we got it better

good things about my two days trip to London:

  • London. just, London. I’d missed it!
  • street singers/musicians
  • met two nice people who were there for Emma Wxtson
  • proved to myself I can be strong and determined when I want to (it makes the disappointment even worse though)
  • seeing Luke Evxns (and everyone else)… but from afar… :/
  • happy, cute gay couples holding hands
  • a woman asked me to take a picture of her in the DisneyStore with the batb rose and her soon-to-be-bought Belle and Gaston dolls
  • buying batb merchandising including batb mystery mini funkos, the dolls, and my very first special mug!! it’s huge I’m gonna make the best teas and hot cocoas in it
  • somehow not getting sick (yet??)

sad/bad things about my two days trip to London:

  • waiting, freezing and shaking a total of 14 hours in the icy cold
  • f*cking storm doris making it even harder to deal with
  • feeling like dying once in bed. I’m sorry, body, I didn’t mean all the pain
  • health related anxiety
  • my irregular period decided it was a great time to show up
  • my lips are currently dead, so are my shoulders
  • not getting one of the many invitations randomly given away to see the screening
  • people… getting invitations… even though they didn’t know about the event until they stumbled across it 45 minutes earlier… (yes I’m very bitter about that)
  • seeing Luke Evxns only from afar (like really afar, not 2 meters afar :/)
  • so, no chance to get a picture like I’d hoped so hard
  • feeling like I went for nothing
  • (but hey at least I bought cool stuff I’d planned to buy! the LeFou mini funko is ADORABLE I think it’s my favourite out of the five different characters I got (got the Prince twice, ball dress Belle, Lumière, kneeling Beast, and LeFou). I’m sad I didn’t get Gaston tho. LeFou feels lonely without his buddy. but gosh the Gaston doll is stunning!)
  • couldn’t find the batb novelization
  • misgendering once people hear my voice but oh well
  • “wow I had never met someone so quiet before… like shy people yes, but never someone who doesn’t talk at all” thanks what do you want me to say about it? stop acting like you’ve made a new species discovery

im fairly sure ive told this before but.
i still think about that one time my friend and i got competitive over whos the better loki and so we decided to 1v1 and at the time, i was new to smite and enemy lokis scared me shitless because of the invisibility thing and how suddenly he’d just pop up.
20 minutes into the 1v1 later, im under tower with legit tears streaming down my face because I was so scared and he kept ulting me under tower and turning invisible and running away just to scare me bc he could take a hit or two from the tower and im fairly sure that’s the reason im so scared of 1v1s.


crawling out of pitioss dungeon like

guess who ;)


bangtan pokemon au! 


anyways heres a better heliotrope we need and deserve (cough cough crewniverse)

heliotropes are medics, able to provide a healing touch of sorts to injured/cracked/etc gems after having their gem exposed to cold water. some have the ability to manipulate clouds as well, creating rain if need be to help allow for quick heals

this particular heliotrope is based on my sister in design, attitude, and wardrobe, as most heliotropes would be wearing something more like a coat or cloak, and be more reserved. this one idolized yellow diamond and her troops, longing to be a warrior alongside the jaspers and amethysts, wishing to stomp out the resistance herself and prove to herself and those around her that she can be just as powerful and capable as the other warriors. however, she does not have a summonable weapon and is physically too small and weak to fight, so she never got her chance

shes loud, brash, and a handful, but can be a fantastic ally when known better


Did you have to audition for the part of Jon Snow? Yeah. First of all, I did it in a tiny little room with a camera. That’s how it works. I remember the exact scene I read. It was the scene with Tyrion in Episode 1. I still have my original printed out audition scene somewhere. I had three auditions. With Thrones, I was fresh off the boat from drama school and, essentially, they were auditioning every young Brit in the UK. And, for whatever reason, the producers spotted me on the second audition and said, “This guy looks upset enough to play Jon Snow.”Kit Harington (x)