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Hey! Could you write something about McCree, Symmetra, and DVa coming home after a long day and surprised by their s/o who cooked up a huge meal for dinner? (note: the s/o is not the best cook but is trying really hard)


Jesse sighed as he entered the worn apartment and hung his signature cowboy hat on the coat rack - same with his serape. He was so tired from the day, he barely even recognized the smell of home-made cooking that entered his nose. When he did come to his senses enough to notice, he raised a curious brow.

“[Name]?” he called into the kitchen, leaning on the doorframe. There was no answer, only a noise of dishes clattering. He leaned down to remove his boots before entering the room. “[Name]?” he repeated, softer now.

He was surprised to find his s/o standing by a set table, an apron over their clothes as they greeted Jesse with a smile. A remnant of soap from washing dishes was attached to their cheek, but they didn’t seem to notice.

“Welcome home,” they said happily as they pulled back a chair, signing for Jesse to sit down.

It took a moment for Jesse to take it all in. His s/o had cooked dinner for them both while he was away, clearly. The strange part was that his s/o didn’t actually know how to cook. As he looked at the table, though, it was clear they had put in a lot of effort.

It was only when Jesse noticed the silence seemed to be getting to his s/o that he spoke.

“Well darlin’, if I woulda known what kind'ov'a treat was waitin’ for me here, I woulda come home sooner,” he stated with his mouth drawn into a smirk as he approached the chair. He stopped before he would sit down, and smoothly brushed the speck of soap off from his s/o’s cheek with his thumb. “I didn’t know you cooked.”

As Jesse sank into his chair, his s/o tried not to blush madly at the cowboy’s antics as they circled to the other side of the table. Their thoughts were a mess now, and it showed as they tried to speak.

“Ahh, erm, I don’t… That is, I don’t usually,” they started, trying to gather themself mid-explanation, “but I thought I should start, since you’re the one who always has to cook.” They fumbled with their fork for a moment, and Jesse watched, endeared.

“Ya don’t hav'ta, darlin’, but you should know it’s appreciated,” he beamed as he grabbed his own fork and knife, looking down at the well cooked steak his partner had made. Jesse was starving, and it smelled really good.

“The food’s not just a decoration, you know,” his s/o reminded with a smile. Jesse didn’t need to be told twice, and he started cutting down the meat. Though he didn’t really think about it, there seemed to be a tad of nervousness on his lover’s features.

As he bit into it, chewed, then swallowed, it quickly became clear why his s/o had been nervous. There really wasn’t as much of a taste to the food as one would wish – it was apparent they’d been overly careful with any spices. Yet, Jesse lifted his gaze to meet theirs, grinning widely.

“Well, if I’d known that you’d learn to cook when we were goin’ out the first time, I woulda married ya on the spot, Sugar~” he teased, earning a crimson blush from his lover as soon as that was said. They stuttered something that couldn’t be made out, eyes firmly on the table, before coming up with a coherent response.

“…It, err, it’s not too plain, is it?” they said, wishing to redirect the conversation. Damn this man and his Southern charm.

“Honey, I’d eat anything you cooked me,” came the eased response in between bites. His s/o sighed and looked up, remnants of a blush still there.

“So it is.”

“Still eatin’ it, though,” the man grinned. He was never the one to turn up his nose to a dinner made for him. Especially one made by someone as adorable as his s/o.

“I’ll make it spicier next time,” they soon responded, some of Jesse’s smile catching onto them, too.


She knew something was going on when her s/o texted her during work.

Don’t stay overtime, I have a surprise for you!

Satya disliked surprises, so she was naturally worried upon receiving the text. Luckily she could make an educated guess on what the surprise was about. Her s/o had done the same thing several times now.

As she returned to their apartment, she left het coat and shoes in the closet, making sure there was no dirt on the floor with a quick glance. Then she proceeded farther, nearly running into her s/o as they met in the hallway.

“Welcome home – your surprise is in the kitchen!” her s/o greeted, stepping aside and waiting for Satya to pass them. She did, with a slight smile and a roll of her eyes.

“Don’t tell me, you’ve been cooking again,” she guessed easily, and her s/o let out a short chuckle.

“You’ll see in the kitchen, won’t you?” they reminded, following their lover until they reached the room.

Satya immediately noticed the dimmed lights and the candles all around the room, some of them giving off a fresh scent. They were all neatly positioned on the table and any other counter available, illuminating the dishes of food her s/o had made.

“Surprise!” they exclaimed happily.

“It’s not much of a surprise if I know to expect it,” Satya mused in response, then placed a kiss to the corner of her s/o’s mouth. “Let me go wash my hands first.”

A couple minutes later both of them were seated at the table, and Satya was staring at her plate. Her s/o was slightly impatient, glancing between their lover and their own food.

“It took me a while to make,” they said, filling the empty air. Satya gave a soft hum in response. The food looked suspiciously attractive – it was constructed beautifully, unlike anything her s/o had done before.

She took a bite of it, only to find out what she’d feared. Her s/o had completely sacrificed the taste for a beautiful appearance. She swallowed slowly, seeing that her lover was staring.

“You’ve gotten better?” she offered kindly. Her s/o sighed and showed a brief smirk.

“I ordered something from your favorite restaurant just incase,” they said as they got up to take something out of the fridge. “It appears I still need a lot of practise.”

“Hmm, I can help you, as long as you promise not to make a mess,” Satya chuckled, not arguing about having something else.


There was a note on the door of her bedroom. It was a pink post-it note, and someone had written on it with a blue marker:

Come to the backyard!

It was strange to find such a note, and Hana couldn’t exactly recognize the handwriting. However, she complied, dropping her bag into her room before following the note’s directions.

When she reached their backyard, she instantly saw that her s/o was sitting near the pool. There was a cloth under them, separating them from the grass, and all kinds of food laid all around it. Hana’s lips twisted into a wide grin, and she waved to her s/o.

“[Name]! A surprise picnic? No way!” she exclaimed excitedly as she made her way to the blanket, seating herself down onto the empty spot. Her s/o’s smile matched hers.

“I knew you’d be back from training at this time, so I thought I’d surprise you,” they immediately explained, surprised when Hana leaned in for a brief kiss and almost cut them off.

“You are the best,” she stated before grabbing a sandwich and instantly taking a bite. This was exactly what she needed after a long day. But as she kept eating it, she noticed there seemed to be something wrong with it. “Umm, [Name]? How much mayo is in this?”

“Ahh, crap! Did I put in too much?” they cursed, rubbing the back of their head regretfully. “I’m still new to this cooking thing.”

It wasn’t hard to guess everything else on the blanket was of the same quality, and Hana paused to look at it all, thoughtful. She looked back up at her s/o, seeing that this was getting them down. That wasn’t acceptable, of course.

“You know what? One sandwich is not enough!” she said as she picked up another, finishing her current one as quickly as she could. Her s/o was surprised yet again.

“Hana, stop, don’t eat it…!” they chuckled, trying to steal the yet-to-be-eaten sandwich from her hands, only to have her dodge. “If it’s bad, we can just get pizza,” they reasoned.

“No! I want to eat absolutely everything you’ve cooked, all the way from the sandwiches to that cake! And I bet I’ll enjoy it all,” she stated firmly, a coy smile on her lips as she bit into the bread.

After a moment of disbelief, her s/o released a sigh. They were still smiling, just like her.

“Alright, you win. But if you get food poisoning or something, it’ll be your own fault,” they argued weakly, only causing Hana to eat in a more rapid pace.

“I know you wouldn’t poison me~” she sang, winking as she picked up a cupcake into her free hand.

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Came into Fanmail:

So I saw your post about people hating on the admins and I just want to say that you should completely ignore the haters (🎶Demons gonna hate!🎶) because you guys do an amazing job and I’m sure a lot of hard work goes into keeping this blog running. You do all this for free and bring so many fans together out of the kindness of your heart, and that’s something you should be so proud of. Thank you for everything that you do!

Thank you so, so much for this message. Without saying it to puff ourselves up, it does take a lot of work to keep this blog up and running at 13 posts a day.

And people like you, with this attitude, make it all worth it.

We don’t do this for people who feel they’re somehow entitled to a piece of our blog yet can’t handle a difference of opinion over fiction, and it’s a shame that their tantrums take away time we could be spending on people who genuinely love the show. In the end, people can chose to follow our blog or not; there’s no obligation. In dealing with the hate, we Admins are just trying to learn to…