we had a really rough week

Here’s what really happened with my job

My daycare is a Christian owned daycare. We are right next to a church that I’ve been going to for years. Been working at this daycare for about six months and barely had any complaints.

Usually we walk the kids to the church to eat lunch. Yesterday me and the manager, we’ll call her Rebecca, we’re walking them back to the daycare for nap time. I was doing my best to make sure nothing happened to the kids and it’s hard when you have 20+ kids running around.

When we get there, Rebecca had noticed there was a bump on one child’s head. I didn’t know what happened. She took her to the kitchen to get some ice. When she came back, I had asked how bad it was and she said it was swollen. She was friendly then.

The owner’s daughter, Carol, shows up and tells me to go ahead on break. I do and as soon as I get to the place I was going, I get a call from Carol.

“What happened to this child’s head? I need to know so I can write it down.”

I told her I really didn’t know. She sighs and it’s silent for a while before she asks me if I knew three kids had poopy diapers. I said I knew one was, but I had forgotten to change it. I even apologized. One of the children she listed wasn’t even mine. It was Rebecca’s. I didn’t say that, though.

Then, she said, “This isn’t going to work. It’s a constant thing. I’ll call you back.”

I didn’t answer. I just hung up and screamed in the store that I was quitting. I cried in the store for a while before deciding to go back to work and quit then. I was of course going to work the rest of the week because it was only a day and a half.

But when I get there, the owner herself (who is the pastor of the church’s wife) gave me a speech about how there was three day’s of parent complaints and even some parent’s were going to pull their kids out. I didn’t know any of this. No one told me. We had one meeting about a few things, but I thought it was just a meeting. The complaints we’re that sippy cups we’re being mixed up and I only mixed up one. The same time I gave a little boy the wrong socks, but the socks I gave were the ones in his shoes. Easy mistake.

Then, she said she had to let me go and for me to sign out. Her and the manager both stayed in the office to discuss a phone call, so I didn’t even get an “I’m sorry” or a good bye.

Now here’s the thing. I changed all of my kid’s diapers before we went to lunch. Last week I forgot to because at the time there were pictures being taken in my room. I couldn’t interrupt. This was a problem because one of mine went to lunch with poop. This week, I think Monday, the owner’s daughter had made the comment that if a kid was in my class then they probably weren’t changed.

That’s probably where the diaper thing came from. Basically acting as if I never change my kids. And I did. All the time.

I don’t think I should be responsible for another worker not changing her kid’s diapers. And another thing. The little girl who was hurt was also in Rebecca’s class. How come she didn’t know?

Why am I being fired for the same mistakes another worker also made? Because she’s the manager? That’s not fair and I can honestly see why they can’t keep anyone there.

But right after I was fired I put in applications. I’m currently doing so. I know I can find a place that will appreciate me because I’m a hard worker.

To sum it up: FUCK daycares.

Joker Imagine - You Lose Your Virginity

WARNING: SMUT!!!! This is not for kids (But are any of my imagines tho?)

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Your P.O.V.

Being Joker’s girlfriend wasn’t easy, but I loved it. I loved spending time with him, stand by his side and feel special. He made me feel like I was one in a billion. Even tho he could be scary and really crazy, I loved him. Most people feared Joker for his behaviour which was good, but I knew him better. We’ve been together for just a few weeks, but it was enough. He was crazy and I was crazy, a perfect mixture for Gotham city. A crazy couple that likes to play with Batsy. We had a lot of fun, but then came the more personal part.

I was still a virgin.

The fact had made me nervous and to be honest I was scared. Joker wasn’t a gentle man, he was more dominating. I knew he had a rough grip so I was stressed about when the time would come. I was mentally ready, but I was just scared as heck. My old friends had told me that they were in pain, that it stung and some of them even bled. Knowing Joker he wouldn’t be any gentler than an ordinary guy, perhaps he was worse.

 Damn he didn’t even know. I had always came up with an excuse like ‘I’m on my periods’ ‘the wounds I got from the heist hurt’ or ‘I’m tired, sorry’ when he tried to take kissing a step further. Now he probably suspected something, which was ok. I knew I should tell him.

It was Valentine’s day, 10 p.m. and he would come home anytime soon. I had been up all day as he was on a heist with Frost. I had stayed on purpose, trying to prepare myself. Joker was surprised when I a blood thirsty little monster didn’t come with him to kill a few people who didn’t pay him back. While he was gone from the luxurious penthouse, I was thinking. I knew that I’d give him my virginity tonight. So I had taken a warm bath, I read loads of blogs where people talked about losing it. It was the same pain and blood kind of shit. But then I saw more positive posts. Some said that foreplay and lube could make it better. Also not everyone would bleed. So I felt a little better.

I sighed and grabbed my laptop. Then I sat down on our bed, on the dark purple sheets and I sat comfortably. Then I opened a tab and decided to do something I didn’t do that often, but I felt like I had to. If Joker would catch me, I’d be so embarrassed. I watched some more mature videos, yes porn. To be honest it was kinda hot and impressive how these people did all that. Maybe one day J could take me like that? Damn it was a thrilling thought. I got so lost in my thoughts by watching the video that I forgot to follow the time. The volume was quite high and a girl was moaning really heavily. I bet her moans were echoing through the house. I just watched keenly, slowly getting wet.

Then I heard footsteps coming closer loudly. My eyes widened and my breath hitched in my throat. Before I could sit up, Joker walked in with a gun in his hand. There was an angry look on his face. My heart jumped to my throat and I froze on the bed. ‘’Oh’’ He muttered and lowered the gun. Instead of being angry, he smirked. ‘’Is my kitten horny?’’ He purred at me. He still had his silver jacket on. He probably thought that something was happening here so he just hurried to me. A blush spread on my face and I shut the tab and then put the computer away. Way to go.

‘’We need to talk’’ I cleared my throat and looked away from my boyfriend. It was really embarrassing to be caught watching porn. ‘’Hmm I’d love to talk’’ Joker told me deeply and crawled in bed next to me. I noticed that I got tense. He grabbed my jaw and made me look at him. His usually ice blue eyes were dark and his pupils were bigger than normal. ‘’I should..um..there’s..can you..no do you want to..ugh..’’ I wanted to tell him about my virginity, but I was so nervous that I didn’t make sense. I stopped stuttering when he put his fingers on my lips. ‘’Do you want me to fuck you?’’ He asked me shamelessly. My eyes widened a bit and I felt like I was a heat lamp by now. Why was this so bad?

‘’Kinda.. yes’’ I whispered and watched how his smirk turned into a grin. ‘’But there’s something..you should know’’ I hurried to say before he got started. Joker nodded and waited for me to tell him. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that it was ok. He should know. ‘’I’ve..I’ve never done this before’’ I spat it out shyly and expected him to laugh, but nope, he didn’t laugh. ‘’I figured’’ He replied calmly. I looked at him with surprise. Before I could ask him how, he kept going. ‘’You always had an excuse kitten. You could have just told me’’ He let me know and climbed above me. I looked into his eyes quietly. Joker sat on my hips, but he put most of his weight on his legs. 

‘’Sorry’’ I apologized for not telling him earlier. ‘’Hmm..it’s ok. But why didn’t you tell me kitten? Why’’ He pried while taking off his silver jacket, revealing his red shirt that wasn’t buttoned. I saw his toned chest and to be honest I liked that sight. ‘’I was scared’’ I admitted, knowing that being honest with him was the best choice. Joker took off his shirt as well before he leaned closer to my face. ‘’Why were you scared?’’ He purred quietly and cupped my face. I put my hands on his and took a deep breath, noticing how his scent of gunpowder and cologne calmed me down.

‘’I was scared because I know it hurts..and it’s kinda embarrassing’’ I admitted, finding it hard to speak when he started kissing my neck. J licked my skin and then started kissing me until he found my sweet spot. I whimpered,but muffled it by biting my lips together. ‘’It’s not embarrassing’’ He told me seriously before looking back into my eyes.This side of him wasn’t really familiar for me. He wasn’t angry nor overly happy and cheerful. He seemed like he genuinely cared about my safety. But there was also that smirk there since he caught he watching that video. 

‘’You know I won’t hurt you right?’’ He whispered into my ear. I licked my lips and closed my eyes for a while. ‘’..unless you want me to’’ He added darkly, but I knew what he meant with that. ‘’I trust you J’’ I let him know. All this got me hornier and I just wanted to get started. I felt impatient, but also shy and vulnerable. ‘’Look at me’’ He demanded and so I opened my eyes. His face was right above mine. ‘’I’ll take care of you. Why would I ever want to hurt my queen?’’ He looked at me seriously, but he didn’t seem angry. I cracked a smile and it was enough for an answer.

Then J pressed his red lips against mine. I relaxed into the kiss and shut my eyes again, kissing him harder. Joker opened his mouth a little so he could push his tongue out. I gave him access to my mouth and then he started exploring me like never before. His hand travelled down on my body so he was cupping my right boob. I tensed as he touched me and of course he noticed. J pulled back and looked deep in my eyes. ‘’Relax kitten’’ He demanded calmly. I nodded and took a deep breath. 

Then he grabbed the hems of my black shirt that I was wearing and he dragged it up until I was shirtless. I watched as he threw the shirt away somewhere on the wooden floor. The cool air made contact on my skin and I felt goosebumps rising. Then J got up, standing next to the bed. He unbuckled his belt and got out of his black jeans. I was wearing golden pajama shorts and black underwear. When I saw J in his boxers, I realized that this was real. He had a boner and man it looked huge. How could all that fit inside me?

‘’What did you think of when you watched it baby?’’ He broke the silence and got on the bed again. I sat up next to him and sighed. Was it so obvious that I had been thinking of him? Of us doing those things? ‘’You’’ I replied shortly. J put his hands on my shorts and dragged them off, making me raise my legs so he could take them all the way off. Now we were both in our underwear only. I couldn’t help but to be nervous, but I was getting really wet. ‘’Mmh baby..’’ He growled with a smile and suddenly dragged me on his lap. I put my hands on his muscled shoulders and bit my bottom lip.His grip was strong, but sure. I liked it.

‘’I’ve thought about you very very much baby..About you and me, together’’ He purred and then his hands played with my bra. He unclasped them and I felt them hanging by the straps. He had never seen me buttnaked before, but I didn’t mind that he would now. Then he slid them off of me and threw them away as well. My nipples were hard and I knew he noticed. I mean, my boobs were nearly in his face. ‘’You’ve got really nice tits’’ he smirked and cupped both of them. Then he gave them a squeeze, making me flinch because the sensitivity came so suddenly. ‘’I know you like them because you’re always staring’’ I chuckled and tried to feel comfortable. I wasn’t uncomfortable either, just nervous.

‘’Have you touched yourself?’’ J asked me seriously and then licked my left nipple. I bit my bottom lip and nearly moaned when he blew cold air on the spot before nibbling me with his teeth. He used his hand on the other one so I wouldn’t feel lonely. ‘’Tell me’’ He reminded me and kept going. As I opened my  mouth to speak, he bit me a little harder, making me moan. ‘’That’s my girl, don’t hold it back’’ He let me know more happily. ‘’Now tell me, have you ever touched yourself while thinking of us?’’ He wanted to know very eagerly. It made me think of the few times I had done that. It had all been very recently. He was making me a horny mess.

‘’Yes J mmh’’ I whimpered, getting wet for him. Then I looked at my horny boyfriend who got a dangerous dark twist in those pretty eyes. ‘’Dirty dirty girl’’ He rumbled deeply. Then he used his mouth on my other boob. I leaned closer to him so his face was hugging them. I wanted to get some friction, but I was patient enough. I knew that foreplay was important so it wouldn’t hurt so much. His warm hands squeezed my boobs a little harder, making me jump a little every time, but I liked the feeling. Suddenly he pinched both my nipples, making me gasp. ‘’I need to punish you for being a naughty girl, but not tonight’’ He warned me and then moved his hands on my back, sliding them down until he clutched my bum. He did it to press our clothed crotches closer. Then he leaned back against the bedpost and attached his lips on my neck.

‘’Damn..I can feel how wet you are’’ J admitted and grinded his hard on against me. My eyes nearly rolled to the back of my head from the unfamiliar touch, but the feeling it made. My clit was pulsing by now because I was so eager for his touch. ‘’Oh baby girl..how long have you been waiting for me?’’ He licked his lips and kept planting kisses on my neck and chest. ‘’A few hours’’ I answered shortly, focusing on the small amount of friction that felt good already.

‘’Maybe..just maybe I won’t tease you too much now’’ He thought out loud. Then he rolled us over so he was on top. I looked into his eyes and now it was my turn to smirk. ‘’It must be tight in those boxers J’’ I whispered and touched his back with my nail, gently tho. ‘’Trust me, it is’’ He growled and then pressed his crotch against mine again, way harder than earlier because he was on top now. As I was about to moan, he pressed those sweet lips of his against mine, making me moan into his mouth. He grabbed my hair with his left hand to keep me steady. The feeling of him dry humping me was so good after waiting so long.

Then he let go of my lips, looking into my eyes silently for a while. He was probably finding it hard to keep control over his actions. ‘’Daddy’s hungry’’ He let me know. At first I didn’t get it, but I was quick to catch on. J went down on me and soon he bit my last piece of clothing, my undies. I watched as he slid them off very slowly, keeping eye contact while teasing the hell out of me. ‘’J’’ I whined impatiently, but couldn’t help but to admit that it was hot. His hands touched my thighs and then moved closer again. He moved his eyes away from my eyes to look at my heat. I felt a little shy and embarrassed again. No one had ever been this close to me.

‘’Oh you’re glistening..something needs to be done here’’ He purred excitedly and placed a kiss on my inner thigh. I squeezed the bedsheets and waited for him to do something. I didn’t even realize that I was holding my breath until he told me. ‘’Relax kitten, I’ll make you feel good’’ He promised me. I let out a long breath and then encouraged him with a smile. ‘’Please daddy’’ I begged him. Something twisted in his eyes and his grip got tighter, but I didn’t feel any pain. Then he licked my pussy slowly, from my clit to my opening. I gasped and then held my breath for a few seconds. J didn’t stop now. He kitten licked my wetness and then attached his mouth of my throbbing clit. I moaned loudly in pleasure. It didn’t hurt, yet.

J nibbled my clit with his teeth and made me arch my back. He put his right arm on my hips to keep me on place. ‘’Damn baby you taste so good’’ He complimented me and kept licking my clit. ‘’harder J’’ I whimpered, wanting more. I wanted him to take me harder. It was probably because I was so horny. ‘’Baby girl..I feel like after a few times you’ll be one feisty beast in bed’’ He chuckled and then pushed his index finger inside of me. He had long and kinda thick fingers. I had never felt that before from anyone else than myself and I had smaller fingers.

I chewed my bottom lip and whimpered as he started fingering me. It hurt a little, but it felt so good as well. Then I moved my hand to touch his arm he used to keep my hips down. J looked at my face to see if I was in any kind of discomfort.  He wasn’t smiling and he had a dark look on his smug face, but I could tell he was both happy but worried. He truly cared about me. ‘’Does my kitten enjoy this?’’ He purred and curled his long finger against me soft walls, hitting a spot that made me moan loudly. He noticed and kept pressing his finger against that magic spot. 

‘’Y-Yes’’ I answered him and tried to buck my hips, but it was useless. Suddenly he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers while using his other hand to pleasure me. Once he pulled out his finger, he pushed back two. This time he had more difficulties getting both in smoothly. I gulped and realized that it hurt a little. J saw it on my face and he stopped. ‘’Relax’’ He reminded me and used his thumb to rub my clit. ‘’Keep going’’ I told him a little unsurely. He listened to me and fingered me with two fingers, but he couldn’t get both fully in. My head leaned against the pillows and I squeezed his hand, but I still moaned out in both pleasure and pain. Soon he managed to get both fingers in and he pressed the magic spot again. 

‘’Fuck yes’’ I breathed out sharply. ‘’It wasn’t that hard to find’’ He told me proudly. I guess the magic spot was my G-spot. He was still slow with his fingers, but I wanted more now that I got more used to it. I wanted to feel him in me, to be connected with him. ‘’J’’ I whispered nervously and looked into his dark eyes. ‘’Yes baby?’’ He answered quickly and stopped moving his fingers. I felt how my juices stained the sheets. I couldn’t help but to think of the chance of bleeding.

‘’I want you’’ I told him honestly. J pulled out his fingers and climbed closer to my face. ‘’Do you want me now?’’ He questioned me with his sexy raspy voice and touched my bottom lips with the fingers he just used to finger fuck me with. I nodded and opened my mouth so I could taste myself. J pushed his fingers in my mouth and I sucked them clean. ‘’I’ll get a condom’’ He let me know. J pressed a kiss on my stomach, making me smile, before he got up. He walked to the dark brown drawer and opened it, grabbing a condom. Reality hit me again. This was it. I just hoped that he managed to remain as calm as possible. J wasn’t normal, but I couldn’t be happier to share this moment with him. No one else could replace him, never ever in a gazillion years.

J took off his boxers and then I saw his cock. My eyes widened. Now it looked even bigger. Pre-cum was dripping from his tip. He was stone hard. It would be a miracle if this wouldn’t hurt. I mean I barely managed two of his fingers and now that? He was at least nine inches long, at least! ‘’Do you want to put it on?’’ J asked me, knocking me out of my thoughts. He had holding the condom near me. I grabbed it from his hand and then ripped the small package open, revealing a slimy piece of rubber that would keep us away from infections and kids.

Then I looked at his cock. Was I supposed to touch him? What if I’d screw up? J noticed that I was staring, so he decided to speak. ‘’You’re adorable’’ He chuckled and then grabbed my wrist, bringing my hand close to his erection. My hands were trembling because I was so nervous, but damn I wanted this. ‘’Um..How do I know when it’s right?’’ I mumbled, feeling like my brain was running in circles. ‘’I’ll know, just roll it on’’ He encouraged me. His voice was raspier than normally. I grabbed his shaft and tried to keep a gentle touch. I had no idea if it hurt or what it felt like for him. Then I put the condom on his tip and tried to remember what I had learned earlier. I pinched the tip while rolling it on. Then I let go and looked at J for approval.

‘’Good, was it so hard?’’ J asked me and licked his lips. I shook my head no, but to be honest I just wanted to begin. ‘’Now baby girl you need to relax, okay?’’ He looked deep in my eyes while making me lie down on my back. ‘’I will’’ I promised him and took a shaky breath. Joker grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders. Then he positioned himself close to my entrance, letting the tip touch me but he didn’t push in yet. My nerves were about to kill me.

‘’Hey, look at me’’ J demanded and I was quick to do so. He grabbed my hand and looked deep into my eyes. ‘’Do it’’ I whispered and prepared myself for the pain. I gritted my teeth as he pushed his length inside of me, stretching my walls that had never experienced this. First I couldn’t feel pain, until he got an inch or two in. ‘’Fuck’’ I hissed nervously and tensed my muscles.J stopped and clenched his jaw. This wasn’t easy for him either. ‘’Y/N, take it easy baby’’ He reminded me. Tears stung my eyes, but it was mostly because of my nerves. I had been thinking too much all day and this was the moment all that stress and worry came out. It didn’t hurt so much that I couldn’t handle it.

‘’You’re doing good, now be a good girl for daddy and relax’’ J spoke slowly, but deeply. I nodded and relaxed after taking a deep breath.He kept going slowly. I felt the struggle, since everything was so tight down there. J never broke eye-contact while he entered me. Then as I thought things wouldn’t get worse, I felt a stinging pain. ‘’Ow ow ow’’ I whined and gritted my teeth. J didn’t stop, he kept pushing himself in. I knew that he had torn my hymen. ‘’I know it hurts baby,but it’ll be over soon’’ He promised me seriously. The tears rolled down my face, but I didn’t sob. Then he cupped my cheek and wiped away a tear with his thumb. I liked J like this, which I never expected. 

Soon he was all the way in. J stopped, wanting me to adjust to his size. I was breathing heavily because my nerves were unravelling. It stung and hurt as my walls stretched, but it didn’t get any worse. Actually now that he wasn’t moving, it didn’t hurt too much. ‘’You’re doing so good’’ J purred and tried to stay still. Man he had been weeks without sex and now he had to contain himself, which was a hard task for Joker. I was so glad that he cared about me enough to not hurt me on purpose.

‘’Move’’ I whispered after a while. He nodded and pulled back. I gritted my teeth, but tried to stay relaxed as he moved. J was almost all the way out until he pushed back in, this time a little faster without stopping. I grunted in pain but the pleasure made it bearable. J growled under his breath. I untangled our hands so I could hug him by putting my hands on his strong back. J supported himself a little better now and found a better position. Soon he was finding a slow but steady rhythm. One more single tear rolled down my face until I started to find pleasure coming above the pain. I moaned quite loudly now, allowing J to know that the worst pain was over. He smiled, but it quickly faded as he started to pace up.

My nails raked his back without me noticing. ‘’Fuck J’’ I cried out in pleasure. The feeling was new but so lovely. His big cock rubbed my soft and sensitive walls by every move and once he was in me, his tip hit the magic spot that made my eyes roll to the back of my head. ‘’Do you feel good?’’ He asked me darkly and he gritted his teeth. We were both getting sweaty, but neither of us minded. ‘’Y-Y..ah fuck yes!’’ I wailed out happily. J started breathing heavily and so did I, but I was a moaning mess as well. I bucked my hips against J’s to get more friction. I wanted him to go faster and not be so careful anymore. Just like I read the pain goes away after a few minutes. Now I felt simply amazing.

‘’Faster..’’ I whispered quietly, but he didn’t quite catch it. I knew he wanted to go slow to keep me safe which was sweet. J probably found this hard, since he actually gave a fuck about me. I knew how to make him take me harder tho. ‘’Fuck me harder daddy’’I told him loudly. J slowed down until he stopped. My ass was wet because I was legit dripping arousal. J put his hand on my jaw and looked into my eyes seriously. ‘’Y/N..don’t get me to the point where I can’t control myself’’ He warned me, but I knew he wanted it. Me being the crazy girl who didn’t follow rules anyway did something else.

‘’I know you want to..I can take you daddy’’ I purred and bucked my hips, already missing the feeling of him fucking me. I wanted more. I didn’t even care if it hurt a little bit. ‘’Y/N’’ J growled and shut his eyes. I smirked, knowing that I got him. ‘’I’m all yours daddy, look at me’’ I said innocently. When he opened his eyes I used my left hand to touch my clit. J looked at my actions for a few seconds until he lost it. He grabbed my wrist harshly and pinned it next to my head. ‘’Oh darling you’ll cry soon’’ He warned me angrily. Finally. 

Before I could answer, he grabbed the bedpost and let his anger out on me, just as I expected him to. J pounded himself balls deep in me, making the sound of skin slapping against skin echo in our room and probably the entire penthouse.’’Yes..Yes daddy’’ I gasped and rolled my eyes to the back of my head again. Then I curled my toes and felt a knot forming in my stomach. J was going really hard, harder now that I thought he would. ‘’Is this what you wanted?’’ He growled heatedly. I couldn’t even answer him. The pleasure and pain mixed together had me overwhelmed. My mouth was open and I was gasping between my loud cries of pleasure. The look in J’s eyes was so sexy but dangerous.

I had awakened a beast.

J kept slamming his entire length in me, until a strong feeling seemed to come closer. I guess I was close to an orgasm. Although I also read that most women don’t come the first time, or even the first few times. ‘’J’’ I tried to say his name, but it came out as a whisper. J growled and kept doing this hard work. A shiver ran down my spine and I struggled to breathe. It felt so good. ‘’J’’ I tried again and it came out a little louder. ‘’You’re close, I know’’ he let me know. Tomorrow would be a day I’d find it hard to walk. I just felt it.

As the feeling grew stronger, tears stung my eyes again. I wanted to let go so bad, but I found it hard. I blinked, letting the tears wash down my face. But the roughness was fucking amazing. I knew I wasn’t normal. ‘’Ah-’’ I screamed, but fell silent as a wave of pleasure washed across my entire body, feeling like a good slap. It’s like all my other senses numbed down, only allowing me to feel the amazing feeling. It made my abdomen muscles tense. I curled my toes and used my free hand to dig my nails into J’s back.

After a while I came back to my senses, still feeling like heaven, but something unexpected happened. I got super sensitive. It’s like every move J did was like twenty times more sensitive. ‘’J’’ I whimpered, still recovering from that hard orgasm. He didn’t stop yet. I screamed out and my body started shaking. I was pushing him, but I wanted more. I wanted this, but my body couldn’t handle much more. J noticed and then stopped. He pulled out and put my legs down. I squeezed them together, panting hard on the bed now. J took off the condom and I watched as he came seconds later. His cum cum shot on my body, landing on my stomach. His entire hot load just pooled on my skin as I panted.

For some reason I liked that dirty sight of being covered in his cum. But now I felt like I was on fire, but it was so worth it. J was breathing heavily and he ran his hand through his hair. I cracked a smile and I looked at my boyfriend. Suddenly I felt much closer to him, it’s like we were more serious. ‘’Thank you’’ I whispered tiredly, but I was so happy. J  looked into my eyes more calmly now. ‘’Well it’s not over yet doll face. I need to run you a bath, you’re bleeding’’ He let me know. My eyes widened. Then I sat up, ignoring the burning sensation. He was right. There was a little blood on the sheets. Fuck.

I wasn’t sure if he was angry or not, but I still grew nervous.’’Shit sorry..I-I’ll clean up’’ I promised him quickly. Before I could panic more, J cupped my face and kissed me. It took me by surprise, but I kissed him back. The kiss was sweet and salty, but it sure calmed me down. Then J grabbed my wrists and let me put my hands on his chest. ‘’Oh kitten just take it easy, it’s fine. Daddy isn’t mad at you’’ He assured me. ‘’I lov..’’ I started, but quickly shut up. His smile faded. Joker never told anyone those three words, at least not that I knew of it. He knew how to show his emotions, especially when he got protective over me or when he wanted to spend time with me. He knew it as well ,but so far he had never said that he loved me. I was kinda nervous now. Everything went well, but I went and tried to say those words to him.

Way to go.

‘’I loved it’’ I cleared my throat, talking about the sex. Maybe he’d think through it. J sighed and then stood up. I thought he’d leave me alone, but instead he picked me up in his strong arms. So he carried me to the master bathroom. ‘’I know what you were going to say Y/N’’ he admitted ,but I was unsure if he was angry at me or not. He wasn’t obvious like an open book. No, Joker was a nut that was hard to crack, but I was going the right way. ‘’Sorry’’ I whispered and looked down. He put me on my feet and locked the white bathroom door. My legs were numb, kinda feeling like jelly. So I sat on the edge of the tub quickly. Then I watched as J let the warm water fill the big tub, big enough for two.

‘’Don’t be sorry’’ He started a little angrily. Well sherlock it wasn’t easy not to be. I didn’t want to ruin a perfect night with my own stupid feelings in words. J kneeled down in front of me and rested his head on my knees. ‘’Do you mean it?’’ He wanted to know. A blush spread on my already rosy cheeks. Then I nodded, a little scared if I had to be honest. Instead of getting mad at me like I expected him to be, instead of hitting me neither, he did the opposite.

‘’Well..I think that’s good, so I know our feelings are mutual’’ He let me know mysteriously. Just as I expected, he wouldn’t say ‘I love you’ but he found a way to let me know. 

Well this was a perfect valentine’s day..

Dan and Phil’s Secret Project Conspiracy

Sometime in January Dan, Phil, and their management started following an account called @farazosman after he first followed them.

Faraz Osamn is a Director who manages a company called Lemonade Money. They help make documentaries and music videos for people.

This started the theory that dan and phil could be working on another secret project.

On May 7th, 2016 Osman had this interaction with @tunephil

Which is what made me start digging in the first place.

I followed his twitter, looked through all his replies and favorites from the past year. I followed his instagram and even his snapchat.

I came across this post on his instagram

Back in 2013 Dan and Phils address had been leaked, so I knew where they used to live and what the street they were on looked like. (at first i thought this was on dan and phils street because the windows are the same and the street looks identical to when dan was dancing in the street for truth or dare but apparently it’s not?)

Now on January 29th when this photo was posted, they were leaving for Phil’s birthday up north, so this photo could be from earlier or he met with them before they left. Who knows

Another post he has is called “digital love” which I just find cute

Dan had mentioned in February that they were ‘working on a thing’ that we 'might see later’ as well as that rough week he had in March.

In may when I was looking at all this I also came across Osman’s instastory of himself editing something called “episode 1 *rainbow emoji*” that I never saved a photo of -__-

But with all this I really feel like they are working on a documentary. Wither its just of their lives together and how they met or something else

also in dans liveshow 7/18/17 he slipped up and said he was working on a ‘film’ when he meant danisnotonfire ?? 

- Emily 

Legend of Korra: Korrasami

Transcript of DVD commentary from The Last Stand (final episode of Book 4) featuring Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Joaquim Dos Santos, and Lauren Montgomery.

BK: I like to imagine that Asami lied, she lied about Varrick wanting that suit just to get Tenzin out of there. She’s got this sly little look on her face and I think she’s like, “Yeah, it’ll buy me some time.“

JDS: Right now, Tenzin is going, "What, what, what, where is he?”

BK: So, yeah, Asami has had a pretty rough week or so… I don’t know, how much longer?

MD: It was a couple weeks.

BK: Couple of weeks, yeah. So, this was, you know, Mike and I worked on this scene together and I really wanted to have… I just loved their story, their whole how-they-started, you know, kinda fought over Mako… But what was cool is they never really took it out on each other, and then this beautiful relationship kind of developed out of it. So…

MD: Yeah, and we wanted to have them start as friends and have that friendship develop into maybe something a little more.

BK: Into love.

MD: Yes.

BK: And then there was- I always remembered, ‘cause Asami is not like the benders, so sometimes she wouldn’t be in the crazy action scenes and she never got to go to the spirit world. So, I thought…

MD: Yeah. It’s nice.

BK: It’s a beautiful way for them to go together and live happily ever after…the end.

Hurt Me

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Jeff Atkins x Reader
Request: Babes can you do a jeff imagine where him and reader get into a huge fight before jess’ party and don’t even speak to each other in the party but reader goes for a beer run and gets into an accident. No deaths and all tho. Do something about him being jealous xxx
Word Count: 1,465
A/N: Ugh after a tough week, here we go. I have finals next week and then I’m done! Except I’m going to summer school and looking for a job😭 But again, I’ll still have some free time! And I’ll have some free time over the weekend because I don’t have school Monday! WOOOO I’m excited lol. Also, sorry this took so long! :( Oh and, I’m gonna start tagging people in their requests now.😌
Warnings: None?😂
Italics = You, Bold = Jeff, Italicized Bold = Monty
(Y/F/C) = Your favorite color

The relationship between you and Jeff Atkins had been really rough lately. Fortunately you guys had started off really strong, but in these short months it seemed that he was developing trust issues. In your eyes, it wasn’t necessarily that he didn’t trust you, it was that he was skeptical of the guys around you. Especially with Montgomery De La Cruz and Bryce Walker constantly hitting on you, he was worried that he would lose you. Time and time again you tried to assure him that there wasn’t anyone else and there would never be anyone else, but it didn’t seem to convince Jeff at all. His actions were really starting to aggravate you, so you decided to talk to him about it. You left your last period early to wait for Jeff outside of his last class. Whenever you had reached your destination, the bell had rung and the people inside the room started to file out. Jeff, as usual, was the last out of the classroom. Your boyfriend’s tall, lean body made his way over to you, with a small smile plastered on his face. He intertwined his fingers with yours and placed a peck on your cheek. Giving him a weak grin, you pulled him towards the exit of the school. “We need to talk.” The expression on his face fell, as he assumed the worst. When you had reached your car, you turned leaning against the automobile to face him. You sighed before finally saying more, “Do you want to break up?” Jeff’s eyes widened from your question, as he shouted out an immediate response, “No! Of course not. Why would you think that?” It was evident that he was shocked and hurt, but you felt that it was something that needed to be asked, especially with his actions lately. Playing with the hem of your shirt, you stared at the ground underneath you. “You don’t trust me Jeff, it’s so obvious that you don’t.” “So that’s what all of this is about? Seriously?” His tone of voice had angered you. Sure you’ve had this conversation many times, but this time the conversation had become way more strenuous. “This is important Jeff! Our relationship is suffering from this.” Scuffing, he ran a hand through his hair, pacing back and forth a bit. “You do realize that you spend more time with other guys than you do with me right? How am I supposed to feel?” You shook your head, knowing that his complaint was directed towards the fact that you tutor Monty. “For all I know, you could be cheating on me with him.” “Do you really think Monty would do that to you? Do you really think I would do that to you?” The tears that had formed in your eyes skimmed down your smooth skin. His comment had deeply pained you, but it confirmed the fact that Jeff didn’t trust you. Stepping around to the left side, you opened the car door. You gave him no time to respond to your question before saying, “Maybe we should take a break. I’ll see you later Jeff.” Getting in, you inserted the key into the ignition, pulling off towards home. It was evident that Jeff has made you upset, but you brushed it off, encouraging yourself to be happy so you could have a good time at Jessica’s party tonight. As soon as you’d gotten home, you rushed up to your room. Plopping face first onto your bed, you closed your eyes for a much needed nap.
Upon waking up, you hopped out of bed and stretched your limbs. Quickly grabbing an outfit, you laid it out on your bed before going to get in the shower. You let the hot water run over your body for a while before getting out. It had been the most refreshing thing out of your whole day. You applied a little makeup then threw on a pair of jeans, with a (Y/F/C) top. The events from earlier flooded your head as you walked out of the door. You know there was a one hundred percent chance of seeing Jeff at the party, but no matter what you wanted to make sure you had a good time. The ride to Jessica’s was a pretty long one, you’d decided to take a different way to prolong the drive. Once you had gotten there, you strolled up to the door and walked in. You could tell that you had arrived later by the stench of alcohol and the apparent drunks that stumbled around. As you made a beeline to the backyard where the ping pong table was set up, you received a bunch of greetings from pretty much everyone. Being Jeff’s girlfriend definitely involved being around the majority of Liberty High, but you had grown used to knowing a lot of people. When you had gotten near the back area, there were a few individuals around playing beer pong, and you noticed Monty among the few. Giving him a small wave, you went off to sit in a nearby chair. You couldn’t get drunk because you were your own ride home, and you didn’t want to participate in the activities inside the house in fear of spotting Jeff. Being alone had really made you think more about earlier, which was exactly what you wanted to avoid. Seeing all these people around having fun made you want to do something reckless.  Rising from your seat in hopes of finding something daring to do, you started to make your way in but bumped into Monty. “Sorry,” you mumbled, as you tried to move around his figure. “Wait,” Monty slurred and he gained a firm grip on your arm. The alcohol on his breath was very prominent and made your nose wrinkle. “Can you make a bear run for us?” Holding up a can, he shook it, showing you it was empty. “We’re out.” Sighing you agreed, partly because you had nothing else to do. Making your way back to the front door, you spotted Jeff in a game of suck and blow. It shouldn’t have, but it did hurt you, and of course you had only blamed yourself for his actions. Shaking your head, you jogged the rest of the way to your car, not wanting to linger on the scene any longer. Starting it up, you pressed on the gas a little too hard. Oddly enough the speed gave you the rush of adrenaline you’ve been seeking all night. You had arrived at an intersection, which you were almost positive there had been a stop sign there once. However, you Ignored the fact and continued. It was too late when you had failed to notice the other car bolting towards your side. The other vehicle hit you and the impact from the collision turned everything black.
When you woke up, your vision was a bit blurry at first. Holding up an arm to shield your eyes from the harsh lights, you tried to sit up but couldn’t. Your whole body was in pain, and it was a struggle to move. Not to mention you couldn’t even remember what happened. You could make out a few bodies in the room, but couldn’t quite identify who everyone was. Feeling a squeeze on your right hand, you tried to turn your head. Growing frustrated, you tried to sit up again, but a hand on your chest stopped you. “It’s okay baby, stay down.” Easily identifying that voice as Jeff, you relaxed a bit. “W-what happened?“You got in a car accident, you’re gonna be okay. Look I know we weren’t on good terms but if you were drunk then-” He stopped mid sentence and looked at you. “I’m sorry, you know I love you right? And I trust you, I really do. I promise when you get out things will be different.” Your attempt to chuckle sent you into a coughing fit making everyone rush towards your bed, but you waved a handing notifying them that you were okay. “I love you too Jeff.” You took this moment of silence to catch a glimpse around the room. Most of your friends were here, and it made you smile that you had people that cared about you. “So when do I get out?” Intensively staring at your boyfriend, he hesitated to respond. “They said it could be a few months. The doctors are surprised you even made it out alive, your injuries are really bad. I thought I was going to lose you.” You groaned, “That’s too long.” Jeff and a few others laughed, wondering how the time frame was the only thing you were currently worried about. “It’s no worry princess, I’ll be here every step of the way.”



Just Beg Me To Stay

A/N: It’s been a rough week and I just really need to write something so this is what came out…it’ll probs be 2 parts… I also haven’t written something legit in what feels like forever so please bear with me :) 

Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst, swearing

Word Count 900+

“Y/N! Pick up your goddamn phone or I swear –“ you could hear the deep shaky breath he took before continuing, “please just pick up, we need to talk.” The voicemail ended with a harsh curse before abruptly going silent. It had been one of many voicemails that Dean had left you, progressively growing more and more desperate the farther you drove away from Lebanon.

One minute you were wrapped in Dean’s arms with a silly grin on your face and the next thing you knew, your duffel, stuffed with your possessions, was thrown into the backseat of your red ’67 Chevelle and you gunned it the hell out of there.

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Update on Starbuck:
She is now 3 weeks old and still a little behind others her age because of her rough start and small size; but for a goat that only had a 5% chance to survive; she is amazing. We got Starbuck tested this week at the Vet’s office because we were convinced she was blind and she is.

Starbuck hasn’t left that hold her back, but does mean she will need a very special forever home because she will not be able to be with other goats because she is different and they would kill her or at least really hurt her. Most animals don’t like an animal (the same breed as them) that is different than them. We will find her a perfect home that will work with her needs. Starbuck does however manage to go down our steps her way and gets around just fine by using her nose and listens for sounds to help her. She just amazes us!

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hey, ive been watching dnp's videos forever but just really got into u know the ""phandom"" and what was "that week in march?" sorry to bother!!


okay so basically in one of Dan’s liveshow’s, I believe it was march, he said he had a rough week and his exact words were, “remind me to tell you about this week in about 5 months…somebody make a note okay and say, hey what about that week in march?”

so now that august 1st is upon us and it lands on Tuesday which is when dan does his livehshows, everyone is just,,,okay so are we gonna ask him what that week in march is. and it’s really weird bc he chose to tell us in 5 months which seems really specific and no one knows what it is and there have been a lot of theories that seem v plausible but ugh Daniel Howell will be the death of me bc watch it be like oh yeah lol it was just that I lost to phil in Mario kart yup haha

Domestic prompts that have been stuck in my head

• ‘No, that ring isn’t for you…stop being nosy and wait until tomorrow you troll’
• ‘Your hands are really warm and it’s snowing outside yOU’RE LIKE A HEATER’
• 'If you wipe your booger on me again I will take the dog and leave’ 'IM SORRY DON’T TAKE THE DOG’
• 'Please don’t cry, we can get you the bird next week–no we’re not gonna steal him’
• 'I know you had a rough day so I brought you flowers and a candy bar-yes I remembered’
• 'I know you wanted a puppy but here’s a fish named puppy until we can go to the shelter together’

REQUEST 121 ~ Stupid (angst) part 1

A/N: I would do smut but at the moment i really feel like making this one angsty as fuck 

Warnings: Lots of swearing.

Sometimes people in relationships argue. That, in theory, helps the relationship to grow. It sorts out the rough patches that have been avoided. But sometimes those arguments lead to regrets and to have one can break something that was once perfect.

For a few weeks now, i could feel the tension between Dan and I. It felt like we were becoming two separate people. The distance between us was unnoticeable at first, it was things like eating at different times or going to bed after the other had fallen asleep. For some people that’s normal but with Dan and I it used to be a rare occurrence. It then built up into being day’s in which minimal words were spoken to one another. Everyday that went by when this would happen felt like i was isolated from him. 

It all came to an end because of a small disagreement. In the past when we had disagreed on something a quick hug and compromise would solve it but this time, that wouldn’t work. 

As i went through our cupboards looking for something to make for dinner, i called out for Dan to come and help decide. He had been in a pissy mood all day so i was hoping that if he could pick something he would love for dinner it would make him feel better. 

“What?” He sighed as he appeared in the doorway on his phone. 

I opened the cupboard door wider and moved so he could see, “I was wondering what you wanted for dinner?” 

He shrugged his shoulders while still staring down at his phone. I sighed inaudibly, beginning to feel pissed off with his ignorance. 

“Come on, there has to be something you want?” 

He shrugged again and turned away from me. Normally i have really good patience with things like this but recently, when our relationship was going the way it had, my patience was going.

“Ok Dan, just ignore me that’s f-”

“For fuck sake, i don’t know what i want to fucking eat ok, if i want something i’ll make it my fucking self ok.” He snapped looking at me with annoyance. 

“What the hell has crawled up your ass?”

“You. You are getting on my nerves with your constant pestering.” 

I widened my eye, anger spreading through my body.

“Are you kidding me? Seriously? This is the most we have spoken this entire week. You have said fuck all to me. You should feel lucky that i even considered making you dinner tonight.” 

He stood up straighter causing him to grow slightly taller in his already gigantic height. 

“You know what? The reason i haven’t spoken to you that much is because every time you speak it annoys me. I didn’t ask you to make me dinner, so i don’t know why i should feel grateful about it.” 

I stayed silent while he basically tore me apart with every word. This wasn’t the man who said he loved me.

“Sometime i really fucking hate you…” 

You know how in movies when something intense happens and suddenly everything goes muffled and moves slowly. When he uttered those vicious words, it felt like just that. I didn’t know what to say. My mind went crazy trying to make sense of the situation. Hates me? I felt a single tear drop onto my cheek which brought me back to reality. I need to be away from him now. 

I rushed past him and to the door, grabbing a jacket that had my keys, money and travel card, and left. I didn’t know where i was going, but all i knew was that i need to escape the crime scene of our relationship.

The Youngest Wife

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Summary: You’re Negan’s youngest and newest wife and you have some trouble grabbing his attention in the beginning. When he finally notices you, you get more than you bargained for and you friggin’ love it.

Warning: smut, sex, swearing, some alcohol abuse

Note: Please feel free to reblog my fanfic stories! It means so much and I get so excited when I receive y’all’s feedback! I’d love for these to spread around so I can receive even more feedback! And again, please feel free to send in fanfic requests! 

Having just turned 18 a few months ago, you were still surprised Negan picked you to be his sixth (and youngest) wife. Of all his wives, you were the newest, youngest, shortest, and most sexually inexperienced. 

Having been married to him for two weeks now, he still hadn’t taken much interest in you compared to his other wives. You still tried so hard to get his attention and please him – you wore the tightest black dress you could find, the highest heels you could manage, and the brightest shade of red lipstick, still to no avail. 

When he came in one afternoon to get Frankie, you couldn’t take it anymore. You turn to Sherry, exasperated.

“Why won’t he pay any attention to me?! I’ve tried so hard to grad his attention and he only acknowledges me in passing! I don’t fucking get it! If he isn’t going to even look in my direction then he shouldn’t have asked me to be his wife in the first place! I’m better off just working for points like I was a few weeks ago, like everyone else.”

Sherry was the kindest of the wives, and incredibly understanding, and even grew into the role of being a sort of older sister to you over the last two weeks. She also happened to be Negan’s favorite. 

“Hon, don’t worry. You’ll get your turn. You’re just very young and inexperienced and he knows that. He wants to wait until he thinks you’re ready.”

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wind beneath your wings

Summary: reader has a rough time after a few rough hunts, she withdraws from the boys and dean worries a whole lot

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: lowkey suicide, hospital things, anxiety things-everything is from an outside perspective so it doesn’t get too into her head, angst, depression stuff

Word count: ~1300

A/N: so this is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s Anti-Valentines Challenge! also I’m really sorry i dropped the ball and didn’t post anything original last week, it was just a really long and overwhelming week and just generally a rough little while and I didn't have time to write anything! oh and the lyrics are bolded! i hope this counts as angst, it’s my first time writing it!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
It must have been cold there in my shadow,
to never have sunlight on your face.
You were content to let me shine, that’s your way.
You always walked a step behind.

Deans POV 

We had just gotten to our motel after a long drive coming off of from a few rough back to back hunts, Y/N followed me through our motel room door silently just to immediately make a beeline for one of the beds. For the whole drive, she had sat in the back seat of Baby with her headphones in just staring out the window. I knew what was going through her head. She was blaming herself.

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Locked In (Part 10)

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Summary: Reader and Sam think of happier things to distract themselves from their situation…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Pairing: Detective!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, violence

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did…

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Yoongi Scenario: Tension

Request: you should do #6 for yoongs from the Valentine’s prompts. Nothing too sexy though ah he.

“You like my dress?”
“I’m gonna like it a lot more later, when you take it off”

Word Count: 2,329

Genre: Fluff is a bit of a stretch but it’s not smut so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Warning: Some language, some suggestive themes

“Y/N! You’re early!”

You stood outside the BTS dorm clinging to your red trench coat to keep you warm. Namjoon was the one who had answered the door, and he stood there with his shirt not even buttoned all the way and his hair a mess.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to let me in?” You said, shivering. “It’s freezing!”

Namjoon stepped aside and let you inside. You’d had a pretty stressful week, both at work and in terms of your relationships, and you wanted nothing more than to spend a night at the club dancing your cares away. When you called your friends, the members of BTS, to see if they wanted to come along, only the older members seemed interested.

When you walked further inside you could hear Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin hollering away at the TV in the living room, probably playing video games. Sure enough, each one of them had a controller in their hands, and had barely noticed you’d walked in.

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Sooooo the company making my wedding dress is apparently going bankrupt.

As in employees showed up to work today and were told to go home.

And, of course, we didn’t learn this until 9:30pm so there’s nothing that can be done tonight. At all. So I’m just sitting here crying and Robert feels awful for even telling me.

Tomorrow we’ll go by the store just in case or else sit on the phone all day to figure out what, if anything can be done. But I’ve had a bad feeling all week and wedding planning especially has been really rough all week and so I am 100% not hopeful.

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HI!!! I'm currently studying my HSC and am now 4 weeks until trials and I was wondering if you have any study suggestions for revising or anything you can suggest??? I downloaded your study planner and tried to keep on top of that but I can't figure where to start for trial studies!!!

Hey! Ahhh, my first year trials were the reason I started by studyblr! They sucked the life out of me. I was dreading them. Plus I hated English with a passion so my motivation was soooo low! Anyway, here are a few things that I did second year that really helped:

  • print off the syllabus of your classes - use it determine what you do and don’t know. Put a squiggle next to things that you definitely need to revise! The syllabus is like an outline of what could be coming in the exam so be sure you use it fully. Look each each point and use it to format your notes. Look at the themes and questions that they place along side the dot points! You can go back and tick off things as you review them.
  • write/type up notes - I typed up my final study notes and it made life a lot easier! I used OneNote and it was really easy to format them in my note taking structure. I would also rewrite these notes in mind maps or flashcards to help me memorise. The briefer you can make them, the better. 
  • go beyond your textbook - I can not stress this enough (especially in HSIE subjects). Your textbook generally gives you an overview and a little more of extra information however you can research everything yourself. For instance, legal studies and history require evidence to prove a point. The exams aren’t going to ask you to tell the marker how legislation is made or about how Hitler grew up. It’s going to ask you something specific - like it’s role, how important something was, if it is effective. Use the internet to find this out!! Historians, reports, articles, etc are all perfectly valid sources that show the marker you understand more than just the background information.
  • write practice essays - honestly, such a helpful thing to do. They don’t have to be full 1200 words, just a few bullet points per paragraph with your key ideas. I wrote a practice essay on international law prior to my legal HSC exam and then the question turned out to be on transnational law so I had a perfectly crafted paragraph stored in my brain. If I hadn’t written that essay, I’d have screwed up that section for sure!
  • do practice papers and time yourself - being able to time manage and understand the exam format is crucial. Try to get yourself to be writing about 700/800 words (ish) in 40 minutes. 
  • read sample answers - another miracle I found whilst studying. Check if your school library has the HSC workbooks from previous years. Just reading other peoples essays can really teach you about structure, what vocabulary to use, and where the markers are seeing how good their writing is. 
  • utilise my study planner - thank you for using it already!! Try to study for at least an hour a day. For trials, we had the week off apart from going in to the exams. I would replicate the school day and dedicate as much time as I could towards studying. Use the planner to loosely map out the times. You don’t have a schedule everything to the hour. Just rough estimates that don’t really matter should you go over.

I’ll link you to a few other things that might be helpful for studying:

Best of luck with everything! If you need anything else, just let me know :-)

Smooth - Johnny [3]

A/N: Sorry for the delay guys! I’ve been having some writer’s block and I’ve been busy with school but here it is, part 3! Hopefully part 4 won’t take as long… Lots about Johnny’s background in this chapter hope ya like it :)

-Admin Kay

Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3   Pt 4   Pt 5   Pt 6

Part 3 - Johnny

Genre: Informational, Subtle Fluff

Rating PG

(slight language)

Word Count: 2,590

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my new neighbor is really fucking attractive but i’m terrible at social interaction so i’ve been avoiding them until one day we’re forced to talk when we get stuck in the elevator together and dammit i just want to jump your bones

Actor/Florist AU. First time writing Patater, hope y’all enjoy! 

In the weeks since Kent Parson had come out as gay and also admitted he had been seeking help for mental health issues, things had been rough but good. The initial response to his announcements had been mostly positive with a lot of Kent’s fellow actors and actresses, as well as his fans, wishing him well, and he’d even managed to hire a new agent who was helping him find the right parts. Before that, he’d been offered plenty of roles, and even though they were all essentially the same character, Kent had been bored and miserable, but comfortable.

Checking his phone one last time for any messages from his agent, Kent plodded toward the elevators. It had been a long day of auditions and while he had one call back for later in the week, he was also exhausted. Usually, in an effort to stay fit, he would take the stairs, but tonight he just wanted to get home and crash.  Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait long for the elevator and it was only as he was stepping inside that he realised he was not alone.

“Hello, Kenny.”

Swallowing hard because he was going to have to share the elevator with his neighbor and crush, Kent tried to smile. “Hey, Alexei.”

Alexei smiled. “How long before you call me Tater, like everyone else?”

“I like Alexei.”

The smile that Kent got after those words left his mouth was incandescent and Kent felt his heart start to beat harder in his chest.

“Okay, but only you, Kenny.”

Kent could feel his cheeks flush as he tried to find something to say. He’d been crushing on Alexei pretty much since he’d moved in and other than a somewhat disastrous first meeting where Kent had been hiding in one of his asshole jock roles, just about every chance he had to actually talk to the man, he’d ended up a stuttering, tongue-tied mess.

Alexei “Tater” Mashkov had moved into the building a year ago and had quickly gone about making friends with almost everyone on their floor and in the building. He’d done it by bringing everyone flowers from his shop and by being genuinely nice. When he’d showed up at Kent’s door with a bouquet of pansies and yellow carnations, Kent had been stunned by the handsome man at his door with flowers and had stupidly given his thanks in a snide, haughty tone. Seeing the large Russian man’s face harden as he turned on his heel to leave had been the beginning of Kent’s wake up call.

He’d shown up at Alexei’s door the next day with his attempt at making muffins and an apology. He blustered a bit, making excuses about how he was preparing for his next role and started walking back to his apartment when Alexei had just stood there silently staring.

Kent had not been prepared for the Russian man to call after him with a broad smile and a hand out to shake. Kent had taken it and mumbled a quiet thanks before escaping into his apartment and sinking to the floor, back against the door. Kit, his cat, had trotted up and rubbed his head into Kent’s hand.

After that, Kent had done his best to avoid his good look neighbor. He’d been able to get away with quick greetings and rushed small talk for the most part, but now with Alexei smiling at him, Kent knew he’d have to make actual conversation.

“Alexei, I’ve always wanted to ask.”

Alexei shifted a little closer to Kent, and leaned back against the wall. “Yes?”

“Um..” Before he could finish his question, the elevator shuddered and groaned and then jerked to halt, making them both stumble. “What just happened?”

Alexei reached for Kent, hand landing on his elbow. “Kenny? You are okay, yes?”

Feeling very aware of the hand wrapped around his arm, Kent could only nod at first. “I’m okay. What about, what about you? Are you okay?”

Alexei smiled at Kent again, eyes sparkling. “I am very okay. Glad to be stuck here with you and not with mean old lady who lives down hall.”

Laughing, Kent noticed that Alexei still had a grip on Kent’s arm, thumb moving in circles over Kent’s skin “She is mean. Yelled at me for my cat getting out when I first moved in.” Alexei kept smiling and Kent could feel his cheeks heating. “Should we, umm, should we try the emergency button?”

When he let go of Kent, Alexei’s fingers dragged over the bare skin of his arm making him shiver. “You stay here, I will push. I’m sure it’s fine.”

Kent bobbed his head and let Alexei go over and talk to emergency services while he slid down the wall and checked his phone. Thankfully he did have service so they could call out if they needed to.

“Kenny? Are you okay? Are you, what is word? Closed spaces? Scared?”

“Hmm? No, just not sure how long we’ll be here so thought I’d sit. Get comfortable, you know?”

“I join?”

“Sure.” Kent shifted a bit, trying to leave more space for the larger man. “Did they say how long it will take to get us going?”

Alexei took a seat next to Kent, shoulders brushing. “Not long, Kenny. We talk? Yes?”

Swallowing hard, Kent tried to rein in his nerves. “Sure, sounds good.”

“Perfect.” Alexei nudged Kent with his shoulder. “You had question, ask it.”

“Oh, right. It was about the flowers when you first moved in. I’ve always wanted to know why the yellow carnation and the pansies.”

“Do you know flower language?”

Kent shook his head and settled a little closer to Alexei, enjoying the heat the other man put off.

Alexei chuckled. “Well, pansies are like a hug, and friendly.” He lowered his voice then and leaned closer to Kent. “I also like how bright they are.”

“And the carnations?”

“They have many meanings, but yellow is friendship. I wanted to extend friendship to the building.”

“That’s really nice, Alexei. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m still sorry for what an ass I was when you brought the flowers.”

“Is okay, Kenny. I liked the muffins you made. Very good.”

“Really? I thought for sure they were awful. They barely rose at all. I don’t know how Eric Bittle does it,” Kent shrugged, “but I’ve always wanted to try one of his recipes.”

“I am glad you tried. They were very tasty.”

“Thanks.” Kent felt his cheeks heat again and wondered if he would ever stop blushing. “I’ve watched him since he was on Youtube, and now that he has an actual show, I’m really excited. He’s actually the reason, I, I, actually, you don’t need to hear this. Forget I said anything.”

Before he could say more, Alexei took his hand and laced their fingers together. “No, I want to know.”

Closing his eyes, Kent took a deep breath in and let it out slowly like he’d learned in therapy. “He’s the reason I finally came out. Him and his husband, Jack, Jack Zimmermann, the hockey player?”

Alexei nodded and smiled at Kent again. “I know Zimboni. I did the flowers for their wedding.”

Opening his eyes, Kent studied Alexei. “You did?”

Bringing their joined hands into his lap, Alexei nodded again. “B wanted lots of flowers. Flowers everywhere. And so much food. I was completely stuffed.”

Kent laughed. “What kinds of flowers?”

“Daisies, for the happiness of laugh. Sunflowers for adoration, and gladiolus for strength.”

“Sounds lovely.”

“I was proud of my work that day. B and Zimboni love each other so much. I want that.”

Kent could hear the earnestness in Alexei’s voice and he could understand. “I do too. Seeing those two come through the fire of coming out stronger, together, was the push I needed.”

“Was it hard?”

“Coming out?”


“It was. Most were good and kind about it, but there were some,” Kent shivered and let Alexei pull him closer. “I was just so tired of pretending. It was making me anxious and mean and all anyone wanted me for was to play snobby assholes. I thought maybe if that’s what everyone saw, maybe it’s how I should be. It’s part of why I was such a jerk to you. I got used to hiding in that role.”

“Oh, Kenny. Is okay. You are brave. Is hard to be yourself. I had to leave home because I could not be me.”

Looking up through his lashes at Alexei, Kent could see the pain there. “That had to be hard, Alexei.”

“I miss my family, but is better here. I like being me.”

“I like you too.”

Alexei chuckled and bumped Kent with his shoulder. “I like you too. You work hard and try to you and it’s good.”

“Thank you. It’s hard work, but I am determined to be better. My therapist helps a lot.”

They both laughed and continued to talk for a little longer until the elevator finally started up again. When it made it to their floor, they both stood and walked out, hand in hand.

At Kent’s door, they stopped and Alexei bent down to kiss his cheek. “ спокойная ночь, Kenny.”

Kent went into his apartment and dropped his keys in the bowl near the door. Kit came running up, meowing about his missed dinner. On autopilot, Kent fed him and then walked down the hall to his bedroom. He changed and crawled under the covers and finally let himself think about the fact that he’d been kissed, by Alexei. Even though it was just on the cheek, Kent would swear he still felt the press of Alexei’s lips on his cheek. As he fell asleep, he hoped for dreams of his neighbor with more than just kisses on the cheek.

The next day, since he had nothing pressing, Kent slept in and after feeding Kit, he steeled himself and swore he’d go next door and ask Alexei on a date.

When he stepped out the door, however, there was a small pot with a single orchid growing inside with a note attached.

Kenny, orchids mean romantic interest. I would like to take you to dinner. Tonight?

There was a number included and Kent picked up the orchid and brought it inside. Setting it on the counter, he grabbed his phone and called Alexei.


“I would love to go to dinner.”

“ молодец . I am glad. I will pick you up at 7?”



спокойная ночь: Goodnight

молодец: Perfect

Edited with help from @shrewreadings giving me better translations

Hey who wants to talk about Eastern screech owl color morphs??

These tiny murder machines are orphaned babies in rehabilitation at the center where I volunteer (WildCare Inc, Bloomington IN). They have another foster sibling too, grey morph like the cutie in the middle except smaller and darker. Anyway, this photo was taken a month or so ago and the owlets have grown up a lot since then, and they’re now in an outdoor aviary learning to fly and hunt!

We get a lot of Eastern screech owls here (southern Indiana). Most are the grey morph, although not as overwhelmingly as in the northern part of their range (eastern Canada). This year’s batch of orphans is fascinating to look at because they all look so different that I don’t need to look at their leg bands to tell them apart!

Starting from the back: little red morph. Even as a tiny baby, this bird has always had reddish tones in its feathers. It’s smaller than the others, which could indicate that it’s male, but red morph owls tend to be smaller in general, so who (whooooo) knows.

In the middle we have “great grey.” Haha, not actually a great grey owl, but she’s a grey morph and she weighs more than her adult foster parent! Without a DNA test I can’t say for sure that she’s female, but it’s a fairly safe guess. This bird barely survived, actually. The tree her nest was in fell during a storm, and she and a sibling (who didn’t survive) were found on the ground, soaking wet and barely responsive. When she came in, I picked her up and she didn’t even move or open her eyes, and I only knew she was alive because I felt her breathing. She was probably about 10-12 days old. We got her in a cozy heated nest box and by the end of the week she was vocalizing and eating pretty well. Until she stopped. Volunteers noted on her chart that she wasn’t taking food, and when I fed her I could get her to eat the tiniest pieces - which she did very enthusiastically - but anything bigger than a mouse heart she’d just hold in her beak and eventually drop. I started to worry because I know that by that age they should be able to swallow surprisingly big pieces of food, and I knew she wasn’t eating overnight because her weight started to drop. She obviously wanted to eat, judging by how ravenously she ate the tiny pieces. I suspected that there might be something wrong with her mouth or throat, and bingo… we examined her and found an ulcer in her throat. Poor baby. Most likely her immune system was still compromised from her rough start and hypothermia. We hydrated her and started a course of medicine, and within a week she was eating again! By then she had a couple foster siblings, which I think helped, and we had our Eastern screech owl foster parent living with the babies too. At the babies’ most recent weight check, “great grey” was the biggest of the bunch and eating very well!

In the front we have a really gorgeous bird, an intermediate brown morph. Eastern screech owls aren’t only red or grey! This little one actually has some really fascinating coloring on the wings, dark brown with some rusty-red coverts. I’ve seen light brown morphs before but this owlet is darker and mottled and really gorgeous.

Their faces all look different too! It’s so cool how different birds of the same species, all approximately the same age, can look so incredibly unique. 😍

All four babies are doing great and on track to be released back into the wild once they learn how to hunt prey!