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Good Girl CH 1: Tequila and Bad Decisions

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I scan the crowd of both Asians and Americans but regardless of races I can say confidently that they are all pretty shady. My eyes go to my grinning friend Jihyo, who has somehow convinced me to come to a very nice club that just happens to be crawling with creeps. Some of her other friends had told her how amazing the club, EXO, was but seem to forget that you have to either look really slutty or really rich to get in. That is how I ended up having to take off my jacket and stockings and now have to stand in line in the freezing cold in nothing but a tight leather skirt and one of Jihyo’s crop tops that could pass for a bra. She is in a similar skimpy out fit, but she is actually wearing her only pair of shorts like that which meant I had to wear the skirt.

“How much longer?” I groan as I begin jogging in place, something I found easy in her five-inch heels.

She rolls her fake green eyes at me, “We haven’t been waiting that long.”

“It’s been an hour. What are they waiting for?” I glance down the line toward the closed doors.

“I thought you didn’t wanna come?” She teases with a confident grin.

I scoff at her, “I still don’t, it just happens to be better than freezing my ass off out here.”

“Maybe if you go shake it up there we can get in.” She gestures to the large bouncer standing outside the main door.

“Fuck that, I would much rather fuck Hoseok to get in,” Jihyo grins at the mention of her friend that works in the club and also happens to have a massive crush on me.

“Would you please? I offered but he didn’t believe me that you would follow threw.”

I glare at her, “You offered what?”

“Your precious virginity,” She grins at me evilly.

“Ugh don’t say stuff like that.”

She continues to tease me, “What, can’t handle the truth that you’re a 17 year old virgin?”

“Not all of us can be lucky enough to lose their virginity in a school bathroom when we were 14,” I snap back. She just grins at my mean words. “I can’t believe that you offered my virginity to some guy to get into a club,” I pause as I rethink my words, “That’s a lie, I expect nothing less from you.”

“I learned my bitchiness from you.”

“I’m giving this place five more minutes than I’m leaving, with or without you.”

She fakes hurt, “You would leave me to get drunk at a club by myself?”

“Yes, what will you do without someone to take care of your drunken self?” I pat the younger girl’s head.

Just then the doors to the club opened and the bouncer starts weeding through the people lined up in front of him. I’m not surprised when lots of the guys or undeniably less attractive girls start getting denied and pushed out of the line as others get to go inside. When it’s our turn to be checked out, again, I’m not surprised when the bouncer waves us in without as much of a glance at the fake IDs we worked hard to get, though I understand why. Jihyo is an undeniable beauty with her long raven locks and perfect doll like face. With the body of a fitness goddess and legs for miles, I have always envied her 5’6 height. Standing at a small 5 foot but thankfully 5’5 in heels, I’m still dwarfed next to the beautiful girl. Though I won’t admit it out loud I’m quiet a looker myself.

Being from a Korean father and a mother who is a mutt herself I was lucky enough to inherit some very good qualities from different races. The nice curves and wavy locks that I received from my dark skinned mom seem to fit my cat like eyes I got for my dad. Though I also got my short height from my dad’s side of the family too. My hair is a blend of them, giving me perfect loose, black waves that hang daintily against my back.

“Jooyoung!” Jihyo brings me out of my thoughts to have me gawk at the massive club with her. The bar is to the left; circle booths line two of the other walls while the huge DJ booth takes up most of the other wall. Lights flash as the music blares through the massive speakers making it hard to hear what Ji is trying to say to me. Realizing that I can’t hear a word she is saying she just nods her head in direction of the bar. I follow, our hands locked together to make sure we don’t loose each other in the thick crowd. Once we reach the bar Ji manages to find an empty stool that she quickly places me on. She stands close behind me, her hands resting on the bar, locking me in and all the others out. Even though I’m older Ji is taller and a little bit bigger than me, something that has made her a little over protective, though I don’t really need it in places like this. Even though she is always the one bringing me to them and the trouble along with her.

“Four shots of tequila!” She yells to the hot bartender, who grins at us. Farther down behind the bar we see none other than Hoseok busy mixing drinks and flirting with customers. So different from his normal cutesy self, he seems so much hotter with his hair pushed back and a sly smirk on his face.

“Damn,” I accidently say out loud. Ji follows my eyes and grins. That grin stays as the bartender places the four shots in front of us. Giving me two and keeping two for her self, Ji raises the first one and holds it up to me expectantly. I hold my little glass to hers’.

“To getting drunk!” She clinks our glasses and moves to drink but stops as I begin downing mine, “And to getting layed!” With that she does hers’ in one go like me. We both slam the shot glass back down on the counter, grimacing as the awful liquid burns its way down our throats. I glare at her little add in to our toast.

“I’ll sleep with someone when I want to!”

“Who said it was for you? I need some fun too, it’s been way to long.” She teases as she rests her head on my shoulder, grabbing her other shot and, again, holding it up to mine. “How about to you just doing something that will get you out of your funk and make you that happy go lucky girl I met in elementary?”

I give her a soft smile, clinking our glasses and down the shot. “Four more!”

“That’s what I’m talking about!”

“I’m so going to regret this in the morning.”

“Oh shut up, when was the last time you got actually drunk? You are the best person to be around when your drunk, you’re just so cute and friendly.”

“I turn into a child. That’s not how I want to be in a public area with creepy guys all over the place.”

“You’re a step a head of most since those killer instincts seem to keep working threw your buzz. I wouldn’t question anything if Freddy Kruger himself came up and offered me a ride home. But you, you can see threw the best con man after downing a bottle of tequila.”

“It’s a gift.”

“One of few,” She tease as she holds up a shot, “To me becoming a better judge of character and to you becoming more careless. I’m tired of being the only one walking up in a stranger’s bed.”

As more and more shots are downed and things wrong with my life are listed I have never been so grateful but so annoyed with this girl at the same time. She is the only person I share anything with, the only person who even somewhat knows what’s going on in the mess I call my head. But as she stands there telling me all the things I should be worried about or work on I get kind of angry. After having enough shots for now, I pull the tall girl to the dance floor with me, hoping to shut her pretty mouth up. We dance like there is no tomorrow, forgetting all that is troubling us; actually I seem to be the only one with troubles.

As hours fly by of dancing and more shots here and there my mind begins to fog. I stop caring about the unknown hands that grope me, too focused on my high and the music. My feet are numb and my legs feel like jello but I some how continue to stay on my feet. Jihyo is a grinning mess in front of me, twirling around and stumbling every few minutes. It has been along time since I’ve felt this good, this free, like nothing could ever hold me back. Jihyo would have usually abandoned me by this time and I would take that as an okay to find a way home but not tonight. I am no one’s babysitter tonight!

Suddenly the crowd starts moving toward the DJ stand, they all huddle, trying to see something that must be pretty interesting. Being the nosy girl she is, Ji tries to drag me along with the rest of the crowd to find out what is going on. I try to pull her away from the gawking people, knowing whatever it is, it can’t be good.

Running away isn’t a possibility with Ji trying to pull me the other way and the crowd pulling me as a whole. As my instincts scream at me to run, the sound of gunshots can heard above the music. The pull of the crowd towards the noise is gone as people try to avoid the bullets that are flying in every direction. My eyes scan the crowd, seeing at least a dozen people on the floor either crying out for help or already dead. Blood covers the almost empty dance floor. Without another thought I start dragging Jihyo to the bathroom as the rest of the crowd breaks out in a panic as they all drunkenly scramble to the front door. Some how through my very drunken state I’m able to maneuver Jihyo and myself through the small bathroom window, out into the empty alleyway. The cold nips at my cheeks as the wind blows it’s freezing air around us.

Jihyo lands on her butt, “Ya! That hurt!” She whines loudly.

“Shut up you idiot!” I scan the alley for anyone else who exited the club, finding a van waiting. On the other side of a massive garbage bin the back door to the club busts open. A long line of extremely attractive guys strut out, the last one, who is taller than the rest, has something large, and strangely human shaped, hanging over his shoulder. I slam Jihyo and myself up against the wall and pry that they don’t see us. To be completely honest, I couldn’t careless about my own safety but Jihyo has so much to live for, I don’t want to risk her life.

“Joo-ah!” She calls out drunkenly, drawing the attention of the last of the men.

God dammit you dumb bitch! I love you, but you dumb bitch! I scream in my head as I hear their footsteps coming our way. In a desperate moment I whisper an apology as I punch her across the face, knocking the drunk girl out easily. Quickly I throw the stray trash bags on top of her, hiding her from who ever is coming. I’m crouching down next to where I’m hiding her, behind the garbage bin when someone comes rushing down the alley way on my side. The person stops when he sees the group of men coming his way. I can easily see the terror on the poor man’s face as he reaches one of the over hanging lights just a few feet away from me.

My heart stops when another gunshot rings out in the alley. I watch as the man drops to his knees, clutching his stomach his eyes drift away from his killers to me. The anxiety building up in my chest almost bursts when the gun fires again, this time hitting the man’s forehead, making him collapse, his eyes never leaving mine. But as if my heart knows what is to come it pounds harder than I’ve ever felt it before, as the footsteps continue toward us.

The suspense of them finding me begins to annoy me. My chest is hurting from the tightness of my anxiety and my thighs don’t appreciate being stuck in a low wall sit for this long. But it finally happens. A man dressed in all black stands over the body for a minute before crouching down and going through his pockets. He pulls out the dead man’s wallet and flips it open, automatically finding something that makes him sigh.

“Poor bastard had a family. What a shame, should watch wear he wanders.” The man mumbles to himself, dropping the wallet on the man’s chest. I debate on whether I’m a horrible person or not for not busting out in tears at the fact an innocent man was just murdered in front of me and that I could possibly next. The low amount of empathy I normally have for people seems to have reached an all time low when I realize how I feel absolutely nothing for the dead man in front of me.

But instead I study the killer. He looks young, but from the way he carries himself I feel as if he must be older. In a nice suit, which was obviously made for him, he is extremely handsome. The uncaring expression on his child like face tells me this is something he has done many times before, something that should disturb me more than is does. Just as he is about to stand up he pauses, his eyes not really focused on anything. I resist the urge to scream as he tilts his head and his cat like eyes find me. “Hello there baby girl,” The cat man purrs with a threating yet attractive smile.

Of Vampires and Faeries [Baekhyun x Reader] [1/5]

Written by: Admin S

Word Count: 3, 067

Summary: A simple hunt gone wrong.

A/N: I just really like vampire AU okay. This is just something I’ve had in mind for a while and I’m excited to do it even though I don’t know what I’m doing with it exactly…

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We’ve been through hell a thousand times and more still will it be,
been struck down, tried and tested, we’ve been left and lost, but we,
we are learning faster now, learning how to burn,
learning how to get back up when lives take drastic turns,
we have learned to stand up tall and hold our heads up high,
and now we know that we will stay, that we will soar and fly.


Ok so again for anyone who might not remember, I’m the anon from yesterday who said I’ve been monitoring streams daily for SH & 2 nights this wk had 100-200K less streams than normal & it was also the 2 lowest nightly amounts in over a month! So obvi I begged & I pleaded for ppl not to stop and…. Y'ALL DID IT! Last night was 2.3 mil!! The highest amount of streams in 1 night in almost 2 months!! THANK YOU!! Guys sales for SH are still incredibly solid… if we kept the streaming #’s like this… or not even quite as high but at the 2 mil or slightly higher mark we will get the top #15 spot & tbh if they stayed up I think we’ll fly up the charts even higher! I’M SO PROUD & SO THANKFUL to everyone whose helping! PLEASE KEEP THIS UP!! We can do this for Niall! Not even kidding a week or 2 even with an average of 2 mil streams or greater a night & we just might get top 10 on the official BB charts which is insane & incredible!! Thanks again & love you all!! 😍


this is so amazing!!!!! omg i am so so proud of him AND us!!!! LETS KEEP DOING THIS FOR OUR BOY!!!!! 


#1. Please stay. You promised. #26. What scares you? - Pete Dunne

Originally posted by wwewildestimagines

I was never the one to be in a relationship. I’ve been through enough heartbreaks throughout high school and I figured I would not get in a relationship unless I found the right guy. 
That is when I met Pete Dunne. 
We have been dating for a few weeks and I still wasn’t opening up him. I mean, I trust him but I don’t feel that I am ready. 
“Pete is a nice guy. Even though you hear all these rumors, he wouldn’t hurt you. He wouldn’t even hurt a fly. “ Trent told me.
I leaned back in the chair and ran my hand through my hair.
“I know.” I sighed. 
Before Trent could say anything, Pete walked in catering. He came our way. “Hey love.” Pete greeted, kissing my forehead.
I flashed a small smile.
“Hey.” I replied. 
“I’m going to get ready for my match later. I see you in a bit.” I told Pete before walking to the locker room area.
As I was fixing my hair, Pete peaked his head in the door.
“May I come in?” Pete asked.
“Yeah.” I answered. 
Pete walked in before closing the door behind him. 
“So, Trent talked to me earlier.” Pete said. My heart started racing. I turned to look at Pete.
What scares you?” Pete asked. I sighed. Pete came closer and took my hand in his. 
Please stay. You promised, okay? I’m just scared you are going to leave me like the other guys I dated in the past. You promised you were going to stay but I will always have that feeling in the back of my mind that you will walk out and never come back.” By the time I finished, I was in tears.
Pete wiped the tears that fell with his thumb. 
“I would never hurt you in a million years and I would never leave you. I don’t know why I would leave. I love you.” Pete said, pushing some of my hair out of my face. 
This was the first time he said he loves me.
“You love me?” I asked.
“Of course I do.” Pete answered. A smile was brought to my face. 
I stood on my tippy toes before pressing my lips against his. This was also our first kiss.
“I love you.”
I know now that Pete would never do something that would hurt me. I never want to take him for granted. 



“Every lady want a piece of me” ~ Mark — indeed they do but first let’s take a look at his fashion.

So I know I literally just did a post on BamBam, but bear with me [I’ll get round to other groups too. Promise]. Mark’s style is very consistent but I think it shows that Mark is okay with who he is and he’s not changing. They say fashion is meant to represent us, right? I think Mark’s fashion speaks for his personality well. It shows how unchanging he is as a person. It’s comfortable and relaxed which is something that Mark always opts to wear during interviews and fansigns. I think a reason for this is primarily due to the fact that he’s GOT7′s high flyer, so he needs clothes that will allow him to move.

Mark’s style [at least to me] is a mixture of both LA and Korea. Korea seems to style it’s HipHop artists in black with bandanas and snapbacks etc. And you can clearly see that inspiration in Mark’s fashion. He enjoys wearing black, as it’s easy to match with everything, and when he’s out and about he often wears a beanie/snapback to hide his hair so he doesn’t have to style it in a particular way. However saying this, the cuts and style of clothing that Mark often chooses to wear is in more the LA style. Mark also uses layer, often wearing t-shirts with flannels and then jackets which is something that has been inspired by LA fashion.

From what I can tell, since GOT7′s “니가 하면” era, Mark’s been exploring fashion a little bit further. At least in the shoe department. Primarily, he would often wear sneakers [i.e. converse, puma, nike etc.] but since then he’s worn a variety of different kinds, from Dr. Martens low cut shoes, to the new high top style that has been seen on many idols [including Jackson, basically the whole of Monsta X with ‘All In’ as well as EXO during their ‘Monster’ comeback.] I’m enjoying Mark venturing out a bit and trying out different colours asides black as well.

During his Fly promotions, Mark wore a light pink/beige oversized jumper with those high top Dr Martens, and he looked very stylish, but also comfortable. I hope he sticks to this new colour fad, as the boy really suits other colours too. Up until then [excluding the promotions for ‘Just Right’] I’d only seen Mark in black, white and red. Now with Fly, we’re getting to see him with unconventional colours such as yellow, orange and pink. However looking at GOT7′s newly released videos, it seems that Mark is reverting back to his black t-shirts and jackets.

To take inspiration from Mark, I think we all need to remember that we stay true to who we are. Wear what you wanna wear because then it shows who you are. Mark wears clothes that he finds comfortable and his laid back LA[ish] style is who he is as a person and he’s okay with that. So find yourself, and wear what you wanna wear, don’t let others tell you otherwise. 

more headcanons from california

@upthrust-the-volume and I made these in our skype chat so here we go:

So in California (or at least LA) we have these painted angels

And they are just everywhere. Like they aren’t the same design either, each one is different. But they are all in important landmarks around California, like there’s one by the pier and one in a farmer’s market. So killjoys using these angels as a guide to where they are, basically as universal landmarks because they all have different designs. As you get closer to the city they would be more and more destroyed but out in zones 3-6 they would have streamers and other decorations around them.

other little things not many people know about CA:
-like the fact that once you are out of the valley there is no chance of a tsunami hitting you
-or that the mountains have natural water and fruits (killjoys living there who sell it)
-there’s a plant that makes soap when mixed with water
-the redwood trees that go so high up
-the fact that the whole state is slowly becoming an island
-the fact that there are more then just cacti in the desert
-the ocean being freezing cold no matter the weather
-it snows in the mountains

many people keep telling me to talk about the Santa Ana winds so here we go:
The winds are seen as bad luck in the zones, as not only the sand gets stirred but so do emotions. Fights would break out between families and friends, everyone can’t be trusted, it’s chaos. Many children are told to stay inside because “the witch is flying tonight and she’s stirring more then sand, so if you don’t want to wake up with a knife in your back you’ll stay inside and be quiet” 

another thing is earthquakes:
earthquakes aren’t a big deal for people living in LA cause we are used to them but Bat City would have stabilizers to prevent damage from the earthquakes. This causes new killjoys to freak out when the ground shakes. Scavengers picking through an abandoned building and suddenly the ground starts shaking and the building comes down not to mention
killjoys having to start over when their shelter collapses around them. BL/Ind would use earthquake season to capture killjoys who have lost everything due to faulty houses.

Then there’s the fires, now the fires happen and that’s bad but after the fires comes the mudslides and flash floods. In California the under-bush and bush serves an important role: keeping the dirt stable. When those bushes get burned and the ground is unstable, the next rain is deadly. Mud would be everywhere and could seriously cause some damage with the weight and force it brings.

Neutrals would live in the coastal towns, it’s more peaceful but they still would have to handle riptides and potential tsunamis. Some might even live on Catalina Island.

Basically California looks nice but is hell without proper shelter.

So just a few days ago I decided to boot up Journey again so I could try getting some of the achievements I still didn’t have yet (Most of them having to do with staying with a companion for the majority of the game and meditating together and ect.)

Hoping to meet up with someone early on, I was just messing around during the bridge level collecting all of the optional symbols when I saw another white robe chirping and flying incredibly high near the top of the sand waterfalls before we met up together. He guided me to a wall near the Glyph in the area and we both managed to clip through the wall and flew high into the air together until we reached the top of the level overall.

We continued doing this together throughout every level. Flying higher than the sand waterfalls in the Bridge level. Clipping through the towers in the pink sands. Even after reaching the bottom of the hill in the Descent chapter, we clipped through another wall and flew all the way back up until we reached the top of the level and slid down the hill all over again. Doing this, we both managed to skip the Underground and The Mountain in their entirety.
Eventually, we finally made it to the top of the mountain and the end of our Journey together. We drew hearts together in the snow and chirped to no end. I didnt want to let go, and could tell that he didn’t want to either. We actually managed to spend at least 5 full hours nonstop of exploring the world out of bounds together, and it simply wasn’t a bond I was ready to break. 

Before we ventured onwards however, he drew an arrow in the snow and we walked back to the edge of the mountain cliff and both decided we were going to reach the top of the mountain together. And we did. Even after hours of flying above the world, we did something I still didn’t think was possible. But we had broken the sky line and went too high into the sky. 

My screen was completely white. I couldn’t see him anymore and the chirps we both made couldn’t be seen either. I had lost him. My screen remained white for a full ten minutes as I frantically ran around attempting to find anything I could see that could lead me back to the map. Somehow as it turns out, I ended up in the bottom of the world, and at the start of the Summit again. I flew back to the top of the mountain as fast as I could, hoping that he was still there and he was. He waited for me for nearly half an hour. And side by side, we finally finished our journey together.

And while I know this wasn’t how the game was intended to be played and would even be potentially damaging to someone who had yet to play through it fully a few times before hand; Honestly to me, it meant that we shared something together that could never be replicated again. I’m so glad this game has such a wonderful community around it. Thank you, Journey.

(Sorry for rambling on this submission) 


Requested by anonymous(twice):

  • Vacation Shawn
  • May I please request a vacation with Shawn imagine

Note: not my gif,m vacationing with Shawn seems so much fun omfg.


Lately, you had been stressed out - you were dealing with family affairs and school and not having the time to see your boyfriend.

However, it was all worth it when Shawn came over to your house one day and told you that he and you (plus John, of course) were going to take a little vacation. He wouldn’t tell you where you were going, until you two had arrived at the receiving airport…20 hours later.

“Thank you for flying Air Canada and we hope you enjoy your stay here in Sydney, Australia.”

Your eyes dart to Shawn as he’s trying not to smile too hard.

“Australia…Shawn, you took me to freaking Australia?!”

He shrugs slightly, “you deserved it.”

You cannot believe this man that you love, oh so much.

As you left the airport, you two immediately went straight to the hotel where John promised to follow the two of you if you were going to go somewhere that was extremely populated with high chances of Shawn getting recognized. You knew it was inevitable though, Shawn was going to get recognized with or without John.

“So, where to first my love?” Shawn asks you, kissing your cheek.

You had honestly no idea where you wanted to go, there was so much to do here. However, what you couldn’t do a bunch of times in Canada, was go to the beach.

So, needless to say, you both put your bathing suits on - you taking a t-shirt to put over your suit and grabbed a couple of things that Shawn had packed such as sunscreen and all the essentials.

It was a beautiful day in Sydney; kids were running around with ice cream cones and teenagers were taking selfies with their friends, while others played volleyball or soccer in the sand.

You and Shawn had a beautiful view of the bridge by the beach you were at, making everything feel so surreal.

You laid out some towels in a secure spot, Shawn wanting to go into the ocean with you.

At first, you shook your head - afraid it was going to be too cold, but somehow Shawn persuaded you and you took his hand which hoisted you off of the sand.

Shawn held your hand as you two walked to the water.

“Shawn, you go first.” You say, wanting to know if it was cold before you go tin.

“What?” Shawn raises an eyebrow at you. “That’s not how this works, Y/N.”

“Yes, it is.” You say stubbornly, “you go and test out the water and I’ll stay right here.”

Shaw tilts his head, rolling his eyes.

“Fine, but if it’s not cold, you have to come in with me.”


He sticks his hand out for you to shake and you do so, watching him walk the six steps to the ocean, then going knee deep.

“Is it cold?”

Shawn rushes back to where you are as you slowly get closer and closer to the water.

“It’s not that bad.” He says, tugging your hand to follow him into the water.

“Are you sure?” You ask, following him more and more towards the water.

“Babe,” Shawn stops, “would I lie to you?”

“I don’t know.” You mumble.

But, before you know it, you’re squealing as you’re fully emerged in the cold water. As you come up for air, Shawn is laughing way too hard for his good.

“Shawn, how could you?!” You playfully pout, feeling betrayed. “It’s so cold.” You chatter and he swims over to you, hugging you close to his bare chest.

“I’m sorry babe, I just had to.” He laughs, getting the wet hair out of your face.

“You suck.” You say, nuzzling against his chest as his skin warms yours up (as well as the Australian sun, thank you).

“Come on, let’s go dry off.” Shawn says, smiling as he takes your hand in his.

The rest of the day was spent by you two taking cute pictures and getting some ice cream, before heading back to your hotel to shower before you two go to dinner - with John, of course.

There was a very cute restaurant that you and Shawn had passed while coming back from the beach, telling him that you two should go there for dinner. He agreed, mentioning how good the menu looked as you two looked at the menu they posted outside.

The evening here in Sydney was warm, but there was a slight breeze, creating a comforting setting outside. So, you two decided it would be a great idea to sit outside and take in the beautiful night.

John had canceled on you two, just asking if you would bring him back something to eat as he was getting together with a few friends if you two were okay with it and didn’t need him. You both told him to go enjoy himself and ask him what he wanted before you two ordered.

“Is Australia everything and more?” Shawn asks, scooting his chair closer to the table.

“Shawn, you know, I would’ve been happy with even heading to freaking Nova Scotia. You didn’t need to take me all the way to Australia.” You scoff, not believing that his first idea was to bring you to Australia.

“I just wanted you to have the ultimate vacation and have you relax, far, far away from whatever was bugging you. You know that I would do anything for you, right?” Shawn looks at you intensely, his words coming out in a loving tone.

“I do,” you respond. “And I would do anything for you, but seriously, thank you, for this.”

“Anything for your stress free happiness, baby.” He smiles, leaning over the table to kiss  you.

Whoever blessed you with this boy, thank you.


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Random Characters Best Quotes  »  Zeke | Ezekiel Figuero

“Uh, I wrote a speech… But who’s got time for all that, right? So, I’m gonna just riff this. The – The super-cool Persian poet Rumi once wrote: “Where there’s ruin, there’s hope for a treasure.” Now, the other day I was up on 183rd, and this rich lady called it “taki,” man. But I talked to my man Tracy from 168th. And he said, “Listen for the voice of the ghetto.” ‘Cause it crashes down on you when you least expect it. Even from the cats that stay high… on 149th Street. Now, I could daze. Or doze off, or talk about the comets in the sky. Or how quick they fly by. Or I could listen. And say, we’re a team. And as a crew or a squad… we work together like Moses did… to help his people.”


Warnings: Asthma attack! Like one swear word
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: You get an asthma attack in the middle of a hunt
Readers Age: Any
Word Count: 1027

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: This took a bigger turn than I expected but I still like it so.. Enjoy!

You were sitting on your bed doing stuff on your laptop, your earphones were in which explains why you didn’t hear a knock at your door. It opened to reveal Sam coming in, “Hey, we got a case, you in?” He asked as he leaned against the door frame.

You took one earbud out, “Uh, yeah, when are we leaving?” You asked whilst closing your laptop and sitting up.

“I’m a few minutes so get ready.” Sam instructed before flashing you a smile and shutting your door. You hopped off your bed and got ready.

You were all ready, you made sure to pack your inhaler in your bag. Even though you have asthma it doesn’t stop you from hunting, as long as you have an inhaler with you, you’re good.

You swung your bag over your shoulder and headed out into the halls of the bunker.

You walked into the main room where your brothers were waiting, “Ready?” Dean asked, you nodded, “Got your inhaler?”

“Yep, in my bag and there’s one in the car.” You told him.

“Good, let’s go.” Dean responded, placing a hand on your back and leading you out, Sam close behind.

You all got to the motel you were going to be staying at, you all got out and went in, you threw your bag onto the bed and collapsed next to it. “Why can’t we just fly to these places? Oh, that’s right, Dean can’t get over a little fear of heights.” You snarked, staring at the ceiling.

Dean shot you a bitch-face, “I’m not scared of heights, I just don’t prefer being really high in a metal tube that could come crashing down to the ground.” Dean defended.

Your eyebrows furrowed together, “But you’re not scared of Satan himself?” You lifted your head up to look at him, he rolled his eyes and walked into the bathroom.

You laid your head back down and stared at the ceiling once again, “Hey, it’s not break time yet.” Sam said as he dropped your laptop onto your stomach, causing you to yelp and shoot up. You sat up and opened your laptop.

“So what are we looking for?” You asked as you leaned against the headboard.

“We think it’s just some demons, so just research for some abandoned buildings.” Sam instructed as he took a seat at the table, you did as you were told.

You and your brothers concluded that the demons were hiding in a cabin in the woods, Dean drove into the woods and stopped a little ways before the cabin. You all got out and went to the trunk of the Impala, “Okay, Sam you go around back, Y/N you’re with me.” Dean ordered, handing you your demon blade and an angel blade to Sam.

Sam went around to the back of the cabin and you followed Dean. You both got to the front of the cabin, Dean cautiously opened the door and went in, you followed. Dean motioned with his hand for you to go right, you did, Dean went to the left.

You were turning a corner when you ran into someone, you instantly went to stab them when they grabbed your arm, “Shh.” It was Sam, he held a finger to his lips, you nodded and he released your arm.

Dean turned the corner to find you two, “Find anything?” Dean whispered, you and Sam both shook your heads from side to side.

You heard a floorboard creak, causing you three all to get ready to fight and see who did it. There were so many demons, more than you could count. Sam pushed you behind him, “We can’t take them all.” You whispered.

“I know.” Dean chimed in.

“So, what’s the plan?” You asked.

There was silence for a moment before one of the demons took a step closer, “Run!” Dean yelled, Sam turned around and grabbed your arm, leading you out the door.

You all got out but you could hear the pounding footsteps of the demons behind you, Sam let go of you and was a little ahead of you when your chest began to hurt. It felt as if the oxygen was getting sucked out of your lungs, your chest began to tighten, you started wheezing and slowing down. You stopped and placed a hand to your chest, you could hear the demons getting closer, you couldn’t breath. You collapsed to the ground, you searched your pockets frantically looking for your inhaler, until you remembered it was still in your bag.

You tried calling for your brothers but nothing came out, you saw Sam’s head turn to see if you were still behind him. Once he realized you weren’t he yelled for Dean and started running towards you. You tried catching your breath but couldn’t, you started getting dizzy. You felt Sam scoop you up, Dean killed a few demons that were about to grab you.

Sam carried you bridal style, he ran as fast as he could, Dean close behind him. “It’s alright, Y/N, just breathe.” Sam said, trying to catch his breath as well.

Everything started blurring together, next thing you knew, you were in the Impala, leaning against Sam. “Hey, hey, look at me. Dean find the damn inhaler!” Sam yelled, Dean was driving away from the demons while searching your bag for your inhaler.

“Front… Pocket.” You said, your voice raspy and barely understandable, but Dean understood. Finally he found your inhaler, he tossed it to Sam and Sam put it in your mouth.

“One, two, three, breath in.” Once Sam said that you took a big breath in and instantly felt relieved. You could finally breathe, you melted into Sam’s arms, he didn’t mind. Sam focused on getting his breathing steady, “Okay, focus on my breathing, alright?” Sam instructed, your head was resting on his chest. You felt his chest go up and down, you tried matching it.

You got your breathing under control, “She okay?” Dean asked, still shaken up from the whole situation.

“Yeah, she’s fine.” Sam responded, mainly to reassure himself, you closed your eyes and fell asleep in your brothers arms.

Requested by @grandmasnewdog:
“I don’t know if you already wrote this, but could you do an imagine where the reader has really bad asthma and she has and asthma attack during a hunt and the boys freak out and fluff and stuff :)))”

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

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Stay Stay Stay - Luke Hemmings Imagine

I got a request to write this a while ago and I heard this song today and was instantly reminded! I think this song is adorable and I knew it had to be no other than Lucas. Sorry it’s kinda short!

“I do not understand why we’re having an argument right now” Luke said, shoving some more of his sandwich in his mouth as you paced around the kitchen. “Because you don’t even care what I have to say! If the curtains don’t match the couches the entire room will look awful. I really need your opinion on this!” you said, looking at multiple color swatches for the couch you were buying and comparing them to the curtains displayed on your phone. “Babe…it’ll look fine. Do whatever you think is best” he mumbled. “It almost feels like I’m decorating my own apartment! I don’t even need you here, it’s fine!” you yelled. Luke chuckled slightly, “You’re being so ridiculous”. You were furious with him. “Okay, Luke, have fun designing your own apartment” you said as you threw your phone, not really aiming for anything. You spent the rest of the night in your room and refused to talk to Luke when he came in. The next morning when he walked in to the kitchen you were sitting at the table waiting. “We need to talk” you said, after he’d grabbed a bowl of cereal. Luke got up and walked out of the room. You grew concerned as to where he was going and what he was doing. He came back wearing his old high school football helmet. “Okay, let’s talk. Can’t risk getting hit by another flying phone” he said. You rolled your eyes and he removed the helmet. “I know what said last night but…please stay. I’ve loved you for quite some time” you said, moving closer to where he was standing. “I’m sorry babe, I know you’re completely serious but I think it’s funny when you’re mad. It’s just so cute, your face gets really red” he smiled and wrapped his arms around you. “I love you…because you’ve honestly just given me no choice. I’ve got to stay” you smiled, he kissed your nose in response. “I know you’ve dated douches before and I don’t ever want to be like them and take everything out on you. I just focus on how cute you are when you’re mad” he laughed. “Well, no one else is gonna love me when I get mad so…we should both stay” you said, kissing his lips.

Fly in La: My Opinion

They made a mistake. Many mistakes. But if those videos of JB crying, Bambam apologizing on SNS, Jackson unfollowing Mark’s friends on SNS, and Jackson coming home with his head down don’t show regret, guilt, and pain? I don’t know what does.

And by no means am I saying that what they did was permissible. 

No, Bambam should not have said the n-word. Whether he knew what the significance the word held or not. Whether others around him were saying it or not, he should not have said it.

No, Yugyuem shouldn’t have drank alcohol while he was in the US. It’s well known that the drinking limit in the US is different from the one in South Korea. Even if Yugyuem did not know, at the very least Mark should have stopped him and told him no. 

No, Mark’s friends (no I will not call them snakes) should have not uploaded these videos on snapchat.

No, Mark’s friends should not have taken off their shirts and dirty danced on each other at the concert. Drunk/high or not.

No, Mark’s friends should not have thrown water bottles, water, or a light stick at other fans at the concert. Drunk/high or not.

No, one of Mark’s Friends should not have used the name and significance of Jackson and Mark to get a girl to sleep with him.

No, these last two below are not mistakes! Some of us on the internet are just overreacting.

No, we shouldn’t be freaking out over Mark getting a tattoo. I can name ten kpop idols who have tattoos on the spot if you were to ask me. Jay Park, Nam Taehyun, Bobby, B.I., G-Dragon, Taeyang, Gary of Leessang, Zico, BoA, and Amber. It’s his body, let him paint himself if he wants to.

No, we shouldn’t be worried about Junior and some girl. They stayed in L.A. for like less than a week, I doubt they’d go right into dating during that short time.

So what they did was not permissible. We should not let this go by with a reassurance of “Don’t worry we love you anyways!” Because I love Got7, don’t get me wrong. But these kind of mistakes cannot be forgotten in a second. And this alone is not their mistake, Mark’s friends were not a good influence on Got7.

But, yes, if they apologize sincerely we should forgive them. Only and only if they understand what mistakes they made and what significance it has for certain people. 

All we have left, is wait and see what happens.

misguidedmiiissfiit  asked:

hii i'm also going into junior year! that's awesome that we're the same age and going into this together :) i'm honestly stressed as hell bc a lot of stuff happened last year with my friends and i so right now idk where i stand with them but it's a relief there's someone here whose blog i love and is doing this with me (in a way). ready to kick junior year in the booty and good luck to you also :))

omg this is the kindest message i’m weak. we’re definitely gonna kick high school’s butt together, and as for the friend thing, i was in your shoes last year. at the end of freshman year i was in a bad place with a toxic friend group and no best friend, but this year i’ve found better friends, stayed connected with my old friends, and rekindled my friendship with my former best friend. so really, life just happens, and i know you’re gonna get through it with flying colors :))

ransom and holster go on a cross country road trip after graduation. they take turns driving and picking the music. they skip the big attractions and instead stop at all the tourist traps they see. ransom wears aviator sunglasses, and holster makes fun of him (he buys some at a rest stop after complaining about the sun too much, ransom says nothing). sometimes they talk for hours, about everything and nothing. sometimes they sit in silence and watch the road fly by. holster insists on using a map instead of a gps they get lost twenty four times. somewhere in washington, a week later, they get out of the car and walk to the edge of the cliff. the pacific ocean is in front of them. they high-five, both a “we did it” and an “i’m not going to forget you” and an “i love you” all in one. ransom lays his head on holsters shoulder as they look at the water. they’re both crying, they both stay quiet. after a few minutes, they get in the car, turn around, and head home.

Jurassic World for those too scared to go  (TOTAL SPOILERS)
  • Chris Pratt: [Sassmeister extraordinare, shouts at raptors for roaring at him]
  • Raptors: [Have secret crushes on him, probably]
  • Everyone: [Has a secret crush on Chris Pratt]
  • Baddie: Hey, let's turn these raptors into soldiers, we would win all the wars ever!
  • Chris Pratt: WTF? They're DINOSAURS!! You can't put Blue in khaki anyway, she'd clash with herself.
  • Baddie: I still say it's a good idea.
  • Chris Pratt: Will someone get this idiot out of my raptor pen please and thank.
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: So yeah we've developed a new dinosaur.
  • Chris Pratt: Excuse me?
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: It's big. And scary. Come see.
  • Chris Pratt: This is legit a bad idea.
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: Shit son where'd the dino go?
  • Chris Pratt: WTF how did you let it escape?
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: I dunno man, don't shout at me! I'm just the finance manager! I actually have no plot-based need to be here!
  • Chris Pratt: Well listen, love, I'm the hero, I'll go check it out.
  • Chris Pratt: [goes into big scary dino pen with a couple of other guys, both probably named Oh You KNOW He Dead]
  • Dino: [Eats everyone except Chris Pratt]
  • Chris Pratt: [Is hot, tough, badass and generally amazing and hot and did I mention he's pretty damn hot in this film?]
  • Baddie: Y'know what'd help with this dino problem?
  • Chris Pratt: Wut?
  • Baddie: If we sent the raptors after it!!
  • Chris Pratt: WTF!!! You can't solve a dino outbreak with MORE dinos!! Did you not SEE the last three films??!?!!?!
  • Baddie: Bring on the raptors!!
  • Chris Pratt: You can't -
  • Baddie: Raptors
  • Chris Pratt: Have you not considered -
  • Baddie: RAPTORS
  • Chris Pratt: Fine, just don't kill them.
  • Raptors: Let's go get the dino!
  • Dino: Hahahahahaha NO.
  • Raptors: MUMMY!!!!
  • Everyone: Aaaaahhhhh FUCK.
  • Raptors: WE WILL EAT YOU NOW!
  • Chris Pratt: Nuh-huh, I'mma smoulder at you till you give in.
  • Raptors: Shit son. No. Not that.
  • Chris Pratt: Here comes the smoulder!
  • Raptors: WE WILL RESIST!!
  • Raptors:
  • Raptors: Goddammit.
  • Dino: C'mon guys, let's eat these things!
  • Raptors: Nuh-UH!!!!!!!! [pounce on Dino]
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: Y'know what we need right now? MORE THINGS THAT CAN KILL US.
  • T-Rex: Waddup bitch, heard you were talkin' shit.
  • Dino: WTF
  • T-Rex: Pretty sure you know I'm the most badass motherfucker in Dinoland.
  • Dino: Sssshyeah! You WERE, Old Man!!!
  • T-Rex: That is IT!! I'm gonna MESS. YOU. UP!!!
  • Raptors: We will help, T-Rex!! Fear not buddy!
  • Dino: No way man, I trusted you! We're family!!!
  • Raptors: Nobody fucks with our Chris Pratt.
  • Mososaurus: Ooooooh!!!! LUNCH!!!!! Ommmmnomnomnomnomnonnonmnom.....
  • T-Rex:
  • Raptors:
  • Chris Pratt: Well. That was unexpected.
  • T-Rex: Thanks guys
  • Raptors: No problem, bro. High three!
  • T-Rex: I can't man, it's these little arms!!
  • Raptors: Okay, man. Stay safe out there! Love you!
  • T-Rex: Call me!
  • Raptors: Cool beans!
  • Raptors: Hey, so Chris Pratt - wanna get a soda?
  • Chris Pratt: Dudes, you go fly free. And don't eat people.
  • Raptors: You got it, big guy.
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: So what do we do now?
  • Chris Pratt: We should stay together. For survival.
  • [copious eye fucking]
  • T-Rex: Here I come for the big-money final roar.... Raarrrr!!! RAARRRRR!!!!!
  • [THE END]
Rizzoli & Isles, 5x08 (once again)

I guess, thenicecheese was right – the only way to write a review for 5x08 is to do it while still enjoying a buzz. So, let’s do this before I’ll run out of wine. How about some music to get us into the mood? Here, have some Dropkick Murphys – and for the record, this is NOT the show’s theme song, no matter how often some acoustically challenged fans claim it was.

We begin with a little PSA: Smoking is bad for you! Like, lethally bad. I’ll count that opening as a plus because, given how many young viewers are watching, it’s always good to sneak in some health advice.

But enough with the foreplay, let’s switch to the reason why we’re all watching the show, which is Jane and Maura and—wait, what?

Oh, boy. It’s – quite literally – a boy! No offense. Gjokaj is cute and all. But can’t he grow a beard or at least some stubble so he’ll look old enough to be allowed into a bar at night?

Leaving superficialities aside, here comes the writers‘ first ginormous blunder. In case you’ve forgotten: We had to spent half of last week’s episode cancelling our date with Mr. Jack (sorry, the name Armstrong and his babyface simply refuse to go together in my mind), and the writers made a huge deal about Jane finally meeting him.

And now? We’re already in the middle of the conversation! No awkward introductions. No “not a hugger” scenes. Nothing. All the setup from last week for nothing.

Instead, we get to hear the lame old “whoops, my fly was open” story. I’m so glad I had wine to keep me entertained.

So, let’s move o– … hold on, what? Jane and Maura went camping? In the Adirondacks? What the heck? Have the writers stolen my fanfic draft again? (No, I’m not currently working on a story that includes J&M staying at the Sagamore. Not at all. Move along. Nothing to see here.)

So, finally, we get a glimpse into what the show used to be. High-fives everybo—what? Oh… we don’t get to hear the story? No? Ohhh… I’m just… I… excuse me for a minute…

Well, we’ll always have the Adirondacks, right? At least in our minds…

That’s strike 1, writers!

Fine, let’s deal with the crime then. Apparently, this week’s motto is “Let’s pretend we’re making a cop show.” And a very serious one at that! 

There’s something about a dead (ex-)husband who was playing “I spy with my little eye” – except that he won’t be spying anything ever again. Oh, well… I think I’m supposed to pay attention but I’m still wondering what the embarrassing camping story might have been. Your bad, stupid writers. Don’t throw me a bone and withhold the steak!

Uh, steak… yummy! Wait, sorry, getting distracted…

Anyway, now we get to meet the new team member. Nina Holiday. I wish some of the writers would take off for some not-so-well-earned holidays and let me handle this. Ah, wishes can come true, right?

Nope, not on this show.

So, supposedly, Nina is hiding a little secret but has a clean slate. Let me guess: domestic abuse? Got raped? Lost a loved one in the line of duty? Yeah, it’s gotta be one of the classics. Just wait and see.

What’s most important about this scene though is another fabulous display of the writers’ laziness. Let me quote Frankie: “Welcome to Beantown, Nina Holiday.”
The thing is: No serious Bostonian calls the city “Beantown.” Why didn’t Russ Grant point that out? I thought he used to serve at the real BPD? Oh, wait, I bet he was busy taking buttcrack pictures, eh? Ah, too bad…

Let’s make up for this with some beautiful pictures from Boston, because at this point, that’s one of the main reasons why I watch the show. Look at the pretty:

More pretty. Oh, look, it’s the Constitution Marina in the background. Wanna read a fic about it?

And more pretty. (Oh look, it’s the Massachusetts State House, where Maura’s boss works!)

And more pretty. (You saw that one coming, didn’t you?)

Did I mention I love baseball? And Fenway Park?

Well, let’s move on. That magic enhance button has another appearance (me thinks, it’s getting more screentime than Maura…), Korsak once again reminds those who never want to accept it that Maura works for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and we learn that Korsak’s batting average was pretty bad. I’d totally play him for a few rounds of beer.

Speaking of alcohol, somehow I made it through the next scenes thanks to some fabulous wine. We get a few talking heads (the writers have learned NOTHING from last week’s disaster), then Jane meets Nina (because, obviously, that’s so much more interesting than letting Jane meet Jack for the first time), there’s more talking, and some computer magic and more talking. Whatever.

And finally, after more than ¼ is over, there’s a glimpse of what this episode could’ve been. We finally get a ticking clock – the big bad guy is determined to kill all witnesses. It’s a race against time! It’s exciting! It’s—

Oh, wait, we’ll have to interrupt this program for a completely meaningless never-ending little scene between Jane and Angela and a coffee-stained baseball. Initially, I thought this would be a little setup leading Angela to the realization what her new job could be, but nope, the scene was only in there to, uh, well… make me drink more wine?

That’s strike 2, writers!

We make another quick stop at the Boston Talking Heads Department, and then things get finally exciting again because we can talk more about that baseball and how to keep it clean. It’s so important. Seriously! The writing on my two baseballs has worn off, too. I really need to know how to fix this. Here’s the rest of what was important about this scene.


Never mind that Maura is a supersmart, successful, independent woman. Let her talk about bathtubs and baseballs. That’ll keep the annoying Maura fans happy, right? NO, FOR PETE’s SAKE! NO.

Anyway. More talking heads. Blablabla.

And then we get an eeeeeendless scene of Jane trying to convince the quota idiot on today’s episode to give her some information-whatever. About Tasha. Or Santa Claus. Or I dunno. I don’t care anymore at this point. Remember that the clock is ticking? Well, apparently it’s broken now…

And that’s strike 3, writers! You’re out!

*Sigh.* If only…

Well, finally, after ¾ of the episode are over, we get more of the stuff that could have been so great.

A containment thriller. Being stuck in the building. Getting shot at. Hell yeah! That’s the stuff that good and Emmy-worthy shows are made of.

But sadly, most of it is – once again – wasted potential.

Just imagine how great it could have been if the killer and Jane had played cat-and-mouse in/around the elevator. You know, going up and down… Shots being fired at the elevator door… The killer trying to get in instead of Jane trying to get out…

Oh, what a great and tension-filled episode it could have been.

But, alas, the most tension is derived from the fact that Jane – a homicide detective trained to pay attention to every frickin detail at crime scenes – conveniently forgets where she got out of her car so that we can delay the arrival of the cavalry.

That’s strike 4, writers!

Yes, I’m totally inventing new baseball rules for so much laziness on the part of the writing team.

And finally – thank God, I still have some wine left – we get the dramatic ending, which isn’t so dramatic after all thanks to the lamest lines ever given to a genius like Maura Isles: “You did good, Jane. You did really good.”

Gaaawd, even the newest member of my screenplay feedback group would’ve come up with a better line. In fact, in this case, NO WORDS AT ALL would have been an even better choice. THIS would have been the perfect occasion for their eyes saying everything that words would never be able to express.

STRIKE 5, writers!

And STRIKE 6 and STRIKE 7! Just for good measure.

And just like that, we’re already done with this episode that was supposed to be so amazing.

I have no words left. And no wine.

There’s much more that could be said. About how they messed up Jack’s story arc… About how they could’ve sped up half of all scenes by getting rid of unnecessary staring and stating the obvious… About so much more….

But at this point, it feels like a lost cause with those writers.

Well… at least we know that Maura is still part of the show… sort of. Just to make sure we all remember her face, here she is again:


Wingman (3/?)

ff.net | ao3

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3

Summary: For as long as it’s mattered Emma’s dreams have always been in the sky, but the high-stakes world of the CF-18 fighter program – and one of the candidates in it alongside her – prove that dreams aren’t always easy to come by.

The first time Emma had been in the back of a military transport jet, she had barely taken her eyes off the ground outside the window. Apart from being her first military flight, it had been her first flight, period – the first taste of the future she was chasing so hard. It was, of course, nothing compared to the first time she had actually piloted a plane, but it had been a breath of relief to watch the ground shoot past beneath them and to have her love of the air solidify, grounded in experience now instead of just blind want. The trip between Manitoba and BC would forever be a patchwork of greens and golds in her mind, the endless stretch of the prairies until they gave way to the harsh and beautiful dips and curves of the Rockies, all of it whispering finally into her ear.

They were travelling in the opposite direction today and Emma tried to find that same sense of awe and calm and rightness in the neat patches of land beneath them, but she couldn’t shake her restlessness. More than anything, and even though her end goal had never been anything but fighters, she wanted to be in the cockpit of this plane and to channel the anticipation threading through every part of her into forward momentum. Anything, really, would have been better than just sitting here, getting ever-closer to their destination with nothing else to do but think about it.

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anonymous asked:

Domestic AU 12 Moriel

12: Having to put up holiday decorations together after a big fight.

The house was quiet. Quieter than it usually was with a boyfriend that’s really shy and only talks every once in awhile to his own girlfriend.

Mor walked out of the basement, boxes in her hand with Christmas decorations in them. Azriel followed behind, his face looking forlorn as he tried to think of something to say to Mor.

They had just had a fight. After Azriel had been staying overtime at work for the past week, Mor had had enough. She was expecting an enjoyable day today, given that tomorrow is Christmas Eve, but Azriel had stayed overtime again. The moment he walked in through the door, they were arguing. 

But Mor was adamant. She wanted to decorate the house regardless of the fight. She had been waiting far too long for this. So she started taking out the decor and Az just followed through. 

She started taking out the the Christmas tree decorations from the dusty boxes, the tree already set up from days before. Once she was done with one box, she quickly turned on the stereo to get rid of the harsh silence before starting on the next box. Azriel did exactly the same. 

One of Mor’s favorite song started to play and she swayed with the beat. She picked up the different decors that were scattered over the ground and started hanging them on the tree branches.

Azriel watched from behind, his face fallen while he carefully took out the decorations. He didn’t want to tell Mor the truth why he was working late all week. It was nearing Christmas and Az wanted to buy Mor a ring. An engagement ring exactly. It was true he had a great job but he still needed some extra money from that. But he had to work extra to earn up for the ring she wanted. He had finally earned enough yesterday and bought it hours ago. 

He wanted to explain to her, to tell her to trust him but he understood her point of view. He had been staying late until Mor barely saw him and, if that had happened to him, he’d be annoyed all the same. 

He watched as Mor swayed to her favorite song on the stereo, her glowing blonde hair swaying with her body. 

I should propose now, he thought. Surely, she would understand. 

He shook his head, Don’t be ridiculous, Azriel.

But he couldn’t help it. He was desperate. He wanted his girlfriend back. And to be able to hold her at night again.

He made his decision then. He would propose to her tonight. After she finally decided to listen to him.


Mor stiffened from her movements, turning her head to face him.


Azriel shifted to sit on the couch across the Christmas tree, wringing his wrists nervously.

“Please. Will you listen to my reason?”

Mor stood there warily, not knowing whether to give in or not. He looked nervous, more than when he asked her out and he didn’t want him to feel like she hated him. She might be annoyed but he was still in love with him until the ends of the Earth. 

“Fine,” she whispered out, setting the tree decor that was in her hand on the ground before sitting a few inches away from him.

“I know you probably hate me for-”

“I don’t hate you,” she interrupted, crossing her arms and staring blankly at the tree in front of her. The music on the stereo was still playing softly in the background. 

Azriel shrugged nervously, “Just-I’m sorry for working overtime. I know you know that I wasn’t doing anything else but working. But I understand that you must be annoyed. And I never meant that to happen, Mor. I was just-I was working late cause I was saving up for something. Something important to me and you,” he paused nervously, “I was waiting for this to happen on Christmas day but I didn’t want to wait another night of you sleeping so far away from me. I hate the space between us. The lack of talking and the weird silence in our house.” 

He dropped onto one knee, Mor’s eyes tearing up and her hand flying up to her mouth. He smile warily at her, pulling out the red velvet box from his pocket, “I remember when we were best friends back in high school, way before we were dating. We went to the mall together for lunch and we passed this jewellery store. You kept staring at this ring and, that day, I made sure that I would get it for you one day. So I had been staying late, working so I could get you this. And I finally did. I had never felt excited to ask you. To finally be yours for the rest of my life. So, Morrigan, will you marry me?”

Mor could only nod as she threw herself against Azriel. He stumbled backwards, his laughter sounding throughout the whole room.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she kept repeating against his shirt, tightening her hold around him.

“Mor. It’s fine, beautiful. It’s fine,” he pushed himself up in a sitting position so Mor was on his lap, he set the box beside him and cupped her face. He kissed her lips softly, her arms wrapped itself around his neck. Az pulled away first, taking the ring in his hand and slipping it into her left ring finger.

“Az. It’s perfect,” she cried out, hugging him tightly once more.

“I’m glad you like it,” he wrapped his own arms around her and kissed her head.

“I’m so sorry, Azriel. I love you. I love you. I’m so sorry.”

Azriel buried his face in her hair, a smile on his face, “I love you too, Mor. Let’s just forget about it.”

She shook her head, “How did you even remember I saw this ring?”

“I remember everything,” he laughed.

She smiled, leaning back to face him. 

“I don’t deserve you sometimes.”

He shook his head, “You always deserve me. Don’t say otherwise.”

She nodded with a smile, kissing him once more.

The tree was forgotten for the night.