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The Intervention

“Um, guys? What’s going on?” 

Clint looked solemnly toward Tony, shaking his head sadly as he watched the man stumble forward, brow set in confusion as he took in the setting around him.

The communal living room was filled with all the friends that the team had been able to find, and together, they had procured a large banner and written the word INTERVENTION in big black lettering, hanging it from the ceiling as they all stood solemnly underneath it.

It was time they sorted this. It had reached the limit, and none of the team could handle it any more.

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What Happens in Vegas

What Happens in Vegas

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1261

Warning: Smut, unprotected sex (wrap it up folks)

The story is for (@winchester-writes) #Rose’s Birthday Drinking Challenge. My prompt was Jameson Irish Whiskey - “What the actual fuck happened last night?”. The quote will be bolded in the story.

Rose I hope this is what you wanted and all the best for your birthday.

Thank You to @mycapt-ohcapt and @wereleopard58 for helping me with ideas on this.

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anonymous asked:

Okay okay okay okay okay how would sex be on your honeymoon tho?? Like would they be all sweet and caring cuz y'all just got married for would they be like fuck yeah we just got hitched and all rough?!!

Bless you because this is my new favorite concept EVER! I saved this one for tonight so I could really dive into it. If you’re uncomfortable I understand, but I would LOVE to know who sent this one because I want to be friends.

I think roles would be so reversed on this one.

Your feet hurt and you’re so mentally exhausted from speaking with so many different people, but you would do it 1000 times over again for the simple fact you were now married to your best friend. You’d be in the bathroom freshening up, eyeing the lace and barely there lingerie that Cameron had sneakily bought for your lingerie party. It didn’t matter that you’d had sex with Grayson one hundred times and more, something was very nerve racking and intense about honeymoon sex to you. You wanted to look you’re absolute best for him, he deserved it. With shaky hands you slip into the tight fabric, adjusting the garter belt before staring at your reflection in the large and ornate bathroom mirror. It was now or never, Grayson would surely come looking for you if you took any longer. One harsh breath in and blowing loudly out, you straightened your back and opened the bathroom door which led into the gorgeous master of the condo by the shore. The doors to the balcony were open, a warm breeze sending goosebumps over your skin as you see Grayson overlooking the ocean in nothing but his boxer briefs; thank God you were staying at a secluded beach. He sensed your presence, turning slowly, the moon casting light over one side of his face giving his smoldering look even more sex appeal. You were so used to Grayson being gentle and soothing with you, so when he stepped forward and forced you onto the four poster bed, the gasp you emitted was loud and unexpected. He hovered over you with dark eyes clouded by his dark lashes, looking to each tiny piece you were wearing with hungry eyes and a clenched jaw. Licking his lips as if you were a treat, he leaned in to barely ghost his lips over yours. “How would you like it, Mrs. Dolan?” You would feel so out of place from his unusual rough behavior, but the throbbing between your legs would approve. You roll over on your stomach, pushing yourself to rest your feet on the ground, pushing your ass back into the very prominent hard on Grayson has. “Like this,” you would innocently say, biting your finger and giving him a sugary sweet smile. He wouldn’t even bother with removing any of the lingerie, pushing it aside to thrust into you while reaching around to rub furiously over your clit. He would be more vocal and dirty than he’d ever been, “are you happy I’ll be the one to fuck you for the rest of your life?”

Nothing would mean more to you than sharing your first walk on the beach at night with your husband. You’d look over to Ethan in awe of how incredible he was in every way possible, even going as far to grant your wish of a secluded and private wedding on the beach. No reception, no traditions, just marrying and then spending every second you could alone together. His hand would fit yours like they were meant to mold together, swaying hands back and forth as Ethan would regard the ocean and you would stare at him. He is not usually a man to gush his deep and inner feelings to you often, but when he does, they are nothing but sincere and always the right thing. He would feel your stare, stopping to stand before you with a gentle smile and gentle eyes. You would ask him what he was thinking about, you were always so curious of what happened in that secluded brain of his. “I’m just unbelievably blown away that someone as beautiful and kind as you chose to marry me. I am the luckiest man in the world. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. I love you.” Your heart would quicken and your hands would shake, every fiber of your body igniting at the very way he looked at you. His hand would reach up to push away the hair on your face caused by the wind of the ocean, grasping your neck to bring you in for a melting kiss. He would need you immediately, not later, not when he could get you back to the beach house, he needed you now. His arms would lift you up, eyes boring back into yours as he’d kneel to the sand and lay you softly across it. You wouldn’t even mind the sand in your hair because all you could think about was him. He would push the flowing dress up to your thighs, slowly undoing the belt to the loose khaki pants he was wearing, pulling himself from them and leaning over you. “My stunning wife, I love the way that sounds.” Your eyes would light up in adoration, him plunging into you so slowly that you would feel every single inch. His fingers would lace with yours, his thrusts so loving and gentle that you decided you loved this side of Ethan maybe almost a little more than his rough edges. He would know exactly how to roll his hips against you to bring his name spilling from your mouth with bliss and happiness. There is no one he would rather spend life with than you, just like this.

I fucked myself up this time, I mean I truly fucked myself up.

eisen-mitternacht  asked:

A coincidence of the literal and literary sort: I was reading through an old comic book called The Dreamery for the adventures of germanic centaur Stinz and one of the letters mentioned a certain Diane Duane. I had to go back and re-read previous issues to figure out you'd written the Ivan The Inexperienced set. (raven prince is the best prince)

(grin) I like the Raven Prince too.

I have a soft spot for that batch of work as it’s a restatement, in a way, of some stuff that happened with Peter and me on our (second)(real) date.

I’d been asked to attend a tiny media convention held in a pub in a part of London called East Sheen–secondary to being out that way for some publicity surrounding the UK version of Spock’s World. And Peter turned up at this thing and we wound up having a long talk about how he was rewriting (and rewriting and REWRITING) his second novel, and how the rewrites (off his betas’ notes: at least they’re what we would now think of as betas) were driving him nuts, as the notes changed every time and were all mutually contradictory.

So in essence I gave him an early but quite indignant and very impassioned version of the A Writer Is Not A Democracy, You Are A Dictatorship (You Can Be A Benevolent Dictatorship If You Want To But That’s Up To You Not Them) Lecture, which he accepted with (I’m pretty sure at this end of time) profound relief.

And then we kicked back and spent the rest of the evening telling each other folktales. We were delighted to discover that we pretty much knew all the same ones. And at some point the Tale Of Tsarevitch Ivan, The Firebird and the Grey Wolf  came up, and it got, well, a bit wild and woolly… because when Peter tells it, there are sound effects. (There is simply no point in my attempting to describe the sound of Peter doing the Raven Prince “striking thrice upon the ground and becoming a fine young man. “Lascivious” doesn’t BEGIN to cover the territory.  The three screeches as of heavy aircraft tires hitting the runway and bouncing are just a bonus.)

Anyway. So time went by and we got hitched and we wound up doing that comics work (he was involved in doing a space comic for Fusion), and I did the version of the Prince Ivan story that I’d started telling Peter that night. (And if I love it that my artist on these goes by the name Sherlock, surely that’s somewhat understandable.) BTW, did you know that these have since been collected? With a new final chapter added: “The Tale of Prince Ivan and the Bachelor Parties Of Doom”.)


I’ll Be Here

Words: 2029
Pairings: 1940s!Bucky x Reader
Warnings: It is a flat out feels trip

Author’s Note: First off: This imagine is written differently. I did it in 1st POV to give it more of a narrative type of feel. So my sister showed me this song and I loved it so much that naturally, I had to write this because I’m angsty af. Please comment, like, and reblog! If you enjoyed this then you can follow me for more stuff like this!

Song: I’ll Be Here from Ordinary Days

We met, of all places,
In front of Gristedes some freakishly cold winters day.
I had on several unflattering layers of wool.
He slipped on the ice with his grocery bags full,
So I rescued some Fruit Loops he dropped by the curb
And he made some remark that my smile was superb
I thought that was sweet and I started to go and he said
“Hey, whatcha doing tomorrow?”

        The sun was shining brightly as it lit up the bustling city of New York as I strolled down the street. Soggy, gross snow that had turned brown from the dirt and grime from the street had trailed alongside the sidewalk. I wore rain boots to protect my feet from the slush that sat between the sidewalk and the street where I was about to cross.

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The Joker x Reader 7 In Vegas. Warning: some smut

You went to Vegas for some fun and woke up with… wedding rings. 

You are starting to wake up and you already know it’s going to be a hell of a hangover. Blurry thoughts play in the back on your mind while you struggle to gain consciousness.

Vegas, fun…get away for a few days, just the two of you…casino, drinks, lots of drinks…making out in the car…robbery…stealing expensive jewelry…running before the cops show up…more drinks…chapel…”I do!”, laughter, kisses…speeding back to the hotel in the purple Lamborghini…sex…more drinks…more sex…

The whirlpool of fragmented flashbacks is making you feel dizzy, even if you didn’t even open your eyes yet. You touch your face with the back of your left hand, attempting to give yourself a little nudge to reality.

“Auuch…” you cry in pain as something scratches your cheek.

You finally open your eyes to see what it is and…

“Oh my God!” you suddenly wince, covering your mouth with the other hand. You stare at huge diamond wedding ring, finally able to process what this means.

“Crap…” you manage to utter, suddenly awake.

You turn your head and look at the Joker. He’s still deeply asleep, facing you, his green hair a mess, all over his face. His hand rests on your tummy. You lift yourself on your elbows to take a better look. There it is: a wedding band on his finger.

You drop back on your pillow, glaring at the ceiling. You two are not supposed to get drunk because you become crazier and even more impulsive than you already are. “God damn it,” you whisper to yourself, biting your lips nervously.

“J..Jaaaay,” you try to wake him up, gently caressing his face. “Babe, wake up…J…” Nothing. Still asleep.

“J !!” you raise your voice ,slapping his naked behind. You only hear a growl. Another slap. “J, wake up!” This time he moves, repositioning himself on his back, eyes still closed.

“Baby doll, let me sleep,” he pleads with raspy voice, covering his face with the sheets.

You yank the covers off and you get on top of him. He senses your naked body on his and grins.

“Kitten…give me a few moments and I’ll be ready to go.” His hands reach for your waist and he adjusts you so he can feel you better.

“Not that I mind where this is going, Puddin, but you really have to see this.”

He blinks a few times, getting his eyes used to the image of your fingers close to his face.

“Baby doll, is that a wed..” You don’t let him finish.

“Yes, yes it is and…lookie here, you have one too!”

The Joker gazes at his wedding band, then at your ring, then at your face.

“Did we fucking get married last night?”

“Apparently?…” you make it a question, waiting for his reaction.

He stretches with a big smirk. Suddenly, you feel it and you giggle.

“Mister J, you weren’t joking about being ready in a few moments.”

“You know me, everything to make my Pumpkin happy.” He grabs your hand and kisses it and you get lost in his blue eyes.

“Relax, baby, it’s Vegas. We can cancel that piece of paper anytime we want.”

You sigh without answering and he takes a hold of your hips, shifting you over so he’s on top of you now.

“Say, Kitten…how would Batsy…” he thrusts into you and you let out a laud moan “…react if he finds out we got hitched?”

His forehead rests on yours, not breaking eye contact, holding your hands above your head, fingers intertwined with yours. Your breathing is getting heavy, he knows how to make you lose control.

“He would…ahhhhh…send us to Arkham (loud scream) again, certified nut jobs.”

“That he would,” the Joker snickers, kissing you roughly. “Hmmm,” he growls, “you feel so good, Kitten.” You squeeze him harder in between your legs, arching your back in ecstasy.

“You look so sexy with that wedding ring on, my prettyyyy…” he purrs in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. “It really turns me on.” J’s lips kiss your breasts, going up you neck, then find your lips again. At this point, both your breathings are erratic; your body is on fire, so needy for his.

“Puddin…” you whisper ”we should do this more often.”

“What, doll, get married?”

“No, sex in Vegas”, you reply with a naughty smirk on your face.

He starts laughing.

“Well, damn, let’s do it more often then, Misses J.”

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Was it requested: I wish. 

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean/reader

Rating: Your gran will be a-ok 

Warnings: None! (for once) 

Summary: Dean asks the reader something of high importance. 

Originally posted by frozen-delight

You shook our hips to the beat of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’; you wore nothing except one of your boyfriend’s old plaid shirts that you had 'borrowed’.
“Wearing that for me?” Came your boyfriend’s voice, and you could picture his smirk that was sure to meet his impossibly green eyes, before his arms wrapped around you from behind.
“Dean” you sighed contently as the older Winchester kissed your neck; he was never this attentive, but with recent events, he seemed to become more so.
“Y/n” he mimicked, unwrapping himself from you and switching the song you had blaring out of the speakers to Warrant’s 'Cherry Pie’, you turned around to face him and watched as he knelt in front of you with a casual grin.
“What are you doing, Winchester?” You asked, not even trying to hide the blush that assaulted your features, a smile fluttering across your lips.
“We’ve been together a while now y/n, and I managed to save up enough” he began, raising one knee so that he was in the stance of someone who was going to propose.
“Sweetheart, what I’m about to ask is a little hard… But Sammy helped me, and I think it’s time we-”
“Got hitched” he concluded, a love struck grin on his face as he pulled out a gorgeous golden ring that was speckled with diamonds that matched your eyes. When you didn’t answer, too distracted by the beauty of the ring he had gotten, Dean’s smile faltered and he began to panic, “What do you say?” He asked, you laughed at yourself and grinned down at him.
“I say yes” you dropped to your knees and allowed him to slip on the ring before you pressed a kiss to his lips.

“What’d y/n say?” Sam asked when Dean practically skipped into the library of the bunker, a cocky grin on his face.
“She said yes” he almost sang, the joy overtaking him for the first time since Chuck knew when.
“Good for you” Sam smiled genuinely, opening a book and trying to contain his own excitement; you, his best friend, were finally going to be a full Winchester.
“Thanks Sammy” Dean grinned. Nobody had seen Dean so happy, so nonchalant, in so long that it seemed nonexistent - but there he was, grinning and acting as if every bad thing in the world had never happened.

“I love you” you smiled that night whilst you and Dean laid in bed, fingers intertwined and hearts bound together.
“I love you too” Dean grinned, he hadn’t smiled for that long in a while, and his mood had even infected Sam with a sense of giddiness.

“Eddy, please come quick, I have something extraordinary to tell you!”

Eddy hoisted himself from the couch and headed up the stairs, following the sound of Edd’s voice. “What is it?” He called up, sounding uninterested but half smiling to himself. He secretly loved the ‘eureka moments’ that Double D had been having since beginning his doctorate in biology. He reached the bedroom door, which was slightly ajar, and leaned against the frame to look at his partner, hands in his pockets.

“I have researched and researched this to no end, almost gave up in fact! But I have finally done it! I have managed to splice exactly half of the chromosomes found in the sperm cells of two separate, individual mice, and - it has started to divide! Offspring can be created using the DNA of two male or two female gametes!”

“Okay, great… so what’s that mean?” Eddy asked, curious but confused.

“Eddy - this is revolutionary! This means that we may be able to have offspring genetically matching the two of us!” Edd held his arms out wide in excitement, enthusiastically smiling at Eddy.

Eddy smiled a little “Double D, I know you’ve been coocoo about having kids since we got hitched, but… ya dont really know if this is would even work. Wouldn’t we also need.. ya know… a chick?”

“Touché Eddy - I realise this has been carried out with mice, and therefore is not as complex as humans - and I know that this experiment may yet fail. And to carry the foetus to term, possibly. But this has so much potential, and if needed there are now artificial wombs that can help premature babies to develop-”

“Look, I wanna have kids just as much as you Sockhead. But wouldn’t it just be much more easy to just, ya know… adopt?” Eddy interrupted, trying to sound as gentle as possible.

“But Eddy, this is not just scientifically revolutionary, but socially too! This would allow same sex couples like ourselves to share their own biological children, and could very well help reduce ostracisation about same sex parenthood!” Edd sounded excited, but flustered, wildly gesturing with his hands. This was beginning to make Eddy slighlty uncomfortable.

“Being raised in a biological family don’t mean much. I was raised with my biological family and it was nothin’ but bunk!” Eddy argued, a slightly bitter edge to his voice.

“Eddy, the chance for same sex couples to have their biological offspring together might also make the child feel more accepted in a familiar, stable environment, and may also help with secure attachments. A loving, united… functioning family.” Edd’s excitable elation trailed off as he mumbled the last couple of words, voice wobbling as he looked to the floor, hat now covering his eyes, and crossed his arms around his waist, withdrawing into himself. A silence fell before Eddy heard Double D’s breath hitch in a swallowed sob. He watched as a single tear rolled down his face.

Heart wrenching, Eddy stepped towards his partner, placing a hand gently on his shoulder. “I know what this is all about, Dee. I know how hard this is. But think of it like this - if we adopt, we can give a loving, stable home to a kid that is already in this stupid world, who desperately needs it. A kid just like us.” At that Double D faced Eddy, whos eyes were now also slightly watery. He watched as Eddy smiled sincerely, and felt him slightly squeeze his shoulder. Double D began to smile back, wiping the tears from his face. Eddy cleared his throat in an attempt to suppress the emotion welling up within him, adding, “Don’t forget, Ed told us that he wants to be a godfather!” to lighten the mood.

Double D choked a half laugh, half sob while Eddy smirked at him. Eddy placed his other hand on Double D’s shoulder and give him a loving look. Double D embraced him, pulling Eddy into a soothing hug. Head resting on his shoulder, he slowly breathed in Eddy’s scent, heart melting as he picked up traces of Eddy’s cologne before exhaling with a sigh.

“What would I do without you Eddy?” he said, smiling as he shut his eyes. Eddy squeezed him a little tighter, smiling to himself.

“Don’t milk it, Sockhead”.

Child of Light, iv

Summary: Family is supposed to stick together, but yours never has. Even when it’s important.

A/N: So the very end of this one is kind of a cliff hanger, but that’s because I wanted to even out the word count between this chapter and the next one - which is the last!

Words: 2,108


For a while, you were inconsolable. The only family you had left - because your Mama passed peacefully shortly after Peter left - was gone. He ignored most of the communications sent from the Elector, no matter who they came from. If he saw where they came from, they went unopened, unviewed, and unresponded to.

Even your wedding invitation.

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Imagine Waking Up In Vegas Married To Hunter

For My People

“Oh shit not again!” someone swears next to you.

“What?!?” you shout and sit straight up in a second. You see a very handsome naked man in your bed. “Oh fuck!”

“Yeah that’s not the worst of it honey. We got hitched too” the man snarks and shows the platinum band on his finger.

“Dammit!” you yell.

“So what do you want to do?” the man asks.

“I have no clue. I’m just out of college I don’t have money for a divorce” you whine.

“I don’t either I’m on a government paycheck” the man says.

“Then we’re stuck aren’t we?”

“Yup I’m Lance” the man replies and sticks out his hand.

“(Y/N)” you smile and shake his hand.

“Nice to meet you wifey.”

“You too husband.”

July 24, 2017

WIPs I have WIP’d: Shared Heat, It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere, Asking, Perfect Ending

Fics I have read: You know what is always good for a reread? @leftennant’s Three Weeks, Ten States, and One Million Reasons to Fall For You. I loves me some WinterShock, and you will too if you read this fic!

Best thing I have written today: From Perfect Ending

Rogers let out a long sigh. “Fine,” he said, glaring at Barnes. “But we’re doing it on base. No press. Fewer than fifty guests. And we’re not wearing the rings when we’re on duty. Jewelry is hazardous, and the last thing we need is supervillains finding out we got hitched.”

Tony’s mouth fell open and he looked back and forth between the glowering Rogers and the beaming Barnes.

“Did you two just get engaged and I missed it?!” Barton demanded, taking his eyes off the sky to try to see what was happening behind him.

Romanov rolled her eyes. “Finally.”

Sharon laughed, and Tony emitted a sound that could only be compared to that of a deflating balloon. “You’re… together?! I can’t believe this!” He leaned forward, putting his head in his hands. “Now I owe Hill two hundred bucks!”

anonymous asked:

How are you and Mari doing? Haven't seen you post anything about him in a while

@more-king we’re doing well! he went back to school this week and we’ve both been busy so we haven’t been talking as much but we’re good. even though he’s stressing me out because i don’t want him missing classes or being late. literally i’ll threaten him to be in class on time i’m that crazy mom friend. 

actually we got hitched and we haven’t told anyone so that’s why we’ve been lowkey on this hellsite because newlywed life is hard you know

thanks for the question xo

I’m learning something recently


the worst part of being married

is being talked to by other people about your marriage

The amount of mildly sexist shit David and I have heard from friends and family since we got hitched is exhausting

Getting married didn’t suddenly make me domineering, always right and someone who exists to bicker with her husband.

Getting married didn’t make David a stupid sitcom husband who can’t do anything right, doesn’t deserve an opinion and has to bend to my will.

I am tired of older married women talking to me like I am supposed to be annoyed with my husband and always rolling my eyes at how stupid he is. And I don’t like seeing David having to awkwardly laugh with people as they tell him how we HAVE to do what I say because I’m the wife and I own his life now. If you do see us bickering over something, guess what? That ain’t your fucking business. We’re adults, we’ll sort it the fuck out. You don’t get to go tell my husband that he is useless and has to do what I want him to do without question.

I know we’ve barely been married a year but we’ve been together for almost 9, lived together for over 5 and I can tell you guys now, the only thing marriage changed is our tax forms and what jewelry we put on in the morning. 

Also if one more middle aged white woman walks into our guest bedroom and goes ‘this could be a nursery~’ you know what that room is going to become? Your grave. 

Sorry, David and I were setting up our nerd cave last night and I noticed we kept apologizing for shit that wasn’t a problem and we just had to stop and be all…..oh THIS is what the actual problem is and I just wanted to rant lol

theprosefool  asked:

Wed me, jack/Miranda XD

it’s been decades since the end of the reaper war, and yearly celebrations of survival long ago died down to every ten years, and even then only attended by those who fought or those who lost someone.

it’s been only slightly less long since jack and miranda were both awake for days trying to help clear the rubble in the aftermath, and ended up running into each other at a military coffee-stand and talking for hours longer than they’d expected.

that meeting turned into another, and eventually they both admitted that the “chance” encounters were anything but. and now, it’s been years, and they still keep their coffee dates once a week.

when jack’s hair went pure white, she shaved and spiked it into a true mohawk. miranda’s hair is just as long and full as it always has been, but it’s gone salt-and-pepper, and she’s chosen not to dye it. if you ask, she’ll smile enigmatically, and say it’s perfect just the way it is.

they watch the celebrations this year on a broadcast, and throw their own small party for the staff and students at the space station for their biotic training program. afterwards, they’re cleaning up, and jack pours the last of the champagne into two disposable cups. she offers one to miranda.

“been a long time, cheerleader,” she says, and miranda nods, raising her glass in a salute.

“uh,” jack continues, “i was thinking. i mean, i just — look, fuck it, don’t you think it’s about time we got hitched?”

miranda almost spits out her champagne, and in the process she happens to look at the bottom of the cup, where a small, tasteful reinforced-titanium ring shimmers back at her.

Nobody Love.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Pairing: Rock star!Dean x reader

Titled: ‘Nobody Love.’ 

Word Count: 1,545 

Warnings: (minor) language, fluff, light angst, Dean Winchester feels. 

A/N: This is my entry for @mysteriouslyme81 Spn Song Challenge! So, I really hope you like this one!!! And this is my submission for @curliesallovertheplace writing challenge!! So I hope you like this as well! 

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Everybody always looking for that something, (okay, okay)

No one ever wants to pay the price. (Okay, okay) 

Dean Winchester, has really made name for himself in past recent years. Dean has impressed thousands with his rock n’ roll music, and now with a platinum album under his belt, and a whole year devoted to a world tour behind him. He’s ready to slow down and catch up with where his new life has taken him and write some new material. 

Everyone is scared of going nowhere (Okay, okay) 

But we ain’t going anywhere tonight (Okay, okay) 

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I Work at a Public Library stories brought to life and performed Pecha Kucha style (20 slides, 20 seconds each) by me and the husbear. (Two days before we got hitched). Enjoy!