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Summer 2017 Anime Overview: Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul and The Reflection

My classic anime overview posts are making a comeback! I watched 7 different anime in the Summer 2017, so we’ve got a lot to talk about- so much so that I’ll do a couple anime each post rather than just doing one giant post.

I fully believe in saving the best for last, so we’ll rank and review these anime in order from worst to best. Which means we’ll be starting with the anime I found the weakest out of what I watched this season. Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul and The Reflection. Are both of them bad anime? Or are they just not quite as a good as the other fare? Let’s dive in and find out!

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

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Fitz & acceptance

His pack was overturned, Amber’s wardrobe spilled out across the floor. ‘Do you want me to put your clothing back in the pack?’ I asked him.

He straightened from washing his face with one hand, groped for and found a drying cloth. ‘Sweet Eda, no! I’ll have Spark repack our things. Fitz, you’ve never had respect for fabric or lace. I won’t trust you with it now.’ He came toward me, his hands fluttering before him. His bared hand touched my shoulder, and then he crouched down over the spilled pack. He found garments by touch, considering texture. He paused once to hold up a skirt. ‘Is this blue? Or turquoise?’

‘Blue,’ I said, and he set it aside. ‘Are you hungry? Shall I ring for food?’

‘Please,’ he said as he shook out a white blouse.

So I know that the scene on the next page is a lot more direct about this, but I was thinking about this particular one a lot. It’s also nearly eight in the morning and I’m legit delirious with exhaustion and writing this instead of going to bed, but I wanted to talk about it I guess?

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anonymous asked:

can you explain your jasico endgame theory? (i ship the fuck out of it, but I cant see it yet)

Why Jasico Has A Chance At Endgame - 1,397 words

*cracks knuckles* here we go:

  HOO has a lot of parts that don’t quite make sense yet but will come together in the end. The Prophecy isn’t nearly as clean cut as the PJO series - there are a LOT of options. There are a lot of things that leave me thinking ‘why did that happen?’ and the answer should never be ‘just because’.Frank’s stick is going to come back. Hazel’s dead-ness is coming back. Calypso is coming back,  Piper’s mist-romance, he Aphrodite thing, Nico’s cupid thing , Jason’s I love you thing - all coming back. And the last couple, at least, spell Jasico.

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The Dale Reading

“I couldn’t always read him, but he could read us. He saw people for who they were. He knew things about us- The truth Who we really are." 

What makes this particular CARYL scene unique is that it’s one Carol quite possibly isnt even aware exists. 

The way the camera pans out and lingers on Daryl gazing specifically at a very oblivious Carol and the words being spoken during that very moment, suggests that the interlude being witnessed held a definite greater meaning for the fledgling connection being navigated between these two. 

It was important and we are suppose to think that it matters. 

At this point in the series Carol and Daryl have already established an emotional connection, and bond strong enough to weather the worst kind of pain and the mutual recognition of their common wounds and weaknesses.

They survived the search for Sophia and her death, they got past Daryl’s attempt to pull away from the group and had even started to accept whatever it was that had them gravitating towards one another. 

Carol had forgiven his harsh words and Daryl in turn had started to “try” and accept his immersion in the group. 

After Carol confronted Daryl, facing his anger and sense of failure with stride and graceful fierceness without letting his defensiveness and rage drive her away HE allowed himself to hope and hold out for a place in the group SHE told him was there for him. 

The night before when Dale needed mercy to die with some dignity Daryl stepped up when Rick and Shane faltered. 

With a single bullet ending his friends suffering Daryl accepted the role Carol told him was there for him to fill AND it was a step he wouldn’t have been there to take had Carol acted like the rest of them did the night he decided to move camp away from the house. 

So here they were…burying the reminder of humanity, Dale, listening to Rick’s eulogy and attempt at wisdom BUT instead of focusing on the funeral Daryl was intently, intensely even, staring at none other but Carol. 

“He saw people for who they were. He knew things about us— The truth Who we really are.” 

Dale had been the one to come and seek out Daryl, calling him “a decent man”, reminding him that Carol looked to him in this world (a fact he didn’t deny) and asking him to step up, stand up for humanity, for the good of the group… 

Carol and Dale both saw Daryl for he truly was on the inside and most importantly they saw his true self and didn’t run away, they liked him, maybe even loved him and that was unfamiliar, puzzling and completely unnerving for someone like him. 

Daryl didn’t know “love”, didn’t experience “comfort” and certainly didn’t have a clue about how to react properly to any if it. 

If Dale knew the “truth” about him then he also had to know Carol’s “truth” as well AND since it was Dale that pointed out that SHE looked to Daryl then it had to be true, it had to mean something even in this new world he was navigating. 

He was trying to figure it out, trying to figure HER out and what made HER come and look to HIM of all people. 

Carol on the other hand, is not aware of Daryl’s intent gaze but not because she can’t see him but because her own eyes give away the fact that she too is not entirely focused on Dale’s farewell either. 

Carol’s world was falling apart in every sense of the word and she knows that the person she once was is not the person she can afford to stay if she is to survive and thrive in this new world. 

Her eyes and their focus betray her thoughts as Rick’s words wash over her; 

“stop feeling sorry for ourselves and take control of our lives - our safety - our future. We’re not broken” 

Carol might have lost everything she loved but she was still alive and still had a chance. 

She wasn’t going to let herself or others treat her like her loss “broke her”, like she was a burden, like she had to stay down…there is a determination in her eyes that spells out resolve, purpose and strength. 

The final focus on Daryl’s eyes starts to mirror the feeling Carol’s own gaze gives - he too seems to have made a decision. 

Maybe he didn’t understand Carol’s why, why she looked to him or why she cared BUT maybe that didn’t matter anymore, maybe he didn’t have to understand that part of it yet and maybe the fact that he understood her pain and she understood his was reason enough to LET HER get closer to HIM. 

Maybe once she was closer to HIM everything else will fall into place…maybe she was already closer than he wanted to admit and maybe it was too late to push her away and for once in his life maybe he didn’t entirely want to…