we fight in his name

  • [during sex]
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUKE!
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: ...
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: I can explain
  • Naruto: It's a habit
  • Hinata: What?
  • Naruto: No, wait. What I mean is- the only person who shouts my name like that is Sasuke and I usually shout his name too, like, when we fight
  • Hinata: Why?
  • Naruto: I don't know. It's kind of our thing. We've been doing it for years.
  • Naruto: Well, not doing IT, you know, not like we just did. But that name thing, 'it.' I'm not in love with him, I swear! At least, not the same way I'm in love with you.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: I mean, we only kissed once, and it was totally an accident.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: Or, twice, unless you count that other time-
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUK- Hinata, I meant to say Hinata, see? It's like a reflex.
  • Hinata: Go sleep on the couch while I think about this relationship.
  • Naruto: Fine, but can I ask you something?
  • Hinata: *hopeful* Yes?
  • Naruto: By 'this relationship,' did you mean yours and mine or mine and Sasuke's?
  • Hinata: Get out.
"I am so dumb."

Okay, but like the first (and even like the second, third, you can go on) listen to “Marvin Hits Trina,” you’re so up in arms with a deep satisfaction that Whizzer and Trina are finally calling Marvin on his bullshit (We had fights and games / Marvin called us funny names / Marvin always played the clown) and then shock and anger at Marvin for freaking out and hitting Trina. And I’m not trying to justify Marvin’s freak out - it was completely inappropriate. But like, the “I am so dumb” declaration is one of the most important lines of the entire show - especially for Marvin’s development as a character. 

He isn’t /just/ freaking out because of the dissipation of a future that he naively envisioned (a tight-knit family, an ex-wife and lover and son that blindly adored him, making a male housewife out of Whizzer)…

He’s freaking out also because of what Whizzer said and what that means for his previous actions and sacrifices.

Whizzer says, “Do I love him? No.”

And that devastates Marvin. Because if that were true, then that meant Marvin would have to accept that all he did - leave his wife, alienate his kid, tear apart his family - was for nothing. 

It’s clear that Marvin loved Whizzer because he gave up everything for him. And it was in that moment that Marvin realized:

It was all for /nothing/. Whizzer didn’t love him. Like, his entire life is falling apart - and also, he now believes that he ruined his life and isolated himself from his family all for a guy that he loved but didn’t love him back (allegedly, of course).

Marvin says, “I am so dumb.” It’s so significant because throughout the musical, Marvin constantly bragged about being so smart and successful. Even in most of “Marvin Hits Trina,” Marvin is still bragging about himself (accusing Trina of “ruining his seed,” of trying to “make him look bad,” and essentially telling her that he did treat her well with the lyric “how could you ever deny what we had?”). But it takes Whizzer - someone who Marvin dehumanizes and calls stupid and who he obviously thinks is below him - to first knock him down by beating him at chese and then to destroy him further with one word: “[Do I love him?] No.”

Marvin finally feels dumb because now he thinks that Whizzer never loved him, that he threw his life away for a man who truly did not give two shits about him.

That part is so heartbreaking because it’s the peak of Marvin’s character development - Whizzer finally makes him stop blinding himself with all these self-praises and blaming other people for his mistakes in order to soothe his ego by tearing him down with a truth that Marvin had refused to ever accept.

Because if Whizzer didn’t love him, then that meant that Marvin would have to admit that he’s not so smart and desired and deserving of love. He’s “so dumb.” And that’s what makes him freak out. He let himself love and give up everything for someone who never cared, and it’s such a devastating blow to his self-esteem. He’s been “tricked” by some stupid tramp of man - someone that he thought he could always dominate and force his will upon.

I don’t know. It’s the best part of the first act - especially for Marvin as a character. I feel like that was the moment he stopped bullshitting himself and learned to face a very clear fact that everyone knew since the beginning:

Marvin /is/ so dumb.

When Jun and you fight but he still takes care of you

Thank you for requesting! This is my first Seventeen scenario, yay! ^^ If this isn’t what you wanted, please tell me~

the practice video left me shook and weak, holy cow they looked good like??? it’s a blessing tbh

Words: 2001


Requested by anon ♥

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“Are you sure you are okay?” your friend asked you when you aggressively cut the vegetables that were on the cutting board.

“Yeah, all is good,” you said, gritting your teeth.

“Shouldn’t you two talk?” another friend of yours asked when you cut the cucumber in half and the knife made a loud sound when it hit the cutting board.

“No,” you said, cutting the cucumber into smaller pieces. “I’m not talking with him.”

“_____…” your friends sighed. “It’s best to just talk it out.”

“Oh, yeah?” you tightened your grip on the knife. “I don’t think so.”

Your friends figured they wouldn’t be able to make you talk to your boyfriend, Jun, and left the kitchen to take the raw meat and other things that were going to be grilled, outside.

You mumbled to yourself while cutting the rest of the vegetables and putting them all into one bowl to make a salad. While you were mixing the ingredients in the bowl, you looked out of the window in front of you and looked at the group of people outside. Your friends, Jun, and his friends were all there, preparing for dinner. You guys were having a barbecue party at Jun’s family’s cottage. It was a pretty spring afternoon and everyone looked happy. Except for your boyfriend who was sulking.

You two had had a fight the day before. As you both had strong opinions, neither one of you didn’t want to back out or apologize first. Hence, you were not speaking to each other even though it was only the first day of your three-day stay at the cottage.

You went out with the bowl of salad you had made and put it on the table where your friends had already laid out the plates and forks and knives.

“I’ll go get the glasses,” you said after putting the bowl on the table. Your and Jun’s friends looked at you two that didn’t even glance at each other. They were all frustrated with the situation.

You got the glasses from the kitchen and walked outside. You placed the glasses on the table and glanced at Jun who was grilling the meat. He was talking with one of his friends.

Why did we even fight?

“_____?” your friend called your name and you snapped back from your thoughts.

“Hmm?” you hummed, looking at her.

“Could you come help us in the kitchen?” she asked and you went with her.

You thanked for the food and left the table before anyone else. You took your dishes to the kitchen where you placed them in the sink and rinsed them with water. You accidentally dropped your glass, making it break. You cursed under your breath before crouching down to clean up the mess. You took a piece in your hand and it cut your finger. You hissed at the pain. Someone came into the kitchen but you didn’t notice before the person stopped next to you.

“Did you get hurt?” Jun asked, looking at your bloody finger.

You refused to look at him and just got up before washing the blood off. “I’m fine,” you said and he left after leaving his dishes on the counter next to the sink. Soon he came back.

“Here,” he handed you a band aid. You took it and left the kitchen.

“Thanks,” you mumbled quietly on your way out but he didn’t hear it.

“Let’s go watch the stars _____,” your friends suggested. It was almost midnight and you were tired and a little cold so the suggestion didn’t seem too appealing.

“Please come with us,” they begged. “This is a rare opportunity!”

“Can’t we do this tomorrow?”

“It’s not the same thing!”

In the end, they managed to convince you into coming outside to watch the stars with the others. You didn’t put on your jacket or a hoodie since you thought you’d just come back after a few minutes. So, you went outside, wearing only a pretty thin long-sleeved shirt and a pair of sweatpants.

“Look at that!” your and Jun’s friends were super excited about the moon and the stars while you were shocked by how chilly it was outside. You were about to go back but your friends dragged you out.

“You already came out!”

“But I-“

“Look,” your friend smiled and pointed at the sky that was lit with millions of stars and the beautiful moon. You looked at the sky and smiled a bit. Your friends left you and walked around the yard. You stood in the same spot, admiring the stars. Then you remembered how cold it was and shivered.

“Here,” a voice said and you turned around, only to find Jun standing in front of you, offering you his jacket.

“No thanks,” you said stubbornly even though his big, comfy jacket looked really warm.

He took a step closer to you and without a word, put his jacket on your shoulders. “You shouldn’t catch a cold. We still have two more days to go.”

You looked at him and he looked at you. “Thanks.”

“Well, yeah, I have to take care of you since you can’t do so yourself,” he said, making you frown. “I’m sorry,” he said apologetically and grabbed your cold hands.

“I’m not sure if I’ll accept your apology,” you said.

He made a weird sound while pouting.

“I’m not going to fall for your aegyo Junhui,” you gave him a look.

“Are you sure?” he asked with a cute voice and slowly came closer to you.

“Hmm,” you hummed when he was getting closer and closer.

“Please?” he looked really apologetic.

“Okay,” you said after a bit. “I forgive you.” 

He smiled a bit and leaned even closer. Now your faces were only a few centimeters apart and you thought he would kiss you so you closed your eyes.

“What about you?” he asked instead of kissing you.

“What?” you opened your eyes, surprised.

“You should apologize too!” he stated.


“JUST MAKE UP ALREADY!” your friends yelled at you from a distance and you looked into their direction before looking at Jun again.

“I’m sorry Junhui,” you apologized and actually felt better after doing so. “I said some pretty stupid things.”

“Me too,” he admitted and you looked at each other. You leaned closer to each other and kissed.

“Apology accepted,” he said with a grin after ending the kiss.

“Apology accepted,” you told him the same and you two looked at the stars for a bit before going in. You went to bed and cuddled until you fell asleep.

Still more of the Sheith soulmates AU

Still pondering title possibilities. Still writing a Voltron fanfic featuring Shiro and Keith as soulmates. Still T-rated. Still interested to hear feedback.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Keith drove south, keeping away from roads as much as possible. He had a destination in mind, if he could find it again after so many years.

About three hours later, he spotted what looked like a light in the distance. As he got closer, he realized that the light was the moon reflecting off of something. He approached more slowly, not wanting to run into anyone.

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Kol Mikaelson in every episode (TVD 3x19 Heart of Darkness)

To further explain the sheriff deputies statement in my last post, there was a period of about 6 months when I was 16 in which we regularly interacted with the local police, fire and ambulance services.

Car accidents, sword fights, falling off of roofs, illegal music festivals in barns. Also, we would seem to attract fights. Wherever we would go for lunch a fight would happen. We got to know the Deputy pretty well, his name was Stacey and he would just nod at us while breaking up the mayhem and we would eat our Chicken strip sandwiches,

Now my brethren who stand on the table of war and the kneel before the alter of sacrifice; let us pray.

Our father who sit idle on his throne, blessed be we who fight in his name on this nameless battlefield. Blessed be we who bring glorious damnation to those who would oppose your might. Please aid us in our tasks as we are small, flawed things that only aim to bring death to the alien, the witch, and the heretic.
Give unto us your indomitable will to fight and die to further your holy Imperium.

Deliver us from those who would subvert your rule, deliver us from they who actively seek to topple humanity from its rightful galactic mastery, and allow us to continue our grand crusade across the galaxy.

We humbly beg you to watch over us and grant us the strength to die righteous deaths and give ourselves to you in holy service to mankind and it’s master.

We pray this now, in the heat of battle, in the dead of night, in the toughest of perils, and the loneliest watchtowers so that you may shine your glory upon us.


-Commissar Edwards before leading a charge against Tau battlements.
(I’m fine by the way, we kicked their asses)


└ It takes close calls to open up one’s heart voice ne~ V(^o^)V

Cr: VS Arashi 18.08.2016


When I first created this URL it was a silly joke made in absolute celebration. Watching Monaco at 4:30am jumping up and down, cheering as loud as I could while being careful to not wake up my parents, and celebrating with all of you over his victory. This is a memory I will never forget. Watching Jules score those points and thinking, “I am witnessing history in the making, this is Jules first step.” This feeling was bigger than watching Vettel be crowned a 4 time World Champion, or seeing Mercedes chase down the perfect season. For seem reason this felt a thousand times more special, it felt so real. Jules touched all our lives as race fans for some reason. As much as we are all devoted to the big names like Hamilton or Alonso, Ferrari and Williams, we could all somehow feel how much potential was in Jules Bianchi. Even driving at the back of the grid not getting much broadcast time, his presence was there.
October 5th, 2014 was a day unlike any other for the younger generation of race fans such as myself. We had never witnessed something that major before. We all grew up watching the documentaries and old footage of names like Senna, and seeing Niki Lauda’s scarred face every race weekend. We had never fully experienced anything like that before right in front of us though, not knowing what the outcome would be. I can remember not sleeping. Just staring at my computer through my tears waiting for some update from anywhere to tell me it was all going to be okay. That’s what we were all so used to before.
In the following days/weeks/months I had never seen a community come out in such force as us race fans, trying to figure out how to deal with it and carry on. The immediate and overwhelming support that followed from drivers, teams, and fans alike was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed. That was all because of Jules. His spirit was something almost tangible to even people who had never met him. Something you couldn’t help but be drawn to. He was a fighter, and strong. Someone we could all look up to and admire. That’s what I hope we can all take away from this tragedy. Do not let Jules’ beautiful, courageous spirit die. His fight may be over, but we have the chance to carry on his name. To keep his passion alive in all of us, to motivate us to keep striving for more. We can make sure the name Jules Bianchi never dies out. May his body rest in peace, but his spirit live on.

His name is Nick

We were fighting some Zombies, pretty run of the mill low level mobs, and the tank of the group stabbed one clean through with a sword. My character is a small goblin rogue named Lulu.

Dm: The sword is inches from your face, Lulu

Lulu: (jokingly) h-haha you’ve got a nick in your blade there- (points to sword)

Zombie: H-how’d you know my name? (promptly dies)

Lulu: Weeps openly Nick-! Noooo!!

Alyssa Velaryon & Rhaena Targaryen

(AO3 Mirror)

When this new babe stirred in her womb, what Alyssa remembered most was how it felt the first time a babe stirred in her womb, eight-and-twenty years ago.

“Are you praying for a son?” asked her firstborn, the woman who had once been that babe eight-and-twenty years ago.

“I’m praying for a healthy child.”

“Lord Baratheon must be praying for a son. After all, a son would make so many things easier.”

I have brothers, and they have plenty of sons between them, Robar had insisted, when Alyssa protested that she was too old to be his wife, too old to provide the childless Lord of Storm’s End with an heir.  

When her babe kicked, what Alyssa remembered most was Rhaena’s face the first time her twins kicked. “Mother. Oh, Mother,” Rhaena said, wonder, fear and exultation flitting across her face, one by one.

On their grandmother’s insistence, Rhaena’s twins were carefully marked with red and black string respectively, never to be taken off their wrists, to denote the order of birth. “There could be a question of succession later,” Alyssa said, “and we must be clear on who is the elder girl.”

“That will not be an issue. We’ll have plenty of sons later,” Aegon had said complacently, kissing Rhaena’s brow.

Aegon did not live long enough to father any son.

I tried, Rhaena. I tried and I failed. It was difficult to rally people to fight to put a little girl on the throne. And it became impossible after Maegor named Aerea his heir. How could we fight a rebellion against Maegor in the name of the child Maegor already claimed as his heir? Even if it was a lie, even if it was only his dirty trick, it was still a powerful lie.

She had to choose. She chose the possible over the impossible. She chose the path most likely to save them all, Rhaena and her twin daughters included.

Yet she was still haunted by the thought of Rhaena’s unspoken condemnation. You chose your son over your daughter and your granddaughters, Mother.

“I chose too,” Rhaena said. She had supported her brother’s proclamation to sit the Iron Throne. “I chose my daughters’ safety over Aerea’s birthright.”

Alyssa thanked the gods Rhaena never had to choose which child would live or die. Alyssa had to choose. She chose the children she could save over the one she could not.

Viserys’ screams and cries haunted her still. You chose Jaehaerys and Alysanne over me, Mother.

“That was never your choice, Mother. That was never a choice at all. That was the monster and his cruel malice.”

“Tell me what he did to you, Rhaena.” They had never truly spoken of it, of Rhaena’s time as one of Maegor’s Black Brides.

“He didn’t break me. He tried his best, but he failed. You taught me to be strong, Mother. You taught me to endure, to survive.”

Saved (Fred Weasley Imagine)

All credit for this post goes to weasleycuddles !!!(:


The moment I met Fred sparks flew, literally, but that moment was created in a different form, through out a war, the great wizarding war.

Fire flew over my head as smoke was rushing up to the ceiling. I was running through the halls crowded with people, searching for Fred. I needed to find Fred, we need to fight this together. Before I knew it I was yelling his name frantically racing through the halls, my (h/c) hair followed me swinging left and right. I suddenly heard a screech behind me, turning around I saw the only thing I wouldn’t want to see, a death eater…

“Well hello miss (y/n),” it said in the most horrifying voice ever known to man kind. I lifted my wand raising it towards its dark chest. This couldn’t be happening, where was Fred? Its ugly figure swiftly pushed towards me coming closer to me “Weasle B isn’t here to save you now,” it said preparing its self to finish me off. The next thing I knew, It shot me down causing me to fall, crashing down I gripped my side, red liquid bleeding through my shirt. I stayed there laying on the floor, my body pressed up to the cold stone wall shaking in fear reaching for my wand; which felt a million miles away. “Say goodbye you dirty Mudblo-” and in that moment Fred came leaping into the room casting a killing spell. The death eater disintegrated, it’s whole body died causing fire to rise once again. I looked at Fred standing feet away from me. He looked as he crawled out of a dirt hole, his red hair nearly brown, clothes ripped, smoke blotches smeared on his exposed skin, and red blood oozed down is arm dripping to the floor. I rose trembling from what happened, I eyed Fred who didn’t move.
“(y/n)!” He yelled running towards me wrapping his long arms around my small body. “What were you thinking? You were almost killed!” He said pulling apart. Tears formed in his eyes. “I- I thought you were de- dead, I can’t lose you now, I just can’t (y/n), don’t ever leave me again,” he said once again pulling me into a bone crushing hug. These times were the only times I saw Fred cry, unless it was stress from WWW or school, or even me. But now he let go, slowly intertwining our fingers with one another. His body relaxed taking a deep breath. “Fred Weasley, every time we meet I swear I see sparks fly,” I said giggling “I guess it’s my reputation,” he said pecking my stinging cheeks.
I looked at him right in the eye, taking his cheek in my hand running my thumb over it, wiping the tears away. I felt him grin as he looked to his shoes then back up at me saying, “the things I do for you (y/n).”

~weasleycuddles //gracie\
~I really liked writing this one☺️
these were two combined btw


For a boy I never knew
Now I never will

For the peace
That he deserves

Until his parents finally realize
That their beautiful baby girl
Is in fact
A beautiful baby boy
And he should be respected
And cared for
His death could have been prevented
But only if they had accepted
As their perfect child
As their SON

Until everyone knows
His name
His story
He is important
He will be remembered
To prevent this from happening again

Until the time comes when
No one is scared
No one is hurt
Because of who they are
Of something they cannot control

For every child
Regardless of
We are all

Until there are no suicides
No lives taken by
Hurt and abused children
No hate crimes
Committed by selfish
Close-minded people
Unable to accept the fact
That humans love

Let me make myself clear
Until hate and prejudice is eliminated from this world
Until the day when every child can live without fear

We must come together
As one unstoppable force
And simply
To be with
Any human
In trouble
To support
Everyone in need

Until their stories are
Shouted from mountaintops
Be remembered
In our
Never forget




Caught My Eye

Imagine: Being a waitress at a diner for hunters (silver and iron silverware, holy water to drink, plenty of salt everywhere, a devils trap on a doormat, and of course pie) and serving Sam and Dean and Dean and you hitting it off.

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1330

(A/N): Comments are always welcome :)


I considered myself an ordinary person working in a bar. But never did it hit me that other people wouldn’t exactly consider this ordinary. I was raised in a hunter family and I knew all about the supernatural beings. When it came to choosing between going on hunts with my family and doing random research, I always chose later. That’s how I ended up getting a job in a hunter bar and I was happy with it.

It was just a regular bar, normal people could get in. What made it special is that it had a demon trap under a mat at every entrance. Salt was around every window, all silverware was made of silver (some was iron, too) and it served people holy water, not regular, unholy water. Nothing stood out in that bar and I liked my job. There was dealing with a drunk hunter here and there, but I got used to that.

Then one night someone caught my eye. 

The two caught my eye as soon as they entered. I never saw them here and that would classify as weird. It’s not like many new people passed through this place. One guy was taller, he wore a black T-shirt that showed off his muscles, his longish brown hair was behind his ears and he carried laptop in his hands. The other one was a bit shorter, but looked older. He wore plaid shirt and jeans, his hair was blond and he had gorgeous green eyes. They looked around the bar and sat next to the pool table. I stopped staring at them and went to serve them.  

“Hello, what can I get you? Just to tell you, we have a killer apple pie, if you’re interested.” I gave them a wink and waited for an order.

“We’ll take two beers and a slice of your killer apple pie.” The shorter one spoke and gave me a smile that made me weak at my knees. 

“Coming right up.“ 

I came behind the bar and opened two beers for them. Then I procceeded to take a slice of pie and put a clean silver fork next to it. I took the check and brought it to them. 

"Enjoy yourself. I’ll be right there if you need anything.” I smiled politely and left them there.

I continued doing the usual work that needed to be done, like cleaning the glasses and bringing drink to people that needed it. The two hunters that caught my eye were now playing pool with some usual guests. They were winning and it became obvious that this wasn’t their first game. Suddenly, the blond one caught me staring and gave me a wink. I was shocked, but it made me blush, so I put my head down to hide it.

“How about you and I play some pool?” I looked up to see those gorgeous green eyes staring at me. 

“I’m a little bit busy and I can’t leave my workplace just to play a game with you." 

"Oh, come on. Live a little, I think hey can survive without you for 10 minutes. It’s just enough time for me to beat you." 

"Really? How do you know I’m not gonna beat you?” I started to flirt back now.

“I can beat anyone in this bar, including my brother over there and I learned him how to play. I’ll make you a bet. If I win, you’ll let me buy you a drink.” He streched his hand for me to shake it.

“And what if I win?" 

"I’ll help you clean this whole place when everyone leaves.” From my point of view, it was a win-win situation and I knew that’s what he went for.

“Deal.” I took his hand and shook it.

“I’m Dean, by the way.”


We walked up to a table and he collected the balls with his hands. Now that was a move that I haven’t seen in a long time. He gave me a cue stick and let me play first. 

“May the best person win.” He pointed to himself.

Little did he know that he wasn’t the first one that dared me to play. I use to play it quite a lot and I was good. But he was even better. I could see that this is the kind of thing that he does all the time. I gave the ball a good punch and it sent the rest of the balls flying all over the table. I positioned myself so I could punch the next ball. I felt Dean watching me and I just had to comment.

“If you continue to watch me like that your eyes are gonna fall out." 

"I’m just concentrating on the game.” He gave a valid answer.

“Yeah, game my ass.” I miscalcuated everything and my white ball ended up in the hole.

“I could concentrate on that next, if you wanna.” I heard him answer before taking the white ball out from a hole and putting it back on he table. It didn’t take him long to put four balls in their holes. I was amazed at the precision that he had.

“Hey, I’m just going back to the hotel.” I heard a voice behind me and that made Dean miss his target.

“Dammit Sammy, look what you did. I’ll see you later.” Dean gave him a pat on the shoulder and returned back to play with me. “If it weren’t for my brother, this game would have already been over.”

“Don’t be mad, it happens to the best of us.” I smiled and started to play. Dean stretched and his shirt lifted a little, so I could see his abs. I returned my focus to the game and put the ball in the hole.

“That is called distracting an opponent and I am pretty sure it’s not fair play.”

“What? I didn’t do anything.” He smirked. 

I decided that it was time to end this game. I tried my best to remember every move that I learned in my days of playing. Somehow, I got lucky and won the game. The look on Dean’s face was priceless. 

“I guess I’m not cleaning this dirthole alone tonight.” I smiled and put the stick on the table.

“You know that you won only because I let you?” He followed me behind the bar.

“Whatever makes you sleep better at night.” I gave him a trashbag and sent him to clean the tables that had mostly beer bottles on them. 

I didn’t even notice how late it was and that everyone already left. I took a cloth and started to wipe the tables. 

“So why are you here?” I wanted to fill the silence.

“Because you beat me at a game of pool.” Smartass.

“Not that.” I laughed a little. “You and Sammy, I never saw you two around here and I was wondering what brought you here.”

“His name is Sam. We just finished fighting a hell of a werewolf not far from here, so we wanted to celebrate.” He put the bag down and I heard some glass shattering. “Sorry.”

“Just leave it there and I’ll take it out later. I think we’re done for the night, thanks for help. I’m sure your brother will be worried about you." 

I walked up to him and wanted to take the bag from him, but he didn’t let me. I found myself staring at his eyes again, but my eyes trailed down to his lips. I really wondered if he’ll go for it or won’t.

"He’s used to it.” Dean said and crashed his lips with mine. The kiss was passionate and it made me drop the bag with bottles. My fingers trailed up his toned hands and ended up in his hair. He put his hands on my lower back. After a while, we separated to take a breath.

“Maybe you can spend the night at my place, so you don’t disturb Sam this late?"  

"I’d like that.”

Monsters Aren't Real [5sos Imagine/Au]

in the spirit of halloween (even tho i shouldn’t/don’t celebrate it. woohoo)


It was a dark and chilly night and you were driving home from work. The job wasn’t special, you worked as a waitress/hostess at a resturant in the center of town. You only worked the night shift since it’s the only postion that seemed to be open in the entire town of Forks. You thanked those dumb Twilight movies for that. People thought it’d be cool to move here after the hit movies were released, not realizing the town was nothing like it’s fictional replica. There were no handsome werewolves or weirdly cute vampires. It’s just a regular ol’ boring town that was much easier to survive in financially before all the fans moved in.

You were driving on one of the many dark, vacant roads in the town when you started to hear a weird noise. Nothing but the forest surrounded the roads so your first thought was that it was an animal, but as the sound went on you realized it didn’t sound much like any animal you’ve ever heard. It sounded more like someone put a coin in an empty can and shook it, but more muffled like they had their hand over the can while doing it. Your car began to shake. It was an old truck that one of your dad’s friends gave you as a “welcome home” gift when you arrived here for school. You were living in Arizona with your mom, but things changed and it became more difficult for you to stick around there so you decided to go to college in your hometown to give her a break.

The truck started to slow down and after a quick glance at your dash it all started to make sense. The pointer on your fuel gauge was far behind the E, making you regret being too laxy to get gas after your shift was over. You just wanted to hurry up and get home so you can go to sleep and thought you could make it on the small amount of gas, but now you were paying the price for being wrong about that.

“Oh, no. No, no, no, no.” Your car was beginning to slow down so you pressed your foot on the gas pedal hard. It sped up for a few seconds before completely stopping in the middle of the road.

You immediately grabbed your cell phone out of the purse laying on the passenger seat and unlocked it to call your dad. He might already be asleep but you desperately needed his help. Other than this incident, you made smart and responsible decisions so you knew he wouldn’t be upset about getting up to come help you. Plus, you’re his daughter, he kinda has to.

“Of course.” you said after realizing you had no signal in the spot you were in. It was such a typical and unfortunate situation that you were in. There was no way in hell that you were going to step foot out of your car so your best bet was to wait for someone to drive down this road. You knew it’d be a while since no one took this road this late. You’d most likely have to wait until dawn, which sucked. Waiting on a dark road alone in your car was not how you wanted to spend your night. It wasn’t even close.

It had been a couple of minutes of sitting in your car when you thought you saw something. It wasn’t another car.. you think. You actually couldn’t make it out. It was sort of a blur but it went past your car and now you felt even worse about being stuck in this spot. You saw it again, going past the front of your car this time then, again, on your left side. The same weird figure kept appearing going pass the front of your car and both sides. It came to a point where you were beyond paranoid, looking all around you to see where it’d appear again. As you were looking through your rearview mirror trying to catch another glipse a figure appeared next to you out of thin air. You jumped and out your chest to your heart. It may be your nerves playing tricks on you but you were positive that you didn’t see anyone walk up to your car. You didn’t even see a car pull up for anyone to walk from.

As your heart rate slowed, you looked through your closed window and up at the man who stood on the other side of it. It was dark out, but your headlights were still on so you could make him out. He stood over six feet tall with a blonde hair that stood up on top of his head, making him seem even taller. He wore all black; black tee, black jeans, with a black leather jacket to match. He had fair skin with a little stubble growing on his face. A black lip ring sat in his bottom lip and a  smirk was plastered on his face as he looked at you with blue eyes that seemed to glow under the night sky. You were kinda in a daze as you looked at him, not only because he was attractive, but because you were  wondering how you had never seen him in the small town and why he was in the middle of the woods by himself at night.

You must’ve been staring for a long time because he tapped the glass of your window, which startled you. He chuckled at how scared you were before his mouth began to move and a muffled voice came through your ears.

“Do you need any help?” he asked. He had an avcent that you’d only heard on tv or in the movies. It definitely wasn’t one that anyone in town had. You thought about his offer for a second. You were stranded in your spot until you could get some gas or a ride and he didn’t seem like he could provide either. Also, something about him just didn’t seem right. Even if he was handsome with an intriguing accent, you didn’t get a good vibe from him.

“No, I’m fine. Just wanted a place to think, you know? Thanks for asking, though.” you told him. His smirk fell and a look of realization crossed his face.

“Well.. since you don’t want to go on with my little act…” Without warning he smashed your window and grabbed you by your jacket, lifitng you up and out of the car. Your eyes were wide as he held you in the air, eyes bluer than ever with a devilish grin placed on his face. You were so in shock that you couldn’t move or speak. Fear took over your body so much that it paralyzed you and took away the voice that you were never scared to use before.

“Hm. You’re kinda cute, you know? Wouldn’t mind having you as my mate.” he said. Right after he did two razor sharp teeth seemed to grow out of his mouth, resting over his bottom lip. Your eyes only got wider as your fight or flight response kicked in. You started to yell and hit at his arms as your legs kicked him. He laughed, revealing that you were actually doing nothing of harm to him.

“Fiesty, too? I’m going to have fun with you.” His mouth opened and he moved his head towards you. You didn’t know what to do or what was going to happen next but you felt like death was in your near future. Either that or.. something worse.

Before he could harm you, a force hit him, knocking you both to the ground but making him fly a little past you. At first you didn’t know what it was but when you looked to see where the man had gone, you saw him face to face with a wolf. The wolf was huge, with beautiful sandy brown fur and a bandana tied around it’s neck. It looked back at you and you could vividly see speckles of both green and brown in it’s eyes, thanks to the headlights of your truck that were still on. It seemed to check to make sure you were okay, before turning back around.

The man who had just tried to attack you was standing now, facing the massive wolf as it growled at him. It confused and scared you that the man didn’t run. Here he was, face to face with a huge animal that could easily kill him and he didn’t even make an effort to move. At some point it clicked in your mind that he felt like he had a chance and you grew more scared thinking about what he’d do to you if he happened to win the battle against such a beast.

“I thought we had this discussion before, Luke.” Your head turned in the opposite direction to see the figure of another man walking up. You had to wait until he was in your headlights’ path to see what he looked like. His hair was black, with a patch of blonde on top; a weird placement but it worked for him. He wore black jeans and matching shoes with a grey tank. His skin was perfectly tanned and he had very defined arm muscles, ones you could only get from doing strenuous upper body work, but they still fit his tall and slim body perfectly. It didn’t click until he looked at you with his brown eyes and his cute button nose and plump lips came into view, that you had seen him before.

It was a relief to see that he was a familiar face. It made you feel a little safer. You’ve seen him working on cars in the neighborhood before. He didn’t say much, always glancing up and catching you looking at him only to look back down to focus on the car in front of him. You were intrigued by his work, how he knew cars so well with no professional training. He always seemed to get the cars running perfectly before he left the premises and he only charged a fraction of what he deserved. When he worked on your dad’s car you tried to slip him some extra cash but he declined, saying that what your dad had given him was emough but it didn’t seem that way to you.

“How many times do we have to have this fight?” Calum, what you think his name was, asked as he looked at the man now. “You just can’t seem to stay on your side of town.” he finished.

“C'mon, Cal. We were just having a little fun.” he replied. We?

Soon after the words left his mouth another man appeared out of thin air next to him. His skin was pale. He had black hair with blue and red streaks, mesmerizing bright green eyes and thin pink lips. He wore all black with a leather jacket like his friend, only his shirt had some type of red design on it. He glanced at you then back at Calum, now seeming annoyed with the whole thing.

“Speak for yourself, Luke. Look, I’ve got him, okay? He won’t be a problem anymore.” the pale one said.

“You’ve said that before. If this happens one more time..”

“Like I said, he won’t be a problem anymore. C'mon, Luke.” Luke looked at you one last time as you remained sitting on the cold asphalt in the middle of the street. A smirk grew on his lips before he vanished, his friend doing the same slightly after.

Your mind was going in all types of directions as Calum walked over to you. The wolf ran off into the woods, leaving the two of you alone.

“Are you okay? Can you drive home?” he asked, kneeling to look you in your eyes.

“Um-um, yeah, I’m fine, but.. my-my car, it’s out of gas.” you told him. You were still startled by everything that had just went on. You wanted to believe this was all some crazy dream caused by sleep deprivation but it felt too real for you to even try to believe that.

Calum nodded before he went to your car. He got your phone and your bag out of it and took your keys out of the ignition, making everything dark around you, only having the light from the moon and the stars to see your surroundings. He pocketed your keys before he put your phone into your bag and walked back to you, handing it to you.

“Thank you.” you said to him.

“I’m going to take you home.” he said, putting on your hood afterwards. He lifted your body off the ground bridal style and held you firmly in his arms. You wrapped yours around his neck, not knowing what to expect. You couldn’t really see past your oversized hood but it felt like he was running. A few minutes later the feeling stopped and he put you down. You took your hood off and looked around, surprised. Somehow you both were now in front of your house.

“How did you-”

“I’ll bring your car here as soon as I can. Just stay in tonight, please? It’s.. not safe out here.” he told you. He took your keys out of his pocket and opened the door for you.

“Um, thank you.. again.” you told him.

“Don’t worry about it. Just.. doing my job.” he replied. Before you could say anything he rushed you inside and closed the door behind you. You locked it and went upstairs to your room. As you stripped out of your clothes and got into your warm bed, you thought back to tonight’s events. So many strange things happened. You wanted answers for all of them.. and you were determined to get them.

Jon Snow Request

Hi love do you think you could do a reader X Jon snow where the reader grew up with the Starks and her and Jon we’re together before he left ?  and finally sees Jon after the battle of the bastards ?

AN: I loved writing this! Thanks for the request

*6 years ago*

You sadly laid in the fur blankets snuggling into them for warmth fighting off the cold against your bare body. You watched as Jon slept, trying to memorize every feature on his face. A tear leaked from your eye and suddenly a thumb was at your face wiping it away and you saw Jon’s eyes were now open. “What’s the matter my love?”

You grabbed his hand and held it against your face, “I don’t want you to leave,” you fought off more tears. “I don’t know what I’ll do once you’re gone.” He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his chest.

“Y/N, I can’t stay here with you, as much as I want to. I have nothing going here for me.”

“But you have me.”

“And that’s more than I ever thought I’d have. But I can never give you the life you want, the life you deserve.”

“I understand what you feel, and I won’t ask you to stay again but just know that I don’t want any life that you aren’t in,” your tears dropped onto his bare chest.

“Y/N, I will love you forever, truly. I will think about you every day and about the amazing night we shared last night.”

“And I’ll do the same. I love you so much, Jon.”

“I love you too,” you could hear the sadness he fought off in his voice.

A couple hours later you watched as he separated from his father and headed North with his Uncle; away from Winterfell and away from you.


You and other inhabitants of Winterfell had hidden under the castle as the battle raged on. “Lady Y/N, what shall we do,” Raemont said. The old man had been a hand to the castle since you arrive here as a child.

“Nothing for now Raemont. We need to stay undercover and protect ourselves. The Bolton forces have too many weapons and people for us to do anything at the moment, it’s too dangerous to have you all fight. We can only pray to the Gods that Jon wins.” Saying his name out loud brought a pain to your heart.

When the Bolton’s had taken over Winterfell the people secretly looked to you for guidance. You were raised by the Starks and you were, in their eyes, their Lady of Winterfell. Finally the sounds of fighting stopped. You let go of the small child on your lap and set him with the women of the castle you had know for years, “Stay here with everyone.”

“Where are you going m’lady,” Raemont asked.

“I’m going to see what’s happening. Do not come out until I return,” you told them and crept up the stairs. Through the window you saw a true miracle. Bolton’s men laid dead everywhere, Ramsey was being taken away, badly beaten, to be held, and standing in the middle of the yard was someone you never thought you’d see.


You went to the stairs and yelled down, “It’s safe to come up,” you told them and walked out slowly into the yard. Jon’s back was turned to you as you walked out. He looked the same, his broad figure and his curly dark hair. Slowly, all his men saw you and watched silently as you stopped and watched Jon. Jon saw his men’s gazed and turned around.

His dark eyes locked onto yours.

All at once you both ran towards each other, tears spilling from your eyes, as you jumped onto him and hugged him tight.

“I thought I’d never see you again,” you cried onto his shoulder.

“When Bolton took the castle I thought you were dead,” he cried. “But, you’re ok.” He sat you down and held your shoulders tight in his hands, looking you over. “You are ok, right? He didn’t harm you?”

“I’m ok. I’m ok. When I heard you were coming with an army I didn’t believe it at first. And then I heard you were done at the Wall and you were with Sansa. What happened?”

“I’ll get into the detail later but I’ve been discharged from the Wall. My watch has ended for good. I’m home now,” his eyes crinkled as he grinned. “There’s some people I want you to meet,” he lead you over and introduced you to Sir Davos and Tormound.

“It’s so nice to meet you two,” you shook their hands. “I look forward to meeting the rest of your men.” The others you were with had finished filling out of the castle and stood in the yard looking at you and Jon. “Please, if you or your men need anything,” you said to Davos and Tormound, “find me or any of my people. We’ll help however we can. Jon, I’d like you to meet someone also.” You looked back to your people and smiled at the 5 year old boy by everyone. You waved him over and knelt by him.

“Jon,” your voice cracked, “this is Eddard Robbert Snow; your son.”

Jon’s face shifted to shock and amazement. “My…my son?”

“I didn’t write to tell you about Ned because I knew you’d want to leave the wall and I didn’t want you killed,” you rose up and told him. He wrapped you in his arms again.

“It’s ok. I understand and I’m here now.” He let go of you and knelt down to the 5 year old’s level. “Ned, it’s nice to meet you, son. I am so sorry I haven’t been here but you don’t have to worry about that anymore, ok?” Little Ned nodded and hugged Jon. Jon looked shocked at first since he didn’t expect it but slowly his face relaxed and he hugged Ned tighter.

“Ned, honey, Rena is going to take you to your room for the night. Jon, I think we have some work to do,” you smiled at the sight before you.

Captain Romanoff and the Avengers

“It’s going to be all right, Tony. We’ll make it all right.”

“I know, Clint, it’s just, this is all my fault.”

“It wasn’t,” Bruce said. “He knew the risks. It wasn’t you.”

“Steve wouldn’t want you to blame yourself,” Natasha said.

“He’d be adamant you didn’t,” Sam said.

“He always was reckless,” Bucky said. “Even when he was a kid. I never imagined he’d make it this far.”

“We’ll be grateful for what he did,” Rhodey said. “Always.”

“Do not fear, Tony,” Thor said. “We shall find a way.”

“Until then we honour him by fighting in his name,” Wanda said.

“A braver man I have never met,” Vision said. 

“You lot are all talking like I’m dead, it’s only a cold.”

“Shush, you’re dying,” Tony said. “You’re dying and it’s all my fault.”

“It’s only a cold, big deal, I’ve had worse. Achoo!”

“Bless you. Who amomg us is worthy to take up the Captain America mantle? Clint, you’re a good man, with your aim you could throw the shield.”

“No thanks, too much pressure. Bucky?”

“I can’t. Steve, my best friend, I can’t.”

“Sure you could.”

“Shut up Steve, you’re dead.”

“I’m fine. I’m not on my death bed, let me go fight.”

“No. And I’m only a Sergeant. Sam?”

“I would. But I’m not worthy enough to follow Steve. Rhodey?”

“Being Captain America is not something I could do. Besides, it would be like being demoted. Bruce?”

“I have a slightly different skill set, I’m better as me. Tony?”

“I can’t, it’s my fault he’s not able to do it himself. Thor?”

“I may be worthy of Mjolnir, but I am not worthy of the shield. Vision?”

“Perhaps someone more human, Wanda?”

“I’m not a leader. Natasha? You’re the only one left.”

“I’m Russian.”

 "Yeah, well, my parents were Irish immigrants, it’s not about America, it’s about the ideals, freedom, justice, all that, please just do this Nat, or better yet, admit this cold is nothing and let me.“

“But it’s what Steve would want. I’ll do it for him. For Steve.”

“For Steve,” they all echoed.

“I hate you all.”


Natasha threw the shield, knocking the last robot down. 

“Looking good, Nat,” Clint said. “Suits you.”

“It’s too big.”

“It’ll shrink in the wash.”

“I think Steve might kill us.”

“He’s already going to kill us.”

“Should have listened to Bruce then. Reporters on route.”

“You’re in charge.”

“But Captain Romanoff fits so well.”

“He’s right,” Bruce said, changing back from the Hulk and catching the shirt Rhodey threw at him. “It does.”

“I could get used to it,” Sam said. “But reporters.”

“Captain Rogers-”

“Hi,” Natasha said, taking off the helmet. “Long story short, Steve has a cold, I’m covering for him.”

“She’s Captain Romanoff today,” Clint said. “Captain Romanoff and her loyal sidekicks, the Avengers.”

“Team. We’re a team.”

“Yeah, you’re right, Wanda’s way too cool to be a sidekick.”

“So,” Sam said. “It’s Captain Romanoff and the Avengers. I like the sound of that.”