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My Top Ten Releases of 2016

1. Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book

2. A Tribe Called Quest - We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service

3. Anderson .Paak - Malibu

4. Domo Genesis - Genesis

5. Noname - Telefone

6. Jay Prince - Smile Good

7. Dave - Six Paths

8. AJ Tracey - Lil Tracey

9. Frank Ocean - Blonde

10. J. Cole - 4 Your Eyez Only

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Even tho Cassie Clare was problematic at first, she got a whole lot better in her later books- Jem in TID, Cristina in TDA, etc. The Last Hours series is going to be released starting either 2018 or 2019, and it's going to have two biracial (British-Iranian) siblings. One of them will be a focal POV main character. Her name's Cordelia. Unfortunately the fandom thinks she is white because she has red hair. I wonder if they ignored the fact she has brown skin and speaks Farsi?

Cassandra Clare might have characters of color and LGBT+ characters in her books, and she might try to seem “inclusive” and “progressive” with “her” work. I think, however, that she utterly fails at that. Under the cut, a list of all the reasons why her diversity isn’t worth much, and why I don’t think anyone should be giving her any more money, as she will just keep on dissapointing. Call this… 

The Cassandra Clare is inexcusable masterpost: 

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It Takes Time

You pushed your brother into the cab.

“You have to go to grandmas now okay.”

“But why? What about you?” Your brother looked so pained to not see you come with him.

“I’ll be fine okay.” You kissed the top of his head and closed the cab door. And with that he was off to airport.

You packed all your necessities and waited until the clock struck nine. Your heart pounding and forehead sweating as you heard the ticks and the tocks of the clock.


You jumped up startled and went to go open the door. It was a tall man with soft looking brown locks.

“You must be y/n.”

“Uhm yeah.” You said shakily.

“You must’ve did Namjoon real dirty to get yourself into this mess.”

“I-I guess.”

“Well come on don’t be shy. I don’t bite.”

“Yet.” he mumbled.

That made your stomach twirl even more.

“Ahh I almost forgot, I’m Jin. I’m only your driver for now. I suppose he didn’t tell you where you were going so it’s going to be a surprise!”

“Come along.” He turned away from you and walked towards the car.

You hesitantly followed.

It was a long ride. We passed through the whole city leading us past the dock areas.

“You know, it’s a real shame you’re heading over here. You’re very beautiful.” He spoke as he looked at you through the rear view mirror.

You just glared at him with a nervous look.

“And here we are!”

We were a little ways out of the city into the forest bits. There was a building, it looked like a factory really. But you’ve never seen it before.

“Come on princess. Let’s let you meet the whole family.” He said with a smirk planted on his face.

We walked up to a door on the side of the factory-like building.

“Hey Jimin! Open the door! We got fresh meat!” He turned to me with his eyes wide.

A blond haired fellow peeped out

“Who’s this?” he said confused.

“This is y/n. She got into some shit with Joon. Don’t ask me what, I’m not sure and I don’t really care.”

He tried pushing you through the door but instead pushed you into the man named Jimin.

“Hey watch it.” He glared at jin.

Jin didn’t look twice as he walked away, not even flinching a bit at Jimins retort.

“Damn you must’ve really fucked up with Joon huh.” He finally let out.

“I guess, yeah.” You didn’t feel as scared with him as you did with Jin, that is until, he grabbed onto your arm harshly and dragged you down a hall into a room full of other girls.

“Don’t worry baby,” he gave you a lopsided smile, “you’ll fit right in.”

When you get to carried away lmao but tell me what you think of this story!! Should I make more? Bc I’d be totally down to. Or just your thoughts on the whole thing. If I do do more tell me who you think the reader should be paired up with! Also I’m doing this on my phone so idk how it looks off mobile so forgive me 🙏🏻

  • Emma: *starts dancing aggressivly, blasting music and shaking her head as a rock star*
  • Julian: What the hell??
  • Emma: *shouting through the music while still dancing* BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN!
  • Cristina: Oh boy.
  • Mark: *starts dancing violently*
  • Julian: You gotta be kidding!
  • Kit: *joins in* SHE GOT THAT ONE RIGHT!
  • Diana: Thank God we don't have any more blondes ...
  • Dru: *starts dancing* I WILL PROVE YOU WRONG.
  • Diana: Never mind. *walkes out*
  • Cristina: I'm out.
  • Julian: No way in hell I am staying here.
  • Yang: Hey Blake! Your package came in! *Yang called out as she carried a large box into the house.*
  • Blake: Finally! I have been waiting for this for days.
  • Yang: Soooo what did you get anyway? Another book? Tuna? Dust rounds?
  • Blake: Nothing like that. *Blake said as she opened the box and dived into the packing peanuts.*
  • Yang: ... You just ordered a big ass box to sit in, didn't you?
  • Blake: Of course not. *Blake smiled as she popped her head out of the box and held up a pair of blonde cat ears.* I got it so we could fun some fun each other.~
  • Yang: ... *Yang Stared at her girlfriend for a moment before diving in and smothering Blake with kisses.* I fucking love you.

My Best Friend is Getting Married Today

This is a girl that one day I didn’t know and it seemed like the next day we had been friends forever.

Through high school we shared our lunch every single day, sitting close enough for our legs and shoulders and arms to be touching.

We cried with each other through every heartbreak, screamed ourself hoarse at basketball games, missed each other desperately anytime we were remotely separated.

We shared the guys and girls we took as partners in a (probably unhealthy) firm denial that we were even two people. If you wanted one, you got the other.

We are complete physical opposites– tall and short. Blond and brunette. Gorgeous blue eyes and dark brown. Curly hair vs straight. But inside we are the exact same person and being with her is like being with myself. It’s comfortable and familiar and exhilarating all at the same time.

We have shared everything in life from sandwiches to clothes and boyfriends and girlfriends and beds and pillows, showers and towels.

And I love her so much.

And today I get to see her get married, after all the ups and downs we’ve been through and all the life changes–

–and I’m already a mess trying not to cry because it’s so amazing to see her this happy.

Not all soulmates are romantic.

My bestie is absolutely one of my soulmate and today we are celebrating her joining with HER soulmate.

Somebody pass me a box of f*cking tissues!

Home is Wherever You Are

A Kit Harington one-shot for anon.

“Come onn, love. Don’t do this to me. You can’t be that adorable and in a completely different country.” Kit whined through the speakers of my computer, pouting with his chin in his hand. The Spanish sunset lit his apartment in an orange glow, and I could imagine how it would be lighting up his dark eyes if I wasn’t seeing him through Skype. He sat at a desk in what he showed me to be his living room, while I sat on the couch in Kit and my shared apartment back in London. I had dragged our duvet down from our bed to wrap around me, engulfing me in a cocoon of warmth while my hands cupped around a mug of tea. My hair was up in a bun at the crown of my head, glasses perched on my nose and was wearing one of Kit’s wool jumpers. I let out a giggle at his ridiculous compliment.

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watching girl empowerment movies from the early 2000s made me realize that feminism still hasn’t changed in hollywood

like, we still got movies with white female leads, and they keep calling it progressive but like, we had legally blonde, the princess diaries, miss congeniality, for over a decade now

been there, done that, back in 2001. 


Prompt: #21- “You’re mine, understood?”
              #23- “You’re jealous?”
Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader
Word Count: 1,634
Requested?: Yes, I forgot by who though, sorry!

I love when he shows what he’s feeling. He obviously has feelings and emotions but he rarely shows either. He bottles up everything. I love him, I do, I just wish he’d feel comfortable enough to share what he’s feeling with me. He seems to be comfortable enough with Betty to tell her everything when they’re not even dating, we are!

It hurts but I haven’t told him how I feel about it, mostly because he’s spending all of his time with her. I trust Jughead, I really do but he told he used to have feelings for the blonde before we got together. It’s worrying since his feelings could potentially resurface after being around each so much.

I was hurt that Betty didn’t ask me to be a part of Blue and Gold, every one knew I loved to write and investigate and would have loved being a part of the newspaper staff. She asked Jug, which I am not upset about since he’s quite talented. The reason I am upset is that she knew that I wanted the Blue and Gold to make a comeback, even before she did, and how badly I wanted to be a part of it.

Although I didn’t tell him how I felt about Betty and him spending so much time together, I did mention Betty’s lingering looks. He said I was being ridiculous and completely shut the idea down then left. The way she looks at Jughead is the same way she used to look at Archie, when she was in love with him.

The two of us used to actually be pretty good friends, before they (Jughead and Archie) had a falling out the previous summer. I never knew what or why it happened and Jughead hasn’t told me, though I’m sure she knows. They separated and Betty chose Archie, no surprise there though, and I chose Jughead.

It really hurt Jughead, to lose two of his closest friends so he became withdrawn and distant. It hurt to hear Jughead tell me this, since I find it horrible whenever he’s in pain or has any kind of inconvenience. We haven’t been dating very long. In fact, the day after tomorrow marks our thee month anniversary.

Last week he said he had planned something special but with everything that has been going on, I doubt he’d remember to plan anything special, or even remember our anniversary at all.

The day had finally came, our anniversary. I’d be excited but Jughead simply messaged he wouldn’t be able to hang out today. His exact words were “cant hang busy w bets.” I laid in bed and replied with “k.” He never sends messages of that nature, he loved to send long paragraphs, with impeccable use of proper grammar and punctuation, exactly how he’d say it if he were to say it in person.

I stayed in bed for about twenty minutes staring at the ceiling until someone knocked on my door, signaling it was time for me to get out of bed. I sluggishly got up and slipped on my blanket and onto the floor. It hurt but I didn’t react. I picked out a large maroon t-shirt, a pair of black leggings, and some black ankle socks to change into. I went to the kitchen for breakfast but I wasn’t very hungry.

I was glad that everyone had already left, I didn’t have the energy to fake happiness or anything besides what I was feeling. Since Jughead cancelled I had nothing to do all day, though I had a feeling he was gonna cancel on me anyway.

Hours pass by and I have been on the rocking chair on the porch the entire time. No one messages me all day except multiple people inviting me to a party, I ignore the invites and my phone is silent for another hour. I heard the multiple chimes of my phone, signaling I had new messages, from Archie?

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Dream Part.01 Theory

ASTRO has been preparing for this comeback since at least late March.  They have been taking photos since early April.

This is one of the photos released today.

Let me direct your attention to the background of the photo, behind Bin’s head.

This is a weird looking building.

On April 10, Sanha posted this set of photos on Twitter.

Again, let me redirect your attention.

This is the same building that is pictured in Bin’s photo from today.  On (or possibly even before) April 10, ASTRO was taking photos for their comeback that would not happen for more than a month.

In these photos released today (170516 KST), there are several differences between their hair colors.  For example, Bin’s hair is not as dark as it is today.  It might be partly the cause of the lighting, but his hair is nowhere near the color it looks when he’s inside.  The first time his hair color was noticed to be different colored was late March, early April.

Rocky’s hair has had 2 color changes since they began preparing for comeback (likely in late March, early April).

What’s the point of this?  His hair color now (the 170513 photo) could have been achieved directly from the 170404 photo.  There was no reason for him to have bleached hair before dying it.  It also would have interrupted the flow of photo taking, as his hair was blonde for nearly an entire month.

Unless his hair was blonde on purpose.

Take a look at this section of the Album Preview photo.

Something immediately jumped out at me when I saw this, and it was in the Night photo cards.  One of the boys has 2 different colored hairs in his 2 versions.

From being so familiar with the boys, I know that this is Rocky.  Rocky’s Night photo cards feature one version of him with blonde hair and one version of him with dark hair.


Because he is the main point of the concept, along with Sanha.

  • MJ: Blonde in Winter Dream -> dark brown
  • Jinjin: Blonde in Winter Dream -> dark brown
  • Eunwoo: Black in Winter Dream -> black
  • Moonbin: Brown in Winter Dream -> black/dark brown

The 4 oldest members have only had their hair change once in the time between late March/early April and now.  Rocky and Sanha, however, have experienced multiple hair color changes.

  • Rocky: Light brown -> blonde -> dark brown/purple
  • Sanha: Dark brown -> blonde -> blonde with pink

Why has their hair changed?  Because, as the main points of the concept, their hair changes for each period of the mv.

Day: Rocky light brown, Sanha blonde

Night: Rocky blonde, Sanha blonde

Dream: Rocky dark brown/purple, Sanha blonde with pink

The more extreme colors (blonde with pink, dark brown/purple) only make sense to exist in a dream state where things don’t always have to follow the rules of reality.  Hair can’t naturally be blonde with pink or dark purple.

My theory:

The D Store MV will feature Rocky and Sanha as the main points of interest, with their differing hair colors signalling which part of the MV is being shown: day, night, or dream.  The plot of the MV (if there is a plot) will also likely have Rocky and Sanha as the main characters. 

Moonbin might also play a part in signaling the differences, as his hair in the Day photos (taken in early April) is not as dark as it is currently.