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Barisi Ficlet Masterpost


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Spy AU (3K)

Casual (3.8K)

Wedding Plans (5K)

Banana Cream Cheesecake (750 words)

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Episode Tags

17x08 - Sonny cooks dinner for the squad (1.8K)

17x09 - Adjusting Expectations (800 words)

17x11 - Collateral Comfort (4.8K)

17x12 - Sweet Tooth (3.1K)

17x13 - Paying Attention (2.5K)

17x14 - Sex and Subterfuge (3.1K)

17x15 - Stealing Happiness (2.2K)

17x16 - Hope (1.4K)

17x17 - Silver Lining (3.2K)

17x18 - Divine Intervention (6.1K)

17x19 - Intact (6.5K)

17x20 - Baby Talk (8.1K)

17x21 - Progress (9.2K)

17x22 - Afraid (13K)

18x01 - Kiss the Cook (6K)

18x02 - Muscle Memory (8K)

18x03 - Happy Hour (8.4K)

18x07 - Clean (6.2K)

18x15 - Flan (16.4K)

18x17 - Snapping (10.8K)

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101 Fluffy Prompts

#12 - I can’t stop thinking about you

#38 - Rock Paper Scissors to see who has to go talk to the neighbors upstairs for being too loud

#1 - You’re really soft

#26 - People are jerks, but not you

#48 - We accidentally got married in Vegas oops

#31 - I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks

#52 - If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life

#20 - You look incredible in that

#35 - Your stray red item turned my whites pink

#28 - I have never felt this way about anyone

#24 - I think I’m in love

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Kiss Meme

#10 - ‘You nearly died’ kiss

#12 - A kiss that shouldn’t have happened

#4, #13 - Desperate kiss / A kiss we had to wait for

#7 - Laughing Kiss

#14, #18 - I don’t have the words right now so here’s a kiss / Kisses because I missed you and you really shouldn’t stay away so long

#8 - In the dark kiss

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Miscellaneous (i.e. tiny/cracky)*

Rafael and Sonny babysitting Noah

Sonny asks Barba to come over for dinner

Dr. Carisi AU

Kindergarten Cop AU

Sonny tries to take nudie pics with a selfie stick

Valentine’s Day Tag Fic

I admire your, uh… Tag Fic

Barisi Sharing Shoes

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SVU/Lucifer (pairings: Barisi, Deckerstar)

*Looking In (4K)

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Non-Barisi (gasp!)

Carlton (Carisi/Chilton) Ficlet

*#12 - I can’t stop thinking about you

Rollisi (Carisi/Rollins) Ficlet (post-17x10)

#27 - I’ll share the blankets with you

Unrequited Barisi feat. Rollisi

*Hovering (1.5K)

Unrequited Barson, Unrequited Barisi, feat. Tuckson (post-17x15)

*Watching (2.4K)

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Non-Sonny (double gasp!)

Barson (Barba/Benson)

*Better (2K)

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* indicates a Tumblr-only fic, i.e. a story that has not been cross-posted to my AO3 account

My take on the “Remilie” thing

First of all (to precede any attack, which I’m sure I’ll get nevertheless) I’d like to state that this is my very personal opinion on the matter. This is how I see this – I so hate to say it – ship. It is based on my knowledge (which can easily be deficient), experience, and feelings towards the real life people as much as their characters on the screen.

What prompted me to write this is the increased amount of remilie occurrence on my dash. I see it in tags of posts and comments and gifsets, and though I’ve never ventured to the tag itself (because of my obvious distaste), I encounter with it on a regular basis. Now you may ask why the hell I haven’t blocked it then. If you don’t like something, you block it, that’s the non-masochist and sane approach to blogging. The problem is that with this move I’d block loads of otherwise amazing photos, gifs and even interviews. Of the people I love. Of the people to whom I mostly dedicate my blog. Consequently, I’m pretty reluctant to do that. The other reason is that I’ve talked about it with people from both sides who were (and are) absolutely lovely and understanding and never tried to persuade me to accept their truth. And these people (mind you, from both sides) told me that they’d encountered others who were aggressive about it. I’ll try very hard to avoid that.  

I don’t expect to convince anyone, firstly because I don’t think I could, secondly because you are entitled to your opinion. I don’t have any purpose with this other than getting it out, since it has bugged me for a long time.

So here it goes, under read more due to the touchy topic and length, my concerns and views on remilie and RLS in general.


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