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after a stupid long time, i’m finally able to post my rmit grad film, for fear of little men! this thing represents 8 months of delirious work surviving off pizza shapes and academic fear alongside my friends, please enjoy

klaus sacrificed himself for five years, missed so much of hope’s childhood only to do it all over again?

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teary eyed baby’s reaction to daehwi’s mother coming

Serious question...

Why doesn’t Carrie Fisher have a star on the Walk of Fame? She was part of the biggest movie franchise ever, was a sought after script doctor for film and television, wrote multiple screenplays of her own, as well as made multiple appearances in film, television and theatre. How has none of that warranted a star?

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Is it true that there is another Robron drought coming? If so, is it because there is a Rebecca drought coming up at the same time by any chance? They are going to lose Danny if the only thing they use Aaron for is as a plot device for Bex's baby. He is a good actor and he will get bored of being used to try to big up a boring character with zero personality.

I have no idea nonnie I am quite possibly the least informed member of fandom! If it ain’t on robronspoilers then I ain’t paying attention so sorry I can’t help on that front lol

As for the Danny comment, I’m gonna go for a bit of tough love nonnie. Why are you doing this to yourself? Honestly - I mean this in the nicest possible way - STOP. I get that either Danny or Ryan leaving is everybody’s Official Worst Nightmare™ but….this is not helping anything at all. Take a look at the big picture and the situation you’ve described is just NOT what is happening. At all. They didn’t build Rebecca a new set. They aren’t having a Rebecca-centric week in a couple of weeks time. She appears in scenes because she is part of the storyline, but this is a Robron storyline at its heart. 

My opinion? Danny knows what’s up. He gets it. He might not like the storyline but he ain’t stupid, and he knows this storyline is better than no storyline at all. He knows that given time Aaron’s story will move on and he’ll get something new. And he knows that anything is better than no job at all - don’t forget that he’s already jumped ship in hope of Greater Things and found himself out of work. He is a good actor, yes, but the world is full of good actors - as good as Danny - who can’t find work, and certainly don’t win the awards and get the praise that he gets. He knows that, he’s wise to it now. I really can’t see him leaving through choice.

He loves the show in general, and it seems like a pretty amazing place to work, and he knows he’s got a job for life if he wants it. I honestly think since his return in 2014 he’s realised the value of all of that, and he’s looking at people like Dominic and Jeff and thinking yeah, I’ll have a bit of that actually

And if I’m wrong? Well I’ll deal with that if it ever happens. I’m not wasting energy on it now.

Why Supernatural Shippers shouldn’t argue over ships

No matter whether you ship Destiel or Sastiel or Wincest or Sabriel or Debriel or Samifer or Michifer or Ducifer or Michean or Midam or Adamandriel or any of the countless other common shippings involving incest or angels or demons we all have something in common.

We are all going to go to Hell for shipping it. 

I can already see how the Betty x Veronica x Archie love triangle is going to go.

The writers are going to screw over bughead because Archie realizes he has feelings for Betty and then when Veronica is like ‘fuck you bye’ and starts dating someone else Archie is going to get jealous and be like ??? but I thought we had something

And then I’m going to stab myself in the eye with my tv remote.


I was too lazy to scan my sketchbook so I just made a video of my recent pics.

(My friend’s nek)

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omg you're still so salty about the fake isayama blog

yes, because i knew it wasn’t isayama, you can just TELL if you’re not a complete moron.

and yet everyone was following their nonsense and calling me RACIST for assuming a Japanese man wouldn’t know perfect, slang, colloquial English and know how to use every dime a dozen American/Western internet memes. 

I’ll rub that the fuck in cuz as far as I’m concerned, it should’ve been really fucking obvious.

Water is wet. 

And the guy who’s pretending to be a celebrity online is actually just pretending to be a celebrity online.

Who’d’ve thunk?