we give it way more attention than it deserves

Skam Tag

Things I come to the SKAM tag for:

  • Translations (thank you, you wonderful beautiful translating souls)
  • Theories about every single clip because I am unobservant AF and you guys see and notice so much more than I
  •  Education on topics included in SKAM from fans that know first hand
  • Stunning fan art and gifs that I want to reblog a hundred times over
  •  Funny relatable posts that make me feel included in the SKAM community

Things I DON’T come to the SKAM tag for (and am, quite frankly, tired of seeing):


  • This should say enough in itself. I honestly cannot believe that Julie Andem is trusting us with such a beautiful and progressive storyline in having Sana as a main and there is literally Islamophobia and racism everywhere on the tag
  •  Please get it together and prove to Julie that we both deserve this season and are going to give it the respect it should be receiving
  • Also, please educate yourselves before attacking everyone on here. Goodness gracious how can you attack someone’s ignorance when you are ignorant I am confused
  • The double standards and sexism on this tag is ridiculous
  • There are so many posts bashing the boys squads for things the girls can do just fine and vice versa, it’s sad

Hardcore judgment /hypocrisy

  • Seriously, the character judgment and hypocrisy on this tag is disgusting and I am talking specifically about people who are posting:
  • Hating on Elias for this whole slave thing as if siblings have never acted this way towards each other (I would hate for you all to see some of the nonsense my sister and I say to each other)
  • Hating on the balloon squad for “ignorant” comments when they  let our other boy squad slide for SO MANY ignorant comments last season (as if character growth on this show is not a thing?!?! Like?!?!?)
  • Hating on Eva for “stealing” Jonas from Ingrid (and yes, seriously,  I just saw this yesterday), but not saying shit when it came to Even CHEATING on Sonja with Isak
  • Hating on the balloon squad (whom we HARDLY know) but letting Vilde’s ignorance slide because “she is a flawed character but is growing so much omg” 

Evak Evak Evak

  • I love Evak as much as the next SKAM fan and their storyline was incredible and some posts here and there is both expected and wanted but really guys?? The entire skam tag is basically Evak and Sana deserves so much more than this, her storyline is so important, can we chill out on this please, we can enjoy Evak while giving Sana the attention she deserves

DISCLAIMER: This is in NO way directed at “everyone.” I just want us all to enjoy this LAST season and the characters and the growth as a community. I want to be able to participate in and enjoy the SKAM tag.

Here’s to Happiness (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 3,126

Warnings: swears and angst…

Authors Note: i know its been a while yall and im really sorry! its almost been a month. I had finals just this past week and i was so drained but i managed to milk this fic out! enjoy, and let me know what you thought!!

Summary: He deserved to be happy, but so did you. 

Dedicated to: @hamilton-noodles because she’s a super good friend of mine and makes me happy.

Not requested


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anonymous asked:

I don't get why so many people want to see a black batman/superman/thor . As a black man I would prefer it if they made more black superheroes or even gave more attention to existing black superheroes (static shocks needs more love) rather than giving us crappy hand-me-downs in the form of racebending established characters.

As a woman, I feel the same way about gender bends. Why should we have to settle for lazy race and gender bends who are riding the coattails of white and/or male characters? We deserve better!

anonymous asked:

That anon sounds bitter. Eliza is amazing, and we are very happy to see her out of the 1oo for a change. She got a great future ahead of her and I can't wait to see it and getting excited with her every time. She deserves the world, just like (let's say, 90%) of this cast, including Alycia, Lindsey, Ricky, Richard, Rhiannon, Tasya and co. They are talented and an amazing people-they deserve WAY BETTER than a dumb cw show that wastes their talents and going nowhere. That's it.

I guess. Let’s not give them more attention really Anon. And let’s keep spreading the amazingness that is our Eliza et al.

Different Payment

Summary: Business wouldn’t allow you to walk your dog as often as you wanted to. That was why you hired a dog walker, a pretty good looking dog walker. One day you found yourself not being able to pay him, that’s when he found another way to pay.
Job: Dog Walker

Words: 1947

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Originally posted by bitchandjerk

Warnings: smut, unprotected sex

A/N: Hey guys so this is my fic for @teamfreewill-imagine and @latinenglishfandomblog ‘s Sam’s Sixty June Jobs challenge, hope you like it! Also thanks to @for-the-love-of-dean for betaing this for me!

Work usually kept you really busy, you barely had any free time and so sadly that meant that you didn’t have enough time for your dog, Amy. She was a Siberian Husky and you knew that if you would take her out for a walk, you would have to sacrifice a lot of time.

People suggested that you give her to your family if you didn’t have the time for her, but she was your baby girl and you could never give her away. Not even to your family, especially since they lived five hours away from you.

So as you looked through the internet you found a page of dog walkers, mostly students who tried to get a little extra money and you came upon a man, who looked trustworthy.

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5 Facts You Learn About Lea Michele in a 5-Minute Interview
Her New Year's resolution is probably one everyone should make.

Lea Michele is dressed in yoga pants, a sports bra, tank top, and Nike trainers. Half her hair’s perfectly pulled back and she’s drinking a very healthy-smelling juice. “It’s 50 Shades of Green. And it does all these things for you,” she says excitedly, pointing to the list of benefits printed on the bottle. “I’m into all this stuff. I will try the weirdest, craziest … anything wellness-related, I want to do it.” That is why it makes sense that the Scream Queens star is one of Kohl’s wellness brand ambassadors. Cosmopolitan.com sat down with her for five minutes at Kohl’s Motivation Market in Los Angeles. Here’s what we learned:


“I love Kreation and Beaming, those are my two favorite juice places right now. But the thing that I love about Kreation is that it tells you what it’s doing for you. There’s something subliminally that I’m like, You’re right, suddenly I feel beautiful and I have energy!”


“The recent thing I did was Float Lab, where you go and it’s sensory deprivation, and it’s supposed to be the best meditation, calming, really clears your mind and body of all your crazy thoughts, I guess. And it was intense. I’m not gonna lie. It was really crazy. At first I didn’t think I was gonna like it, because if you’re a little claustrophobic, it’s not great. But the relaxation and just giving my body, and especially my mind, time in the day that had no television, no lights — you’re floating, it was really incredible. Like the most extreme form of a meditation I’ve ever done. [My mind] didn’t go dark. It went beautiful. Suddenly a lot of the things that when I went in there I was stressing about, I left and I was like, You know, maybe that’s not that big of a deal.”


“I want to try and do a couple of hours before the day of no phone. It’s my job, my family lives on the East Coast, it’s how I communicate with people, but I really think it’s important to just take a little time to not have that in your face.”


“There are a lot of songs about positive aspects of relationships as well as a couple songs that are about the not-so-positive aspects of relationships. There’s one song about a breakup, that I really feel like I was able to express myself [Laughs.], in a very honest way. It’s a fine line because you don’t want to give that person — or situation — more attention than they deserve, but for me, it’s really how I express myself. It’s my form of therapy.”


“It was insane. Here’s the thing, whether it’s about politics or anything that you’re passionate about, we as actors, or how I feel personally, is I’m given a platform to speak about anything that I’m passionate about, so I use this position that I’m in to talk about things that are important to me. I think that being a role model, some people find to be a stressful hat to wear, and I’ve never really felt that way. I feel like I live a very positive life that I hope inspires my fans, and any opportunity that I have to speak about something that I’m passionate about, I choose to do that. I think that everyone that has that opportunity, whether it be social media, or having access to the media, they should speak about something that they’re passionate about.”

The Escort Part 6

Author: Jena @i4z-0892-imagines

Summary: Having to pretend to be an Escort for a case was not your idea of fun in the slightest. However the looks you keep getting from The Boys just might turn out to be a better way to spend the evening than you thought.

Pairing: Sam x Reader x Dean

Words: 1314

Warnings: Language

A/N Based off of This Imagine.
Keep giving me your opinions it’s truly what keeps a story going! <3333 Give me all your feedback and critiques! Gimmie gimmie gimmie!!!

Tagging: @jessyackles @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki@flashofawand@itskarenbb@day-dreamer-45@teamfreewilllovesyou @mrswhozeewhatsis@sweetlittlepieandberrycustard@rainygalaxynerd @motherdan @maddy1896@growleytria @justanotherdeangirl25 @plaidandwhiskeydean @i-write-supernatural-things

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Scott led you from the Gala proudly displaying you on his arm, where you bore the most charming smile you could muster. The chauffeur pulled his Limousine around to the front where he once more held the door open for you and helped you in. Once you were on the road you could see a familiar looking set of head lights following you.

You turned your attention to Scott knowing that if you didn’t start actually acting like an Escort he’d start to suspect something was wrong, and until you had your hands on that book you couldn’t risk blowing your cover. You scooted closer slowly sliding your leg between his thighs, your fingers running up the length of his tie. You gave him the best set of low lidded sex-me eyes you could give.

“So are you going to tell me where we’re going or is this going to be a surprise too?” You asked, your voice low and smoky. One of his hands slid up the length of your leg, his other splaying out over the bare skin of your back. You’d wished they were Dean’s hands. A dashing smile crossed his face, his bright blue eyes focused on you, studying your face, like you’d caught Sam doing so many times.

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Wedding Theory #8 - The Final 3 Episodes...THE HOW

Another big update!!! As usual, The Wedding Theory Series is under my Top5 posts. Make sure you’ve read them all before diving into this one. 

One of my big sticking points with The Wedding Theory is that it’s the end result. I know who gets married (Oliver & Felicity), but I don’t know the how. I know A to Z. I don’t know A to B to C to D..and so forth. Anyone who’s been keeping tabs on The Wedding Theory knows I have an Arrow posse. My partners in crime are callistawolf and mersayseh. Our Twitter DM feed looks like an FBI Murder Board. Like Barry’s board. 

All we do day in and day out is beat our heads against the wall trying to figure THE HOW. We know…KNOW Oliver & Felicity get married. And I’m talking down in my gut, in my BONES people. I know they are the end result and so do Calli & Mer. But the wedding takes place in 3x22. IT’S BUGGING US. We couldn’t see the HOW. Or at least…there wasn’t EVIDENCE for the how. 

Until the Entertainment Weekly article today. So thank you EW. You saved our sanity.

So this is it. THE HOW. Please be forewarned. This speculation is HEAVY with spoilers. The evidence we use is based on HUGE spoilers. If we are right and you read this, you may ruin the end of the season for yourself. We could absolutely be wrong, but we think it’s a pretty damn fine theory. 

Make your decision.


Last chance.

I respect your free will.  Let’s do it.

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Ask and you shall receive!

A comiXology Guide to Zatanna!

I will admit, at the moment, we have some gaps in our Zatanna collection here at comiXology (I’ll be sure to let DC know WE WANT MORE!), including not only the first appearance of Zatanna in 1964’s Hawkman #4 but also the introduction of Zatanna’s father Giovanni Zatara whose story appeared alongside the introduction of Superman in Action Comics #1!

That being said, I put together a little reading list that will still give you a nice introduction to one of the DC characters that deserves way more attention than she gets and not just because her bowtie game puts mine to shame.

In 2010, longtime fan of the Zatanna, Paul Dini put the young magi in the spotlight of her own solo series. It’s a great place to start with the character, and Dini (who you may have heard of as the writer of  Batman: The Animated Series) has become the quintessential voice behind character. The series follows Zatana’s adventures having recently left the JLA, and while short lived adds much to the Zatanna mythos, seeing her pitted against a sorcerer who controls the supernatural crime scene in San Francisco, a Faustian casino owner who trades the souls of his new brides for everlasting youth, and a new supervillan named Siphon who attempts to steal Zatanna’s powers.

In the mid 2000’s Grant Morrison wanted to take what he felt was a bunch of DC “C-List” characters and form them into his own Avengers analogue. Zatanna was sloted for his Scarlet Witch counterpart and so a 4-issue miniseries featuring her was woven into Morrison’s grand over-arching storyline that brought all of his characters together ending in a climactic final battle. Zatanna’s story can be read on its own if you’d like just a taste, but the whole story has been collected into a couple volumes. With JH Williams III on art, it’s definitely worth a look or two

Maybe this is the whole reason I wanted to write this list. Just recently Paul Dini got back in the driver seat of the good ship Zatanna, and this time brought along the incredible joequinones to write one of the best books to come out under the DC banner in recent memory. Bloodspell sees two superheroes brought together by their love for one another as well as their love for fishnet stockings. Witness a young Black Canary meet an even younger Zatanna Zatara, and get glimpses into how their friendship began while they take on a curse that is hunting down the former members of an all-female casino heist that Canary had once infiltrated.

I’m so happy Shameless is finally getting the recognition it deserves. As us fans know, Shameless has been amazing for years, and way more than just a “guilty pleasure” show. No issue is too taboo or untouched for them to dabble in, and that’s what gives it its “shameless” charm.

I’m also noticing a lot of new fans are coming on board because they are enthralled by the Ian and Mickey story line, which has been fantastic this season. Hopefully the Emmys are taking notice. 

I don’t know what season 5 will bring us (heartbreak and sorrow most likely), but what I do know is that we should all enjoy the attention our favorite show is getting, because goddammit they deserve it!