we got married

Husband Jeno

something for mari to do on jeno’s birthday <3

(I’m leaving that ^^ there)

  • Will always want to keep you happy
  • Jeno the type to show you his many sides
  • A complete goof ball
  • Wants to have kids
  • Will get more cats if you let him
  • Will make you breakfast in bed
  • Tickle fights all the time
  • Gives you a piggy back ride when you’re tired
  • “Jeno stop I’m trying to sleep”
  • “But baby… I want cuddles!!!”
  • Whinny Jeno
  • He wants attention about 90% of the time
  • A big baby
  • But he’s your husband..
  • Thinking back
  • He was kind of scared to propose to you
  • Once he did propose
  • He couldn’t stop smiling
  • He screamed and picked you up and twirled you around
  • The rings were beautiful
  • He didn’t know what ring would of been the best
  • He just chose the one that sparkled more
  • Saying it was because the sparkles
  • Reminded him of your eyes
  • On the wedding day
  • He was a nervous wreck
  • what if this what if that
  • He’s like a bridezilla
  • He just wanted this to be perfect like his soon to be wife
  • Even if he’s the man
  • He’s still a fluff ball that wants it to be a perfect day
  • I think Jeno would want to have like 2 or 3 kids
  • Will actually freak out when he knows you’re pregnant
  • “OMG OMG OMG WHEN??? HOW??? WHY???”
  • *Insert his whining scream laugh here* (asdfgjaiehek I love it so much)
  • “Jeno stop freaking out, you’ll be the best dad, because you’re Lee Jeno you’re amazing just like you are”
  • Will calm down after that
  • Cuddling all night right after
  • Whatever you want he’ll get it for you
  • Any weird pregnancy craving, he’ll be there
  • “Jeno can you bring me-”
  • “Okay babe, I’ll be back!” *runs out of the house for whatever you want*
  • Let’s you wear his clothes
  • For your pregnant belly
  • And because he likes seeing you in his clothes
  • Yeah that boy doesn’t do calm
  • “LEE JENO CALM DOWN, Just take me to the hospital”
  • Jeno and kids is just…something special
  • “Can I hold him?”
  • “He’s your child of course you can”
  • Holds the new born like they’re the most precious thing
  • Gives out his eye smile
  • Just when the baby boy grabs his finger and doesn’t let go
  • Tickles the baby with his kisses
  • Giggles and gurgling noises from your two favorite boys filled the room
  • *Flash* A beautiful moment has been captured
  • How is this beautiful family with a baby
  • A crying new born
  • And a big baby
  • He’s basically a kid himself
  • So you have to take care of your baby and a big baby
  • Jeno loves his babies though
  • He’ll protect you and his child
  • He doesn’t want anything bad to happen to his wife
  • Nor his baby boy, his two little babies
  • He’ll do whatever it takes to help you with the baby boy
  • “Jeno just pick him up”
  • “Stop screaming, just change his diaper”
  • “But y/n, I just did that”
  • “Did you give him his bottle”
  • “uh… bottle?”
  • He can be very clueless at times
  • He still wants to be the greatest husband and dad
  • Just for his beautiful Queen and his little handsome (after himself) Soldier
  • One day
  • Jeno decided to announce his baby
  • As the handsomest boy in the Lee Family
  • As his wife you said that’s wrong
  • “The baby is just as handsome as his dad”
  • Jeno being hard headed at the moment
  • Rejected that idea
  • It turned out to be a small fight
  • Whining and tickles everywhere
  • So many small giggles from your baby boy
  • There’s never a real fight between you two
  • It’s mostly the smallest fights
  • Jeno is the one who just stops them
  • He realizes that even if he’s wrong or not
  • That he loves you so much
  • To let a fight get between both of you
  • “I’m sorry, can you forgive me?”
  • “What, but you didn’t do anything??”
  • “Then why are we fighting??? Actually never mind that”
  • He gives you a kiss
  • He’ll much rather kiss you
  • Until the small baby starts crying
  • “*Sigh* I’ll go get him”
  • As he walks into the babies room
  • He turns around and winks at you
  • He’s most likely planning to keep that kiss going later
  • Comes back out instantly
  • “Uh… we don’t have anymore wipes…”
  • Clueless dad Jeno back at it again
  • Sometimes
  • You’ll walk in on him having a small talk with the baby
  • “Your mom is so beautiful,…you know, you have her eyes”
  • “gurgles”
  • “Yes, I know, actually your mommy is coming in here soon”
  • “more gurgles”
  • You will also walk in on him cuddling the baby
  • While they’re both sleeping in the rocking chair
  • Another beautiful moment
  • Jeno REALLY loves you, and his baby boy
  • Theirs never a day when he doesn’t think of you both

Jeno is just a fluff ball, that wants to do his best as a husband and father.



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More People Should Know About Jackson Wang

A Hong Kong-raised idol in South Korea, where gender and sexual equality is still very far from being a thing, Jackson’s a bit of a maverick in the celebrity world with how he breaks stereotypes and discusses gender equality so casually.

Like this time when he asked if two men could get paired together on popular TV show “We Got Married” instead of just the typical hetero relationships. (Note: Still nothing but hetero couples on the show)

Or this time on Weekly Idol. When talking about the kind of traits Hani (girl holding the board) likes in a guy, she mentioned loyalty. When the host asked if one of the other guests if she liked guys with loyalty, Jackson thought the host was asking him and answered without blinking an eye. 

Then when he got the opportunity to make a guest appearance on SNL Korea, he didn’t shy away from the role, even with kissing another man in the script.

He even mentioned it in his time during the closing segment.

Then, when he got paired up with his friend Monsta X’s Jooheon for Flower Boy Bromance, he talked about how excited he was to get the chance to hang out. Jooheon got a little weirded out, but Jackson was quick to explain.

There are a lot more examples, but long story short, Jackson’s breaking down old school gender roles, whether he realizes it or not. More people should love him just for how amazing he is as a person.

You keep doing you, Jackson! 💚


Everyone arriving with style to Key’s WGM wedding…then there’s Key 😂😂

You’re Safe Here (Dean x Reader)

Requested by anon.Enjoy!

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“What’s your ideal husband?”

“I like a man that’s a mystery, someone that doesn’t talk very much, those are the ones that are the most affectionate. I prefer to just cuddle than talk, I like a man that knows what he is doing, he is not afraid to take risks and get touchy feely. I think it’s because i’m not good with words so touching is my way of showing affection.”


“What’s your ideal wife?”

“I like a girl that’s more of an acting than talking. Someone that delicately sexy, I like a strong gaze in a woman. Someone tha'ts silently having my back and even though she will talk shit in front of me, she will cut someone that talks bad behind my back. A dynamic duo”


Getting to be with Hyuk was something that you felt blessed about experiencing. He was pretty much the man of your dreams, the chemistry you had was over flowing and everyone that watched the show could see it. From silly missions, to random actions of affection, like playing with your curly hair, to teasing the other but then hugging them cause you felt bad. It was a relationship you wish you had without having to sign a contract and cameras following you.

You were a bit sad that it was the last episode of We Got Maried, it meant that you and Hyuk would have to go your seperate ways. You would go back to your job as an actress and he would go back to singing like an angel.

“Keep them close”

“If this is a sick joke, I will beat you until you bleed”

You threatened him as he carefully covered your eyes, so he won’t ruin your eye make up. He guided you somewhere and then stopped you. You could feel the curiousity bubbling up, you were tempted to rip his hand of from your eyes to see what he was hiding, but you knew it was something he had probably worked hard for and you didn’t want to ruin it for him. So you just bit your lips and patiently waited for him to reveal his surprise.


a beautiful set of a couch and a big tv was set right in the garden, you could already recognize your favorite snacks and the fluffy blankets that were perfectly folded on the side of the couch. One of the most brightest smiles reached your lips, you even showed your teeth, you rarely did that because of your insecurity of your crooked front teeth.

“Aww Hyuk, this is beautiful”

“Come on, I picked the best movie”

He took your hand and sat next to you on the very comfortable couch. He passed you the pink blanket, knowing that it was one of your favorite colours and he kept the creme coloured on for him. You took of your shoes and put your legs up to get cozy.

“Are you ready?”


He pressed play and his song “bonnie & clyde” reached your ears, catching you off guard. You turned to look at him confused but he didn’t even turn his head towards you, so you forgot the idea about him giving you an explanation. They were clips of the show, mixed with clips form him m/v, that caught your interested but made you even more confused, you were never the patient one.

“I’m so happy you were my wife. You were a lovely partner and great company, i’ll miss your weird laugh and your savage comments. I hope my wife can be just like you, I hope I made you feel happy and was a good husband to you, cause you deserve the perfect one. You are my ideal wife”

You read this in the screen and you could already feel your heart full of love. You never knew he felt like this, your relationship was more of a goofy one, you never expected this from him. It was such a loving gesture that you appreaciated very much.

“Ahhh why you had to make me cry?”

You turned away and carefully wiped the corners of your eyes. It was the first time that someone did something so sweet for you, you didn’t reallt know how to take it or how to respond.

“I didn’t want to make you cry”

“Happy tears”

You said as you faced him again with a smile. He saw your watery eyes and he couldn’t help but feel kind of bad, even though he knew you were not hurt, but just over emotional. He just reached for your hair and pulled them away from your face and over your shoulder, he always liked how you looked without hair on your face, he wanted to see your whole face on it’s entire glory.

“I’ll miss you too”

“It was fun wasn’t it?”

“Very much…. maybe too much fun. Look at us, all sappy and shit. You already know that when this airs everyone will think were are dating”

“Probably, I don’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to be with a woman like you?”

You giggled at his compliment. You sat inches away from him, you really did hope that you could keep him in your life, although you didn’t know if that was possible, your careers might be both on the spotlight but they were based of from very different things. You acted on impulse and gave him a hug, resting your chin on his shoulder as he slowly rubbed circles on your back, making you feel comfort and some type of affection.

“I won’t do it. I won’t do it”

You whispered to yourself, in a desperate attempt to make yourself hold back the tears from starting again. You always had that thing of avoiding to cry in front of others, it just made you feel like you were making them pity you.

“I won’t look, you’re safe here”

“Thank you for a wonderfull marriage Hyuk, I never took the chance to thank you for this”

“Don’t thank me, you deserved every piece of it”

You pulled away from him and pulled all your hair back, you never thought that coming to this would make you feel so much for a guy. He really was what you exactly wanted.

“I have a suggestion, instead of leaving the rings, we switch them. You’ll have something from me and i’ll have something from you”

You just nodded. You both took of your “wedding rings” and gave it to each other. You immediately put it on, since it fit you, but he just kept it and put it on the pocket of his flannel.

“Now we have something to keep us together”