we got married because we only needed to buy one copy of each book

So what does four hours with Sue, Pinoe, their moms and Syd Leroux look like?


Drinking, nipples and Dr. Fauci (who Pinoe would go straight for cause he’s our only hope).

Speaking of straight, Syd with those questions about the straight life?! We learn that Pinoe’s never hooked up with a guy (and realizes in hindsight the fact she didn’t wanna hook up with her high school boyfriends might have been a clue 😂). Sue did until after college (where she started dabbling with girls)

On dabbling with women. Not surprised Sydney has never but thought it was funny that she joked about wanting to now that she’s married 😂


Roasting each other with the worst photos they could find…I don’t know which is worse but Sue saying Pinoe’s zit was the least of her worries was gold.

Also that ‘who wore it better?’ pic and them laughing about Sydney saying Pinoe had a 'back hole’? No words for that…


Lots of childhood stories and buddah belly Syd.

Side note the buddah belly/knock knee commentary on poor Cassius was 😂

As was the whole Cassius copying Syd and her thinking he had a tic thing

Cassius trying to poop in the nightstand

Actually basically every time they talked about Cassius

On the childhood stories thing- Rachel and Pinoe trying to climb out the window as toddlers and Nancy’s disdain of that book was chefs kiss.

Honorable mention to Christopher (a lot to unpack there)


Mammers Jammers and Nancy 100% need a spin off show because they’re golden.

Trying to be diplomatic in the rapid fire rounds and not favor either their own daughter or their daughters girlfriend

Pinoes dad dropping in with questions about what Charlie Carrasco weighed and bothering mammer jammers

The origin of the Mammer Jammers story and her 15 pairs of 100% cotton PJs

Just all of it


Mom of the year Syd came up clutch as expected. Funny, real, smart. What’s not to love?

All the stuff about her own mom was super touching and her backstory is so interesting (would totally watch Sue’s documentary on her if she made one)

Her wildin as a teenager of course is no surprise/not news but still great

The fact she was getting packages delivered to Ash and Ali’s house to hide them from Dom? Until Ashlyn snitched on her? 😂 (side note Dom let her buy what she wants)

Ashlyn popping up in the chat past her bed time to remind Syd she didnt just want nice family photos and a visit from ashlyn from her birthday…she wanted appliances? And the whole ensuing appliance story?

Dom popping up here and there between bouts of playing Call of Duty (presumably with Allie Long)

Getting her eyebrows and upper lip threaded with Abby Wambach (and Abby crying the whole time) was nice but you know the real stories they couldn’t share would be epic

Getting pregnant by accident, CVS and that pregnancy test during camp and calling Vlatko to let him know

Dom buying flares cause of coronavirus. Flares?!

All the stories about being a mom and an athlete were great

Ghosting all the Jill Ellis’s…


Also the story of her basically having a bad break up and then flying to Kansas city and staying with Dom (insert disbelieving Pinoe eye roll that this was the only flight available and she stayed with him cause she didnt know anyone there…news flash KC - and whatever city you were in- have hotels Syd 😂) and just never moving out!!! Also shout out to Kristie Mewis for introducing them. LeMew ftw


Other random best bits…

Pinoe and Sue were adorable and affectionate pretty much the whole way through. So much so that the red on Sue’s shirt got all over Pinoe’s one. I’m about ready for them to get married now thanks.

Pinoe is afraid to give birth cause of the ring of fire (which to be fair sounds terrible). I’ve a feeling Sue will carry their kids and Sue seems to know this too!

Sam broke sunglasses in the world cup madness with a vigorous chest bump (which we knew although I cant remember from where) but I didn’t know she tried to send a Venmo request for the $400 (seemed like mostly as a joke) and accidentally sent her $400. Props to Sam 'too good for this world’ Mewis for rejecting it and sending her the money instead

There was so much more but just go watch it all if you wanna know more

Sue’s nieces continue to be adorable. Pinoe continues to desperately want them to write more notes her her like they do for Sue.

Pinoe roasting Sarah Bouhaddi (does she realize she’s coming to NWSL?) as the most overrated player at Lyon and how she flails about in the goal?

Kriegs penalties ftw

Pinoe really keeping it on brand with that shower story with the snake and not even changing a lightbulb

Cheney love and them both agreeing Lauren Cheney is both the best player they’ve ever played with and the most underrated