we had fun at artist alley


Too bad.  Too sad.  My week with @gastrictank is over.  Looking back though, we had lots of fun and cool stuff that kept us busy!  It was a great way to spend the Halloween weekend!  We went to Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con with @hooksandfangs!

I spoiled myself the first day, by commissioning my favorite comic artist, Dan Mendoza the creator of Zombie Tramp!  I brought a blank variant cover from last year and had Zombie Tramp cosplaying as my character Squeenie drawn on it.  Also met two cool artist siblings Two YU, @shaslo and @cheesyturtle.  Shalso drew me a cute lil Bibi!

First day I dressed up as my usual Aranea Serket from Homestuck.  Second day, my boyfriend and I couple cosplayed as Team Rocket Grunts.  The last day at the con, I dressed up as a Team Skull Grunt and found a great Guzma cosplayer!  The biggest surprise of the entire con was when @vance-arts showed up to my booth in a cosplay of my character Chip Fischer!  Thank you so much for that!  It’s an artist’s dream come true for their character to come to life! 

I wanna give a shout outs to some of the artists I met, traded prints with and had sign my badge.  @gastrictank, @meloramylin, @shaslo, @cheesyturtle, @laggycreations, @kittykatmaniac, @hooksnfangs, and @vonnabeee!!

Thank you everybody who stopped by my booth!  Always a hoot!  I hope to do Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con again for 2017!



@dayzzledelatour as Kamiya Tsurugi.
Myself as Alicein Mikuni.
Pics taken by @pastenaga
Abel & Jeje also made by @pastenaga

We had a small photoshoot in the middle of the con, cause I had to be at my table in the artist alley, but man, it was REALLY fun! I’m still editting the rest of the gay pics, but I really loved being Mikuni onii-san ♥  and bullying Tsurugi-san

Btw, we’re only derping in the last three pics www


MechaCon New Orleans post 3/3! AtLA / LoK

I was SO excited to be Varrick for this con! I really love his character and making the outfit and Dali moustache was a lot of fun. Everyone that came up to me would say “DO THE THING” and I was told my outfit was perfect and my moustache was “on point”!

I really hoped to see more cosplays this year from LoK, but oh well. I think I missed the totally canon Korra and Asami that I saw last year; I’m unhappy about that. I really wanted to get a shot of me and Rory (Kuvira) with them two.

The Kyoshi Warrior (or it might actually be Avatar Kyoshi) and the Spirit of the Lake were so well done! Kiyoshi won an award at the cosplay competition!

We also found a really well-done Amon, an Uncle Iroh that actually was handing out hot jasmine dragon tea at his Artist Alley booth, and the Blue Spirit!

That Mako and I had a lot of fun taking those pictures together. That was probably my best interaction I had at the con! 

If you see yourself, tag yourself! Y’all were wonderful!


Anime Expo Day 3!

Day 3 and Day 4 were honestly the best.  Everyone’s cosplays were so good and I saw so many out of the corner of my eyes that I couldn’t snap a photo of, but everyone was so friendly.  The Sailor Moon squad was on point and amongst the frenzy of artist alley we ended up talking about magical girls.  The Mewlin stopped by my friend’s exhibit hall plush booth and I just had to take a moment to appreciate how fitting her purchase was.  The day ended with the rave which was fun but a lot to take in, but right before I left the con the Mabel with the Triangle Bill stopped by to give my friends and I Smile Dip and glow sticks and it was the cutest thing ever.

Sailor Uranus: wooftaur

Sailor Neptune: digeny

Bill: doriites

Dipper: compulsiveaquatic

Mabel: artfulgruesome

Cecil: shuckydarnes

Kevin: redmod613

Mabel: justleavemeheretodye

Triangle Bill: schrodingerscatisdead