we got married global version


[SHOW] We Got Married Global ep 4 (Mark, Jackson, and Bambam)

*I will post a version that can be watched by everyone when it becomes available.*


Heechul IG Update | 140712 

kimheenim:Thank you for loving <We Got Married: Global Version>. Though it was fake marriage, I think I learned a bit of how to behave to real women through . SuJu members always told me “Hyung, when we see you dating someone, you behave like a kindergartner.” and through this chance, I think I’ve upgraded from kindergartner to an elementary school student level. From now on, I will spout more kindness, and behave well to real women. I will work hard to give a good news as soon as possible. But I cannot give up on Asuka, Anna, and LOL*.. Please respect my hobbies.. Those who will stand in my way.. will suffer in my tsukuyomi**. haa…. Amaterasu!!!! #WGM #ASUKA #ANNA #LOL #NARUTO

*he starts talking in (what Koreans think is) otaku’s way of speech from this part
** Naruto reference..

Tsukuyomi makes an illusion, where the castor has control over everything (perception of time, visual, etc) and is used in the manga to torture
Amaterasu is the highest level fire technique in the manga..