we hate each other right

in my third year of high school i met my best friend, i think people tend to have the idea that best friends are people that have known each other for years, but i only started to get to know mine 2 years ago. did i have something to rival this before? no. i went through 15 years of my life without someone i could properly class as my best friend and so it’s important to remember that there is someone out there for you, someone who’s going to stick by you and help you through hard times. someone you can share laughs with and inside jokes. someone who’s always going to show you how much they love and appreciate you. sometimes, they just take a little bit of time to find.

✨Dangerous Woman✨

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Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes,  (Maybe a combo of both??) Based off of Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande, the reader is tired of Pan always being on top. She wants to test her limits, she doesn’t want permission. (..So basically she is top and Pan bottoms..) She is in charge of her sexual desires, not just there to fulfill Pan’s. The reader is a witch that pan is in constant competition with. She and Oan are always at ends with desire and anger ensuring,,,forced to work together and feelings ensure but neither will accept it

Warnings: Swearing | 18+ content | Long | smut 

Note: Gifs made by me. 

Don’t need permission
Made my decision to test my limits
‘Cause it’s my business, God as my witness
Start what I finished

“What am I going to do with you, love? You injured six to ten of my lost boys, stole from us, set fire to the camp…” He paced around the cage, arms behind his back as the she watched his every move with a smirk. “I just might have to kill you, darling.”

“You won’t kill me, Pan.”

“Oh? And what makes you say that?”

“You would have done it by now, instead of interrogating me. Am I correct?” She raised her eyebrow in a smug way, seeing his frustration starting to build up in his face. With a quick lick to his lips, he made his way closer to the cage, no expression on his face whatsoever. 

“You do realize where you are and who I am?”

“I’m very aware. I just don’t care.”

“Why are you so goddamn irritating?” He growled, his hands gripping the bars so tight she could see the whites of his knuckles. Y/n only smirked deeper, getting as close to him as she possibly could. 

“Because. It’s adorable when you’re angry. How you act so strong and intimidating, and shit. Like, you really expect me to be scared of you.”

"Hm. Expect? No. You should be. And if you need reminding of that, sweetheart…then so be it.” 

Don’t need no hold up
Taking control of this kind of moment
I’m locked and loaded
Completely focused, my mind is open

Y/n scoffs in his face, turning the other cheek as she pretended she didn’t know where he was going with this. Sighing deeply, she returns her gaze back to his now deep green eyes, sneering his own words right back at him.

“Let’s play.” 

All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God
Don’t ya stop, boy

Pinned to the wall of his tent, rough and passionate kisses were exchanged between then two. Clothes were scattered all over the room, soft breaths and low growls the only sounds being heard. This was how every argument ended, how every teasing moment would come to; neither one would complain, or admit that this is what both of them lived for everyday. No, not just the sex (even though it’s a bonus) but it was the intense atmosphere the both of them fed off of, the little games they played with each other. 

Pan would never admit it, but he actually had feelings for this girl. Her dominance, her arrogance, everything about her was intoxicating. The same goes for her, only deeper. She loved toying with the lost boy since day one, everything about him she wanted. She needed. But, Y/n hated being controlled, and that’s not a good thing when you live on the island of an egomaniac, sadistic bastard who loves control, fear and agony. 

“Who do you belong to, love,” He would purr in her ear, thrusting at a speed that was inhuman, his hands holding onto her thighs so tight that the bruising he left would be brutal in the morning. 

Y/n chuckles breathlessly, raking her fingers through his hair. “Not you.” 

This only made him angry, his eyes getting darker to where the green was barely visible. He hoisted her legs higher, spreading them wider to where he hit that one spot that made her beg for more. Slowing down and going deeper, he watched as her eyes closed tightly, mouth hanging open slightly, while her moans increased. Pan wrapped one hand around her throat, pulling her in closer to where their lips brushed against each other, and their groans mixed together. 

“I’ll ask again,” He growls, making sure to hit that very spot each time, grinning at every reaction he got from her. “Who..do you..belong to?” 

Y/n opened up her eyes, staring at him with such a stare that could paralyze him right on the spot. And that’s exactly what she did. Halting his thrusts completely, Y/n had him under her hypnotic stare that she learned over the years, dark magic being another thing that drew the two of them together. 

Next thing Pan knew, he was laying down on his bed, with Y/n straddling his waist, a look of pure seduction upon her face. He didn’t move, even though he could, he just chose not to. She’s done this trick before, it’s one of his favorites; whenever he pushed her too far is when the night got even better. 

Y/n placed her hands onto his shoulders, slowly swaying her hips from side to side, grinding herself onto him. Pan bit his lip hard, holding onto her hips, trying to guide her movements, only for them to be smacked away. 

“Don’t touch me. Don’t move. Don’t do shit. Just lay there, like a good boy. You come before me, injured lost boys and setting your camp on fire will be the least of your problems.”

“Wouldn’t want it any other way-fuck!” He exclaims, as they finally connected once again, riding him at a steady pace. Cursing under his breath, and clawing at the bed, Pan’s eyes were shut tight at the intense pleasure he was receiving. Y/n’s moans were groaning higher and faster, as the new angle they were in was hitting every spot and nerve deliciously; leaving long scratches down his chest only increased the burning sensation at the pit of his stomach, his member throbbing like crazy, begging for release. And if not being able to let go wasn’t frustrating enough, Y/n slowing down the pace definitely was. 

“No, love, please…” He begged, never in his life believing that it would to come to that. Y/n only smirked down at the boy, watching as his hips bucked upward, hitting her in the right way every time. Y/n leans downward to moan in his ear softly after every hip thrust he gave, practically making his head spin. 

Nothing to prove and
I’m bulletproof and
Know what I’m doing
The way we’re movin’ like introducing
Us to a new thing

“Shit, Peter, I’m close…” She whimpered, enough to push him to the brink of no control. This was the first time, in all the times they’ve messes around, that she called him by his first name. 

Unable to hold back any longer, he grabs her hips roughly before she could protest, and flips the positions. Pinning her down to the bed, his animalistic thrusts returned with Y/n wrapping her arms around him for dear life; moans and squeals spilled from her mouth like a waterfall while he chants her name like a prayer. 

He whispers unholy things into her ear, biting the said area roughly while keeping his pace fast and deep. Now with her scratching down his back, he had to fight to keep his release at bay, while trying to chase hers. It was as if they were both holding on, neither of them wanting to give up so easily. Putting up a fight, Y/n flips the positions back to what they were before, riding him as fast as she can with her head tilted back in pure bliss. Pan watches her in awe at how hard she’s trying to make him release first, not wanting to be the weak one in this situation. But, he could also see how badly she wanted release, tears starting to stream down her face in desperation. 

Gripping onto her hips one last time, Pan thrusts himself into her sharply, pivoting his hips in an angle that sent Y/n’s eyes to the back of her head and her toes to curl. Repeatedly doing that motion, while whispering encouragements to her breathlessly was more than enough to send Y/n beyond the edge. Arching her back and letting out a large and long scream of pleasure, Y/n finally was able to let go. Her pulsating walls had the same effect on him, as she kept thrusting to ride out her orgasm, his hips stuttered with his release coming fast and abrupt. 

“Oh, my fucking-!” He chokes on his words, his back arching off the bed as his euphoria finally hit. Pan came in long, hot spurts that painted Y/n from the inside, leaving a warm feeling deep inside her. Catching their breaths, glistening with sweat, and the smell of sex surrounding them…it was as if they were in their own little sick heaven. 

I wanna savor, save it for later
The taste of flavor, 'cause I’m a taker
'Cause I’m a giver, it’s only nature
I live for danger

As they were finally calming down, sitting in silence and still connected as one, this was the time where they would just sit and…stare. Watch each other, and just memorize one another’s features. This was a time where they weren’t at each other’s throats, where everything is calm and quite…

Y/n leaned downward to the boy, an exhausted look upon her face, while his wore nothing but a content smile. Keeping the intense eye contact for a little longer, Y/n pulled off him swiftly, wincing slightly at the emptiness she felt afterwards. Sitting up on the bed, she ran a hand through her hair, calming down from earlier activities. 

“Why do we keep doing this, Pan?” She rasped, sighing heavily as he sat up as well. Looking at the back of her head in confusion, he shrugged. 

“Because it’s fun. Satisfying.”

“But, we do this all the time, and go right back to hating each other. I’m starting to grow bored…” 

“I don’t think I ever asked for your opinion, I don’t care if you’re bored.” That was a lie. Inside, he was terrified of her being ‘bored’. What did that mean? Did it mean she was bored with him? Would she move on to someone else? He wouldn’t let that happen, not if he had any say in it. Turning her head toward him, the anger was evident on her face after he said what he said. Quickly, but carefully standing from the bed, she starts to collect her things, ready to leave. 

Like always. 

“Where are you going?” He asked, slowly starting to panic at how fast she’s trying to leave. Usually she would stay a little longer…what’s different now?

“I’m a fool to think that for once you would think of me. To think that maybe instead of these childish games, you would be a man and actually move past this useless bickering and bullshit. But, who am I kidding? We can never be anything but enemies, who fuck each other after every fight.” She snapped while getting dressed, not daring to make eye contact with him. Standing as well, Pan watched her with wide eyes, and mouth hanging open for a moment. He didn’t really know how to respond.

Finally finding the words, he spoke. “Wait, love. Don’t go. I…I do think of us as more…many, many times. I hate having the only way to talk you is by yelling, screaming, and constant headaches. You’re a bitch, of course, but…you’re a bad bitch. You’re a dangerous woman. And I love that about you, so much, darling. I wouldn’t trade you for anything else in the world. I love you.” 

Y/n continued to get dressed, before turning to look at the boy one last time. That angry scowl still colored her face as she glared darkly at his naked form, suddenly disgusted. “You can’t even respond to me. Pathetic.” 

His eyes widened as he realized he didn’t actually speak those words out loud. Pan only imagined himself speaking such words to her, but didn’t dare to utter any of it. He was too cold, too proud of his dark ways, such as an emotion as ‘love’ had no room in his brain, nor his heart. He’s been hating for far too long, cursed to possibly never be loved. 

All girls wanna be like that
Bad girls underneath, like that
You know how I’m feeling inside
Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout

Shaking her head, Y/n looks at the ground, shame starting to fill her from the inside. “These late nights that we’ve been sharing are over. From now on, I refuse to be played with, like some cheap sex toy, Pan.”


“I’m done wasting time playing these games with you. To think you were ever a challenge is what really baffles me.” He bites his tongue, while staring back at her in shock. Hurt and offended, he verbally growls at her, that anger starting to boil up from inside him again. On the inside, Y/n was beating herself up. She couldn’t stand making him angrier with her than he already was. The only way she knows how to talk to him would to just provoke him. It’s not her fault, it’s just how she was. Maybe it was for the best…

“Fine. If that’s what you want…prepare to be hunted down by my lost boys, like the filthy animal you are.” He spoke with bared teeth, fist clenched, as his soft green eyes returned to their piercing color from before. Rolling her eyes, Y/n only scoffs at his words, taking out one of the knives from her holster and pointing it in his direction. 

“Prepare to lose more of your lost boys.”

Pan started to stride closer to her, nostrils flared as he threatened. “I will make sure that they show no mercy to you when they catch you. That pretty face of yours won’t be pretty no longer.”

“Aw, then what will you masturbate to at night?” Y/n spat right back, also getting closer and closer to the boy. The last comment left Pan speechless, but it didn’t stop him from throwing another comeback. 

“There are other girls in the world, love. You can be replaced.”

“Can I?” Her eyes flickered downward for a split second, the sight she saw bringing a delightful glint into her eyes, as her smirk grew deeper. “Good luck finding one that can excite you as much as I can, just by using sarcasm.” 

Pan blushed slightly, looking anywhere but at her. Waving his hand, his lower half was covered again by his trousers, but the tent in them was still noticeable. Chuckling slightly, Y/n took a few more steps closer to the boy, to where she close enough to wrap her arms around his neck lazily. He wanted to push her away, but they both knew he couldn’t. 

“Face it, Pan. I weaken you. And you love it.” 

“I thought you were leaving. I recall you being done with my games. So go on, then. I’m not stopping you.” This only made Y/n chuckle more, as she grabbed his jaw to turn his attention right back to her. 

“I’m not hearing you deny it.” Leaning in slightly, she brushed her lips onto his for only a moment, sighing heavily in the process. “I hate that you can make me feel conflicted, Peter Pan. I want to leave, and just throw you out of my mind…but we both know that’s far from possible now. We’re in too deep.” 

Without realizing what he was doing, he had pulled her in closely, kissing her deeply but as softly as he could. Afraid that he might not get the chance, he was going to make sure that this kiss was memorable. Pulling away slowly, Y/n couldn’t hold back the little whine that escaped passed her lips one his were no longer there. Coming back to earth, she pulls away from him fully, seeing the mischief in his eyes, but the evident scowl on his face. 

“Get out. I suggest you start running. The hunt starts at dawn, which mean you have less than an hour to hide.” He crosses his arms, watching as she cracks her neck, grinning at the boy, while he fought not to grin right back. Already knowing where this was going and how it would end up, the both of them ended on the same page. 

“Let’s play.” 

somethin’ 'bout you.

Sheith rival managers au

Keith - Pizza Hut Manager
Shiro - Domino’s Pizza Manager

They are right across each other. Their employees know of their rivalry but they are actually dating, living in the same flat.

Keith on the board sign outside

Shiro on the board sign outside

Keith got “mad” at this and so the next day

Of course, Shiro wouldn’t back down

The customers are actually pretty entertained by this, so most of them eat there just to see what the other one had for a comeback.

The next day of course Keith’s all

Shiro smirks and just have the sign say

Customers are like “Oooooooooooooooooooh”

Then later at night, while Shiro and Keith head to bed, Keith’s just laughing “I can’t believe you asked me out via signboard. Wtf Shiro. You do know people believe we actually hate each other, right?”

Keith is so wrong. Most people kinda figured it out that the managers of both places are dating each other. Shiro and Keith think they’re so sneaky, but honestly, they aren’t. 

“You don’t actually mean it that my pizzas are soggy, right?? RIGHT?”
“No, baby! Your pizzas are perfect!!” 

Thank you to Tamara and Paige on twitter for adding ideas hAHHAHA! 

Love Draught - A Sirius Black Imagine

Originally posted by kissableandsexy

Hi! :) I’m sorry I haven’t written in a long time, let’s say I had busy weeks lately. 

Warnings : None, really, maybe a little fluff. Would lead to smut eventually.


‘Of course you had to blow the whole thing!’ you scream as the boiling potion turns into a bright red colour.
It was supposed to be blue and Sirius freaking Black threw the liquorice roots too early in the process, messing up your third try.
'I love it when you talk about blowing things Y/N, really’ he replies, smirking.
'Oh shut up, Black. You know if we can’t manage that potion before the end of the week, Slughorn is going to make us fail the class!’
He looks at you, disgusted.
'He won’t fail you, you’re in his house.’
'Oh and you think he’s going to care? It’s supposed to be a team work, Black. Do you know what a team mate is supposed to do? Not fucking messing away with the homework!’
'Hey, Y/L/N, if you’re not happy, just do it yourself!’
'Fine!’ you shout back, emptying the cauldron with your wand.
Stupid Black. You roll your eyes. When professor Slughorn paired you together, you didn’t know yet how Sirius could be clumsy. He was so brilliant, nevertheless, he didn’t use his talent to achieve Potions carefully. He didn’t care about this matter.
But you did and there was no way he was going to make you fail the class. Your mid-term exam was at the end of the week and if you wanted to get your NEWT next year, you absolutely had to pass that essay.
'Fuck it’ you whispered to yourself, leaving the class more frustrated.
It was always about that. Half on the year, you had been fighting with Sirius constantly over the work you had to do. He despised you because you were in Slytherin and you loathed him because he was a jerk. If he judged you by the colour of the tie you wore, that was his lost.
Still, you didn’t want to admit to yourself that he was kind of hot when he was angry. The way he was throwing his hands in the air in desperation made you wonder what those could do around your body. And even if you thought it was lame, the sexual innudendos he’d make once in a while turned you on more than you wanted to concede.
You sighed. He was a player. And you’d never stoop to that.
But he was constantly in your mind. His bark like laugh made you shiver inside.
The prick. The fucking prick.
He always got away of shitty situations with that handsome smile of his. But not with you. And he hated it.
You walked into the halls thinking about the exams coming up. You really would master the damn potion if it wasn’t for your shitty teammate. You both even asked Slughorn if you could change partners.
'It just doesn’t work out, professor.’
'Yeah she and I aren’t a good match.’
'He’s right. We hate each other.’
Slughorn looked at you with a wide smile.
'It just encourages me to keep making you two work together. If you can brew this potion in these conditions, you’ll be able to brew any potion at the end of the year!’
And now you were stuck with him.
After dinner, you saw Sirius in the corridor, babbling with his friend James.
'Black!’ you shouted.
He looked at you and rolled his eyes.
'What is it, again?’
'You’ll have to go get liquorice roots again. We haven’t any left since you spoiled the last of it.’
'How about you go get it yourself?’ he replied, turning his back at you.
You clenched your fists together.
'Hey, I didn’t ask for this either but I don’t want to fail Potions just because of you! If you don’t want to go alone, at least come with me! I won’t do the dirty work solo, again!’
James looked at the both of you, amused.
'Okay lovebirds-’ he said, Sirius looking harshly at James at the sound of the last word, ’-enough. Sirius, why don’t you be a gentleman and go with the lady?’
Sirius shrugged and sighed. You silently thanked James. He could be a pain in the ass when he wanted to, but at least he showed a little bit more brains than his best friend.
You walked in the deserted hall until you reached the wide closet where professor Slughorn kept the ingredients accessible for the students.
'It’s locked’ said Sirius, pulling the doorknob.
'Are you a wizard or what?’ you replied, annoyed.
You pulled out your wand of your pockets and pointed it at the door.
You heard a tick and you turned the handle.
Sirius gave you the angry look.
'It’s on the highest shelf’ you said.
'Why don’t you go grab it?’
'I’m too short!’ you replied.
'Are you a witch or what?’ he answered, stepping into the big closet.
After a few ramblings, you heard Sirius sigh heavily.
'It’s not here’
'It should be. Keep looking!’
'I already looked twice. There’s none left. We’ll have to wait tomorrow.’
You stepped into the little room.
'We can’t wait for tomorrow, we have to try again tonight!’
Sirius turned around, looking bothered.
'Says who?’
'If you hadn’t mess with the last attempt, we wouldn’t have to try again.’
'Well, the liquorice’s not here so I guess we’ll wait.’
'I don’t believe you! I’m sure you don’t find it on purpose!’
'Hey, Y/L/N, if you don’t believe me, come and take a look!’
You rolled your eyes and started to look everywhere. Sirius was right, after a few minutes of grabbing every pots and bottles, you realized that the main ingredient for your potion was not available.
'Shit’ you muttered.
'Told you!’
Frustrated, you walked to the door. You tried to open it. It was locked from the outside.
'Oh, for Merlin’s!’ you shouted.
You tried to open it with your wand, it didn’t work.
Sirius pushed you on the side as he tried to unlock it himself.
'Oh just great’ you cried. 'Now I’m stuck with you.’
Sirius turned around, facepalming. He let his body slip on the floor, hands on his raised knees.
You slipped on the ground as well.
'This your fault’ Sirius mumbled.
'What did you say?’ you replied, your face becoming red.
'You heard me just fine.’
'Hey, if you had taken this shit seriously, we wouldn’t be there in the first place!’
'I hate you so much’ he said, looking at you with a smirk.
'It’s mutual, I hate you too.’
He smiled, sighing heavily.
'You know you’re pretty when you’re angry?’
'Don’t start, Black, not in the mood.’
'You never are’ he replied, messing with his dark locks.
'Is there a time you aren’t?’ you asked, blushing suddenly.
'Only when you’re not around, Y/L/N.’
You looked into his silver eyes, he was grinning.
'Oh, shut it. We hate each other, remember?’
But you found yourself leaning closer on him. You could almost feel his heart beating next to you. The heat releasing from his body was unbearable. You felt like you wanted to melt into him.
Time felt like it stopped. You could feel the tension between you two. Both your bodies were burning with desire.
'I hate you’ you whispered, benching your face on his.
He licked his lower lips, still staring intensely in your eyes. You could feel his breath on your face as your mouths were about to clench together.
'But you want me’ he breathed.
You heard a loud click as professor Slughorn’s face appeared in the doorway.
'Merlin’s beard, children! What are you doing here?’
You both jumped as far from one another.
'We got locked inside’ you said nervously, tossing away the hair in your face.
You gave a furtive look at a disheveled Sirius.
You were almost disappointed you got interrupted.
But you were never going to admit it.


Pairing: Thor x Reader

Summary: Thor and Reader don’t get along. Fate is about to change that.

A/N: No timelines were hurt in the making of this oneshot.

To say that you and Thor were on bad terms was an understatement. Since the day the team was formed, the two of you could never see eye to eye. It was impossible to agree on anything he said, and vice versa. You preferred to strategize, formulate a plan, and make sure to minimize as much damage as possible. He believed in the opposite: running into battle, leaving destruction in his path. He was unruly, loud, and immature to you. You were a buzzkill, pompous and too strict for his liking. The two of you collided on how to handle missions daily, and more so on how to handle life in general. Today was one of those days.

“Thor,” you snapped. You held your smashed laptop in your hand as you stomped towards him. “What did I tell you about summoning Mjolnir inside?”

Bruce took a sip of his coffee and muttered,“ Uh oh.” He briskly walked out of the room, not wanting to get in the way of your wrath. If there was anyone else scarier than a pissed off Hulk, it was you.

Thor ignored you and mindlessly twirled Mjolnir, eyes focused on the T.V. Small clips of the morning mission flashed across the screen.

Bucky looked at you, and then to Thor who was sat beside him. “He’s still not talking to you?”

Thor smiled, confirming Bucky’s question.

You glared at Thor. “Bucky, tell me, who do you think did the right thing?”

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simple pt. 3 // peter parker

word count: about 3.5k

a/n: wtf almost 80 notes on pt. 2?? i love you guys thanks so much for the support it really boosts my motivation to keep writing!! this is actually edited whoa and warning for profanity. also idk what to do now that this story is done, so pls pls send in any ideas if y'all have any! just ask if ya wanna be on the tag list! sorry that this is late, life came by and made me super busy, and thanks for reading <333

part 1 | part 2



When Peter Parker started being apart of your life, his timing couldn’t have been better. As Spider-Man, he made you want to save the world and gave you the confidence you didn’t know you lacked. Even when you screwed up as S/N, he stood firmly by your side. As Peter, he gave you something to look forward to at school. He made all of your anxiety disappear with one mischievous smirk. He made you feel something special inside that you simply couldn’t describe.

It’s been exactly one month since you talked to him that day on the roof. Ever since then, life has gotten dull, like a pencil that you lost the sharpener to so you try to make the best of it.

He tried to talk to you so many times, but never in person. You can’t find the courage to talk to him in person, either. He sent you pages and pages of text messages containing apologies. Some are just a few words and others are paragraphs long. You haven’t replied to any of them. You don’t have the courage to do that, either. Every time the thought of Peter returns to you, you can feel your heart break a little more. Maybe it hurts so much because for the longest time, he was the one good thing in your life. Maybe it’s because he broke a long held promise.

“Spidey?” You asked one day as you swung your legs back and forth at the edge of the roof.

“What’s up?” He turned to face you, head tilted to the side slightly.

“I want to make a promise. We can’t hide anything from each other anymore.”

Spider-Man stared at you for a few seconds, then shrugged. “Okay! Well, my name is -”

“No, no! That’s the only thing that we should hide. I meant anything other than our identities. You know, you don’t have to worry about what I’ll think if you’re honest. That’s the only reason why I got mad when you finally told me why you weren’t coming every day.” You rubbed your arm and frowned.

“Wait, so you don’t actually hate Mr. Stark?” He sounded surprised.

“I mean, the guy didn’t do anything to me or you. I might heavily disapprove of the guy, but I don’t hate him, no.”

“…You’re right. We should be honest with each other. But what if one of us finds out the other’s identity? Then that kind of messes everything up.”

You thought about this for a while, trying to come up with a solution. “Tell the other person. I think the other would figure it out eventually. I mean, you’re smart as hell and I’m pretty okay too. So might as well tell them, right?”

“Well, yeah, but what about the secret identity thing?”

“If one already knows, then there’s no point in upholding that anymore. The only purpose of not telling each other who we are is to keep things simple,” you smile under your mask and shrug. “It’s okay, you’re probably someone I don’t even know. But we have to keep each other’s secret if that ever happens. We’ll figure out the rest when we get there.”

“Okay. Promise to keep the secret and to tell each other everything,” Spider-Man nodded. You held your pinky out to secure the promise. Chuckling, he wrapped his pinky around yours.

Only then did you nod back. “Promise.”

A tear slips out of your eye, glistening in the fluorescent lights of the Chemistry classroom. Come on, you can’t cry in the middle of a Chemistry test. You quickly wipe it away and write faster, teeth gritted in determination. How did it get to the point that you can’t even go through the day without remembering Peter? For a second, you glance at Peter only to see that he’s been staring for a long time now. Shit, he caught you. Your eyes momentarily meet. In that fraction of a second, it feels as though you saw through to his internal torment. A heavy weight sets on your heart, one that doesn’t let go even when you look away to get back to writing.

Towards the end of class, your teacher stands up and starts announcing some kind of project. You’re hardly listening as you stare at your shoes. Maybe you could forgive him and just forget about this whole thing. Then you could just hug him and…and…

You think you might start crying again, but you bite your tongue as hard as you can without making yourself bleed. You feel the familiar strain on your forehead as you do your very best to not let your classmates see your tears. That would be an embarrassing situation to explain to your teacher.

No, of course you can’t forgive him that easily. You’ve told Peter how much you hate dishonesty. But he tossed that right out of the fricking window, knowing how you’d feel. What a prick.

“Hey, don’t look at each other yet. Since it’s a short project that shouldn’t take you longer than a few days, you’ll just be working with the person next to you.” Groans and mumbles fill the room, but your teacher isn’t having any of it. You hear people near you cuss under their breath.

Whatever, another project shouldn’t be that big of a -

Your train of thought stops immediately when you realize who the person beside you is. Oh hell no. No no no no. What is this, some kind of movie? This doesn’t actually happen in real life, right? There is absolutely no way this is real.

He catches your gaze. In your case, this does happen in real life. It’s not so weird when you remember that you live in a world where the Avengers, like, exist. You try to sound as professional as you can when you speak to him. If you ever make it big as a superhero, you’re sure you’ll have to be great at that skill around people you’re not necessarily on good terms with. “Uh, okay. So I can get books from the library to use as some of our references. Or the internet. That works, too. And like, we need a plan. Also, this is obviously not going to get done at school, so um…”

You mentally curse a little for being so awkward. It was all structured and nice in your head, and then it came out the way it always does. So much for professionalism.

Peter’s listening intently. “I could come over,” he says eagerly. You look at him, silent with your eyes narrowed. “Uh, if you want, that is. You don’t have to do anything. I was just suggesting it…even though it didn’t really sound like a suggestion. I just thought it would be ideal, ‘cause you live closer to school than I do and…”

You stare hopelessly, watching him gradually get more and more tense. He’s so damn cute. The look in his eyes is just as you remember from that one day in Chemistry. It feels like it was just yesterday. It’s the unmistakable look of shy adoration that’s so unique to him. You wonder how he can still be like that when you can’t even bring yourself to smile anymore. It looks like nothing can take away his excited nature.

“Peter,” you say softly to get him to calm down. You haven’t said his name out loud in a long time. Even when you talked to Iris about him and shared your issues, you never referred to him by name.

He stops immediately, his cheeks starting to redden in realization of his rambling. “Y-Yeah, I know I should shut up.”

“That’s not what I was going to say. I was just going to tell you to come over today. Uh, maybe not right after school.”

“Oh, okay,” Peter says, sounding a little breathless. Seeing him like this takes your breath away, too. “I’m busy after school too.”

“I know.” You look away, lost in your thoughts once again.

After school, you do your best to clean up your room. You stuff the clothes on the floor into a laundry basket and toss stray papers into your recycling bin. Once your bed is made and your room looks better, you sigh. Your eyes float up to the suit on your shelf, neatly folded. It’s dusty and the equipment needs to be updated, but you don’t even think about touching it. You look away before you can get any ideas. You know that deep inside, you miss that part of your life. You just want to kick ass and leap around trying to be as cool, like some of the bigger superheroes.

You sit on your bed and do your other homework as you wait. The hours tick by, one by one. You even start planning out the project, sketching out all the details so that the only thing that needs to be done is the actual work. You clean up your room some more, starting to get a little bored. You comb your hair and tie it back. At six-thirty, you start thinking he might have stood you up. Maybe he got busy being Spider-Man. Not that you’re upset at him for that. You know that the job gets busy sometimes. You pick up your phone to call him, but then set it back down before you do.

At eight, you’re sure he’s not going to show up. You sigh and sit on your floor. What if something had happened to him? Maybe he needs your help, and all you need to do is call him. Guilt twists in your stomach. You turn to look at your bookshelf and the many books you’ve collected over the years, telling yourself that everything is okay. A new one about spiders sits on the edge of the shelf, its receipt tucked into the cover.

You turn back to your window and yelp a little. There, sitting in your window in his suit with a slightly bent churro in hand, is Peter. He always freaks you out when he sneaks up on you like that. He hasn’t even changed out of his suit, but at least he brought his school bag.

“Sorry for being…late…” He pants, holding out the churro to you like a rose. “Thought I’d…grab something along the way.” He clutches his side in pain.

You stand up and rush over to him, frowning. Grabbing the churro and his bag, you set them aside. “What happened? Did you get hurt?” You help him in, worried.

“Oh, uh, it’s nothing, Y/N,” he reassures in a way that only has the opposite effect. He slides off his mask to reveal scrapes and bruises on his face. There’s a little smile on his face, much to your confusion.

“Peter, what the hell did you do?” You make him sit down on your bed, bringing your hands to his face. When you do this, his breath hitches. As your thumb skims over his cheek gently, he winces. “Sorry,” you say quickly, frowning deeply.

“Hey, you should see the other guy! I had to knock him out for the police to get him. Crazy! I hope I didn’t injure him that bad though…do you know if knocking people out hurts them a lot?”

“I don’t know anything about medicine, Spidey! And who cares about him, look at yourself!” In your panicked state, your nickname for him slips out. You only realize this after you’ve said it.

“It’s okay,” he says as if everything really is okay. How is this okay? He’s so calm, it’s kind of scaring you. There’s a distant look in his eyes, like he’s not really completely aware of his situation.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you not freaking out about this? Are you drunk or something?” You exclaim, trying to snap him out of it.

Peter blinks. “No! I’m fine, really. It gets worse than this sometimes, so I don’t know why-”

“It gets worse?” Your eyes widen, wondering why he suddenly can’t handle a few purse snatchers. He shrugs indifferently. “Okay, uh…I-I’ll get ice or something. Dude, why are you here? I don’t even know where the band-aids are in my own house!”

“The project,” Peter says simply. You don’t like him like this. You just wish he’d make a joke or something so at least you know he’s being normal. Come on, Peter!

“The project.” You’re trying not to get pissed off at his utter disregard for himself. “The project? The goddamn project? You go and do this to yourself, and the only thing on your mind is a stupid Chem project?”


Your eyebrows draw together. He’s starting to make you feel like crying. “Peter, please. Tell me what’s wrong. You’re seriously freaking me out. Are you okay?” You ask the last question with more emphasis this time, tilting his chin up to make him look you in the eyes. His normally clear dark eyes are bloodshot, and there are purplish bags under them.

A beat passes before he responds. “No.”

You look at him for a long time, trying to figure him out. His hair is a sweaty mess, and…has he been crying? You swallow, doing something you never thought you’d get to do again

You lean over and wrap your arms around him. “Ow, ow, not there,” he says gently, and you quickly move your arms. He’s warm, but that might just be because he was just leaping around buildings for the past few hours.

He rests his forehead on your shoulder. With your other hand, you smooth the hair out of his face. God, he looks awful. How did he manage to get himself beaten up this bad? Millions of questions form in your head, none of which you know the answer to.

You know he’s crying when he starts shaking. Your shirt is going to get soaked, but you don’t care. You hold him a little tighter. “You can tell me anything,” you remind him quietly, but your voice breaks at the end.

“I miss you, Y/N.” The way he says it, it shatters you completely. His voice is raw and rough, full of so much emotion that you weren’t prepared for. Your lip trembles slightly and threatening tears fill your eyes.

“I-I can’t be Spider-Man. Not if you’re not there with me, Y/N, I just can’t. I need to hear your voice through my suit, because I can’t focus on anything anymore. I can’t fight without you.” Your throat tightens, knowing that your situation hasn’t really been much better. You quit being a hero that day because you knew you couldn’t keep doing it on your own. And it’s been killing you since.

All of your previous hatred for Peter disappears like nothing. You can’t even bring yourself to be angry at him anymore. You don’t care about what he did. All you can see is how hurt he is now, and how he needs your help. You close your eyes and let yourself cry as his voice continues

“I never wanted to hurt you. When I found out that you were S/N, I got scared. I thought you wouldn’t like me if I was more than regular Peter Parker to you. But I was stupid to think I could make it work. I know I broke our promise, and I’m so sorry for that.” You stare out your window, tears streaming freely. You should’ve been there out with him. All of the emotion you bottled up for a month comes pouring out in a rushing torrent. You somehow kept it all together for an entire month. You avoided him whenever you could, you ignored his texts and calls. You did everything you could, and it tore you apart inside to do it all. Only now are you feeling the pain you pushed away then, deep in your heart.

“Please look at me.” You look at him, and he lifts his head to face you. Gently, you set a hand on his cheek.

“You don’t have to say sorry anymore, Peter. I forgive you. I forgive you.” You rest your forehead against his, trying to calm down so you can stop crying.

He finally wipes his tears away with the sleeve of his suit and does the same for you before looking into your eyes. It’s only now that you realize how close you are to him. “I-I love you, Y/N. I always have, I just didn’t know until now.” He whispers, leaning in slightly.

You close your eyes and kiss him, gentle and sweet and everything you expected. You’ve never kissed anyone before Peter, so you’re going entirely by instinct. His arm reaches around your waist and tugs you closer. His other hand rests on your cheek, bringing warmth to you. The butterflies in your stomach intensely flutter, and you let it all consume you for a few minutes. You place one hand on the back of his neck to gently push him closer to you.

When you pull away, it’s only for air. You breathe heavily, not knowing whether what just happened was real or if you were just imagining it all. You’d always read about kisses like these in novels, but you didn’t know if it really existed. It seemed everything was a fantasy with Peter Parker. Old mistakes forgotten, you give him a shy smile. “I love you and that churro,” you murmur, and for the first time in forever, you hear his beautiful laugh. This makes you inexplicably happy, just to see some of his sunshine poke through.

“Speaking of which, I went through a lot for that churro,” Peter says. You grin and grab it to take a bite out of it in appreciation. But before you can, Peter plucks it out of your hand and eats nearly a mouthful of it.

“Now it’s only half a churro!” You laugh and grab his hand to eat a bit of it before standing up. “One sec, I’ll be right back.”

You race downstairs, ignoring your parents’ hellos and opening the freezer to grab all the frozen things you can get. They give you a strange look from across the room. Quickly, you try to think of an excuse before you drop something. “I’m, uh…hungry.”

“So you’re eating frozen peas?” Your dad questions, eyebrows raised in mild concern and disbelief.

“Yep,” you grin nervously and sprint back up to your room before he can ask anything else. Peter sees you enter with a load of frozen things to serve as ice packs, laughing.

An hour later, you have Peter mostly well taken care of. With his guiding, you ice the bruises properly. He showers, coming out smelling like your strawberry body wash. You consider buying another bottle for him just so you can smell it when you hug him. You both sit on the bed and finish the project without wasting time, thanks to your planning. “We still have three days to do this whole thing,” you remind as you add the finishing touches.

“Yeah, and that’s three days that we can spend together. Under the excuse of the project, of course.” He gives a mischievous smile that’s so contagious that you’re smiling back.

“Hm…I approve of this idea.”

You don’t talk again until the project is finished, and by then, it’s late. “Are you sure May won’t mind you staying until, like, midnight?”

“Yeah, yeah. I told her where I am, so it’s all good.”

He sits against your pillows, and you rest your head on his chest. You stretch your legs out on the bed. “You know,” he begins. You glance up at him to signal that he has your attention. “You thought I was ripped, but I’m nothing compared to you.”

“Whoa, I did not say you were ripped! I mean, you are, but that’s besides the point. And thank you! I try.”

Peter laughs. “Seriously though, do you work out or something? What gym do you go to?” It takes a moment for you to realize he’s teasing you. You shove him slightly, trying not to smile.

“Screw you.”

“I mean, that would be great, but in case you forgot, we’re just fifteen. Maybe wait a while before we get that stage-”

“Oh my god. Screw you!”

“I told you, we should think about things like that before-”

“Ahh! Stop! My ears are bleeding!” You cover your ears and giggle as he gives you a big grin.

“Y/N?” Peter says after a bit of silence.

“Mhm?” You nestle your head into his neck as he loosely wraps his arm around you.

“You’re going to be S/N with me now, right? Like, you’ll fight crime again?” He sounds hopeful.

“Of course I will.”

“Really? And you’ll talk to Mr. Stark, too?”

“Okay, don’t push your luck there. But I’ll think about it, if it makes you happy.”

“Thank you, Y/N.” He looks into your E/C eyes, and in that moment, you know. Queens needs you, and Peter needs you even more. Everything is complicated, but for once, you don’t hate it. Simple is starting to look a little boring with someone like Peter Parker in your life.


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Under the Stars [Baekhyun x Reader]

Rating: T (16+)

Warning: mention of drugs, attempting kidnapping and slight childhood playground violence.

Word Count: 760

Wishes Note: Inspired by the show Shameless

Originally posted by 1980vibes

Your roommate was out of town as you sat in your dorm with your textbook out and your mind on Youtube playing.  The loud party noise coming from a couple of rooms down was distracting you from writing your paper.  A knock was heard on your door as you opened it just a crack to tell them they had the wrong room, but your door was pushed in by Baekhyun, the boy whose room always reeks of pot.  His black hoody was zipped up as he made his way in, quickly closing it behind him.  Putting a hand over your mouth before you could say anything you heard a bunch of male voices coming through the door.  

“Baek! You dick, where are you?”  They yelled.  A knock sounded on your door as you opened it, Baekhyun moving to stand behind it.  

“Can I help you?”  You asked.  

“Is Baekhyun in here?”  The frat symbols stood out on his shirt as you shook your head.  

“No.”  You went to shut your door but his foot stopped it.  

“Look, I know he has a thing for you, so tell me the truth.”  Without blinking an eye you pushed on his chest removing him from your doorway.  

“I don’t fucking care what he has, he isn’t in here.”  Shutting your door you held onto the handle as you turned to look at the college sophomore standing against the wall.  

“Thanks.”  He mumbled as he wiped his lip.  “The guy got all pissy.”  

“Why, because you sold him some bad weed?”

“No, because I stopped selling weed.”  He shrugged his shoulders as he went and sat on your bed.  


“Had to cancel his order, so they are out of weed for their hazing weekend.  Hence the chancing.”  Baekhyun looked at his phone as he texted another person that he didn’t have any weed.  

“Why?”  He smiled at you as you looked at him.  Selling weed was good income for him, and you knew that he needed the money for next years tuition.  Both of you were from the bad side of town and couldn’t afford the money to pay for college.  But nonetheless both of you tried.   He looked up at your ceiling as he smiled at the stars.  

“Remember that time in high school when I snuck over to your house because my one of my dad’s clients was looking for me? Chanyeol hid me in your room and I spent the entire time looking at your ceiling with the stars.  Have way through the night you woke up and just started to rub my head, not in pity, but you realized I hadn’t gotten to sleep.”  

“I remember.  I fought with Chanyeol to keep you out of my room, but he said because everyone knew we hated each other, you wouldn’t be hiding in there.  So when the dickhead came to our door he never bothered to search my room.”  

“We hated each other right?”  He asked as you slowly walked over.  

“Ever since you pushed me off the slide when we were eight.”  You laughed as Baekhyun took your hand pulling you into his body.  You stood in between his legs as he smiled at you.     

“I quit selling weed for you.”  He whispered as his arm snaked around your waist.  His other hand held your face as his thumb rubbed against your skin.  


“I also got that internship at the stupid law firm.”  

“Baek-”  He shook his head as you smiled up at him.   

“I know I don’t have much to offer in terms of anything but theres one thing I always knew I wanted.  Ever since we were eight and I pushed you off the slide because Jackson Wang said he got to first base with you.”  

“So you took it out on me.”  

“Eight year old me couldn’t deal with the fact you kissed that asshole pimp’s son.”  You smiled as he held you.  “From there on, I thought if she can’t love me, hating me would bring me just same amount of attention from you.”  Pulling you closer your lips met as he smiled against them.  You peeked at the stars above you, remembering the same night you gave yourself to him completely, when his dad’s client was trying to kidnap him.  

“I love you Baekhyun.”  You whispered as he smiled again. Knowing the asshole was never going to say it first.   

“I love you ___.”  The noise from outside drowned into nothing.  The only thing mattering was the two of you under the stars.

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Request: 4. “We may hate each other but if we want to get out of this alive, we have to work together" 28. “Cocky much?” 49. “There’s no safer place for me than your arms” prompts with Barry Allen please? :))


"HIM?!” You said at unison pointing at each other shamefully in disbelief, all three-Caitlin, Cisco and HR-grimacing awkwardly before sharing a knowing look an turn to the both of you.

 "Well-“ Caitlin started off nervously playing with her fingers, you interrupted her abruptly 

 "No way in HELL I’M WORKING WITH THIS DICKHEAD” you roared as Barry rolled his eyes

 "I can do this without her!“ Barry pointed out and you turned to him you arched a brow when you turned to him.

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nai-nye  asked:

At this point I feel a little greedy since I already asked two prompts now. Thank you for writing them! A Tsukihina prompt in which Hinata is uncertain about his relationship with Tsukishima since he doesn't know if they're dating for real or if Tsukki likes him back. And decides to leave him since Hinata has a feeling Tsukishima is interested in someone else.

Hinata hesitates at the classroom doorway, watching Tsukishima stare outside. Tsukishima has told him repeatedly not to bother him during lunch, but Kageyama is sick today and Yamaguchi is helping Yachi with a project, and surely Tsukishima can’t deny him a little company now that they are dating, right?

Only he isn’t certain that they are really dating, because Tsukishima never talks about it. Refuses to, actually, and Hinata has worried himself sick several times already, wondering if he is doing the right thing, if he was right to tell Tsukishima about his feelings, if his response really meant what Hinata wanted it to mean –

“Well, I guess that’s that. As long as you don’t try kissing me in the middle of class, I’m fine with it.”

Frowning, Hinata shakes away his worries and crosses the room to Tsukishima’s desk, though he slows when he sees that Tsukishima’s eyes are open and focused on something down in the courtyard.

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anonymous asked:

I have an idea! I'm guessing that the dead skeleton horse attached to Tom's carriage knows everything that goes on in the carriage. What if the carriage said something around Tom and his friends that was prooooobably better left unsaid? (Btw your work is amazing!!)

Sure! And thank you so much for all the nice words it’s so sweet! I’d love to write this for you! It was such an interesting idea! I hope you like the story!

Marco walked along the side of the carriage, but he tripped when something kicked him in the back. He looked up angrily and huffed at the horse, that kept trying to push and step at him. “Tom! Your horse is being annoying again!” Marco called. Tom laughed and bit and jumped out of the carriage, stepping up next to Marco and the horse.

“Yeah, he’s annoying.” To  grinned. The horse seemed to huff and stomp the ground. Star and Janna were sitting on top of the carriage. But at hearing the conversation about the horse strike up, Star lept down giddily.

“You know he can talk?” Star asked. Marco rolled his eyes and shook his head, claiming to not believe her, mostly just to see if he could get he annoyed. “It’s true!” Star cried out. She looked at the horse and cleared her throat. “Skeleton horse, does Janna loooove me?” She asked, giggling. Janna blushed and nudged her. The horse just stomped the ground.

“Guess he’s not very chatty today.” Marco crossed his arms and Tom giggled a bit, looking away. Star shook her head and looked back at the horse.
“He can talk! I swear I’ve heard him talk before!” She exclaimed. “Skeleton horse! Say something!” Star demanded. But the horse just whinnied and shook out it’s mane. “Ugh! Tom! Your horse won’t talk!” Star groaned.

“You must sound crazy to a lot of people.” Tom realized. Star nodded.

“Those who don’t know me, assume I am nuts, yes.” She agreed. “Now get your horse to talk!” Star urged the demon. Tom just laughed again at Star trying to antagonize a dead horse. Finally after about ten minutes of prying, she gave up. “Whatever, I bet this dumb horse has got nothing good to say anyways.” Star huffed.

“Hey! I got tons of good stuff to say!” The horse yelled at her. Star jumped up and Marco fell back, a little surprised.

“I actually don’t know why I doubted her at this point.” Marco laughed. At hearing his laugh Tom smiled a little and laughed too. He looked down quickly and began playing with a little lthread from his shirt, avoiding eye contact. At this point Star was face to face with the horse, laughing triumphantly.

“I told you guys! This horse has got tons to say!” Star giggled.

“Not really…” He told the kids. Tom wasn’t really paying much attention. “I hear everything that goes on in the carriage, so all I could really tell you is what Tom says and I listen in to.” He laughed and Tom looked up.

“You hear me?” He asked. The horse nodded. “You’re lying, shut-up.” Tom crossed his arms. “You don’t know anything that goes on.” He huffed.

“I heard your WHOLE conversation with Janna yesterday!” The horse snapped back. Tom froze and his face began to burn red. All the kids stopped and looked in between Tom– who looked mortified– and the horse.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Tom mumbled, sinking in.

“Yes you do! It just happened yesterday!” The horse grinned. Janna bit her lip and Star and Marco looked over at her curiously.

“What were you guys talking about?” Marco asked. Tom’s face flushed a deeper shade of red and he tried his best to keep looking away. Janna rocked on her heels.
“You know… dark magic and stuff.” She assured them. Tom nodded quickly.

“Y-yeah… just told her I would… give her some tips.” Tom coughed and the horse shook it’s mane out.

“That’s not true! Don’t you remember Tom?” He asked. Tom looked up in total fear, shaking his head frantically, and the horse kept talking. “It’s weird you would forget something like this, but you told Janna that you’re in love with Marco. Remember? And you were really scared because you thought he could never feel the same way. This was just yesterday, how did you forget?” He asked. “It was literally JUST yesterday! Like, way too little of time to have gotten over Marco or done anything remotely to fix this problem. You are still in the same situation with no possible solution. Don’t you remember?” He continued on.

All the kids were dead silent, and Tom just watched the horse with his mouth wide open. His face was growing redder and redder and he was burning up the concrete beneath him. “Do you not remember-” The horse cut himself off as realization struck him. “Oh… OH! Oh my god… Oh I was just… this was not… I’ll shut up now.”

“Tom?” Marco asked, timidly. Tom looked at Marco with fearful eyes, like he was worried the human would hit him. “Tom, why did you never-” Marco was cut off when Tom shouted.

“Shut up!” He cried out. “J-just shut up! Don’t finish that sentence everything is fine! Okay leave it alone!” Tom begged. “Just don’t… ever say anything and… I’m sorry! Bye!” Tom was still yelling this garbled mess of words, and he darted away in the other direction, as fast as he could.

“Tom wait!” Marco called, and before Star or Janna could say anything he ran after the demon. He chased after him for a while before finally finding him pacing nervously near the house. “Tom! Don’t run off like that.” Marco told him. Tom refused to look at him. “Can we talk?” Marco asked, timidly. Tom’s face then shot up with a big fake smile plastered on.
“About what? What do we have to talk about?” Tom asked. He then laughed in a very forced way. “I have nothing to talk about with you. I pretty much hate you! Right? We still hate each other? that’s just how it is. Let’s keep it that way!” Tom smiled even bigger. “Let’s keep it that way and go back to the carriage, the girls are probably worried and I have a horse to kill.” Tom tried grabbing Marco’s hand and dragging him away.

Marco dug his feet into the ground and Tom tried yanking him again. “Tom please don’t do this.” Marco begged. “I need to talk to you about this.” He repeated.

“There is NOTHING to talk about!” Tom exclaimed. “Nothing at all! And the fact that you think there’s something to talk about makes you stupid! This is why I hate you!” He growled.

“You don’t hate me.” Marco told him. Tom hissed and gritted his teeth, but a dark blush was setting across his face. “Why don’t you wanna talk about it?” Marco asked. Tom just ground his teeth and was silent. Marco moved their hands, so Tom was no longer holding his wrist, and Marco was instead holding the demon’s hand.

“If I never hear it… it’ll never hurt me… so we can just pretend it never happened and I won’t get hurt and everything will remain unsaid until we die.” Tom was speaking hysterically. “And I’ll never hear the bad thing and the bad thing’ll never hurt me.”

“But what if what you don’t want to hear is actually a good thing?” Marco asked, hopeful. Tom just shrunk in even more and shook his head.

“Can’t take that chance…” He muttered.

“What if I promise you it’s a good thing?” Marco asked. Tom looked up curiously, but then looked away. Marco smiled warmly at him. “You do trust me, don’t you?” He asked, holding his hand tighter. Tom felt butterflies well up in his stomach and his face get hotter.

“I don’t wanna hear it!” He snapped, trying to get a hold of all these new emotions.

“Well you don’t need to hear anything!” Marco assured. “You just need to trust me for a minute. Just one minute.” He continued. Tom wanted to say ‘no’ so badly, but everytime Marco so much as looked at him, he felt himself melt.

“Fine…” He mumbled. Marco smiled and stood on his toes, giving Tom a light kiss. Tom tensed up, in shock at the motion. Marco pulled away and giggled at how nervous the demon looked. He was letting off little sparks of fire at his hair, and smoke was coming from his feet. Marco smiled and watched Tom’s dumbfounded expression.

“Was that bad?” Marco asked. Tom just gulped and shook his head, reaching up to touch his lips. “Good.”

--> Preacher Sentence Starters

haha I know my blog has nothing to do with it, but I’ve been watching the show lately and I think some quotes would make good starters. Warning for drug/alcohol abuse and violence!

  • “Anyway, this is how you make a bazooka.”
  • “I don’t hate you. I wouldn’t know how.”
  • “Sounds like the first verse of the worst country song ever written, man.”
  • “I’ve not had a single morning where I didn’t wake up and have to force my feet to the floor to face you.”
  • “As of today as of right now, I’m going to fight.”
  • “Look, I’m just sayin’, boring’s not the worst thing a person can be.”
  • “I think you’re wrong. I think boring’s the worst.”
  • “Please God, or whatever the hell you call yourself, I know we hate each other, but please, please, please, just this once, do the right thing here.”
  • “I’ll be good, I swear. I’ll be good. I’ll be so damn good, you won’t even know it’s me.”
  • “What were you smoking?”
  • “What if we’re held to account for our actions? What if there’s punishment? What if there is fire?”
  • “Aren’t you afraid?”
  • “I’ve been feeling different.”
  • “A power like that, who wouldn’t want it? The question is, what do you want it for?”
  • “You look like shit, but that’s becoming more and more regular.”
  • “You were right, love. I think I’m gonna make it!”
  • “The world is turning to shit. And you know what? It’s all your fault.”
  • “I have a weapon! You just better announce yourself!”
  • “I know all kinds of crazy, all right? Just…tell me how it feels.”
  • “That’s a combination of rubbing alcohol, coffee machine descaler, and a bit of shit I found dripping out the back of the air conditioning unit.”
  • “After a sip of this, you aren’t gonna feel like one of the "good guys”, alright?“
  • "I have no money, I have no transport, I’m running dangerously low on drugs. And I’ll do something desperate, I swear to God.”
  • “Just run around, do whatever you want, whenever you want. What kind of life is that?”
  • “You admit you’re a sinner, and in need of a savior?”
  • “Oh jesus. Oh god. I’m so sorry. Oh, please don’t die.”
  • “Nice outfit, by the way.”
  • “This is my "very on it” outfit.“
  • "Cops find your body, I’ll make it look like a suicide.”
  • “Hold on, I killed you. How’d you do that?”
  • “I’m gonna ask you to do this job. You’re gonna say no. But I’m not doing it without you.”
I Hate You Part One (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1269

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: Read part 2 here and part three here

You have had a rivalry with Peter Parker ever since he first beat you in the 5th grade science fair, both of you hating each other ever since. Since then you’ve both competed against each other at anything, trying to beat the other in every subject or at anything you could. 

It was another boring day at school, you were sitting in class when your teacher announced that you would be doing a group project. Oh great, you’ll most likely get paired with someone who will make you do all the work and then take the credit. Your teacher was reading off the names, you only paying attention when you heard your name get called. “Y/N, you’ll be paired with Peter.”

Your eyes widened and your fist clenched like that arthur meme. 

This was not happening, you hated Peter Parker with a passion, you simply could not work with him. You glanced over your shoulder to see the same annoyed expression on Parker’s face. “But Miss, we can’t work together.”

You teacher just glared at you and huffed in annoyance. “Y/N, you will be Peter’s partner and there is nothing you can say that will change my mind.”

“She’s right Miss, we hate each other, this would be a waste of time.” Peter agreed with you and for the first time in your life you agreed with him. 

“You two will work together and that is the end of this discussion. Either work together or fail this assignment which I doubt either of you want to do.” She slammed her hands on her desk, fed up with her students, making both you and Peter shut up.

Once the bell rung you ran after Peter, grabbing his arm and pulling him to the side. “Look, I hate you and all and I know you hate me. But I need this grade, so you’re just going to have to suck it up and work with me.” You panted out, still out of breath from running, you hate running. “Calm down, I was going to anyway. As much as i’d rather do anything else, I also want this grade. How about after school in the library?” You thought you’d have to beg him to do this assignment, but you should have known that he wouldn’t let anything get in the way of getting good grades. “Okay, just, don’t be late.”

Two hours! Two hours you have been waiting for Parker in this library and he still hasn’t shown up. And people wonder why you hate him. You were sick of waiting, he was never gonna show up. You angrily grabbed your books and stormed out of the library. You were so gonna murder Parker when you saw him tomorrow. 

The next day at school you ignored Peter, obviously super pissed off at him for not showing up yesterday. You were at your locker when you heard that goddamn annoying voice that belongs to him. “Y/N, hey, I’ve been trying to talk to you all day.” You slammed your locker, trying to give him a hint that you weren’t in the mood to talk to him. “Um, anyway, did you want to work on this assignment after school today?” He leaned next to your locker sending you a cheeky smile. You had to fight the urge to smack it off his face. 

“Parker, why the heck would I agree to that if you didn’t even show up to work on the assignment yesterday?” His face paled at this, he forget he made plans with you yesterday, he was too busy trying to stop the goblin from robbing a bank. He couldn’t tell you that though. “I’m so, so sorry Y/N. I swear I forgot, but i’ll be there this afternoon, I promise you.” He was practically begging you and it was getting embarrassing, people were looking. “Okay okay fine! Just, don’t mess this up Parker.”

You waited again after school, only for Peter to not show once again. You should have known. What the hell was Parker playing at?! You storm off angrily out of the school but stop when you hear sirens. “What the f-” Your draw drops as you see a gigantic lizard running straight towards you. Holy shit. You ran back into the school trying to find a place to hide. You spotted the janitors closet and ran inside, why was it always the janitors closet? 

You covered your mouth with your hands trying to stop any noise from coming out. You screamed as the door was ripped open, revealing the lizard standing in front of you. This was it, you were going to die. You closed your eyes preparing for death when your body was grabbed by someone, pulling you away from the monster. You opened your eyes to see- oh thank god it was Spider-man.

“Go hide in that classroom.” Why did his voice sound so familiar?

“Do I know you?”

“Just do it!” He rushed out as he ran towards the big reptile.

You wasted no time in sprinting to the classroom and hiding under a desk, shaking in fear. A few minutes pass by and you can no longer hear fighting outside. You didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing. The door to the classroom opened and you were hoping it was Spider-man and not that reptile guy. It opened to reveal the hero and you instantly relaxed, coming out from your hiding place.

“Thank you so so much for saving me back there. I thought I was a goner.” You panted out, still in shock from everything that just happened.

“It’s no problem, are you alright?” Did his voice just deepen? Why was he trying to hide his voice?

“Oh i’m fine, a little traumatized but i’m okay.” This wasn’t the time to make jokes but Spider-man seemed to find your answer amusing because he chuckled. Why did that laugh sound so familiar? 

“Are you sure I don’t know you?” You curiously stepped towards him.

“Nope. I have no idea who you are now if you’ll excuse me.” He hurriedly tries to get past you but your hand on his chest stops his movement.

“Peter?” You asked astonished. It had to be, you couldn’t not recognize the voice of the guy you’ve hated for years. 

“Who-Whose Peter?” He tries to act like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about but you know better.

“Don’t act stupid Parker I would recognize the voice of the guy I hated any day.” You crossed your arms, this was definatley him.

“So is this why you keep not showing up to work on our assignment, because you’ve been running around in leggings every day?” You smirked, knowing your comment would tick Peter off. 

“Um, what-there not leggings!” He shouted defensively. 

“Whatever you say Parker. Look, thank you for saving me, really, I mean it.” You were being honest, and you hated to admit it, but you kind of had a crush on Spider-man, but now you knew it was Parker, you were just confused. 

“It’s fine, really, it’s what I do.” He stuttered out, he seemed nervous all of a sudden.

“Well, we still need to work on this assignment, so when you are finished saving people drop by my apartment and we’ll work on it then.” You said as you scribbled your address on a piece of paper.

“But I don’t know where you live?” He asked confused at you being nice to him. Honestly, so were you. 

“Yes you do.” You placed the piece of paper in his hand with a smirk. “Night Parker.”

Gold: (short laugh)

Silver: What?

Gold: Nothing, it’s–

Silver: Tell me!

Gold: Nah, it’s dumb.

Silver: Say it!

Gold: Okay, I was gonna say…

Silver: That we should kiss?

Gold: (looking down) You’re going to break my arm now, right?

Silver: (shakes head) No. 

Gold: Well…should we? Just so both of us can get it over with?

Silver: Hm. Just to get it over with.

Gold: Just to get it over with.

Silver: And you swear we both go right back to hating each other as soon as it’s over with.

Gold: Oh totally, and we never tell anyone.

Silver: Never. 

Silver: (pause)

Silver: Well, lean.

(Silver and Gold kiss)

anonymous asked:

Can you make some prompts for A and B who constantly argue due to their (romantic)love-hate relationship (and possibly a C who's a love interest of both A and B but is also just trying to make them get along)? Thanks!

I can try a few:

1.A:”I hate you.”
B:”Aw, thanks, the feelings mutual.” 

2. C:”Do you guys always have to fight? Can’t you just hug, kiss and makeup?”

B:”Uh no, no not really.” 

A:”Yeah, sorry, it doesn’t work like that.” 

3. C:”How are you guys even still dating?” 

A:”Well that ones easy.” 

B:”Yeah, We love each other just as much as we hate each-other.”

C:”I don’t… I don’t think that’s normal…” 

4.A:”It’s fine to hate each other a bit, because we hate everyone else more.” 

B:”That’s right, there’s only one person we don’t really hate.” 

C:”And who is that?” 

A&B: “You” 

I hope you like them, and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask. 

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Hello! I just saw your reblog post that the interviewer in Klaine Explained bts vid was Leanne, not Mia. Wow, I didn't know that. How come most of the fandom think it's M? I remember that some fans even thanked and applauded M for being so generous and big-hearted for giving us this bts, and also 5x15 & 5x20 bts featuring C & D, despite the hate she got from CC shippers.

Hi! I honestly don’t know why they pretend it’s her, or think so. For me, here are a few reasons that might be why: 

1) M pretended she was the only woman who worked on BTS or had the most pivotal role. Leanne to my knowledge didn’t make a big deal. So everyone just assumed it was M and the gif set, without the correction, was seen to be ‘evidence’ to prove this.

2) The creator of the gif set or M fans were the only ones who assumed it was her because their queen does everything and didn’t bother doing research. Because they say it was her, most people assume it is because they either don’t care enough to do the research on bTS and only watched that one, or they believed them bc they’re more ‘trustworthy’ than us because their ship is ‘canon’

3) Because M bragged about how she’s the one responsible for all the beautiful CC bts (even though there were only about… three or four interviews? And C wasn’t in many of them…) so people didn’t see why she’d be lying. Especially her fans. But let’s ignore the time she screeched at us all when she shamed us all for her Cory comment. Which she only acknowledged when someone who praised her on Twitter was made aware of her trashiness and the comment she made and, as a result,  she lost her publicity for her trash band. Bitch still hasn’t apologised for the hurt she’s caused btw.

4) The M fans / M&D shippers know it’s not M. They know C & M hate each other. But they lie and pretend that it’s M in that interview because she took credit for the one that was postponed. Most people won’t care enough to correct them and because the one’s that will are CC shippers? Well, we’ll be dismissed as ‘crazy’ and pushing an agenda if we say it’s not her! Remember, these people also tried to dismiss the look of utter contempt on C’s face when she was talking to D as ‘it’s his resting face’. Now, C does have a resting bitch face, he can look angrier than he really is. But that wasn’t RBF. That was his own contempt for her. They also deny the fact that M was incredibly condescending towards C when he didn’t want to be interviewed by him and waved it off as ‘her giving him cute nicknames’ and ‘proof’ they’re super close. Especially because she went to SBL (funny how she wasn’t in any of the photos with him, especially when multiple accounts say her ‘BF’ spent the whole night with C). They use all these tiny bits of evidence to ‘prove’ we’re wrong. Because if they admit we’re right about C & M hating each other… what else are we right about? Now, I’m not saying we’re right about everything. I think we know less than we actually think we do (don’t kill me for this lol). But they always feel insecure about things like this and always try to prove us wrong rather than going ‘yeah they hate each other but that isn’t proof M & D aren’t dating’. 

Personally, I feel it’s mostly three but the other potential reasons are mixed in with it. I think it’s mostly M’s fault because she knows what her fans are like/ She uses them to push an image she wants them to see about her and the people around her. Another reason might also be that M let her laugh be heard in the background often and bc Leanne spoke, the assumed it was her right off the bat considering the rest of the BTS people didn’t normally allow themselves to be heard.

Now, I’m not saying this is true - in fact, I’ll probably be off point on alot of this, but this is just my personal opinion on why this is!

neon-ryan-moved  asked:

companions react to sole coming out as transgender maybe?

Cait: “So, what - the stuff in your pants doesn’t match up with what y’feel like?” She frowns. “So? Just do whatever the fuck y’want. Not like anybody’s gonna stop you. I mean, right, some people might have a problem with me hittin’ people, just ‘cause I got tits. But you don’t see me carin’, do ya?” She hums, tapping her chin. “’Course, if you’re doin’ the nasty, I can see where you might be upset…” She nods, and claps a hand to Sole’s shoulder. “You do whatever works for you, Sole. So long as you’re happy, that’s… that’s what’s important.”

Codsworth: He may or may not be surprised, depending on whether or not he was told Sole’s particular condition and programmed on how to deal with it. “I… can’t say it’s something I’m used to, Mx. Sole. Why, Pre-War, it’d be patently unusual! … But I suppose we’re both in unusual circumstances now, hm? No point in babbling semantics, it won’t change what you are. A rose by any other name, yes? Just tell me whatever you need, Mx. Sole, I’d be more than happy to cater to your requests.”

Curie: Pre-War medical records of gender dysphoria are spotty at best, and downright wrong at worst. It’s something she’s not totally equipped to deal with, and that upsets her. “I cannot… I… As a medical doctor, I-I do not know what to say! But… as a friend, I know that I do not care what you are. Only that you are you, and happy. You have done so much for me, and in a way, I understand what it feels like, to be in the wrong body. But you helped me to become myself, and I will do whatever it takes, to ensure that you achieve that same feeling.”

Danse: Even the Brotherhood, with all its recovered knowledge, doesn’t know much about the condition, and so Danse is at a loss. “I-I… Thank you, for telling me. I understand that may not have been easy to say. I wish I could come up with something better, but I don’t know how to feel.” He pauses, thinks for a moment. “I suppose, after discovering… what I am, and after you chose to believe in me, I can do the same for you. Neither of us are what we appear, in the end, and the least I can do is to extend the same loyalty you showed me.”

Deacon: “Huh.” He considers it, eyes unreadable from behind his sunglasses. He shrugs. “I don’t know what you want me to say. I’ve already told you I’m in your corner, that I’ve got your back. And, I mean… I’ve seen plenty of weirder stuff than you. I’ve done weirder stuff.” He gives them a rare, genuine smile. “I’m… I’m glad you told me, even if I might not deserve that trust. And it doesn’t change anything between us, believe me. If you can put up with my bullshit? I’m more than happy to accept you as you are.”

Dogmeat: I don’t think Sole really needs to come out to Dogmeat. He’s a good boy. He understands.

Hancock: “Knew a few people like that,” he says, nodding sagely. “Wanted to be one thing or the other, or somewhere in the middle. I never really cared about the specifics of it. People’s people, never mind what they’re packin’.  And so long as it all feels good?” He grins. “Well, I don’t mind that, either. You don’t need to worry about me, Sunshine. Hell, we’ve already got a few people like you in Goodneighbor. And I’m acceptin’ of all kinds, so long as you accept everybody right back. No reason we gotta go around hating each other.”

Nick Valentine: “Guess I was right, then.” He shrugs. “Figured it out a while back. You don’t get to be a detective without being observant.” He sighs. “I ain’t gonna lie, kid. It’s strange to me. I remember seeing the world in black and white, men and women, good and bad. But I have to remind myself that’s not how the world works. And not just because I ended up in the wrong body, too.” He leans forward to rest his hand over Sole’s. “We’ve got more in common than you think, Sole. Whatever you need, name it.”

MacCready: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. So you’re… What, are you, exactly?” He doesn’t mean to be rude, not really, but he doesn’t like things he doesn’t understand. “I just… Geez, Sole. You can’t go dropping stuff on a guy like that. I mean, I want you to be happy. I just - I don’t know what to say, or do, or think. I’m… I’m gonna need your help, okay?” Once assured Sole was just worried about his reaction, he calms down a bit, and after realizing Sole’s still the same person, treats everything as normal.

Piper: She can’t help but shower Sole with questions. “What’s it like? Does it hurt? What about when you use the bathroom? Does it feel weird? Do you feel weird? Have you ever dated anybody? What did they say?” When she realizes she’s prying, she stops and apologizes. “I’m sorry, Sole, really. I’m just curious. I promise I won’t write an article or tell anyone. It’s your secret, and I’m grateful you told me. But you know me, sometimes my mouth moves faster than I think, and… I just want to understand you. And… I want you to know I care.”

Preston: At first, he’s torn between his confusion and his natural desire to be inclusive. But he’s Preston, and his positive nature wins out. “If that’s how you really feel,” he says softly. “I’m not gonna tell anybody the right way to live their lives. Everybody deserves an equal chance at happiness, and if this is who you are, then I support you, one hundred percent. Just… tell me if there’s anything else going on, okay? People aren’t the nicest out there in the wasteland. I’ve got your back, if you need me.”

Strong: As a mutant, gender doesn’t exist for them. No genitalia, no reproduction, anything - they live to eat and fight. Sole’s announcement has no bearing on him. In his mind? This is all just a bunch of silly human dramatics. Everyone’s the same when they’re dead. Which… is a grim sort of way to look at it, but practical and realistic nonetheless. 

X6-88: “You are… in the wrong body?” His brows furrow above his sunglasses. “I do not understand. Why? Your physical appearance has no effect on your life or capabilities. Clothing is aesthetic. Genitalia matters only in regards to reproduction. Your beliefs and personality are your own. I fail to see why this matters so much to you.” Call him ‘accepting to a fault.’ X6 has very little patience for the superficial, and to him, Sole is fussing over nothing. They are who they’ve always been - anything else is extraneous. 

NOTE: As a cis person, and someone not 100% informed on all transgender issues, I did my best to answer this ask in a respectful way, while also staying true to the companions’ personalities. Please let me know if I used an incorrect term or said something inappropriate, and I’ll be happy to let you know if I did it on purpose as the character, or if I didn’t intend to offend. Thank you.

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Dakota said “We hate each other and we’re having an affair, so everybody’s right. How about that?” I understand that it's as if we fight, but we also love each other what the problem is ... my question is how you interpret it.?

She pointed the absurdity  of both rumors about her and J going on at the same time. Like ‘’which one is it? make up your mind!’’ She is not confirming anything but she is not denying either. Just that those 2 rumors co existing make absolutely no sense. She was making fun of the situation. Smart reply.