we had to wait for the other kids to leave

Eat me out (M)

Words: 1253

Warning: Smut

Taehyung X Reader

Based on this request

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You knew it was wrong. You knew that you shouldn’t be thinking about that, but you couldn’t help. He was such a tease and you weren’t being able to hold it back anymore.

 Kim Taehyung. He was driving you crazy. He was messing with your head.

 No, he was driving you insane, and that tongue and the way he played with it… Urgh!

Yeah, you were friends, but you couldn’t help but have to deal with your other side. The one that was making you realize how hot Taehyung was, and the fact that you shared apartment with him wasn’t helping at all.

All started after you see a video of him. He was licking his lips in that, putting it out of his mouth teasingly. Shit. Thenceforth, you understood all the girls that always fell for him. You understood the whole “thing” people had about his tongue.

You had to feel it.

  However, you were friends. You couldn’t just go there and say “please eat me out”, or “please use your tongue on me”. Despite the fact Taehyung was ALWAYS with some girl in his room, you were not just a girl. You were his friend and it could ruin it.

 All you used to hear was their moans and curses at his eating out. Usually you didn’t care about it but now that you wanted to be the one who was being eaten out, you were getting upset.

“Come on, fool girl, it’s gonna be fun” he insisted.

 He was going to meet with the boys that night and you were invited. He was in your bedroom, complaining, insisting for you to go with him. But sincerely, all you wanted was to avoid him. Your amusement was too hard to hold back and you needed to release.

“No Tae, seriously, just go. I’ll be fine here” you said for the millionth time.

“Fine. See you later” he said, not happy about your final decision but grabbed his jacket and left your bedroom.

Once you heard the front door being opened and closed, you automatically threw yourself onto the bed.

 You let your mind fly, thinking about all the things he could do to you. How his body would feel against yours… Unconsciously, your hands started exploring your own body, your fingers playing with the waistband of your pants as your other hand rubbed your nipples over your shirt, imagining it was his hand. You closed your eyes, lost in the sensation. You started to let out low moans. It didn’t take long for you to be hissing Taehyung’s name louder and louder, not realizing that the front door had been opened again.

“Y/N have you seen my ke-” Taehyung opened your bedroom’s door, not finishing his sentence when he saw the sight of you touching yourself, calling his name. You froze, your eyes snapped open when you heard his voice.

“Oh my…” You tried to say, but all you could do was sat up on the edge of the bed and stare at him. “Taehyung, I…”

“What are you doing?” he said, starting to walk towards you, eyes widened.

“W-hy did you come back? Oh my god I’m so so-” you started saying but were cut off when he sat beside you and placed one finger on your lips, silencing you.

  “I heard you moaning my name” he said. Your face couldn’t be pinker. You couldn’t be more nervous. Shit shit shit.

“I’m sorry, Tae, I didn’t want to-” You said but he placed one finger on your lips again.

“What were you thinking?” he asked. No. I’m not saying. I’m not telling him. I can’t.

He noticed your hesitation and breathed deeply.

“I’m not gonna ask again”. Ok. Here we go.

“W-Well… I, hum… I was wondering, well, your tongue…” you cut yourself off. Fucking hell, Y/N, just say it.

Before you could think he leaned in and placed his lips against yours, licking your bottom lip and sliding his tongue in. Ah… that tongue.

 At first, you couldn’t move. You couldn’t reply or stop him. Your brain was screaming. What is he doing?

 He pulled away.

“You mean this tongue?” he asked, licking his lips. God. You nodded slowly, watching him. “What do you want it to do?”

“I want you to eat me out” you said and the sec the words left your mouth, you looked away from him, embarrassed.

He chuckled and pushed you backwards softly till your back hit the mattress.

 He spread your legs and placed himself between them, kissing you once again. Then, he traveled down to your jawline and neck.

“You know…” he said between wet kisses, “I never thought that you had a kink for my tongue too”

 One of hands were grabbing your thigh, squeezing it.

“If you wanted me to pleasure you, all you had to do was ask. We are friends” he said.

“I-I didn’t know how… and I thought that it would ruin our friendship” you said shyly, watching his ministrations on your body.

 He took off your shirt, smiling when he saw you weren’t wearing a bra.

“Don’t worry baby girl. We are not kids anymore”

 He took one of your nipples in his mouth, circling his tongue on your nipple as his other hands massaged your other breast. Low whimpers were now leaving your mouth.

“Wait, Tae, what about the boys?” you said

“They can wait” he answered simply. He started kissing your belly, stopping when his mouth reached your pants.

  You noticed that he was fully dressed but didn’t have strength to ask him why. Once your clothes were completely off, he pulled away from you to stare at your body. You felt nervous but didn’t cover yourself.

“Fuck, you’re hot. I can’t wait to taste this pretty pussy of yours” he whispered and let his head disappear between your legs. He kissed your inner thighs, avoiding the place you wanted the most. Fuck you were dripping wet already.

“Tae…please” you whimpered

“Please what?”

“Just eat me out already” you begged. He smiled successfully and his tongue finally find your clit. You gasped, his tongue making small circles on your clit as his finger teased your entrance. He gave you a long, deep lick and breathed in heavily.

“Your taste is amazing” he said. Then, he pushed one finger in, pumping it in and out in a slow pace as his tongue was massaging your clit. He stopped, but just to switch positions. His tongue were now at your entrance and his fingers rubbing your clit. He started to fuck you with his tongue, licking your walls. You couldn’t hold that back anymore, moans and curses leaving your mouth as he started rubbing your clit more harshly.

“Are you liking that baby girl? Is that what you expect about my tongue?” he asked against your pussy, his warm breath sending you shivers. Shit, now you had completely understood the other girls. His damn god tongue was amazing.

“Fuck yes, oh my god Tae” you whimpered. You started to feel that thing in your stomach, and it didn’t take long for you to cum on his mouth.

  He ride your orgasm, his tongue moving rougher and rougher.

Once you were done, he cleaned his face and waiter for you to get dressed.

  “I gotta go, baby girl” he said and placed a kiss against your lips.

“When I am back, maybe I can fuck you with another thing” he said before he turned around and left.

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bts reacting to you saying that you love them out of nowhere <3

a/n: i used a best friend type of scenario - essentially you just confess by saying i love you yEAH YOU GET IT 



lil grape is flustered. whaT DID YOU DO

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“so i can call you my jagiya!”

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“wait- oH MY GOD finally. i would’ve confessed first though but i’m glad to hear those words first. i didn’t think you liked me..”

relieved af

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“we can now win the best looking couple in the world.”

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“wait.. what?”

when u leave he’d be extra, bragging about u to the others and dancing around.  for instance he’d probably do this to yoongi tbh

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*smirking* “took you long enough.”

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“y-you must be kidding me..”


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Ok so i work at a movie theater and it’s pretty fucking fun.
We had the premier for 50 shades, Lego batman(also had showings in 3d), and John wick.

John wick and 50 shades are rated-r so of course you have to show your I.D.
I dont care if you’re 18 and the only one with I.D. if the rest of your group doesn’t have ID they can’t buy a ticket. You can only buy one ticket extra not 5 more tickets.

Kids and their parents have no shame in trashing a theater.
I understand if you spill, because it happens but in our biggest theater that had 150+ people in for Lego Batman was trashed. It’s as if the parents gave their kids large popcorn bags and they just went through every row making a trail, and left all of their trash behind. SOMEHOW THEY SNUCK IN COSTCO PIZZA AND WE ALL GOT IN TROUBLE.

Also fuck middle schoolers that were trying to watch rings and asked for a kid ticket, like dumbass you have to be 13+ to watch that movie
Just pay 3 dollars more, I really didn’t want to sell those kids tickets because of how rude they were being about wanting to get a kids ticket (for kids 12 and under) for a movie that’s rated pg-13.

Also in the area that the theater is in has a curfew for people 17 and under.
If you dont have someone 21 (weve let some groups slide with a majority of them being 18 and had IDs/immediate rides home) and over you can’t be out aftwe 10pm. We are across the street from the police station and have a cop checking up every once in a while (there tends to be fights because it’s next to the mall that has a bowling alley with a bar). So we always have them checking up, we usually have extra security on busy days too. Well a bunch of kids were outside. And they were having fun, they were a little loud bit it was ok. it was about 30mins before 10pm so they were still good before the curfew. It was good until these kids were messing around too much and took someone’s phone and they started fighting outside of box office and were hitting the glass. It scared me and another guest trying to buy tickets so I asked them to calm down. A guy from security also asked them to calm down and to be aware that curfew is going to be enforced soon.
They calmed down and left after that but then came back with more people and were being even more loud and started another fight. we asked them to calmed down several times more and they didn’t. And a cop car came up to check and saw that they were still there 5 mins before curfew and started telling they had to leave and if they were waiting for a ride, to settle down because they are disturbing other guests. The kids took this as us being racist because they were poc.
Like bruh we gave several chances to calm down and reminded them of curfew and my manager offered to call their rides. But they still said we were being racist.

This lady also said I was racial profiling her because we asked for her ID when she paid with her card. We check for ID’s if you’re paying with a card and it’s more than $20(it’s crucial that we do this especially at box office), we do this because we’ve had several people try to use stolen credit cards and we want to make sure it’s your card. We want to enforce it more because during the holidays a guy tried using a card to pay for almost $100 worth of stuff and it was an elderly lady who’s credit card he had stolen.

We also check big bills if you give us a bill that’s $50 or $100 we use a marker and the light to make sure it’s real. Again in December a guest came in with a $20 that he had just gotten from the Albertsons down the street from us. The police got involved to make sure he did get it from there and his story was true. It’s not that you made the counterfeit it’s just that you could’ve gotten it from another business without them or you knowing it was a fake.
We just want to do our jobs just being assholes to us damn.

The Perfect Shot

Part Seven - Final

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Pairing: Jughead x reader

Summary: In the aftermath of the car accident, the reader uncovers the truth of what really happened to Jason Blossom (obviously just my theory)

Warnings: slight swearing, little bit of violence

Part One

I sit beside the bed, taking his cold hand in mine. His beanie is gone. He’s almost the same shade of grey as the hospital gown they’ve cloaked him in. I’m tracing my fingers over his pointed knuckles when the door opens behind me.

“He’s okay?” a gruff voice asks.

I turn to FP, nodding. “He was bleeding internally. They operated. He’ll wake up soon.”

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Could you do a scenario of what it would be like if law’s s/o and eustass’s s/o was an amazing chef and they love their s/o cooking and their s/o would tease them and use food a black mail “Cuddle with me” “not right now im busy” “alright then ,I guess I’m not make cake tonight” “come here *cuddles*” requested by briannabrown4878

A/N: I hope you like itttt


You loved to cook. It didn’t matter which kind of dish it was, you simply loved the sight of it and the smile it brought to the faces of your loved ones, when they tasted it. With loved ones, you especially meant your boyfriend Trafalgar Law.

The two of you were together for quite some time now and even though you knew each other very well, there still were a few secrets that were… well… secret. Your love for cooking for example, or better said, your talent for cooking. It never came up in a conversation and you guessed, it wasn’t really important anyways, so why bother telling? And that’s what you did. You never mentioned anything about it, besides that one time.

“And who’s gonna cook for us now?”, Bepo had whined. “We will starve now, right? Either starve or get poisoned!”, he had cried again and flung himself into penguins arms.

Said man had almost lost his balance due to the weight of his crewmate, but caught himself before his face had met the floor. “Calm down, Bepo! Maybe Captain will cook for us?”, he suggested, not really sure about it himself.

“What’s going on, guys?”, you had interrupted the conversation, too curious to stand in the corner any longer.

“Oh, Y/N!”, the bear had screeched and switched from penguins arms into yours. “Dwe dchef dcook is dwick and- and-..”

Confused you had looked over to penguin, your left eyebrow raising shortly after. “What exactly…?”

“The chef has caught a cold and Captain told him he needs to stay in bed and not touch anything in the kitchen- and not touch anything related to you- unless he gets better. ”, he had explained and you let out a quiet sigh. “I mean, we have enough food for a few days left, but we have no one who can really cook them.

I mean, we could try something… but we’ll probably poisen the whole crew afterwards and just die horribly… or we starve to death… horribly.”, he had ended and you felt bepo wailing harder in your arms.

“Relax guys, no one will die. I can cook!”, you had said, letting go of bepo and walked into the kitchen. “Don’t worry, I got you!”

And that’s how it all started. You tried your best to be at the same level as the chef and to be honest, it worked. Everyone loved the dishes you had put down on the table that day, even if it was just something simple, they loved it. It had warmed your heart after you saw that nothing was left and everyone had a satisfied smile on their face.

You couldn’t help but notice that Law had eaten most of it, though. Even the next day you saw your boyfriend eat bowl after bowl and not helping yourself, you started to giggle. He really did like your food, a fact that made you smirk. You could use that information very well.

That evening, after almost everyone went to bed, you quietly walked into Law’s room. All the lights were off, the only source of light the little lamp by his desk, where he sat, a book in his hands and a frown on his face. He did not react to you sneaking in and for a second you thought that, maybe, he might have not heard you.

As quietly as possible you walked over to where he was seated, but before you could reach him, he had stopped you. “What do you think you’re doing?”

You almost slipped, a grip on the shelf next to you, your lifesaver. “God, you scared me.”, you whined, the heart in your chest beating fast.

“You were the one who sneaked into the room.”, without bothering to look up, he changed the page on the book. “Why are you still awake? You need to get at least 8 hours of sleep.”

You opened your mouth, ready to tell him the same, but decided against it. Instead, you walked up to him and slung your arms around his neck. “I want to cuddle.”

“Not now, I will cuddle with you after I’m done with this book.”, he said, not really bothering to wait for your answer, just simply deciding this one.

“Hm, is that so?”, you smirked against his neck. “You know, I actually wanted to make pasta tomorrow… the one you really like, but I don’t think I will… I don’t feel very good.”, you sigh dramatically and loosen your grip on your boyfriend, but a hand on your arm stops you.

“Well, actually, I think I wouldn’t mind you sitting on my lap while I read this book.”, he said. You bite your lip to stop yourself from laughing and walk around the chair he is sitting on, taking a seat on his lap and snuggle your face into the crook of his neck.

Instantly you feel your heart beat faster again and welcome the comfortable warmth that comes from Law’s body. For a few minutes the both of you don’t move, his hands and his head the only things that occasionally move to change the page and to slowly snuggle closer to you.

“Law..”, you mumble sleepily, eyes closed.

“Hm?”, he whispers back. “I thought you were asleep.”

“I want a kiss.”, you whisper back and open your eyes a bit, looking up to his own, only to find them already looking at you.

He hesitates for a few seconds and you think he will decline, so you do the only thing that comes into your mind. “You know, the pudding that I made today…the one you really loved…I think I can do it tomorrow too, but I might need some encouragement, otherwise, I might forget the recipe.”, you bite your lip and look at him, trying your best to look sad.

“I know exactly what you’re doing.”, he whispers, a bit annoyed and a bit amused. “I think you have forgotten who you’re playing with.”

Smiling you look around in the room. “Hm? Sorry, what was that?” He smirks and before either of you can say something, his lips are already pressed against you own. It’s only a short kiss, but still long enough to take your breath away.

“So,”, he whispers against your lips, eyes half closed. “Pudding then?”


Eustass Kid was not someone to play with. That was something everyone knew. You knew that from the first moment and you will probably remember it until your last moment. That red haired idiot was intense, reckless and most of the time angry.

He was a handful, always did things on his own and made you and your crewmates worry about him 24/7. You couldn’t control him, no one really could, and even though he was your captain and your lover, he frustrated you to no end.

“Kid, wait, that makes no sense!”, you had yelled after him, Killer standing right next to you.

“It doesn’t need to make sense, it just needs to work.”, he yelled back from the other side of the room. “They were annoying me; so we will destroy their home. It’s simple.”

You had rolled your eyes, watching the redhead walk towards the door, the masked man following him silently, both of them ready to leave the ship, ready to visit the amateur pirates that had decided to annoy your partner. Honestly, how stupid could they be?

“Seems like I’m not going to cook today, then.”, you had whispered, mostly to yourself, and raised your eyebrows surprised when the two man stopped walking and turned around.

“You’re right.”, the captain spoke again. “It makes no sense, we will just visit, steal some stuff, break a few things and come back to the ship… with dinner… on the ship.”

Confused you raised your hands in the air. “Ugh, you confuse me so much!”, still happy that you somehow got your will though.

And that’s how it really started. You found out that every time you mentioned food, or better said, the food you were making, Eustass kid, the angry, reckless and troublesome Eustass Kid, turned quiet. You had him completely wrapped around your finger, not only him, but the whole crew. The first time you had helped in the kitchen, everyone had complimented the food and even though you knew, you were an alright cook, you never knew it was THAT good. But who are you to complain, right?

Day after day you would blackmail your loved captain with food, always making sure to stay subtle about it. He never noticed anything, or if he did, he ignored it.

You searched for him, a plan already forming in your head and after a few questions to Killer, you found him in his room, talking to one of your crewmates. You stood by the door for a few seconds, not sure if you should come in or stay hidden, but after a while you walked inside.


“Yes, captain!”, and then he walked out, sending you a friendly smile, which you returned happily.

“Hey,”, you greeted the red haired man. “Are you busy?”

“No.”, he answered and briefly checked you out. “At least not for you.”

“You know,” Smiling you walked up to him and stopped right in front of him, trying your best to look innocent. “I really need some new clothes, all of my old ones got destroyed by fights,”, you blinked twice. “or by you.”

“You can buy some as soon as we go on land.. which is in about 2 days. ”, he mumbled, a strong grip on your hips holding you close to him.

“But, there’s this island I saw a few hours ago. If we just change the route a little bit, we can-”

“Absolutely not.”, he let go of you and walked towards his desk, searching for something. “We will definitely not change the route. It will cost us too much time, it doesn’t matter how much clothes you need.”

A sigh left your lips, you knew this was coming. “Alright then. I guess I can’t change it.”, you pouted, but smiled shortly after and went for it. “It’s just so sad, because there’s food missing in the kitchen and I don’t think it will last for two days. At least not for that one bowl of soup you like so much.”

You looked at the floor and sighed again, more dramatic this time. From the corner of your eyes you could see him turn around, watching you for a few seconds before he started to whisper.

“Aren’t you just a little shit?”, then he huffed. “I know exactly what you’re doing. Do you think I’m that easy to play with? Me, Eustass kid? Do you really think, I will change the route, just because of food?”

You raised your eyebrows and crossed your arms, staying silent. You were sure he would fall for it, so sure, but now, you were once again frustrated. For a few seconds neither of you spoke, him glaring at you and you glaring right back.

Then, after a few more seconds, he looked down on his desk, then back up to you. You could practically hear him arguing with himself in his head and after a while, he broke the silence.

“How long did you say will it take to the island?”

You grinned, you just knew it would work.

TalesFromYourServer: Learn to control your children

Obligatory “I’m on mobile” warning. Also this might be kind of lengthy so I apologize.

I used to work at a family restaurant that serves breakfast all day. I was relatively new when this took place. It was a Sunday night, and about an hour before close, this party of 7 gets sat in my section. 2 grandparents, 2 parents, and 3 young kids. I only had one other table in my section, so I was actually happy to have something else to do. I go up to take their drink orders, and the mom says, “The kids are hungry, so we want to order their food now.” No worries! We get that all the time. The kids want pancakes and soda. The table demands the kids’ drinks be in big glasses, not kids cups with lids. Fine. I go put the pancake order in, fill the drinks, and return to the table maybe 3 minutes later. Immediately, the oldest kid (I’d guess he was about 6 or 7) SHOUTS: “Where’s our food??!” I paused for a second, expecting one of the parents to say something. When they didn’t, I smiled and said, “It needs to finish cooking!” He starts pouting and says, “I want it now!” Still nothing from the parents. I tell him, “I will bring it out as soon as it’s done cooking!” I take the adults’ food order. A few of them ordered our 3 course meals which come with soup or salad. I get their soup/salad ready and bring it over to them. When I get to the table, it’s COVERED in soda. The kids had spilled their drinks all over the table, the carpeted floor, and themselves. I set the food down and bring some rags and extra napkins, and some new drinks. They still don’t want kids cups with the lid. Shortly after, I bring the kids their pancakes. By the time the adults’ food is ready, the kids have syrup all over themselves, and the parents had undressed one of the smaller children so he was only in his diaper. The other 2 kids decide this means that they can also take their clothes off and start running up and down the aisles between the booths screaming at the top of their lungs. The parents sat and ate as if nothing was wrong. Being kind of new, I had no idea how to handle this. I went to my supervisor, who basically said there was nothing we could do. Just had to wait until they left. Ok, man. I go to check on my other table and ask if I can get them anything else, and the man says (quite loudly), “Yeah, can you get these people to leave?” No idea how to react - I just laughed awkwardly and apologized. Spoiler: this table tipped like shit because of the party of 7. So the group finishes dinner, and I ask the adults about their dessert for their 3 course meals. The oldest kid wants ice cream. The parents suggest that he can have their ice cream because they don’t want it. No….He wants his own. So they decide ice cream for all the kids is a good idea. We had one option on the kids menu for ice cream: vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and 2 peanut butter cups. The oldest kid throws a fit and shouts about not wanting peanut butter cups. Ok, we can leave off the peanut butter cups. (He didn’t have an allergy or anything…He just didn’t want them). I ring in the ice cream order, and a few minutes later go back to grab it. Our KP lady, who had just had surgery and was working her butt off, accidentally made all the kids’ ice creams with the peanut butter cups. She offered to redo it, but I (very stupidly) told her don’t worry about it. He could just pick the peanut butter cups off. I bring the ice cream out, set it in front of each kid, and the oldest kid screams, “Where’s mine?!” I told him it was the one I’d just sat down, and tried to explain that it was vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce like he wanted. I didn’t bother offering to remake it at this point because honestly I just wanted them gone. He throws a fit, and ends up eating his parents’ ice cream anyway. I should also note that while these kids were not eating or spilling things all over the place, they were relentlessly​ screaming at the top of their lungs. Finally, they leave (with the biggest mess behind them), and the mom goes up to the front to pay. The check is probably $75-$80 for everyone. After she pays, she comes up to me, apologizes for her children, and hands me $7. Granted, it’s not the worst tip I’ve ever received, but still. Less than 10% for dealing with your demon-spawn? No thanks.

TL;DR: three young children spill things, take their clothes off, run around and scream bloody murder.

By: Jumbojimsgrapescotch

Suburbia. LRH.

Words: 6,575
Pairing: Luke/Reader
Rating: NC-17 bc hella smut.
A/N: I got carried the hell away. 

Based on Suburbia by Troye Sivan.

I’ve grown familiar with the ritualistic dullness of suburbia. An endless array of houses, all looking the exact same, partitioned by white picket fences was all I’d ever known. Nobody ever left the familiarity. Anyone born in the area spent their whole lives working boring desk jobs, clad in expensive suits and pencil skirts.

Rich housewives spent summer afternoons gossiping beside the backyard pools with icy margaritas in hand, while watching the sweat drip off their hardworking pool boys. All the while, their businessmen husbands spent their evenings rubbing their filthy hands up the thighs of their secretaries.

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-Colors [Part 8]- (Min yoongi fanfic)

Originally posted by vminv

Genre: Angst/Mafia AU

Warning: A lot of violence! and cursing.

Word count: 4000+

Part1 - Part 7 -  Part 9

                                    -Part 8: The Contrast-


Time goes slow when the pain gets worst.

I could almost hear it. The sound of my aching muscles, throbbing in immense pain inside my body every now and then. They screamed in pain and agony but I didn’t.I stopped screaming after he had kicked me in the stomach for the 7th time.

“Not her face, though I want Yoongi to recognize her later on!”

He had said with a hint of mischief in his voice. The one with the pink hair called ‘Namjoon’, He sat on the table, legs crossed, Enjoying the show.

the tall man who was gripping my hair from the back left my face alone and instead punched my stomach. Then I was on the floor when the man, started attacking me with his foot, Again and again. I rolled on the floor and cried for him to stop while he stomped on me for what seemed like hours, but was barely a minute. An excruciating 1 min.

After some time, I started to feel numb towards the pain. I was thankful for that. The physical pain was slowly going away. I wondered if I was dying. In death they say, you don’t feel pain. You feel nothing. The thought of dying, right now, was more beautiful than anything.

Maybe, if I close my eyes and drift away. Pain is temporary I told myself. I’ll be dead soon. This will all be over. Just a little more. All the pain, all the misery will fade away. Like waves washing away on the seas tide, I would fade away from this hell soon. As I lay on the floor and closed my eyes Yungjae’s face started appearing in front of me. He smiled as if mocking me. I felt jealous. He had it easy. Yoongi made it easy for him.

I was starting to lose consciousness when a voice brought me back. Back to reality, back to pain. Back to hell.

“that’s enough for now!” Namjoon said to the man who stood above me with his one leg dangling over my head. He brought it down, thankfully not on me this time.

I lay on the floor, my cheek grazing the cold hard surface and fingers twitching in pain. I followed his footsteps as he jumped up from the table and walked over to me and kneeled beside me. I didn’t try to look up to see his face. But his hands grabbed the back of my dress and made me sit up straight in a jerk of a motion.

They say Looks are deceptive. I saw it clearly now.
Why were the most beautiful people the ugliest inside?

He smiled a little and with his thumb gently rubbed the blood off my lower lips

. “It hurts doesn’t it?”

Everything hurts. I wanted to say. Why are doing this to me? What did I ever do to you? I wanted to scream and cry. But I stayed quiet.

“You know it’s not your fault or mine, as a matter of fact,” He said while his fingers played with the end of my hair.

He let out a soft sigh and slid a hand under my arm and making me stand up with him.

It was only when I stood up I felt the stabbing pain all over my body. It felt like dying and I almost fell back but Namjoon’s hand held onto my arm tightly. He made me sit on the chair again.

“It’s his fault you know it. He did this to you y/n. Yoongi did this to you”

You did this to me. Yoongi had never laid a hand on me, at least.

“I’ll make him pay for what he did to you,” Namjoon said with both his hands on either side of my chair as he hovered over me.

“Hyung needs to be taught. Don’t you agree y/n?”

I had no intentions of taking sides now or speaking in favor of anyone. They both were equally horrible human beings. So I stayed quiet. Not even trying to make an eye contact. In an instance, His hands flew to the back of my head and grabbed it tightly making me squeal in pain.

“Talk to me when I’m talking to you, y/n! Where are your manners?”

I nodded my head in agreement and his fingers let go of my hair and instead found my face. His knuckles Stroking my cheek and jaw.

“Don’t worry y/n. Once you help me bring Hyung here I’ll take good care of you. I promise.”

I flinched at his touch and a big smirk grew on his face. His other hand finding my knees and as his index finger slowly drew circles on it.

“Let’s just get to work shall we..”


The day was already gone. Jimin came back an hour ago with the news. Wearing a grim look on his face, he had stomped in the room and only said “It’s done” before leaving in a hurry. He didn’t even wait for a reply.

Yoongi sat on his chair, as usual, with his legs crossed one over another and the same damn knife in his hand. The knife he was playing with all the time, like a kid with a new toy.

He played with it so much it was almost frustrating to a point.

Jin hated the fact that Yoongi cared more about a knife than someones life.

“the girl.,” Jin said while closing the file he was reading.

“She’s still at Namjoon’s place”

It had been 2hours since Jimin had dropped you off with Namjoons men. deal was a deal. He was supposed to take the bag, ask some question and let you go. That was it.

So what was taking so long?

“The men we had sent to spy around his place, they have informed us she’s still inside.  She hasn’t left yet.“

“You know Namjoon. He’s probably asking her a bunch of questions about us.” Yoongi said still concentrating on his knife.

“Yoongi, you know Namjoon too. You know he’s fucking crazy so why would you-“

“I won’t risk my men. What do you want me to do Hyung? Send jimin or hoseok there? ”

Sending Jimin or even Hoseok to Namjoons place was next to a suicide mission. Jin was well aware of Namjoon’s hatred for Yoongi’s men.

“What about the girl?”

“What about her?” Yoongi said in a frustrated tone. He was sick of hearing about you.

You, you, you. Day and night Jin was pestering Yoongi about your safety, accusing him of ruining your life. How it would be on him if you died. Even Jimin talked about you too much. It was in the morning  Hoseok had mentioned your name in front of him when Yoongi had warned him if he heard your name ever again he would make sure he would never be able to utter another name.

“What if he doesn’t let her go?”

What if. It wasn’t a question. Yoongi knew Namjoon too well. He won’t ever let you off too easily. But what other choice did he truly have. It was either your life or life of his men?

“I’m tired of hearing her name.. I don’t want to talk about her anymore”
Yoongi placed the Knife back in his pocket and stood up.

“when did you become so cold Yoongi? Why did you even do this to her?”

Why? Honestly, Yoongi didn’t know why he did anything he did to you. Why didn’t he just put a bullet in your head that day he had killed Yungjae? You had seen too much anyways. Why did he put you in a room for a month? He didn’t have an answer to any of those questions and that just made him angrier.

You were nothing but a pain in his ass now. You were and you are now. First, you played with his ego and now you were sending him on a guilt trip.

Yoongi should’ve just killed you that day he had killed Yungjae. That would’ve made things easier.

“I don’t know Hyung. I can’t think straight when I’m hungry. Maybe I’ll tell you after you buy me dinner”

Jin couldn’t possibly argue with yoongi over this. He could only feel sorry for you. Just like that day when He had come to escort you out of the room and you had stood by the window with that look of peace and contempt on your face. As if you had accepted your inevitable fate.  Jin had felt sorry for you back then. You were just a kid to him. You didn’t deserve all this.

Jin stood up and straightened his jacket giving one last dirty look to Yoongi. Yoongi saw it but chose not to react.

And then the phone rang.

Yoongi took out the phone from his coat pocket.


Flashing in bold letter on the screen. He picked it up.


Jin saw how Yoongi’s body tensed up in a second, his grip on the phone got tighter and other hand balled up in a fist.

Something was wrong.

“What is it?” Jin asked looking concerned.

Yoongi removed the phone from his ear; he put it on the loud speaker and almost threw it on the table in front.

Jin waited for the voice on the other end to speak up.

“Hyung!! How long has it been?.” The voice only made Jin scoff a little.

It didn’t take much to recognize that voice. Jin could recognize that voice anywhere. He had spent 10 years of his life with that man behind the speaker. They were brothers once. Once..

“Why did you call Namjoon?”


What was he expecting to get by doing this? Yoongi didn’t give two shits about your life. He would be more than happy to put an end to your worthless life. That’s why he sent you here didn’t he. To get rid of you.  So how would you bring him here?

“Hyung.. I shouldn’t be saying this but I feel absolutely disrespected”

“And I should care because..?” you recognized that dull tiresome voice on the other side. Who else could it be but min Yoongi.

Namjoon bit on his lower lip and held a laugh.

“You haven’t changed a bit Hyung”

“Did you call to have a chit chat and gossip? How about I make a reservation in a restaurant? So we can have a happy reunion”

“that’s a good idea, Maybe someday Hyung. Right now we have more pressing matters to talk about. Like this pretty little gift you sent to me, all wrapped up in pink. You know this isn’t what I asked for”

“You’re wasting my precious time Namjoon. I gave you what you asked for. Don’t get greedy. You know greedy people get nothing”

Namjoon walked towards you now.

“Greedy? How easily you forget Hyung it was your pup who stole my guns. You should be apologetic. But instead, you show me such attitude. It’s unacceptable”

“ah I had forgotten, it’s your old habit to cry over stolen candy. When will you really grow up Joonie? ”

You saw how Namjoons body stiffened up in anger hearing those words.

“Careful Hyung..” he placed his one hand on your Head and gently rubbed it. Like you were a small puppy.

“I still have this little bitch you sent me” with that his fingers curled up in my hair and gripped it tightly moving my head towards the phone he was holding.

I shut my eyes and yelped a little in pain. Loud enough for Yoongi to hear over the phone, I was sure.

“won’t you say something to him y/n. After all… “ he moved my head in circles. “he’s the reason why you’re here.”

Whatever I said he wouldn’t care? If I pleaded and cried he wouldn’t care. So what’s the point?


That was the only word that I could form. It came out like nothing more than a faint whisper and a desperate plea for help. A pathetic sound, nothing more. Why did I even bother?

“She sounds desperate doesn’t she? She is, I tell you. She’s not in a very, how do I say it, good condition right now. “

There was no reply from the other side for some time. You thought Yoongi hung up- both on the phone and your life.

That was until you heard him say “Leave her alone Namjoon. She’s just a kid”

“19 is not a kid Hyung. When we were 19 we had control of half the city. When you were 19 you had already killed about 100 people and wiped out 2 gangs.. 19-year-olds are capable of a lot of things. You know that better than anyone else, especially girls. They mature fast. 19 is the right age for-“

“I don’t care what you do with her.. You’re wasting your time if you think you can use her to lure me there.  It’s actually pretty low of you to use a kid for bait. I didn’t think you could get any worst. But you just proved me wrong Namjoon. You one-upped me this time. It’s an achievement. Hurrah.”

And then his hand was back in my hair. Pulling it tightly. making me stand up. I squeezed my eyes shut and cried out in pain.

“Hear that Hyung. See I’m not playing a game here. I don’t like games anyways. So here’s what we’re gonna do! If you don’t show up to my place in an hour.. This bitch here! I’m going to throw her to the dogs. But First I’m gonna take her myself, then I’m gonna give her to my men! Oh, Hyung? Do you know how many men I have here? 25 exactly and they all would love a fierce little thing like her!  And after she’s used to her full extent I’ll chop her up and throw her to the real dogs. And don’t worry about the dress. I’ll make sure to dry clean it and send it back. With some of her fingers! After all, it would be a waste of such a pretty dress”

He laughed like a maniac and threw me on the floor with the full force.

“So, Hyung. Are you coming? Or should I just take her directly to my room?”

There was an eerie silence on the other side. Now it was up to Yoongi to decide if I live or die. And I guess I already knew the answer.

I found a corner and sat there with my knees pressed to my chest. Shivering not because of cold, but for the first time, because of fear. I was scared. I wasn’t just scared I was terrified. 

“so I guess. You’re not coming. Well, that’s just sad I had-“

I’ll be there..”

What? Did I hear that right? No, it couldn’t be.

For a second, I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I was hearing things. Yoongi couldn’t possibly. I was worthless. Nobody cared. Then why?

“I’ll be there in an hour.”

Even Namjoon looked pleasantly surprised.

With that, he hung up the phone.

“What are really min Yoongi?” Namjoon muttered softly.



That’s all you had said. The only word uttered. After that, Yoongi had only heard yelps and cries.

He still couldn’t believe he agreed? Why did he agree to go there? He knew it was a trap but still.

He threw his phone across the room in anger missing Jin by an inch.

It was rare to see Yoongi in such a fit of rage.

Jin had only seen Yoongi like this once. That was 4 years ago.  Yoongi’s usually cool and calm composure crumbling to pieces was unusual but not something Jin hadn’t already seen.

Yoongi screamed and threw all the files on his table on the floor. Kicking the chair and breaking stuff.

“Yoongi calm down”

Jins word only made him angrier. As he picked up the glass of rum he was drinking, that was on his table and threw it across the room shattering its pieces.

Breathing heavily, he ran his fingers through his green hair.

After about a minute of sulking Yoongi finally calmed down.

“call Taehyung,” He said with his head hanging low which made his hair hide his face.

“Taehyung is out. He said not to-“


Jin was taken aback a little at his loud voice. Yoongi had never talked to Jin in such a tone. Jin couldn’t understand what was happening to him?

He only nodded and left the room.

Yoongi fell back on his chair and exhaled. Leaning back, He placed his one arm on his forehead. He was exhausted now.

He wondered what is wrong with him. Why did he talk to Jin like that? Why was he risking his own life for yours? What is happening to him?

He needed a break. He needed time to think. But he didn’t have any. He said he would be there in 2 hours.

“FUCK!” Yoongi screamed out of frustration.

He tried to calm down and think. But your face was the only thing he could see

“She’s just a kid” hoseok had said the day Yoongi had decided to throw you in that god awful room.

“She’s 19 isn’t she?. How many people you had killed when you were 19 hobi?” Yoongi had replied without any kind of remorse for the girl.

He saw the similarity now.

“How did I turn into Namjoon?” Yoongi asked himself.

One thing Yoongi had told himself again and again, over the years was that he won’t let himself turn into Namjoon. Not him, never him.
To Yoongi, Namjoon was nothing more than an abomination of a human being. Some kind of creature residing inside the flesh of a human being.  He didn’t have a heart or soul. 

Yoongi wasn’t Namjoon yet he had thrown you at his mercy without even a second thought.

When did you turn so cold Yoongi?
She’s just a kid.
You killed her.
You’re a bully.
It’s his fault. He did this to you after all!
You’re a monster.

“Don’t blame me for his death hyung! I didn’t kill him alone. I may have pulled the trigger but you never stopped me from doing it. You killed him too. We both did. No matter how much you try to hide it behind your tears and all that grieving.  You can’t deny the fact that ‘we’ did it. ‘We’ hyung. It has always been ‘we’. you and I have always been together. And You and I, we’re just like each other. “


And then he was on his feet, walking, running towards the door. There was no time to think. No time to comprehend. He had no time. If you died, your blood would be on his hands. He can’t let that happen. Not this time, not again.
“I would rather kill her myself than leave her for Namjoon to devour “Yoongi muttered just before he fled out the door.

-Namjoons Place-

Time was ticking away. Every minute, every second that passed just filled you more and more with that awful feeling of dread.

You sat in a corner, trembling, hugging your knees and biting your nails.
Namjoon was back on his chair, eyes glued to his phone in full concentration.
Your heart was beating so fast you swore it would’ve jumped out of your chest any moment.

You had so many questions in your mind.

What If he Yoongi was lying? What if he’s not coming?

Why is he coming here? Why does he suddenly care?

“What do you think y/n?” Namjoon said with his eyes still stuck on the phone.
“Is he really coming for you?”

I didn’t know. I was just as unsure as he was.

“And here I thought you were absolutely worthless. Turns out you are pretty important to both me and Min Yoongi!”

He laughed before getting up and walking over to you. You would’ve backed up if only it wasn’t for the damn wall.

“It’s gonna be a bit boring till he shows up so how about we start talking. Get to know each other. It’s a great way to pass time”

You looked up to see his face and saw him smiling.

“okay..” You said with a little hesitation. Scared of what he would do if I denied his request.

“that’s the SPIRIT!”

He dragged the chair from behind his desk and brought in front of you and propped himself on it

“Tell me something about you y/n. I wanna know you. There must something in you that you’ve survived this long with Min Yoongi. “

You decided to let it all out. How I ‘survived’, what Yoongi had done. The room and Yungjae. You skipped the part about Jimin. For some reason letting it all out made your head a little lighter. Like a huge boulder was off of your chest.

“I’m intrigued. I knew the moment I had laid my eyes on you that you y/n, you’re different than most girls I’ve met. I gotta give it to you ,you’re brave. You said ‘fuck you’ to Min Yoongi. Even I couldn’t do it”

I wasn’t brave. I was stupid. That’s why I’m here.

He was still smiling like that was the most amusing thing he had ever heard.

“What about you?”

The smile disappeared and his eyebrows shot up.

“Me?” he said with eyes widening in surprise. His had an expression clearly saying ‘This girl’s audacity

“What do you want to know about me y/n?” he said with a big grin. Dimples pocking through both of his cheeks.

Are you dead inside? Or Do you have a hole where your heart is supposed to be?

“everything” you said with a fake plastered smile on your face.

He stared at you with his heavily hooded eyelids. The smirk never leaving his face. He positioned himself so his face was right in front of me.

“Everything?.” He asked and I realized how close his face was getting.
“I’ll tell you everything. Don’t worry. You’re very smart girl y/n. But maybe even a little too smart for your own good”

He backed away and sat straight.

“if we had met in different circumstances I would’ve surely liked you”

You couldn’t say the same about him, though.

I glanced at the clock and saw the time


If Yoongi doesn’t show up, which you doubt he will, you would be at the mercy of this man in front of you.
You were staring at the clock and Namjoon was staring at you staring at the clock.

“Staring at it won’t slow down the time jagi”

‘ Jagi’ word made you cringe to the core. It reminded you of jimin. But when Jimin had said it, it felt like the word actually had a meaning. It meant something. Coming out of Namjoon’s mouth it just sounds like a curse.


you started to bite the skin off with the nails. Drawing a little blood in the process. Your hands were starting to shake and stomach started to churn remembering Namjoon’s words

He’s not coming.

Namjoon looked at his phone than at me

“I guess he’s not coming. It hurts me to say this y/n but-“

And then there was a knock on the door.

A young man, probably in his 20s popped his head in through the door. He looked at Namjoon than at me.

“Yoongi is here hyung! “

Is this really happening?

“huh, why don’t you invite him in. Make sure he’s comfortable. I’ll talk to him in a moment-“Namjoon was dragging his chair back to its place when the young man interrupted

“but hyung ,he’s already in-“

“Out of my way,” you heard a familiar voice through the doorway.

The Young man was pulled back through his collar and the door was pushed OPEN.

He wore an overcoat over his White shirt, and his mint green hair was uncombed. Even when he wasn’t as tall as Namjoon for some reason to you he seemed taller than him.

Your emotions started stirring with one another. You were angry and happy at the same time. There was a feeling of relief and the big question that had been bothering you for so long


why? Why did you feel relieved to see him? He meant nothing to you. How could you forget how much he hated you? And how much you loathed him!
So why were you filled with so many emotions?

“Yoongi,” you said standing up against the wall. You said it so softly but he heard you. His head turned towards you and his expression changed into something you had never seen or thought you would see, on Yoongi’s face for you.


You didn’t know how or why but you were walking towards him.

Stop. You told yourself.

What are you doing?

But you kept walking towards him. Slowly. With your sprained and stomped on ankle. You walked towards him. They were quick, steady step, until the distance between you two became Less and less.

No. Stop y/n .he means nothing to you. You don’t even know if he’s really here for you.

Stop y/n

Words couldn’t describe what you felt when your head was against his chest.the smell of his musky cologne filling your nostrils, he smelled like rum and lavender it was almost comforting, unlike Namjoon who reeked of death.His heart thumping loudly in your ear. you didn’t know why you felt the need to crash into him. Why you felt the need to bury your face in his chest. Why were you crying like a little kid?
For a moment, you forgot what he was? What he had done to you in the past.
Maybe you were just happy to know that now, you’ll be saved. Or maybe it was the fact that somebody came. Somebody came for you. That someone cared. Maybe, you weren’t so worthless after all. Even If it wasn’t the truth you pretended like it was. You pretended like Yoongi cared for you.

And just for a moment, just a mere second, you actually liked Min Yoongi.

Your tears were soaking his white shirt wet. He stood motionless while you clutched his shirt tightly. There wasn’t a return of any kind of emotion from Yoongi’s side. You didn’t expect any. You were just surprised he was letting you cry on him that was until you felt his hand on the back of your head. You flinched a little. You had been grabbed and thrown around so many times that now, you have become hesitant of any kind of physical touch.  But he only gently stroked your head.

He muttered something in your hair.

“Don’t worry. You’re safe now”


Safety, a sense of security was all snatched away from you in an instance. Min Yoongi destroyed everything. Your home, Your life. Everything that you ever had. And now he stood here. Whispering in my ear that I’m safe now. you knew It was a lie.

And Yet you chose to believe him.

“What did you do to her?” he asked removing his hands from my head while I was still stuck to his chest like a baby stuck to its mother’s breast.

Namjoon just laughed.

“Well, this is such a sweet scene. All the lovie dovie. I didn’t know she had a thing for you. Women I tell you! why didn’t you tell me y/n?”

“ I asked you something!’ his voice reverberated through his chest onto my face.
He placed both his hands on my shoulders and moved me aside gently.

“Hyung.. It wasn’t me. You know I don’t hit women.That’s just disgusting. I order my men to do it!”

It only took a second. In a flash of second Yoongi’s knuckles were on Namjoons cheek. He fell back a little because of impact. But got back up on his feet quickly.
“huh, Not bad Hyung.” Namjoon said rubbing the tip of his mouth with the back of his hand and staring at the blood.

He gave Yoongi a sheepish grin and flashed his bloody teeth.

“Now that the courtesies are out of the way

Let’s talk.”

authors note: Hey ho ! I hope you liked this one.Please do tell me your opinion i would love to hear it!(Anon ME! as they say on tumblr, I think that’s what they say) i hope your having a wonderful day ily thankyou for reading :))

Just a Joke

“Hey, Sam, do you wanna come hang out with us?” Sam glanced up from his textbook, to see Michael Shurley and some of his friends stood over him. They were the football jocks, popular kids, and not the kind of people who would want to be friends with Sam. To be fair, Sam didn’t have any friends, but the nerds were more likely to be kinder to him than the jocks. “Sam we aren’t going to hurt you.”

“Dean said I shouldn’t,” Sam replied quietly. His brother had left high school, was working in the mechanics shop down the road. Sam liked to visit him after school and wait with Dean until the end of his work day. When he had left, Dean had been wary of leaving Sam behind with the way he was treated by some of the other kids. Which is why Dean told him not to listen to what the jocks, especially Michael, said.

“C'mon, Sam, Dean isn’t here, is he?” Michael knelt down so he was Sam’s height. There was a tone in his voice, but Sam really couldn’t tell what he meant by it. In all honesty, Sam could never tell what people meant when they said things; too many people spoke with hidden meanings.

Maybe he could trust Michael. Was he really as bad as Dean said he was?

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Newt Imagine #1

Short imagine that I came up with. Not the best one I’ve written but it was just a quick idea that I came up with! Enjoy!

You could feel the blood rushing to your head, as you nauseatingly swung back and forth, hanging by your ankles. You lost count as to how long you had been in this position and was trying to figure out a way to free yourself. But alas, you couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t result in you falling and most likely dying. So you just hung there, arms folded across your chest and a scowl on your face, your Y/H/L, Y/H/C draping around the back of your neck.

“So, hermana, it appears we have some more guests joining us.” Jorge, the leader of the group of cranks that had put you in this position, informed you with a dark, sinister chuckle. You didn’t give him the satisfaction of a response. “More kids from WICKED.” He added which snapped your attention. “Wait, more of them escaped?” You asked, and immediately regretted doing so as it earnt another chuckle from the lead crank. Damn your curiosity.

“My, my, aren’t we eager? Don’t worry, hermana. You’ll be – what do you kids call it? Hanging out together soon enough.” With that he left, leaving you rather more red faced than you were to begin with.



Eventually, the cranks had got a group of boys and a girl hanging with you. Unfortunately, you couldn’t see who they were, as your rope had twisted, turning you to face in the other direction. Jorge had given them a little speech before skulking off once more. The silence was then broken with them formulating a plan to escape. You couldn’t help but comment on it, knowing fully well that it wouldn’t work. “Tried that, shanks. Trust me, you’d better come up with some other shucking plan.”


To say that you were shocked was an understatement. It couldn’t be them, but then again there was no mistaking that voice. “Newt?! What the shuck are you doing here?!” You tried to spin yourself around, but wound up making it worse for yourself. Suddenly you felt a pair of hands on your waist, the owner of the hands spun you back around. When they stopped, Y/E/C met chocolate brown.

“We thought you were dead!” Newt exclaimed, his hands still resting on your waist. “They took me out the maze! I can’t remember how but one minute I was running, the next I was in one of the rooms back at that base.” You explained to him. “Well I’ve been shucked and gone to heaven!” You heard another voice shout, one that could only belong to Minho. You smiled brightly when you saw Frypan as well. However, there were three others, the girl and another two boys. You didn’t think it was time for formalities, so you gave them an idea. “Hey, Minho! Do you think you could push her over towards the lever?”  And thus begun you escape.



After a long and arduous escape and being reunited with old and new friends, you all made it to the Right Arm. You’d gotten fairly beaten up along the way, gashes and bruises her and there, but nothing fatal. Two girls from another maze and who were with the Right Arm showed you to a tent where you could treat you cuts before they got infected.

As you started to apply the antibacterial liquid to a gash above your eyebrow, the tent’s flap opened. Newt stood there watching you with a fond smile on his face. He really had thought he’d lost you all that time ago, and now here you were standing and breathing. Both of you had a mutual attraction to one another but you never had addressed any feelings back in the Glade. There wasn’t time. But Newt was adamant that he wasn’t going to miss his chance this time.

“How’re you holding up?” He asked, casually moving further into the tent, closer to you. You stopped applying the stinging liquid and looked towards him. He too looked beat up and like yourself, had a cut above his eye. “Better now that we’re here.” You replied softly, putting down the cloth. Beckoning him over with one hand, you got a fresh piece of cloth with the other. “You’ve got a cut. Right there.” You pointed to it when he stood in front of you.

Carefully, you splashed a little of the antiseptic to the cloth and dabbed it on the cut. Newt wasn’t paying attention to the stinging sensation on his skin, but to your lips that were so close to his own. Your breath fanned against his face, as did his to yours. Your eyes focused and concentrated on the task at hand, but fleetingly glanced away to see Newt staring intently at you. Heat rose to your cheeks which made a smile dance across his lips.

The cut was long forgotten, as was where you both were, what had happened to you and what was to come. All that mattered was how close you both were at that very moment. So close in fact that if you just stood on your toes you could press your lips to his.

Although, what was in your mind became reality. In a split second, Newt had closed the distance between you, firmly pressing his warm, dry lips to yours. Eyes fluttering closed, the cloth falling to the floor, you kissed back with as much passion as you could muster. Your arms wound around his neck, fingers playing with the ends of his hair at the nape of his neck, his hands grasping your waist slid down to your hips, pulling you even closer.

Nothing else mattered in that moment. All it was, were the two of you in that embrace. And that’s all it needed to be.

Because who knew when you would both get chance again?  

Request: Lost and Forgotten Part One

Request:  Can you write an imagine that takes place in the scorch (the book) and its when Brenda and Thomas are separate from the group. The others are trying to find them but Jorge decides they need help to do that. So he goes to the reader who also lives in the city and knows every little corner of it better then anyone. She is an immune who used to work for WCKED but escaped because she thought what they did was wrong. She used to know all the gladers and seeing them, especially Newt brings back a lot of memories. She is a badass, a trained assassin. She used to be a soldier for WCKED. She knows they don’t remember her so she doesn’t say anything, but Newt still feels a strong connection to her. Will she tell them the truth? Will Newt find out about his past? And how will they get Thomas and Brenda back?

AN: So this was such an awesome request and it took me a lot longer to write because I wanted it to be really good! It ended up being much longer than I had anticipated so I will be making it into a two part story! I also did not have the book accessible when writing so I tried to incorporate some parts of it into it but it is more or less based off of the movie. Sorry it took me so long! I hope you enjoy part one and part two will be posted tomorrow! Love you all!

Part two  Part three  Part four  Part five

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“Can’t We Have Our Own?”

“Are you nervous?” Aaron says opening your car door for you.
“Aaron, it’s just Greyson. We’re around him all the time. What’s there to be nervous about?” you ask Aaron as he closes your door & gets in the car.
“It’s our first time having him alone. Just me, you and the kid”
“He’s not ‘the kid’ babe, it’s Greyson. Candice wouldn’t ask us to watch him if she didn’t think we could handle it.”
“You’re right. You’re gonna be Auntie tonight babygirl”
“I’m pretty sure he’s gonna call me by my name….like he does every time I see him.”
“I can break that habit. He’s gonna have to call you Auntie soon. I’m liking what I have so I gotta put a ring on it”
“If that’s the case, go put a ring on Cameron” you say laughing.
“Haha very funny, but Cameron can’t…”
“Don’t you dare finish that sentence Carpenter”
“I was gonna say make me laugh like you but geez, if you were thinking that way let it out baby” he says raising a brow.
You roll your eyes and turn the radio on listening to music and singing the rest of the way there.

You pull into Candice’s drive way to her apartment and get out of the car.
Aaron grabs your hand and walks you up to her door when he let’s go to knock.
Candice opens the door and Greyson runs out wrapping his arms around the bottom of Aaron’s legs.
“Uncle Aaron!”
You smiled to yourself and hugged Candice as you walked in to get Greyson’s overnight bag.
“Thank you guys so much for watching him. It really means a lot” Candice says as she hands you the bag.
“Don’t even thank us! We love the little booger” you say as you look over at him playing with Aaron.
“Greyson, why don’t you give mommy a hug? You’re coming with me & uncle Aaron tonight”
He runs over to Candice and they say their goodbyes. They hug and she kisses him on the cheek and he runs over to you and Aaron.
You pick him up and walk out the door closing it behind you.
“Hmmmm, what should we do? Greyson do you want ice cream?” Aaron asks as we walk down the steps and out to the car.
“Yummy!” he says taking his pacifier out of his mouth.
“I’ll take that as a yes” you say giggling and buckling him into his car seat.
You and Aaron get in the car and you sit in the back so you can play with Greyson.
Aaron starts driving to Cold Stone Creamery and you start tickling him making him giggle.
“I see you up there Smiling uncle Aaron, what’s good? ” you say laughing at yourself.
“You are going to be such a good mom” he says pulling into the parking lot.
“Don’t get soft on me big guy” you say unbuckling your seatbelt.

You unbuckle and get Greyson out the car and let him walk holding your hand.
Aaron walks next to him grabbing his other hand and you guys run and swing him in the air high enough to get him over the curb.
His face lights up when his feet fly in the air and gently back on the ground before opening the door to the ice cream shop.
“What kind do you want buddy?” Aaron asks picking him up so he can see the flavors through the glass.
“Cookies!” he said pointing to the cookies and cream ice cream.
You guys all order and sit at a table where you eat and talk about the plans for the rest if the night.
As you throw your trash away, Aaron cleans up the mess left over on his nephew’s face.
“How did you manage to get ice cream in your hair? You gotta tech me that trick” he says as Greyson giggles.
You all get back in the car and drive home.
You snapchat with Greyson and let Candice know you guys are having fun.
When you get in the house Greyson goes for toys we got him for Christmas and instantly starts playing with them.
You and Aaron lay on the floor playing with him for what seems like hours as you start to notice him rubbing his eyes.
“Babe, I think someone is tired”
“I think you’re right. Do we know where he’s gonna sleep? He can’t sleep in the guest room, he’ll be scared”
“He’s sleeping with us. We can make a fort. Gives us a reason to build one. He would love it!” you say giving Aaron the pouty face.
“I guess you’re right. Hey Greyson, you wanna build a fort and watch TV with me?”
He smiles and drags over a pillow to help you get started.

Once the fort was made, you brought down pillows and blankets for everyone.
You turn the TV on and put on Mickey Mouse and make Greyson a sippy before you climb into the fort that both of you were pretty proud of.
“This isn’t too shabby. You are a real Carpenter.”
“You’re so funny, like I haven’t heard that before.” he says fake laughing.
You lay down with Greyson in the middle of you guys and cuddle up as he began to fall asleep.
You move his cup out of his hand and put it on the floor outside your fort.
You play with his hair and cuddled him as he held your hand in his sleep.
You notice Aaron smiling out if the corner of your eye so you look over and smile back.
“You’re so beautiful, how did I get so lucky?” he asks staring at you like it was the first time he saw you.
“Thank you babe but I think I’m the lucky one here” you say carefully reaching over Greyson to kiss him.
“You’re so good with Greyson, I can’t help but think what an amazing mom you’ll be.”
“Does someone have baby fever?”
“No, I mean…maybe” He stumbles to get out.
“Can’t we just have our own?” he says looking down at his nephew.
“We would make pretty cute kids…but we should wait a while.”
“I guess you’re right, but can we babysit more often? ”
“As much as you want babe
You kiss each other goodnight and fall asleep.

The next morning you wake up, get Greyson ready and you, Aaron, Greyson and Candice all go out for breakfast as you tell her the adventures you had babysitting.

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“A+ Students”

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Request: Hiiiii. I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader and Stiles are sneaking into a teacher’s classroom or something to get papers or something but the teacher or whoever comes and they have to hide and somehow kiss? Idk. And also your blog rules! 😘😊

A/N: Hey guys! I’m working on the final chapter of Best Friend’s Cousin and it’s a long one! So I’ll post this imagine to keep you occupied with my blog while I’m working on the other one. I’ve been really busy lately and have been pretty sick. Also I got a little carried away with this one so it’s going to be two parts :) hope you like it!

I needed to ace this test and so did Stiles. Our averages were both sitting at an 84. 4 and we needed to get at least a 84.5 to round up to an 85 to get honor roll. If we didn’t get honor roll then we got our free periods taken away until we got honor roll again, I know, strict rules. Stiles and I were going around to our various and nearly begging on our knees for extra credit, but they all refused and called us irresponsible for waiting until the last minute, ugh. After going around all 4th period, 5th came around. We had econ together with Coach Finstock, and we knew he would not give desperate extra credit out. We took our seats sulking that our grades were going to go in as 84s and no free periods for us, stuck in study halls with freshmen. Until coach said,

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‘She could be anywhere by now y/n! We don’t even know where this party is!’ Your husband continues to yell through the house after finding your daughter’s room empty. You had fought with her earlier about going to ‘the biggest party in school’, telling her that there was no way she would be attending. And when Ashton arrived home, he only backed you up, leaving your teenager in tears with a final ‘I hate you both!’ ringing in your ears as she shrieked the hurtful words from her bedroom. 

While many had thought Ashton to be a father who would be wrapped around their children’s finger, your kids were still punished and yelled at. He was no monster-parent, but it was more than easy for him to come down on the kids like a tonne of bricks and even you hadn’t seen that side of him coming, within the 20 years you’d known him.

And so, with your daughter being nearly as stubborn and rebellious as her father, she left her room through the window in the past 5 hours without telling you, to go the forbidden party. Now, at 2am, Ashton was still up and waiting for her to come home. You had put your other kids to sleep no problem, with the twins in their own rooms and your baby boy sleeping all through the night now. But your eldest daughter, she was the one causing your husband’s hair to grey. 

‘And how dare she think she can leave when she pleases! Honestly when she comes home she’s going to get-’

‘Ash I just want my baby safe. We can yell at her later but please go easy on her.’ You plead as you make your way onto the sofa, resting yourself but still worrying over your girl. 

She makes it home just after 3. The rain has been pouring down and you know when she knocks on that door that Ashton is going to lecture her, tell her that if she’s wet or cold that she deserves it, that if she got lost then she shouldn’t have left in the first place. But she doesn’t come back alone. 

Wearing a bandage on her head with a dark spot of blood underneath, she reaches the door and CJ Hood is left to explain how she was tackled by some girls on the way to the party, and had spent the rest of the time in A&E with a powerless phone with him. Ashton doesn’t speak a word. You thank CJ, he leaves, and you both prepare for your husband’s anger to overcome him. She can’t even speak because she’s still shook up about the girls chasing her, calling her names, and pushing her to the floor.

So he speaks first.

I’m so glad you’re home

thank u to whoever requested this!! I have completely forgotten to mention you!! it was so great!

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Just One More Night


Fandom: Achievement Hunter/ FNAF?

Parings: None

Words: 1164

Summary: I needed more traumatized nerds in the Clusterfuck AU. I couldn’t help myself. So FNAF. I spent at least an hour on this and I have a lot of homework save me. God I haven’t written anything in months so I’m a bit rusty.



Michael knew they were goners as soon as he stepped foot into his and Gavin’s shared office. The tiny fan whirred softly, and the tablet was placed on the desk, glowing softly.

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Rucas #3 #9 #13 I love reading your fanfics 💕

A/N: I hope this is alright! :) sdfkjng so sorry for getting to this so late! && thank you so much! I hope you continue reading them!
Prompts: “I’m not jealous.” “Don’t ask me that.” “I could kiss you right now!”


“I’m not jealous,” Lucas hisses for the fourth time, throwing a pointed look at Zay for emphasis considering the male couldn’t stop insisting he was.

Zay smirks, “I’ve been your best friend since we were kids– Are you really gonna try and tell me that you haven’t wanted to beat that guy into a pulp?” He points towards the dance floor where Riley’s dancing with one of their Frat brothers. Of course their style of dancing had changed since middle school so it was safe to say whenever the male put his hands on Riley or pulled her close to him, Lucas had to do his best not to march over there and pull them apart.

But he couldn’t. Because it’s not like he had any claim on her– ever since their friends with benefits situation began since the beginning of freshman year of college, the lines between what is platonic and what isn’t had blurred indefinitely.

Rather than responding, he takes a swig of his beer, drinking the rest of it before letting a sigh escape his lips. “Shouldn’t you be busy with Vanessa or something?”

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‘‘Finding A New Places ‘‘

So today in the morning was going to visit my bbg in her classes when over to her room n was waiting for her for sever hours she come in and tell me she has to do some homework so she had to leave im like alright mija have fun and behave she told me yeah mami, so i was bout to leave then this sexy thick  girl came over to visit her kid in the collage but i told her wat was going on so she told me thanks and well we started out chating meeting each other laugh n holding each other having a good time u know just to get to know each other so we when back to a room, and got naked , grab her by the waist n sarte kissing each other sharing are saliva as i got down n spread her legs n started eating that pussi of hers as i was grabing her tits squeezin them as she moaning swirling my tung as i flicker inside her making her moan n bite her lips as i spread her pussi lips in 2 n slide my tung inside her making her moan n holding my head as she pull my hair up trying to look at me as i keep moving my tung around n around as i lift her ass n thrust my tung inside her asshole as i slap her phat ass n keep fucking her making her take more my tung action deeper n faster without stopping as i got up n took of my pants as she gasp infront of my cock n started sucking on it making it  hers she swallow n gag on it leaving full saliva making me moan lovng the way she took her warm mouth n taste every inch n length of my cock inside her mouth n throat as i grab her head as she was like a bob head , taking every inch inside, grab her n pick her up made her ride this cock upp n down without stopping making her scream n moan as i was streaching her walls  as i grab her breast n squeezing  them n fondled them  as i put my hand down reaching her pussi lips n rubbing them making her crazy screaming as i put my hand around her mouth making her be quiet cuz we were at school property o3o as i pick her up n push her against the dresser  n lifter bit n spread those legs as i started rubbin my cock btw her pussi lips as she put her legs across me n her arms as well n whisper on my ear ‘‘fuck me im so horny asf ‘‘ grab my cock n stuff her nice n rought making tha pussi fucking clap as sehe was moaning n screaming put tape over her mouth so she wouldn’t scream so load grabing her hips as i keep pounding her nonstop making her hold on against the dresser , as i keep drilling deeper without stopping making tha pussi cream all over my cok with ever thrust n throbbing my hard cock had, making her slide back n foward as i watch them tits bounce like crazy nonstop as i grab them with my teeth n pulling them making her scream like crazy swirling n flickering my tung making her even crazier as i keep doing my thing all over her body, as i grab her n throw her on the bed, spread her legs n started fucking her asshole making her scream not my tight lil asshole making her moan n loving every inch of my cock going inside her making me thrust n fuck her agressive asf making tha ass clap as my balls slap against her wet sloppy pussi lips lifting myself a bit n fucking her faster as a vicious animal rape her asshole as i took turn fucking her both holes thrusting n drilling deep inside her making her scream even load as i explode inside her making her stomach expand with every drop of my warm thick load inside her g-spot we both collaps in the bed we both sleep throat the hold day next thing we found out he’s son friend come in…to be continue o3o bum bumm bummm!!!   @blackiceenterprises @digitalplaygroundproductions

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Joseb; Zombie Apocalypse AU

“This bite is three weeks old, I swear!” Leslie stared him down defiantly, the boy a smudge of white against their derelict surroundings.

“Bullshit. It’s fresh, and we’ve been played.” Sebastian growled, cocking his gun and pointing it at him. “Never pegged Kidman down as the swindling type, but if she thinks she can send an Infected to kill us, she’s got another thing coming.”

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Another reason why I hate the SATs

For our non-American friends, the SATs are these bullshit exams you need to take in order to be even considered for most colleges in the U.S. So, taking them and scoring well on them is a huge frikkin’ deal.

The first time I took the SAT, I had to wake up at some ungodly hour and was driven to this damn school in God-knows-where to take a four-hour exam. So I’m already not in a good mood.

The Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT were always my least favorite parts (another reason why I think it is bullshit, why do you need basically two English sections out of three total sections? Wtf? If someone sucks at English, such as myself, it makes me look like I’m not a good student when I literally excel at everything else). So I literally panic every time those sections come up.

At the exam site, the proctors are these two white guys.

So I get to one of those sections, and I try writing on and underlining the passage, when one of the proctors comes up to me and says I can’t write in the test booklet. Are you fucking serious? I have been taking practice tests for almost a year now, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO WRITE IN THE TEST BOOKLET. So, I panic even more. How am I suppose to answer the questions without any notes? Or underlining? Or circling? Or using any of the skills I was taught. So, I freak out, and I KNOW I am not gonna score well on 2/3 of the test.

Whoop dee frikkin’ woo, this same asshole proctor comes to me later during the test after several sections saying “Oops, apparently you can write in the booklet.” By then, my brain is all frazzled and I already had a mental breakdown, and most of the test is already done. So, it was fucking useless.

What confused me was that I was pretty sure he saw a lot of other kids (the students taking the test at this school were predominately white) writing in the test booklet. So I wondered, “How come he didn’t approach anyone else?” But, I didn’t think too much of it because I was freaking out. 

A few hours later, we had a bathroom break. I got up to go to the door, when the same asshole proctor said “Guys wait, listen to me before you go.” So, I stop. Guess what happens several seconds after I CLEARLY AND OBVIOUSLY stopped. The other damn proctor grabs me and says “WAIT!” He grabbed on to my sweater and would not let go while the other proctor was giving his announcement. It’s not like I was still walking and leaving after the guy said he needed to make an announcement. I stopped, and this other proctor grabs me like I was a kid. He clenched on to my sweater and balled it up like I was two years old or like I was a damn animal. Wtf? Is everything a petting zoo for you? Is everything and everyone up for grabs? 

What bothers me a lot too is the fact that a girl that came and took the test with me saw what happened and she said she was soooooo jealous that he held on to me because he was hot (to me, he honestly looked like a bleached ghost with bad hygiene but w/e). Wtf?

I just hate how I get treated sometimes. 

-Mod R

He Ask For A Divorce

Liam:   I was helping my son Taylor finish his homework “Mom why hasn’t dad been home this week” he ask randomly “He has been busy with your uncles” i smiled as i heard my baby girl cry next door “I’m going to check on your sister are you good here”“yeah” i kissed the top of his head and went to check on the baby. I feed her and brought her down with me when i heard the front door open “Hey babe you hungry i made dinner” i put our daughter down in her chair “We need to talk” “Sure let me serve you some food”“Just sit y/n” he sighed “Okay” i sat in front of him. “Liam tell me your worrying me” i grabbed his hand “Y/n this isn’t easy”“Liam just tell me I’m here for you” he looked at me and then looked down “I want a Divorce” “WHAT”“Don’t make me repeat it y/n I just don’t feel anything their for us”“I can’t believe you how long have you felt this way”“For sometime now” i picked up Ally(Daughter) “Did you not love me when we had her” he remained quiet.“I want you out of here You can do what you want but don’t come back” Taylor walked in “Mom why are you crying”“Nothing babe C'mon how about we go watch a movie in mommy’s room” i wiped my tears “Okay are you coming dad”“He has to go baby now let’s go" 


Niall:   Niall & I have been married for 4 years and i just felt so distant. Now i sat here waiting for him to come home.I called him but nothing. Niall has been like this since we can’t have a baby but I have been feeling sick. I saw the rain get stronger when i saw a car pull up "Niall” he came in “Niall where have you been i have been worried sick”“Y/n i had to clear my head okay”“What did you have to clear your head for”“I think we need to separate” “WHAT”“Y/n i don’t feel it anymore”“Niall you can’t be serious”“I shouldn’t have came back i’m leaving” he walked out. I grabbed my keys and ran out in front of him “But Why? I need to know why”“No you don’t go back inside”“It’s because i can’t a kid right & i am not going back in their you stay i will get my stuff another time”“no y/n i’m l-”“I don’t want to be in a big house alone I will get a lawyer for you can send the papers we won’t ever see each other again after this day” i ran to my car & drove.


Harry:   Today I had to confront Harry about sneaking away at Night & leaving all day alone with the kids. I took the kids to my parents house so Harry & I can be alone.“Harry we need to talk before you leave” he was half way out the door “Y/n can this wait i am kinda b-”“NO HARRY YOU & I HAVE TO TALK NOW COME AND SIT DOWN” i yelled at him. He looked surprise but sat down “Harry you don’t think i notice you sneak out at night & how you are hardly hear what is up Harry” he played with his wedding ring “Look Harry you have to tell me what’s up I’m your wife”“that’s why i can’t tell you?” he got up “WHAT IS IT HARRY SPIT IT OUT”“I WANT A DIVORCE” he yelled in my face making me sit down.“You want a divorce”“i found someone Y/n”“How long”“a couple months” i took of my ring “Keep it” “Why would i want to keep this” i slammed it down on the table “Our lawyers will talk I will send someone for My & the kids things for your girl to move in”“y/n you don’-”“No harry I really do i hope this makes your life easier” i ran out and called my sister.“I lost him" 

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Louis:   Louis & I decided to attended Harry’s BBQ. We have been avoiding each other all night well i tried to go to him but he just ignored me."Is something up with Louis & You” Perrie asked “I don’t know he just been weird these few weeks”“You should go talk to him” i walked up to him when he got a drink.“Can we talk” i asked he nodded & followed me out to the front on the steps.“What’s is wrong Louis? Do you hate me?”“I can’t ever hate you”‘then what is it" “I’ve been thinking” “what have you been think about Louis We used to be best friends”“I think we should go back to that” “What do you mean?”'i think we should get a divorce"“Why?”“I just don’t feel it”“We can fix it”“We can’t” he got up and went back inside. Perrie came out “What happen”“Something has changed”“What?”“I’m single again" 

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Zayn:   I woke up to Zayn leaving the house."No your not leaving that fast” i ran out he was going to the car.“ZAYN” i called him.He turned around “What the hell Zayn”“What”“Why have you been leaving & i found you bought 2 tickets for a trip that leaves today” he remained quiet.“I want a escape”“from your wife”“i want a divorce y/n”“Is it for her” i pointed to the vibrating phone. “We can be friends” i nodded “You & i should stay friends”“Really”“NO Got Fuck yourself” i walked away “Have fun with her” i threw the ring at him.