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Hey everyone! Mod Miles here! I have a proposition for you all, if you don’t mind.

How would you all feel about a discord server? Some of the mods have expressed concern with regards to this blog getting a bit off topic, with people asking the mods questions about other fandoms and stuff. So I propose that I set up a discord server for us, with areas where you guys can ask the mods questions about whatever you want, and we can all just get to know each other. 

What do you guys think? Let me know!

- Mod Miles


’ Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away. ’
’ But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. ’
‘ If you must steal, steal away from bad company. ’
’ If you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away. ’
’ If you must cheat, cheat death. ’
’ What should we toast to? ’
’ No, I was told that you help guys get in there. ’
’ You see what I’m doing? ’
’ People can wince, cry, beg, but eventually they do what I want. ’
’ This is what I’m about - power suit, power tie, power steering. ’
’ Relationships are for people who are just waiting for something better to come along. ’
’ One dance, one look, one kiss, that’s all we get. ’
’ You know, honestly, I never knew I could feel like this. ’
’ I swear I’m going out of my mind. ’
’ It’s like I want to throw myself off of every building in New York. ’
’ I see a cab and I just wanna dive in front of it. ’
’ Look, you will. Just give it time. ’
’ I mean, I’ve waited my whole life to feel this miserable. ’
’ That’s just it. I don’t want to. ’
’ So, you kinda like me, huh? ’
’ So how does it happen, great love? ’
’ Basic principles… there are none. ’
’ Did I call it or did I call it? ’
’ I mean, what did I say, six months? ’
’ God, I hate it when I’m right. ’
’ Are you kidding? Of course I’m going to run it! ’
’ Coquille St-Jacques, my ass! Death on a leaf! ’
’ Like I always tell my clients - begin each day as if it were on purpose. ’
’ But, on the other hand, should that be your problem? ’
’ So life’s kind of hard all around. ’
’ What you got there? ’
’ I figured maybe if my heart stops beating, it wouldn’t hurt so much. ’
’ All right, come on, just… show me what you got. ’
’ What do you… what do you mean? ’
’ Just show me how you would kiss me. ’
’ Well, I… wouldn’t kiss you. ’
’ End of the night, you’re dropping me off at home. ’
’ You know, I’m really not comfortable with this… ’
’ I had such a wonderful time with you! ’
’ Yeah. How about those Knicks, huh? ’
’ See what I’m doing? ’
’ This is a signal, okay? ’
’ I’m fiddling with my keys, all right? ’
’ Don’t need no pizza. They got plenty of food there. ’
’ Do the Q-tip! Q-tip! ’
’ Now what am I doing? I’m makin a pizza! ’
’ I’m a guy. Since when do we get anything right the first time? ’
’ I’m not a cynic, I’m a realist! ’
’ Spoken like a true cynic. ’
’ I’m like a vault baby, locked down! ’
’ Heard of Michelangelo? Heard of the Sistine Chapel? ’
’ So you’re saying you can make this work? ’
’ Let’s go paint that ceiling. ’
’ It’s your job not to mess it up. ’
’ I need you to wrap your head around this. ’ ’ There is more to life than to watch other people live it. ’
’ Because thats what people do… they leap and hope to God they can fly! ’
’ No, love is your job! ’
’ Love is my life. ’
’ Well, you really did your homework. ’
’ How did you know all that stuff about me? ’
’ That was all you, right? ’
’ So, wait… that stuff worked for you? ’
’ Jesus. Oh my God, look at you! ’
’ You don’t remember me, do you? ’
’ Wow! God, what’s it been, like ten… twelve years? ’
’ I’m good. I’m… I’m just good. ’
’ Do you live around here? ’
’ You’re all about the short game. ’
’ I was just talking about pool, but whatever. ’
’ Now I’m very happy for you. It’s just not for everybody. ’
’ You need to listen to me, man. I’m serious. ’
’ I don’t know, it’s kind of ridiculous and vaguely pathetic. ’
’ Yeah I see what you’re saying. That’s pathetic. ’
’ I know you prefer it, but that’s not the point. ’
’ Like me? Is that what you were gonna say? ’
’ Okay, okay. How much will it cost me to stay out of this? ’
’ I don’t want money. I want a name. ’
’ All this for a lousy lay. ’
’ Wow. I don’t believe this. That’s your source? ’
’ You’re a scam artist. ’
’ I want everybody to take a good look at this right now. ’
’ I just know that I want to be… miserable. ’
’ That was shockingly awful. What is the objective? ’
’ I couldn’t help but notice… you look a lot like my next girl/boyfriend. ’
’ Aww, you can’t get them to stop? ’
’ Are you always so shut down and afraid? ’
’ Sorry, I’m late, honey, I couldn’t get a cab. ’
’ Well, there was a beginning, a middle… and an end. ’
’ In case you didn’t go to high school, hitting is a good thing. ’
’ So what does that make you? The devil? ’
’ That man/woman would have sold his soul to make you happy. ’
’ Other than that, how was it? ’

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Babysitter Matt to the parents: Of course I'll have them in bed by nine thirty. You two enjoy your night. Babysitter Matt to the kids: Alright. You're going to sit down. You're going to shut the hell up -

awww idk i feel like matt would nicer. although he’d probably make the kids play whatever games he wants to lmao. 

  • “hey do you guys want pizza?” “umm, i don’t know, maybe we could get–” “alright i’ll order a pizza”
  • “oh wow you guys have mario kart??” (he lets them win, but only half the time. has to remind them who’s the big kid in the room.)
  • “um matt we were supposed to go to bed two hours ago” “SHHHHhhhhhhugar honey iced tea ok let’s uh. let’s do that. and not tell your parents.”

(sorry anon i just kinda like…rly hate babysitters like that? bad feelings you know? and i’d like to think matt isn’t like them haha)

Driver - Little Red Part 7

Driver - Little Red Part 7

Warning: Cussing. Smut

Chapter 12


I lay there, smiling as I watch my little red sleep. She seems to peaceful, so innocent. A course, I knew she was anything but innocent. Finally, after all these years of searching, I found someone, like me. 

She let out a soft sigh and rolled of my chest. I lean over, brushing her hair away from her face and kissing her cheek. I moved her off my arm and quietly got out of bed.

 I grabbed my pants and headed downstairs. I gather up the rest of my clothes and put them on. I looked at the bodies that were on the floor and shook my head. We got caught up with our need for each other, that we forgot about the bodies.

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Do you guys get switch headaches? We get them a lot, and it's really annoying for us :/

We tend to get them more in bouts but we haven’t had any in a while *touch wood* from Ollie

Federal court halts Trump’s immigration ban
The federal court for the Eastern District of New York issued an emergency stay halting President Donald Trump’s executive order banning entry to the US from seven majority-Muslim countries...
By Nilay Patel

Additional commentary by eyewitness @lettersfromtitan:

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…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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this is a masterpost of my Opinions, because i’ve been seeing a lot of drama and ship war bullshit going on, so i just want to be very clear on where i stand on some things. here we go:

-alex is not an alcoholic. she’s an adult who drinks alcohol.
-i ship karolsen & supercorp both, at the same time, legit like 50/50.
-that being said, i can also acknowledge that lena is kind of problematic (the alien finding device thing) and i would love for them to address that please.
-james, j'onn, and maggie have been treated horribly this season. they’re all regulars, and yet only get about, what? .5 seconds of screen time per week? and yes, it’s for sure racist…..which brings me to my next point..
-it’s no secret that my biggest problem w/ this season is mon-el. they sidelined james for this white fratboy, and there was nothing subtle about it. why they felt the need to kill a cute, semi-slowburn romance between an interracial couple is beyond me.
-i don’t think m'gann is technically a regular, but she’s also been treated like shit. they literally have sharon leal on their payroll and they’re not using her AT ALL and i’m heated about it.
-i’m cool with james as guardian, but i am not cool w/ literally any other male heroes on this show, because supergirl, at its core, is a show about women. as it fuckin should be.
-sanvers is my lifeblood.
-maggie needs a backstory, and relationships with people outside of alex. i would love for her and james to be besties, and please for the love of god acknowledge the friendship that she would undoubtedly have with m'gann.
-i want cat grant back.
-i want lucy lane back.
-last but not least. my daughter, kara danvers, has been sidelined on her own show. she is more alone right now than we have ever seen her, and it’s reflected in her overall demeanor. i despise the fact that we had such an amazing, underlying awareness of kara’s constant anger and grief in season 1, and now it’s as if that never existed. i miss the episodes ending with her and alex talking and eating pizza, but now all we get is mon-el manipulating her into feeling guilty that she doesn’t like him back. i don’t need that, and neither does she.

these are some of the big things that i’ve seen people arguing about the last few weeks. if you disagree with any of this, that’s fine, we can still be friends. literally the only people i’m not interested in talking to, are karamel shippers who genuinely believe that they are a healthy relationship, and that kara and mon-el have more chemistry than kara and literally anyone else. they should be brother/sister relationship, and that’s all. other than that, please know that i love seeing different headcanons for all the ships, and brotps you guys come up with, even if i don’t ship them myself. i follow blogs with totally opposite opinions, and love coexisting with each and every one of you.

Reminder to those enraged and engaged in this fight: Activism cannot be your singular focus; you can burn out, you will burn out, and you will burn out F A S T. Don’t feel guilty if you start to feel overwhelmed. Don’t feel guilty if you need to turn off the news, get off social media, or stop talking about the current political climate. It’s exhausting. Take a little time every day to decompress! Do something fun, make sure you have a hobby. Read tarot cards, knit or crochet things to donate, work out, read read read, make art (god, please, make some art, that’s gonna be one of the first things to go). It’s exhausting, fighting for your rights and liberties. It’s not going to stop being exhausting. But if we quit because we can’t keep up, we’re tired, we’re overwhelmed, then they win. And we can’t let them win, because this is just the start. So take a break. A little bit, every day. Treat yourself well and then get right back into the fray. Take care of yourself while fighting for your neighbor who might not be able to.

newtina thoughts #3

for full otp feels, watch this first

  • these aren’t thoughts as much as look how married and domestic they already seem
  • and imagine married!newtina in future movies
  • and imagine newt shouting tina’s name when he thinks she’s been hurt or something
  • imagine tina shouting NEWT’S
  • like i legit cannot process the fact that they’ll be in love one day and smile at each other and find excuses to touch each other and
  • growing…old…together….
  • it hurts so good already how can this get better
  • even though i know it’ll get 1000000x better
  • haha the part where he catches her…and struggles to hold on…and he’s looking at her like he’s really seeing her for the first time…haha….i’m ok…
  • literally every scene they’re in together it looks like (1) tina is telling him off for doing a dumb (like destroy half of new york with his beasts) (2) they’re a team silently supporting each other (3) they’re a team ACTIVELY HAVING EACH OTHER’S BACKS (4) they’re in soft shy beginner’s love
  • and it’s beautiful
  • i keep thinking, you know, how tina must find newt so unbelievably, fascinatingly beautiful in the way he is and the way he does
  • but then i remember, wow, newt finds her absolutely wondrous and magical
  • and then i’m lost because i can’t tell who’s more devoted to the other and I know I don’t want to know, i just want to watch it happen and i want to continue unpacking it FOREVER
    • literally when i watched the movie the first thing i texted my friend  was like IMAGINE BEING MARRIED TO SOMEONE WHO LOOKS AT YOU WITH SUCH WONDER

i really fucking hate all the faux outrage about trump’s mocking of a disabled reporter, 

I know some other disabled people have written brilliant stuff about this but god it’s so paternalistic how y’all will act like that was the lowest of the low and you can;t believe anyone liked him after that because everyone loves and supports disabled people!! when if you actually listened to us for two goddamn seconds you’d see how you directly contribute to the same attitudes trump perpetuates and we actually face intense violence and oppression

disabled people aren;t precious creatures who need your protection, we are a marginalised and outspoken group who need you to respect and listen to us and if the most you have ever done to support us is acted shocked that trump mocked a disabled reporter then you’re not doing enough


“I’ve just been, uh…thinking…a lot lately.”
“About what?”
“I don’t know…everything. Can I tell you something?”
“I like guys, and I like girls. Pretty much anyone in between. That’s probably not news to you. But you wanna know how I first found that out?”
“I dunno, do I?”
“It was my parents’ fault. Well…mostly my dad’s. He was always too hard on me. They sent me to bootcamp when I was 13. To discipline the bad out of me. My first kiss was with a boy there…Charlie. He was the only thing that made that place tolerable…he made it worse, too, though. Not him, but…the bullying, getting beat up for it…getting called every possible slur, every dehumanizing thing you can imagine. I called home most nights crying…cried myself to sleep. Always crying.”
“Sometimes I still think that was the worst time in my life…but then…”
“Hey, uh…where’s Fiona? Is she here?”
“No, she spends the weekends at my mother’s…why?”
“You wanna take a drive? Let’s go somewhere. Anywhere.”


kings rising ch16: nikandros is a bro pt 2 (pt 1)

kyleegaming  asked:

Are you gonna make more of the thing with Sanzu and TK? I really love that. Or was that like, a one time thing?

As of now, we currently got our own things goin’ on at the moment XD What I know is that we only made those silly stuff just for fun~ and we’re happy you guys enjoyed that as well. Hopefully we’ll get to do more crazy shenanigans like this in the future. Maybe with @blesstale

If not, then hey, here’s for hopin’! Now have a TK fixing the damaged ship while people are out~ ( yeah, he kicked it out of rage~ and now has to fix it Xp )

No one gonna let him get away that easy….. X’D