we had a baby!!!


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Harry Potter Headcanon

At some point later in Harry’s life, he feels like he’s being watched, but all the spells and other protective items he has are telling him that none of his enemies are nearby. When he gets home, he sees a familiar bird perched on his front porch.


And thus the theories about how Ging had empregnanted himself with Gon were born


“Do you want to live? I have the power to give you life. Eternal life.”


“How did you know I was going to ask that?”

“Ms. Potts had the same face when we first meet, and the first thing she did was ask if I was there to claim being Mr. Stark son, it was kind of weird”

“Nah, it happens at least once each month, normally babies, but we have had some teenagers as well”


The first time Peter and Rhodey meet was quite eventful. Ok but being fair, what else was Rhodey supposed to think when he has been friends with Tony for most of his life and these scenarios are probably as normal as they can be.