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I wanted to try some new stuff with embroidery this summer, so I suggested to the bf, @powersimon, that we should do a collab. And since we’ve been binging on The Adventure Zone almost every night, it seemed only right to do one of the gang. He did the linework, and I transfered them onto the fabric (which was a journy in itself lmao) and stitched it up. Took ages, but it was real fun as well!

i loved you for your never ending desire to live, you could nearly pull through anything. your mind is capable of living a thousand lives but your body cant keep up.

we have been counting down the days together and you remained as brave as you have always been.

i am very grateful for all the adventures we had and i can assure you that you will be deeply missed. i hope to one day find the drive you had to keep on going

sleep tight, love.

The Secret Of NIMH is a classic animated film based on nightmarish rodent population research.

It’s got tons of cute talking animals… and the terrifying experiments preformed on them. And their duels to the death. And their encounters with a creepy owl that will scar any children witnessing it for life.

It was a dark and complex film, more Watership Down than Rescue Rangers.

However, the DVD release of NIMH really pushed it as a movie about a family of friendly mice and a goofy crow who go around having adventures. Now, there was a crow in the movie for comedic relief, and there was a family, and we suppose if “trying to move your home so your sick child doesn’t get caught in the farmer’s thresher” counts as an adventure, we guess it had that, too. But it’s all about tone, and any parent renting the film based on that bright, cartoony charm-fest of a cover up there is in for a surprise when, after watching, their kids can only ask “Mommy, what’s LSD?”

5 Hilarious Attempts To Rebrand Movies After The Fact

  • Sherlock, pulls a ring box out of his pocket : John Watson, I've been in love since the first day we met. I've loved every single adventure we had together. Will you give me the honor to be your beloved husband?
  • John, also pulls a ring box out of his pocket: Well shit

A year ago we had an adventurer write in to ask for badge for existing, because they were finding it hard after  The Pulse shooting. This was our response:

Hey, I know this is shitty. I know it’s scary and it fucking hurts.

I know because I am also angry and sad and scared. But I’ve always believed in being vindictively happy. Celebrate who you are because you are brilliant and strong and amazing. Love yourself and those around you harder than you ever have in your life because that’s exactly the kind of thing the world needs right now. And if you’re too sad and tired for all that, it’s okay. I understand. There’s a whole community here to support you until you can.  

Celebrate. Love. Be happy. It’s the best fuck you to those who hate you.

A few years ago we had a cozy little gang that got together every other week. As such, we often forgot what had happened in previous sessions. In one of our adventures, the rogue found a Bag of Holding and proceeded to stuff a live alligator inside. 

Cut to a few weeks later, during a boss fight:

DM: It’s looking bad. 12 damage to the paladin.

Rogue: I know it’s my turn, hold on, there’s got to be something I can use -

Cleric: The alligator! Unleash the alligator!

Rogue: Oh my god. I do it. I open my Bag and release the alligator.

Table, chanting: Alligator! Alligator! Alligator!

DM: …. a bloated, slimy, alligator corpse slips out onto the dungeon floor. I hope you’re happy.

Rogue: It’s dead???

DM: You kept it in a bag for weeks with no food or water, what did you expect?

We died.

yorukoyamirai  asked:

So I've seen your posts pointing out the 'not telling that they'd give them superpowers is weird and shady' plus 'bad idea to say 'we'll make you gods'. And I've been thinking... The voiced 24 questions didn't entirely match the sort of humanitarian organization Clint's been describing. Something MUST be off right?

I think it’s very possible.

Like I won’t say that it’s for sure planned or for sure where they’re going to take the story - there’s a big chance that this is all coincidence - but there’re a lot of compelling things to consider.

Why weren’t these people better informed about the nature of their employment before being brought to an island that falls outside of a higher power of law? Why was the assumption of everyone in the room during the test that they needed to compete with each other instead of work together, at what was specifically a new-employee mixer? Why the strange phrasing, with an experimental method that they probably don’t know for sure will work as planned (and the exact outcome of which seems uncertain)? And while the “you have to be in proximity of each other for your powers to work” is an interesting gameplay element, it’s also a weakness - their powers would be neutralized if they were isolated, for example.

It’s very possible that none of this means anything and this isn’t where the plot is going, so I wouldn’t necessarily count on it being true, but it would make for a very interesting story and potentially an interesting arc for a long campaign if they decided to go with this concept.

Magic > common sense

Context: We had just been on an adventure in our pirate ship, collecting these cursed items, mostly armour and some weapons, that allow the wielder control over an element. We are then faced with a gauntlet of elemental challenges to navigate our ship through things like storm, rocky reef, icebergs ect. once we cleared that we found ourselves at the foot of a 300 ft cliff with a ship sized hole at the top

Cleric: Well we are stuck

Fighter: We could climb it maybe? Do we have enough rope?

Bard (me): Wait a minute *cleric’s name* you can use your shield to control earth right?

Cleric: Yeah?

Me: I have an idea, you can make a big, ship shaped ramp up to that opening right?

Cleric: Oh! Yeah! I can. *To DM* I do that

Other fighter: I see where this is going *To DM* I am going to use my artifact to make an ice sled for the ship

Me: *To DM*I am going to use my artifact to make a small tornado rocket booster out the back of the ship

Wizard: *To DM* I summon a big wave to push us up the ramp 

So our insane plan works and we make a sick jump off the ramp with our ship into this cave 

DM: Well that was interesting. You know I was actually just planning for you to lower the cliff down to the water level. You guys do realize you could have done that instead right?


So I finally got round to reading some old comics I bought ages ago but never read and I think this might be my new favorite thing