we go back in october

swans-hero  asked:

your real life crush

Oh dear where do I begin. Okay so…
1) I’m not sure if I like him like that yet. I think I might.

2) Lets go back to October, shall we?

Oh. Yeah. His name is Josh. We work together. We banter a lot. He picks on me, and I just sit there and try to dish it back. I’m really bad at it. He gives really good hugs. And gives them a lot. He’s six years older than I am, and has the Chris Evans Dorito Factor™ going on

October- I made an eclair, which he fell in love with. He keeps mentioning the eclair and wants me to make him one. He also told me one day I was going to make someone very happy (when I marry my partner)

November- We both LOVE reggae. I had two tickets to a reggae concert and my friend flaked on me. I asked him, he said he wish he could go, but had to study (it was exam week)

January- Josh (out of no where) told me that he wished he went with me to the concert.

February- I found out he broke up with his girlfriend.

March- Soon after that, he asked me if I would help him search for apartments. I sat with him, and we were arguing back and forth which is the better one. Another coworker came in, and then took a Snapchat of us side by side and said “can you feel the love tonight?” She proceeded to send it to the work Snapchat group.

Monday, I came in and we were really busy so I went to the computer and started typing. The computer was a tall iMac 🖥 (

California messy.
Sheets pulled aside
like a sleeping tide,
and the yellow sun winks at us
through the blinds.
Backyard citrus trees,
the smell of fresh lemon balm
on a white kitchen counter;
the coffee mug my mouth
comes home to
and the stale molasses cookies
in the cupboard.
We go to work.
We come back home.
This is our October comfort.
Cross-stitched cotton sweaters,
tangerine peels in the trash.
Witches at the front door with freckles
and mummies with a sweet tooth.
Your laundry mixing with mine.
Caterpillars hanging on low branches,
lizards in the cool shade.
I wish there was a way to remember this;
to softly tell myself in my sleep,
‘This is important,
this is so important,
I hope you’re paying attention.’
—  Schuyler Peck, Every Passing Day is Still Something
StarKid in Ann Arbor on October 8th!

Hey everyone!  We’re going back to the place where our story began with a show we’re calling “A Very StarKid Reunion.” This special return to Ann Arbor will be a retrospective on the beginnings of StarKid, featuring music, laughs, and as many members of StarKid as we can gather in one place! Tickets aren’t open to the public yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as they are!  And there should be plenty to go around so make your travel plans now!

Where: Ann Arbor, MI
When: October 8th 2015
What: Concert/Review with as many StarKids as can make it!