we got a kiss for each couple in this ep :)


Let’s talk. 

Let’s have a throw down. 

This. Ep. Was. AWESOME.

Was it as good as “The Return”? Hell, no. 

There are very few that are as good as “The Return”. And “Self Control” will be the fave supreme of the entire series in my opinion.

The ep was great. All the twists and action and bla bla bla - GREAT. 

But let’s talk FitzSimmons (as usual).

Do you realize we get to see them – yet again – in a whole different dynamic?????

Let me preface…

1A - Just friends. 

1B - Fitz likes Jemma. Jemma thinks they’re Just Friends.

2A - Fitz likes Jemma. Who knows what the hell Jemma thinks? 

2B - Fitz likes (and is butthurt) by Jemma. Jemma misses Fitz’s friendship. Again. Who knows what else the hell Jemma thinks? 

3A - Fitz loves Jemma. Jemma is who knows where. And then #lovetriangle 

3B - Fitz loves Jemma. Jemma loves Fitz. Takes them awhile to do something about it. Fitz has no idea about how deep her love runs. 

4A - Fitz loves Jemma. Jemma loves Fitz. They share a room. They are happy but don’t see each other that often.

4B - Fitz loves Jemma. Jemma loves Fitz. They share a room. They are sharing everything else. They are happy. Marvel has a problem with that. 

4C - Fitz loves Jemma, but the Doctor wants her dead. Jemma loves Fitz. AIDA has a problem with that.

5A - Fitz loves Jemma. Jemma loves Fitz. But they’re not together. Even with this passionate, all-consuming love, they’re not together. Because the person coming between them… is Fitz himself.

I don’t know about you, but I’m so here for it. 

I think…  I would’ve felt jipped if they resolved everything in this episode. Like, no. We wanted an authentic way of Fitz dealing with his trauma. We got it. It would’ve been out-of-character for him to kiss her or whatever else, squeezed in with everything else going on in the ep. And then, it would’ve been 4A dynamic all over again. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I love that this is a fresh dynamic for them.

It is clear to us they love each other so damn much. And they probably won’t love anyone else. That makes for different scenes than, for example, 3A or 2B. I think that’s so cool. 

They absolutely could feature them as a couple in 5x01 – I’m not ruling it out. But the vibe I get is that the Framework jumpstarted a whole new narrative with the FitzSimmons story. And I’m so here for it.

And speaking of the Framework…

It’s clear to me (now) that this wasn’t a FitzSimmons finding each other story at all. It was a revelation of the depth of Jemma’s love for Fitz.

Yeah, she didn’t reach him like we thought she would. She didn’t wake him up.

Love wasn’t enough.

But it also – kinda – was in parts. 

She prevented Ward (of all fake people) from shooting him. She constantly defended his character and deflected any plan of attack on the Doctor. She didn’t try to defend herself against him and hurt him, even at the risk of her dying. 

Her love wasn’t enough. 

But she did save him in some ways. 

Not with the fanfare of Radcliffe. 

But she did.

She never would’ve dreamed of this outcome. In “Self Control”, she was all but ready to throw in the towel, thinking she lost him forever.

In the Framework, after the death of Alistair Fitz, she was ready to throw in the towel, thinking she lost him forever.


It’s up to Fitz to save himself. She’s done all she’s can.

I’m not saying she’s thrilled with the situation. They’re in this sort of limbo. It’s weird. It’s unsettling. 

But at least he’s alive! 

She may not be happy about it, but she’s hella relieved. 

Let’s let them live in that awkward space where not everything is figured out, and healing takes precedent over anything else. 

Let them have a “watch the sunrise” relationship for as long as they need. 

Let them have the luxury of a pause. It’s something that people in their line of work rarely get. It’s either all or nothing, right? 

Maybe it isn’t. Maybe there’s more. 

Let’s see how things play out in season 5, okay?