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i think one of the main reasons why stefan referring to memes so much is really cute over “cringey” is because he was genuinely excited and happy over the we are number one meme blowing up, and found it legitimately entertaining, as well as being aware of just how much it helped with the funding of his gofundme. like, he wasn’t pandering or referring to memes because that’s “what the kids are into these days”; he was being legitimate. idk i feel that if he hadn’t been so clearly happy and entertained by the we are number one meme, it would’ve come off as being pandering and uninspired.

idk what my point is other than stefan is adorable and i love him




Imagine Being Deadpool’s Partner In Crime

For My Followers

“Wade! Wade! Wake the fuck up!” you hiss and roughly shake the mercenary.

“Fine criminals down under,” Wade murmurs in his sleep and slowly opens his eyes.

“I know you’re in love with Wolverine and you love dreaming about his balls, but we gotta go,” you persist and shake his shoulders.

“Why?” he grumbles.

“Metal dick and moody teen are ok their way,” you report and Deadpool jumps to his feet. Colossus has been nagging the two of you even more to join the X-Men since the whole Francis incident.

“In that case we gotta get the fuck out of dodge!” Deadpool swears and starts pulling his suit on. He finally pulls his mask on and starts looking for the weapons.

“Already packed!” you sing song and he lets out a disturbingly sexual groan.

“That’s why I keep you around.”

“And because I keep your sorry ass from getting beheaded,” you counter and snatch up the hello kitty weapons bag.

“Solid point,” he agrees.

Deadpool and you have been partners for a long time and you’re both utterly comfortable around each other. He lets you see him without his mask and you let him see your scars.

“Let me guess we’ll call a taxi?” you conclude as you exit the motel.

“Of fucking course! I got two high fives burning a hole in my pocket!” You burst out laughing and shake your head.

At least things are never boring.

hi, i’m gonna show you how i coloured the training scene gifs from this gifset bcs i know it’s a god damn struggle to get that stupid magenta red blue out of Magnus face and i know this may not be the perfect colouring for it yet but!!! i want to share it with you guys!! 

i’ll show you how to go from this

to this!

the tutorial is under the cut :) 

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  • [Stuck in their dressing room before a show]
  • Camila: We, we gotta get out of here!
  • Ally: Yeah! Thank you, Catherine obvious!
  • Lauren: What?
  • Ally: I said thank you Catherine obvious.
  • Dinah: Did she say Catherine Obvious?
  • Normani: It’s captain obvious.
  • Ally: Huh?
  • Camila: The expression is “Thank you CAPTAIN obvious”.
  • Ally: It’s not Catherine?
  • Dinah: No…
  • Lauren: Who would Catherine be?
  • [The backline after a mishap during the game]
  • Becky: We, we gotta get out of here!
  • Julie: Yeah! Thank you, Catherine obvious!
  • Kelley: What?
  • Julie: I said thank you Catherine obvious.
  • Kling: Did she say Catherine Obvious?
  • Kelley: It’s captain obvious.
  • Julie: Huh?
  • Becky: The expression is “Thank you CAPTAIN obvious”.
  • Julie: It’s not Catherine?
  • Kelley: No…
  • Kling: Who would Catherine be?
Spandex is for amateurs

Blueliner was pretty cute for a superhero, but then again so was Derek Nurse…

Dex had known his day was going to be awful. Nothing bad had actually happened that morning, but there was that feeling in the pit of his stomach. That all too familiar feeling that meant he’d run into him today, which meant Dex left his place wary of everything and everyone.

He was right to be suspicious.

Dex’s face was pressed down into the disgusting carpet, a heavy boot resting on his back. The boot, sitting heavily on an old bruise, was an uncomfortable pressure that got worse the longer it was there. He crushed the urge to shift and lay stiffly on the ground. It wasn’t even lunch yet and his day had gone to shit.

“Hurry up, Chad! That’s enough for now. We gotta get out of here before-“ 

The Chad at the till let out a cry of “Chad!” as the boot, and attached Chad, flew off of Dex and into the wall. He was wrestled to the ground, quickly cuffed, and Money Chad darted for the bank entrance. Before he made it beyond a few steps, Money Chad was trussed up like his partner. It was over in the blink of an eye.

Honestly, what was wrong with these guys.

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for jessi in her ultimate patience the last few days here is a thing
I don’t necessarily believe in writer’s block because I am pretentious, but I’ve had a JOB OF WORK to get things written lately that I don’t think are utter dreck, and hopefully this will unjam the mechanism a little just by being done

@ridleysrey thank you for letting me spew all caps nonsense in messenger as I feel all the feelings

He’s home early, and he catches her at it on the couch. They’re about to embark on their fifth year together, their fourth as cohabitants, and he’s never seen her quite like this.

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(ok ok but can we get married if i do love puns?) Two nuclear technicians got married. He was radiant and his husband was glowing.

you’re just

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aren’t you

sarcasm-and-saxophone  asked:

I'd love something like with Nursey getting hurt during a game and Ransom and Holster being protective and great captains if that's something you'd like to write :)

For sure! Hope this is what you were looking for :)


The asshole came out of nowhere. They were tied 3-3 in the third period and Nursey had just passed the puck to Dex across the ice when everything went black. The giant Massachusetts State defenseman had to have at least 2 inches and 20 pounds on him, and he checked Nursey into the boards with all of his strength. He felt his shoulder snap and pain shot through his entire arm, threatening to knock him out completely.

He fell to the ground, struggling to hold onto consciousness.

Next thing he knew, he was staring up at a blond giant above him, looking down with concern. Holster. He was safe.

“Rans! We gotta get him out of here!”

Ransom skated over and both of them lifted him like he weighed nothing. Coach Murray was protesting, yelling about not moving him more than absolutely necessary and making sure his arm was supported.

It was at this moment Nursey became certain his captains could communicate telepathically, because they carried him all the way to the locker room and gently set him on the trainer’s table without saying a word even though clearly they had made up their minds on something.

“Hey, Nurse, you’re gonna be alright,” Ransom said, patting his non-injured shoulder. “Don’t worry about the game, we’ve got this under control.” He nodded at Holster, whatever that meant.

Holster seemed to understand though, and he leaned over Nursey and smiled. “We’ve got everything taken care of.”

Nursey forgot about that mysterious exchange shortly after when the medical staff came in and started asking him all kinds of questions about the pain and his shoulder and did it hurt more or less when they pressed like that. More, always more. He’d never been in so much pain in his life.


Some indeterminate amount of time later (time passes strangely when you’re in extreme pain, Nursey was learning) there was a commotion outside the door, followed by some loud hushing. Of course, Ransom and Holster couldn’t be quiet even when they were trying to get everyone else to be quiet. He laughed to himself as the door flew open and the entire team rushed in and crowded around him, careful not to hug his left side.

“We won the game for you!” Chowder exclaimed.

He looked to Dex for an explanation.

“Ransom and Holster beat the shit out of that guy. Almost got themselves ejected from the game, but they made sure the asshole won’t be able to walk straight for a while. And I fucked up his face pretty good too.” He shrugged like it was no big deal.

Nursey couldn’t believe they’d done that for him. He loved his team, and they loved him.

“You guys, that’s so…”

“If you say ‘chill’ I will not hesitate to punch you in your good arm,” Dex grumbled.

“I was gonna say sweet. You loooooooove me,” he teased. “The whole team looooooves me.”

“Hell yeah we do!” Holster yelled (because honestly, when is he not yelling). “You can even share me and Rans’ best friend sundae when we get you back to the Haus!”

Ransom nodded, making a grocery list out loud. “We’ve gotta get more ice cream, also sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and we’re almost out of plastic spoons so we might actually have to use the real spoons for once. Has anyone asked Dex to fix the dishwasher yet?” Silence. “Dex, can you fix the dishwasher?”

The redhead rolled his eyes so hard he looked like he was going to hurt himself. “Fine. But I’m doing this for dibs, not because I love Nursey.” The blush on his face said otherwise.

Nursey, still a little high on painkillers, thought this was the best he’d ever felt in his life, minus the shooting pain in his shoulder. He was a part of something. He had people that cared about him, and he was going to shove his face full of ice cream with the best captains anyone could ask for.

A Journeyman Halloween

(a potentially canon drabble) 

Beth had never been partial to Halloween and neither was Harry so why they were not only going to a Halloween party but also dressing up in coordinated costumes was entirely beyond them. It likely had something to do with the powerful coercion techniques possessed by Bridget who, coincidentally, was a Halloween fanatic. Once she had decided she was hosting a party to celebrate perhaps her favourite holiday of the year, there was no way her friends could get out of it.

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