we had a baby!!!

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Ok but imagine harry and the missus having a baby girl 2 weeks before Liam's baby is born and them taking her over to meet baby Payne when he's a week old and they're shocked about how big she has gotten in just 3 weeks :)


“She’s still so tiny but she’s grown a lot, hasn’t she?” Liam coos, pushing his head into the baby carrier as Harry unclips her car seat from the back seat of the car, “it’s so unreal that we’ve had babies within a month of each other. You reckon they’ll grow up together and be best buddies?”

“I’d like to think so,” Harry grins widely at the thought, wrapping his hand around the handle and lifting her from the car, setting her on the ground beside his feet as he reached across the baby bag filled with bottles of milk and clean nappies, setting the strap over his shoulder, “although, she’s off limits to any boy so don’t tell your lad he can date her. Because I will widely disagree with it.”

“You wouldn’t,” Liam laughs, shaking his head as he lifts the carrier up, “you’d love them being together.”

“I damn well would not,” Harry jokes, “no, it’ll be nice, of course. But, you’ve got’a let me meet your lad before we decide on arranged marriages.”

“Arrange marriages? Who’s getting married?” Cheryl laughs from the door, the missus appearing behind her with baby Payne in her arms, cooing softly over the tiny bundle, “come meet him, Harry. It’s about time you brought my little love back round. Look how big she’s gotten, huh? What are you feeding her?” xx

Rescue Me (Part 2) [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request(s): ‘I’d like to read the conversation between seb, Barry, and reader after Barr reveals the truth. Make it angsty but also happy ending?’ and ‘my dark heart needs more poly angst I just don’t even know why 🤔’

a/n: wooo angst……

Part 1

WARNING: Hella angsty

“No, we haven’t. I wasn’t even with you until I woke up with Y/N and you one day.” Barry admits, frowning at the both of you. Sebastian squints, sitting up straighter, blankets pooling around his tiny waist, hand touching yours. “After my dad died, I went back in time and saved my parents, creating an alternate universe called Flahpoint.” he gulps, looking down at his hands, chest heaving. “In Flashpoint, Y/N and I were together…” he smiles shyly, “We had a baby, too…”

A little gasp escapes from Sebastian’s mouth and he grips your hand, eyes fogged up. You frown, crossing your legs underneath the blankets. “But, I was losing my powers.” Barry continues, covering his dick with one hand, shifting his ass on his heels. “So, I ran back in time and stopped myself from saving my mom, thinking everything would go back to the way it was…” he gulps, “When I came to the present timeline, I woke up between the two of you…” he finishes, peering through his thick eyelashes.

Covering your mouth, you shut your eyes, holding the gray sheet to your bare chest. What he just said…you can’t believe this! “So you’ve been pretending the whole time?!” Sebastian fumes, sitting on his knees. You watch the speedster nod. “You’ve been pretending the whole time?!” he repeats, shoving Barry backwards.

Barry tumbles off the bed, landing on his ass before standing up. His lime green eyes widen an inch at you. Tears drip off Sebastian’s cheeks as he climbs off the bed, abandoning your hand. “I can’t believe you…” you whisper when Sebastian slams the door to the bathroom. “Why didn’t you tell us?” you ask, frowning at him.

“I…you were so happy…” Barry says in a small voice.  A silver necklace slides from under the door, making your heart drop. “What’s that?” the speedster asks.

“The necklace we got him for his birthday…with our initials…” you sniffle. “You should have at least told us; told Sebastian.” you glare, sliding off the bed, padding towards the bathroom. Hesitantly, you knock on the door. “Sebby…it’s me.” you whisper, hearing the lock unlatch. Carefully, you slip in, crossing your arms over your exposed chest.

Sebastian wipes his eyes, lips set in a tight frown. “I wasn’t with you guys… He was just pretending!” he shouts, waving his hand before cradling his head with his pointer finger and thumb. “The whole time!” he adds, “That’s why he wouldn’t touch me! He didn’t know me!” he screams, loud enough for Barry to hear, pale chest moving rapidly. Sebastian runs his hands through the hair, tucking it behind his ears, palms pressed to his neck. “What- how is that supposed to make me feel? I’m not… I’m not even sure if we’re boyfriends anymore!”

Cupping his sun kissed cheeks, you press your lips to his, trying to calm the Warbler down. “Of course you’re still my boyfriend, Bas.” Barry cries, resting his forehead against the wood door. “You and Y/N are my boyfriend and girlfriend! I’m sorry I didn’t tell you; I was afraid that-that both of you would leave! I love you, Bas. I love you just like I love Y/N-”

The Warbler flings the door open, sucking in a breath, making the indents of his collarbone more prominent. He takes a step towards Barry, jaw set. “You’re an idiot!” Sebastian spits, pulling the speedster’s chest before grabbing his face and kissing him harshly. “I’m still pissed.” he clarifies, grabbing your arm to get you in the middle. “But I love you both…”

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Aaaand now I keep reading/seeing posts about a possible/probable marriage for Chiam and I think I may vomit. Do you think it really might happen? Can management force Liam to do that?? I can't even fathom what's going on behind the scenes with all this. I just want him free and far far far away from her and all this idiocy

Hello my Anon and why do you wanna vomit? something you ate must not agree wiith you!!!!

Seriously now, in my time people used first to know each other, then to get married, later to get a baby and finally to divorce! Here we had the opposite: first their management introduced them, then came the baby and now we are discussing (??? or should I write that the tabloids are discussing) marriage! Gives new meaning to the “putting the horse before the carriage” expression!

I had written in my tags (where i put my comments) that Cheryl and her team will push for a wedding, and now my question is: if they needed to get married for mutually bearding reasons, why not do it all this time before the baby was born so it would simultaneously take Liam’s last name? Questions-questions…..

But don’t worry, my Nonnie, even if they have them get married, we all know how stable Cheryl’s marriages are; give it a few months and make some popcorn to watch the eruption of the Cheriam volcano. 

And should Liam need any advice about his wedding to Cheryl, he could always ask Sir Elton John who, as i recall, got married to 2 women before getting his act straight (the pan was intended) and marrying his man! After all Liam and Elton John have the same publicist, Murray Chalmrs PR; I’m sure they’d be delighted to help!!! 

so yesterday we had an infant feeding exam and honestly it went so badly like on the last page of the written i was like mm ok i don’t even know what this is asking me

and hahahah when i was doing the hand expressing practical the examiner asked me about relevant anatomy and physiology and HONESTLY i just had a mind blank i could not tell you a single thing about anatomy of the breast and I just said “yeah so you have a nipple, and theres some ducts, and there’s some milk”

and we had to put a baby bottle together as part of the reconstitution of formula and i can bang a tommy tippee together in no time but this bottle was from the 1980s and i just couldn’t do it i had this random piece left over and said to the examiner “i mean i know this is probably important but i have no idea where it goes” and when I had to demonstrate feeding a baby with a bottle for some reason i couldnt work out how to do it without my hand being so fucking cack handed and the examiner was like “mmm your elbow is in your baby’s face” and i was like “yes that does appear to be a problem” and i was honestly like tears rolling down my face after the bottle scenario 

anyway, i passed it (i actually got full marks in sterilisation and reconstitution of formula - not so much in my hand expressing u kno) even though it was an 80% pass rate and i was so sure i failed, like half of my class failed it as well cause we hadnt been prepared for it at all. best feeling ever

ps i actually can bottle feed a baby but u kno nerves and all 


supernatural out of context

A week ago you said to me “do you believe I’ll never be too far? If you’re lost, just look for me, you’ll find me in the region of the summer stars”.
The fact that we can sit right here and say goodbye means we’ve already won, a necessity for apologies between you and me, baby, there is none.
We had some good times, didn’t we? We had some good tricks up our sleeve.
Goodbyes are bittersweet but it’s not the end, I’ll see your face again

So my college friend and her wife just had a baby, and since the wife is a rabbi, there are a lot of well-wishes in Hebrew on their Facebook announcement, and I’m just over here laughing, because the auto-translate keeps presenting ‘mazel tov’ as literally ‘good luck,’ which, out of context, seems so fucking sarcastic. 

“We just had a baby!” 

“Yeah, good luck.” 

As someone who is under 18, I feel the need to remind you that we know about sex. 

At 14 a friend of mine had sex for the first time.
At 11 we had sex ed.
At 10 and even below, we all knew how babies were made.

Saying that to teach a child about asexuality is sexualizing children is ridiculous.

It’s not sexualizing them, It’s teaching them that they’re not broken.

It’s ensuring that they don’t spend their lives thinking that there is something wrong with them.

It’s making sure that they don’t do anything they don’t want to in hopes of fitting in.

As soon as you are old enough to learn about sex, you should also learn about sexualities.  It just makes sense.