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Could you draw BH and Dr. Flug about to kiss but BH goes all horrific and scares the absolute shit out of Flug? I don't know why I want it but I do!

It isn’t a french kiss until you rip your face open revealing your horrific amount of teeth set in incomprehensibly undulating flesh

in a broken down car next to an unnamed forest
we sang a song that you didn’t know any of the words to
until our voices were hoarse and we just hummed while we grinned
and anyone else would have thought that we were in love
but in truth I hardly knew you nor you I
it was just one of those days that is blanketed in warmth
like a snapshot that you somehow just know
I will always remember this
—  Miriam K

REQUESTED: “Hi, I’m sorry but could you please write something where Credence is lying in bed with reader the morning after sex?“

Warnings: Mentions of sex, mentions of scars

Word Count: 1,068

Credence woke up and just…couldn’t believe it. He could feel you radiating warmth next to him, but he couldn’t bring himself to look at you just yet. Instead, he remained on his back, letting his eyes flutter open to rest on the ceiling as he remembered the events of the previous night—your first time being intimate with one another. He felt a blush creep up his cheeks at the thought of it—of finally feeling ready and looking into your eyes and sharing that moment of This can happen tonight. You had looked so wonderful, and things had just…fallen into place. Credence had felt completely wrapped up in the warmth of your kindness and your love, and suddenly he just…wasn’t afraid anymore. To touch, to be touched, to solidify what he knew was between the both of you already.

And now here he was, the following morning, feeling content and loose in his own body, rested in a way that he didn’t know he could be rested, next to the person he was so deeply in love with. He couldn’t help a small, shy smile from forming on his lips despite you not being awake to see it, but he liked that happiness seemed to find him at any given time now. And he loved that he was happy now, here, next to you. That such a soft and light morning could be a part of his life when before he never would have thought it possible. So he shifted his eyes over to find you, the one who had helped make this life possible for him and who had shown him that happiness was inside him to find and that he could have it any time.

You were on your side, breathing slowly, which accentuated the rise and fall of your chest, with both arms curved neatly under your pillow. You looked younger like this, Credence noticed, and vaguely like an angel with the sunlight filtering across your face and making your edges glow. He wanted to trace the curve of your jaw, but… The thought of waking you was too unpleasant, so he shifted as gently as he could to face you, simply gazing at your features with a kind of child-like awe. He was able to observe you quietly (reverently) for a few minutes before you woke under his steady gaze.

Credence kept smiling as he watched your eyes open slowly, revealing you to be in a kind of groggy haze, but his smile widened bashfully at seeing the contended, lazy grin spreading across your face when you met his eyes sleepily. You brought a hand from under your pillow to find his, tangling your fingers with his at first contact. You couldn’t seem to quite catch your breath right, what with the morning sun framing Credence’s dark head and giving him a hazy halo and with those eyes of his peering at you and just seeing…everything. “Good morning, Credence,” you whispered, voice rasping uneasily in your throat.

You were dazzled by his answering bright smile, so open at this early hour, so free, and felt him squeeze your hand affectionately. You noticed the way his scars peeked out from between the joining of your hands and brought his wrist up to your mouth to place a soft kiss there and along the lines of his hand. “Y/N…” You looked up at the gentle question in his soft voice. “Was that…okay? Last night… What we did? Was that okay?”

He looked so nervous when you looked up to his face, so concerned, but you just grinned widely at him, all teeth and crinkled eyes, stunning Credence momentarily with the brightness of it all, before you spoke. “Yes, Credence. It was so good; we were so good together. I’m so happy that…we did this. Together. That we were good. And that we were both ready.” You knew you were hardly coherent and that your words were stringing together haphazardly, but you had never felt closer to Credence, emotionally or physically, which made you feel vaguely giddy and more than a little elated.

Credence turned a brilliant red at your unabashed praise and curved toward you to rest his forehead on your shoulder. You felt more than heard his breathy “Really?” asked into the slope of your neck.

“Really,” you whispered back breathlessly, pressing a gentle kiss against his temple with a slight turn of your head. You could feel him exhale a shaky breath before he began to pepper his own tentative kisses against your throat. “I love you, Credence.” You weren’t quite sure if you were saying it for yourself, to make this feeling really real, to acknowledge it specifically, or if you were telling Credence, so that he knew the depth of what you felt for him. Either way, the words clung to the air, filling every space between your bodies.

You could feel his lips curl up into a sweet smile, one you could picture in your mind without having to see it at all, after a moment of just letting the words rest between you both. “I love you too, Y/N.”

Credence closed his eyes to feeling—the way your bodies were still naked and pressing together in the morning light, to the brush of your eyelashes fluttering against his hair, to the trail your fingers were making along the raised scars on his back, to the chill against his ear where your breaths touched. The intimacy of this closeness was dizzying to him, and he couldn’t help but cling more tightly to your frame, pressing you impossibly closer and tangling your legs together. “I never want to let this go… I trust you…so much,” Credence couldn’t help the frantic whispers coming from him. He hoped you could hear him clearly.

You must have, though, because you clung tighter to him, drawing his face closer to you with a hand pressed to the back of his neck and your fingers curling in his hair. “You won’t have to, Credence. I trust you too. And you can have me like this, always.”

Credence liked that your voice had begun to sound like the truth and that you were equally afraid to lose him. He knew he wasn’t alone in his affections. He knew he wasn’t alone in his anxieties. He knew he wasn’t alone. And it was nice to really accept that.


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Jughead immediately knew something was wrong as you walked into Pop’s. Your eyes were red making it look like you’ve been crying for hours and you weren’t exactly walking properly.

“[Y/N] are you okay?” Jughead said standing up. You suddenly tripped and he had to rush over and catch you. Did he smell Alcohol? Oh no.
“Have you been drinking?”.

“We broke up” you said and he hardly knew. Things weren’t going well with you and the person you were dating. He assumed you guys must have just broken up.

“You have to get them out of here” Pop said to Jughead motioning to you. Jughead nodded and began to help you out of the diner.

“Come on I’m taking you home. You need some rest”


we were holding hands down a snowy road i hardly recognized. you knew the way to a house i’ve walked to a hundred times. and sleeping in the same bed as any orange haired girl takes me back, cuz i don’t remember any of the nights we fell asleep. i don’t remember if you kissed me. i remember wishing you would.
and i love you so much that it hurts. my heart belongs to the stampede still, the one i was never in but you told me all about it. my favourite song was playing. you sung it to me.
and when you called me late at night, i always knew i should’ve been sleeping. but i never was. i never was. my number’s changed since then. baby, call it one more time. i think i’m still listening for you.
—  the hurricane series - a.m

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"it’s not as if one day you do those things and then you make a few friends and you stop." Can't you say similar things about Killian, though? He wasn't as bad, but let's not pretend he didn't randomly murder innocent people, sell children, etc. Why does he get redemption and not her? Their backstories are incredibly similar in that they had abusive childhoods but were good -> tragic event happens -> murdermurdermurder -> found someone to love -> redemption

The difference with Hook is that for most of his crimes he has had to own up to them. Every time someone from Hook’s past came back he has to own up to what he did, admit that he was the villain, and work to make it right.

Criticism under the cut:

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4.19: Schrodinger’s brother. He’s dead and alive. sort of. At least, until Dean opens his box… er, coffin.

Oh, Adam, we hardly knew ye. Or really didn’t know you at all. Just a ghoul who killed you, ate you, and impersonated you.

Yes, this is a Dabb episode. No, the other two episodes with Adam (5.18 and 5.22) are not.

(I’ve heard people STILL wondering where Adam is, thinking Dabb might bring him back since he was his original character. I think he’s more like Gavin, in that Dabb always intended him to stay dead– He’d been promised a one-way trip to heaven for saying yes to Michael, and I’m pretty sure the second he said yes, that’s exactly where he went. At least, that’s how I’d imagine it if I were Dabb. Which I’m not. But really, there is NOTHING interesting enough about him to bring him back. He was literally a plot device.)

(Dean crawling through the ductwork is always entertaining though.)

Dean spends most of the episode not wanting to let Adam get involved in hunting, hiding the truth in order to protect him. Sam wanted to tell him the truth… in order to protect him and…

SAM: I know what Dean said.
SAM holds the unloaded gun out to ADAM.
SAM: And I know what it’s like to want revenge.

Aah, revenge. Part of the reason Sam’s still gung ho to kill Lilith…

(Yet another instance of Dean storming out in a huff and then working the case on his own, not going and getting drunk– I mean slowly sipping one beer while interviewing a witness isn’t getting drunk)

But really, I can understand why John would keep Adam secret from Sam and Dean, and vice versa.

Thing is, Adam isn’t even Adam here. It’s already too late for Sam and Dean to know him. We get only one episode (5.18) with Actual Adam, and he’s not best pleased to meet his brothers. 

This episode is all about revenge. Sam and Dean show up thinking it’s Adam who wants revenge for the death of his mother, but it turns out it’s a monster who was trying to lure John Winchester to town:

SAM: All right, so, we don’t know what it is, but we do know who it’s going after. Joe Barton, Adam’s mom—
DEAN: And Adam. It was under his truck, just waiting for him.
SAM: It set a trap, and I walked right into it.
DEAN: Doesn’t matter. You’re right—there’s a pattern. Joe Barton was a cop. I’m pretty sure he helped out Dad. So we’ve got him, Dad’s girl, and his son.
SAM: All the people Dad knew in town.
DEAN: At least we know why it’s back.
ADAM: It wants revenge.

But John is dead. It’s too late for the monster to get revenge on HIM, so it falls to Sam and Dean.

(and heck if this isn’t a similar theme to another Dabb episode, 6.13, where the monster similarly tried to lure Sam back to town for revenge… but Sam didn’t remember anything from his time without his soul and so was unable to understand the clues the monster was leaving for him. Like the ghouls were killing people in the town who John had worked with on that original hunt, but John wasn’t alive to notice the pattern and suspect something, so the ghoul had to improvise. Same with the arachne in 6.13, who’d also been presumed dead– by Sam’s hand– but had actually been turned into one of the monsters. Meanwhile more innocent people died, OKAY ENOUGH WITH THE GIANT SPIDERS BECAUSE EWWWWWW)

Meanwhile Sam’s drunk the kool aid HARD here:

SAM: Being a hunter isn’t a job, Adam. It’s life. You’re pre-med. You got a girlfriend, friends?
ADAM nods.
SAM: Not anymore you don’t. If you’re really gonna do this, you can’t have those kinds of connections, ever. They’re weaknesses. You’ll just put those people in danger, get them killed.
DEAN, across the room, looks away.
SAM: That’s the price we pay. You cut ‘em out, and you don’t look back. There’s only one thing you can count on. Family.

Dean pulls Sam aside and accuses Sam of sounding exactly like John, for all the reasons Sam was angry with John for saying the exact same stuff to him– about how they had to be ready for the things that were gonna come after them.

SAM: Dean…all this…it’s not real. The dad Adam knew—he wasn’t real. The things out there in the shadows—they are real. The world is coming to an end. That’s real. Everything else is just part of the crap people tell themselves to get through the day.
DEAN: Dad didn’t have a choice with us, okay? But with Adam, he did. Adam doesn’t have to be cursed.
SAM: He’s a Winchester. He’s already cursed.
DEAN: No. No, whatever’s hunting Adam, I’m gonna find it.

Dean is freaking DETERMINED not to fail on John’s “orders” regarding Adam, the way he feels he did with Sam. John wanted to keep Adam out of it, let him have a “normal life.” By the time he learned the truth, it was too late to keep Dean out of it, but he’d also tried to keep Sam out of it as long as he could. 

But Dean goes back to the mausoleum where the ghouls were holed up and finds out it’s already too late to save Adam, and now he needs to escape from the tomb in order to save Sam…

There’s also a lot of “who’s the real monster” in here. That being a monster isn’t about what you are, but what you do.

SAM: You’re monsters.
ADAM’: You know, you use that word a lot, Sam.
ADAM’: But I don’t think you know what it means.
'KATE’ looks up from drinking Sam’s blood
KATE’: His blood, it tastes different.
ADAM’: Our father was a monster? Why? Because of what he ate? He never hurt anyone, Sam. Living, anyway.
KATE’: No. He was no monster. But the thing that killed him was. A monster named John Winchester.

What is family, who’s the real monster, and revenge:

ADAM’: Revenge—it’s never over, is it, Sam?

And also, as Sam and Dean hold a hunter’s funeral for Adam:

DEAN: Adam was our brother. He died like a hunter. He deserves to go out like one.
SAM: Maybe we can bring him back. Get a hold of Cas, call in a favor.
DEAN: No, Adam’s in a better place.

Despite his conversation with Tessa in 4.15, Dean still believes that’s the truth. (and hey, Cas gets a mention :)

DEAN: You know, I finally get why you and Dad butted heads so much. You two were practically the same person.
SAM looks over.
DEAN: I mean, I worshiped the guy, you know? I dressed like him, I acted like him, I listen to the same music. But you were more like him than I will ever be. And I see that now.
SAM: I’ll take that as a compliment.
DEAN: You take it any way you want.

(Dean didn’t mean it as a compliment, nor not as a compliment. It’s just the truth. Sam’s got that ruthless practicality. It’s just a fact.)

So, ghouls don’t typically bother the living, and yet John had hunted one back in the day, which led to him meeting Adam’s mother.They live in graveyards feasting off the dead. I can’t even imagine why anyone would bother trying to hunt them, unless they started killing the living or otherwise stirred up trouble.

It’s implied that the ghoul John had hunted had merely gotten sloppy, and made its activity known to them, made its grave robberies too obvious to ignore. So enter John Winchester…

And the ghoul’s children wanted revenge for their father’s death, revenge against the monster who killed him… John Winchester had stirred this drive for revenge in them. Much like Crowley’s monster capture/torture plans in s6 stirred the drive for revenge and self defense in the monsters. And much like we’re seeing again in s12 as a result of the BMoL’s genocide plan. They disrupted the balance, violated the unwritten rule that Sam mentioned to the Alpha Vamp in 12.14. Much like the werewolf in 12.16 told Claire.

The monsters largely accepted the balance between them and hunters, letting hunters cull the rogues while largely trying to go through life unnoticed. The sudden unwarranted slaughter of entire GROUPS of monsters is what’s driving the monsters to panic, to act in rash ways that they never would’ve considered before their existence had been threatened.

The vampires organized themselves enough to make an attack on the MoL, and partially succeeded (if Sam hadn’t been there, they absolutely WOULD’VE succeeded).

Because hubris is bad. And the MoL have made themselves into the monsters.

Who I Choose - Fred Weasley Imagine

Requested by @mikeygc3000: Hi so I love your blog could you maybe do one where the reader (a Gryffindor) has had this thing with Draco Malfoy for a long time but he never really asked her out so she started getting close to Fred and Draco finds them kissing in the quittage room and gets really jealous?? 

 "Bye Draco,“ you smiled, pecking him on the cheek. It was the end of dinner and you were heading off to collect your books before meeting him in the library to study. "I’ll see you in a bit." 

 On your way to the common room, none other than Fred Weasley caught up to you. You exchanged warm greetings and then walked in silence for a minute.
"So,” he said awkwardly. “How’re things with you and Draco?”
 "What? Oh, its nothing serious or official. Mainly just a couple of drunken snogs - and a couple of drunken shags come to think of it. But no, really we’re just friends. I don’t think either of us is particularly interested.“

Fred seemed reassured by this.
"If, then, you were to go out with someone else you don’t think he’d mind?” he asked.
“He has no right to mind, I’m not his property and I don’t owe it to him to stay single ‘just in case’ for him,” you replied, sensing where this was going. The conversation fell quiet for a moment before you offered to walk him to Quidditch practice - you were enjoying his company. He smiled widely at your offer and, of course, accepted it. 

 "You know what’s weird?“ you said. Fred threw you a dubious look. "Before this year we hardly knew each other, even though I’ve been to the Burrow two Christmases running and am really close to Ron,” you paused. “I guess its because of Draco isn’t it? Your families are kind of enemies - and fair enough really, Lucius is awful. Narcissa is lovely, but she’s such a pushover so she’s almost as bad as him half the time.” You realised you were rambling. Fred stopped you.
“Listen, it’s ok. You don’t need to justify yourself, you’re allowed to be friends with him - you’re allowed to be whatever you want with him.” He smiled warmly. “The thing is I’m not sure I want to be anything with him anymore. These days he’s different, he’s always so angry. And I know he needs me, and I do care about him but just as a friend and that’s not how he’s been acting.”

By now you had reached the changing rooms for the Gryffindor team, no one else had got there yet, so the two of you decided to wait and talk inside. You sat down and he sat right next to you, close enough that your shoulders brushed. Even though you had said you were going to talk, neither of you seemed able to find the words. So you sat in silence and sneaked glances at one another. 

Eventually Fred spoke.
“You’re sure Draco won’t mind?” he asked. You looked him in the eyes and gave him a hopeful smile, shaking your head.
“It’s none of his business.” Fred smiled nervously and leaned towards you a little, as if asking your permission. Now taking the lead yourself, you gently guided his mouth to yours. You soon smiled into the kiss as you realised the reality of it. Fred’s hands rose to your hair to bring you closer to him if that were possible. 

Outside, someone was approaching.
 "Y/N?“ They called. "Hello?”

It was Draco, having waited for you in the library for ten minutes it had become apparent that you weren’t coming so he had asked around before finding out that you had been seen going to the Quidditch pitch with none other than a Weasley. When you didn’t respond he became yet more suspicious and decided to venture into the changing rooms. 

 Your kiss was torn apart by the door being thrust open. You suppressed a surprised gasp; it was clear that you weren’t the only shocked one though. Draco stood in the doorway, his jaw practically hitting the floor. It took several seconds for him to find his voice. When he finally did speak it was in a slow, cold tone.
 "What are you doing?“ he spat, words like venom. An angry frown rose to your face.
"I’m allowed to do whatever I damn well please Draco, ok?” you said, not particularly caring whether or not it was 'ok’.
 "But I thought-?“ he began.
"You thought that drunk sex meant a commitment? Well guess what, it doesn’t. And what the fuck would I be committing to? The guy I was in love with for two years whilst he was flirting with one of least favourite people in the world. The guy who didn’t talk to me all summer because I was staying with the Weasleys. The guy who I have been over for a year and has suddenly realised I’m here. No thank you Draco. I choose someone who gives a crap.”

Holding Rivers – Chapter 2

Eliza explained it as the Brand, a unique mark that could only be shared with one other person. It would etch itself onto your skin the first time you touched your destined partner. Soulmate, Eliza had said, the person whose life was meant to be intertwined with yours.

AO3 – Link

A/N: RIP canon compliance. We hardly knew you.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this chapter! Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

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Was Yamori supposed to be gay?

While it’s not explicit in the text, there are a couple of hints about Yamori’s preferences. Firstly we are introduced to him with Nico, who is described as an “okama” from even before we meet him. “Okama” is generally used to describe a flamboyant or feminine gay man. It’s not a nice word either, especially how Ayato uses it. When we get to see Nico and Yamori together, Nico is thirsty af

My re-translation of his sexual pun that was missed in the original scanlation adds to how he acts around Yamori. Eventually we find out that he was in love or at least lust with Yamori, and that’s why he hung around him.

How does Yamori treat Nico? Outside of his torture room, quite well it seems. They met at a club (what kind of club??) and there’s this amazing image of Yamori bringing two bottles of (presumably) blood wine.

Then there’s the rooftop omake where Yamori opens up to Nico about missing his mother, and Nico offers to hug him. Yamori declines by saying “I really don’t want that, because your stubble will rub on me,” and it’s not that rude. He doesn’t mind having an openly gay man who is obviously crushing on him around him all the time.

However, when he’s in his torture chamber it’s a different story. He uses Nico as a punching bag so that he won’t accidentally kill his “toy” (Kaneki). Nico seems okay with this and expects it, however. Definitely some kind of weird BDSM thing going on, hmm? But then later when Nico objects to Yamori killing a child in front of it’s mother, he calls Nico “Kama-yarou” like Ayato does, and it’s probably the rudest homophobic slur he could use. 

It’s a theme of the manga and anime that Yamori created a different personality after being tortured, and that “Jason” is the result of the sadistic CCG scientist breaking his mind. When we see Yamori around friends at other times, he seems perfectly nice.

Which brings us to Naki. Naki absolutely loves and adores Yamori, and Yamori cares just as much about him back. Their meeting was detailed in the end card of S2 of the anime. Yamori beats up Naki but doesn’t kill him. Naki immediately asks to become his underling, and the next we see they are dressing alike.

The only other glimpse we see of their relationship was an “Icon Talk” Ishisa-sensei uploaded for Naki’s birthday, where Yamori surprises Naki with a birthday present. Even though Naki says some stupid things, Yamori doesn’t get angry at him. This patient and kind Yamori seems to be who shows up around Naki. No wonder Naki loves him so much.

Another aside, Naki is jealous of Nico and is aware of his relationship with Yamori being sexual. He gets mad when he catches Nico stealing Yamori’s underpants.

Yamori has no reaction to this in the comic, so is he okay with it? Maybe he likes having guys fawning over him? 

After Nico escapes when the Aogiri stronghold is destroyed in the raid, he talks about Yamori with one of the clowns. He said that he thought that Yamori would fill the empty hole inside of him, but instead Yamori kept making holes in his stomach! Ouch. Good thing he heals quickly. The clown says that he was letting himself be used by Yamori, and Nico says that there are only two ways of living - by being beautiful, or for someone beautiful. Well, Yamori was beautiful to him until the whole killing-a-mother-and-child thing, it seems.

Nico does feel some regret later on, that he couldn’t find out if Yamori called a woman’s name in his last moments. He did- his mother’s name. Nico was still jealous even after he was dead. Were they in a sexual relationship? Maybe. If Yamori was gay he was a closet-case. Using Nico on the side, but never committing to anything. “The lonely sadist” as he is called in the TG game.

Oh Yamori, we hardly knew you.

Mendes Series || Conor

Miscellaneous masterpost found here

Conor masterpost found here

Word count - 1,148

Summary - The one based off of Memories (Handwritten Revisited).

Conor POV

I rolled over in bed and rubbed my eyes. (Y/N) was already awake, padding around in our bedroom and humming quietly to herself. “Come back to bed, love,” I mumbled to her. “I want a cuddle.”

“Conor you know I have to go to work,” she sighed back. “Not all of us can be international superstars you know.” I pouted at her, causing her to laugh and place a gentle kiss on my lips. I held her head closer to mine though, holding her in for a longer kiss. Before things could get too heated, she pulled away. “I really have to get ready.”

When (Y/N) left for work, I forced myself out of bed, brushing my teeth and throwing on a t shirt and some joggers. Today was our two year anniversary. I proposed to her a mere three months ago, and we were already counting down the days until our pending wedding date. I sat at the kitchen table with a pen and paper, scribbling down the thoughts that came to my head.

(Y/N) and I were both avid writers. From the moment we started dating, we would always write down our good memories and moments with each other. We kept them sealed away in a jar, only to be opened when we were having a large argument. In the two years we’ve been together, we never opened it. It wasn’t that we didn’t have our casual disagreements, but there was never a fight big enough to warrant the jar being opened.

Today, I was overwhelmed with things to say to her that I couldn’t quite figure out how to say out loud. I was always more eloquent with my written words than my spoken ones. Maybe it was seeing her in just my shirt that only barely covered her bum, or maybe it was the significance of today’s date, but the melody her feet made as she floated around the bedroom this morning only reminded me how madly in love I was with her.


I was seated on the couch with my laptop, editing a funny video that Jack and I had done earlier in the week. The front door opened, meaning (Y/N) had arrived home from work. “Hey darling!” I called out to her. When she didn’t respond, I turned my head and saw her standing in the doorway, tears down her face and her hands in fists at her sides. I stood up immediately. “What’s wrong?” She sniffed and wiped her nose with the back of her hand.

“I ran into Victoria today,” she said. I sighed at the mention of my ex girlfriend.

“I’m sorry,” I tried to sooth her, reaching out and touching her arm. She immediately retracted.

“Don’t touch me,” she breathed out.


“You were engaged?”

I froze, my hand dropped to my side. “You have to understand, we were just young and stupid and foolish,” I stuttered to her. “We didn’t know what we were doing. We thought we knew everything but we hardly knew anything at all.”

“You were engaged and you never told me,” she said back, her teeth gritting. She was crying now. “She said you talked about having children. She said that you bought her a ring and asked for her father’s permission! That doesn’t sound stupid or foolish! That sounds like everything you’ve ever done with me! You kept all of this from me! How am I supposed to know you aren’t keeping other things from me?”

Before I could defend myself, she opened up one of her fists and threw her engagement ring at me. “I can’t marry a man I can’t trust,” she whispered. With tears streaming down her face, she stormed off into our bedroom. I clutched the ring in my hand, tears welling up in my eyes. I followed her into the bedroom where she was shoving clothes into her suitcase.

“(Y/N) will you please listen to me?” I begged. I took the clothes she put in her bag out onto the bed, causing her to snap her head towards me.

“Stop it!” she shouted. “Can’t you understand why I feel this way? I can’t do this, Conor!”

Before she could make any more hasty decisions, I walked over to our closet where a jar sat on a high shelf. Once I held it in my hands, I walked over to her and sat on the floor, opening the jar and spilling its contents onto the ground. The look in my eyes begged her to join me. She sighed and obliged. There were hundreds of scraps of paper inside. Notes from her that I had never seen before, and others from me that her eyes saw for the first time as well. My eyes fell upon the paper I had written today and, before she could pick it up, I grabbed it and handed it to her. Without a word, she opened and read it, her mouth moving silently as she read the words, a habit she often had when reading. I followed along in my head with what she was reading.

Today, we have been together for two years, but somehow, it seems like a lifetime. When I saw you this morning, your face glowing even though it was only 7:00, I wasn’t sure if I could ever love you more than in that moment. I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life waking up to that face and loving you in every moment we share together. We can hang our pictures on the walls and write our story as it continues to unfold before our eyes. God, I hope our kids have your eyes. This time in our life is going to just be old memories soon, and I just want to make sure we embrace every minute with each other and love each other as deeply as we can. I love you so much, darling. No matter what.

(Y/N) was crying now. She put the paper down and stared up at me, her mouth closed, not knowing quite what to say. “Yes, Victoria and I were engaged,” I told her. “And yes, I should’ve told you, but I didn’t because it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care about any girl I dated in my past because my present and the rest of my future is only about you. How I felt about Victoria will never, ever measure up to how I feel about you. Please believe me.” I held the ring back out to her, my whole being pleading for her to take it back. She took a deep breath and took the ring back, slipping it on her finger before flinging herself at me and hugging me tightly. I breathed a sigh of relief and hugged her back.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

If you want proof on how Jade hides things from her friends, look at how Jadesprite behaves alone and around Jade. She’s sobbing uncontrollably, even on the battlefield hours (?) after her initial breakdown when she’s prototyped. And then as soon as Davesprite shows up - in other words, as soon as she knows someone besides herself can see her - she pulls herself together and stops crying. A few panels later, she’s even smiling.

I really doubt that’s solely because his personality is so wonderfully sunny he brings joy to all he encounters. 


Games Played & Replayed in 2013:

Mass Effect (2007)

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We didn’t know him for very long, but he has certainly made a lasting impact on our hearts. We will never think of the starry void above in the same way again.”Kevin” will be greatly missed by all Blue Sky fans. He is survived by his fellow cores Fact, Rick the Adventure Core, and Wheatley. He is Preceded in death by Rage, Morality, Cake, and Curiosity.

Awww this is so sweet! Tragic, yet sweet. ;-)




It Only Takes One Time (Part 40)


Part 39

Warnings: idek read at your own risk

“He’s slept the whole time.” I whispered to Dan as I rubbed Liam’s back. He was still fast asleep and probably wouldn’t wake up until we fully landed and had to get off the plane.

“Yeah,” Dan sighed, turning the page of the book he was reading. “I can take him for a bit if you’d like.” `

“Nah I’m fine. He’s so warm and snuggly and I can’t get enough of it,” I whispered, kissing Liam’s little head. Dan looked over and slightly smiled at Liam.

“To think we almost had another one,” Dan mumbled to himself. I sucked in a sharpe breath. Back at the apartment Dan had basically stated that he wouldn’t press on the subject of my pregnancy scare, but ever since we boarded the plane he’d been taking little jabs.

“Dan, this isn’t the time or the place,” I responded. I turned my head away from him, hoping that I wouldn’t say anything more that would completely ruin the mood. I understood where he was coming from but I wasn’t up for dealing with the grumpiness.

Luckily he didn’t say anything else for the rest of the flight. We simply landed and grabbed our luggage and made our way to the hotel.

Basically we were staying for 5 days in Paris and then heading back home. Our hotel rooms were connected so with a simple knock between us, we had easy access. It was good since we decided Liam would sleep in my room and we would leave the doors unlocked in case of emergency.

“You good now?” Dan asked, setting my luggage down on the floor. I nodded and carefully placed Liam in his crib. I bit my lip and stared back up at Dan.

“Are you still mad at me?” I crossed my arms and slightly pouted up at him. He shoved his hands in his pockets and slowly shook his head.

“I was never mad. I’m just a little shocked that you thought you were pregnant and you couldn’t tell me. You know I would have helped you.” He frowned. “Whether or not it was my child, it would still be Liam’s sibling and I wouldn’t have made you go through that feeling alone.”

“I wasn’t alone. I have Waverly and Gemma and Stella-“

“Y/N,” Dan interrupted. “You know what I mean. Fatherly support.”

 “I wanted to be sure. You have no idea what it’s like to be in that position.”

“I may not know it in your perspective, but I’m a parent, too.” He tilted his head to the side and reached for a bottle of water that was on the counter and taking a long sip.

“It’s not that big of a deal anyways. It would have been the same as when we had Liam. Except I’d be moving out.” That made Dan shoot me a frost glare before quickly shaking it off and opening his door to his room.

“We’ll talk more at dinner. We have loads to discuss so dress nice and I’ll be back in an hour.”

An hour went by and I was dressed up classy but also couldn’t really bother as I had a baby to also clean up and prep. My mission was just to not look like shit and if the restaurant didn’t like it, than they wouldn’t be receiving my end of the cheque.

Dan knocked at my door and with and cleared his throat.

“You ready, Y/N? Can I come in?”

“Yeah,” I sighed, fixing the straps on my dress. He twisted the knob and entered the room. He scanned me for a moment.

“You look nice.” He commented, playing with his hair. He had a new hair cut, so he ran his finger tips passed the shaved sides. He looked handsome, but what was new?

“Thanks. Grab your spawn.” I gestured my head towards Liam’s crib. Dan chuckled and leaned over to pick him up and giving him a kiss. They were both dressed so smartly and it warmed my heart up.

“Let’s get going,”

The restaurant was on the corner of the street that was close to our hotel. There were fairy lights hanging around the restaurant roof which added to the true aesthetic of what was Paris. We got a high chair for Liam as he was finally eligible for one. It wasn’t going to be exactly a smooth dinner since I would have to be on duty for the baby, but I didn’t mind much.

“It’s supposed to rain later tonight.” Dan stated, taking a sip of the beer he ordered.

“We live in England. What’s new?” I grabbed a piece of the bread that was set in front of me and lathered butter on it before taking a generous bite.

“Touché.” He raised an eyebrow. He seemed awkwardly blunt and that was the most notable difference in him. When it came to us two, he always said more than two words.

“You’re angry with me.” I frowned, placing my piece of bread on the plate. “What can I say that’ll make you feel better?”

“I’m not angry, I told you that.” He furrowed his brows and shook his head. “I’m more confused.”


“I was just assuming that… Liam was a surprise but you told me right after you took a test and we hardly knew each other. But this… You know me now. I know you. We-did the deed and we might’ve had another child yet you didn’t tell me. Instead, I have to find out through an email…” His face had turned to look so pale and so different. He was making me feel slightly guilty but I wasn’t up for feeling so heavy with the feeling of  regret.

“You know that…  I was actually relieved because I’m trying to find gravity again after the mess of my last pregnancy. I hate that I fell so deeply in love with a man that’s engaged and chooses to be controlled by his fiancé because he feels bad if otherwise.” I ran my fingers into my hair and slightly pulled at the strands.

Dan looked puzzled for a moment and leaned back in his chair, biting his lip, “you still love me?”

“Don’t be stupid. You know the answer.” I muttered, not bothering to give him anymore eye contact.

The rest of dinner went by awkwardly with slight conversation. We walked around for just a little while until we decided that it would be best to go back and put Liam back to bed. Dan said goodnight to him and helped put him to bed before returning to his room. That left me alone, walking around and getting ready to go to bed.

I changed out of my dress and put on an adorable matching sleep ware piece and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I came back out, I saw Dan standing in the doorway that separated our rooms, looking exasperated.

“What the hell are you doing?” I questioned, putting my hands on my hip. “Liam didn’t wake up.”        Dan abruptly shook his head and walked up towards me.  

“I refuse to feel guilty anymore.” He shook his head and grabbed my cheeks, pulling me close. It took me a few seconds to realize we were once again kissing.

Even though it felt like I was completely insane for going along with this, I didn’t care.

We were finally together.


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Tittle: Party of a Life Time

Pairing: Mikey x Reader

Rating: No

Warning: no

A/n: in answer to Mikey’s question, yes I would love to make out. Also Luke and Ashton are Michael’s knights but are stepping in to help him dress until a replacement can be found. So my inspiration for the big reveal as princess, was from the Titanic. Where Rose is walking down the stairs and Jack sees her for the first time, though your outfit is inspired by Elena’s dress in the Vampire Dairies the one she wears when she goes to meet the Mickelson  family. 

    “Ow!” I gasped, blinking back the tears that were trying to fall. In front of me Crystal chuckled, smirking as she once again poked the eyeliner into my eye. Behind me April pulled my head back, the sudden movement causing the eyeliner to once again poke my eye. The two were suppose to be helping me get ready for the ball tonight but so far only seemed to be causing me pain. They also seemed to be getting some kind of sick pleasure from it.

   “Okay, yeah that’s it. You two get to go now.” Michael growled from the other side of the room. He was getting ready himself, with the help of Luke and Ashton, my two closest friends.

  “We are getting the princess ready.” Crystal said softly, yelping when April slapped her, or tried to. She slapped me more than her friend.

  “Yeah well from here it looks like you are trying to gouge her eye out with a pencil while also trying to pull her out. Your done. Leave. Oh and note my mother will be hearing about this.” Michael snapped, his words causing both girls to pale. Both of them looked to me, begging me to help them, but I choose to stay silent. Not because I didn’t want to but because I was scared that it I opened my mouth I would be sick.

   “That does not look like leaving.” Michael snapped, smirking when the two dropped everything and ran. Once they were gone, he Luke and Ashton rushed to my side. “Crap. Luke can you get me a cold cloth? I want to place it over her eye, maybe that will help. Ashton can you find my mother.”

  “Of course.” Both boys said, pausing just long enough to give me a hug before they ran from the room. The moment we were alone I broke down, throwing myself into Mikey’s arms as I cried.

   “Shh princess it’s going to be okay. I got you now.” He soothed, his hands rubbing my back. I was in pain, lots of it. My eyes stung from being jabbed with eyeliner at least three times, and my scalp was throbbing from the amount of times my hair was yanked backwards. 

   “I got the cold cloth, I got two just in case.” Luke said softly, his blue eyes meeting mine as I gently turned my head towards him, making sure it still rested against Mikey’s chest. “I’m just going to place the wash clothes on your eyes.” He hummed, waiting until I nodded to reach out and place the clothes against my eyes. The moment they hit my eyes I let out a breath of relief. The pain was starting to subside.

  “Michael what happened? Ashton said you wished…. my dear girl what happened to you?” The Queen gasped as she hurried into the room, Ashton following behind her.

   “Crystal and April are what happened. They stabbed her in the eyes with eyeliner and tried to pull her hair in clumps.” Michael answered, his voice shaking with rage. “Mother I want the fired. I don’t care if that means they end up on the streets. They hurt my princess out of jealousy and that can not go unpunished! Heck can we hang them?”

   “I think firing them will do just nicely. No need to kill them.” His mother chuckled, sighing as she gently started to caress my hair. “I am so sorry my darling. The girls assured me they would do as good of a job with you as they do me. I shall take care of this.”

   “Thank you.” I muttered, snuggling closer to Mikey. He chuckled softly as tightened his grip around my waist, pressing a kiss to the top of my head.

   “Your majesty if I may I would like to make a suggestion.” Luke said calmly.


   “The knight you put on the princess’s service, Calum Hood, has a sister named Mali. She is good friends with the princess and a amazing hair stylist.”

  “If I may add my sister Lauren has quite the eye for makeup.” Ashton added.

  “Very well, where are both of these girls working now?”

   “Mali is in the kitchen and Lauren is in laundry.” I muttered.

  “I will send for the immediately and inform that they are now your ladies in waiting.” The queen said softly.

  “Thank you.”

  “You are most welcome.”

  Two hours later I was once again being pampered, only this time I was actually enjoying it. I had forgotten how much I loved these two girls.

  “So you need to make sure this stays a thing because I adore being able to work with you again! And have I told you how freaking happy I am you and Michael have finally gotten together!” Mali giggled from behind me. As she spoke she gently twirled my hair around before pinning it up, moving so softly I could barely feel a thing.

  “Honestly it is about damn time. Everyone could see how much you loved each other.” Lauren sighed as she applied my eye shadow.

   “I hardly thinking everyone knew.” I giggled.

   “Oh no, we knew. How you didn’t figure out he loved you is beyond me. All Ash and I use to hear was ‘Y/n said this today’ and ‘oh did I tell you y/n did this?’ it was cute but annoying.”

   “Yeah and now get to listen to him plan a wedding!” Ashton chuckled, grunting when Mikey playfully slapped him.

  “Will you shut up.” Michael laughed.

  “Anyway, we are finished with hair and makeup so come along. Time to get you in that beautiful dress!” Lauren said happily, smiling widely at me as she brushed some last minute blush to my cheeks.

  “You are about to look like a princess!”

   “She already does!” Michael huffed, scowling at the girls. Both of them rolled their eyes at him playfully and blew him a kiss as they ushered me from the room, Michael’s chuckle echoing out behind us.

   “We saw the dress and let me tell you, you are about to look breath taking!” Mali said happily. “It’s the only reason we decided to get you dressed in a different room. We want to see Michael’s face when you walk into the ball.”

  “I almost want to take a picture to display at your wedding. It would be so cute!” Lauren squealed. I chuckled at them, and just shock my head. With them and Michael by my side I may not make that big of myself.

      “You look stunning.” Mali breathed out as she zipped up my dress. Lauren nodded as she slipped on the soft velvet black gloves, being careful to bunch them up.  “Michael is going to lose it when he sees you.”

   “I hope so. I would hate to have put you through all this for nothing.” I giggled, smiling as I slowly turned around to face the large mirror. The moment I caught my reflection I couldn’t help but gasp. I look like a princess, one that could actually say that. The gown itself was a dark brown with gold. A sheer brown lace like material covered the front, making the gold only just visible under it. The black material had flecks of sparkle thrown in, making it shimmer in the light.

  My hair was pulled to one side, pinned to in place with bobby pins. Mali had curled my hair, making it  fall in lose waves on the side of my neck. I wore a diamond necklace the queen has given me as this morning, a welcome to the family present. The necklace had little strands of diamonds, all a different size. The longest one rested just above my cleavage. Lauren had given me a soft brown and gold eye shadow that glimmered when I blinked.

  “I look.. wow.”

   “You will look all the better when I add the final touch.” Lauren giggled, she winked at me as she hooked on the matching diamond bracelet over top of the soft black glove. “Perfect!”

   “Good, the Queen is ready to introduce her.” Calum said softly as he walked into the room. He was dressed in the Royal Guards uniform. A gold and red suit. His left hand rested on the hilt of his sword, ready to use it should the need arise. “You look stunning. Michael is a lucky man.”

  “Thank you.” I blushed, biting my lip as I made my way towards him.

  “Your welcome.” He chuckled, smirking at me as he held out his hand, waiting for me to place my own gracefully into his. “The way this is going to work is Dave will first announce your engagement, then your name. At that the large doors will open and you will walk to where the stairs start. You’ll stand there for a moment, head held high, a smile on your face until the Queen nods at you. Then you will gently make your way down the stairs. Michael will meet you at the bottom. The whole time I will be behind you. Mali and Lauren will go in through the kitchen doors and meet you at the table.”

  “That is an awful lot.”

  “It’s a big deal. The only prince marrying a non royal? The queen wants to play it up. You are, after all, changing history.”

  “That so does not help with the nerves.”

  “Either way. Eyes bright, shoulders back and smile on.” Cal laughed as he lead me from the room. 

  Michael’s P.o.v


  “When will she be coming?” I asked, moaning as my mother chuckled at me.

   “Soon darling. She is should be arriving at any moment. Why don’t you go stand the base of the stairs. Keep your back to her until I nod.” She instructed, smiling as she leaned over to press a kiss to my temple.

  “Alright.” I said happily, pushing myself back from the table and moving quickly towards the stairs. Once I was in place, I turned my back to them, smiling at Luke and Ashton. “Tell me how she looks.”

 “Will do.” Luke chuckled, nodding at Ashton as he turned his back to me, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword. Luke stood to my side, his position mirroring Ashton’s.

   “Ladies and gentlemen. Lords and Ladies. We have asked you here today to help us celebrate a event that we have all been looking forward to. This evening it is my pleasure to announce that Prince Michael and Y/n Y/L/N are about to married. So with that being said, please welcome Princess to be Y/n Y/L/N.” Dave announced. Instantly the whole room gasped and mutters of how beautiful she looked filled the air. I wanted to turned and see her for myself but forced myself to stay.

  “She looks breath taking man. Truly.” Luke said with a smile.

   “You can turn around now.” Ashton chuckled, turning to give me a smile over his shoulder. I nodded and took a deep steadying breath as I turned around.

  The moment my eyes fell onto her my whole stopped and everything else around me blurred. She was the only thing that mattered. She was beautiful, stunning and mine. This beautiful girl who was moving so slowly and elegantly down the stairs, was my mine. Out of all the men, she chose me to give her too. In that moment I realized how lucky I was. Not because I was a prince, but because I was able to marry her.

  “You look stunning.” I breathed out as she came to a stop in front of me. Slowly I picked up her hand, bending so I could press a kiss to her knuckles. “Please follow me. I said with a smile, keeping her hand in mine as I moved to her side. I held her hand tightly as she started down the rest of the last few steps.

  “Thank you, though I have nothing on you.”

  “Hmm you insane if you believe that.” I chuckled, smiling widely at her as I came to a stop at the large table my family claimed.


   Your P.o.v

   I ended up surprising myself, despite how sure I was that I would make a full of myself I didn’t. I actually acted like a princess. I was feeling confident in myself until Michael told me it was time for us to dance.

  “I don’t know how to!” I hissed, gripping Michael’s forearm as I begged him to stop.

   “I’ll lead. You’ll be fine.” He chuckled, bending down to press a kiss to my lips before he pulled me from my chair.


   “Come on.” He said with a smile, his arm instantly wrapping around my waist as I stood up. It was a good thing that it was, because the moment I stood up, my ankle twisted in my heel and I fell into him. Michael caught me instantly, his arm tightening around my waist. “Easy darling.”

   “Princess!” Cal gasped, pushing Ashton and Luke to the side as he came rushing towards me. “Are you hurt?”

   “No, no I am fine.” I assured him, my cheeks burning from the blush that had spread the moment I tripped.

   “Oh good… watch out!” Calum screamed, pushing Michael and aside just in time. A few seconds later and I would have had an arrow buried deep into my side.

   “Luke go with Calum and assure that Michael and the princess get out of here.” Ashton screamed, pulling Mike and I from the ground.

  “What is going on?” I screamed.

  “No time. You and the royals are under attack. We need to get you to safety.”  Calum screamed, his arm wrapping around my waist as he rushed me towards the kitchen doors. We were half way there when Michael screamed.

   “MUM!” He cried, his voice shaking from fear. I spun around and instantly saw why. His mother was laying on the ground in a pool of blood, an arrow in her chest.

Tadashi’s death in Big Hero 6 had a huge impact on me.

In most family movies (especially Disney movies) when a character dies, the movie carries on from that very quickly and doesn’t delve too deeply into the emotional effects of it. But in Big Hero 6, Tadashi’s death downright stung right through to the end.

Have you seen Frozen? Remember when Elsa’s and Anna’s parents died? Did that leave as big of an impression on you as Tadashi’s death? It didn’t for me. But both events were equally tragic, weren’t they? So why? What was it that made Tadashi’s death so much harder to swallow?

In my opinion (note: opinion) it wasn’t so much Tadashi’s death that did it; it was the very realistic grieving process that Hiro goes through after it happens. That was what made the death of this character– one we hardly knew, mind you– so powerfully heartbreaking.

The pain Hiro was going through felt real to us, the audience, because his behavior, attitudes, expressions, and even his body language all communicated grief very clearly and accurately. It didn’t matter that he was just a character on a screen. All of the important cues were still there. It allowed us to sympathize with Hiro as well as we would with any living, breathing person who has just lost a loved one. We watched Hiro experience every single stage of the grieving process, which lasted through the entire remainder of the movie.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, I don’t know), this made Hiro’s sorrow as painful to watch as it would be to watch someone close to us going through a similar loss. It gave us that helpless “I wish I could fix this” kind of feeling. We suffered right along with Hiro. And it hurt. I was extremely emotional while watching the events after Tadashi’s death, even to the point of feeling a little sick to my stomach.

And I know I’m not the only one.

So congrats, Disney. You killed off a character that had hardly any screen time or character development, and yet you still managed to make it hurt like heck. You succeeded in turning Hiro’s feelings for Tadashi into our own feelings. You have made many of us love Tadashi as deeply as Hiro does, even though we hardly know anything about him. Fictional character or not, Tadashi’s death felt very, very real, and it had an incredible impact.

Good job, Disney. Well done.

…Now find a way to bring Tadashi back in the sequel (no, not really, that would ruin the realism). Even a bunch of flashbacks or something would be nice to see in the sequel. Something to help us get to know Tadashi better. To show that Tadashi remains an important part of Hiro’s life; a part of who he is.

I just can’t handle the massive hole this movie left in my heart for a fictional character that I hardly know anything about. Please give us more Tadashi in the sequel. Please.

There is going to be a sequel, right, Disney? There better be a sequel, or so help me…