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“Flat out” - h.s. Part 4

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You woke up to Harry kissing your forehead and instantly you realized your back hurt. You were slumped over on your side, twisted like a pretzel, and there was a sticky note stuck to your collarbone as your eyes fluttered open and you saw the hideous yellow thing there as if waiting to see if you remembered what was written on it.

“Hey there,” Harry chuckled, gingerly placing some of your papers and books aside so he could sit on the side of your bed. You groaned and sat up as your bones cracked muscles screamed for attention. Rubbing your desk, you opened your eyes fully to see Harry staring at you with a bemused expression, a mug of coffee in his hands.

You reached out for it and grabbed it from him without question as Harry sputtered, “No wait that’s not - yep, yeah okay yeah sure. Yeah that’s - go ahead. All for you.”

You gave him a half-hearted glare before slowly sipping his coffee, leaning back against your headboard and rubbing your forehead. “What time is it?”

“I figured I wouldn’t let you sleep past ten considering you’re usually up around six and I don’t really understand how regular sleep schedules go, but it’s ten now … so … just wanted to make sure you’re not dead.”

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Been up for two hours now. Woke up from a dream and now my head won’t turn off. Kids start school in a little over a month. Wondering what fresh hell awaits my son. He’s alone in the High School this year. Big sister graduated so she’s not there to watch out for him for me. School did NOTHING for him last year. There’s yet another new principal this year, but I haven’t heard if we’re stuck with the same clown for a “special ed” teacher. The one who doesn’t actually want to teach.

ugh. Now I’m nauseous too.

Current and Future Nurblrs

Recently one of my best friends graduated from Nursing school. We started out at the same university together when her dad had to take a new job. We promised to keep in touch and that was 4 years ago.

About two or so weeks ago she texted me and asked me to pray for her because she was taking the NCLEX-RN. Of course I was happy to do so. NCLEX-RN does not give you a score as soon as you leave. Therefore, you must wait 48 agonizing hours before knowing your score. I’m sure the anxiety is overwhelming.

Once she had taken the test she texted me that it was one of the hardest tests she’s ever taken. The test didn’t cut off at 75 like she wanted. At least a third of the test was select all that apply. Every other answer she had NO clue how to answer.

Now, I graduate in December so I have NOT taken the NCLEX-RN. But I’m going to give you the same advice I gave her. (I’m hoping I’ll be able to take my own advice when the time comes!!)

There is no way that you are expected to know EVERYTHING there is to know about nursing.

The purpose of the NCLEX-RN is to protect the public. It is designed to test that candidates are able to provide safe and effective nursing care.

You’ve literally has years worth of knowledge, experience, and research crammed into your brain in approximately 2 years time. If you have to retake the NCLEX, that’s the worst case scenario. Nursing is hard and there is NO WAY you have come this far and worked this hard to give up now.

After a little bit of talking I told her to text me when she found out. She was happy to talk and was feeling a little better about the test.

Two days later she texted me exactly what I expected: “I PASSED!!!!!”

I was so excited for her and so proud that she is now going to be doing the job she’s wanted for so long!

My purpose of posting this isn’t to scare nursing students or potential nursing students. I want people to know that you may have some bumps in the road. You’re going to experience anxiety. There’s a chance you may fail a test. You’re gonna have sleepless nights. Your “A’s” may turn to “C’s”. This isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Your biggest enemy is yourself. You’re not stupid or dumb. You’re not “not good enough.” You’re not “never going to get it.” Knowledge comes with experience.

Don’t let negativity bring you down.

Think positive thoughts. Give reassurance to classmates. Give yourself a pat on the back when it’s deserved. Remind yourself that in a few years you WILL be working as a nurse. Keep your dream alive.

My hope is that this may be the message someone needs to get them out of a funk and remember the end goal!

My love goes out to all Nurblrs! You are all amazing and smart!!! Keep up the hard work!❤️❤️

Star-crossed Lovers- Part 1/3

Face palming myself because I haven’t done a Stiles series yet, but I hope you all enjoy ^^ P.S. Sorry for being a little M.I.A. - school sucks :P 

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Part 2/ Part 3

ADHDS- “City” (awesome song btw) 

It was my first day of school after a month of living in Beacon Hills, relocating from my hometown of Manhattan, New York. My family had lived peacefully in the rambunctious city for years in harmony with the humans- until a group of hunters found out we were vampires. 

I escaped on my own, finding sanctuary in a loft that was owned by a werewolf named Derek. He disappeared around the same time I arrived, leaving me to my own devices without any guardian or knowledge of this new town. 

Why did I defer school for so long? Being a 1,000 year old vampire meant that I had to live through years and years of graduating high school, earning multiple degrees, and observing the evolution of the school system. 

In hindsight, I was a 60-year old woman in a teenager’s body with the same hatred for school as a 17-year old. 

As I walked through the hallways of my new school, a few people turned their heads, whispering queries and thoughts of who I was. 

“Who’s the new girl?”

“No idea but I hope I have chem with that one…” 

“Is she a transfer?” 

I stopped in my tracks as the familiar scent of dog intruded my senses. Of course Beacon Hills had other werewolves. Just my luck…

Suddenly, the scent of something else came to the board- something I couldn’t describe. It was a boy. 

Directing my attention to the source of the aroma, my eyes widened at the sight. 

A banshee, werecoyote, alpha, and- human? The three paranormals were talking about something irrelevant as I noticed that the boy’s eyes were already locked on mine, mouth slightly ajar. 

I couldn’t help myself but smile slightly while walk into 1st period, causing a slight blush to form across his cheeks. 

“We have a new student in class today,” Mr. Finstock (a.k.a. Coach) announced loudly. “Perhaps you’ll all put a rest to your delinquent activities and be polite to Y/N by showing her around.” 

I found out the names of the odd group quite quickly. They seemed to be the cool group, but I guess they were just really good friends. 

“I’d be happy to show her around,” a voice said enthusiastically. Directing my attention to my left, the cute boy winked, holding his hand up to volunteer. 

“I’m Stiles,” he greeted, shaking my hand. 

“Y/N,” I grinned. 

Sighing in disappointment, Coach turned to the blackboard as the first class of the day begun. 

“You did not!” I giggled. Stiles and I were walking home after a long day of laughter and bonding to work on a project. 

We were two months into school and we’d already become the closest of friends. 

“Hey! I’m a frail human- my bat’s my best friend.” 

The pack found out that I was a vampire the first day of school, and they took it pretty well. No weird reactions or anything. 

“But hitting a werewolf with a bat? That’s just plain stupid.” 

“I mean- I never said I wasn’t stupid, so…” he said sarcastically, making me ruffle my hand through his hair. 

Stiles opened the door to his house and introduced me to his dad, the sheriff. 

“Hi Mr. Stilinski,” I greeted. 

“Great to see you again Y/N. Sorry about cutting the greeting short today, but I have some work I need to finish up at the station. You’re welcome to stay over,” Saying goodbye, he muttered something to Stiles, making Stiles groan and hide his face in embarrassment. 

We walked upstairs, throwing our bags onto the floor and jumping onto the bed. 

“So-” Stiles started. “Who’s your crush?” 

“What?” my eyes widened lightly. 

“Your crush. Everyone has a crush by the first two weeks into school.” 

“You’re funny Stiles. Really funny,” I chuckled. 

“Come on,” he whined.

Pressing my lips into a firm line, I turned my head away from him playfully. 

“I’ll tickle you,” he threatened. 


Jumping on top of me, he pinned my arms down with one hand and began tickling me with the other which made me to scream. 

“Sto- stop!” I choked. “Stiles!” 

“Will you tell me now?” he smirked. 

In a split-second, I flipped the two of us over so that I held him in a straddle with my hands pinning him by his wrists. 

“Nope,” I giggled. 

He huffed in annoyance as the two of us switched places. 

“Just tell me already,” he muttered, showing a hint of frustration in his voice. 

“It’s no one-” I frowned. 

“Then let me say it first-” 

Stiles didn’t give me time to ask him what he meant before his lips were on mine. I widened my eyes for a couple of seconds before giving into the kiss and running my hands through his hair. 

I’d never felt hunger like this before. He began nipping down my jawline as my thoughts became fuzzy. 

When we pulled away, I couldn’t help but get lost in his eyes for the millionth time. 

“I love you,” I blurted out involuntarily, immediately covering my mouth with my hand. “Oh my gosh- I’m so sorry. Forget I said tha-” 

He cut me off by bringing my lips to his once more onto his, making me forget all the doubts in my head. 

“I love you too…” he trailed off. 

“Is this a bad time to be asking for dinner?” I smiled awkwardly. Pressing a kiss to my forehead in response, he picked me up off of the bed and carried me downstairs, nearly tripping during the process. 

“Stiles! I’m going to kill you- woah!” I exclaimed. 

“Love you too,” he smirked cheekily. 

“Where is she…” 

“I’ll have her by the weekend,” a voice reassured. 

“I suggest you hurry Mr. Raeken. Time isn’t exactly your greatest ally…” 

“Don’t worry- I intend on getting back what’s mine…” 

X Japan's Sensational Vocalist Toshi

After a Devastating Decade, Toshi Soars Back to Take Center Stage

From Tokyo Journal 2015 Volume 35, Issue #276

TJ: Let me ask you from the beginning. How did you start X Japan with Yoshiki?
TOSHI: I met him in kindergarten 45 years ago when were only three or four years old. We first played music together when we were 10. That year, Yoshiki went to a KISS concert with his mother and his younger brother and as we were in the same class and I was a big fan of KISS, I asked him about the concert. Nobody else at that age was talking about rock music and that’s when we started to become close friends. At the time, I could play acoustic guitar. I wanted to learn how to play electric guitar and Yoshiki had one as well as a drum set. So, we would go to his house and practice KISS covers with Yoshiki on the drums and me on guitar. We weren’t a band yet, but that’s how we started playing music.

TJ: When did the band start?
TOSHI: We went to the same kindergarten, elementary and junior high school. When we were 12 or 13 years old, we found a couple of classmates that could play guitar and bass. Our first live performance was at a graduation party.

TJ: Did you sing from the beginning?
TOSHI: At that time, I was playing guitar and my friend was the vocalist. When we were 15, I started singing when our junior high school split into two schools. Most of the band went to the new school, but the vocalist stayed in the old one. We lost our vocalist so we auditioned our remaining band members. Both Yoshiki and I sang, but of course, I was better than Yoshiki, so I became the vocalist (laughs).

TJ: How did you learn your English? Have you lived abroad?
TOSHI: I lived in Los Angeles for three years from 1993 to 1997. I learned a little English during that time and I had a pronunciation teacher when we were recording. My teacher was Larry Moss. He taught many famous actors and actresses and he taught Yoshiki as well. He was a very good teacher.

TJ: What is the hardest part of being a professional vocalist?
TOSHI: Maintaining the condition of my voice, body and mind so that I am always at my best for every performance. It’s very important to me. I’m careful about what I eat. Every morning I eat natto [fermented soybeans] mixed with onion. I also drink fresh juice I make myself from organic apples and carrots with a slow juicer every morning. I drink it to build resistance to sickness and to keep my body in good condition. I’ve been doing this everyday for over a year. I had a very hard time both mentally and physically when I got ill. I realized I needed to change my eating style, and after I did that, I’ve been in very good shape ever since. Also, I recently started sadou [tea-ceremony]. I wanted to study Japanese history and culture and sadou is good for concentrating and learning Japanese tradition, history and manners. Although I can only do it every now and then, it really helps me mentally when I can practice sadou.

TJ: So the past year was a good one for you?
TOSHI: Yes. I also published a book about my life. The book is called Brainwashed. By exposing my past, my mind became very clear and I could draw a line between the past and present. I was able to start a new life. By telling everyone including our fans about my past through the book, everything became clear and I’ve been able to see the path to follow. So, I’m doing very well now.

TJ: How about your solo career? How’s your solo career going?
TOSHI: I just finished a three-day event a couple of days ago. Ever since I released my book, I’ve also been on various TV shows as my book became big news in Japan this year. I’ve been interviewed on various TV shows, variety programs and year-end specials. I’ve been doing a lot more things than I have in the past. I did a solo rock concert and I also did a concert at a classical venue. I’ve become more active after I released the book and I have been feeling dynamic energy building inside me. In 2015, I’m looking forward to putting this dynamic energy towards both X Japan and solo projects.

TJ: What do you like about being a member of X Japan?
TOSHI: Yoshiki and I have been in X Japan for such a long time and we’re still here now after so many experiences and difficulties. I feel like we’ve grown up together with many of our fans. They’ve always supported us with great passion no matter what happened. I’ve always been very impressed by that. It’s a miracle. I love X Japan’s great fans and the sincerity of its members.

TJ: Tell me about the difference between X Japan of the past and the X Japan of today.
TOSHI: Since we were young at the beginning, we just went for it headfirst. We were driven by the power of our youth, but it’s been 20 or 30 years now and we’ve grown up. Many years have passed, but our passion has gotten only stronger.

TJ: What is the most challenging part of being a member of X Japan?
TOSHI: Keeping my voice in good condition, so that I can sing the music that Yoshiki or other members make, and living up to their expectations.

TJ: Can you tell me a little bit about your guitarist PATA?
TOSHI: Whenever I see PATA, I feel at ease. He creates a relaxing atmosphere for X Japan. He’s the most interesting one.

TJ: OK, and how about HEATH?
TOSHI: HEATH is cool. His bass playing is very cool, and he’s like my younger brother. He’s the cute one.

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"She graduated from high school 3 years ago, so she’s at least 21" and from uni this year, in Psychology! She started following Tom only after they met so i don't think that she knows anything about Tom except that he was in Harry Potter movies. Nothing new here Tom did the same thing in Hawaii, didn't he?? Anyway i'm highly positive that we will forget about her in a week. There is no need to be disrespectful.

I agree. She actually did nothing wrong.

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Can you do a solangelo "hey don't I know you from high school" mortal AU

  • Will was walking around his college campus. It was his junior year and couldn’t wait to catch up with all his friends.
  • Unfortunately, he had to get a new roommate. And the problem was, they made the switch last minute since the new guy was a transfer.
  • Hoping that he would be there before his new roommate arrived, he headed back to his room. The new guy wasn’t there, so he sat on his bed and turned on the TV.
  • He heard someone at the door and turned when the door opened.
  • A guy with dark hair and olive skin came into the room. He was bringing his suitcase, which Will didn’t think was enough for a whole year.
  • “Hey. I’m Will.” Will said.
  • “Nico.” The new guy replied, going to his bed.
  • “So, you’re a transfer?” 
  • “Yeah, my old school wasn’t that great for my major.” He replied. “This school will be better for me.” 
  • Will nodded. “So, where do you live?” 
  • “Well, I’m from DC but I moved to Long Island my junior year of high school.”
  • “Really?” Will sat up and turned off the TV. “Where? I’m from Long Island.”
  • “By Jones Beach.” He replied.
  • “What? No way. I lived by there.” Will replied.
  • Nico stared at him. “Hey, don’t I know you from high school? You look very familiar.” 
  • “Where did you go?” 
  • Nico told him.
  • “Yeah, I went there. Graduated three years ago.” 
  • “Same. Huh, so I guess we aren’t strangers then.”
  • “I guess not.” Will smiled, liking his new roommate already.

I swear this fandom is going to be the death of me. But anyway, I made a theory that can be backed up by fucking science and psychology n shit and I love it. And you know what its about? Vendetta’s age, his mother’s age, and why Ven hates Jay. Boom. Boom theory right there m8. But to save the super long post I’m going to insert a ‘keep reading’ so LITERALLY LOOK AT THIS THEORY. 

Side note: some information may be a little bit off.

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E! Exclusive: Téa Leoni Is Dating Tim Daly, Madam Secretary Co-Star

Téa Leoni is dating Tim Daly, her onscreen husband on the CBS show Madam Secretary, E! News has learned exclusively.

The news comes months after the series’ debut and about six months after the 48-year-old actress and real-life, estranged hubby and The X-Files alum David Duchovny, 54, filed divorce papers after two public breakups. They share two children, Madelaine West, 15, and Kyd Miller, 12.

“It’s relatively new,” a source told E! News, regarding Leoni’s relationship with Daly, who is 58 and has two children of his own from a previous marriage.

The two both went to the Putney School, a prep and boarding school in Vermont. They graduated 10 years apart.

“We had a few of the same teachers, which is really crazy,” Daly told E! News in July at a Television Critics Association event for Madam Secretary.

He added that he thinks Leoni is “a good kid. ”

Madam Secretary marks the first time Leoni and Daly have worked together onscreen. The show debuted in September and stars Leoni as the U.S. Secretary of State, while Daly plays her husband.  


Now the 60th year since you’ve been gone, today you turn 84 years old. Born to parents Mildred and Winton, on the 8th of February in 1931 in Marion Indiana and raised in the small farming town of Fairmount Indiana. You were raised by two wonderful families, an aunt and an uncle who loved you dearly, and grandparents who loved you equally the same. You graduated high school in 1949, having been a scholarly student, and liked by many; for you had a kindred spirit and a great many talents. All grown up and heading to New York City to find your calling soon after your high school graduation. you eventually created that famous actor, we all know and love as James Dean. A talented, eclectic, and a solitary individual. James Dean is indescribably one of no other, impossible to recreate. Today is not a day to focus on what took him away from us in his 24th year, but a day to celebrate the life he lived before that. Today we celebrate James Dean.

Happy Birthday angel.

February 8th, 1931-September 30th, 1955


Flashback to freshman year when I saw this girl wearing a Speak Now tour shirt in the school cafeteria. At that moment I knew that I’m going to be really good friends with her some day. She’s mutuals with one of the new friends I met at acting class. Good thing that she introduced me to her because this girl is the person I can fangirl to about anything and she’ll do the same.

Fast forward to now. We just graduated from high school and we’re off to different routes. I’m going to miss her so much, but our love for taylorswift and so many things will never tear our friendship apart. We practically do everything TAYLOR-related together. From the RED tour to watching live streams to purchasing her CDs at Target the day it came out to dancing and singing like no one was watching in her basement. Love you Emma!!! (emmalynnf13)