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38 boyf riends??? You write so amazingly❤️

38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” 

thank you so much for the compliment omg !!! ok so this is an au where the squip is helping jeremy get michael instead of christine. and they’re like , not crazy lmao. also i use they/them pronouns for the squip in this bc it’s confirmed that squips have no gender so !!!

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I had a really weird dream that me and baptismonfire went to the cinema together. But the film we wanted to watch (I think it was the exorcist?) was sold out or something. So we got really sad but the cinema guy gave us a laptop and said we could watch ice age on it, but the wifi was really slow. In the end we got bored and he said that he needed to go home, so we started walking back to his house. But to get there we had to walk through loads of blackberry bushes.

It kinda just ended there. I know something else happened I just can’t remember, it was strange though.

City of the parties

TLDR at the bottom ;
I worked at the city of the parties one year during the Halloween season. How it works there with the costume wall is there are leftover costumes from years past that you CAN get but there are almost none left. Obviously you’re better off just asking for a new one. Did people want new ones? No they wanted old cheap costumes. The funnest part about this is the manager decided he wasn’t going to take down/cover up the costumes we no longer had. I couldn’t remember which ones we still had or didn’t have so I ended up calling to the person in the back with the same costume numbers over and over and having them yell at me. THEN the customers yelled at me for not having the costume anymore. How could you possibly be out of it, they would ask. How? It’s a costume from last year or possibly two years ago. What do you mean how? And that fucking Elsa dress. This was the first Halloween after frozen had come out (so 2014). As I recall, we only got one shipment of frozen costumes. We got it the second week I worked there (in September) and sold out immediately. The only time we had more is if one got returned. I got yelled at by customers for not having anymore, for not having them in bigger sizes, for them not being cheap enough, for them not looking high quality enough and the list goes on. This one lady came in and said she promised her first grade class that she would dress up as Elsa and wondered why we didn’t have just one Elsa costume for her. Those were her words. Another little girl decided she didn’t want to be Elsa anymore while her mom was asking me for the costume and her mother wasn’t having it. She demanded the dress and said it was her daughters dream to be Elsa all the while the child is telling me the costume she actually wants. Parents are much worse than children when it comes to Halloween. I had not a single child get upset that I didn’t have the Elsa costume but I had a lot of soccer moms yelling in my face about it. When it got close to Halloween (and the end of my job there) one mom was complaining about the quality of the costume and I straight up told her the Disney store sells a better one. She was like yeah but it’s so expensive?? I said okay listen you either want the costume or you don’t. She got so mad at me. I just… do you want the costume? You can’t have it both ways. My last story happens on a day I was working in the aisle over from the costume wall. It sells accessories and such and it’s a calmer atmosphere. There was this older woman trying to find a costume/accessory and she seemed so upset by the whole thing. She started talking to me about how silly Halloween was and how she wishes she didn’t have to celebrate it every year. I said, “You know you don’t HAVE to do this. You don’t have to spend your money on any of this stuff. You can just leave now and go home and enjoy your autumn.” It was like I had visited her and told her the future. The look on her face was priceless. She put the stuff in her basket away and she was like You’re right! I don’t! And she left the store.

TLDR; I work a seasonal shift at a store popular for their costumes and get yelled at a lot for not carrying the frozen costumes


went to work with hayes in vermont for a day/night last week. we found a rooftop bar on the river and had beer in two states at once! on the way home we stopped at henniker brewing co. since they have my fav current beer: sour flower. they are sold out of cans everywhere around us, so we got a 64oz growler of it <3 (oh yeah, and that was the rental car hayes got comped from his work, hahaha. much different than my prius!)

Pokémon Go Fest

So as someone who attended PoGo fest, yes it was a shit show but honestly it was so much fun. It was organized poorly and had minimal staff. No one could play unless they had sprint or boost mobile because they were the only service providers that had extra towers in the park and even then it wasn’t very good. I understand that Niantic has a partnership with those companies but they could have at least contacted other providers to let them know that they were having a large event and ask about setting up extra towers. My girlfriend and I ended up leaving partway through and went to the sprint store to get a hotspot so we could even open the app. The sprint store was sold out of hotspots by the time we got there so we ended up buying a cheap phone and a one month plan so one of us used the phone and the other used it’s hotspot Also the line was ridiculous. We got in line at 9:20 and didn’t even get into the park until 11:20. That’s two hours in line and we didn’t get inside until over an hour after the event started. We saw one employee when we got in line and didn’t see any more until we reached the entrance. The employees we did interact with were so nice and helpful. It was in the 80s all day but it was so humid from all the rain the day before that so it felt like like walking through a swamp. There was close to no seating except for picnic tables already in the park and the lounges which had maybe ten picnic tables each and then some bean bags on the ground. This is also where the only charging stations in the park were but they were tiny and didn’t work very well. There were some extension chords on the ground in the lounges that you could plus something into if you brought an adapter. There was one fan in the whole park and sprint brought it in. There also was one medical tent in the park.

Now onto the things Niantic did right. The food was fantastic. They had plenty of vendors and variety of food with vegetarian/vegan/gluten free options. It was not very cheap but that’s true of all festival type vendors. They also had two different water refill stations that had 8 spouts each so you never had to wait that long for water. They also had a place where you could tag your child’s wristband so if they got separated their parent would be contacted.

All in all, I had a good experience. All the other players we talked with were super nice and we got pictures with cool cosplayers and got to fill some holes in our dexes. Would I go again? Maybe. Probably not until they show that they can run a functioning event and come back to the Midwest.

Steve Rogers x Pregnant Reader Pt. 2

Part One   Part Two   

Seeing as part two was a huge success here is part two.

Story-line: Steve has gone off on what was supposed to be a two week mission and the next day he would come back to visit his wife. The mission goes south and takes three months. Meanwhile, (Y/N), has become panicked especially since Steve has been unable to contact her. In fear for her husband’s life (Y/N) has taken their ATV and decided to drive as far as she can until she reaches someone who can tell her what has happened.


When I see Steve, you think as you trek across the highway, the ATV having died long ago and too far away from a gas station, your thumb hitched out. I am going to hit him so hard he goes back to the forties. America’s Idol my ass, making his pregnant wife hitch hike cause the dumbass can’t even pick up a phone, or send a letter. A car pulls up alongside you and you grin at the dark skinned man and his passenger with that had long black hair and pale skin. 

“Would you like a ride ma’am?” The darker skinned man asks. Your knees nearly buckle under the instant relief. You’ve been walking for twelve hours. 

“Yes please!” You say graciously as you open the door and take a seat behind the driver. Your tired legs are cramped from the lack of space. “Terribly sorry to ask this of you,” you say a few moments later as the car zooms down the highway. “Can you move your seat up?” 

“Of course,” the dark skinned man says and the seat moves up making you nearly moan from happiness. 

The other man gasps angrily. “So you can move your seat up for her, but not me? That’s cold Wilson.” 

“Well, one she’s pregnant. Two, she didn’t try to kill me or my car.” The man, Wilson (?) replies with a smirk before turning behind to you. “So where to ma’am?” He asks with a smile and the other man turns on some of yours and Steve’s favorite music. “Dude, really? You and the other fossil I am going to throw myself onto the highway someday if I always have to listen to this music.” 

You laugh at Wilson and the other man catches your grin, from both the music and his friend, and sends you a wink. “Stark Tower, or as far to there as your going, and my name is (Y/N) not ma’am.” You pause for a minute before saying, “I like his music.” 

“Well Miss. (Y/N) you’re in luck cause I happen to be Stark’s friend and I have to say your music taste is not that good. I have waters, other drinks, and some snacks in the backseat. My name is Sam Wilson, and that’s James.” He motions to his friend. “So, why is a very pregnant woman going to Stark Tower?” 

“Is it Tony’s baby?” James asks and you begin to laugh harder than you had in a long time. James looks at you slightly frightened and Sam is smirking. 

“Dear God no. I just need to speak with someone there. A distant cousin.” You tell them before, whilst feeling incredibly rude but too hungry to care, reaching behind you and grabbing an Arnold Palmer, Nutella, Ritz, and pickles. You can barley help yourself as you begin to devour the food. The music plays softly in the background. When you finish the food you lay your head against the window whilst the vibration of the car and the music lull you to sleep. 


Steve’s POV

Sam, Bucky, and I got back today and I instantly went home to (Y/N) to explain we got sold out and were stuck in Romania till twelve hours ago. I gave Sam and Bucky the car from the hanger with a promise of explaining this place later. I run as fast as I can once they leave inside and see a layer of dust on everything, including the letter on the dinning room table.

Steve, If your reading this and I’m not beside you be prepared for a whole load of ass whopping that’s coming your way. It’s been three and a half weeks without a peep and I have raging hormones. I have decided to take the ATV and go to Stark Tower and demand answers. I know this will reveal our secret but with the worst is true no one could be after me…. I refuse to think that. –(Y/N)

My stomach drops as I imagine what she must have gone through making me feel like a total dick. I run back to the hanger of the jet, speed dial Tony, and take my motorcycle before speeding off to see if I could find (Y/N) on her way there. 

Your POV

A hand shakes you out of the best sleep you’ve had in ten weeks. You groggily lift your head up as you take in your surroundings a fog of sleep still around you. “What?” You ask your voice cracking a little and your body screaming and demanding more sleep. 

“Hey Sleeping Beauty,” James says softly as Sam types in a code. “We’re here.” You lift your head up from your arm resting on the window and look outside in time to see Sam pulling into a parking structure underneath Stark Tower. 

Sam pulls into a spot that says ‘BIRD MAN NO.1 NO.2′ in spray paint underneath was a chibi of The Falcon making you gasp. You think back to conversations with Steve about Sam and Bucky before your mind puts the puzzle together. Your anger hormones that you’ve been saving for Steve leaks out at the two superheroes. “SAM WILSON AND JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES “I AM GOING TO MURDER YOUR ASSES!” Sam and Bucky whip around in fear at your sudden out burst, and your overwhelming knowledge of their names. “You, have been able to contact my husband this entire time and never told me? Give me your god damn phones right now or I will strangle both of you.” You hold your hand out and give them a piercing glare. 

They both scramble to hand you their phones, Bucky wins and you instantly hit the Steve contact. The phone dials once and he instantly picks up.

“Buck, hey, listen.” Steve starts before you cut him off. 

“You listen here Steven.” Bucky gasps as he realizes who you meant by husband. “You said two weeks and I am pretty damn sure two and thirteen is pretty damn far from three asshole. If you are not on your way to Stark Tower I swear to God I am going to divorce you.” Without waiting for the apologies you knew were about to flood from his lips you hang up and then hand the phone back to Bucky. Both males mouths are wide open. “Well, either of you going to take me to my husband’s room?”

Anyone up for a Part 3? 


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literally you dumbasses who freak out over EVERY little thing are the reasons why shit gets sold out so fast like yall need to calm down. like yall freaked out so fucking much that water was nearly sold out in SAN ANTONIO!!!!! AND WE ONLY GOT LIKE LIGHT DRIZZLE I HATE YALL


So in April of 2016, our high school (yes, high school) put on Phantom of the Opera. It was probably one of the greatest experiences of our lives! These are some of the best pictures we have. It was phenomenal, and we were told it was better than Broadway! We even got a standing ovation on our first night AND sold out pretty much all of our shows. A production we won’t forget. 💖💖💖

Why The Tveit Hiatus Has Been So Terrible

Okay, obviously a lack of Aaron Tveit is always a bad thing. But there is a very specific reason why this one has been so terrible. It’s because last year, we were getting new Aaron stuff constantly.

Let’s take a look. (Disclaimer-I tried to get these in order as I could, but if it’s a tad bit off I apologize).

At the start of the year, we got that historic second Show People Interview.

And then he performed at the Oscars

And then the Les Mis DVD came out.

And of course, all those baseball games!

And then he presented at the Broadway.com Audience Choice Awards drunk with Stephanie J. Block

…….and we learned he could do THIS

And this beautiful photoshoot happened

And of course, the 54 Below concerts

And somewhere in there, aarontveit.net became Aaron’s official site

Then come June, Graceland premiered!

….and we got this……

His album came out!!

…..and did VERY WELL. They sold out on Amazon for a while, and were way up on the iTunes charts!

Then was the Talk Stoop interview, where DerpVeit took on a whole new meaning.

I’m not exactly sure when this happend, but it was somewhere in here, that the fandom located that one super high quality bootleg of “Dancing Through Life”

And though Graceland was now in hiatus, we found out about two more movies he was gonna be in!

Big Fish opened on Broadway, and we had the epic reunion with him and Norbert, and one of the most bromantic pics this world has ever seen!

October 21st…..Aaron turned 30 and we all went insane. (And went even more insane when he read all our messages!)

And then “A Dream of Flying” was released and we all fell in love. (Did I mention that he freaking FLEW?)

The Tough Mudder thing went down.

And Aaron was made into a Muppet!


……but after such a glorious year, the last thing we really saw of him was at Macbeth

And then……………………


………………………………………you get the idea.

So……in conclusion, hang in there guys! We can make it!! Three new movies coming out, as well as Graceland season two, soon we’re gonna have more Tveit then we know what to do with!!

Bristol Festival of Puppetry

I’m back and over my jet lag from my whirlwind trip to Bristol, England to screen my new film, Yamasong: March of the Hollows, at the Bristol Festival of Puppetry. It was such an incredible experience. Bristol is beautiful and the folks who run the festival are so fantastic and kind. I went with the film’s director, Sam Koji Hale, and we got a wonderfully warm welcome.

The film screened to a sold out audience of enthusiastic puppet fans. It got an overwhelmingly positive and excited reaction. It was amazing to see so many fans connect with the characters and get swept up in the journey.

Sam and I did a Q&A after the film and got to have a great discussion about puppet filmmaking. There will be an audio recording available soon! Afterwards, we had a drinks session with fans to talk more in depth and it was such a great experience to talk to young filmmakers who want to work with puppets.

More exciting Yamasong news will be coming down the pipeline in the next few months.. stay tuned!

I’m off to Fantastic Fest in Austin tomorrow - if you see me, come say hi and let’s talk about puppets! 

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i'd love to hear beauty and the beast stories!

ahem ahem *taps microphone* yes yes hello today i shall spin you guys some good tales about a few of my community theatre shenanigans *stacks papers* let us begin

okay last year the summer musical was Beauty and the Beast, and I got to play LeFou. So, here’s an itemized list of all the backstage antics that took place during that summer *sweet jesus*

• we actually didn’t think this show was even gonna turn out like come tech week we were not even ready; we were working with a cast of like 43 kids and like the set was like 70% done and like none of the little kids were listening to their CD’s; Like we had to rehearse during our dark night until like 9:40 it was i n s a n e; but then like *poof* some crazy disney princess pixie dust magic got sprinkled and we ended up selling out to a sold out crowd all three nights 

• our choreographer has a tattoo of a barcode on the back of his neck and a few of us downloaded barcode scanning apps on our phones and tried to sneak up behind him and scan his neck 

• I got to steal a giant plastic lobster from the fisherman during belle

• all of the smol children in this show were like “you got games on yo phone” and would hunt you down if you did

• for the gaston finale we had plastic mugs and we clinked them to the beat of the song and it was amazing; barcode man was a genius for coming up with that one 

• my costume in this show consisted of blue/green/yellow plaid knickerbockers, a vest with fairly deep pockets, and… *sigh* a bowl cut wig *hello darkness my old friend plays in the distance*

• all the cast parties were held at the Lafayette Hotel, and they had both a pasta bar and a sundae bar (10/10 lasaga)

• all the older kids were obsessed with this vine

• the guy who played gaston in this show was like 6'4 and he could literally drag my tiny 5'3 ass around and we ended up making a lot of cool stunts out of it; we made probably the best gaston/lefou duo this community theater has ever seen (also this guy never learned his lines/music until tech and smelled like ravioli like 40% of the time)

• the cast party after the sunday matinee was like in this big ballroom and there was an audio system for like the whole frickin room. we were able to locate an aux cord and i was able to DJ the party with my spicy tunes (it was basically like all star, rock me amadeus, and the gym battle vs turkey video and that’s it)  

• the socks I wore as LeFou are currently tacked to my wall above my lil theatre shelf

• during the saturday performance my phone was in my vest pocket for like the entire first act; its a true miracle that it didn’t fall out during gaston

• also my homie @nochillian gave me a stuffed lion after closing night which was like super psychic because my next play was wizard of oz, and I was gonna end up playing the lion. #spook. I have a B U N C H of amazing stories from that show too, but I shall create another post for that show if my meme minions desire

Fantasy On Ice in Kobe 2015- the first 3 ice shows of my life

My very first ice shows, first time seeing Yuzu with my own eyes, watching him skate in front of me, hearing his voice for real….  how does one put all those overwhelming feelings into words?  I have no words that would do justice to the experience.  But I want to record it all down… so I will try.  

(Note: It is very long.  The keywords are in bold so you can skip if you don’t want to read too much details.)  

Saturday 4th July 1pm show: 10.45am, I met dear friend Asuka at Shinmin Hiroba station and it was a very short walk to World Hall.  There was already a long line for FaOI goods!   Sales started at 11am and the line moved quickly.  (That is one thing I love about Japan.  Most things are well-organised and orderly.)  Soon we got our pamphlets and T-shirts, but the towel was sold out.   

12 noon, the doors opened to let us in.  We found our seats, 11th row and near the centre of one of the long sides.  It was good!  Near enough to see everything very well.  I was so excited my heart was going to burst! 

Now a trip to the toilet before the show starts.  There were lines for toilets but it wasn’t so bad.  Asuka pointed out to me that they had made most of the male toilets into female toilets for this event!  Haha!  That’s clever!  I think I only saw one guy there at the show.  

1pm, the show started.  

Opening. It was dark with some special lighting.  Sarah Alainn came out and started singing a slow and beautiful song that, with the lights, made the whole place seem magical.  The supporting cast skated out first to dance and then the main skaters came out singly or in pairs.  All these skaters that I have seen and read about on my laptop screen for the past one year, they are now skating right in front of me!  Yuzu was last to come out, after Plushenko.  He was in a white shirt.  OMG, I am really seeing Yuzu for real!!!!  He made a beautiful jump (triple axel, I heard later.  I was too excited to notice!)  Then he joined the group and danced with lots of energy and joy.  You can tell he loves dancing and was really enjoying himself.  It was awesome!  Then they all went back in through the two doorways on each side next to the stage.  Yuzu was last to go in and he turned around and bowed to the audience just before he went in.  (I think he was the only one who did that.)  Wow….. his famous good manners were evident so quickly!

For the opening, besides Yuzu, I liked Johnny’s one best.  He hydrobladed while waving happily to the audience.  It was so cute!   (For the finale, I also liked Johnny’s best.  He did it as a pair;  the other skater threw him and he did a graceful jump, like a lady.  Heehee.)

Individual performances.  I enjoyed every one of them.  Especially the Japanese ladies, Nobunari Oda, Johnny Weir and Plushenko.   I will list the performances in order of appearance and say something about them. 

(Note: I don’t know much about figure skating.  I just love music and dancing and Yuzu.  And sorry I can’t remember some names and some music/songs.)

Yuna Aoki - beautiful costume, music and performance.  Very graceful and just lovely to watch. 

Tomas Verner - quite handsome.  And funny too.  When he finished his performance and walked back towards the stage, the next performer was there on the ice in her starting pose, like a mannequin.  He did some push-ups on the ice to try to “attract” her, haha!   She didn’t move at all.  Then he moved her arms to make her “hug” him.  Then he gave up and went off.   Haha…. cute.       

Lady skater with hoops - amazing and entertaining.

Johnny Weir - BEAUTIFUL.  So beautiful and charismatic.  Now I know why Yuzu looks up to him and loves his skating so much.  

Ice repair + Chopin - It was supposed to be the next performance.  Pianist Fukuma-san introduced himself on the lighted stage while the rink was dark and Akko-chan skated around to warm up a bit.   She noticed something on the ice and skated to the rink side and talked to the staff.  When Fukuma-san finished his self-introduction, someone went on stage and spoke to him.  Then there was an announcement that the ice needs to be repaired and there will be a short break in the show.  Men came in carrying little buckets of stuff and tools and started to work on the ice.  Fukuma-san and Akko-chan waited a while and then went backstage.  

There were two spots on the ice that they worked on.  We waited and waited and waited.  Are the holes that big???  Asuka and I were getting worried.  Everyone was getting restless.  Then Fukuma-san came on stage and said he would play something for us while we waited.  He said it’s Chopin Ballade no.1 which was used by Yuzu last season.  WOW!!!  What a great guy he is!  We all clapped loudly.  He started playing and it was beautiful.  Some parts were different from the version that Yuzu used and it was so interesting to hear his version.  Immediately, the wait was no longer tedious.  Soon the repair work was done and Fukuma-san finished his piece and the show could continue. Hurray!  (super thankful to Fukuma-san because this led to the collaboration in the 3rd show.)

Akiko Suzuki (with pianist Kotaro Fukuma) - VERY BEAUTIFUL

Brian Joubert - enjoyable

Nobunari Oda - SUPERB.  I always saw Nobu as a joker because of what he does off-ice but when I watched him skate live, I kept thinking, かっこいい!! (handsome+cool) “Kakkoii~ !  He is so kakkoii !!”   His 1st performance was a serious one.  His skating and expression was superb and he landed all his jumps so lightly and so beautifully.  Now I know why they gave him that T-shirt that said a cat’s feet landing on ice.  It was very evident in his skating today.  I was so impressed.  But the joker in him couldn’t be hidden.  Even though it was a serious piece, he gave a funny smile at one part towards the end and everyone burst out laughing!    

Miki Ando (with pianist Kotaro Fukuma) - BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANT

Javier Fernandez - very cute and fun

Philippe Candeloro - entertaining

Stephane Lambiel - very nice to watch, especially his spins, long and beautiful spins.

YUZU!!!!! - When he came out onto the dark rink, I could recognise his silhouette right away.  SEIMEI!!!  While the announcer was saying his name and some details, he skated around the dark rink to warm up and he did a jump with his hands extended out, like a helicopter. (He did this for all 3 shows.)  Then he went to the middle of the rink and took up his starting pose.  It’s the same starting pose as what we’ve seen, 2 fingers below the lips.  The music started as the lights came on.  He was facing me and seeing his serious face, my heart almost stopped.  The music was awesome and he was one with the music.  His SEIMEI was so powerful, I felt like my soul was being sucked up by his aura.  He was truly breathtaking.  His costume is even more beautiful than onscreen; it’s very white and it sparkles all over.  Yuzu Seimei really dazzled!   In the 3rd show, where I sat much nearer the rink, his face was half-turned up as he hydro-bladed and he happened to face me.  His expression was so fierce and so manly!   Omg…… (I don’t think I’ll ever get my soul back….)      

Ice dance pair - nice but I wanted to just close my eyes and relive SEIMEI in my mind all over again.  But I felt it was too rude to these 2 skaters so I didn’t do that.    

Plushenko (with violinist playing in the middle of the rink) - He is truly a legend and a great showman.  In all 3 shows, both his performances, he landed all his jumps beautifully and with so much confidence.  And he was so charismatic. RESPECT.

Intermission (I heard toilet lines were bad here.  I went before the show started, so I didn’t need to go at all until after the show.)  The little zambonis came out to smoothen the ice while some guys walked around the rink carrying big red signs that say NO PHOTO NOR VIDEO TAKING.

Shoma - nice.  Like a little green elf. 

Akiko - VERY BEAUTIFUL AGAIN.  I love Akko-chan.

Nobu - no announcement.  He just came into the rink with a black cloak and holding something which later lighted up to be a red light sabre.  The music was a medley and it began with Darth Vader’s breathing sound and Star Wars music.  It was a funny, light-hearted performance and Nobu was GREAT!  His skating and all his jumps were SUPERB.  I really loved watching him!   Even his ending bows to the audience were funny!  After each bow, he pretended to be pushing some force towards us and he did that for all 4 sides of the rink.   Haha!

Tomas Verner (with Sarah Alainn) - very nice.

Johnny (with Sarah Alainn) - ‘You Raise Me Up’. This was SO BEAUTIFUL.  She played the violin at the beginning and then she sang the first verse and then Johnny skated out.  She played and sang beautifully and Johnny was simply divine.  His limbs and his body seemed to be made for producing graceful and beautiful fluid movements on the ice.  It was mesmerising.    

Jeff Buttle - ‘Uptown Funk’;  it was fun!  And during the 3rd show, Yuzu stood at one side of the stage and danced to the song!  It was so cute!  It was very dark and I thought that silhouette and the movements really looked like him. So I watched.  Later a fan on FB confirmed it cos she was watching with binoculars!  She said he was doing all the same dance movements as Jeff!  haha!

Ice dance pair - nice

Javi - He was a matador, and the performance was funny and very enjoyable.  Javi is really cute and lovable!

Miki Ando (with soprano Tomotaka Okamoto) - ‘Amazing Grace’;  Miki’s skating is very beautiful and elegant.  I loved watching her.  

Brian Joubert (with Sarah and Okamoto in a duet) - ‘Time To Say Goodbye’;  Very nice.

Acrobatic skating pair - skated and did acrobatics with long white sashes hung from the ceiling.  It was AWESOME.

Lambiel (with Okamoto) - very nice.  

Plushenko - Another great performance.  Same feeling as 1st one above.  I feel so lucky to have watched a skating legend.

YUZU!!!! - Requiem;  it was so intense and emotional that my heart broke.  I felt his anguish and pain and tears came to my eyes.  Yuzu is really so expressive, I was totally drawn in by his whole being.  About his costume, I thought it was beautiful.  You don’t see all the minute details you see in the pictures.  Once he started skating, the costume was just a whirl of sparkly mint green and the colour was clean, gentle and easy on the eye.  Beautiful for a requiem, I felt.  

Finale - With Okamoto singing, all the skaters came out and Yuzu came out last, in that black shirt with some sparkles.  Yuzu did some spins in the middle while the rest skated in 2 concentric circles around him.   Then they all formed a line, joined hands and ran to each side of the rink to bow to the audience.  Then the quad battle.  Yuzu went back in and came out with a towel to dry himself, and he also had a bottle of water.  I cannot remember who did what but Yuzu landed the quad loop and he was so happy!   Then they all skated around the rink and waved to the audience.  And it was time to go.  All the skaters went towards the stage to exit the rink but Yuzu suddenly skated towards the opposite end.  He went near the people manning the sound system and spoke to them.  I was wondering, what is he doing??  Oh he was asking for a mic!  They gave him a mic and he went to the centre of the rink and greeted the audience and started to apologise for the ice problem earlier on.  I was so thrilled to hear his voice!!!  He sounds exactly the same as what I’ve been hearing through my earphones!  I was so happy I wanted to scream.  I think all of us were very grateful for the ice problem after that!  He basically said sorry there was a disruption but there was nothing he could do about that, and that everyone has worked very hard and thanked us for the support.  I love his voice!  What a great way to end the show.  I was so overwhelmed I had tears in my eyes and really wanted to cry.  

But there was no time to cry!  It was almost 4.30!  The next show starts at 6pm and the doors open again at 5!   We quickly went back to the hotel to take a toilet break and have some food.  (Everywhere was crowded.  I am so glad I stayed at Portopia Hotel near the rink so we could rest and eat in my room and we had already bought food in advance, anticipating the crowds.)

2ND SHOW, 4th July 6pm - I sat really far away but it was nice to watch it from a different angle.  The show was the same as the 1st show except:

During intermission, Brian and Tomas came out in 2 little zambonis and while the machines smoothened out the ice, they shot a few presents at the audience. ^^

The quad battle. Yuzu tried the quad loop 4 or 5 times and kept falling.  Each time after he fell, he made that sheepish shrug of his shoulders with that cute embarrassed smile, put his hands together to say sorry and looked so apologetic.  He was really cute to watch!   I kinda didn’t mind him failing on the 4loop so many times!   And it’s true, he unbuttoned the top button of his black shirt before the jumps and buttoned it back before going to skate in a circle.  He must have felt it was a bit too restrictive for his big jumps. ^^

Somewhere in the middle of the quad battle, they gathered for a group photo. (pic credit: Fantasy On Ice Facebook page)

At the end, all the skaters were going in towards the doorways at the 2 sides of the stage.  Yuzu was the last to leave the rink.  He stood next to the stage, cupped his hands to his mouth and shouted “arigatougozaimasu” to the audience.  The he shouted some more words and one staff handed him a mic.  (So thankful to that staff!)   This was what he said (translated by Sophie Moroi on FB)

Yuzuru’s speech:
“Thank you SO MUCH!
I am sorry that I used the opportunity to practice my quad loop jumps at the end (laughter).
Were you able to enjoy our show? [big applause from the audience].  
We the skaters often receive comments from you audience that you were moved by our performance.  In fact, we the skaters are often moved by you the audience.  It’s a bit difficult to feel so in competitions, though. So, thank you for your tireless support.

I am sorry my speech is always long (laughter), but may I add one thing?
I felt extremely honoured to be able to perform “Requiem of Heaven and Earth: 3.11” here in Kobe; as you know, the place that managed to achieve rebirth.  The other day when I visited Fukushima, the reconstruction was obviously in its half-way through, and the local population were using the term “rebuilding” or “rebirth”, rather than “reconstruction.”  In fact, not only the Tohoku region but also Ibaraki and Chiba were affected by the disasters.  I would like to ask for your continuous support to such areas, too.

Oh, well, I don’t know how to end my speech (laughter)… This was not the last show, but there may be some people among the audience who go home today, while some others may join the show tomorrow again.  Whatever the case, it’s only this time that every one of us assembles here and makes the show together.  So, I cherish every single day, minute and second.  It would be great if you could also cherish this moment.
In the end, I am the luckiest, I feel.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”

For the last “thank you so much”, he put down his mic and just shouted it as loudly as he could.  I was sitting right at the other end of the rink at the very last row on top.  AND I COULD HEAR HIM.  With no mic, just his raw voice shouting “arigatougozaimashita”.   Using his own strength to thank all of us, his sincerity touched me so much.

It was such a moving speech.   Another great end to the 2nd show!  I was in 7th heaven and on cloud 9.  I couldn’t sleep that whole night.  Too happy.  I think I finally slept for an hour, 6am to 7am.  Had to wake up at 7 because I had to meet Asuka at 8.45am at Mikage station to visit Yuzuruha Shrine before the 1pm show.  (Yuzuruha Jinja will be another post. ^^)

3RD SHOW, Sunday 5th July, 1pm - Before the show, I remembered to drop in my fan letter for Yuzu in the big box outside. There was one box for every skater.

I had the best seat of the 3 shows!  So happy!
Show was the same except for:

Intermission - Javi and Philippe came out in the little zambonis to shoot the presents.   Javi danced in the zamboni on the way back in.  Very cute!

Quad battle, Yuna went first and then Shoma, Oda, Javi.  I saw Yuzu unbuttoning the top button of his shirt and so I was expecting him to be next. Instead he took the mic and said he would not do the quad battle today. Everyone went “Ehhhhh??????” and we thought “Oh no!  He’s not doing it today???”  Then Yuzu said, “I will do a collaboration as I did not do one.”   The pianist Fukuma-san started to get ready at the piano.   OMG!!!!  I realised he was going to perform Chopin with Fukuma-san playing for him!!!  I was ecstatic!!!

Chopin- He did the 2nd half of his Chopin program and I was so amazed watching it live. He was SO FAST!!!  His movements were beautiful and quick as lightning!   It ended with the usual Ballade ending pose and he clenched both fists in the air.  WOW!!!!!! Everyone erupted in wild cheers and applause. (We were already on our feet as we were standing from finale time.)   Yuzu was just unbelievable.  I was so overwhelmed that I had to scream to let it all out.  My screams were not out of place amidst other fans’ screams and cheers. (thank goodness!)

Then Yuzu gave a short speech to thank everyone. (pic credit Miki Ando’s instagram)  This pic looks like he’s having his own concert!  How I wish! ^^ 

Two more things I need to mention:

Before the quad battle, when the skaters were going around the rink waving, Yuzu stopped at the stage and gestured for the audience to clap for the 4 artists standing there (the 2 singers, the pianist and the violinist). He knew that all of us were looking only at the skaters and clapping for the skaters. He didn’t want the artists to be left out of our appreciation.  He stood in front of the stage at one side clapping for the artists for some time while the rest skated around. Then he joined back in the skating. Then at the end, he went up to the stage to clap for them again, bringing Nobu along with him. His heart is so full of love and consideration for everyone.   (And after each of his own performance, when he bowed to the audience, he bowed so low that I thought his fringe was going to touch the ice!  He showed so much appreciation to us, the audience too.)

My seat was 7th row from the rink and it was near enough to see all the expressions clearly.  Yuzu was directly in front of me (7 rows away) during the finale bow near the rink side and his happy, beautiful, bright smiling face is pure joy to see and will be etched in my memory forever. 

After the last show, all the T-shirts were sold out.  I am so happy to have one as a memento.

All 3 shows were spectacular, all the performances were so enjoyable.  But Yuzu was the one who made each show really, really special and a bit different from each other.  I feel so incredibly lucky to have watched all 3 of them.  Yuzu is really the best of the best, in both skating and character, and I am so proud to be his fan.

anonymous asked:

Robin bursted into the beauty supply store I work in today. He bought about 4 bags full of random makeup. I asked what it was for and he said that all of the products were tested on animals. Half the stores products are sold out, but we got $200. #OnlyInGotham #RobinAndHisDogs


Had a very busy day at the office earlier. I arrived around 7:30 in the morning, sobrang busy ng vibe, but at the same time hindi haggard. Gising na gising ako dahil sa energy drink na pinamigay sa office and I also got a free Starbucks from my boss coz I did a good job. Hooray!

Then, I got out from the office around 9:30 in the evening when someone invited me to try the Caramel beer in BGC. Too bad when we got there, Caramel beer was already sold out. But we’re able to try Vanilla beer and it was good! Then after few hours of chillinuman we decided to find the nearest spa and we’re so lucky coz its still open even if its already 2:00 AM. I also realized that BGC is a chill place despite of the heavy traffic. Pero feeling ko ang layo parin. Hahaha!

First time ko nalang din ulit (yata) mag selfie. Well, medyo namiss ko. Hahaha! Good morning, lovely people! Thats it for the mean time. I need to take a power nap since its already 4 AM and I need to back in Greenfield for a meeting by 6 AM. :)

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August 30-31, 2017