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More People Should Know About Jackson Wang

A Hong Kong-raised idol in South Korea, where gender and sexual equality is still very far from being a thing, Jackson’s a bit of a maverick in the celebrity world with how he breaks stereotypes and discusses gender equality so casually.

Like this time when he asked if two men could get paired together on popular TV show “We Got Married” instead of just the typical hetero relationships. (Note: Still nothing but hetero couples on the show)

Or this time on Weekly Idol. When talking about the kind of traits Hani (girl holding the board) likes in a guy, she mentioned loyalty. When the host asked if one of the other guests if she liked guys with loyalty, Jackson thought the host was asking him and answered without blinking an eye. 

Then when he got the opportunity to make a guest appearance on SNL Korea, he didn’t shy away from the role, even with kissing another man in the script.

He even mentioned it in his time during the closing segment.

Then, when he got paired up with his friend Monsta X’s Jooheon for Flower Boy Bromance, he talked about how excited he was to get the chance to hang out. Jooheon got a little weirded out, but Jackson was quick to explain.

There are a lot more examples, but long story short, Jackson’s breaking down old school gender roles, whether he realizes it or not. More people should love him just for how amazing he is as a person.

You keep doing you, Jackson! 💚

BTS Reaction - Their gf gets clingy when she’s sleepy

Anonymous said: I was wondering if you could do a bts reaction where you get really clingy when you’re sleepy? Thank you in advance 🌌💚



When Yoongi wants to sleep, he just wants to sleep. So when it’s late, and the two of you are sitting on the couch watching a movie that completely disinterests you, you’re hoping it just ends so you can sleep already.

“Yoongi,” you say as he intently watches the movie, where bombs are going off and men are shouting. You tug on his shirt and move your body closer to him, so your cheek is pressed against his shoulder. Making a face, it’s not close enough for you, so you climb onto his lap and rest your head on his shoulder while wrapping your arms around his waist.

Yoongi just makes a face, “Really, Y/N.” But when you don’t move, he just sighs and turns the movie off before bringing you upstairs. You don’t even waste time being apart from him, because as soon as he lies down you’re clinging to him again.


He knew how you got when you were sleepy, so when you had accompanied your boyfriend to the studio one day and ended up staying there late into the night, you couldn’t help yourself. Laying on the couch in the studio, you sat there on your phone, trying not to be annoying while Namjoon continued to write lyrics and mess with the soundboard.

Finally, you couldn’t take it anymore. You got up and walked behind him, your head resting on his shoulder. “Namjoon,” you whispered, your lips against his neck but your eyes closed, already half asleep. “I’m sleepy,” you said, louder. 

“Baby, you know I’m trying to -” He began, but seeing as you weren’t going to move unless he came with you, Namjoon sighed before standing up and taking you into his warm embrace, where he dragged you to the car and drove home where you clung to him even more.


It was 5 AM - and you just weren’t having it. After a long day the night before, you couldn’t believe you had agreed to come with Hoseok to the studio this morning. You had been putting it off because of how early he had to go in and practice, and he was beginning to nag you about it.

“Hoseok,” you drawled, grabbing onto the back of his sweatshirt as he walked down the hallway of the dimly lit company building. You caught him by surprise, and he slowed down to wrap an arm around your shoulders as you involuntarily dragged your feet down the carpet. 

“Wake up,” your boyfriend said, laughing as you tripped over your own two feet. You just grappled at his hoodie again, breathing in his scent and then automatically wrapping your arms around his waist. “Aish, Y/N, I have to go practice…”


“Y/N, I gotta go get something,” Jungkook said, detaching himself from your grip as you clung to him like a koala to a tree. He jogged down the hallway, looking back to laugh at your annoyed, sleepy face. 

You wouldn’t let him get away from you that easily, so you shuffled after him and slammed right into his back, burying your face in the soft fabric of his t-shirt. You heard him laugh again, this time an arm coming back to drape over your shoulders.

“Hey,” you began to say as he pulled you closer to him, sure he would abandon you like he did a few weeks ago, but as he dragged you down the hallway with him to the waiting room, you felt his lips press themselves firmly against your forehead. “Why are you so sleepy, baby?” He murmured.


You flopped onto the couch as soon as you walked in the door, shoes and all. The day you had was insane - meetings and clients and too much standing wore you out completely. Taehyung just looked at you with a small smile playing on his lips, his eyes cast downwards to your tired face.

“Today was the worst,” you said, slipping your heels off and curling up against your boyfriend, who was watching We Got Married on the television. “Oh, yeah? Wanna tell me about it?” He responded, focused on the TV. Your hand went up to curl around his neck, and you pulled yourself up so your body was pushed against his chest.

“I guess not,” he laughed, turning his head to kiss your cheek as you drifted off, and you felt his hand come up and rub your back while he continued to watch his show.


He continued to let out his windshield laugh as you clung to him like a teddy bear. It was 6 AM, and you swear you were more tired than you had ever been in your life that morning. Combined with the other early starts you were beginning to hat, the effects of sleep hadn’t wore off yet in the slightest.

“Jagi, come on,” Jin would laugh, lifting his arms to show the other boys how clingy you were being. You heard him say, “She gets like this when it’s early.” Your boyfriend would look down at you, your head hung as your eyes remained closed. 

He would pull you towards the couch, and sit down with you in his lap. “Just go without me, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” He explained waving the other boys off as his attention was finally focused on you. “I don’t want you to leave, you’re nice and warm,” you mumbled, borrowing into his chest. “Aish…”


Poor Jimin, you’d be clinging to him so badly. It would be in the middle of the day, but you had been tossing and turning all night the night before because you kept waking up.  He’d beg you to just let him go to the bathroom for five minutes, but you just kept clinging to him.

Your hand would have his shirt in between your fists and your face would be buried in his neck, while his arms snaked around you. His hands would rub your back while you hid against him, and he just casually talked to the other boys while you held onto your boyfriend.

“Y/N…come on, I think its time for you to lay down.” Jimin would say quietly, walking you to the sofa where he’d pull a blanket up to your chin. Right as he was about to leave the room, your hand shot out and grabbed his wrist. “Y/N,” he sighed, coming back towards you and eventually giving in, where he lied down next to you. Your noses were touching as you drifted off, his hand gently rubbing your back.

iKon Masterlist


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When He Has A Crush On His Male Best Friend


↠ When He Finds Out You Have A Tattoo

↠ When He Comes Home and Finds You Sleeping On The Couch

↠ Lazy Night In Front of The Television 

↠ Being Paired On “We Got Married”

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Kim Jiwon 

Some Pizza and Movies 

Jiwon finally has a day off, so you two decide to spend it indoors watching movies, accompanied with some pizza.

View the main masterlist for other groups/artists.

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                   TOP16 of those memorable otp’s moments (imo)

16. Mina & Jihyo’s “we got married”

Don’t forget Momo’s “Mina is my girlfriend” on tv + vlive tho

15. Tzuyu’s answer got me weak

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14. Momo knowing all Sana’s moles. It’s sweet (1:08)

13. JeongTzu’s fake kiss

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12. Jeonghyo is dating

11. Jeongyeon lying on the floor with Mina

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10. Tzuyu’s “I thought you two were dating” to Chaemo (13:27)

9. Mimo hugging each other

8. Sana kissing, hugging, dancing  flirting with Dahyun

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7. Nayeon saying “she’s mine” while hugging Chaeyoung

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6. Minayeon’s pepero game

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5. Momo’s “I like you both ways” after Nayeon’s :

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4. Mina’s “pull Mina please” to Chaeyoung and Chaeng being shook

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3. Jeongyeon’s “you’re n°1″ to Nayeon

2. Birthday kisses (by the way, someone kiss Nayeon please, she wants it so bad)

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1. Mimo kiss i’m like TT

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Vhope for OTP meme ask? @-@

Which one sexts like a straight white boy?

neither. they’re both really proud of their sexting abilities

Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

hoseok. but to be fair he cries during most movies

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

taehyung was heating up leftovers once and forgot to take the fork out of the bowl. hoseok helped him pick out a new microwave

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?

taehyung definitely

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

hoseok always puts his cold hands on the back of taehyung’s neck because its always so warm

Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?

we got married probably doesn’t count as reality tv but hoseok will be damned if he doesn’t watch an entire season of it in two days

Who laughs more during sex?

BOTH. everything is funny when they’re both naked and trying to be sexy


taehyung when he’s stressed or the first one in bed. hoseok when he’s really cold or just wants to feel taehyung’s arms around him

Henry, you look kinda uncomfortable standing like that

Why didnt you just wrap your arm around her like this? Its much more stable, right?

Was this the reason?

Yet skinship at such levels is OK for her, lol


TUPAC ON THE MARRIAGE TO KEISHA MORRIS: “I’m a romantic and I thought, at the time, I wanted to be married. I got married to someone who I cared about. It was a girlfriend. I never had a girlfriend, so it was my only real girlfriend. So we just got married and it didn’t work. Not because of her or me or jail. It wasn’t the right thing to do at the time. We rushed into it. When I married her, I married her for the wrong reasons. I cared about her, but I married her because I was in jail, I was alone. I didn’t want to be alone and I was like, “Well, she’s there. I care about her, she cares about me, let me show some commitment.” Watching Oprah, that’s what happened. Oprah and all these shows, all these women talking about commitment, and I was like, “Oh, okay, well, imagine if a guy’s in jail and proposes.”

KEISHA MORRIS ON TUPAC AND THE MARRIAGE: “I first met him in June of 1994. We were both at a club (the old Chippendale’s club, now called the Capitolin New York.) It was a Father’s Day dance. A lot of people were there. I saw Wesley Snipes, Pac. It was a really nice vibe. I saw Tupac and when I saw him I was with my girlfriend, Jamie, and I told her, “Hold my bag. I’m going to dance with Tupac.”  I went over. We were dancing off Wu-Tang’s song, “C.R.E.A.M."  I just grabbed him and said, "Come on let’s go!” [laughing]. We were dancing and he was singing the words to “C.R.E.A.M.” and I told him, “That’s not your song. Why are you singing that?” He was laughing and then another woman came over. She was trying to get his attention and everything, so I just walked away. I saw him after everyone was partying later on that night and I explained to him, “You have supporters out here, you know. I know you’re going through a difficult time and I wish everything well. I feel you were put in a bad situation."  He was going through the court. The New York trial was about to start. The accusation of the rape. He said, "Thank you, I appreciate it.” He looked like he wanted to talk, but I just walked away. I left. I went home. That was just that. I saw him a month later at the Tunnel nightclub and I saw that he was coming over towards me. I said, “I know he’s not coming over here."  He remembered who I was and he said, "Weren’t you the girl that had on the black dress and you spoke to me for like five minutes? I’ve been looking for you for a month."  He said, "I was like looking for you for over a month, I’ve been thinking about you every single day.” He remembered everything, the dress, what I said and everything. I couldn’t believe it. It was weird, you know. I was like, “Is he for real?” I knew he remembered. He caught my attention, and then he stayed with me the whole night. He talked with me. We danced, I was telling him he was too close to me, to move back. He was too close!  We were dancing and I was like, “Move back. You’re too close to me.” And he was like, “I’ve never encountered a girl like you.” I was like, “No, you’re too close."  I kept telling him to get away, to get off of me. He was touching me and I kept telling him to stop touching me, and he was laughing. You know, he kept telling me, "You’re full of shit.” I said, “Whatever.” He invited me to his hotel and I told him, “No. Are you crazy?! I trust you, but not like that!"  He gave me his home number and his pager number and he said, "I’m gonna stay a day later. I’m supposed to fly back to Atlanta tomorrow, but I’m going to stay a day later just to take you out.” And I was like, “Yeah right. You know, okay whatever.” I did not think anything of it. I said, “Okay.” We exchanged numbers and he was like, “You’re not coming to my hotel room?” I said, “I already told you no, so don’t ask me again.” At the time, I was a camp counselor, so I said, “I get off work at 5 p.m. I’ll be home by 6 p.m. He called at exactly six o'clock on the dot. And he was like, "Okay, I’m ready to take you out. Where do you want to go?” I said it doesn’t matter and he said, “I’m not coming to Harlem,” and I said, “I’m not coming to your hotel, so I don’t know what we’re going to do."  I said, "I’m not going down there.” We were on the phone for an hour debating. I said, “Okay, I’ll meet you in the lobby, but I’m not gonna go up to your room.” So he said, “No, you have to come up to my room.” I said, “Okay, fine.” So I put on a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, a baseball hat and I said I’m not going to wear anything sexy because I don’t want to give him that impression. We went and had dinner at this little Italian restaurant. Then we went to Chelsea Cinemas in Manhattan to see Forest Gump. He said, “It’s the number one movie in the nation,” and I told him I didn’t want to see it. It was corny. So he said, “You’re a weirdo.” He kept saying, “You’re a weirdo.” So we saw the movie. He was explaining to me that he was supposed to read for one of the parts in there. So it was really nice. In the movie theater, the people in front of us had small children and I think the child was agitated. They were there for a long time and this man just started yelling to the woman, “Why don’t you shut that kid up?! And Pac was like, "You know, that’s a child. The baby can’t help it.” And I thought he spoke very calmly. I was so surprised because the bad person the media portrayed him to be–spitting at the camera, very arrogant–he was nothing like that. He was a total gentlemen, very respectful, opened the door, asked “What do you want? What would you like?” A total, total gentlemen.  So, after the movie, he wanted me to go back to his hotel room and I told him, “Nope.” So we stood there for about twenty minutes and I said, “I’m going home. It’s been a nice night and now it’s time to end it.” He said, “No you’re coming back to the hotel with me.” So I said, “Okay, okay fine.” So I went back to the hotel and we talked, we watched TV, and they actually showed a clip on “E” TV of him spitting at a camera or something like that. He was like, “Oooh, look!” [laughing] I was reading a magazine and he told me, “You didn’t come here to read a magazine.” And I said, “Yes I did.” We had small talk, but he was kind of tired and I said, “Well, I’m going home.” He said, “No you’re not. No, you can’t go home.” I said, “Well there’s two beds in here. You sleep on that bed and I’ll sleep on this bed.” He said, “No, this is my room. I’m sleeping where you’re sleeping.” I said, “Okay, okay.” Tupac had two personalities. He would yell at me and then be my best friend after. At first when he did it I would take it personally and be ready to cry. Afeni Shakur told me to be strong and not worry about it. Right now he needed me more than ever. Tupac always told me I could not be weak. Once Tupac was placed in the Clinton Correctional Facility, Tupac asked me to handle all of his business with his lawyers, managers and record company because he wanted me to represent him. Tupac asked me to marry him three months after we started dating. He came home one day and held out his hands. He asked me if I noticed anything new and I said, “No, did you get a manicure?” He showed me his new ring that he bought for $30,000 and laughed and since I didn’t notice his new ring, he was going to give what he had bought for me to our dog, Playa. Then he took out the little velvet box and put it in the dog’s mouth and said, “That ring’s for you. I want you to marry me.”  I was puzzled. I ran over to Playa and grabbed the box and opened it. It was a seven carat platinum ring shaped like a queen’s crown. I didn’t have a chance to say yes or no cause he said, “We are gonna get married on your birthday in November.” He told me never to take the ring off because that would be the end of the relationship. All that I could say was, “Okay.” He left to go to the studio and I immediately went to my friend’s house to show off my ring. About an hour later he rang me to say, “You couldn’t wait.” He was right! At that point you couldn’t tell me anything I was going to be Tupac’s wife. We decided to wed in a quick ceremony. We had marriage counseling before we did it. When the judge asked me, “Keisha, do you take Tupac and all of his worldly possessions,” Tupac turned to me and said, “Keesh, you can’t have my pool table or my big screen TV.” When we got married, Tupac said he wanted to have kids. His publicist and our close friend Karen Lee was so shocked to see how much Tupac had changed. She had never heard of him talking about marriage or children. Tupac picked out names, he wanted to move to Arizona and name our daughter Star and our son Michelangelo. I liked Star, but not Michelangelo. We tried to have kids but the weed that Tupac smoked affected us.”

Bangtan Spells Compilation: Variety Shows.

Hello everyone! We know sometimes it can be hard to find scenarios without clicking on the one by one, so we are going to do a series of mini master lists or compilations with several themes. Here you have a list or compilation of scenarios in which you are in a variety show.


  • Make My Heart Sing: We got married with Seokjin. Genre: Fluff.
  • Super Dad: Jin goes to the Return of the Superman show with your children. Genre: Fluff / Family.


  • You Think: You meet in a TV show but you keep ignoring Yoongi’s smug flirts. Genre: Romance.
  • One Lucky Girl: The boys plot for you to be the chosen girl in a special TV show. Genre: Fluff / Romance.
  • First Meeting: We got married with Yoongi. Genre: Romance.


  • Now You See Me: You are a magician in Star King, Hoseok has a big crush on you. Genre: Fluff.


  • Couples Do Kiss: You two are invited to a TV show where you have to pretend to be a family with children. Genre: Fluff.
  • My Only Choice: You are in a show like Romantic & Idol. Genre: Fluff / Romance.


  • Shy Boy: You are a guest host in ASC, BTS are the guests of the day and fans start shipping Jimin and you together. Genre: Fluff.
  • Variety Games: You two are idols and go to Weekly Idol together. Genre: 


jonghyunbase  asked:

Hey do you mind explaining what's going on with that M& D video?? Ive basically just been hearing little bits of people freaking out over the last couple days and I don't really know who to ask to help me understand... Basically what Ive heard is apparently Heechul's stylist boyfriend made an appearance / had some influence in the MV but I can't actually find much background on who the "boyfriend" is or his history with Heechul?

haha, ok, so basically Heechul’s “boyfriend” is Gunhee. You can stalk the Gunheechul tag for more posts (here is one) (this ship is great because Heechul is the one who unabashedly kisses EVERYONE in super junior, but now Gunhee is kissing him on tv and he’s getting embarassed?? Heechul getting embarassed/defensive??? HEECHUL?? Heechul has finally met his match in snark and cheek omg)

Gunhee is Heechul’s old friend, and his stylist. After getting discharged from the army, Heechul introduced his fans to Gunhee through this instagram video.  (you will frequently be shocked by how un-het these two are together omg)

Heechul and Gunhee are very close, and often refer to each other in social media. Heechul has referred to Gunhee as the one he loves. They have been spotted taken vacations together, Heechul Dragged Gunhee Onto WE GOT MARRIED (the reality tv show where he pretends to marry someone, but instead he took his ‘bf’ along with him…), they’ve kissed on tv, and Heechul Came Up With Their Ship Name. (he tags every pic of the two of them on instg with their shipnames)

(This is Heechul’s instg pic, tagged Gunheechul)

(Gunhee’s instagram vid)

(more adorable gunheechul)

Basically, Heechul appears to be in a relationship with Gunhee, and he has done everything to be transparent to his fans about it short of announcing it. He can’t exactly come out: so long as everyone can perceive their actions as ‘fanservicey skinship’ he’s safe from the social reparations of coming out. His career and social life would be affected because he’s a star. This is a really really good post that analyzes their relationship: My Take On Gunheechul.

So the Gunheechul ship is basically all of us freaking out over the coupley things the two dorks do on a regular basis, one of which is the M&D video. Heechul got a bunch of famous friends onto his last vid, but this time he got his “friend and stylist” onto an MV. Heechul’s ability to take someone whom he appears to be in a relationship with and put them in a music video endorsed by (the very likely homophobic) SMEntertainment is what is amazing and what is making us freak out, haha. 

[TRANS] 160827 TV Daily News Article Yixing Excerpt Translation

“We Got Married” EXO Lay sudden appearance? Funny moment when Cao Lu and Jo Seho were treated as if they were nothing but air.

“We Got Married” EXO member Lay made an accidental cameo. On August 27th broadcasted episode of MBC’s variety program “We Got Married”, Lay’s sudden appearance captured everyone’s attention. 

Cao Lu and Seho couple were at the airport to welcome Cao Lu’s mother. For his mother in law, Seho wrote a sign in Chinese that said “welcome mother in law” to pick her up at the airport.

However, the moment Lay returned to Korea was also captured. When Lay came out fans started screaming and running towards him. 

Cao Lu and Seho standing there without any reaction vs. the fans’ reaction upon seeing Lay created an extreme contrasting and funny moment. (Trans from Chinese source so may be a bit off cf original Korean article)