we found it at a camping place too

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What about lost in the forest (or anywhere they can't contact the team or get help) Lance and Keith, with one having an injury that's getting infected but is trying to hide it from the other?

Crash and Burn
Hooray for my first anon prompt ILY! I wasn’t originally going to write this much but I got carried away and now I might end up writing a part two… Keith is still piloting Red in this one.
The crash was what initially got Keith panicking. Right in front of his eyes, the blue lion impacted with the ground, and before he knew it, he was out running to make sure Lance was still alive. He didn’t have to go very far, though, before he saw Lance stumbling out of his lion, nearly falling. Keith picked up the pace. There was no way Lance wasn’t hurt after a fall like that.


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Fandom: The Hobbit

Paring: Fili x Female!Reader

Word Count: 3136 oops, again. ;)


Warning: Smut! 

Notes: I love Fili so much. Maybe that why I don’t mind taking four hours to finish this, haha. I really like the way this one turned out, although the ending is a bit rocky because, y'know, why would you want something like this to end? ;) Anyways, I hope you like this, sweetcocoberry! Thank you so much for placing this request from me. Hope y'all enjoyyyy. <3

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Jake Gyllenhaal Imagine

Originally posted by amberbrianne

Jake has been talking about this trip for a month now. Since he was done with all his movies and you had taken a vacation, he really wanted the two of you to take a rode trip. A trip that had no real destination, just you and him. 

“This will be fun” Jake said putting bags in the car “I put together a playlist, so will sing our ass off” that you were looking forward. You looked at Jake and saw how happy and excited he was. You just couldn’t wait to get in the car and be on your way, he would get even more happier. 

“Ready?” you asked Jake when you placed the last bad in the car and got in yourself. Jake looked around 

“One more thing” he leaned over to you and kiss you. “ almost forgot my kiss” and you were on your way, but before you could fully drive you needed to get more snacks. There is no trip imaginable without snacks. 

“I think we have enough snacks to feed a family of bears” you joked seeing all the thing you got. 

“Better more then not enough” he said and pushed the full cart of foods to the car. Finally you could fully start the trip. Jake had put together the best playlist, all the songs you both could sing along. So you spent a good hour singing , dancing in your seats and laughing. You didn’t even care that other people could see you. So far everything was amazing. When the dancing and singing stopped the love didn’t. You would look out the window, watch the passing trees, people and even animals. Jake hold your hand, from time to time bringing it to his lips and kissing it. Sweet small moments you couldn’t really have while you both worked. Now it was just you two. You could show each other you two felt, without people messing in. 

“You want to stay in a hotel or we can set up a camp somewhere” Jake asked seeing as it will be getting dark soon. You had made few stops here and there, lunch and just to see some tourist places, but now it was time to find where to sleep. 

 “I think we can set up a camp. It could be fun” you looked over at Jake who was smiling, that was something he wanted too. So that’s what you did. Found the perfect place, set up a tent, made fire and sat there watching the night sky, enjoying the quit. 

“I like this” said Jake kissing the top of your head. 

“Yeah me too. So quit” leaning back into his chest you looked up, his eyes were shining from the fire. He looked down at you and kissed your lips. 

“How about we do this more often. Try to drive somewhere camp out.” you smiled and nodded. You really liked that idea. It just meant you could have some peace and quit once in a while. The trip wasn’t over, but it didn’t matter to you two where you go as long as you have each other to keep worm it’ll be alright. 

today is international holocaust rememberance day

a lady came to speak to us this year. she was 94 years old i think? around 94. she was soft spoken and small and had to get help from two students to climb up the stairs and she told us about how she grew up. about how she grew up along with other czech kids in prague, malá strana, her family had a house there and a shop. 

and then hitler occupied czechoslovakia. how one day they had to stop going to school and how the worst thing about that part - when the nazis had just come to our country - was that her czech friends ignored what was happening to her and her family. that their czech acquaintances suddenly didn’t want to have anything to do with them. we czech people act as if we were the victims only, but as those who remained passive, those who watched their neighbors be excluded from society and didn’t say anything about it? czech people also were complicit in what happened.

she told us about the concentration camps and i think we’ve all heard too many stories about the concentration camps and it’s not even my place to tell this story but she also told us about the day she was rescued. about when the nazis left - and she and her friends from the factory ran away and found the russian troops. how those russian had taken them home to prague with them. 

she also told us about how she only survived because she ran away as soon as the nazis left. some girls stayed in the factory, waiting for help, waiting for the russians. the russians came and raped all of them. most of those left behind died.

especially nowadays when nationalism is on rise in many countries, including ours, it is important to remember that we must not let this happen again. we must not remain passive onlookers when things get bad. 

Wasteland Weekend 2016 Report

I had such a great time at Wasteland Weekend and could not have even hoped to have a better experience. I got to meet so many amazing people, many of whom I’ve greatly admired for creating so much awesome content in this fandom. This is my recollection of my experiences at Wasteland Weekend, so that others who were not able to make it can live vicariously through me and see the adventures they may be in for when they are finally able to join us, and so that myself and those who were there can preserve as many of these memories as possible. Lots of text and photos below the cut!

Photo by @fuckyeahisawthat

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I’ve decided to write an AU fic set in Left Behind where Ellie and Riley never get bitten, and decide to take Ellie’s suggestion of running off to face the world on their own. 

It’s mostly fluff at the moment - I want them happy for a while, so sue me - but it will pick up a bit more next chapter.



“What do we do now?”

“We’ll figure it out.”

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Killing Time

Even following the migration path Alice had found, trekking across the mountain range was proving to be no easy or swift task. Night had begun to fall well before the pair even had any sign of an end to the mountainous region, and they found themselves fumbling in the dark as they wandered through passes and over hills, the sun quickly hidden away by the peaks surrounding them.

Maybe if we hadn’t stopped for a swim…

Camp had to be made eventually, thought the terrain they stopped in had been cold and rocky, an almost inhospitable place to try and rest. It seemed neither of them was going to sleep well that night… especially not with the dreams Jack had. 

“Too late, too late…!”

And so the Samurai ended up wide-awake, sitting beside the dying remains of a pitiful fire fueled by a pitifully small supply of firewood scraped together in the lifeless, stony landscape, trying to will himself to focus on the glowing embers rather than his troubled thoughts.

unconventional slice of life aus pt 2
  • you're my seat mate in this plane and there's a screaming baby three rows down au
  • we really don't want to be in this line for this thing but our best friends love this thing so we might as well get to know eachother au
  • we've been standing in line to get into the bar for thirty minutes and it's freezing au
  • Okay help I got snowed in and I really need an extra hand to push my car out au
  • look outside, it's raining a FUCKTON and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one with this umbrella at work au
  • that's actually really thoughtful that you're giving me the rest of your parking ticket time au
  • dude you type like the world is ending and I'm trying to listen to the lecture au
  • your dog has been chasing me for the past five minutes PLEASE CONTROL YOUR ANIMAL au
  • I never talked to you before but you suddenly changed your hair colour and it's kind of cool au
  • you're taking up two spots on the bus and I really want to sit down au
  • I never needed help before but I'm not doing too well so I figured I'd go to peer guides au (bonus points if the peer guide knows the other person and HATES THEIR GUTS CUS THEY USUALLY DO BETTER THAN THIS)
  • I lost my _____ in the mall and you found it au
  • this weather is awful but fancy that we picked the same place to camp out for a bit au
  • you're cheering WAY too loudly for your sports/olympic team and we're in the middle of the mall au
  • No you're not taking that last donut au
  • We're waaayyyyy too into Settlers of Catan au
  • Oh shit you gave me the last roll up cup win au
  • BONUS!
  • Uhhh we're paired for a project but last night we slept together and I farted au
Please, Don’t Go

Dan/Reader - Angst, with a smutty part - 10,964 words

Warning: This fic is set during the zombie apocalypse therefore it has some intense scenes and choices throughout. It is violent and has some very upsetting bits. Please do not read if you will be affected negatively. 

The snow falls heavily around you, flakes sticking to your eyelashes and leaving wet spots on your leather jacket. Searching for a clear path is a lost cause; the ground is covered in several inches of white. As your boots crunch down on the thick blanket you glance at your hands. Your fingers are beet red, clutching onto your bow. The skin around your knuckles is beginning crack from how dry they are, and they itch uncontrollably. You swing the strap of your bow around your neck and turn it so it’s on your back. Rubbing your hands together you pray for warmth, for relief. It’s been so long since you could relax, since you could enjoy life. The rubbing isn’t helping, so you shove them under your arms.

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ToA thoughts

Can we talk about Nico? Thank you
(Yes I consider him my little baby but don’t we all)

Nico is now actually happy. He is with Will, they are perfect for each other, Solangelo is life; but that aside, he finally seems to have found a place and settled down. He fits in with the activities at camp, he isn’t a lonely little boy anymore, and most importantly he is being himself.
So yes, his smiles (however rare) don’t seem forced, he is feeling happy and safe and content. After all, he’s got doctor’s orders.

Ahem, I’ve been calm for too long, what I actually meant was NICO DI ANGELO ASDFGHJKL MY BABY!!!!

An Old Friend (Elyza & Alicia)

The sun was starting to set and Alicia walked with her hand tightly in Elyza’s looking around a downtown that would have been buzzing with late night activity just a few months ago. Now, there was nothing and no one to be seen, just crumbling buildings and burnt out cars. 

Movement caught both girls eyes from up the street and they froze. “Walkers?” Alicia whispered, reaching down for her machete at her side. 

“I don’t know.” Elyza spoke wearily also reaching down to grab her gun. “Stay behind me.” Elyza put a protective arm in front of Alicia making sure she was behind her as the figure moved again in the distance. 

“I don’t think it’s a walker, they are moving to fast and they know how to use the shadows for cover.” Elyza explained, her voice and posture still on edge. “But they also know we’re here too.”

Alicia tensed, her eyes scanning the distance trying to catch another glance of the figure. Suddenly, the flash of a body came hurdling out from the side alley next to them and Elyza moved in front of Alicia instinctively blocking her from the attack. The attacker jumped on top of Elyza and the two bodies fell to the ground in a blur of arms and legs as they battled for dominance. 

Alicia stood back and in shock as she watched trying to make out any sort of features of the mysterious attacker. She saw long hair and a body shape that made her realize this was a woman. She wore a dark blue jacket with a grey hood and jeans with black boots. After a few seconds that felt like hours the woman came out on top, holding a knife to Elyza’s throat and looking down into her blue eyes. 

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I can’t wake up from this nightmare of an existence without you. That must be what this is, because only in a nightmare would you be taken from me so cruelly and suddenly.

You were my heart and soul dog. I thought I understand what that meant, but I didn’t. Not until you came along with the pieces of me I didn’t know were missing. Now they’re gone again and you won’t be bringing them back. I have to hope there is an afterlife of some sorts because I have to see you again. Maybe we can be lucky to have more than one heart dog, but you were definitely that once-in-a-lifetime, nothing will come close, heart and soul.

We had the best bond we could ever have. We were fearful and anxious together. We were brave together. We walked and ran together. We learned together. You taught me so much about fear and learning to listen and accept what needs to be done in the moment. You were never far, like my white shadow, my personal little moon always in orbit. Though now it feels more like you were the sun all along and I was the one orbiting you. You were my light, and now my light is gone. My chest is underwater and I can’t breathe without you.

You were just 8 days shy of your fifth birthday. We should have had at least ten more years together. I knew there would come a day when I would have to live without you, but I expected ten more years to prepare for that. Ten more years. I didn’t even get ten hours and most of that was hoping you could still be saved. It felt like eons and yet like it was all happening far too quickly.

The hardest part right now is the little everyday moments. Doing everything without you for the first time. Waking up to see you in your bed with your neck cranked up in what should be the most uncomfortable position ever, but it was your favorite. And just as reluctant to get out of bed as I was. We weren’t morning people. When we finally got out of bed you would sit in the kitchen and watch the bunnies outside. There were no bunnies this morning. I know it’s not because they knew, but I like to think that anyway. You sitting in the kitchen when we made food, waving your paw to beg for something. It usually worked, and I’m glad. Sitting at the top of the stairs when I took a shower. You didn’t push the door open today.

Smooshing your face against the side of your soft crate in the car, asking for rubs. That was before we got sturdier crates in the car, to protect you better. I couldn’t protect you from this.

This thing that took you is cruel and horrible. Seems its most common victim is young dogs barely in the prime of their life. Why? I know about grief and that there is no point asking, but why us, why you, what if? I shouldn’t but I ask anyway. I wouldn’t wish this on any dog but why did it have to be you? That is the question I will forever ask.

I take solace in the fact that maybe you will help another dog. You increased the knowledge of the doctors and students trying to save you. A case so rare most vets only see it once in their career and you showed it to several of them. Maybe another dog will live because of you.

I take solace in the fact that I was never angry with you. Sure I’m human and disappointment and emotions happen. But you were the dog who taught me it was always my fault somehow, and so I was never angry with you. You wanted to be right and you were. I told you you were a good girl so many times every day and I wish I could tell you again.

I slept with your favorite toy last night, wishing I could throw it for you just one more time. But you know I would be greedy and want far more than “just one more”. And you would be okay with it.

I see the little pieces of you that you gave to Chandra in your short time with her. Thank you. It helps and hurts at the same time. I’m glad you were friends and wish you were still here to guide her.

You gave me three great teeters in that last snooker run. Just over two years ago you were too afraid to even put a paw on the teeter, and you gave me three great teeters in one run yesterday. I was so proud of you and I made sure you knew it. You always gave me everything you had.

I’m glad we took that last camping trip. I’m glad we took that last hike, the day before you died. We didn’t get to our original destination but we found a place even better. You were so happy. Running and leaping in that meadow with a wild abandon I hadn’t even seen from you before. And you loved to run.

I’m glad I took an interest in photography, just to take better pictures of you. I have a lot of failures of course, but a lot of great ones too. But we still had so many pictures left untaken on our list. I’m glad for every picture though. Especially this one, one of the last pictures I took of you, in that wonderful meadow. Maybe someday I’ll go back and see if I can find you there.

I love you


8/27/11 - 8/19/2016

We’re Starting At The End [ch.9]

edit | art

Summary: The end of the world happens just like it would any other day, leaving Percy stumbling on his own until he runs into Annabeth. But the world isn’t that kind, and building a new life is hard when it keeps crumbling at his fingertips every step of the way. Zombie Apocalypse AU.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The Walking Dead, or anything else you may recognize. The title is from Alone Together by Fall Out Boy.

a/n: Hey, guys! I’m really excited about this new chapter, so make sure to come tell me what you think about it! And just come talk to me about anything!


After his last conversation with Reyna, he starts to keep his distance from her. It’s hard to be around her and see her now. He’s not really sure why, but he’s got a suspicion that it’s his goddamn feelings getting in the way again, and he’s not ready to go back down that road. Look where it ended last time: with her dead and Percy alone. No thanks.

He stops eating at their table, instead getting his rations and going up to the wall for his own watch. He only goes to meetings if it’s necessary for him to be there.

But Reyna isn’t dumb. She starts to notice.

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Anything but Platonic Part Two

note: its literally been 84 years…. but i finally have a part two for this if you dont remember part one (i even had to reread it i knew nothing lmaoo)  ill just leave a link

pairing: ashton and y/n

work count: 1.4k

summary: y/n gets a lil lost and hears some news she wish she never did :/

part one


I should have stayed home were my initial thoughts as Michael and I attempted to find our way back to the cabin after wanting to have “an adventurous hike in the woods.” It made absolutely no sense because I hated the outdoors and the freaky spiders that came with it, and Michael kept complaining about how he somehow forgot sunscreen. He wasn’t his pale self anymore. He was now red and had peeling skin on his shoulders.

As the leaves crunched beneath our feet in a serene sounding way, our annoyed voices masked over it. He yelled at me; I yelled at him. Arguing would lead Michael and I nowhere yet we continued to bicker as the sun began to sit on the horizon. The sky was now pink with purple streaks crossing over it like a beautiful painting. I bet I could appreciate it if Michael would stop grumbling on about how his feet hurt and how we would die in the wilderness.

“Why hasn’t Calum found me yet? He should be missing me right now,” Michael whined, collapsing next to a rock, throwing his face into his hands in frustration. The deep blues of his hair were drenched in sweat as he mumbled on an on about being hungry and wanting to take a nap.

Taking a seat beside Michael against the oddly familiar rock, I said, “Maybe he’s too busy making out with Luke.”

He laughed loudly, causing the birds in the trees above us to fly away into the night. Lucky bastards know where they’re going I thought. I leaned my head onto his shoulder, more tired than he would have been after an intense show. My eyelids droop down, threatening to  put me into sleep, yet I wouldn’t let them. I refused to fall asleep when there was a possibility there could be some sort of bug crawling up my legs as I slept next to Michael on the forest floor.

“I hate us so much,” I whined. “Why did we even go outside?! There isn’t even cell service in this dumb forest and we can’t even find our way out and the sun’s already gone, and those fuckers aren’t even looking for us.”

“I should have joined a phone company who has awesome cell service in the forest. I think I have enough money to afford that.”

Michael leant his heavy head against my own as he lazily played with the ends of my hair. It seemed as if we both have given up ever finding human civilization again. There was no use in trying to find the cabin when the stars were already peeking out from the night sky.

“Maybe we should start walking again,” Michael suggested, rising from his spot on the floor and reaching his hand out to help me up.

I looked around the darker trees, scared to see a pair of glowing eyes back at me before saying, “Okay, which way did we come into this clearing from though?”

“Fuck,” Michael yelled. I guess he didn’t remember either. The two of us continued to drag our weary bodies deeper into the forest or closer to the cabin; we didn’t know.

My converse clad feet dragged against the dead leaves and dirt as Michael hummed one of his new songs and joked about not making it to tour because his corpse needed to be found in the depths of the forest. Cracking a smile, I agreed with his statement.  

Michael swung his sweaty arm around my shoulders, placing all his body weight onto my weak self. Too lazy to push him off into the dirt, I wrapped my arm around his waist as we continued on our stupid journey through the stupid woods. I came out to have a good time camping, eat s’mores and hang out with my boys before they leave and now I’m stuck in a forest, with no s’mores or food, and only left with the one boy who dragged me into this situation.

“You know that game that Phoebe plays in friends? Kinda like this or that, but at a rapid speed.” I nodded my head and stared suspiciously at Michael as he continued to speak. “Let’s play that game. I’ll ask the questions because you’d probably take too long coming up with questions.” Michael smirked at me before saying, “Red or blue?”


“Burgers or fries?”


“Coke or Pepsi?”


“Are you in love with Ashton?”

“Yeah - Oh my God,” I yell, staring wide eyed at a smiling Michael. He had a shit-eating grin that caused his double chin to become more evident as I threw his body off of me, yet he barely lost his balance. He continued to yell and scream “I knew it” as I covered my blushing face with my hands.

“Michael, I hate you with such a burning pass-”

“There’s our cabin! They’re outside by the fire! I’m gonna tell Ashton!” Michael shouted before taking off in the direction of the orangey glow that was surely coming from our bonfire.

Without thinking, my heart was beating against my ribcage as I chased after Michael, who had freakishly long legs compared to me. It was such a task that I was already out of breath when Calum and Luke spotted our running figures in the distance.

They both cheered seeing Michael and I sprinting at them with full force, yet didn’t stop me when I hurled my body as hard as I could to tackle Michael to the grass around the cabin’s lawn. He screeched like a little girl as I clung onto his back like a koala and pressed my body to his aching sunburn, not completing the task that I was looking for. Instead of sending Michael and myself to the ground, I was hanging onto his body for dear life as he attempted to shout Ashton’s name.

I slammed my hand down to clamp his mouth as Luke and Calum watched us with wide eyes, wondering why I was attached to Michael’s body as he muffled a, “Where’s Ashton?” to his friends. Confused, they both pointed to the entrance of the cabin as I started screaming bloody murder, and trying to make myself heavier to weigh down Michael, but he seemed like he was as strong as Mr. Incredible which infuriated me.

Michael bursted through the screen door, me still on his back, but when he accidentally slammed me against the hallway wall, we heard muffled voices coming from Ashton and Dana’s shared bedroom.

I punched Michael’s upper arm, urging him to stay quiet so we could eavesdrop on the conversation between the the two in the bedroom. Michael placed his cold hands under my thighs, holding me more securely as we pressed our ears to the wooden door. It was too late to go back to yelling and running when there was an opportunity to listen in to some great gossip.

“Ashton, Y/N seems a little off to me,” the more feminine voice spoke up, causing me to scoff softly. Michael glared at me, signaling me to shut up and stay quiet.

A loud sigh emitted from Ashton. He seemed so stressed, causing my own heart to break at his distress. “Dana, baby, you have nothing to worry about. I promise you,” Ashton reassured making Michael scoff this time. I slapped him upside his head, my hand slipping slightly from the sweat drenching his hair.

“Ashton, do you not see the way she looks at you? She looks at you the way Michael looks at pizza, or Calum looking at a dog.”

“So, what if she loves me? It’s not like I love her back.”

I frowned, slowly climbing down Michael’s body, not wanting to hear any other words that proved Ashton would never love me. I tried to leave the hallway and trudge back outside, yet Michael grasped my wrist and convinced me to stay. We both hoped that Ashton could climb out of the hole he dug himself.

“Can you do me a favor then? I’m just scared.”

“Yeah of course. What is it?”

“Choose. It’s either me or her because I sure as hell don’t want to be in a relationship where there’s a high risk that you’ll leave me for another girl.”

It hurt to hear such words. Was Dana really going to make him choose? Was Ashton actually going to decide?


ask for a part three!!!!!