we had a book club at high school

Words are our favorite right?! So as an American Indian High School Librarian I want to share my favorite with you: “Much money and many precious lives would have been saved if you had fought my people with Books instead of Power ”  -Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, Paiute American Indian Activist

I love being a librarian, and I love fashion! I have no particular style, other than, if like it, I will try it on! And of course if it is on sale, even better. This picture is from a day that I hosted with students, it was a Decades Book Club where every month we explored books, music, etc from a particular era… this is my 1950’s rockabilly dress. 

Dana Lowery Ramseur, MLIS

Central Cabarrus High School, NC

School Library Media Coordinator American Indian Education Program Coordinator 


I am reaching out to you studyblrs because you are my most beloved family and I know your kind and selfless hearts ❤️  Please help my book club! We’re a group of students from San Diego that enjoy reading books and coming together to eat snacks, destress from school, and chat about the books we’ve read. After the stressful, soul-crushing year we’ve had, being able to go to Yallwest would be the biggest gift and the only trip we would have for our last year of high school. At the moment, we are doing everything we can to raise enough money to take our whole group to this event, from wrapping presents for tips, selling arts and craft, and even selling candy at our school. Literally any amount you can donate helps, even a few cents. We are thankful for any kind of support! Even if you repost and promote this post, you could bring many more people to help and donate!!! Thank you!

the signs as things my mom has said to me
  • aries: i will NOT be referring to my future grandchildren as gothlings
  • taurus: when your great grandmother was alive she didn't invite me to the strip club and i'm still kind of mad about it
  • gemini: so me and your father had a friend named john vitale in high school and we are at least 95% sure his brother was in the mafia
  • cancer: why do you have a book called gay witchcraft is there a specific kind of witchcraft for the gays there are a lot of unanswered questions here
  • leo: your friends think i'm 20 years younger than i really am because of the portrait i keep in our attic
  • virgo: is it too late to put you up for adoption after 19 years
  • libra: i always hear weird sounds coming from your room and i've learned to ignore it because you're always yelling but you haven't been murdered yet
  • scorpio: so a man threw a bag of crickets at me today
  • sagittarius: it is 100% true that you were found in a pumpkin patch
  • capricorn: i agree your father is a wiener
  • aquarius: why do you call your cat bub is that short for beelzebub
  • pisces: what kind of butts are you going to draw in college

Quand aujourd'hui on a eu une réservation pour une anniversaire enfant pour le samedi 1er avril, jour d'ouverture des Jardins pour la saison ! Le pire c'est qu'ils veulent un animateur, donc c'est moi qui m'y colle alors que je devais pas bosser…

When today we had a booking for a kid’s birthday party on the 1st of april, openning day of the Gardens for the season ! The worst is that they ask for someone of the Gardens to manage the party and so it’s me who will do it while it was my day off…