we had a book club at high school

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3........."assumptions": 1) there are too many hamsters in your house; 2) u essentially roleplayed as Dumbledore for 9 months; & 3) ur self-insert OC is named Piaigie & you've actually cosplayed her before

ok im gonna go ahead and give you 3/3 but by self-insert OC are you referring to the time i went to a con dressed in eclectic clothing and tied a soccer ball sized hyper-realistic toad decoration to my head and told people i was a character from a book but that book didn’t actually exist

for anyone wondering my mother breeds hamsters and we have always had far too many and i was the leader of the harry potter club at my high school senior year

the signs as things my mom has said to me
  • aries: i will NOT be referring to my future grandchildren as gothlings
  • taurus: when your great grandmother was alive she didn't invite me to the strip club and i'm still kind of mad about it
  • gemini: so me and your father had a friend named john vitale in high school and we are at least 95% sure his brother was in the mafia
  • cancer: why do you have a book called gay witchcraft is there a specific kind of witchcraft for the gays there are a lot of unanswered questions here
  • leo: your friends think i'm 20 years younger than i really am because of the portrait i keep in our attic
  • virgo: is it too late to put you up for adoption after 19 years
  • libra: i always hear weird sounds coming from your room and i've learned to ignore it because you're always yelling but you haven't been murdered yet
  • scorpio: so a man threw a bag of crickets at me today
  • sagittarius: it is 100% true that you were found in a pumpkin patch
  • capricorn: i agree your father is a wiener
  • aquarius: why do you call your cat bub is that short for beelzebub
  • pisces: what kind of butts are you going to draw in college
Filmed Me

I was at a friend’s birthday in a nightclub which had been booked out and I got completely wasted. In under 5 minutes of meeting some guy, I was in the club bathroom sucking him off and having a quickie. We got told to get out of the bathroom stall by a staff member after a few minutes & it wasn’t until we got out I had found out it was one of my best friends ex-boyfriends from high school who I had heard a lot about but never actually met. Worse yet, the guy had filmed me giving him a blowy without me realising and had already shown half the guys at the party and she found out before I could find her amongst all the people. Whoops lol 

INTJ- High School

This INTJ did not enjoy high school. In an effort to get out ASAP, i got accepted into an early college program. During my senior year of high school i spent the year commuting to the local university and earning an associates degree. 

there are 3 reasons why i did not enjoy high school. 

1. teachers, who are wonderful people, are there to teach but sadly also there to babysit. i found very few teachers that were willing to let me go out on a limb and really do things my own way. i understand why though. many teens needed the structure so teachers have to do everything by the book. 

2. i went to a fairly small high school that did not have the resources to fully help me grow. We did not have a marching band (i play trumpet like a bad-ass), we had all of about 8 AP classes offered ( i took more than half of them during my sophomore and junior years). and the Student clubs and organizations were mediocre at best.

3. i had a hard time finding other students in the school who were just as ambitious as i was. Like they say, if you are the smartest (read most hard working) in the room, then its time to find a new room.

coffee shop

Based on the ask

i always imagine a couple of years after i’ve graduated, i’m sitting in the coffee shop down the road from the school. he walks in and sits at my table, asking if i’m alone. we talk for a while, then he asks if i ever had feelings for him. i blush and nod, then he says ‘good, because i always had them for you’


She sat by the window with a warm cup of coffee in front of her. Her fingers wrapped around the mug, admiring its warmth. She looked around her and smiled at the familiarity of it all. This coffee shop was the one she frequented most in her high school years. She spent countless nights here studying for exams, meeting for books clubs, or just having a cup of joe with friends.

She looked out the window and not far in the distance could she see her old high school. Memories came flooding back to her but there was always one that stood out more than the rest.


It’d been years since she’d actually seen him. They had sent the occasional e-mail over the years, but it was never enough. She couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing now. Had he settled down? Had he finally finished that book he was always in the process of writing? After all these years, had she ever crossed his mind? Leaving him was one of the hardest things she had done but she knew time would heal her grief. College was treating her nicely. She had a stable group of friends, continually made the Dean’s list, and even found a job that she loved.

But still, there was always that “what if” in the back of her cluttered mind. What if she told him how she felt? What if she never had left? What if he felt the same way? They ate away at her brain whenever she thought too much about it.

She continued to people watch as she sipped her coffee. She didn’t bother to look when the bell above the door rang. People were always coming in and out. She twisted the ring on her right hand and wondered if should send a message to him letting him know she was in town. It was always her biggest battle every time she came back and each time she decided against it.

A deep voice calling her name shook her out of her thoughts. She looked in the direction of the voice and her heart felt like it plummeted. Her body suddenly felt lighter and hands became clammy.

It was him.

The man she had been so hopelessly in love with for so many years was right in front of her.

She could barely stutter out a hello when he asked, “Are you here alone?”

All she could do was simply nod her head ‘yes’. He smiled that beautiful smile she remembered fawning over as he lectured.

“Do you mind if I sit with you?” He asked. “I’d love to catch up.”

“Of course! Please, take a seat.” She said, trying to contain her excitement.

Just moments ago she was dreaming about seeing his face and wondering what he was doing with his life, and now she was actually going to find out. She thanked all the gods that must have been on her side.

“God, how have you been? It’s been ages! How’s college?” He sputtered out. His smile could not be ceased. The butterflies in her stomach were fluttering like crazy it was almost painful.

“I-uh, I’m doing well. College has been an amazing time, I must say. I can’t believe I was so scared to attend.” She bit her lip and looked down into her coffee mug.

“Ah, I knew you would love it. College is such a fun time to try new things and get to know yourself a little bit better, you know?” She watched him as he talked with his hands, something that he had always done.

“Yeah, I can’t help but miss high school a little bit though. Things were much simpler back then.” She said with a glimmer in her eye.

He watched her as she spoke. She was much more beautiful than he remembered. Teachers weren’t allowed to pick favorites but without a doubt she was his. He was so proud of her as he watched her graduate and move on to bigger and better things, but there was a part of him that would miss her beaming smile and gentle facade.

“Simpler yes, but trust me you’re not missing out on much. The school’s still got its inedible lunches, nosy librarians, and of course boring old me.”

She giggled, “Boring? Please, you were anything but boring!” The words left her mouth before she could register what she was saying.

The left corner of his lips pulled up slightly, “Really? Define ‘anything’.”

She avoided eye contact. There was so much she could say. He was intelligent, charming, witty, sarcastic, compassionate. Hell, she could write a book that was just full of adjectives describing him, but she knew she couldn’t let all of that tumble out of her mouth.

“I don’t know,” she mumbled. “You just really knew what you were doing up there, you know? You were passionate. Everyone knew how much you loved to teach. You were engaging. You knew how to get our rigid minds actually moving.” She didn’t look at him once when she said this. When she finally looked up, she bit her lip in order to keep her cool.

His eyes seemed to soften as she spoke. He was looking at her so deeply like she was the only creature with a heartbeat in the room. Her words imbedded themselves into his heart and pumped this unbelievable electricity through him that made him feel immensely radiant. It was one of the best feelings a teacher, hell a man, could ask for.

“I actually learned from you,” she continued. “You made me want to come to class each day,” she said slowly, daring to look into his eyes.

“Well, thank you for saying that. You have no idea how good that makes me feel. And I must say, it helps having students like you.”

“Oh, stop it.” She said while blushing.

“No, I mean it. I don’t mean this to turn into ‘Who can give the better compliment’ battle but I don’t think I would have made it this far into teaching if it weren’t for students like you.”

Her blushing only increased and she looked down hoping he wouldn’t notice. But how could he not? Her whole body felt like it was on fire.

“I have to ask you something that I’ve been wondering for years. I was always too nervous to ask but I feel like I won’t get another chance if I don’t,” his voice suddenly turning into a more serious tone.

Her heartbeat quickened. What on earth was he about to say?

“See, I might be totally out of the ball park on this,” he began to talk slower out of nervousness, “but did you ever, I don’t know, have feelings for me?”

She looked at him with her doe eyes. God, she couldn’t deny this. She had been waiting years for this opportunity and it was finally right there in front of her. She felt the heat rise to her cheeks again and she slowly nodded.

A moment passed before he sat back in his chair and broke out in a smile that shone like the city at night. She swore all of the town could probably hear how loud her heartbeat was. She was just waiting for him to laugh in her face or reject her flat out. But he did neither of those. Instead, he leaned back in as close to her as the table allowed and said,

“Good, because I always had them for you.”

Words are our favorite right?! So as an American Indian High School Librarian I want to share my favorite with you: “Much money and many precious lives would have been saved if you had fought my people with Books instead of Power ”  -Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, Paiute American Indian Activist

I love being a librarian, and I love fashion! I have no particular style, other than, if like it, I will try it on! And of course if it is on sale, even better. This picture is from a day that I hosted with students, it was a Decades Book Club where every month we explored books, music, etc from a particular era… this is my 1950’s rockabilly dress. 

Dana Lowery Ramseur, MLIS

Central Cabarrus High School, NC

School Library Media Coordinator American Indian Education Program Coordinator 

was i just not paying close enough attention during season ½ whenever the NAT club was a thing, or does it just not make sense timeline wise at all? so idk if they ever say in the show when alison, spencer, hanna, emily, and aria all became friends, but i know in the books it’s like right when 7th grade is starting i’m pretty sure. i think in the show they became friends around that age. anyway, even if they became friends before that, they would’ve been actual children. so, the NAT club had videos of ali and her friends, but it was a high school club that we know was in high school because it was literally in their yearbook

also ian was in the drama club, just so you know

anyway, this club was clearly something they started in high school, and i’m pretty sure they all left rosewood for college. i couldn’t find anything for what ian did for college online, but jason went to an ivy league school (they never said which one). so, basically this had to have been a thing while they were in high school. now what we know is, the show starts at the beginning of the girls junior year. meaning alison went missing the summer after freshman year. and when the show starts, melissa is about to start grad school, meaning she’s gone through 4 years of college (possibly 3 if she had a lot of credits in high school and since she’s a hastings, i won’t rule it out). so when alison went missing, melissa was in college, meaning ian was in college, and jason was in college. so why are a bunch of sophomores/juniors in college so concerned with what their kid sisters are up to? why is ian, a college student, having a relationship with alison, who is not only a high schooler, but a high school freshman? and why are they still doing the NAT club, even though they’re all well out of high school?

it feels like, to me, they kept making it seem like melissa, ian, jason, and garrett were seniors when the girls were freshmen, or when alison went missing, which in the books is true, but because they decided to do a one year gap rather than 3 (which, seriously, in order for the timeline to make sense they should’ve done a 3 year gap like the books did), none of this adds up. in all the flashbacks during season one, it’s as if melissa is in high school and so is ian. yet, we know that it doesn’t make sense with the timeline.

anyway, there’s no reason for this post other than to say this show does not care about details as much as we do. marlene, and the other guys whose names i never remember, they seriously aren’t smart enough to construct a simple timeline and adhere to it, so why do we think they’re smart enough to plant enough details to give a satisfying reveal? they aren’t. so, basically, lower your expectations, because the reveal will not be as good as yalls theories, which are well thought out, concise, and have answers to possible error. we know after the cece reveal that they’re all just trying to shock, not tell a good story. but the books were good, so, read the books if you want a good story.


I am reaching out to you studyblrs because you are my most beloved family and I know your kind and selfless hearts ❤️  Please help my book club! We’re a group of students from San Diego that enjoy reading books and coming together to eat snacks, destress from school, and chat about the books we’ve read. After the stressful, soul-crushing year we’ve had, being able to go to Yallwest would be the biggest gift and the only trip we would have for our last year of high school. At the moment, we are doing everything we can to raise enough money to take our whole group to this event, from wrapping presents for tips, selling arts and craft, and even selling candy at our school. Literally any amount you can donate helps, even a few cents. We are thankful for any kind of support! Even if you repost and promote this post, you could bring many more people to help and donate!!! Thank you!