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City Under One Roof

arielsoceangrotto submitted:

I live in Alaska and we have this big abandoned military building in a town a few hours out. During the big earthquake in 64 the building was flooded and broken apart- some spots there’s a big 1-3 foot gap in between sections of the building.

The building was nicknamed the city under one roof because it was literally that. Inside was shops, restaurants, a jail, a hospital, a radio station, a theater, a gym, a swimming pool, a garage, apartments, etc. It was 6 stories above ground and 2 basement levels. Inside the building there are random tunnels that lead to different areas in the town as an escape if they ever needed. It’s really a remarkable building with a sad ending.

Because the town’s only access points are by boat or by a tunnel through the mountain that can only fit one lane of cars or one train, they never tore it down or repaired it because it was too costly.

When you first step inside the building you get an overwhelming sense of sadness and you can hear the screams and see the people trying to stay alive and trying to escape death. But the longer you’re in the building, the worse it gets.

Once the sadness is finished breaking you down it becomes quiet. Too quiet. You can hear any sound echoing through the building and then the darkness slowly creeps in and weird things began to happen.

You’ll see terrifying creatures roaming around and coming after you before they disappear. You’ll hear strange loud noises but nobody will be there. You can take a picture in a pure black room and when you look at the image you’ll see random things that weren’t there. (I’ll submit a picture next of that one) and you lose each other easily.

We wound up being split into two groups. We walked into rooms across from each other but then we couldn’t find each other. My friend stepped outside one of the rooms we were in to answer her phone but when she stepped back in we weren’t there. We stepped into a room across the hall but she said she searched there and walked around alone for a bit but couldn’t find us so she went back outside and went to the car.

The group I was in finally found the other group. We went upstairs into the elevator room. This is where we split up again. Eventually I got bored exploring the elevator room and went to catch up with the other group but they were gone. I searched up and down the room but couldn’t find then so I went back to the elevator room but that group was gone too. I kept looking for then and eventually realized the only way for them to have left that area was the same way I went, they would have had to have walked past me. But they were gone. And I never saw or heard them.

I finally found a lit area near a window leading to the roof and sat there waiting for someone. When they came past looking for me they told me they stayed in that area the whole time, they never moved. But we couldn’t find each other.

It started getting too creepy for us and we left. A few of my friends had the eery feeling something followed them home and for weeks after experienced nightmares and strange things happening at home. Needless to say, we never went back.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 7/10 Really cool setting, very spooky stuff!

“I don’t know what to do, Tae,” Jimin fisted a hand through his thick brown hair and sighed. “The model didn’t show up but the photographer says we have to pay him anyway, for wasting his time or something, and if we pay him now then we’re not gonna be able to afford to pay him when we do get a model to come. I told you we should have let Joonie and Jin help but, no, you just had to prove that we could do things on our own. And now look at us, no model, no photos and your useless ass isn’t even answering the phone.” Jimin paused to glance through the dusky window of the tattoo parlor that his best friend insisted they buy. The photographer waiting inside noticed his gaze and dropped a pointed look to the watch on his wrist. Jimin frowned and turned away, “I know you’re gonna tell me not to worry and that things will work out and all that, but I’m not like you, Tae. I am worried and…” Jimin trailed off, his eyes locked on the slouched figure emerging from the coffee shop across the street. “Actually never mind. I’m still kicking your ass whenever you decide to show up, but I think I found the answer to our problems.”

Jimin ended the long winded voicemail to his best friend and shoved his phone in his pocket, darting across the street without bothering to check for traffic.

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Sailor Moon

It’s extremely short but here’s a thing @miraculoussophiebug I hope you like it.


“Adrien, no.” Nino said although he made no move to stop his boyfriend even though the were sitting right next to each other on the couch.

“Adrien, yes.” He responded, pressing play on the first episode of Sailor Moon for the third time. Watching it with Nino anyway, he had seen it at least six times.

“Adrien, come on, let’s watch something else.” Marinette said, coming in through the window still in costume.

“Et tu, Marinette?”

“Ok, that’s it, definitely not.” Nino said, taking the remote from him and pausing the show.

“It was the perfect opportunity, lovely.” He smiled but made no move for the remote.

Marinette let her transformation fade and set Tikki down on the small plate of cookies her boyfriends had left out on the coffee table. “Why are you two even awake still? It’s two in the morning.”

“…we got bored?” Nino offered.

“Again? And without me?” She asked, sitting on both their laps.

“Exactly. You weren’t here and since it’s past midnight it’s not like there was much else to do. Besides each other.” Adrien said, planting a chaste kiss on her shoulder. She had transformed while in her pajamas earlier.

Marinette rolled her eyes at the explanation. “You could have just gone to bed like normal people.” She returned the gesture with a kiss to his nose.

“I’m a superhero though.” Adrien responded.

“I’m dating two superheroes, that’s definitely not normal.” He gave Marinette a kiss on the neck then reached over to give Adrien a kiss on the forehead.

“I guess you have a point. Could I have the remote or do you have something in mind besides anime?” She asked her boyfriend.

“Nah, here. You did just get back from running around the city and all.” Nino placed a kiss on her palm before giving her the remote.

“Do you have any idea what you want to watch, bugaboo?” Adrien asked while he rested his head on her shoulder.

“We’re not watching Sailor Moon again. I’ll think of something.”

She did not.


“When I was in high school I accidentally discovered this thing called singing. So I snuck it into Mr Bungle every now and again.

In Mr. Bungle, we easily got bored with what we were doing, which was, at that point, in the mid-’80s, death metal and hardcore, which has a very limited palate. It’s so isolated up there [in Eureka, California], but I was lucky enough to work at a record store, so I was able to hear different things. But it wasn’t like we could go to a concert every night and get our minds blown. And this is what I love about small-town bands or musicians. They gotta work hard to be inspired. There were no venues when I lived there. There was a bar and grill that played blues. There was a bowling alley for, like, five minutes. We would pool together money and rent out a grange hall, like an Elks Lodge type of place. We’d buy the insurance and put on a show. A few hundred people would show up and we’d be happy.

I learned what I could do with my voice on the stage and because of the friends that I was around. It wasn’t me sitting around in a room by myself. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was figuring it out on the fly. And I feel like I still am.”-Mike Patton

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Is it acceptable to ask for a drabble of something totally random? Like Spock and Nyota making out like teenagers and getting interrupted and caught and whatnot? And embarrassment or maybe pride or something the opposite of embarassment?


“We’re boring.”

“I am nearly finished.”

“No, I mean that you and I are boring not-“ She waves towards their consoles, lit up bright like the rest of the bridge, despite the late hour.  “This.”

Though it is.  She leans back in her chair and lets out a breath.  Spock barely looks up from the screen in front of him.

“You are not required to wait for me.”

She crosses her arms.  “I know.”

It’s just that there’s not really anywhere else that she’d rather be, and the fact that she’s actually content sitting at her console on a rare free evening is making her annoyed.  She kicks at the floor, her boot squeaking against it.  It would figure that of all the nights that they don’t need to be on the bridge, of all the evenings she could have gone with Scotty and McCoy and the rest of them to enjoy the offerings of the space station they so recently arrived at, she would have decided that she was tired enough that keeping Spock company while he finished work was somehow preferable.  And the worst part is that it is better.  

Which probably means she should go.  It’s not too late, except that even the thought of changing into anything other than her pajamas makes her close her eyes and sink further into her chair.

When Spock finally completes his work, he turns his chair towards her and tips his head to the side.  “What is the matter?”

She points to herself, and then to him, and then to the otherwise empty bridge, bright lights winking over unmanned station.  Everyone is out drinking and eating and enjoying some time away from the ship.  Nyota mostly wants a cup of tea and maybe for Spock to rub her back for a little while.  “We got boring.  We used to-“

She just gestures to the air again.  Go out to dinner.  Go to plays and concerts and museums, new restaurants and different cafes and out to lunch on a weekday just because.  And even though those aren’t really an option on the Enterprise like they were during those years at the Academy, she still thinks about it sometimes.  Not maybe the schedules they kept back then, never enough sleep and hardly enough time together, but the rest of it, everything they would do together to fill the scant time when they weren’t working, squeezing each other into the edges of each day, finding minutes here and there amidst their meetings and classes and responsibilities and constantly packing in so much with each other that she would end weeks dizzy with exhaustion and not nearly finished spending time with him, always waiting to see what they would do with each other next.

Tonight, she has laundry to do, and she’s pretty sure that Spock is nearly out of clean socks too.

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Hi everyone. Both K and I have decided that we are going to take this blog down. We want you to know a few things before deleting and don’t want anyone to think differently about us. We are in no way stopping this blog because 5sos fans got to us or proved us wrong because it’s actually the complete opposite. We weren’t pushed to delete and no one made us do this. We simply just got bored with writing the same things over and over again. It was very entertaining to let out our frustration about 5sos and the things that have led up to it in the past two years of them touring with One Direction out. We still stand by every single one of our opinions on 5sos. We believe that they are not as talented as people think, they are not very nice people, they put on an act for the fans and for the public, they are cocky, and they are ungrateful. Nothing will ever make us change our solid opinions on them because of all that we have been exposed to us in the past. There’s been too many stories, pictures, and videos that have forever established our dislike of 5sos. We have been fans of 1D way before 5sos had ever come into the picture and we witnessed the change once 5sos arrived in 2013. We saw people leave 1D for 5sos because of their social media impact and the way 5sos gave fans what they wanted. All of a sudden, follows, tweets, and retweets were based off of each band’s love for their own fans. We watched as girls who were once fans of 1D began saying that One Direction didn’t care because 5sos followed more people. It was disgusting and sad to see. 1D were compared to 5sos in every way possible- and not in a good way. We made this blog to stick up for 1D and to prove why they are the better band. We made this blog to not only rant and share our pent up feelings, but to also make 5sos fans see a different side to a band that they have been blinded by. We also made this blog to prove people wrong with their negative thoughts about 1D. We provided facts and opinions. We let people have a voice about 5sos anonymously. We had discussions about both bands and who they are as people and as musicians. Hopefully we have changed some mind sets and saved a few people from wasting their time or money on a band that doesn’t really care. It’s been a very fun few past months. I have loved reading the good- and bad- comments in our ask and answering them. But, at the same time, some comments took a toll on us. Not because they affected how we feel about ourselves, but it began to become repetitive answering the same questions/arguments over and over. It got boring and old reading the statements we have read for the past couple of months still being brought into our ask. We also have school and personal lives to handle with this blog. If we took a break from this blog or went on vacation, people complained that they were waiting forever for us to post. Sometimes it was hard to think of different topics to talk about- especially when 5sos FINALLY went into hiding for a few weeks and surprisingly didn’t mess up. We never thought that this blog would have gotten as big as it did. I guess so many people agreed with our posts or learned new information about a band that they had once been so brainwashed by. So, as our last post, we want to leave you all with a few things to think about and statements that we stand by and will ALWAYS stand by. One Direction will always be the better band. Boy band or not, they have not only made history and have broken many records, they have also made an impact for boy bands in the future. They will always be nicer people with better personalities. They will always be hard working and genuine. They were put together and were left to do everything else on their own. They were strangers that came together to create something bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. One Direction will always have a stronger relationship with each other and their fans. 5sos, on the other hand, will always be rude people and they will never change. They will always think they got to “where they are” by themselves or by THEIR fans. They will never admit that One Direction carried them on their backs for two years and they were the ones who propelled them onto the radio and into the minds of teenage girls. They will ALWAYS be known as the opening act for One Direction. 5sos would still be opening for a D-list band or making half-assed covers on YouTube if Louis never discovered them and gave them a break. In the end, One Direction will always come on top. For the past few months, we have realized how much 5sos fans HATE that. That’s why they rip Louis to shreds because they are so bitter that he is the one to give them the opportunity he has. They HATE that 5sos is grouped together with a boy band. Well, you know what? That boy band will continuously be on top. Chart positions, numbers and records do not lie. I can’t wait to see 5sos fizzle out after this tour. It should be interesting to see where 5sos ends up without One Direction tweeting their album link every hour. While One Direction come out with their fourth album in two months, and will have their fourth headlining world tour next year, I hope 5sos fans will have fun watching keeks and getting followed by a band that would rather cover up their mistakes than own them. So the next time they mess up- which I promise you, they will- don’t come here to see our opinions because this blog will no longer be here. Just know we’ll be laughing.

Thanks for your time,

B and K 

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You both will come back, assuming you can too. And every time you die and see each other again it only makes you fall that much deeper in love.

Skeleskoop: No. We’d just be angrier and angrier until we got bored and never saw each other again! And… Falling deeper in love?? That sounds disgusting!

It’s not like we’re gonna ever kiss or something!