions, or not everyone got the chance to see their souls and how beautiful they are as humans.  But people who deserve to.  For me, that’s my father and my grandfather. 
I WISH so badly to put into words how much they have impacted my life.  I wish you guys could meet them. 

My dad, he is the best dad in the world.  He struggles with life at times, and I can see that in him.  He carries so much weight, all the time. He’s the reason I want to be better.  He’s the reason I ever accepted myself for who I am.  I remember telling him as a kid I wanted to be a scientist, a vet, a singer, a dancer, no matter what it was, and he would always say “as long as your happy, that’s all the matters”.  He always told us kids to chase our dreams, and if it meant he had to get up at 6am to drive us to practice, or sit and listen to horrible singing, he would do it.  He always believed in me.  He still does.  He reads all of your guys comments on my videos, he calls me when he comes up with awesome video ideas, he’s my biggest fan in life.  He always has been.  He loves his kids more than anything on this earth. I’ve always wished he could love himself like that.  Because he deserves that kind of love.  When I’m sick, he drops everything to bring popsicles and advil.  When I was young and would have nightmares, I would go sleep on the floor beside his bed and he’d reach his hand down and hold mine until I fell back asleep.  It’s the hand I still reach for when things get rough.  He would run to the moon and back if we asked him, and he wouldn’t even make fuss.  My dad taught me to be humble, but believe in myself.  He taught me that no matter what, at the end of the day all that matters is if you were kind.  He holds so much weight on his shoulders, he carries so many of us, holds us all together and doesn’t even see how amazing he is.  He’s not perfect, but he laughs at it, he embraces it, and he’s always honest and real about it.  He’s my best friend and my biggest role model. 

My poppa, God I miss him.  He was superman.  He kept getting so sick, and somehow he always made it through.  Because of that, I think I always just believed he would be around forever.  He was so stoic, so kind, and everyone knew it.  I had never met a person who didn’t like my Poppa.  I would fake sick to go hangout with him and my nana.  We would build bird houses and he would just have this smile on his face.  Before he passed, he had the slowest, worst computer in the world, and he had my Youtube bookmarked.  He would watch everyday, every video.  He never always told me too, that’s the amazing part.  He just did it out of love.  He just always wanted to know what his family was doing and that we were happy.  That’s all he ever needed to fill him up everyday.  I want to be like that.  I would always lay on his shoulder and feel home.  Feel safe.  He had his trials and tribulations in life, and instead of ever using them as excuses, he used them to make him stronger.  A better person.  My sister and I would go over at night when I was in high school and just sit in their bed till 1am and talk about life.  I remember telling him I didn’t like drinking much, and he looked at me square in the face and said “me neither, maybe we should try pot.” He was just Superman.  He was supposed to live forever, but when he didn’t, I don’t think I’ll ever fully recover from that.  I don’t want to.
I can’t just accept that someone like him was only around for just a chapter of my life.  He will be forever written on every page in some way. 
When life goes to shit, and I’m having the worst possible day,  I always think of my Poppa and just how proud he would be no matter what I was doing, and I keep going for him.  
Funny enough, he raised my dad, and when missing him hurts too much, I go see my dad.  He doesn’t realize how much of my Poppa he carries in him.  There needs to be more people like them in this world.  More men like them. 

So if you’re still reading this, thank you. 
Thank you for letting me put their names in big lights even for just 5 minutes.


I would like to say happy 30th birthday to my biggest idol and biggest inspiration in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo. 

You are the person I look up to the most and I have to say I am so proud of you, so incredibly proud. You have worked so hard for everything and you achieved it all, im proud to call you my idol too, I’m proud to call you my inspiration and I’m proud to say because of you I’m not giving up on my dreams, because of you I believe that if I work hard for something and that if I want it bad enough that I can do it and will achieve it, I just shouldnt give up, and I wont. People may say that youre an arrogant person who only cares about the fame or about your hair or what you look like but I know you are somuch more and so much better than that. I know you are such a royal, lovely, good, kind and so much more person, and not only that, your'e also a fantastic player with fantastic skills and you probably are the most talented player I have ever seen. You inspire and have inspired so many people, so many kids, so many young kids and you also inspired me and im so thankful for that. Thank you so much for being such a big inspiration and for being such a good player too, I will always support you no matter what.  

“All of us have something we love, whether it’s building apps or bird houses. Watching Cristiano Ronaldo break barriers one after another is proof we can do what we love and even create new roads that have never been taken. Every person carries potential in something, it’s just about owning it and never giving up, or having others influence you if it’s doing what you love. If I knew ronaldo, I’m sure he’d agree. He will probably continue to showcase is skills for another several years before retiring, but true passion never dies.”

What made me smile this week:

Sunday: I’m pretty sure I just ate the greatest meal of my life. While eating Father’s Day brunch at Mitzi’s, I ordered their southern style eggs benedict: poached eggs, pulled pork, pimento cheese, buttermilk biscuit, and barbecue hollandaise sauce. Dishes with pulled pork are a little dicey to order when you’re working with such a weak jaw as mine, but when I took my first bite, I knew my hesitation had been for naught. It was the softest, richest, most fall-apart-in-my-mouth concoction of flavors I’ve ever experienced. The best part was I could actually eat it without becoming fatigued. Mitzi’s outdid themselves again! It made me smile.

Monday: We took a picture of Sarah “running” in her wedding dress and running sneakers. I was working on a different project, so I stayed inside, but watching her leap around outside in her massive, flowing white dress while they tried to capture the perfect shot made me laugh and smile.

Tuesday: We have about nine million bird houses in our backyard, and today, while sitting outside in the boiling heat for no reason, I saw a mama bird do that thing where she throws up food into her babies’ mouths. It happened like ten feet from my face. Birds are weird. It made me smile.

Wednesday: My girlfriend and I got into our first “real” fight today. It was about which sport is the most difficult to play. I’m only sharing this because I think it’s adorable that our first argument was so trivial. But as the argument devolved, we were both genuinely angry for about 30 seconds. The best part of it all was how quickly we laughed it off and moved on to happier things. It made me smile.

Thursday: AHHH THE 5K IS ONLY TWO DAYS AWAY! Running around like chickens with our heads chopped off trying to get everything ready for the big race this Saturday. Picking up (approximately) 3,000 bananas made me smile.

Friday: This morning I had a few hours to myself before work. I didn’t do a whole lot but watch the sky and let my mind wander. It occurred to me that although the nonprofit may be incredibly stressful at times—on top of the regular stresses of life—we are accomplishing more than we ever dreamed possible, and we are helping people, which really makes all the frustration and anxiety worth it. Erinn and Sarah arrived a little later with bright smiles and tons of energy, ready to put everything they have into the next 48 hours. It made me smile.

Saturday: Welp! The 5K is over and we are all smiling. It was a beautiful, sunny morning (maybe a little too sunny; there’s nothing better than sweaty post-5K hugs). All of our runners had an amazing time, and we raised lots of money to provide equipment to people living with muscular dystrophy. I just want to thank our outstanding volunteers, our sponsors, our teams, and everyone who had some hand in the success of this event—couldn’t have done it without you. We are tired, smiling, and in desperate need of a pool.

What made you smile this week?