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So my friend @pinkpompadourghost was posting various versions of this meme and ended up editing it. I don’t know what else to say.

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Oh, the things I can’t say to you because I’m your superior…
—  Ravenclaw, barely holding back from reaming a coworker.

RWBY V4 Finale Chart

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I’mma take a bow real quick.

It’s been fun. This volume we got a few good jokes in, didn’t we? Did you have a favourite? Personally I’m fucking blown away at how big Rensexual has become. I can’t wait to see what V5 will bring us. Thanks for being an amazing community once again. I never imagined my content basically becoming one of the largest parts of the RWBY community.

…and now I get to take a long fucking rest until October. 



Drew this as part of a package I sent to @spinetrick and now that she’s gotten it in the mail I can finally post it. <3

On Hunk’s birthday, we got age discourse.

On Shiro’s birthday people spammed the live stream with Josh Keaton (“How old are the others?” / “You’re like a brother to me”) and it had to be cut short. We also got leap year jokes and more age discourse.

Pidge’s birthday was overshadowed by Allura’s teenage “reveal”, and what did we get out of that? Even more hate & age discourse.

Lance’s birthday was announced a month earlier than all others because the Voltwitter reached 50k followers, and even then y'all continued to spam every tweet that wasn’t about Lance with “But why aren’t you telling us his birthday!?”, as if the Voltwitter was aiming to offend you personally? Or owed you shit?

Then the date was announced, and Lance got a birthday countdown, a birthday week, a video (that none of the other characters got, mind you) which y'all complained about because it’s a lighthearted joke and not the ooc Langst™ you want, “national holiday” etc. etc.

Your entitlement is showing, fandom, and it’s as gross as ever.

I don’t think it’s fair on lup that she has to have all the best lines in the show like jesus christ can some give her a hand for like a second and have like one cool line so the onus isn’t on her to have fucking all of them like she’s probably getting tired of thinking up every single good one liner in the history of podcasting 

the paladins: Who the hell are you?

prince lotor: It is me. Who is me? I am me. And me is the physical embodiment of the galra. We’ve come to claim dominion over you puny anti-galra folk. You and your symbols of hatred, such as the blade of marmora, we have killed them swiftly. There is only you left, and it’s time to end you. It’s time to stomp on the galra resistance. It gets stronger every day, but we only grow off your hatred. We absorb and gain power to become the ultimate galra life form to crush the galra antis. It’s true, and it’s coming