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Maybe Dark!Annabeth fighting a child of the big three and she knows that defeating them with physical, raw power isn't possible, so she attacks mentally. She defeats them with words, something Annabeth constantly does throughout the books to her enemies. Making them so angry, distracted, and/or sad that they lose focus and she easily takes the victory.

Annabeth feels him coming before she sees him.

There’s a charge in the air. A gathering static that threatens to strike with every movement she makes, but never quite gets the guts to do so.

That’s Jason Grace for you. Son of Jupiter, chosen of Juno, and just a touch too soft to do what needs to be done. Oh sure, he’ll kill monsters if he needs to, but when the monsters are gods, his solution is to become a priest.

It’s about finding a compromise, he’d said. And making sure that we’re heard.

Annabeth’s finding there are better ways of making noise.

“You got here faster than I expected,” she remarks as he touches down in front of her. She’s perched on the crumbling remnants of a wall that’s thousands of years old. Some small, distant part of her regrets what is about to happen here, but not enough to change course.

“Your pattern’s getting old,” he says. His gladius is out and he holds it warily between them. Annabeth keeps her drakonbone sword at her side. “The others can hold Percy off long enough for me to stop what you’re doing.”

She raises her eyebrows. “You’re the only one coming?”

He tries to hide his grimace, but that’s the danger with fighting your friends. They can read you too well, and a smile curls over Annabeth’s mouth at the confirmation. She hops off the wall, landing lightly on the dirt.

“What made you think I’d be at Pompeii?”

Lightning crackles in the sky overhead, raising the small hairs at the back of her neck. He nods at the scaffolding in the distance, empty of workers this early in the morning. It’s a grim dawn, about to get darker.

“No tourists today. You might’ve turned against the gods, Annabeth, but you’re not a murderer.”

Isn’t she? Annabeth has lost count of the number of monsters she’s put in the ground (under the ground). How many demigods died in the war with Kronos? They bleed red the same as mortals, and her hands are as stained as anyone’s.

So are Jason’s, and irritation pricks at her face. She smooths it away with a cool smile, carefully tracking him as he starts to circle her. She has a certain amount of faith in Jason’s willingness to ‘save’ his friends, but she’s not an idiot.

“So I should start picking locations with people if I don’t want you to interfere, is that what you’re saying?”

“That’s obviously not what I’m saying.” His gaze flickers over the ruins stretching behind her. “So this is all rigged to blow, huh?”

“Leo does good work.”

He winces. He can play on whatever friendship the two of them might have had all he likes, but that betrayal is the real knife in the guts and they both know it. Annabeth coerces her expression into concern, the cogs of her brain turning the right muscles to give it the realism it needs. She takes a half step forward, and Jason doesn’t step away.

“He misses you, you know.” Her voice is a soft thing. Caring. “Misses both of you.”

“If he misses us so bad, he should come and see us.”

“You really think we’re going to be welcome at Camp after all this?

“You haven’t killed anyone.”

The yet sits between us, and it doesn’t matter anyway. The gods would be more likely to forgive her if she had killed someone. They could have murdered thousands of mortals and not been struck down, if they’d just done it far away from the last vestiges of godly power in this world.

Gaea had plotted to bring down Mt Olympus, and that’s definitely on Annabeth’s list. But she’s always been a methodical sort of girl, and divine power runs deep. Best to stamp out all traces of it, one relic at a time.

She sighs. “We don’t plan to. You know that.”

“You’re trying to kill the gods!” Lightning cracks again, closer now. It takes more strength than Annabeth wants to admit to to avoid reaching for her weapon.

“And how many times have they tried to kill us? At best they don’t give a shit, Jason, you know that.”

But he’s shaking his head. They’ve had this fight before, all of them, enough times that she could probably just record it for him to save energy. He’s long since stopped listening to sense, and she doesn’t bother with more than a cursory attempt to convince him.

“You’re too late for this one,” she says. “I’m proud of you for getting here before it blows, but you were right. It’s ready to go.”

His grip shifts on his sword. And - there’s something in his expression that prompts her to brace for an attack, because it’s not defeat. This time, she thinks. This time might be the one where I push too far.

It’s sad, sort of, but relief swamps that soon enough. It’s not that she wants to fight old friends, but it would make everything a lot simpler. To just be able to fight, without caring what happens to them anymore. To draw battlelines instead of blurring them

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he growls. “But even if the rest of your team is ready to destroy this place, they’ll stop once you’re a hostage.”

Annabeth laughs. It’s a miscalculation, but she can’t help herself. “The others might. But hell itself couldn’t keep Percy Jackson from me, Jason, and you’re no Tartarus.”

“I can deal with Percy.”

He can’t. She wonders idly if he knows that. Everyone’s aware of Percy’s power these days, but that’s what he’s like with her at his side. Jason, she suspects, still has a little too much optimism left about what Percy’s self control would be like without her. What it would be like if he even thought she was in danger.

“Right, well, that’ll be your mistake to live with.” She squints up at the sky, trying to judge her next play. Being a hostage would accelerate certain things that she’s not ready to set into motion just yet. Most of all, she doesn’t think that Percy is quite as ready to fight the others as she is.

Not yet.

“You made a miscalculation,” she said finally. “You always want to go for the biggest player, Jason. It’s one of your biggest weaknesses.”

“You can’t talk your way out of this, Annabeth.” His body moves, and she can almost trace the lines in the air, the familiar forms he’s about to slide into. “You’re coming back to Camp wth me.”

He lifts his blade, wreathed in lightning. She smells ozone on the air, the threat of violence wafting in behind it. She clasps her hands behind her back, and lays down her hand.

“Where’s Piper, Jason?”

Everything stops. Nature itself holds its breath as those too-blue eyes widen in sheer panic, before narrowing at her.

“Piper’s your friend. You wouldn’t hurt her.”

Annabeth waits. She doesn’t need to say anything. The silence between them does it for her. The even sound of her breathing. The shroud of absolute confidence holding her shoulders straight.

You are not going to take me, her body says, like it’s all a foregone conclusion.

“She can handle herself,” he tries again, and there’s the edge of desperation that she’s been waiting for. Enough to cloud his thinking. He might not think she’s a murderer, but there are other atrocities. Things she hasn’t held back from in the opening numbers of this new war.

“Against Percy?”

That’s a risk. Because they both know that Percy isn’t steady, isn’t stable, that his relationship with Piper had been tenuous at best and that without Annabeth there, his temper might just get away with him. Piper has her Charmspeak, but there are ways around everything if you have enough power.

It’s a risk, because Jason’s anger could always outweigh his fear. He could always take it out on her rather than fly off for Piper. Annabeth is confident in her ability to take him with a sword, but Jason comes with all those bonus add-ons that children of Athena just aren’t privy to.

So she gives him one last push. Just to make sure.

“Tartarus has so many doors,” she says softly. That same quiet concern from before, turned deadly now. “You know we found all of them, right Jason?”

He spits a curse, something in Latin about the gods and what he hopes they’ll do to her. She watches him leap into the sky, shading her eyes against the rising sun until he’s no more than a dot in the distance.

“You say that like they haven’t already done their worst,” she murmurs, before turning back to the ruins.

There’s work to be done.

I don’t think we give Hardison enough credit for his engineering and forfeiting skills.

He’s labeled as a Hacker, obviously. And that’s how we all think about him most of the time. But he’s honestly so much more.

He’s a forger. He’s made statues and a diary with goat blood in it that stood up against an experts scrutiny. He even makes FBI jackets in his spare time. And he is talented amazing painter as well.

He’s also an engineer. He’s made their communication buds and modified cell phones to make them do all sorts of crazy shit.

He used the fucking moon to fake alien contact for God’s sake.

Like, Nate was the brains of it all but Hardison was the backbone. The glue. The only reason they pulled off everything they did.

He deserved so much more appreciation and credit.

Let's go

Musician Grantaire. We all know and love him. Let’s go.

-Grantaire who grew up watching dumb musical tv shows and loving them because they sounded nice.
-Grantaire who was always naturally charismatic and was told he was gonna be the best musician ever!
-Grantaire, who at six years old was nailing karaoke better than most adults.
-Grantaire who’s first talent show was at seven years old and he nailed that shit.
-Grantaire who can pick up any string instrument and learn it, but in his exact words “I suck enough dick to not give a shit about woodwind instruments.”
-Grantaire who serenaded his first true crush with his guitar in ninth grade.
- (Eponine was flattered but fuck off with that shit)
-Grantaire who joined chorus in high school but became disillusioned with that after he saw how little the music department was funded.
-Grantaire who actually stopped doing music altogether through high school because people are shitty.
-Grantaire who went to college for his normal art shit but found it…. unsatisfying at best.
-Grantaire who picks up his guitar again after meeting Jehan, who totally wants him to put some poetry to music.
-Grantaire who has forgotten how good music feels coming from his fingers.
-Grantaire who finds himself drinking less because it makes his music sloppy.
-Bahorel and Jehan record him playing and lost it online
-It goes /viral/
-Enjolras is in love, pass it on
-Grantaire sees it as a HUGE invasion of privacy.
-Grantaire who stops playing again.
-Grantaire who is coaxed by Feuilly to follow his dreams with music.
-Grantaire who starts playing in the Musain and on street corners.
-Grantaire who finds his voice has gone a little rusty so he starts doing dumb vocal exercises
-Eponine almost murdered him the first time she was woken up by it.
-Enjorlas who always finds himself sitting close to Grantaire while he’s playing and falls in love.

Burnouts, Booze, and Babes

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Summary: Taehyung and Jeongguk are just two small town best friends, getting drunk too often and making big plans they’ll probably never achieve. Taehyung takes it upon himself to teach Jeongguk all of the proper ways to have sex, and Jeongguk swears he’s just hanging around because Taehyung’s good in bed. Who would have thought these small town losers, who used to smoke behind the school, would become jewelers at the biggest department store in Seoul. [Pre Givenchy & Gold]
Pairing: Jeongguk x Taehyung
Word Count: 32.850
Rating: M
Warnings: too much sex, too many kinks, mentions of drug use, Taehyung calling Jeongguk so many nasty things, two bros chilling 5ft apart in a hot tub (“swear I’m not gay”), switching, uhhhh daddy kink
A/N: @blueagust and I have basically spent the last couple weeks screaming at each other about Taehyung and Jeongguk’s history from her story Givenchy&Gold, and with the little restraint I have, this happened. Lou, this is an absolute mess and I probably destroyed your entire fic timeline, but happy early Kwanza or some shit (which is totally an excuse Tae gives when he’s buying Jeon another pair of earrings.) This is not good enough for you but I hope you like it anyway!!

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Birthday sex

Hello, Love bugs.

a concept: B-day smut for Dan- Anon. Yo, fuck this. It’s almost my birthday. (Aug 18th) Birthday sex for us babes.

Dan X Reader 

Warnings- sex baby.

“Dear Y/N! Happy birthday to you!!!” You closed your eyes hard as you made your wish on your candles as you blew them out. “What did you wish for?” Dan said pressing a big kiss to your cheek.

“I can’t tell you! If I tell you it won’t come true.” You grabbed Dan’s face to plant another big kiss on his lips. You had asked him for a very simple birthday this year

“Can I guess what you wished for?” You thought for a moment before responding.

“Sure, But I will not give you any hints.” Dan sat closer to you on the floor beside you as he pushed the cake away from the edge.

“Did you wish for a boyfriend?” You gave Dan a look as he laughed. “Okay, ok, did you wish for a new home?”  

“Is something wrong with this place?” You said motioning to the space the two of you were sitting in. The two of you had just moved into your own little place a couple of weeks ago. It still had boxes in every room that still needed to be unpacked. But it had already started to feel like home for the two of you. It only had one bedroom but it ended up being the perfect place to create a home together.

“I think it’s missing something.” Dan pulled you in to run kisses up your jaw to your lips for a quick couple of kisses.

“I’m glad you mentioned that. I think we need a new rug for in here. This floor is freezing.” Dan scrunched his face at you before giving a little tickle to your ribs. “Or I have a better idea. Let’s eat some cake and then take a bath in the new tub. Then maybe, just maybe we have a few cuddles.” Dan gave you a smile as he pulled the cake closer to the two of you.

“So are we going to have reasonably sized pieces of cake or shall I slice this baby in half?”

“Slice it normally. If I eat half of a cake I might sink like a rock in the bath tub.” Dan rolled his eyes before cutting the cake into large but still reasonable sized slices.

The two of you had eaten the cake in a comfortable silence as the glow from the television lit the small room. If you were to look up pure bliss in the dictionary you would find this moment etched in it. As the two of you sat cuddled up in a ball of arms and legs your eyes started to feel heavy from the day’s events. Dan had made you a pancake breakfast that morning.Going full out he even tried to impress you with his flipping skills. Only two ended up being on the floor so the two of you considered it a win. He also went and got some little pastries from the shop you discovered when you first moved in after a particularly long day of box lifting. He was spoiling you today and there was nothing you could do to say otherwise.

After the two of you stuffed yourselves with breakfast Dan had announced that he was taking you to the London Zoo for the day. He even hinted that one particular animal may even wish you an extra special happy birthday. Once you got there and walked around for a while Dan tugged you along to the giraffe enclosure where one of the workers opened the back to where you could feed the giraffe’s right from your hand. You never wanted to leave as you had made friends with one baby giraffe who somehow made blue tongues adorable.

A full day at the zoo was enough of a birthday present for you but Dan had insisted that he was taking you out for supper. That’s when the two of you stood out perfectly like two sore thumbs in a fancy restaurant.The bunch of old people were not too fond to be looking at the young ones who were giggling. The end of the perfect day was some cake and a bath with some bubbles that smelled like vanilla.

You felt Dan’s hand run along your back as he came closer to whisper in your ear. “Shall we skip the bath and go straight to the cuddles in bed?” You let out a little breath as you contemplated your options.

“If I fall asleep in the bath will you make sure I don’t drown?” You could feel Dan let out a little sigh as he brought his lips close to your ear.

“Just this once. But don’t say I never do anything for you.” Opening your eyes, you kissed Dan’s smile before lifting your arms in the air. “What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m waiting for you to help me up.” Dan got up beside you before grabbing your hands in his.

“Needy little shit.” Even with this being said Dan still helped you to your feet and held your hand as the two of you made your way to the bathroom.

Once in the room Dan turned on the tub and put the bubbles in as you watched from the bathroom counter. It was always fun watching him draw a bath for the two of you. Between knocking everything over to find the bottle of bubble bath and the way he would measure the amount of soap perfectly, he was pretty cute to watch. Plus the faces he made as he touched the water to find the right temperature was always worth a giggle.

After Dan had finished he turned around to give you proper attention. His hands found their way from your knees to up the back of your shirt making little goose bumps appear from his touch. He always got a bit of a cocky smile on when he would feel your skin react to something as simple as him touching you. Dan pulled the top over your head leaving you in your bra to let the cool air brush against your skin.

Running a hand through Dan’s hair he leaned into your touch. As your fingers moved through the curls you pulled him closer to you. You had become quite fond of his new hair. He played with it a little less than he did when it was straight letting you know he really did enjoy his new look. You were taken back from your thoughts when you felt Dan’s lips press onto your collar bone. Dan had one thing on his mind and he intended to follow through with it.

“Penny for your thoughts?” He said almost trying to read your mind just from your facial features.

“Just thinking about how the bath is about to over flow.” Dan let out a swear before running over to the taps to turn them off before the bathroom flooded. “I love all the little teasing and what not but I think we should get in the tub before the water loses all its warmth.” Dan agreed undressing quickly before getting in the bath.

“Holy shit this bath is hot. Come on in. it’s perfect for two.” You nodded in agreement undressing yourself the rest of the way. Dan shifted back in the tub giving you enough room to sit in front of him in the bath.

The water was the perfect mix of hot yet not so scalding that you had to breathe through the adjustment period. Dan wrapped his arms around your torso to pull you tight into his chest.

“Thanks for the perfect birthday ever Daniel.” Dan left a few kisses on the back of your neck as he smiled into your skin.

“You’re welcome, love. I think there is only one thing that’s missing. An earth shattering orgasm.” You rolled your eyes as you let your head rest on his shoulder.

“I actually don’t think it’s necessary.” Dan gave a little scoff as one of his hands made its way to draw circles on your thigh as the other rested on your stomach to hold you down closer to him.

“Hmm. Do tell me when you think it’s all a bit unnecessary.” His left hand that had been drawing lazy circles started towards your sex to let his finger slide in between your folds letting his finger pad run quickly over your bundle of nerves. The little shock ran through your system making every sense in your body wide awake. Turning your head to the side you gave Dan’s neck a long kiss of appreciation.

“Well maybe if you do that again I would change my mind.” Dan let his fingers linger longer on your clit this time make sure to push little circles into it. You let out a little breathy moan you didn’t know you were holding in as you melted to Dan’s touch. You could feel every limb in your body feel slightly mushy with relaxation.

“I’m so glad I got you. Having a smart, funny, and beautiful girlfriend.It always seemed so far away from actually happening.” Dan continued whispering little nothings as his fingers explored. You were so caught up with the buzz in your brain that you had barely noticed one of Dan’s finger slip into you making sure to curl just slight enough to rub against that magical little spot. Dan continued on with him adding another finger while he put a bit more pressure onto your clit.

Who knew a hot bath and a little pressure on your clit could make a person melt? Apparently, Dan did because as his finger skillfully made your stomach do flips. Your back was arched letting the cold hit your nipples that were desperate for his touch. Both of Dan’s hands we occupied at the moment so you released a hand from his thigh to pull at the swollen nubs.

“Dan, I’m going to come.” Dan let out a little breath that was almost a chuckle. He loved to see you at his mercy like this. He was the one who could provide you with the release that was so desperately needed.

“Well then. Cum my love. Let go for me. I love to see you like this.” You didn’t need to be told twice as you came around Dan’s fingers. Squeezing him taking every wave you could take.

After you finally felt the last of the waves run through every nerve was hard not to have a bit of a buzzing brain. Dan’s orgasms were the best drug ever. He was your dealer and you were his very willing clientele.

“It’s not just the Orgasm talking when I say that I am madly in love with you.” Dan squeezed you tightly as you both found your natural rhythm of breathing again.”Thank you for my birthday.I think it defiantly makes top three.”

“I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed your day. Now, close your eyes Y/N. I will wake you in a few minutes.” You finally let your eyes close as you listened to Dan’s heartbeat under your ear. Perfect birthday indeed.

John’s truck.

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Pairing : Winchesters x Sister!reader (Wincest), John
Word count : 4,897
Author : Mel
Warnings : WINCEST!, Smut, cheating.

Final part of The Winchester Curse.

That’s how things went for over a year. Whichever brother got alone time with you, took advantage of it, never both of them together, which you didn’t mind since you knew Sam could get jealous.

And they would sneak as much time together as they could for themselves. They would buy you something if you managed to occupy John for a bit to give them some time. A few times, they would go ahead to check into the motel while you and John went to eat. Dean would buy you anything your heart desired if they managed to get a few hours out of it. Mostly you just got new clothes out of the deal. You didn’t really want for much, and you loved dragging him around from store to store, and the look on his face as you tried on clothes for him.

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Hold on for Me (Steve Rogers x Reader)

gif credit

Summary: You loved him. He didn’t know. And then, on a mission, you go and do something stupid. But maybe it was for the best.

Word Count: 1198

Warning(s): blood, gunshot wound

A/N: i’m not really feeling this one, especially with how well granted did about a week ago. i’m trying to get through what i have left then i have some part two’s to do! also… the end is vague for a reason so do with it what you will ;-)

Prompt: Hi! Idk if you’re still taking requests but if you are, can I ask an angsty-fluffy one that has the line “I made the biggest mistake of falling in love with my /best friend/.” Or something like that. Or the girl’s in love with her best friend who likes someone else/doesn’t see her until she gives up on him trope? Steve/Reader, please. I SO love your writing and I can’t wait to read more!😊 - anon

“Shit, there’s more of them then we thought.”

“Hey, watch your language.”

Steve turned his head to look back at you just long enough for you to catch the glare he shot at you. You couldn’t help the smug grin that captured your lips, patting him on the back, and mumbling an apology. It obviously wasn’t the time to be making jokes, being that you were on a mission and all. But you really couldn’t help making fun of your best friend. Especially when Steve just made it so easy.

“On my count,” Steve whispered, and even though you were right behind him, he was amplified over the comms, just in case you were to get separated. “Three.”

You tightened your grip on your ICER. Steve moved his shield to the magnets on the sleeve of his uniform.


Steve looked back at you again. A soft smile crossed your face, forgetting, just for that split second, what you were there for. He nodded, and you broke out of it and nodded back.


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Time to bitch about Anders’ treatment some more:

Anders lying about the bomb does not mean he can’t be trusted. It means he doesn’t trust his friends enough to be honest with them.

We see him throughout the game, telling them that people are being abused, that he was abused. He asks them to help him in doing something about it, and they treat him like he’s crazy, they treat him like the problem, not the actual problem, which is the Chantry condoning abuse. He’s a burden to them, and they’re not opposed to letting him know about it.

Let that sink in.

He. Couldn’t. Trust. His. Friends.

So, instead of being honest, he lies. Because they’ve all proven that they don’t really give a shit about what happens to the mages. Or Anders. They wouldn’t have believed him if he told them that Meredith had already called for the Rite and they needed to act before she received it. They would have called him crazy and told him to suck it up like they always do.

And, after he detonates it, most of them demand his execution if asked their opinions on the matter. His own friends. The people he spent six years in Kirkwall with want him dead. Because he fought instead of letting all of the mages in Kirkwall die.

His friends openly mocked him, ignored his suffering, told him he was overreacting when he called abuse as he saw it.

But, you know, he’s the one who couldn’t be trusted.

Don’t Wanna Fall In Love

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Oh my god you have no idea how happy I am that requests are open! You’re like my favorite writer on here. Okay so could you do one with punk Gerard and like everyone hates him and so does Y/N but then one day they get paired to do a project for school and so they have to meet up at Gerard’s house and Y/N is not happy about it but then it turns out Gerard’s actually a total sweetheart and then lots of fluff thanks 😊”

Word Count: 1,814

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

A/N: omg you’re so sweet! <3

You know those kids at school that everyone hates, usually without reason? Everyone has always just hated them, well, Gerard Way is that kid. Of course he has friends, some idiot named Frank, but the majority of the school hates him and honestly you don’t know why. But you hate him too. You like to tell yourself that you hate him for good reason because you’re not the kind of person to go around hating people without thought as to why, so your mind supplies you with the little things he does that drive you nuts. Like how he always starts debates in class so the teacher will forget to assign homework, or how he never seems to change his clothes, or the way he looks better in makeup than you do. They’re stupid reasons to hate a person, especially when he’s never even spoken a word to you, but he’s Gerard Way and you’re supposed to hate him.  

“Is he assigning partners today?” Your best friend asks you as you file into your Spanish class. You have been talking about your midterm project for a few days but you can’t get started until partners are assigned and you’ve been hopeful every day all week.

“I hope so,” You reply, taking your seats beside one another.

The teacher is too tall for his pants, he always is, and his socks are scrunched down around his shoes. He looks like a dorky grandpa who dances to quiet music at the family party. His eyes are a faded out grey but when he starts talking and Spanish tongue fills the room he lights up and his eyes dance across the class like everything is filling with colour and life in front of his very eyes. It’s the main reason you like him so much, his passion for what he’s teaching.

“So let’s talk about your project,” He starts and a few kids groan. He starts pairing kids off and you get more and more worried the more names he says, losing friends left and right until finally he calls out your name and…Gerard fucking Way, of course.

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GOT7 and Shit they think

JB: did i leave the door locked?? will the cats be able to get out and eat? *gets worried* actually they got themselves i am not there mother *suddenly his eyes become wide as realization hits him* Shit I AM *has a mid life crisis*

JINYOUNG: when i get home I will go in my room. lock the door. and plan yugyeom’s and bambam’s death, or *gets a more clever thought* i can just give them a hard time and they will quite i mean JJP is good enough but then i won’t have anyone to boss around or hit *gets a lil just a 0.1% sad* eh guess i’ll let them live another day

MARK: when do we go home??? like does this interview never end *sigh in vain*

YUGYEOM: i can literally enjoy my afternoon in hell right now instead of sitting right in front of jinyoung getting a death stare, or roast his ass in front of everyone both works *evil smirk*

JACKSON: honeslty i love my members but wtf yugyeom and jingyoung then there is mark like??? *is vary confused over 3 different peoples facial expressions*

YOUNGJAE: is coco asleep, did coco eat??, how is coco doing??

BAMBAM: okay so once this is over while we are walking out i will make the members dab all of them then when we are going in the car i will scream DAB7 damn i am a genius *is peoud af*

wolfsan11  asked:

Heeey :D Well I promised some asks, but it's not about the Voltron Family au sadly (I will figure out something to ask lol). So about your Voltron PJO AU (which I love a lot, extremely), I've been wondering...who would be Mr. D in this au and would they still mess up everyone's names?

[Voltron PJO AU] Mr. Iverson was the camp director by title, but Coran did all the camp work while he sulked for being punished by his father, Zeus. Everything he drank (wine or not) turned into either water or soda. How was he, the god of wine, supposed to do his godly duties as the god of wine when he, the god of wine, clearly cannot even drink wine. It was utterly ridiculous. Zeus’ cruelty knew no bounds!

Obviously, this affected his mood greatly.

He was walking one of his rare morning walks when he saw the son of Zeus (his half brother, oh gods) and the son of Hades by the docks.

“Shawn!” Iverson shouted. The son of Zeus didn’t even turn around. Rude demigods. They act so high and mighty once they find out they were the son of the most powerful god. “Shawn Mendes!” He tried again, this time a little louder.

The rude half brother of his turned his attention away from the other demigod. The boy looked around confused and saw him and frowned.

“It’s Shiro, Mr. Iverson.”

The other boy turned around and glared. “Does he look like a Mendes? He’s Japanese for god’s sake.” 

Gods. Iverson hated the son of Hades’ guts. Just like his own father in the Underworld, they didn’t care for the rules or for this matter, respect for elder gods.

“I didn’t call for you, Kevin,” Iverson rolled his eyes as he approached them.

“It’s Keith. Keith Kogane. How many times—”

“Does it look like I care?” he brushed him off and turned to Shawn. “You. I need you to stop this disgusting PDA so early in the morning. There are kids in this camp.”

“But we weren’t even—” Shawn defended.

“Yes, you were.”

“We were just talking!” Kevin cried out, clearly not giving shit anymore.

“Talking that could lead to something else. I’ve lived long enough to know all the dirty tricks. And let me tell you, what you’re doing isn’t exactly different from the time I—”

“Whatever, Iverson.” Kevin stood up and dragged the son of Zeus with him, who was somehow trying to contain his huge smile.

“That’s Mister Iverson to you, boy.”

“Does it look like I care?” the son of Hades shot back, mocking him.

“Keith!” the older demigod gasped, scandalized. The younger one just held onto the boy’s hand tighter and shadow traveled away from Iverson.

Iverson rolled his eyes. Demigods these days.

Slasher Love 4

Somewhere in the same town, Eric L. McKinney was playing Left 4 Dead until the slut he has called would come. Eric knew how women worked, at first they do their bitch because a real man like him shouldn’t have the right to relaxed a little but they instantly shut up with a little pecs bouncing and the view of his giant fuckstick, so easy. He was about to crown a witch when his phone rang, as his avatar was getting his ass savaged, he picked up his phone.

-Yeah… What?! You’re gonna be late! Well fuck you then, I’m gonna jack off before you bring you lazy cunt here, screw you slut!

He hang up at her and ease himself thanks to his video game. At least, his games were always there when he needed them, he quickly return to his pissed off mode when a jockey jump at his avatar which stuck the video game in a glitch where his character was giving a blowjob to an ugly zombie. Throwing his gamepad at the screen, he was startled and jumped out off his bed when he heard someone ringing at his door. Catching his composure and alpha male confidence, he opened the door and mimic one of his sexy face.


Eric screamed in a high-pitched-voice when he saw a ghoulish undead in front of him. Inspecting the person, he tried to see the clue that proved that it was just a costume.

-Is that supposed to be a naughty outfit? Because I’m not really into that…

The cadaver smiled at the jock’s stupidity before rushing at him and pinning him down. Eric’s face was stuck against the floor while his bubble butts were facing his attacker.

-You piece of shit! Leave me alone, I’m a loaded as fuck so don’t you dare raping me or I will sue you!

Sleazy laughter came out of the rotten corpse’s mouth as he opened it and lick with his blueish tongue the reluctant stud’s cheek. Eric wiggled against his strong grip but it was useless as the ghoul’s chest cavity break into a mold hole which revealed a grayish larva-like creature with a big snake mouth who drooled with starvation for the attractive piece of meat in front of him. Eric screamed as the phallus-shaped basilisk bit his back and forced his way into him. Eric’s torso was rumbling as it was invaded by the creature. “Get the fuck out of me! You think some shit like you can overpower me?! I’m stronger than yooouuu Unggg!”. Eric’s barking quickly turned into begging and crying as he struggled for the control of his motor functions but the ravenous critter knew that they would get the upper hand at one moment. “UNNG! Please get out me! I can give you money! PLEEAAASE! ARGGHHHH!”. Suddenly, the creature extended into a dildo-like tentacle around his spine before thrusting his teeth into his brain as the stud screamed in pain one more time. Finally, the athlete suffering face change into a relaxed smirk before turning into a malicious and corrupted version of his usual confident grin. “Eric” quickly get up thanks to his powerful strength as he admire the Greek-like architecture of his new vessel. His devious smile quickly came down when someone else rang.

-Hgg. Just when the fun begin.

The beast inside Eric was so deep into the ecstasy of possessing and enjoying his gorgeous host that they forget that their tail was still hanging out of Eric’s back, so while Eric put on his shirt, the creature’s tail quickly dive into his body.

-Remember Giganteus, be diplomatic with those mortals.

Eric/Giganteus move to the door with annoyance as he opened it, behind it was a beautiful woman who was covered by light and glitz of glamor.

-Get the fuck out!

Eric slammed the door before jumping on his bed and exploring his body. How lucky he was, this host was enough young to last long and enough virile to  contain the sexual hormones of the parasite into his body. Eric flexed his biceps as he licked and chewed his burly biceps. In the passenger seat, Eric was desperately shouting against the invader inside him, even if he was a narcissist, he would have never acted like that. “Hmm, I can’t remember tasting something like that since centuries! You taste like some hunky spartan boy!”. Eric hugged himself as he moaned in pure pleasure, he laughed as he could feel everything that the real Eric was thinking. Then, he grabbed his pecs and bounced them inside his palms, they were so fucking beefy! He pinched his nipples and twitched them as he moaned and close his eyes. His hands passed on his contracting abs before grabbing his member through the fabric. He could felt it growing, so he torn off his underwear with his powerful might. The real Eric begged him to not doing that. “Why boy? You don’t enjoying that? Boo-hoo, too bad because we’re gonna be best mates for a long run you and me!”. Giganteus looked at his dick and was amazed by the size, he groped his balls with one hand while the other was stroking his thick shaft. “Ohhh fuck boy! You must the best host I ever this decade! I wish I could find a spell to make you mine forever! And this voice! So juvenile yet full of manliness! OHHH!”. Soon, Eric’s balls were filled with man juice as precum leaked from his hard rod. The hand grabbing his balls moved to his chest and caressed his shaved torso. “Man! No hair at all! You’re sure a baby boy! Together we’re gonna be real man, hairy and shit!”. Giganteus imagined transforming his host into a more manful version of him which grossed out the real Eric who cried for control. The rush of pleasure and wrestling inside him was so strong that the two Eric both roared as his boner blasted white gold all over his sturdy vigorous thighs and sturdy abs. Tears flowed on the cum shot on his cheek as the real Eric manifested “Please give me back my body! I can’t withstand this! PLEASSUUNNNNGGGG! FUCK! It’s mine! NOOOO!… You fuckboy… UNNNG! Shut the fuck up you pussy! What kind of alpha male cry like that! You pathetic queer! Thankfully, now I am inside you to honor this herculean body!” Eric gripped some cum trickling on his hairy leg, as he opened his hand he saw that some of his leg hair were mixed with his cum. He smiled and devour the mixture with hunger. “Hmm! So salty! It’s tickling my palate! This semen is abounding of boldness and virility! I hope you can’t withstand this because I planned to stay here for a lot of time!”. The beast creamed his toned body with his own cum, giving him a fragrance of an untamed virility, even in his ass or his hairy armpits. “Well baby boy, what about a quick nap… With the Jeeper Creeper’s death, we have enough testosterone possession essence in this town to bring all of my friends… Soon all of your hunky friends would be ours and guess what? All the twinks that you have bullied with them would become our sex slaves! That’s right boy, you’re gonna be into some fag shit! But don’t worry, we’re gonna be a real alpha male! And what would be better than to celebrating this at the Prom? Hahaha!” Eric fell asleep as he snored like a slumbering lion.


Gary was tied up to a chair while his mom was in the kitchen, since Billy’s disappearance, Gary was babbling which was bothering Jake.  

-Gary! Do you hear me?

-Worthless… I am worthless, nobody would love me…

-Gary! Please!

-It’s useless young man, my son is under the spell of the Jeeper Creeper’s pheromones. The only way to stop it is that you have to drink that potion but keeping it in your mouth.

-What is it? Jake began to drink it.

-It’s crocodile’s cum.


-Keep it in your mouth and kiss Gary. Then, pour the potion inside his mouth… If you need me, call me because I would be in the kitchen, I don’t want to see my son in this kind of situation.

Jake leaned toward Gary to kissed him, but he couldn’t stop wiggling, so he grabbed his chin resulting in an eye contact which lulled him.

-J-Jake, is that you?


Jake slowly slipped one of his fingers between Gary’s soft lips and opened them to pour the liquid in his mouth. Soon, all of his fingers were catching Gary’s lower jaw which allowed Jake to close his lips toward Gary’s ones, pushing their each others tongues. The mixture quickly flowed through his lover’s throat. The boy could feel the strong hands of the muscular stud on his jaw and another around his neck, almost choking him. However, he liked that and we was blushing as every marks of his late bully’s toxin were replaced by the potion and his boyfriend’s dominant presence.

-Jake… You kissed me… It was so hot.

-I love you Gary.

-I love you too.

The couple kissed again but Gary’s mom was still anxious.

-Something’s wong M'am Gary’s mother?

-I can feel a dangerous energy outside.


Josh Mitchell had just finished his football training, but unusually he didn’t go to the showers this time. Indeed, the coach was more pissed off than usual because two of the best teammates had just left, so he forced the team to train even more. On top that, the coach punished him by forcing him to do 101 push-ups, of course he could easily do this shit because he was an alpha, but it was more of a humiliation you see. You know, Josh is one more of those stereotyped jocks who had to prove their big balls by insulting others, so when the coach asked where was Billy and Jesse, he answered that they were probably doing a cunnilingus which angered the coach. Also, the coach is Josh’s uncle who is supposed to take care of him as his parents never had time for him. Nevertheless, his uncle was a wreck who envied his dad and abused Josh. Unknown to him, his nephew had planned a prank with his friends, a creative one. In fact, they would paint on the coach’s car ‘Faggot’ and run away. However, Josh created the prank the same day so none of his friends had a paint spray, thus they had to wait until one of Josh’s friends was searching this item. Fortunately, his uncle, was occupied by something else in his office. There was a weird voice in his head, telling him how much his life was nothing compared to his brother’s one, plus his son would be successful like him while he would still had nothing. Suddenly, the voice told him to check his car and when he arrived, he saw his nephew and his friends degrading his car, he shouted which made his Josh’s friends run away but not him as he had earphones. Jock was laughing as he grabbed by the collar and thrown in the locker room.

-You dumb meathead, we share the same car!

-Relax, it’s just a prank.

-A prank?! You know what you are? Just a spoiled kid, you don’t deserve to be in this team!

-Shut up you old fuck! You think that my dad didn’t told me things about you? Boo-hoo, poor Baby John, in love with his brother, sucking his cocks for one coin, haha!

-He told you about that? B-but it was supposed to be a secret!

-A secret? Bwahaha! The whole family know about that you decrepit queer! By the way, if my father told me to come here was also because I had to told you that you were disinherited, so happy bad-day you cocksucker, haha!


John grabbed one more time his nephew and forcefully removed his shirt.

Josh tried to resist but it was useless and his uncle lifted his legs and torn off his pants.  

-You crazy pervert! Let me go!

-I told to shut the fuck up!

Soon, he was naked and ashamed as he was pushed into a shower stall as his uncle deviously smiled at him. Josh tried to escape but his uncle didn’t allow him to.

-Come on my dear nephew, take your shower, you smell like some horny pig!

A terrified Josh took his shower as his depraved uncle admired his wet and tanned body. John couldn’t resist, his nephew looked like his young dad, he was John’s lost brother. How much time John dreamed to fuck his brother, but also to clean this arrogant smile around his face, he was always the favorite son! And his son too. No, he couldn’t let one more jock ruining him, he needed his revenge. Consequently, he was closer and closer toward the scared stud who was trembling.

-Come on Josh! Where’s the alpha male now? Woof Woof! Haha! You’re just like a tiny rabbit! Yeah, you got one hot gym bunny body! I could devour you in one bite, Yum!… Now come on little Johnny, wipe yourself!

John threw a towel against his nephew’s dick who squeaked.

-What’s wrong big boy? Your daddy didn’t teach you that your pee pee was sensitive?

-Please uncle John! Let me go! I promise I will help you to…

-Ooh you will help me, but not the way you think.

As Josh finished to wash his head, he saw that his uncle was also naked.

-What do you think, boy? Nice isn’t it? I bet yours is better than your father’s one!

-Please, I-I’m so sorry! I will do anything for you but…

-Shhhh! You already say all I need to hear my pretty bottom boyslut.

At that moment, John knew what he wanted, he wanted the flesh and blood of his tormentor of a brother, begging him to stop, he wanted the future of the favorite son being his whore, he wanted to break the thing his brother loved the most. What a delightful sensation, his nephew, a manly hunk who was much more muscular than him, was afraid. He was finally his turn to laugh. Thus, he approached his nephew like a starving predator toward his prey.  

-You know what Johnny-boy? I prefer that we let the water running, I’m stinking don’t you think?


-So smell my balls!


-I told you to do that, you filthy swine!

-Alright… *Sniifff* Is that-URGHH!

-Yeah boy! Suck my rod nicely!

John firmly grabbed his nephew’s head with his hands and pushed it back and forth against his cock. Josh was squirming but he couldn’t do anything to stop that. His uncle moaned and closed his eyes as hot water dropped on him,  stimulating every erogenous zones in his body. With the heat, his bursting repressed rage and the arousal of his virgin penis made the coach sweat which flowed on his hapless nephew tanned skin. The coach could felt that his staff was like clay between his submissive nephew’s teeth. His eyelids were glued and he couldn’t open them because he wanted to sense and hear the junior’s yelps for help. Plus, the sweat all over him soon became mixed with the sweltering water, his drooling and both men crying. Josh was obviously bawling because of the disgrace for his manliness while John was crying because he was overjoyed by the whole situation, he was violating and raping not only his nephew, but also everything his brother and his family abased him of. Soon, he climaxed in the athlete’s mouth, but something was weird, the coach’s semen and his dick was spread up to the end of his nephew’s throat even if his member never was that long. After that, the helpless Josh tried to pull of his uncle’s penis from his mouth but John’s hands were still forcing his mouth around his member. Consequently, as the jock moved his head around, the coach’s dick was like rubber as it extended without any pain. The coach looked at his muggy body who was literally melting. Therefore, the coach had an idea, what if he could enter in his hot nephew? Anyway, he has nothing to lose now, he had to try because he was nothing more than a half man half blob creature. Then, he thrusted his jelly crotch into his victim’s esophagus. Josh wailed as his lungs were filled with goo, his washboard abs inflated as he tried to flee. It fruitless for him as he couldn’t run because of his swollen belly and also because there only his uncle’s ooze head left outside. The sludge coach laughed with his new deepened baritone before kissing his nephew’s lips and introduce himself in his howling nephew. Josh tried to catch the intruder inside his body but his hands were quivering because of the unique feeling of being infested by someone of the same flesh. Then, his throbbing larynx was pushing further the slime inside him as he was choking, hollering and stuttering at the same time. “G-GET OUT OF ME! UNNGGG! I-I WILL FUCKING KICK YOU OUT! NOOOOoooOOOHYEAAAH! Finally, this body is mine!”. Josh’s distressing face as now turned into his regular haughty one, but there was something distorted in it. “Josh” inhaled deeply as an air brimming with sweat and hormones infiltrate through his powerful chest as his pecs bloated and his nipples popped out. “Hmm. That’s right boy, you gonna kick out nobody 'cause you and me are the new dream team of this high school! Your play is terrible but now that I am in control I will use those muscles at their full potential! You must be asking, what about papa? This old shit will give us tons of money and after that I reveal that I am a fag to the whole family! Oorrr, maybe I could blackmail him into giving us all of his wealth if he doesn’t want his precious sportsman son to become a cum whore in gay porn? Yesss, I could even force him to suck my dick! I’m pretty sure pop would be keen on giving a blowjob to his dear son!”. John flexed Josh’s body one more time before heading out to the nearby gym. “It’s time to test this new body, boy”. As John was exploring his impressing muscles, Eric was outside, stalking the jock and observing him through a small window as he was biting his lips and masturbating.


-So you’re telling us that by letting the Jeeper Creeper living, we’re fucked, and by destroying him, we’re also fucked?

-Language!… But yeah, pretty much… You see, this creature was like a testosterone container and his death resulted in a spreading of this manful energy around the whole town which attracted some vicious beats who know that this territory is now free. Soon, if we do nothing this whole city would be full of horny beefcakes obsessed by having sex with other males.

-And, is that supposed to be a bad thing?

-Well, if it was voluntarily, but all of these creatures are male possessors, so we can’t let these nefarious and horrible body snatchers here… It wasn’t in the aim of insulting you Jake.

-Yeah, no hard feelings.

-But Mom, what if we just saved the “good” ones and let the other being possessed?

-How could you say that?

-I’m sorry… But if the only thing that those creatures want is having gay sex with bodies who are wasting their attractiveness, I can’t blame them for that.

-Gary! Wash your tongue!

-Ohh! I don’t even have the right to say Kim Kardashian…

-So what do we do?

-First, you have to drink this potion, it would definitely protecting you from being possessed, even if you are yourself a possessor.

-What is it?

-Well… It’s also a potion made with various semens…

-No I’m asking myself what are those milk bottles in the fridge. *Drink*. Eww! It tastes like a mix of vegemite and marmite!  

-Yep! It’s because nobody likes those flavours!

-It’s weird, did you put aphrodisiac in those potions M'am Gary’s mom?

-Well… Sadly, those potions have a side effect which fastly excite the one who drink them.

-Mom, is that normal that most of your rituals involve me having gay sex?

-Look, it’s not my fault if my spellbook is telling me that making love is good for your safety!

-I’m sorry M’m Gary’s mother, but I think I would really enjoy having a loud night with your son.  

-Fine. I will sleep in a motel in the fairy dimension. Call me with the crystal ball if you need me.


John/Josh was lifting weights during an hour and he wasn’t tired yet. “UNGG! Impressive! This stud stamina much be better for sex!”. The girls were eyeing at him, so John flashed a handsome smile and flexed his muscles for them, he was gay but he enjoyed being the Casanova chick magnet. Then, before the gym closed, he took a picture of his glistening toned body that he put in a lot of gay sites.

“Yeah boy! It’s me the master of this vigorous body! Think you’re a top dog? You’re nothing but a top cat, a top pussy! But now that I am inside you it’s finished. Whatever happened to Baby Josh? Haha! Now I’m a real alpha male!” The gym owner told him to leave, so Josh took off his tank top and throw it at the bear before he kissed him deeply. As he left, he could hear the muscle mountain squeeing and smelling his sweaty tank. “Shit, I could conquer this whole world with this new body.”. A wicked grin appear on Josh’s pretty face as he headed toward the coach’s house which was a storage locker. John really liked walking shirtless during the night, his body was hot and the contact with the coldness was a real turn on as he could feel every muscles in his body contracting. Suddenly, he looked behind him and noticed a guy photographing him. “It’s okay dude, you want to admire the merchandise? Feel free!” Josh posed in front of the horny paparazzi who seemed to love his job just for this moment.

-You like that, right?

-Yeah the camera love you!  

Soon, Josh perfect tanned skin became paler as his uncle’s presence inside him became stronger but his body was bulging because of his infestation.

-Come on you can do better than that!

-Maybe this?

-Yesss! This is perfection! You’re a porn star, aren’t you?

-Haha, no sorry… Wait, I heard this voice before… It was you in my office?

-Hmm… Well, I can’t pretend anymore. Yeah it was me, clever and hunky, one lucky boy.

-Are you the one who give me those possessions powers?

-Yep! Your brain must be as big as your muscles!

-You’re gonna blackmailing me?

-Noo! Don’t worry! We have more in common than you think… My real name is Giganteus, but my vessel’s name is Eric.

-Hmm, nice choice… Not as good as my nephew, but still sexy. *Drool*… So what do you want from me?

-Oh, I want you to enjoy this second youth, to have fun as much as you want. But most of all, I want you to be my soul mate.

-S-soul mate?

-Yeesss! Together we can be stronger! Don’t you think that bullying must be over? Now it’s the turn of the preys to become and possessed the predators! I will be the one who will led this and you could the one by my side if you accept my proposal!

-I don’t know… There is one way to see if I can’t trust you.

-What is it?

-Let’s see how much of a man you are, big boy!

John opened his storage locker which was in fact a sex dungeon, he pushed Eric on the waterbed as both men smiled deviously and undressed.  

-You think you can teach me how to be the dominant mister sweaty coach?

-I think you will see what really mean the word Giganteus!

The studs wrestled for being at the top as Eric bit Josh’s neck who groaned. The slime-filled stud pinched the parasitized jock’s nipples who moaned and punched his rock hard abs.

-Your belly is solid, that’s good.

-How, there’s harder in me!

John dived his dick straight inside Eric’s boycunt who grabbed his squared shoulders and yelled.

-Oh fuck yeah! I want more!

-You admit that I am the dominant?

-Yeah! Fuck me please!

John/Josh grinned and pushed his tongue inside Eric’s barking mouth as he thrusted deeper and deeper inside his hole. Then, Eric grabbed Josh’s bubble butts and slapped his firm cheeks. Their saliva mixed together as they struggled together for being the dominant.

-Hmm! This feel so good!  

-You’re not as bad I thought.

-Ohh!… Asshole.

-Ung! Right now, it’s me who is inside yours.  

Eric bit bottom Josh’s lips and licked two of his fingers which were dug into Josh’s anus as he stretched his virgin hole with both of his hands. Josh’s sweat was slipping on his glistening pecs to the peak of his pink nipples as they fell and slided between Eric’s chiseled six pack. Josh caressed Eric’s brawny back and clawed it every time his lover’s hole strengthen around his dick.  

-Ooh shit! I feel it coming!

-UNNG! Don’t you dare cumming before me, bottom slut! UNngfuckAHHHH!

Josh and Eric roared as they climaxed together, covering their toned bodies with jizz which sprayed on Eric’s bouncing pecs as Josh embraced him closer with his muscular biceps. Then, he rubbed his fingers on Eric’s wet boypussy and put them in his mouth before kissing him with semen between their tongues.

-Hmm. Nice taste.

-You’re joking? My manjuice is pure manliness.

-Our hosts will lean how to appreciate gay sex…

-… Because, why in the world we would leave these stallions? Haha.


The following day, Gary and Jake were running to their high school, Gary’s hair was messy because of the wild night which get them sound asleep, waking up late for school and prevented Gary to fix his hair.

-Gary? Have you enjoyed our night?

-Of course! We cummed at the same time, it was so hot!

-Yeah… Also, it was good when with your fingers and my butts, you…

-Fingered you?

-Yes… And did liked that I kissed and thrusted into you?

-Obviously! Your muscles were so sweaty!  

-And you were barking like a little puppy!


-Miss me, miss me, now you have to kiss me!

Jake began to run faster than Gary who tried to catch him. The two were soon in a race as Gary was laughing. Jake loved seeing Gary happy, the sunshine was sparking into his tangled hair. His boy began to tire, thus Jake lifted him and carried him into a bridal pose as both of them chuckled before kissing again.

Meanwhile, at Lake Flaccid, Eric and Josh were swimming and making out in the water. Giganteus was appreciating the sun on his ripped body while John was doing an “underwater exploration”.

Eric was taking pleasure as the light was warming up every parts of his perfect skin and penetrate the muscles in it. His enjoyment was soon dismissed when Josh called him.

-Hey Colossus, stop playing the model and bring your nice ass down here!

Eric rolled his eyes before diving into the lake as Josh came and hugged him.

-I don’t know what this lake is named Flaccid, my morning wood is real hard right now!

-It’s because of a legend. They said that a crocodilian monster was living in this lake and that only the semen of manly men could appease his wraith.

-Hmm, manly men? Like us, haha. Well, let’s give to this crocodile some hibernation.

Josh lifted Eric and kissed his abs, his pecs and his sublime lips. Eric smirked but quickly look away which worried Josh.

-What’s wrong?

Eric was looking at Gary and Jake who were going through here at their way to the high school.

-Eric, who are they?


Quiet little headcanon #17

Ryan has a shockingly bad poker face.

“For a good actor, you’re a terrible liar,” Geoff tells him.

It’s one of the reasons he wears masks, face paint, coloured contacts… When something’s on his mind it’s clear as day, and everyone asks him what’s wrong, what he knows, what’s been bothering him. 

The problem is he knows too much and he knows that makes him a liability. He’ll never confess, never openly rat someone out or give up information, but it will be clear that he knows something and all it takes is someone persistent enough who knows what it takes to truly hurt him…

…Which one of them do we have to hurt for you to tell us? 

He doesn’t like to think about it.

The others are reassuring; “It’s ok Ryan, we know you won’t say anything…”

“That’s the problem; I’m too loud when I’m not speaking.”

He Stands in the Midst of Nations (DA2, Carver Hawke)

…how will Bethany know him when they see each other again, and he’s an old man and she’s still young, a fixed point in time getting ever-farther away?

A character study for Ser Carver Hawke, knight-lieutenant of the Templar Order. 

For @thievinghippo.

Sea breeze or not, Carver still sweats under his armor. His sleeves have bunched at his armpits something fierce, which means every time he moves it feels like he’s being rubbed with burlap, and something’s gone wrong with the collar of his chestpiece, so there’s a bloody blister forming at the nape of his neck.

Just another glorious day as a templar. He swallows down the old bitter sense of ill-use, and tries to ignore the voice crying why does this always happen to me in the back of his head. Sure, he’s miserable — hot and sticky and ready to yell from sheer frustration, and there are still four hours to go before he can sit down to lunch — but this is the misery he chose, and that makes whining about it pointless.

Better to stand in the sun and hate every minute because you chose to do so, rather than stand in your magnificent sister’s shadow and feel your soul curdling a little more every day, right?

The breeze tousles the hair falling over his forehead, cools the sweat stinging in his eyes. Carver tilts his head back and sighs as a little of his discomfort fades. The knight-captain always says it’s a templar’s duty to bear up under any little sufferings, and that he’ll get used to them in time, but Carver can’t see himself getting used to the chafes and aches any more than he can get used to smelling salt on the wind instead of good clean earth.

Still, he hasn’t complained out loud, which is more than he can say for Franklin or Rosemary, who only stop their whining when it’s time to eat, or to make some jab about Fereldan manure in the Gallows.

At first his fists itched to knock out a few of their teeth, and show them what happened when people sniped about farmers and dog lords. Like their parents had been any better than stablehands and barmaids; at least his family had owned the land they worked. But people expected him to brawl, he saw it in their eyes and in the glances they tossed back and forth, and so he gritted his teeth till he feared they’d crack, and never said a word, much less threw a blow.

Let them think he was too stupid to make sense of it all. He knew his worth. What did the rest matter?

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yo ksoo is cute but a lot of y'all be saying a lot of unholy shit in the tags lolllll why?

Ksoo can sneeze and you know his stans will make 10 different gifs out of it and give him enough blessings for a million lifetimes. We love all sides him so much like when he’s cute, sexy, weird, or quiet. Since he doesn’t do SNS, each time we see him it’s special, even if he’s not doing much! I think Ksoo stans are also some of the most observant ones- a vein or mole will set them off LOL

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Kaminari means so much to me as you probably know so I wanted to give him the best presents I could think of and a lovely time with his friends so here it is! [AO3]

Patches of sunlight slid through the treetops and bounced off Kaminari’s nose and cheekbones to settle in his hair. He lay on his stomach at the edge of the park, back dappled in shade as he rearranged the tilt of his phone so he could read properly.

Later he wanted to go to the library to find some better books and maybe volunteer for a while but for now the free e-book he’d downloaded would have to do. Stifling a yawn, he rolled over on the soft grass and tried to get comfortable on his back.

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Provided we don't all bail ship after the finale, what needs to happen in Season 8 to wipe the last couple of seasons' bad taste out of your mouths?

I’ll go first, and I’ll put them under the cut because I like to ramble.  Remember, all of these are just my opinions and you might have different ones.  No disrespect intended if I step on some toes. 

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anonymous asked:

why would louis pay them to write this shit and paint that image of him tho ? that would literally only make sense if he wanted to closet himself the best he can and like judging by his recent acts i think we can all say it's not his choice

I absolutely agree it’s not his choice and it’s pretty clear from his actions and it always has been that’s why I  wrote ‘it looks like’ but still, it’s bad enough they are giving this impression and try to shove this idea down everyone’s throat to damage his image 


Series: Apocalyptic

Title: Warrior Princess

“I really wish you wouldn’t go,” My father, King Ezekiel stated, helping put a bag in the back of my vehicle.

I sighed, cracking my neck, “Dad, I’ll be fine. I can take care of myself,”

“I know… just watch yourself.”

I nodded, “I will,”

Seeing the both of us stand next to one another, you’d think we were brother and sister or even cousins, but that wasn’t the case.

I was the product of a teen pregnancy. Mom was 14 and Dad was 15.

I’m 32 years old now, at least from what I could tell by the calendars that we had laying around.

Dad patted my back and walked with Carol to the infirmary.
Arriving at Alexandria, I was on the mission to check up on their weapons. The last that was heard, the Saviors took all their ammo and artillery, leaving them with just a few knives.

I had my own stash of guns that I was willing to give them. Rick was very apprehensive when I told him, but I was going to deal with Negan and the Saviors if need be.

“When are they suppose to be here?” I asked Rick.


I nodded, “Listen, I will take care of this, don’t worry.”

Harsh knocking on the gate made the folks outside jump.

“Speak of the devil,” Rick muttered, as we went to the gate.

He opened it, a small army all standing behind Negan.

Negan’s grin stretched wide when he saw me.

“Well hello there!” He said, bending back slightly.

“Negan,” I folded my arms across my chest.

He walked through the gate, stepping as close to me as possible, but I wouldn’t dare flinch.

“Where ya been? I missed ya,” He said, biting his lip.

I rolled my eyes, “Come off of it Negan,”

“Oh baby, I would. Just name a time or place,”

“That’s enough!” Rick growled.

While still looking at me, Negan’s brows furrowed as he addressed the irritated sheriff, “Now was I talkin’ to you Rick the Prick?”

Rick chewed on his cheek.

Using his finger, Negan bounced his hand in Rick’s direction, “No, no I was not.”

“Let it be, Negan.” I warned him.

Again, he got in my space, practically rubbing his body on mine, “Or what Sweetheart? What are you gonna do?”

My eye twitched and my nostrils flared. I spund around, calling to him over my shoulder, “A word in private, Negan!”

“Oh, I do hope the Principal gives me a spanking!” Negan said, gleefully.

I walked into Alexandria’s armory, slamming the door shut and locking it as soon as Negan was inside.

He pushed me against the closed door, his hands going up my shirt, palming my breasts as he attacked my neck with nips.

“Fucking turn on, baby,” he growled.

“You… can’t… be… doing that shit!” I panted, holding on to his waist.

I felt his tounge draw lazy small circles on my pulse, making me ache for him, even though I knew it wasn’t right.

Just as I was about to moan loudly, a sharp knock sounded on the metal door.

“Goddamnit!” Negan cursed, backing away from me.

He manhandled his hard length, readjusting himself as I fixed my shirt.

“Y/N!” Rick called, knocking again.

Negan’s chest heaved as he pointed to the door, “I’m gonna kill that mother fucker!”

“No you’re not, Christ almighty!” I hissed, trying to fix my bra.

The rest of the time, Negan pouted in between running his tounge over his bottom lip and giving me dark sultry looks.

As soon as Rick went on his way, Negan was all over me again.

He was rough and damn near primeval, “I want you so goddamn bad, baby.”

I groped him, giving him a good squeeze, “Not here.”

I leaned over and whispered into his ear, “Meet me out in the abandoned house outside the gate.”

“Fuck,” he cursed on a breath, “I’ll fuckin’ be there, baby.”

I gently pushed him away, going about my business as if nothing had happened, “Oh I know you will,”

Turning to face him, I quickly lifted my shirt, flashing him my breasts. I laughed as his eyes rolled into the back of his head.
Later on that night, long after the Saviors left, I snuck out to the worn down house.

The wooden floor creaked, my weight nearly too much.

“Took you long enough,” Negan said, scaring the hell out of me.


His dark chuckle told me I was in store for  some rough lovin’.

He came over to me, pausing when loud gurgling could be heard from outside through the broken windows.

Two walkers spotted our shadows, fumbling over their rotting limbs to get to us.

“Shit!” I yelped, pulling a hunting knife from my belt.

Negan grabbed my shirt, yanking me back, “If one more mother fucker interupts us; dead or alive!”

More walkers surrounded the house, knocking on the dilapidated wood and broken windows.

“You’re lucky as shit that I brought this!” He said, shoving my beloved sword at me.

“What the!? How the fuck did you sneak off with this!?” I demanded, pissed.

“Don’t give me that look Buttercup! I was gonna fuckin’ surprise you!” Negan had to raise his voice over the loud noise.

“What!?” I yelled, the house creaking badly.

“I had it sharpened for you! Merry fuckin’ Christmas, Happy Goddamn Birthday and a Happy fuckin’ New Year!”

My face went slack at his admission. Awwww! Negan was being such a softie!

Dirt fell from the ceiling as the wood began to crack.

“Open the door on my say so!” I twirled my sword, mindful of the freshly sharpen blade.

Before I could count, I grabbed a fistful of Negan’s white tshirt and yanked him down to me. Our kiss was hard and harsh, basically us telling each other to be careful.

“Don’t fuckin’ die on me.” He said, before going back to the door.

Though our communities were vastly different and the circumstances not at the very best that they could be, we still cared for each other.

“Same; don’t be a dick and leave me alone,”

He nodded and waited, Lucille at the ready.


He yanked open the door, letting in tens of walkers.

I swung my sword left and right, lopping their heads either completely off or in half. The fell in a heap, giving us enough space to run.

It was difficult trying to make our way through the decaying bodies. I hated to say it, but we had to split up.

“Go to gates and tell them to let you in!” I shouted.

“Fuck that fuckin’ shit! I’m not leaving you out here alone!”

I shoved my sword through the eye socket of a walker that had snuck up on Negan.

I pushed him away from me, “Do it, NOW!”

“Shit,Y/N!” I heard Negan yell as I took off running.

I jumped, yelled, screamed and even threw shit at the undead, egging them on to follow me.

I found a cliff not too far from Alexandria, where some had fallen over. Others had advanced towards me and I had no where else to go.

By the time I had finished with them, I was covered in head to toe with blood. My already curly hair hung in wet, blood stenched ringlets.

My eyes even began to burn because of the smell.

The lookout above the gate of Alexandria shouted for the others.

I shuffled my feet, my body aching from the exhaustion.

The gate opened enough for me to squeeze my body through.

“And just what the hell were you doing out there!? Where the hell is Ezekiel’s daughter!?” Rick barked out.

“You might want to watch your fuckin’ tone Rick the Prick.”

Rick looked over Negan’s shoulder at me, promptly making Negan spin around.

I stood, my body swaying. Slowly, as the last little bit of adrenaline left me, my body began to shake.

Negan ran to me just as I passed out.
“What’s the name of that one show?”

“Shit kid, which one? There’s a fuck ton of shows.”

“The one with the woman. She had a battle cry and sword.”

“Xena: Warrior Princess,” I croaked out.

“Holy shit!” Negan jumped out of his seat, “You scared the hell outta me woman!”

“What happened?” I asked, wincing.

“You were covered in guts and gore.” The kid said.

“Beat it,” Negan told him with a lift of his chin.

The kid scurried out of the room, his sneakers squeeking on the floor.

“How the fuck are you, baby?”

“Sore. My body feels like dead weight.”

“Dehydrated and exhaustion. Scared the flyin’ fuck outta me.”

“Sorry,” I whispered.

Neagn leaned down, his signature grin showing his edible dimples, “Have to say, you did look hot as fuck.”

“Shut up,” I snorted.

“Serious as shit, baby. Had me rock hard! When you get healed up, I’m gonna fuck the ever lovin’ hell outta you.” Negan vowed.

He chuckled, “Make you scream like that warrior chick.”

“Xena,” I laughed.

“Yeah, Xena,” Negan chuckled, dipping his head down to kiss me.


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(I didn’t include the Twitter screencaps, because I don’t want to be spreading the girl’s last name without her consent.)

(Kevin = AwestruckVox)

[((I. AM. LIVID.

PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU WATCH THE ROUNDTABLE (the steven universe theory channel)

Yo any of y'all who watch The Roundtable on youtube and know who Awestuck Vox is, please know that he’s an absolute fucking DICK. And I’ll give the entire story, since he had the fucking BALLS to release her name online.

You know who Alex is? His ex girlfriend, and one of my best friends. She’s one of the funniest, most caring, loveliest people I know, and she deserves absolutely no shit from this man.

At the beginning of their relationship, they were so sweet. We all envied them. They were perfect. But who became the emotionally abusive one? Him. He forced her to see him multiple, MULTIPLE times a week, and then accused her of not spending enough time with him and of being a horrible girlfriend. Whenever she asked him to do something with her, he typically brushed her off, but when he wanted to do something, he’d throw a bitch fit if she said no.

The first time I met him was at one of her plays. He never once looked up from his phone. He was on Twitter the entire time, even for the few seconds she had her speaking parts, which were SO IMPORTANT TO HER. Ironically enough, he was tweeting about Steven Universe, which is what his current youtube channel revolves around. That show was more important to him than caring for his girlfriend ever was.

She gave him everything and asked for so little back.

I remember how they broke up. His girlfriend, me, and two other friends had been planning to watch Eurovision together for MONTHS. And, unfortunately, one of those two friends had to have emergency surgery the day before. The three of us decided to continue with the party, and use that time with her to make sure she was doing okay. When Kevin’s girlfriend told him that we had planned this for ages, and that her best friend was recovering from surgery, he blew. A. Fucking. Tantrum. He wanted to see her the day of our party, and she said she had to take this one raincheck, and he wouldn’t allow it. He texted her for hours, guilt tripping her and even dragged /my name/ into the equation. After like 5 hours of her trying to explain that she really needed to miss this one day, she finally got tired of his shit and broke it off.

She’s now totally unwilling to date anyone anymore because of how horrifically she was treated by this man.

So, moral of the story:

Kevin is a fucking asshole and I hope karma fucking backhands him for treating my friend so fucking horribly and then feeling ENTITLED ENOUGH to post her name online.

Fuck you, Kevin. Congrats on being an absolute douchebag.))]