we had a motherfucking good time

Regicide | Benjamin King | Saints Row

Chapter Twelve: The People of Stilwater.

…. William Hartley was a rich man. He came highly recommended to me, and he was good at what he did. That man could find anything and have it delivered to you gift wrapped with a big bow on top. I will never understand how he managed to marry a woman like his wife, but that’s not the important thing about him. The important thing is that our disagreement was the point where things began to unravel.

 We had worked together for a long time. We first met in the winter of 1988, on the eve of his first and only child’s birth. It was the first time that year that it snowed, and we huddled together on that dock watching as the ship came in. No one would’ve known what we were really doing, but by that point in time the Vice Kings were too powerful for anyone to question me. I didn’t trust this man at first. He looked at his watch every five minutes, checking his pager even more frequently. I had thought that I had made a mistake. But he delivered exactly what I had asked for and more. And he continued to do this for the next fifteen years.

 In late 2003, one year before the rise of The Saints, he came to me in my office at Kingdom Come Records. Usually, he didn’t like to operate in the open, and I suppose that’s because he wasn’t just supplying me with the tools of gang warfare. He was more useful to us all alive than he was dead, but he was a careful man by nature. I had never seen him so angry. He accused me of corrupting his daughter, that it was my fault that she had fallen in with the Vice Kings he was so careful to separate her from.

 I had no idea what he was talking about. I had not seen Amethyst since she was a young child. I wouldn’t have even named her here unless I wasn’t so sure that she was dead by now.

Apparently he had tried to keep her safe for years, keeping her as far away from the gang war that was taking place in our city. And somehow, she had slipped out from his protection and fallen in with a group of new recruits. She wasn’t flying colours, but I had heard rumours about a young blonde girl who was appearing on the arms of various men. If I had known that it was his daughter… His fifteen year old daughter…

I could only think what I would’ve done in that situation.

After that confrontation, I put out feelers to try and find out what was happening, but there was just silence from that group.

And then William was murdered.

I didn’t know that they were planning on robbing him. I didn’t know that they even knew who he was. He had always been so careful about separating his work and personal life; I knew it wasn’t his fault. The puzzling thing was how they were found.

William and his wife had been shot in their beds, before they had even noticed that there were intruders in the house. There were five Vice Kings found in the house, all dead too.

No one will ever know what happened that night, but no one has seen his daughter Amethyst since. 


Chapter Fifteen: The Fall of the Vice Kings

…She had us all fooled from the start.

I’ve heard rumours that there were people who knew that she was hiding who she was, but no one wanted to talk about it. Asking questions back home has just gotten nowhere, and I’ve been advised by their new chief of police that I should stay away from the city if I know what’s good for me.

As threatening as he’s trying to be, I knew him when he was still a Saint. Still a Saint? No. He’s a full Saint through and through. No fancy title is going to hide that.

But I digress; I was talking about the Playa. 

When we first met, I didn’t think much of her. She was a skinny kid who didn’t look like she could hold her own in a fight. She proved me wrong. Julius sent her as backup when my own gang turned against me, and while I could’ve handled myself just fine, I appreciated the help.

The most disconcerting thing about her is that she was silent. I heard her speak just once before we went our separate ways. I guess this is how she got away with pretending to be a man for so long. I once watched her pick a fight with a group of Saints when they made a homophobic remark against her. 

After that day, I was more than happy to have her along when we were taking down the last of the Vice Kings. She showed a penchant for violence that rivalled Johnny Gat’s. She was a wild card that Julius was lucky to have. She took instruction well, and had climbed up the ranks in a way that she clearly hadn’t meant to. She ruffled feathers wherever she went, and I consider myself lucky that Julius never asked her to kill me. I’ve heard what she did to William Sharp. Death granted Johnny Gat would’ve been kinder….

positive journal
-woke up early
-we decided to celebrate julians birthday early since i wont be here for it (sadness)
-lol we went to the mall, i got like 2 pairs of shoes (i have a problem ok)
-julian bought me a cute little animal crossing pin thing
-overall it was nice to get out of the house
-we then ddrove to that bomb ass place out of town
-bruh i had a delicious motherfucking monte cristo i wanted to DIE IT WAS SO GOOD
-we also got this hella good sundae?? dude i wanted to die AGAIN for a second TIME today
-got home and cuddled with my dog lmao
-ended up going to see the lego batman movie with julian? I LAUGHED SO MUCH. yall i really fucking enjoyed it !!!! dude it was so good
-came home and just chilled/drank coffee/listened to music

it was a good day and im sad to be leaving home tomorrow

Happy Arrow 3x22 Day!!!

CHOO CHOO!!!! Somebody pass the tequila!!!! 

Just wanted to say a couple things before 3x22 airs! First - I had a BLAST with everyone who jumped on The Crazy Train with me, callistawolf and mersayseh

Thanks for your support, excitement and willingness to have a good time!! At the end of the day, it’s not about right or wrong. The point of the theory and the reason why we posted it (other than the MOUNDS of evidence we discovered) was to HAVE FUN. And nobody can say those on the Crazy Train didn’t have fun. Over the last 4 weeks…we’ve been having the most fun of anyone in the fandom. Which thrills me to no end. It has been a long, painful, angst filled season and The Wedding Theory was a way to kick off our heels and really celebrate Oliver & Felicity & find the joy again.

I sort of feel like I should have two speeches prepared or something. LMAO

Speech #1 begins with “Not really sure how we called that…”

Speech #2 begins with “Well, when we are wrong…we are SPECTACULARLY wrong…”

We are viewing this episode as a potential two parter. There’s one of two ways this will go down. 1) We find out who gets married tonight 2) We are led to believe Oliver & Nyssa get married but there’s a reveal in 3x23.  I’m leaning towards option 2, but we shall see.

If we are right - don’t panic. We’ll deal with S4 repercussions later.

If we are wrong - don’t be bummed out. The great part about believing in the Wedding Theory is there’s no downside from an Olicity standpoint. If they get married - GREAT! If they are just dating at the end of the season - that’s good too. No wedding this year just means we’ll get one another year. They will end the season together no matter what - so don’t despair.

Tiffany Vogt

Yes…I saw her Twitter feed. Were her comments disappointing? Yes. Overall I’m not impressed with her ability to “tease”. That being said, her tweets post 3x20 didn’t make a whole ton of sense to me either after I saw the episode, so I take everything Tiffany says with a grain of salt. 

Bottom line? We’re sticking to our guns. All the evidence still stands.

Oliver & Nyssa - I don’t have much to say on the matter until AFTER 3x23 airs. If Oliver and Nyssa do in fact get married I’ll have plenty to say, trust me. However, I’m withholding comment until the season finale airs and all is revealed.

Thanks to callistawolf, the Thelma to my Louise…

and the amazing mersayseh. Talking to you two, on average 10 hours a day, has been the best part of this little theory we cooked up.

And thanks to my other Arrow ladies - olicity-i-believe-in-you, oliverqlovesfelicity, louiseblue1, and palindromepoet. You have kept me sane these past few weeks. My ports in the storm.

Choo Choo Motherfuckers!!!

so embarrassing story time...

the other night a boy (i met on Tinder, yes laugh all you want), came over and we had drinks and hung out. he was a scorpio and i’m a pisces, we clicked, we just clicked like crazy and it was an amazing night. i had so much fun. the next day he hung for a bit, then we said our goodbye’s, he said “lets hang again soon”… but i’d heard that before… many times before. so my expectations from that point on were low. 

but the thing is, i get attached quick and easy. i’m a sucker. i’m a crazy motherfucker. but i get attached. so i didn’t text him all that day, and he didn’t text me. i let it go. 

the next day i checked my phone relentlessly, and eventually gave up, sending him a quick “hope you have a good day” text… didn’t hear back. 

i had been through this so many times before that i started to panic. i eventually convinced myself i had just been fucked over once again, and i let it make me super super stressed out and depressed. 

so the NEXT day i planned to get drunk and drink my sorrows away… which i did. i sat there all night contemplating texting him and asking straight up if i was just a one night stand, 3 vodkas later i did just that. 

“was i a one night stand?”

didn’t hear back. that sucked. felt like shit. got trashed. still felt shit but felt slightly better. 

next morning i wake up to a text from him of screenshots of messages he had been trying to send me for days and days, all super sweet and friendly, but they never came through, soo… while i had been assuming he was just another fuckboy and that i’m an ugly piece of shit that no one will ever like, he had actually been attempting to contact me and be a decent human being… 


moral of the story; NOT ALL MEN ARE THE SAME. 
note to self; NOT ALL MEN ARE THE SAME.