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Essays in Existentialism: Jurassic

I really love your fics so I was wondering if you’ll pleaseee write a clexa jurassic park au Tks

“Most meat eaters walked on two feet. This made them faster and left their hands free to grab their prey,” the professor explained, clicking the pointer so that the page changed. “Most plant eaters walked on four feet to better carry their heavy bodies. Some plant eaters could balance on two feet for a short time.”

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Summary: You’ve been feeling off lately, but can’t quite put your finger on it

Word count: 1479

Warnings: None

A/N: It’s been a long week and today I haven’t really felt like a human (I don’t know how to describe it… kinda like when you need a hard reset?) and towards the end of today I realized that I’m homesick. Obviously, I needed my Winchester boys to help me get through it since my parents are halfway around the world this week ;)

“Hey Y/N. Glad to see you’re still alive.”

“Whatever, Dean,” you muttered and shuffled toward the fridge in search of comfort food. You weren’t sure what was wrong, but you knew that you felt off. Something was going on with you and you couldn’t put your finger on it.

So you did what you always did when you didn’t understand how you were feeling and sequestered yourself away until you got your shit together.

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Meeting Meryl, Charlie, and the moms - part II

First, sorry that I didn’t get the second part up yesterday as promised. Work has just been killing me, and I wanted to sit down and enjoy writing this because it’s such a treasured memory, and I just wasn’t there yesterday.

In case you missed part I and wants to read it, here it is

I forgot to mention that while we were talking about AOI, I said that Meryl and Charlie had flown over early, and Cheryl said it was because they had to learn 2 new routines, and they were suppose to do a third one with the french ice dance couple, but they couldn’t make it. They were surprised that so many of skaters that were going to worlds, still did the show.

I also forgot to mention that it was decided last week, or the week before I guess since it was mentioned on Sunday, that Cheryl and Jacqui would join them in Zürich.

When she finally gets to the table, first thing she does is apologize for being late, and I just thank her for taking the time at all. She is just gorgeous, simply stunning. 

She sits down across from me, and she explains that she had gotten someones shirt with her dry cleaning, and had tried to figure out who it belonged to.

She then asks about me, sort of just confirming that I was in Vienna. She asks how I got there, and I giver her the short version. I went to school in France, got a job in Italy and that the job brought me to Austria. Her mom makes a comment to Meryl that it would have been something that she would have loved to do. Living all over Europe.

I then give her the gifts, and they see that I had put her name on it, commenting on it, sounding impressed. She comments on that the bag is heavy. She sets it next to her and looks inside. I say that there are of course chocolate from Norway and Austria. I tell her that the giraffe is a toy for her future puppy that I made for her, and that the head has a squeaky to inside. She gets so excited and so does Cheryl and Jacqui. I believe it is Jacqui that tells Meryl that she has to take a picture of her with it. I’m still so overwhelmed at this point that I can’t bring my phone out to do the same lol I am trying to see if I can’t get that picture.

After the picture she holds it in her hands and says “you made this?” I say yes and that the head squeaks. She then takes it under the table and says she doesn’t want to do it in front of the whole restaurant, but has to try, and she does. Too cute.

I then tell here that there is a white mesh bag in there, and that it is sort of like a house warming gift. An I’m not sure if it’s her taste or if it will fit in her house, but I saw them and they made me thing of her so I got them. She opens it up and takes them out and realize what it is. She makes an excited gasp and says they are perfect for her house. Her mom tells her she needs to take a picture of when she has installed them and send it to me. That was the door knobs. That made me so happy, I wasn’t sure about them, but I’m so glad I got them.

I then tell her about the Sorgen Fresser. That it’s a creature that eats your worries. You write them down on a piece of paper, and you put it inside the Sorgen Fresser, and he takes care of them. As she is looking for them, she finds the paper clips. I tell her what it is, and she looks a little questioning. I say they are formed like dogs, and it was something cute, and she smiles and nods her head. She then finds the Sorgen Fresser. She doesn’t open it, but looks at the packaging, and at the back saying “So these are the the different kinds you can get” and which I confirm. She loves the idea. Seems really interested in the little “monster”. She then turns to Jacqui and says it’s something that she can use for her business. That she can expand her business to include them. I don’t remember what Jacqui said, but she said something.

I then take out the pictures that I brought and asked if she would sign it. I tell her I don’t expect her to remember it, but she looks at it and says that she does, that it was at Sway. If she did or not, I don’t know, but I didn’t expect her to, she meets so many people, and Sway NY was ages ago on her schedule lol I’m just thrilled that she signs it.

I show her a black and a gold sharpie and says she can pick. She feels like she should go with gold. As she is about to start signing she asks “You spell your name Lena, right?” And I tell her it’s Line.

It’s now getting close to 11. We have gotten one warning from the restaurant that they are closing at 11, and Meryl and Charlie also have to leave. Jacqui had sent a message to Charlie for him to come there as well, and at this point he does.

I’m sorry, but I’m going to make a cut here, again. I have to get to bed. I will post the last part either tomorrow or Saturday.

I still can’t believe this happened, but I’m also scared of forgetting things, which is also why I’m taking my time writing this. Just today I remembered a few more details. Hope you enjoy this part as well. Thanks for all the comments on the first.

Redacted: Chapter One

Sixteen years later


Prisoner 41 had kept this one word in his head though all else had faded long from his memory.  It was the one light in the darkness of his captivity when there was nothing else to occupy his mind.  He did know that he once screamed until it felt like his blood vessel in his neck burst from the flowing rage.  But that was a long time ago.

He often hit the walls surrounding him, the pain keeping him from becoming completely numb.  And this would often lead to him getting out of the dark hole for a few minutes as the man in the white coat examined him.  The light hurt his eyes and soon he ached for the solitude of the hole again. Because this light wasn’t his.  It didn’t belong to him.  It belonged to Him.

He had long forgotten Him.  His face.  His cruelty.  But he knew that He existed.  That He had let him live but he knew this wasn’t a mercy.  Often other men in suits would look down at him in the whole, the light from above hurting his eyes, and they would sneer and point at him.

This poor sonofabitch.

He had the life.  Fuck-up.

This is why you don’t mess with Command, recruit.  See that down there? That’s your future if you ever mess with him.

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