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poetry book recs, kind sir?

ooooooh YES!! 

ok so I’m going to leave out stuff that’s Too Obvious, which means a lot of this is niche (to me) or contemporary, and… I recently had a canary on twitter about how much ~*~modern~*~ poetry GETS MY GOAT. I’m reading a lot of New poets/collections this year purely because I… didn’t really read that much contemporary stuff before, and I thought I should branch out. (so far I’m dubious.) so, yes – obviously Plath, Blake, Hughes, Sappho, Eliot, Keats, Shelley, etc. etc. ad nauseum, The Greats, yadda yadda, here’s some others.

so far this year I’ve read (and ENJOYED - I’m not reccing the ones I wasn’t into/thought were pants, soz): 

  • Letters From Medea by Salma Deera
  • Grief Is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter
  • Hold Your Own by Kate Tempest (I actually LOVED this) 
  • Mouthful of Forevers by Clementine von Radics

I’ve also read and loved:

  • Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire
  • The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy by Tim Burton
  • The Curse of the Vampire’s Socks and Other Doggerel by Terry Jones
  • Love Poems by Carol Ann Duffy
  • Let Us Compare Mythologies by Leonard Cohen

my personal 10/10 all-time go-tos are:

  • Crush by Richard Siken (despite appearing on every single tumblr graphic between 2011 and 2013, it still gets me in the heart guts)
  • The World’s Wife by Carol Ann Duffy (which I have loved wholeheartedly since I was 17 years old)
  • pretty much any collection of Great War poetry: Up the Line to Death, Men Who March Away, Lads: Love Poetry of the Trenches (the Great War poets are my favourite. like, of all poetry, ever)

my favourite individual poems, as we’re on the subj, are: 

  • ‘To His Coy Mistress’ by Andrew Marvell 
  • ‘Drummer Hodge’ by Thomas Hardy
  • ‘The Parable of the Old Man and the Young’ by Wilfred Owen
  • ‘Warming Her Pearls’ by Carol Ann Duffy
  • ‘An Eastern Ballad’ by Allen Ginsberg
  • ‘From A Railway Carriage’ by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • ‘Suicide in the Trenches’ by Siegfried Sassoon
  • ‘Dark Sonnet’ by Neil Gaiman
  • ‘Adonaïs: An Elegy on the Death of John Keats’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • ‘Mad Girl’s Love Song’ by Sylvia Plath

finally, a heads up: youtube literally anything by Brave New Voices, sit back, prepare to be Shook. ‘Transcript of Civil Rights’ by Shanita Jackson and Dakota Oder still DESTROYS ME five years later.

THERE YA GO. not much, but not nothing! enjoy!! maybe?!?


okay so today was pretty GREAT 

I finally got to meet one of my absolute fave human beings in the entire world and he was the sweetest and most beautiful sunshine ever 

I honestly love this man more than anything and to finally meet him irl was just unbelievably emotional, I don’t think it’s completely sunk in yet

(please excuse my face and my hair, i was NOT prepared for meeting the most beautiful person to ever walk this earth today so I look like a complete mess, but that’s okay because I have finally met Gregor and I couldn’t be happier)

i know i went in on this lydia deetz-ass emo motherfucker who keeps sneaking onto my moon the other day but let’s keep it going. let’s just ride this wave as long as we can. i know we’ve established that he’s a godservant or whatever under zone of truth no less but what are her hiring criteria?? like what do you wear to an interview with the raven queen? i mean i can probably guess, it starts with H and ends with Ot Topic. and don’t even get me started on the fucking rat baby boyfriend. role reversal for the ages right there! greasy prep and well-groomed emo ive simply never heard of anything like it. taako since you entered this bureau my life has never known peace. snakes started manifesting physically in my office and i mean that entirely literally and i want to know how you’re doing it. i have to give at LEAST four pep talks a day to cafeteria workers that you’ve emotionally battered and do not EVEN get me started on the benefits i’ve had to placate leon with to get him to stay on this moon. THE MAN DESERVES TO RETIRE. and YOU, avi…

So, as stated before, we’ve all gently noted the kind of nastiness spreading in and amongst blogs. This is done mostly by anons, but sometimes it’s off anon and that’s just, eugh. Anyways I just wanted to gently take the time of day to write a little somethin about people here and there that I’ve talked to and so forth, because hey everyone deserves it. Anyways.

@lankybrunettepartdeux : Katie, I bully you constantly on here, but please don’t take that to heart. You’re a fantastic person and an equally fantastic blogger. Sure you got your quirks with your 120000 Trudeau pictures I know you got stashed away, but hey not everyone is perfect. I also do sincerely want to fight you but then I’d probably hug you afterwards.

@fetacheeseandsoup : We don’t talk often, but when we do it’s pretty fantastic. Your memes? Golden. Your love for Danny Devito? Golden. Your art? Boy don’t even get me started because I love it every time I see it, regardless of what you say or think. You have a talent and you oughta keep that in mind ^ also you’re a fantastic Rids blogger, and I had fun writing the cursed script with you!

@hermannco : Ah, Leo. Leo my favorite Viper. 1. I’m so so proud you won that DC contest like don’t even get me started. I was grinning so wide when I saw the news! You’re a dankmemer, and a fantastic friend to boot. You’re also the father of the cursed Dorito Crane meme and I will forever hold that against you, just saying. You’re talented and you’re definitely gonna go places; I know it. Just 1v1 Capullo for me when you become the best DC artist, ok?

@riddlcr : Alpaca, you’re one of the best Riddler bloggers I’ve seen and I’m gonna be honest with you i’m still super shook to talk to you. You’re like A-Game for personality and content - especially your little blurbs of Edward and SO which I adore. We’ve talked about Gotham sometimes and RP sometimes, and I appreciate that a lot. I’m happy to call you a friend!

@jonathan-cranes-mistress-of-fear : Still one of the best Scarecrow blogs; thank you for sending me cats. You seem to send them at just the right moment, and I appreciate that you think of me whenever you see a feline friend!

@ritzy-biscuit : Cass, you’re hard work and dedication for all the stuff that you do has me super shook. I’m hoping one day I can work hard enough to be as good as you - but like I said, work is needed! You give us all this wonderful artwork of ideas and stories, and I and many others I’m sure appreciate all that you do <3 Plus you’re hilarious.

@theimpossiblescheme : Amy you’re a hilarious person, and really the group chat comes alive whenever you make your appearances. Your kindness and optimism overwhelms me, and I’m grateful that you care for each person in that chat, and everyone who you interact with in general.

@brownchickendog :Memer, Receipt Puller, too many titles go with you, and you fit them all. Sure I judge when you pull receipts on me, but hey, that’s life!

@waiting4codot : Your dedication to your work has me extremely shook sometimes. The fact that you can produce so many voices and create such astounding stories is a real gift, and I thank you for sharing that with us all. To add to that you’re a kind person, if a bit odd at times (booty shaking Edward - never forget) and it’s always nice to see you around. I wish you lots of luck for a career in voice acting too!!!

@mentalrhapsody : Maya, we don’t talk much, but we have talked in the past and you’re honestly one of the sweetest people I know. Your art is so unique and distinct, and I love seeing all the content you produce!

@mushy-mooster : Jas, honey, you’re an angel and I’ve said it before. Your OCs are flawless and you yourself are flawless. Life might get rough with you sometimes, and that’s ok. You have so much support here, and it always makes me happy to talk with you and see you around <3

@wouldyouliketoseemymask : Ash is one of the most mature, level headed people I know. She has outstanding edits, outstanding posts in general, and all her cats are adorable please go look at them. There isn’t much to say that I haven’t praised before; but really, if you aren’t following her, you’re missing out.

@douchetier @fellowshipofthegay @tortxrra  @halisgay and the rest of that cursed chat bc god forbid i remember all your names: Ah, the remnants of the Halbarry Net. The amount of memes you guys produce has me shook - I’ve also never seen so much care and joy amongst people. Albeit I rarely show up on that chat, but when I do it’s always welcoming and a lil trashy <3

 @mcgeeky25 @un-awesomeme @definitelynotclayface @mortalorder@thelegochicken@pyromanicofthesea and @ all y’all: the dREAM TEAM STILL STRONG LIKE 5 MONTHS LATER MY GOD. No but you guys are all amazing; we have fantastic RP’s, we have fantastic conversations, and so many memes. The fact that y’all can tolerate me so long warms my heart so much, and I’m so so happy to call you all my friends, truly.

@weyounn @finestroguesingotham : Ah, Katie and Ron. Not only are you two both amongst the best artists I’ve talked to, but you’re also some of my closest friends. And the people I’ve known the longest. Katie: I love our snapchats, and you warm my heart so much with our talks - you’re an amazing friend. Ron: Not only do you run TWO fantastic blogs, you’re fantastic yourself and I??? don’t know how???? But I love you so much.

Gentle shoutout to @smokedcapybara @highjewelfqueen @wayfaring-fledermaus @obscurusvii @rockitz @baeson-todd We don’t talk much but I see y’all and I love y’all

And, @canadian-riddler :  If I preach anymore I’m gonna look like a huge sap and no one will ever let me live this down - not like they’re gonna anyway. I honestly can’t remember how we became friends but I’m actually so happy it happened. You’re one of the best people I know, as I’ve said before, and one of the easiest to talk to. You have an extraordinary talent in writing - there’s no denying that - and your level-headedness has allowed me to chill on more than one occasion. You post wonderful music and have broadened my tastes, you post quality riddler posts, and also you founded Programmer Dad and Canadian Riddler and if that isn’t a feat i don’t know what is. You contribute so much to this silly little fandom, and I’m sure we all appreciate it. Overall, thank you <3 (plus your hair is 5000/10)

um anywayi’ve embarrassed myself enough now. If I missed you holy moly I’m so sorry I appreciate you, I love you,  and I will literally write essays about you don’t get me wrong. I’ll do it.

klangst week: quiet is the voice

Late for @klangst-week but hurt/comfort is better late than never, right?

Day Three: Hurt/Comfort

Summary: He shouldn’t be this upset. But he is, and he can’t help it.

Tags: angst, heavy angst, emotional hurt, langst, character study, klangst


I was tagged by the wonderful @namelesspops (Thank you for that💕) to do this what’s on my phone…. thing. Here’s my lock screen, home screen, last song I listened to, and last a butt naked selfie that was from this morning.

I’m always lost with who did it already or who didn’t but I’m tagging people anyways. If you already did it.. then we’ll pretend you didn’t see this tag. Just kidding. Aanyways the tags, here we go; @harrywavycurly@1989rosesxx (you’ll probably not do the selfie babes but that’s alright ) , @yetanotherharry @17-blackaf @narry-though @secret-rendezvous1d @harryandlana @fairylightsstyles @inwhichitrytowritesomething @moonlightharrys @rakkauskul @californharry @causeitsweird @ridinholo @cheshirepuddin

Whoever wants to this as well, feel free to do it. If not then it’s fine! Won’t love ya any less 🙌🏻💕

xx. M