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Still in your mind - Chapter 6

Authors note: Hello my lovely readers, thank you so much for sticking with me. Today is the day. I found time to write again and to thank you for your patience I made the chapter extra long. Brace yourselves for over 4k words of this story. Enjoy! <3

I was standing there for what felt like what felt like hours, just staring in the direction Jared had disappeared. In fact, it was only a few moments before Diana stood in front of me with a look on her face that clearly said: “What the fuck?!”. She didn’t say anything for a minute and I stared back at her with as many questions visible on my face like on hers.

What was Jared thinking? He just had come after me and kissed me. I thought he didn’t remember me or the day we had spent together. He had ignored me the past few days and now he did this. I still felt the passion lingering on my lips and if I wasn’t absolutely frozen because I was so caught in my thoughts I would have touched my lips to feel how hot they were after his lips had danced over mine. It hadn’t felt like just a kiss, there had been more. A deep need that had been prominent in the air that we exchanged with our breaths. Not only a sexual need, it was the kind of need you only feel when you’re in love. But there had also been a little bit of frustration in it, some kind of anger somewhere lying deep in the depths of all these feelings.

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Season 4 storylines that made no sense/were dropped

Yes, another negative, moan-y post, but I’m having fun with that right now, so there ;-)  This list is incomplete and only includes things up until episode 9, clip 3, so things might change :-))

  • the fight:  Yousef rushes into the karaoke bar in the pre-hiatus episode to tell Sana that Elias got himself into trouble.  Seemed pretty serious.  For some reason he stayed behind though and didn’t feel like helping his friend in this situation.  Ok…what we saw then were an angry boy squad and the balloon squad yelling at and shoving each other.  And then we saw the shocking image of Isak bleeding and being in shock/pain.  What had happened here?  Was this some kind of homophobic attack initiated by the ballon squad?  Did this have to do with unresolved issues between Even and the ballon Squad?

What did really happen? The reason for the fight was revealed as Isak being drunk and jealous, thus he randomly decided to punch Mikael, to which Elias reacted by punching Isak.  Makes perfect sense.  Next time we see all these characters in one scene, they’re smiling and dancing together.  

  • the kiss between Noora and Yousef:  When Sana went back inside the karaoke bar, she saw Yousef kissing Noora, our collective hearts broke and our brains froze because this didn’t make any sense. Wasn’t he completely charmed by Sana??

What did really happen?  We don’t know.  Noora was angry at Sana for keeping the fact from her that W had a new girlfriend in London so, in retaliation decided to kiss Yousef?  No fucking clue.  As for why Yousef did it?  No idea.

  • Noora was angry at Sana for not telling her about W: another episode 5 drama happened when Noora found out about W’s new girlfriend and was upset at Sana (not the rest of the girl squad) for keeping that from her.

How did that get resolved? It didn’t. After the hiatus, Noora had seemingly forgotten all about that and tried to contact Sana with nice messages, wondering why she was withdrawing. 

  • Even’s backstory/Even and the balloon squad’s past: Isak, in his snake-y ways, spots a pic of Mikael on Sana’s Facebook.  He remembers him from that video he watched a million times last year, from which we learned that they were best buddies (and possibly more). Isak asks Sana about Mikael, she shushes him.  Soon after we have a scene between her and Even when it is revealed that these two actually have known each other for a long time because Even used to be friends with the balloon squad.  We also get a video on their YT channel that confirms this.  Isak doesn’t seem to know any of that.  In another clip we learn more about the end the boys’ friendship from Yousef, who also talks about Even’s suicide attempt (sth we didnt know before) and how Yousef turned away from religion after everything that happened with/to Even.

How did that get resolved?  It didn’t.  Even must have told Isak that he knew Sana from before because Isak asks her why she hadn’t told him.  We saw Elias reminiscing about the boys’ former friendship.  In that same episode Eva’s party took place and we saw all the boys happily talking to each other, all problems solved.  We don’t know how or when or why.  Sana had nothing to do with that, despite several scenes of her season being dedicated to that storyline.

  • Sana feels alienated from her girl friends : from the season’s beginning we saw how Sana felt excluded and was sometimes downright ignored by her friends, who didnt really respect her religion or culture. The whole bus drama escalated and lead Sana to releasing private chat screenshots between Sara and Isak, which ended the russ bus storyline and almost got Isak expelled before Sana came clean.  The girls, minus Chris, distanced themselves from her, we saw no contact between them and Sana, who reached out to them.

How did that get resolved?  In a final meeting with the PepsiMax girls and Sana being there all by herself, the girl squad suddenly appears in their own little bus, happily inviting Sana to join them and telling the other girls to basically fuck themselves.  Everything was fine after that, as witnessed at Eva’s birthday party two days later. No clips or text messages since them about what had happened to their friendship.

  • We see blatant racism towards Sana which she points out to her best bud Isak:   The first half of the season showed us various occasions of racism towards Sana.  Either her friends were worryingly insensitive towards her religion (see above) or the PepsiMax girls insulted her every chance they got.

How did that get resolved? Isak told her not to look for hate and to educate people by answering their stupid, racist question at every turn.  Yes.

  • W’s arrival at the end of episode 8 is the season’s climax and results in Noora disappearing for four days, not texting/calling her friends or answering their messages.  Every clip/update begins and ends with Sana worrying over Noora while also feeling bad because she send W an E-Mail from Noora’s account without Noora’s knowledge or consent.

How did that get resolved? Noora gets dropped off at school by W, in a drunken/happy state after four days of “talks” with W, taking up their doomed, unhealthy relationship (let’s forget that little side plot of W having a new girlfriend in London).  She thinks what Sana did is the best thing ever, basically saying that there are cases where using your friend’s media without their knowledge is totally ok.  Unlike before, where it almost resulted in a catastrophe.  But I think Julie forgot about that.

The list can go and on, guys.  I felt early on in the season that this would be the mess, because the lack of focus (on Sana!) and the zillion storylines that were set up, made me suspicious.  But 99% of the fandom said to trust in Julie and that everything would make sense in the end.  Well, no.  It never did.

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Just saw the video someone took of Me and My Baby. Were you two tap dancing? I couldn't tell from the video but I thought I heard tapping and it didn't quite look like ballet. If so, damn. I'm impressed, even more so knowing you had food poisoning like wow

Thanks for the inquiry!! You are the first to notice our feet… :) We are wearing character shoes for this piece, which have a short 1-Inch heel and are made for dancing in, like for swing and such. We aren’t tap dancing, but we aren’t really doing much classical ballet. We wanted to give this dance a much lighter looser vibe than the two melancholy songs we’ve danced to prior. It’s a bit “swing”, but built on our strong ballet technique foundation.

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Alright! Well this Twin AU was developed between myself ( on trollsurvivalist ) and my friend Kels ( greybranch ). We both have a Branch rp blog so in order to interact we came up with the idea of our muses being Twins. (Twin AUs or Sibling AUs are actually quite a common thing to do between duplicate blogs in the Rp community!)

But so basically in this AU we, of course, have our regular ol’ Branch. He acts exactly the same as he does in the movie and there is pretty much no change to his personality or character. The twin or Bark as my friend and I decided to call him, is pretty much what Branch possibly would have been like if he had not lost his colours when he was a child. So Bark is basically like most of the fellow troll villagers – One who loves to sing, dance, hug etc 

Why does Bark have his colours while Branch does not, you may ask? Well, what my friend and I established is that while Branch feels directly involved and at fault for his Grandmother getting taken/eaten, Bark, on the other hand, was just off on the sidelines and simply witnessed what had happened. Bark does dim in colour but he doesn’t go completely grey like his brother for he does not harbour the deep feeling of guilt as Branch does. Bark simply felt scared and sad for losing Grandma, while Branch feels like he killed her and began to hate himself. And unlike Branch who only got worse over time, Bark eventually began feeling happy again and his colours eventually brightened.

Bark also lives in the Bunker with Branch, he even helped Branch build it as well as helps with getting supplies/food etc. Bark is also a member of the Snack Pack and he does try to get his brother to come out more often to the village but most of the time, it doesn’t work out too well and ends up with Branch screaming about bergens and accidentally ruining some events -gestures to the scenes with the clown guy and his wife-

There’s honestly a lot more to this AU and it runs waaaay deeper, but these are the basics of it I would say. If you have any more questions feel free to ask me here, or on trollsurvivalist or ask my friend at greybranch!

Anyway, as a just a random bonus have some cute trolling twins:

i remember sun bleached days where my best friend who lived right down the block would come to my house and bring her scooter and we’d take turns riding around the cul de sac and when we got tired of doing that we’d go out into the street and dance until we saw a car coming and we’d eat applesauce and pretend we were magical creatures. i remember my mom baking cookies that were soft and filled with oozy chocolate chips and sometimes she’d make challah bread. i remember creating new worlds w/ my other best friend and drawing up fantasy creatures and writing up the most cliche ridden stories with mary-sue main characters. playing animal crossing and mario kart together until she had to go home. having sleepovers with both of them and talking about our crushes and eating oreos until we felt sick and playing m.a.s.h and laughing when we got a really weird guy or 52 kids. i remember going on walks to the candy store and buying huge bag fulls of gummy worms and warheads. i remember writing out a very persuasive letter on a sticky note to my best friends dad to convince him to let us play fable II. i remember the humid smell of skate king and the peeling 80′s carpet and the god awful pizza and the great fucking time i’d always have skating around until my thighs were sore and dancing queen echoed in my head every time i closed my eyes. i remember even further back, making mud pies and trying to heal dying moths and riding my bike around my street and falling and not getting up for a good solid two minutes out of straight embarrassment. lying on the school playground picking fluff from the cottonwood trees off the grass. my mom used to make spaghetti with angel hair pasta and chicken. i used to have long hair that went down past my waist. i used to use instant messenger every day, talked to a boy in my class and he once told me to tell him how he sounded when he sung because he wanted to serenade his girlfriend. i remember sending weird emails to guys i thought i had crushes on. i remember building a whole village out of littlest pet shop buildings and making bad music videos using green day songs. i remember listening to owl city and LIGHTS on repeat. drinking tea with milk and watching HGTV with my mom. i remember so much. it’s so strange to know those are moments in the past. that i’ll never be able to relive them. that they only exist in my memory now, fuzzy and out of focus. that one day i might forget them.




Where is he? I said to myself as I shook my head. I was beyond upset and I couldn’t help but look at my phone every second for the time, if I wasn’t looking down at my phone I was looking at the clock on the wall every minute.

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Hey I felt like asking you (since you have a large following) a question I feel a lot of people didn't know they needed answering; Is it okay to enjoy Frozen while also being aware of the larger issues? Because I do get annoyed at disney ignoring the chance of respectfully including the indigenous people of the region they were taking inspiration from, but I still enjoyed a good deal of the movie.

I present to you, How to Be a Fan of Problematic Things:


Look, everything–or very close to everything–is problematic in some way.  That doesn’t mean you have to hate it.  It means you need to acknowledge and understand the problematic aspects, and not dismiss them when talking about your enjoyment of the thing.

I love Frozen.  Having a princess movie that ISN’T all about being “the fairest of them all,” that never, in fact, frames Elsa or Anna as being valuable because they’re pretty, where neither is jealous of the other or treats the other as lesser for being different?  That is HUGE.  That is something I have wanted since I was too young to be able to articulate it.  I think this is a very important movie for just those reasons.

Also, Frozen is the first Disney animated feature to be written and directed by a woman; a woman co-wrote all the songs.  This is a movie about female power, made for and by women, and that is magic.

And yet.

We did not need two more white princesses right now.  If, for some reason, Elsa and Anna HAD to be white (and I am not saying that, I am going somewhere else with this), then Frozen should have been put on hold while we got half a dozen other princess movies with non-white leads.  And yes, I am saying we should have de-prioritized the white girls.  We just got three white princesses in a row (Rapunzel, Merida, Vanellope), and that is not fair in any way, shape, or form.  There are an enormous number of magnificent stories we could be telling, and they don’t deserve to be put on hold for more white girls.

(Also, while I don’t actually think Elsa and Anna look like Punzie, I think the accusations that they do would have been reduced dramatically if there had been more of a break between those two movies.)

Kristoff could easily have been Sami, giving us our first white princess/man of color mixed relationship.  That, too, would have been hugely important, and I can’t see it as anything but an improvement.  There could have been supporting characters of color, rather than just peppering a few PoCs through the dance scenes and calling it good.  Frozen is problematic, and we need to admit and acknowledge that without being defensive about it.

I love this movie.  I have seen it four times, I will see it a dozen more.  I love it as it is.  But there’s this thing I keep saying about The Avengers: yeah, I love the movie we got.  I think it’s brilliant.  And it should never have been allowed to go into production with ONE WOMAN on the team.  We should be in love with a version that hung itself on Mockingbird, on She-Hulk, on the Wasp, on more than just Black Widow.  That we didn’t get that movie is a shame, even as we enjoy the movie we did get.

That we didn’t get a better Frozen is a shame, and we need to not pretend it isn’t.  But we are still allowed to enjoy the one we got.

[WiKi TV] Super Junior’s ‘Nano Talk’ About Their Romance Ideal Type Women | 141013
  • Yeneung-dol’ (variety show’s idol) Super Junior showed up on MBC .
  • Lee Teuk, the ‘variety show dreamer’, flaunted his eloquence, Siwon was as ‘cool’ as usual, Kang In wanted to take over MC Kyu Hyun’s spot, and Eunhyuk made us laugh by dissing himself.
  • These four guys from Super Junior were even funnier than ten comedians. What they said on the show was ridiculous.
  • Although they wrapped up all the promotional activities for ‘Mamacita’, their eloquence with ten years of experience is still ongoing!
  • TAKE# 1
  • MC Gook Jin: Lee Teuk treats Kyu Hyun very well but I guess he has reached the limit. I heard that Lee Teuk told Kyu Hyun to withdraw from and recommended Eun Hyuk for the new MC.
  • Lee Teuk: No, let me make this clear. The biggest problem for is the disunity between MCs. It looks like you guys came here to pick a quarrel.
  • MC Gook Jin: Teuk has no idea.
  • MC Gura: You must join me as the MC of . You are the perfect fit for the position.
  • Lee Teuk: I would love to but the program deals many issues regarding our agency, SM….
  • MC Gura: Why? There aren’t many issues to be revealed now. Isn’t Jessica the last one?
  • Lee Teuk: You think she is the last one?
  • Kang In: What’s wrong with this bro? Please, someone bring me a stun gun.
  • Lee Teuk: No, I didn’t mean that. I mean no one knows what will happen next~
  • TAKE# 2
  • MC Jong Shin: Let’s move on to Sungmin’s scandal.
  • MC Gura: I’m not interested in his scandal. Let them enjoy their romance.
  • MC Gook Jin: Who is Sungmin seeing? I’ve never heard of the story..
  • Kang In: Oh yeah…her name is Kim Sa Eun…
  • MC Gura: If Sungmin wants to make an issue, he must confess that he is going to marry her just like Shin Dong did. That way, people will show interest in him since Super Junior was on the center of many hot issues.
  • Kang In: I don’t deserve talking about other people.
  • MC Jong Shin: It is strange if you comfort other people. Anyway, so Sungmin is having great time?
  • Lee Teuk: Yes, the two are seeing each other.
  • TAKE# 3
  • MC Jong Shin: Who is the most talented in a variety show among Super Junior?
  • Siwon: Kyu Hyun is doing excellent job which is the reason is lasting long. But I think Eun Hyuk is better and Kang In does the best in a variety show.
  • Kang In: I’m good at talking.
  • MC Kyu Hyun: Kang In hyung is the funniest member when our group is together.
  • MC Jong Shin: If I do a variety show, I would work with Siwon. Other members have exposed too much of themselves.
  • MC Gura: So, who is the least funniest member, Sungmin?
  • Lee Teuk: Sungmin is not funny at all. Sungmin and Donghae are top two members when it comes to boring.
  • MC Kyu Hyun: Boring has become Donghae’s character and now he is funny for that character.
  • Eun Hyuk: likes Sungmin. He is good at rod spinning.
  • MC Kyu Hyun: When he is asked to do sports dance, he practices like a real athlete.
  • TAKE# 4
  • MC Jong Shin: Super Junior with debut 10 years. It has been reported that now you have some time to travel.
  • MC Kyu Hyun: Yes, we go on a vacation once a year for a week.
  • Lee Teuk: After finishing our recent concert, we had 3~4 days off. Kyu Hyun went to Jeju Island with ‘TVXQ’ Changmin. On that night, Eun Hyuk asked me to join them. So, the next day, I, Eun Hyuk, and Donghae departed to Jeju with the first morning flight. Eun Hyuk rented an open car and a typhoon came.
  • MC Gura: I heard that Kyu Hyun and Lee Teuk don’t have great chemistry in trip?
  • Lee Teuk: I don’t think I can go on a trip with him anymore.
  • MC Kyu Hyun: I went to Italy with Lee Teuk, and he kept grumbling wherever he went to. On the night before, I searched great restaurants in local area and he grumbled. However, when we got to the restaurant, he enjoyed the food and took endless photos.
  • Lee Teuk: At that time, I had eight fixed programs. I wanted to take some rest, but Kyu Hyun is a type of a person who wakes up at six in the morning and visits various sites by taking subways.
  • MC Kyu Hyun: I was surprised again when we went to Jeju Island. We visited various places although a typhoon came. We came back to our hotel at six in the afternoon and they were still sleeping. Moreover, when you are on Jeju, you must try local food but they ended up ordering a room service and ate pizza and coke.
  • Eun Hyuk: On the next day, we went bowling alleys and watched a movie which we could’ve done in Seoul.
  • TAKE# 5
  • MC Gook Jin: Eun Hyuk has been humiliated by his looks? He is known as the ugly guy among Super Junior?
  • Eun Hyuk: We tease each other with handsome ranks which we talk among us but when we talked about it on a show, people take the rank seriously. They tell me ‘Oh, I think you really do look ugly’.
  • MC Jong Shin: Reporters confirmed that Eun Hyuk is indeed ugly.
  • Eun Hyuk: Huk! Hyung…you know the truth…why are you doing this to me?
  • MC Gura: It doesn’t disappear just because you cover up yourself.
  • MC Jong Shin: It is hard to look handsome while you dive into the water.
  • Eun Hyuk: I even remembered the name of the reporter who released this photo.
  • Lee Teuk: This is the face you get when you take pantyhose off from your face.
  • Eun Hyuk: It is really cruel to me. The reporter is evil. He could take the photo of me brushing off water while emerging up from the water. I would rather talk about my scandal!
  • TAKE# 6
  • MC Kyu Hyun: We have been reported that Kang In has ‘foot fetish’?
  • MC Gook Jin: So, you prefer a woman with pretty foot? Isn’t foot for walking?
  • Kang In: Well, if you take it that way, isn’t it enough to have eyes, nose, and lips on face?
  • Lee Teuk: Kang In tends to have more girl friends in summer when he can have a clear view of foot.
  • MC Kyu Hyun: Do you prefer to go to a restaurant where taking off your shoes is required?
  • Kang In: Yes. Or, I give her a sandal as a gift.
  • Lee Teuk: What if she has pretty foot but they stink?
  • Kang In: You must be dol-I (crazy). You can’t be the host of the show when you talk like this.
  • Lee Tuek: What if she has pretty foot but her shoe size is 300 mm. What would you do?
  • Kang In: That’s unrealistic but what I mean is that there are some people who are born with cute foot. The foot that’s little ugly but adorable.
  • MC Kook Jin: What about Siwon?
  • Siwon: My mom is tall so I tend to feel attractions to tall girls.
  • MC Jong Shin: Are you up for international marriage by any chance?
  • Siwon: Going on a date with a person with different nationality is fine, but I don’t think I can tie the knot with her. I’m the oldest son in my family and my parents have always told me to marry a person with ‘the same race’. I will not marry a person that my parents disapprove and my parents will not reject a girl that I love.
  • MC Jong Shin: That’s stereotypical comment for jaebul (rich family) son.
  • S: 위키케이팝 | 양자영 기자
I cannot believe they killed Meredith. I am genuinely pissed off, you can't even imagine.

Except for Meredith, this rant comes obviously so late. A lot of people already wrote about all this, and most of them probably wrote it way better than me, but I needed to get it all out. I am a shy, introvert person, and it takes a serious shitload of shitty things for me to admit that I’m tired of somebody’s shit. And after all that happened + Meredith’s death, I am tired of Teen Wolf and Jeff Davis’s shit. So there goes:

I am not a vocal person, especially not when it comes to fandoms. 

One of the things that got me hooked on this show was the O'Brien/Hoechlin interaction, not only because it was clear that the chemistry was there, but also because their characters were balancing each other perfectly and therefore, comedy gold which is why they kept having more and more scenes in the first place! And yes, that led me to ship Sterek, but I never recognized myself in the downright-crazy-overdramatic-delusional-childish-and-even-somewhat-of-a-bully? description of the Sterek shipper that’s been around for so long. I’m not denying that some of them might be like that, but not once in my 3years of moderate shipping have I seen such an individual. But it doesn’t matter, right? All Sterek shippers are crazy, even the ones like me who don’t do anything, don’t talk shit about anything, etc.

When this generalization comes from the fandom itself, it’s hurtful.

When this generalization comes from the show’s own cast and crew, it’s really upsetting and almost damaging.

When this generalization comes from the show’s own cast and crew, who at first ACTUALLY embraced said ship, played with the idea of it, based most of it’s promo on it… I only have one expression for it, but sorry, it’s in French: c'est se FOUTRE de la gueule du monde ! Basically, it’s a mix between “you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me” and “you took me -or rather,the entire world- for an idiot”.

To think that now they’re actively keeping Hoechlin and O'Brien apart when their scenes were classic comedy, kinda the highlight of the show really, and acting like Sterek is a taboo worse than HIV in the 80s… Even for a non-vocal and moderate shipper like me, it’s infuriating to be treated like that.

And I don’t write fanfic -I don’t read much either- and I’m not at all into fanart, but people who create those have to be respected like anybody else, instead of being ridiculed by a show that was so happy people like them existed when the fanbase was growing.

And it’s not like the story in and of itself is so great that we can forgive all that: so many bad choices were made, and I don’t even know why. Stupidity, perhaps? Jackson should have died when Colton decided to leave. Cora and Paige are the worst thing that happened to this show because Derek’s background story was JUST perfect and just tragic enough the way it was! Now he seems like a character from The Young and The Restless, with the miraculously alive sister no one had heard of before, who had to disappear once again because the actress didn’t stick around my god, not only was Cora a fucking bad, BAD idea, but they can’t even make sure they fucking secure the fucking actor for such an important part? After all the people that already left and damaged the story? After all that, you don’t make damn sure this one is gonna stay? GOD You know which sister I’d like to learn more about? The one that was there since the fucking PILOT. LAURA? REMEMBER LAURA? I’D LIKE TO HEAR ABOUT LAURA. THANK YOU. So yeah, first the unheard-of sister, and then the young love that died because of him? Cause he, and we, needed that? Wasn’t Kate enough? Wasn’t Kate just perfect as a first love that destroyed all his family and traumatized him forever? Yes she was. All that just undermined Derek’s character, and I wish it had never happened.

And then we have that thing where I get the feeling that everytime something major happens, the characters deal with it for 2mins and then completely forget about it. Jackson, Isaac, Cora leave? Ok, we’ll say 2 sentences and then it’s over. Allison dies? She was so important to Scott, and yet it seems only Lydia mourns her. Why can’t we see Scott more depressed, having a proper breakdown instead of jumping to Kira right away like he’s not devastated by Allison’s death? Just give me realistic time and realistic reactions before making Scira happen! For every death there is, it’s like we have one little scene of acknowledging the death and the pain and the mourning, and then everything is fine again. We don’t even have funerals for god’s sake! Holland is right: we needed a funeral scene so much. Same with other major stuff: I really don’t see Stiles dealing with his possession in 3b. I never saw the “Stiles & Scott friendship will be tested to the limit” plot that was supposed to happen some time ago -can’t remember, maybe in 3a. It’s like Teen Wolf always tell us we’re gonna have a great afternoon swimming, and then all we get to see is them dipping a toe in the water. Nothing else for the rest of the day.

What we do get, is “TV licence” when dealing with a character that could have been awesome. Malia could have been so fucking awesome. She’s got a good and pretty actress, and a great storyline of a girl/coyote that has to adapt to our human world. But nooo, she had to become this unrealistic badass who, after spending almost all her life away from civilisation with what should be a 9yo-mentality, knows how to sexy-dance better than Kira, takes the same classes as our heroes, and is joined by the hip with Stiles. Because having her in a “pseudo-solid” relationship right away, before even developing her character alone OR developing the relationship, is way more important than explaining what the fuck her story was in 3B, why she was in Eichen House, what was her agenda, why her eyes were glowing evilly, why she left like that, etc.

Same with Braeden. She HAD to be a clichéd badass, because when you’re female, either you’re a cliché and preferably a clichéd badass, or you’re not worth being part of the story. So obviously she’s going to be with Derek becauuuuuse… Because that makes absolutely no sense? The guy has the return of his old flame I swear when I wrote it I didn’t realize what a bad joke this would make, but now I can’t stop laughing XD to focus on! And after the darach, he should now that the middle of a crisis is not the right time to do the nasty with a shady clichéd badass girl.

But then, we got Meredith. HILARIOUS Meredith. Strange, not-you-typical-tv-show-pretty-girl-looking, original Meredith. I kept looking for info on whether she was coming back for the 4th season and whether she’d have a more important role, because she would have been such an amazing addition to the cast, and a budding friendship with Lydia would have been sweet. That and the possibly completely random hilarious conversations she could have had with the other characters, like everything she had given us till she died. Meredith would have been something to look forward to every week! I dunno whose great idea it was, probably Davis of course, but fuck you for killing her, fuck you for not realizing when you have something good in your hands. You finally had someone untypical to make up, even just a lil bit, for all the stereotypes, and you kill her. Great fucking job.

PS: By the way, you know who had a good introduction and an even better character development? Deputy cutie patootie Parrish. I love Parrish more and more each episode, everybody does! Here’s proof that you can sometimes do a great job with characters, so do it with the girls too!