we got married because then no one goes to the movies alone

Beyond Smitten - [BTS] Husband!Yoongi Au

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“The second screws goes into the B hole, and the third screw that we placed earlier needs to have an L-key so it could be fastened…”

Peering up from the half assembled shoe rack, you glared at your husband who was reading the manuals (too fast) from the chair you bought for him, since the chair that Namjoon gave him broke. Actually it didn’t break, he just couldn’t use it. “Min Yoongi. Tell me the directions,” you inhaled deeply and exhaled, “…slowly.” Yoongi grabs the paper containing the direction again and began reading word by word but it was too slow for you to piece the words together. Frustrated, you left the screw driver rolling away as you hoisted yourself from the floor. “Don’t help if you don’t want to. Stay in your studio, and rot,” You snatched the paper from him, and he pouted. To be honest, it is not because he was busying himself, it’s not because he didn’t allocate a time for you–well, not entirely. It’s because he was being Min Yoongi. Now  the Min Yoongi you got married to isn’t the kind to treat you so rashly. The Min Yoongi you were married to are a thoughtlessly kind angel that sometimes need to be told what’s okay and what’s not okay. This Min Yoongi however, cares nothing about that and won’t be bothered to tell you what’s really prickling his thoughts and chose to pester you with his aloof presence. Obviously he was annoyed by something he’s not telling you.

And that, stops now.

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YOU'RE A NEW WRITER??? IM SCREAMING THOSE CUDDLES HCS WERE SO GOOD 🥺🥺🥺 literally they had me so soft I love my boys todoroki and shinsou so much 😭 if you're not tired of writing cuddles do u think you could do more? 👉🏼👈🏼 or like fluffy kisses or smthn? Thank you I love you -@its-bnha-babe

It’s kissing hour with our boys. Sorry for the wait. @its-bnha-babe 💖😘💖


Todoroki Shouto 

-We can all safely assume that this boy has no past experiences. 

-Hell, even simple signs of affection are new to him.

-He will be super stiff the moment you lean into him and his blush will match the left side of his head.

-He will try to make an effort and copies something he saw on TV.

-And you two end up making out.

-To be honest, I think that he’s a naturally good kisser so no experience required.

-Will definitely ask how he did and if you wanted something different, dawning that resting bitch face. 

-But you can see the slight crease of his brow and how his eyes dart all around your face. 

-He’s so cute you just want to kiss him again.

-And you do. As if you would hold back.  

-He’s slightly more confident during this kiss because if you’re kissing him again that means you liked it. 

-After your first (and second) kiss he becomes more relaxed as time passes.

-More confident and bold.

-His favorite is forehead kisses.

-They are just so intimate and give him the feeling of home.

-True home, where he feels safe and warm, enveloped in his little love cocoon.

-Expect many sudden kisses.

-He might get the feeling that he needs a kiss in the middle of a class 1-A movie night and WILL follow his heart.

-Bakugou has yelled more than once at you two and has insisted you get a room if that icyhot bastard is going to shove his tongue down your throat. 

-Shouto’s response is almost always the same.

-”Bakugou, you don’t have to be a little bitch about it.” 

-Cue street fighter music ‘cause shit it going doWN-

-You pull him away before things get… explosive and drag him to your dorm.

-For some one-on-one time.

Iida Tenya



-With him???


-He is against PDA ‘cause he got a stick up his ass-

-He won’t initiate anything as badly as he may want to kiss you.

-He respects your personal space and besides, it’s PDA FOR CHRISTS SAKE.

-It will take you five dates and a visit to Tensei, to finally get a kiss from him.

-It will all start with how happy you make him and how glad he’s to have you by his side.

-He’s being overly cute and shy you just can’t take it anymore, so you take his cheeks in your hands and bring his face crashing down to yours.

-The kiss is awkward.

-And stiff.

-Once you pull away, you two just stare at each other for a full five minutes until he clears his throat saying goodnight and sprinting to his room.

-That’s it. 

-You broke him.

-Life goes on as normal after that but during your alone time he’s more touchy than usual.

-Eventually he leans into you and captures your mouth in a kiss that KNOCKS YOU OFF YOUR FEET.

-His kisses are full of passion and pure emotion.

-All this pent up affection he holds in during the day will be released into the kiss he gives you.

-He will only kiss you in private and that won’t change till you’re married but he will kiss your knuckles or cheek if he really feels like it.

-He likes making you smile and if that means that he has to let some PDA slip then so be it.

Shinsou Hitoshi

-He may not look like it, but this boy knows how to kiss.

-And it’s not from experience. 

-Once you two started dating, he couldn’t stop thinking about your first kiss and how special and perfect it has to be. 

-So….he googled it.

-And watched those weird ass videos.

-And when he believes that his academic research on the matter is complete, he makes his move.

-He will pull you close by the waist and lift your head up towards him with his thumb and forefinger. 

-He will stare right into your eyes, then down to your lips only to return his gaze to yours.

-At this point you are melting.

-The moment you make the slightest of movements he leans down pressing his lips to yours, making your eyes flutter shut.

-He absolutely adores how you rest your hands on his chest and just let yourself fall into him.

-You part for air and are looking at him with wide eyes ‘cause where the hell did he learn to kiss like that.

-”Liked that kitten?” 

-From that point on he kisses you every chance he gets. 

-Won’t hesitate to kiss you in front of friends or in the halls and will tease you to no end about how you become as red as Kirishima’s hair whenever he kisses you.

-Expect puffy lips after make out sessions in your dorm and maybe a hickey or two. 

-Will pull you to the side to give you a smooch ‘cause you just looked kissable. 

-”What? My kitty-cat looked in need of a kiss!”😏😏😏

-That smug little shit.  

Shirakumo Oboro

-I feel like your first kiss with him would be like an Anna-Kristof moment (from Frozen)

-You two will be doing something and you’ll finally come up with the right idea or just excite him in some weird way and BOOM.

-You’re now being twirled around in the air with Shirakumo laughing and saying how great you are. 

-So great that it makes him want to kiss you even more. 

-Le Pause.

- “Then why don’t you, cloudy?” and he will.

-He will put you down gently and rest his palms on your cheeks, pulling you towards him until your lips meet.

-His kisses are feather like and so gentle. 

-He takes his time learning what you like and perfects his movements every time you two kiss. 

-Since he’s a tease, he will give you small pecks that always leave you asking for more.

-Of course he will eventually oblige, but you gonna have to wait.

-He really likes it when you are all whinny for him and he can’t help how adorable you are.

-Really long make out sessions.

-This boy can go for hours.

-He is a fan of PDA so being around other people won’t reduce the amount of kisses that he’ll give you.

-He absolutely adores you and likes to show you as often as possible.  

Rating the HP movies by how married the Golden Trio is

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: 
babies meeting each other!!! too little to be married but we’re getting our found family started and learning how to make friends and it’s great  4/10

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: 
babies breaking rules together because solidarity is important. boys terribly impressed with Hermione. They are devastated when she’s frozen and visit her in the infirmary which is hella cute and sad and then they look like the earth started spinning again when she’s better.  5/10

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: 
an early indicator of the Married Dynamic. Lots of hand holding and emotional support including but not limited to: the boys being super impressed by Hermione’s punch, Harry chasing bullies away from Ron and Hermione (leave his bf and their gf ALONE malfoy). They act like an old married throuple but still too young to be married tho  10/10

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 
“just separated, not divorced” Harry and Ron are mad at one another and poor Hermione has to be the go-between, HOWEVER Harry and Ron are clearly both attracted to other guys and Ron is clearly experiencing his first bi panic so +3 for relatable bisexual boys. One of the best “hermione leaping into harry’s arms” hugs. Ron and Harry fight and then make up, thus demonstrating their ability to communicate! “your dress robes match your eyes” harry says to ron. give me a heterosexual explanation. The dynamic of Hermione reading the paper, angry about the State of Things while Ron and Harry listen sympathetically is something that will be echoed later in life  7/10

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 
more surprise Hermione hugs. Dumbledore pits 2/3 of the trio against Harry which is BULLSHIT. there’s definitely a married wolfstar in this ‘un so +1 for Remus rolling his eyes at his husband. Ron and Hermione come together to support and talk up their boyfriend as a DADA teacher. Luna taps in for a second as Supportive Bae and is doing great, sweetie.
When meeting Grawp Ron is Overly Concerned BF while Harry, drawing on the past experiences of their entire lives goes “nah, brah, I think she’s got it”. Still working on their dynamic,  6/10

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Ron continues to worry/not worry about the wrong one. Totally not worried about Harry when he should be but worried about Hermione when he should not
Lots of visual framing of the three of them together, but lots of Hermione and Ron in striped sweaters while harry is not. get your head in the game, potter (will be balanced by Harry and Hermione’s plaid sharing in DH) 
Ron is clearly having another bisexual crisis when he’s jealous of his sister getting to date Dean but also he’s into Hermione maybe??
Hermione “My parents are dentists” Harry “and if any of you have a problem with that I, the Chosen One, will personally fuck you up, and then you’ll thank me that I did it and not Hermione because she’s way tougher than I am”
Lots of good Harry/Hermione hand holding and resting of heads on shoulders 7/10

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt1
Ron and Harry share the least bro-y hug ever in the first ten minutes
And the look of utter relief on Ron’s face as Harry engulfs Ron and Hermione in a hug?? GOD!!! +3 just for that!!!
Hermione has spare everything packed and they’re all helpless without her, you boys need to get it together (recognizing it to each other isn’t letting her know you appreciate her, you nimrods!!!!)
BUT ALSO THE BIG DIVORCE HAPPENS and it leads to frankly?? some very interesting romantic/sexual tension between Harry and Hermione
Hermione literally says “maybe we should just stay here, grow old,” girl that is a PROPOSAL platonic romantic whatever it’s a PROPOSAL
eventually they all get back together but Ron and Harry don’t hug which is frankly unbelievable so 6/10

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2: 
”Harry talks in his sleep have you noticed?”
”No of course not” Hermione says, like a liar. Ron has been actively listening and retaining what Harry says in his sleep for…a while now. Is that…do straight guys Do That?
Harry says goodbye to Ron and Hermione, hugging Hermione while Ron realizes they’re going to have to figure out how to live without Harry which HURTS ME
The last image before the flash-forward is of the three of them holding hands so like +5 but then they don’t get married to each other??? to quote shane madej, esq, “that was some heteronormative bullshit!” -5000
But the very final shot is of the three of them again so u know. we know in our hearts they’re supposed to be married to each other. In order for everyone to become a Weasley, it only makes sense that Harry and Hermione marry Ron, which frees Ginny up to marry, idk, Luna and Neville or smth 1/10

sooo seemed like you guys liked the awkward wedding, and like I said I have more so here we go!
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Dex hasn’t seen Nursey for a while. He figures that he is getting high with Shitty or something, but there’s something about their earlier conversation that bothers him. A lot of things bothers him about Nursey nowadays. He had been thinking that they were getting over their initial issues with each other, but then suddenly Nursey started to avoid him, just to be very close with him in the next moment. He’d be walking into the living room and see Nurse practically run away, and the next day Nursey’d be asking if they could go to the library or maybe to the movies or something - just hang out. At first Dex blamed it on the anxiety that Nursey had been growing more and more open with, but then why couldn’t Nurse just tell him what was up. It was honestly starting to piss Dex off. 

“Have you guys seen Nurse?” Dex asks, grabbing a cup of unknown liquid from the bar. Holster is pouring drinks and Lardo is checking out some pictures on her camera. 

“Yo you’re looking for him? What did he do?” Holster carefully puts the cups by the end of the bar, so people can grab and go easily. 

“Nothing,” Dex says into his cup, but kind of feels like he is lying. “We had a conversation and in the middle of it he just ran off - thought that maybe he got anxious or something?”

“Nah, bro,” Lardo says, putting down her camera. “He almost tripped over Bitty’s aunt - that’s not anxious, just panicky.”

Dex sighs. “He’s so weird.”

“Bro, yeah, that’s sort of his thing. Weird and chill - but very un-chill.”

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