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Color Me Jealous

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Color Me Jealous

Peter Parker X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt: Ok I have some really bad Tom! Peter Feels right now so can you do an imagine where the reader is part of the x men and shes close w Peter Maximoff and Peter Parker gets jealous pleasee

Note(s): This is a little long (as you can see) but that’s because I had to fluff it up at the end!! This was so cute, thanks for sending in the prompt!  P.s. sorry for making Peter Maximoff seem like a jerk wad omg, I love him I swear!

Warning(s): A lot of language! And a hint of angst.

Word Count: 1,364.

It didn’t take Peter long to decide that this was downright unfair.

For a long time, for as long as Peter could remember, he and (y/n) had been planning an afternoon together. He was sort of an Avenger, while they were sort of an X-Men. Their conflicting schedules led to their childhood friendship and old middle school flirts hanging in the wind. They talked online, but Peter couldn’t remember the last time he’d talked to them face to face.

And damn, did that face look good. (y/n) was always exceedingly attractive, and it seemed the almost two years that’d separated the two of them had only made them even more attractive. Which, again, was unfair. But not what was precisely wrong.

What was wrong was that Peter had barely held a conversation with (y/n) since he set foot upon the mansion grounds. The two of them had agreed to hang out at X-Mansion for the day, and while it was supposed to be just the two of them catching up, it seemed someone hadn’t gotten the memo.

Peter Maximoff was a fucking douche, as far as Peter could care. He’d only been with (y/n) for less than two hours, but the entire time Peter McDoucheFace was zipping around and making (y/n) laugh and distracting them. It’d been bad enough to make Peter stop trying to have a conversation.

“Peter- Petey! Stop!” (y/n) struggled between breathes of laughter. The jokester besides her only smirked, a sly grin across his face.

“Stop what?” Peter TheApocalypticFuckHat asked smugly.

“Distracting me!” After a few more puffs of laughter (y/n) finally calmed down. Peter DickHead frowned, concerned.

“Distract you from what? You aren’t doing anything!”

Peter rolled his eyes so hard it hurt a little, “No, they’re definitely doing something.

“And who are you?” Peter DeftlyOblivious asked with an eyebrow raised, “New kid? If you are, I think there’s supposed to be an orientation with Professor X in fifteen minutes-”

“I don’t even attend this stupid school!” Peter half-yelled. It wasn’t often that he got livid, like he felt at the moment, but he felt too frustrated to truly care.

“Whoa, Peter, calm down.” (y/n) said, frowning. “Is something wrong?”

“Wrong? Is something wrong?!” Peter had to rub at his eyes with the palms of his hands to keep from frustratedly crying in that moment. “What’s wrong is that I haven’t seen you in almost two years and I haven’t even had a five minute conversation with you since I’ve gotten here! What happened to us just hanging out and catching up? What happened to ‘picking it up where we left off’?? If you think that’s what’s wrong, then I think you’d be right!”

“Whoa kid, calm down-”

“No! No I will not calm down! You don’t even know me!” Peter AssFace didn’t argue with that one.


“No, (y/n)! Have fun with your friend here, if he’s so much more important than spending time with me for the first time in forever.”

Peter rose from his place on the bench, where he’d been curled up in anger, and swiftly turned on his heels. Even when (y/n) called out to him he didn’t look back, instead stalking his way to somewhere on the campus grounds. Not surprisingly, Speedy Dickhead didn’t try to stop him.


Okay so…perhaps he could have handled that better. Better as in, anything but the way he’d handled it.

Peter mulled over his thoughts on the steps outside of one of the campus’ cafés, nursing a cappuccino in his hands. It was nice outside, and the beautiful scenery of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters helped to calm him down. He’d realized a few things since storming off.

One: Anger wasn’t an emotion he handled well.

Peter was a very peppy and excited person- as his friends always reminded him. He smiled and laughed and was god-awfully nervous around girls. He was somehow brave and still seemed to have an innocent yet adult level sense of humor. Anger wasn’t an emotion that fit into his character description, since it wasn’t something he felt often. Even after the event the emotion had left him feeling drained and exhausted.

Two: Jealously wasn’t a common emotion to him either.

The only way to describe the way he’d felt when Peter Jerk joked with and distracted (y/n) was jealousy. He didn’t get jealous often, at least not the way he had an hour ago. It left him feeling guilty and empty, almost similar to how the aftertaste of anger was. Except whenever he thought about it he felt worse than he had before.

True to his actual nature, Peter was already coming up with apologies. He wasn’t sure if he’d stay after he said them, but the least he could do was apologize to (y/n) and Peter WhateverHisLastNameWas for the way he’d outlashed at them.

It’d be a miracle if (y/n) even likes me after that, Peter thought. He sulked and sipped his cappuccino, thinking that beautiful (y/n) would probably hate him. He’d low-blowed them when he brought up them not wanting to spend time or talk with him. He wouldn’t be at the mansion if they didn’t care about him in the first place, actually.

(y/n) always made him laugh, and when they face timed their smile was handsome, and never once had their small arguments stopped them. This didn’t feel like a small argument though. This didn’t bode well for Peter emotionally, since he’d been crushing on them for practically forever.

“Peter- there you are!”

The cappuccino nearly flew out of his hands. Hunched protectively over his drink, Peter swiveled his head over his shoulder and paled at the sight of ( the still really attractive) (y/n).

“Oh- uh- hey..I’ve just been here since before…Look I’m sorry-”

“God, Peter, I’m so sorry-”

They stared at each other, blushing. (y/n) cautiously crept forward and lowered themselves down onto the step besides Peter.

“I’m sorry for ignoring you- Peter didn’t know that you were here and he didn’t really understand why you were angry and- Gosh, Pete, I should have told him to screw off earlier. I didn’t mean to just ignore you like that. I-I’m sorry…”

“Oh, uh, thanks?” Peter awkwardly laughed and looked out at the courtyard in front of him, shoes scuffing nervously against the step below him.

“I’m sorry too, for being so- such a dickwad! I- I got frustrated and jealous…I was really excited to spend sometime with you, like you promised and I just..I don’t know. I’m not an angry or jealous person, but I was-”

“You were jealous?” (y/n) asked, eyebrows furrowed.

“I- uh… well, I uh..remember when we used to…flirt and- and how neither of us were brave enough to put a label on our relationship before we kinda parted ways?” When (y/n) nodded he continued, “Well…I still sorta feel that way, and we’ve talked a few times but I was hoping today we could just catch up and…and pick up where we left that off- if you wanted to of course! I don’t mean to have my hopes that high, or pressure you, or-”

(y/n) lurched forward and captured Peter’s face in their hands, effectively shutting him up with a firm kiss. Peter’s drink dropped safely into his lap, a gasp escaping him. In seconds he returned the gesture, bringing (y/n) close and hugging them tight.

“Well…glad we got that over with…” (y/n) laughed breathlessly. They were half in Peter’s lap, squished besides his drink. “I think we can pick up right where we left off, Spider-Boy..”

Peter felt his heart flutter and cheeks blush redder than Thor’s cape. A smile tugged across his face, a dopey feeling in his chest.

“If that’s the case, how about we start right now?” (y/n) laughed and nodded their agreement, hands already framing his face again.

“I’d like that very much.”

If it counted as compensation for the start of Peter’s shitty afternoon, their second kiss felt just as good as the first.

Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-Chapter 1

Pairing: Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.

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Baekhyun pov

“So what do you want to do Y/N?” I asked, walking around in HQ. Suho had assigned me to watch Y/N for the next few nights since I primarily work with drug deals and hostages, but since there wasn’t anything scheduled for me that night and rest of the week and the rest of the guys should be busy, it turned into my job to watch the five year old. “We could play hide and seek!” Y/N yelled, bouncing around the ‘living room’ of HQ, “inside voice please Y/N, and you wanna play with just the two of us?” she didn’t seem to pay attention to the first part of my sentence. She ran up to me putting her small hands on my knees and looking up at me “Yeah! We can play with just the two of us, can’t we?” she smiled excitedly waiting for me to give the ok. “I guess we can, do you wanna hide first or do you want me to” I leaned forward putting my hands over her shoulders, they completely disappeared under my large hands. “I count, you hide” she said pointing at both us to prove her point. I got up and lead her to the center of the room so she wouldn’t run into anything when she opened her eyes.

“Alright, you cover your eyes and count to ten and I will go hide, sound good?” I looked down at her, letting go of her hands and getting ready to hide. “Ok, One, one thousand two, one thousand” she covered her eyes and began to count. As soon as her eyes were covered I took off down the hall running to my room, hiding behind the door. Making sure it was an easy hiding place for her to find, not wanting to make it too difficult for the five year old. “Ready or not here I come!” I heard her yelling into the empty HQ, her little feet stomping down the halls, loud enough for me to here from where I was hiding. I could hear her opening and closing doors down the hall, knowing who they belonged to and how close they were to me. She would take a few minutes at each room, checking all the room then leaving.

I could hear her just outside of my room, standing on the other side of the door. She turning the knob opening the door, it swung open hidding my figure behind it, she came inside the room searching for me. I could see her small body searching under the bed, stand up and move over to the closet. Just as she opened the closet I tiptoed out of my spot and snuck up behind her, as soon as I was directly behind her I grabbed her under her arms lifting her into the air “gotcha!” she shrieked with laughter as I held her above my head. “Baek! Put me down” she yelled trying to wiggle free of my grip. “You wanna be put down? Alright” I put her down but as she started to move away, I grabbed her again and began to tickle her sides. She began shrieking again and fell to the floor on her knees, giggling and trying to push my hands away from her sides. “Baek stop! I’m gonna pee!” she yelled finally getting me to stop, she finished giggling and got up onto her feet. “It’s my turn now, you count and I get to hide!” she smiled up towards me “alright ten seconds right?” I asked “no, twenty ” she said grinning mischievously “twenty? Why twenty?” I was curious why she had suddenly changed the rules “so I can find a good hiding spot, you’re hiding spot wasn’t very good” she laughed, thinking how I didn’t have a good spot “uh, fine twenty” I said. I turned my body away so I was facing the wall and began to count “one, one thousand two, one thousand” I heard her giggle and take off down the hall.

I reached twenty and began to search for her, going right as I could hear her footsteps going that direction when she ran off. I thought of all the places a five year old would go, beginning by going to each rooms. I searched and couldn’t find her in any of them, confused I moved to my next option I went to the supply closet, opening the door there was nowhere she could hide that wouldn’t have been obvious, it was a small room, so I moved on. The only other place this way was Suho’s office, I went up the stairs and into his office searching all the possible hiding spots in there. She wasn’t in there either, I began to get worried if she wasn’t this way then I wasn’t sure where she would be, jogging I went back to the living room and began to search everything that way. She wasn’t anywhere over there either, I began to panic, where could a five year old hide in a gang HQ anyway. There wasn’t a lot of places she could fit, the doors were locked which means she would need a key to leave or one of the members to take her out. She had to be inside the building.I started searching everything again, she had to be here, she had to be.

By the time I had checked everywhere at least seven more times the guys came back, which meant she had been missing for over two hours. “Hey Baekhyun, what you looking for?” Chen asked accompanied by the rest of the guys, the routine for the night over. “Well you see… um I may have kind of um lost Y/N?” I said coming out more like a question, Suho pushed his way forward from behind Chanyeol and Sehun “you what?” he asked glaring at me “well you see, we were playing hide and go seek and I haven’t found her yet, so technically she isn’t lost” I said trying to avoid punishment. “Alright well how ‘long’ has she been hiding?” he crossed his arms across his chest leaning back, standing straight up “um well… maybe like almost three hours” I said, my voice progressively getting quieter as I spoke. “ALMOST THREE HOURS!” this time it was Sehun to yell, he was oddly attached to her. “Um yeah” I said “we need to find her, she’s probably scared by now, she couldn’t have left so she is still inside the building. Everyone split up and look for her” Suho said, everyone ran off into different directions in search for Y/N.

For an hour we still couldn’t find her, we had all searched everywhere and came back to the living room to discuss “how can we not find her, we’re a god damn mafia group for god’s sake, she’s a five year old girl!” Xiumin yelled into the room, not speaking directly to anyone. We all went quiet after that, only able to hear our own breathing and suddenly a cry. We all turned our head towards Sehun’s room where the cry had come from, running in that direction we burst into his room. Looking around we still couldn’t see her but we could hear her crying “Y/N where are you?” Sehun called into the room. “Over here” we heard from his closet, we all ran towards it, Sehun was the closest and reached it first, he yanked the doors open looking into it looking confused “where Y/N?” he asked, we still couldn’t see her yet she was clearly in there. “Back here” her arm emerged from a corner of the closet behind a wood piece “I’m stuck, please help” she asked. Sehun reached forward and pulled the plank away leaving enough space for her to squeeze through “Y/N what happened?” he asked kneeling in front of her shaking form “I found the empty space and thought it was a good hiding spot but I got stuck and couldn’t get out” she cried latching onto Sehun. “Have you been in there the whole time?” I asked, looking down at her small sobbing form “Yeah, I thought it was ok at first, but then you didn’t find me so I tried to get out and got stuck! It was so scary, I thought you were never going to find me” she cried hugging tighter to Sehun. “I’m sorry Y/N I tried to find you but, you were just too well hidden, I tried to find you. I promise I would never leave you alone” I said trying to reassure her, she pushed away from Sehun a little and he used his sleeves to wipe away her tears “it’s ok Baek, I know you didn’t mean to” she let go of Sehun all together and walked up to me. I leaned down so I was the same height as her opening my arms so she could hug me. She walked into my waiting arms putting her head on my shoulder, I stood from my kneeling position with her still in my arms “why don’t we go to bed, it’s been a long day and I’m sure you’re tired” I said looking into her eyes, she nodded her head. Putting her head back into my shoulder “Ok say goodnight to the guys and I will tuck you in alright?” I put her down on her own feet so she could give all the guys a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She ran up to each member, them rather leaning down to her height or in Sehun’s case picking her up and spinning her around giving her a big sloppy kiss on the cheek, her giggling all the while. He set her down and she waddled back towards me, I picked her up and brought her out of the room the guys calling goodnight as we exited the room. “Baek can I sleep with you tonight?” she asked as we started to approached her room “of course Y/N” I stopped walking, turning around and walking back to my room.

We got to my room and I pulled back the covers for her to lay down, as soon as she was under blanket I took my jacket off and laid down next to her. I pulled her body close to mine, my arms wrapping all the way around her, kissing her on the forehead. “Goodnight Y/N, I promise to never let you get lost again” I said into her hair, muffling the sound “I know oppa, goodnight, I love you.”

All right so that was the first chapter of my exo mafia series, hope you guys like it!

Kings and Queens {Ch 8}

Summary: A Throne of Glass AU inspired by the Breakfast Club (1985). Five students come together for Saturday detention, and realize they are not all that different. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note: The next few chapters will be a little bit longer than the previous, and even longer than this one, so I hope you all enjoy them. Also, here’s to finally finding out what happened between Rowan and Aelin! Enjoy. <3 Let me know what you think!

We kissed, after all the time that had passed, after all the chances that I had that I didn’t act on, we had kissed.

Her eyes caught mine, and I knew it was right. I knew she was the one. I knew I shouldn’t feel guilty, not anymore.

We took it slow, though. We kept it at kissing, and grabbing, and touching, and longing, and walked away before we took it a step further. She wasn’t ready.

I wasn’t either. Not yet. Not after Lyria.

It was the Saturday after the third week of school. Aelin had been acting strange, she had never called me back the night before.

So, I went to where I knew she was.

Deep in the woods was a stream, where we had taken countless walks, holding hands, kissing until our lips were red and tender.

She was there, sitting with her toes in the sparkling, incandescent water. I knew she had heard me approach, but she didn’t look up.


When she didn’t respond, I sat next to her. When I tried to grab her hand, she pulled it away. “Please, just go.”

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Event: Romance Trope Drabble

Trope: Amnesia

Character: Denny Duquette

TV: Grey’s Anatomy

Warnings: None!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

“So what you’re telling me is that Denny doesn’t remember who I am?” I asked, Dr. Burke.

I sat on the couch of Dr. Burke’s office as he explained that Denny had suffered a stroke. He just had been given a new heart a mere few weeks ago.

Before Dr. Burke could respond, I spat out another question as the panic set in, “Is it amnesia? Will he ever remember me?”

“Mrs. Duquette, Mrs. Duquette, calm down, please,” he asked, raising his hands up and down slowly.

“It’s called vascular dementia. Sometimes it is short term, sometimes it’s permanent,”

I bounced my leg up and down, my knuckle resting on my lips as I tried to control my emotions.

“Can I see him?”

Dr. Burke smiled, “Of course. Hopefully carrying on a conversation with him may help jolt his memory,”
Entering the room, I could see Denny covered in blankets with nose piece in for breathing.

He smiled, but it was one that he gave me when we had first met.

“Y/N, this is-” Dr. Burke started.

Denny interrupted him, “Denny, Capricorn, thirty eight and currently looking at the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever set eyes on,”

Tears blurred my vision. That was the same exact thing he had said to me five years ago… well, except for his age of course.

“Denny, this is your wife,” Dr. Burke said.

Denny’s smile slowly faded when he saw the tears roll down my cheeks.

“Hey, Darlin’, don’t cry,” he said, soothingly.

A small whimper left me when I turned my head.

“Doc, can we have a minute?” I heard Denny ask.

Quietly, Dr. Burke left.

“Y/N, right?” Denny asked.

My head was still turned as I nodded.

“Come here, please?”

Slowly I went to Denny’s bedside. He grabbed my hand and pulled me down to sit next to him, mindful of the wires.

“I didn’t mean to make you cry, Sweetheart,”

I sniffled, looking up at him and shrugged, “Not your fault,”

He cupped my cheek, wiping away the trail of tears, “So we’re married, huh?”

“Yeah,” I whispered.

“Hot damn, I have good taste,”

I laughed.

His wide grin faded into a soft smile. Holding my hands with his thumbs moving over the top, he dipped his head and gave me his boyish charm,

“Mind laying here with me and telling me about us?”

I gave a watery laugh and squeezed his hands, “Sure Denny,”

Toeing off my shoes and taking off my jacket, I laid next to him, cuddling up to his warm body.

As he wrapped his arm around me and kissed my head, he slightly grunted, “Hmm… this seems familiar,”

“Hopefully it won’t take as long for your memories to return,” I said, quietly.

“Hopefully,” he sighed, “because I have a smoking hot wife and I want to remember all the good times.”

We had a long road ahead of us, but there was no obstacle that could tear us apart.


Hunger: Part 1

[WARNING: Mentions of cannibalism]

My mother had always been such a sweet woman, at least, in the eight years that I knew her. When I was sick she’d make me chicken soup and let me cry unlike my father who said that boys aren’t supposed to, that it made them weak. I was glad he was barely ever home, it left my mother and I alone and we were much happier without him.

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Back from sudden quick hiatus

Sorry for the sudden departure kinda there! I was hanging out with @cereusblue, @weezy-pup, and @cartoonimal for the past few days. Like… Blue and Weezy traveled so far and just… man. 

I’m not gonna lie - once they left I cried (still crying as I type this). Just man, I never expected to meet any of my online friends in real life and just the thought of it was surreal and the entire experience was surreal. We all had a blast, lots of in-jokes… and just man. 

It was the best weekend of my life. 

Had gotten so many hugs - many more than I had the last five years at college…

There was over the top praising, tickle tackles, and Blue even punched the fridge at the last moment! XD

But just… man. I’m gonna spam reblog all of the stuff they posted throughout this weekend just to show you all the craziness that happened. Or at least a small part of it - going from the earliest to the latest. 

Just… Blue and Weezy - You guys are like, super amazing and fantastic to be around. 

(and Cartoon - dude you are like super rad like dang - have fun back with the fishies! ^^)

Two Shattered Hearts and an Everlasting Love...

A/N: Just a thing… maybe comments, love and reblogs may motivate me to finish. And also, because Nerdy!Baek is hardly every written and he needs to be acknowledged. @pichiwrites because she owes be reblogs. :)

Genre: ANGST

Word Count: 2.4k

It had only been seven hours or so since I returned to South Korea after five years in the US, and things weren’t exactly going as I had anticipated. For instance, I had hoped to get together with all the loved ones I’d left behind, maybe have a reunion at the local club or a movie marathon and a sleep over at the EXO house.

But instead, I’m here, in my bedroom, crying my eyes out over my ex - boyfriend.

We made a promise the day before I left, that we would wait for each other, and when I came back, us two would fall right back into step.

So imagine my surprise when after several attempts to contact Baek Hyun directly, I find out from Chan Yeol that he’s with Tae Yeon at Jardin de Fleur, a quaint little eatery on the outskirts of Seocho, a two story building that’s hidden behind and surrounded by trees, hedges and flowers of all colors and breeds.

We used to go there, in the past when he and I were a couple. But from what I understood, due to Chan’s reluctance to disclose answers upon my inquiry, it was Baek Hyun’s and Tae Yeon’s place now.

It was nothing short of a punch in the gut for me, because the Byun Baek Hyun I love is a loyal, sweet, timid little thing, who had the biggest, purest heart you could find; in other words, he was incapable of doing something so cruel to me.

But apparently, that’s one other thing that had changed too… or more correctly, other person.

This had become an entirely different reality for me. After my parents died, the persons I was closest to were Na Yeon, my older sister and Baek Hyun, the wimpy, adorable, smart kid who always followed me around like a puppy. He never left my side.

I fell in love with him long before he knew of his own affections for me, and at the age of seventeen and nineteen, we both got together and dated for one perfect year.

We were each other’s first, in everything and it was a love I swore would last forever.

But after Na Yeon finished her medical studies at University, she was successful with getting an internship to train in the US. We moved to New York a couple months after she graduated.

Baek Hyun was devastated at the news, as I was, but the situation could not be helped.

So we agreed to break up with each other. It was actually my decision because I knew that Baek Hyun would grieve my departure even harder if we had stayed together. Letting him go was the best fix I could think of; it hurt like hell, but it was in his best interest.

If I had known he would move on so fast, I might have held on a little tighter, been more selfish.

Still, I had to face the fact that he did fall in love a second time; she must be really special and he must really love her.

Kim Tae Yeon was older than the two of us and we’d known her since we were children. Usually, when the rich kids had their playdates, Na Yeon on I were invited as well because our parents had been friends with the other adults, despite their financial status not being as grand.

In short, we grew up alongside each other; we weren’t that close, but we she and I hugged whenever we met, exchanged pleasantries and small talk that was actually quite real, rather than those fake tid bits of conversation that was made to keep awkward silence at bay.

I never knew that Baek Hyun was attracted to her; he was always with me so, I naturally assumed that it had always been just me. Seems like I was very wrong about that.

Na Yeon had gone to the hospital to have a meeting with the HR, to finalize all her paper work and schedules for the upcoming week.

I didn’t reveal what I’d learned about Baek Hyun, not wanting to worry her before such an important appointment. It wasn’t really her problem anyway.

At the moment, I am snuggled beneath my covers, binge watching DIYs on YouTube and trying to keep my mind off of the catastrophe I’d just found out baout. It is helping, a little.

A bag of chocolate cookies lays faithfully next to me, it’s sweet, rich goodness like a balm for my burning wounds. What I fear the most is the moment I have the last one, because after that, I won’t have anything more and the pain will come back again.

My eyes are heavy and tired from all the crying and as I watch a tutorial for large, floral letters, they fall shut, giving in to the pull of fatigue and taking my consciousness with them.

Two weeks go by in a flash, and I have met everyone besides the new couple. I make it perfectly clear that I don’t want Baek Hyun knowing; I cover with the excuse that I have the ultimate surprise planned for him, despite his relationship status that has nothing to do with me.

But the days go by and the only strategies I work on, are how to stay away from said person.

Thankfully, we’re not going to school anymore so there’s the omission of running into him on campus.

I’m working at a new and used bookshop a few blocks from our apartment building, while I wait to hear from a few companies I’ve applied to. Being surrounded by books keeps me at peace, distracted from my own thoughts, as I scan through the many shelves and spines, flipping through aged and crisp pages and just becoming completely immersed in the pages of one novel after another.

The other eight boys would message me often, everyone falling right back into place, just like before I left. They are my brothers, my best friends after Baek Hyun, and I could never imagine a life without them.

Being considerate darlings, they don’t bring up any conversation about the latter. Jongdae has slipped a few times in the group I had created (minus Baek Hyun of course because I still had an imaginary surprise planned for him), and the rest all pounced on him until his only response was the tearing up emoji… which is saying something because Jongdae never shuts up.

It’s a slow day at the bookshop and I am lounging in one of the soft chairs scattered throughout the shop, flipping through a collection of Japanese folklore. The owner, Mrs. Jung, a stout, elderly woman that wore snazzy, cat eye spectacles attached to a long beaded string around her neck, sat at her regular place by the check-out counter, a thick beaten up English novel in hand.

There’s a tangible silence hanging over us, but it’s like soft clouds hovering; there, and very light. A lot more than just comfortable.

But all that is shot to naught when the door is roughly shoved open and the golden bell at the top rings fast and hard, like it’s life is depending on it.

Mrs. Jung and I both look up at the same time to find a guy with a soft neat bob of black hair, at least, it usually is neat, but at the moment it’s quite messy, set in clumps that stick up handsomely and is parted unevenly to the side, giving a peek of the smooth forehead beneath.

The round golden spectacles he wears are a tad askew on his button nose and his red lips are parted as he heaves in big breaths. He’s wearing a grey hoodie and blue denim skinnies, looking so cuddly and warm that I have to whisper to myself to stay put; to not run up to him and wrap him up in a tight hug and press my nose into his neck.

It’s hard, because all I can think about is how fluffy the sweater is and how it’ll feel so plush, smelling like warm cotton and a hint of vanilla and him, like Baek Hyun.

But then I remember what his lips felt like too, velveteen petals, moist and supple moulded to mine as he kisses me timidly; bitterness rises viciously from the pit of my stomach because I’m much too aware that I won’t be able to recreate that memory.

Never again.

“Young man, is there any particular reason you just barged into my store like that?” Mrs. Jung asks in that clipped way that she speaks, but the boy doesn’t hear her. Instead, all of his attention is currently geared towards me, the one sitting stupidly in my chair, gaping back at him with the book in my hands.

“Saera. It’s really you…” he murmurs and in a beat he’s marching forward; his strides are more confident, his gait more coordinated than I remember, and I can’t help but wonder if this is an improvement that must be credited to his current girlfriend.

Only when he’s a few feet away though, do I unfreeze from the paralytic spell I am in and spring up from the chair, carefully placing the book down and stepping back quickly.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Baek Hyun livid. The boy didn’t know how to be angry at someone, he’d always find some way to blame himself or make it no one’s fault. But today, it was clearly all my fault, although, it really wasn’t.

But behind the fire that burned in his chocolate eyes, I saw how broken and betrayed he was feeling. I’m not sure why. It’s not like I was the one that had gone and found a boyfriend behind his back.

“Saera,” a whisper of my name again and then his long fingers had curled around my upper arms; his stare bore into mine and I could see a glossy coating over his eyes.

“You’re back,” his voice breaks at the end and I was so sure that he would burst into tears. But when he pulls me into a bone crushing embrace, I’m too surprised by his strength and the sturdiness I feel beneath the hoodie to be aware of anything else.

Who was this person and what had he done to Baek Hyun?

“What are you doing-”

“You’ve been back for two weeks already! I found the chat on Chan Yeol’s phone. You’ve been talking to them, and you didn’t even- Why didn’t you tell me that you had come back?!” he demands, but still his voice remains gentle and contained.

He pushes me back by the shoulders and I could see tears spilled over his waterline, staining his cheeks and dripping from his chin.

And I know why he is crying, but I don’t want him to. He didn’t cry for me in the last four years as he pranced around with his rich, model of a girlfriend. Apparently the real love of his life.

Why does my coming back, or rather my existence matter now?

It’s been four years since I last talked to him. I thought he might have forgotten me all this time. What are all these melodramatics about?

I am hurt, shattered, furious and the reason for all of it is standing right in front of me. There are two ways this could go and I’ve already cried my eyes out. What’s left is the black, tough, tarry residue of resentment and just plain cynicism to the whole scenario. I can’t feel anything right now. What I do want though, is for him to just leave.

“I must have forgotten,” I reply robotically and step out of his range, far enough that if he made a grab for me, I could run.

Baek Hyun’s shoulders visibly slump and the brazenness on his countenance drains rapidly. He looks disappointed, defeated and an excruciating pain pierces through my chest, like there’s a fist gripping my heart and twisting it around.

“F-Forgotten… forgot. Saera I’m-! ” he mutters absently at first but then rises into a passionate rant, only to come right back down again and I see how his eyes flash, as if he’s reminded of something just then.

Reminded that we’re no longer legible to be with each other.

Reminded of Kim Tae Yeon.

“You’re what, Baek?” I try not to seem spiteful as a smirk twitches the corner of my mouth. But he’s so oblivious to negative energy that I’m sure he doesn’t even know I’m upset.

“Saery…” he begins again with his head bowed, and I can see him swallowing hard, his fists clenching at his sides and his eyes squeezing tightly shut.

I cross my arms over my chest and wait patiently for him to pull himself together; he has never been good with confrontations, they made him especially uncomfortable, it was worse if he had wronged the other person.

I can’t imagine how torn up and out of place he must feel right now.

“S-Some things… a-are a little different-”

“Saera, dear? Is everything alright?”

Mrs. Jung had followed us down into the back where we had retreated and with her novel still in hand, she peered at us from above her spectacles, concern evident as she regarded me, but as her irises flicked to the dumbfounded boy in front of me, they half-way disappeared beneath the narrowed slits of her eyes.

“Yes, Mrs. Jung. He was just leaving,” I say softly and eye Baek Hyun; his head snaps up and I hear something break inside me when I see more tears gathering rapidly over his waterline. His bottom lip juts out and I have to chomp down on mine to stop myself from bursting into tears as well.

“You have to leave,” I can’t bring myself to say his name. “I’m working.”

I promptly walk away, leaving him standing there. He doesn’t move and I don’t wait for him to.

Mrs. Jung takes one look at me and nods in the direction of the washroom, where I quickly escape to. It couldn’t have been a moment too soon, because the second I step through the door, my body is wracked with sobs and tears flow unending.

Okay… tell me what you guys think..

Marcus Babysitting

Listen Oliver left me in charge of babysitting

My youngest daughter Tavy wanted to have a sleep over, so we invited couple of friends.
Seven five years olds!!

“I had one little girl get hurt.”

“My daughters have real big bunk beds.”

I’m in the living room watching tv , Holyhead vs Wimbourne".

Her and her friends are in her room playing.

“Outta nowhere I hear a loud bang”


“little girl starts crying”

Ah Ah ahhhhh [Marcus horribly imitates crying child]

“I come in the room right?”

“All the girls are standing around her”

“One little girl is on her knee looking at her face to face.”

“This is what almost made me laugh”

“When I came in the room the little girl looked at me, shook her head, and said mm mmh.”

“But I can’t laugh because I’m in daddy mode, I gotta figure out what happened.”

So I go to my daughter, its her room, she’s responsible.

“Octavia come here”

“Come here”

“Its your room, your responsible, what happened?”

“Its very hard to take a kid outta play mode.”

“When kids are playing they don’t know that shit just got real.”

Like they don’t know.

In her mind she still thinks its game

I said what happened?

She jumps on top of the bed




“You ever seen a kid screech and their face shakes?”

“What’s wrong -

“Stop, stop shaking your face”

“What happened?”

“This is the story my baby told me, she said we got trolls daddy.”

“We gotta bunch of trolls here.”

“The dragon came out and told us to get in the castle.”

“The castle is at the top of the bunk bed.”

“We got up there, too many people in the castle.”


“Somebody had to go.”

“We took a vote. she lost, I kicked her off.”

“Wait, what!?”


“I kicked her off dad, it could’ve been anybody.”

“My baby made an executive decision.”

I said alright.

“She had to go.”

“I understand.”

“Never again Octavia.”

"Sister and mate's revenge"

It was a horrible sight. Feyre was literally broken, scars were covering her body, some had been bigger than other but she’d lost so much blood. Feyre had been caught as a spy and punished. She hadn’t told what had happened as she returned with Lucien at the Night Court’s front doors.

Lucien told them what happened. Tamlin had shown Feyre something in a locked room in the mansion, no one was allowed in. A few minutes later fire had broken through the mansion and killed many of Hybern’s men. But the exploitation had drained her, causing her to pass out.

They tied her up and whipped her, tortured her with ash, death threats to her court, Tamlin even tried to force himself on her.

Lucien had snapped. In the middle of the night, he’d broken into the cell, killing the guards, breaking her chains, and winnowed them away.

The entire inner circle was there as the healer worked on Feyre. Rhys was pacing, planning Tamlin’s slow painful death. Nesta had the same idea, but her idea was far more brutal than what Rhys had in mind. Elain was crying.

A tear had tried escape Nesta’s eyes. The two of them felt horrible, they had failed as Feyre’s sister once, now twice.

When they had been showed the Night Court, when they had been trained to use their powers, they had promised to repay Feyre, even if it took their lives.

Elain had promised out loud, saying “We owe Feyre five years of our lives, we will help Feyre no matter what.”

The healer rose to her feet and said, “She will be fine,” she turned to Lucien, “you were lucky with timing. Had it been much longer an infection would have formed. She’ll be out for some time, when she wakes; make sure she doesn’t move much, and make her drink this.” She handed a bottle of blue potion to Rhys with a sad smile.

Just as soon as the healer left, Nesta practically roared “Can I kill him!?”


Nesta, Elain, and Rhys were the last to leave the room. Rhys had been crying and holding Feyre’s broken hand while not saying a word.

Elain held Feyre’s other hand while mouthing prayers for her sister to wake up.

Nesta looked from Feyre to Rhysand and said, “why haven’t you gone to kill him yet?”

Rhys smiled a little before he turned to Nesta, “My question is; will you join me?”

Nesta smiled a wicked smile. Even Elain grew a fire in her eyes. And the sight was down right terrifying.


The three broke into the Spring Mansion during the night. Rhysand winnowed them to the border and from there, they went on foot.

Rhysand slammed the doors open and let darkness kill the guards in their way. They had one target. One kill to take.

The three stormed down the halls, Nesta snapping necks and punching holes in her way. Elain let Nesta deal with the guards as her only wish was to place a punch at Tamlin for hurting her sister. Rhysand had all the plans to kill. He’d promised to let Nesta and Elain land blows on Tamlin, but Rhysand wished for the killing blow. He told them why, for his own sister, his mother, for his fallen warriors, and now for Feyre… His mate.

They would allow it, as long as Feyre’s pain didn’t go unpunished.

They entered the room Lucien had told them, the room Tamlin would most likely be in. When they entered, Rhysand’s anger grew ten times On the wall; hung two framed wings. One for a grown female, while the other was smaller… A child’s wings.

Tamlin turned with wide eyes.

Then, hell broke loose.


Feyre woke with a horrible sight, Rhysand, Nesta, and Elain were bruised and bandaged beside her. When she asked, they told.

And Rhysand lifted the claws that had once been within Tamlin’s hands. It was not to be a trophy, just a reminder. A reminder for him.

Tamlin was still alive, they figured pain for pain would be better than pain for death. Even though they wanted to kill him.

The High Lord of the Spring Court was now missing a few parts.

TFLN Inspired (part 4)
  • [ text: ] Shower wine is way better than shower beer.
  • [ text: ] Terrible idea I love it
  • [ text: ] So, I never imagined myself puking on the side of the road at 10:30 this morning to Lynyrd Skynyrd but here I am.
  • [ text: ] We got really high and he took a green marker and made my vagina into a Christmas tree.
  • [ text: ] I think we should have a sex position advent calendar
  • [ text: ] I’m getting paid over-time to sit on reddit and look at dicks and abs all day. I’m really happy right now.
  • [ text: ] I’ve been continuously high for the last 48 hours, and just broke my 4th vibrator.
  • [ text: ] Wine and a Lunchable. That would be depressing if it wasn’t the pepperoni and mozzarella one. Those are the shit!
  • [ text: ] Trying to figure out why my back is hurting. And then I remember I got fucked up against a tree last night
  • [ text: ] You’re never gonna guess who’s blood is on my shirt
  • [ text: ]  just curious, were the inflatable penis’ received? Amazon says they were delivered.
  • [ text: ] True strength comes from lack of pants
  • [ text: ] My arms in a cast, how am I supposed to have sex with only one hand? more importantly I need two hands to eat pie.
  • [ text: ] this weekend took five years off my life and what was left of my dignity
  • [ text: ] If you had been home 20 minutes ago, you probably would’ve caught me masturbating, so it might be for the best.
  • [ text: ] Quick, I need a picture of your dick. Don’t ask questions, just show me your genitals.
  • [ text: ] Dude we need to hang out soon. I’m in the mood to get arrested again.
  • [ text: ] I just want somebody who’ll randomly bring me pizza and lovingly squeeze my butt.
  • [ text: ] Besides, I’m booked tomorrow. I’m planning on drinking heavily and crying in the bath.
  • [ text: ] I was mad at her…then I jerked off. Now I’m over it. Orgasms fix everything, I swear.
  • [ text: ] I’m glad you enjoyed the night but why were you calling me “daddy”?
  • [ text: ] Next time you decide to go downstairs hungover, please warn me. I now have to explain to twenty eight year olds why you were naked.
  • [ text: ] Leave it to you to bring a trash can into a fist fight.
Once Upon A Time

Oliver tells his daughter a bedtime story.

Read on AO3

Oliver sat on the edge of Sophia’s bed, sighing as she refused yet another story.

“How about Little Red Riding Hood?” he asked, holding up one of her favourite books but she stubbornly shook her head.

She was being extra difficult lately but Oliver couldn’t exactly blame her because she had the flu and like her mother, no matter how many times Felicity tried to deny the fact it was true, she was rather cranky when sick.

“I wanna hear something new,” Sophia complained to her father.

“But we don’t have anything new,” he responded helplessly, not sure of what to do and silently cursing the meeting that was keeping Felicity at work so late.

The five year old frowned and already looked as if she was on the verge of tears and oh god crying would only make her cold worse Oliver do something.

“Oh hey, I have a story,” the words quickly left his mouth before he had a chance to think.

“About a prince,” he continued, seeing Sophia’s hopeful expression.

Clearing his throat, he began.

“Well um, once upon a time, there was a prince. A handsome prince. Very handsome. In fact lots of girls all over the kingdom wanted to be his princess-” Sophia’s look of exasperation cut him off for a second before he hurriedly got back on track.

“Anyway one day he needed help. So he went-”

“What kind of help?” his daughter interrupted, blue eyes filled with curiosity.

“Um..help with a book. The prince needed important information about a secret matter that was in this book. But it was sort of ruined,” he explained.

“Oh no,” she gasped, her face filled with horror at such a thought and Oliver tried his hardest not to smile.

Her books were her most prized possessions and it would not be the first time that he would be yelled at for not taking them seriously.

“However, the prince had heard of someone who could help him. She was an expert in books. So he tracked down the genius he had been told about to ask for her help. But he was in for a big surprise.”

“How come?” Sophia asked, her eyes shining.

“Well first off, he didn’t expect her to be so pretty. He walked into her little office, ready to charm her with his princely charisma and then she turned around and took his breath away.”

“Really?” the little blonde asked, her entire face lit up now as she grinned. Oliver nodded, a wide smile of his own gracing his features.

“She was more beautiful than all the princesses he had ever seen. She was chewing on a pen-”

“I don’t think they had pens back then daddy,” Sophia cut him off again, and damn she was too smart for her own good.

“Hey my story my rules,” Oliver replied, causing her to giggle.

“Anyway, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, she was chewing on a pen. It was red. And suddenly the prince’s whole universe changed. There was something about this girl with blonde hair and glasses but he just didn’t know what.”

“She sounds like mommy,” Sophia mumbled, yawning and rubbing her eyes and Oliver couldn’t help but smile because she hit the nail right on the head.

He walked over to her, pulling the sheets and tucking her in.

“Wait, you didn’t finish the story,” she protested.

“Tomorrow,” Oliver promised.

“But did they fall in love?” she inquired drowsily.

“They sure did,” he grinned. “The prince gave her a lame excuse about how he got the book because he didn’t want her to know he stole it.”

“Wait, he stole it?” Sophia laughed again as her father nodded. “That’s not very prince like.”

“Not really,” he agreed. “But after she helped him out even though she knew he was lying, he kept going back to her, each excuse worse than the last. And eventually, the prince realised he was in love with her and she realised she loved him too. It took a couple of tries but in the end, they worked out. Because there wasn’t a force in the whole entire world that could keep them apart, no matter how hard it tried. And finally, they lived happily ever after,” Oliver ended softly.

He placed a gentle kiss on the sleeping blonde’s forehead, who no doubt, had already begun to dream of princes and princesses, castles and kingdoms. He also made a mental note to tell her the next day how the girl had actually turned out to be, not a princess but a queen, pun intended.

“Nice story,” a voice whispered and Oliver smiled as he turned around to find his wife standing behind him.

“When did you get here?” he asked quietly, pulling her into his arms.

“A little while ago. I was enjoying your fairytale,” she teased.

“Oh were you now?” her husband murmured, his lips only inches from her own.

“Mhmm,” she nodded, grinning at him. “But you forgot the part where the prince was being a stubborn idiot about being with the girl.”

“If I do remember correctly, there was a time when the girl didn’t want to be a woman that the prince loved,” Oliver retorted.

“Oh and I wonder why on earth she said that,” Felicity rolled her eyes.

“Because the prince was being an ass,” he mumbled sheepishly.

“He’s always an ass,” Felicity snorted, causing Oliver to narrow his eyes and shoot her a look that he was usually on the receiving end of from his wife.

“You married me though,” he replied and Felicity grinned.

“Yeah. You’re my ass,” she giggled softly and it was Oliver who rolled his eyes this time but he wore a smile that matched her own.

“Who has a nice ass,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows and causing Felicity to burst out laughing before she quickly covered her mouth and glanced at her daughter to make sure she was still asleep.

“I love you,” she whispered, before closing the distance between them and capturing her husband’s lips with her own. In that moment, everything was absolutely perfect and not for the first time, Oliver wondered how on earth he was lucky enough to have this life and family. Part of him still felt like he didn’t deserve it but in the words of Felicity, after everything he had been through, he deserved his happy story. And she and Sophia were it for him.

As Oliver kissed his wife senseless, sunshine erupted in his veins and a sense of peace washed over him. This was what happiness felt like. All of the fairytales were true. There really was such a thing as happy endings. And Oliver Queen had found his.


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

Meeting Fearless Vampire Killers ,Attila and drama club was amazing. Drama club talked to me ,signed my scars asked about my cuts and the three of us teared up  then hugged. It made me feel better. It kept me from attempting suicide for a short while..well  i attempted for three days straight three weeks after the concert.

The Kerrang tour oh my fuck was it good I waited with my friends and my fiancè in the cold rain but god was it worth it! The mosh pits were fun and more like family.. i met bury tomorow first they were so sweet! They signed my scars c: it made me feel  loved and hopeful.

I then met beartooth bc i knocked on their bus asking for a charger   they didnt sign me but they laughed when i was running to my friend saying “slow down, jeans are falling down im too mexican for a belt bitch”  they were kind and sweet not angry like other bands  would be..next i met all of we are the in crowd apart from tay who was showering they signed my arm and ticket..we hugged and lastly i met don broco before they jumped in a cab :)

I met silent screams and fathoms. We made mexican jokes since a member in fathoms is mexican..they called me short. Told me i was bleeding (mosh pits/circle pit) We Hugged. Signed my scars and tickets. It made me feel so happy and like i could actually do anything i want to.

LASTLY BUT MOST MEANINGFUL, i met nick from sws by the bar he kept me from passing out by handing me water :3  Then out of nowhere by the venue half of  issues were walking  back to the venue..i ran across the street explained  that my online brotherbear chris  sings their songs along with other bands  songs to me on skype   when  i have panic attacks  etc and they hugged me, signed my arm, told me to look after myself and took a pic :) they made me so so  happy i started crying a bit.

THEN AT ONE THIRTY AM …I MET PTV.. first i said hey to mike and tony before they left then met jaime! :) he took a pic with me whilst i cried..we hugged and i explained that id been a fan for five years  then he had to go but god i nearly died he made me feel more than my usual bipolar hypermanic happiness i..i felt alive more alive than i did in the mosh pit well in any moshpits..then a girl got upset so she ran down the street and i ran after her…to my suprise there was another one of my saviours.. Vic fuentes… i kept quiet and just didnt say anything till my best friend asked him to talk to me..i broke down crying to him..i told him everything..he signed my wrist..i hugged him out of the blue and he hugged back..told me he loved me. That im beautiful and that i  dont need to hurt myself  eventually he ended up letting tears slip too. Then we took a picture and said goodbye… That made me  feel safe,important,worth living, beautiful and like i was really more than a fan.. he saved my life..

Those bands all pushed me to live (along with MDE and damon/ my younow fans) I cant say im happy. Or that i am doing alot better but im never giving up and have started recovery

Wedding Day

I kinda rushed through it. Teehee. No regret.

She was dressed in a beautiful, white wedding dress.

The girl I loved and adored for five years already was now just a few feet away from me in a beautiful dress with a beautiful smile on her face. She was going to become my wife. I was blessed. I was the happiest girl in the world.

I was in a suit, black and white of course. We continued to stare at each other, smiling at each other, knowing that in just a few minutes, perhaps seconds, we would be married.

The day was beautiful and quiet. It was the perfect day for us.

Mother and Father were sitting in the front left as Anna’s Mom sat in the front right with her friends.

My brother, of course sat behind the piano, waiting for instructions from the priest.

The priest nodded and he began to set his fingers gently on the keyboard, playing “Here Comes the Bride.”

With her arm looped around her father, they began to slowly walk down the aisle, the dress dragging against the floor with each beautiful step she took. Flower petals being thrown by two little girls from my side of the family. They were having so much fun, giggling along with Anna.

She was in front of me now, smiling. I looked at her father.

“Take good care of this idiot, will you?” he whispered. I nodded.

“Yes sir,” I answered back. He nodded and patted my shoulder, gave Anna a peck on the forehead and left.

I grabbed my wife-to-be hands and took her to the side.

The piano continued to play, so I started a little conversation with her.

“You okay?” I whispered. She giggled, nodding.

“Are you? Your hands are sweating.”

I just noticed, actually and was going to take my hand off of hers until she held tightly. “Perhaps, I’m nervous?” I told her.

She rolled her eyes. “Oh please, Elsa you’re never nervous, don’t lie.”

“I’m not,” I told her and the music stopped. I turned to my brother. He gave me two thumbs up before walking back to the seat where he belonged.

Back to staring at those beautiful teal orbs again, and back to smiling happily again.

I held her hand tightly, no matter if I was sweating or not.

The priest cleared his throat and said his lines.

She was a rebel though. “This is boring,” she mouthed to me, but I knew exactly what she was saying. I was about to open my mouth to reply back but I caught eyes with Anna’s mother who frowned and shook her head. I shut my mouth, shrugging at the redhead.

“… Elsa Snow, do you take Anna Arendelle to be your wedded wife? Will you comfort her and keep her and do the vow that for time and for eternity you will be together forevermore?”

This was it. I smiled widely. “I do.”

“Anna Arendelle, do you take Elsa Snow to be your wedded wife? Will you comfort her and keep her and do the vow that for time and for eternity you will be together forevermore?”

“I do.”

“You will now recite your wedding vows and forever remember this moment. Elsa Snow, repeat after me.”

I did as I was told and when I was done, Anna did the same without breaking each other’s eye contacts.

The ceremony was going by fast and soon, our rings were being exchanged. I was shaking tremendously as I took the ring from my niece. I patted her blonde hair.

“Thank you,” I whispered and she giggled.

“Congrats, auntie!” With that, she ran back to my brother.

With the priest’s instruction, I placed the ring in Anna’s finger, forcing it through her. I watched for every expression that seemed like she was aching, but I saw none of that as she was just quietly watching me throughout the process. When I finished, she did the same but with more confidence. The ring went in easily.

“For as much as groom and wife have consented each other in wedlock, and have pledged to be betrothed, one to the other, by the power vested in me by the state of California, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Elsa, you may kiss the bride.”

This was my moment.

“You okay?” I whispered, letting go of her hand and took her chin in mine. She nodded.

“Now kiss me,” she commanded and without a single warning, she pulled my tie towards her so that her lips met with mine. I was startled, but soon recovered as I took her jaw in my hands, enjoying this precious moment.

Out of all the kisses we had exchanged for five years, this… this was special.

She and I were smiling awkwardly against each other’s lips, not minding the millions of claps and whistling in front of us. Perhaps, our parents were crying too.

Suddenly, with an idea in my mind, I took Anna’s back of her knee in my right arm and had my left around her back. I lifted her up and she squealed delightfully, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“I love you,” I told her.

Anna giggled as I began to walk myself towards the crowd and took my cheek in her warm palm. I nuzzled against it, always loving the feeling of her skin on mine.

“I love you too,” she replied softly and kissed me again.

Anna Arendelle, the girl I adored and loved for five years.

This girl, she became my beautiful, loving wife.