we elected him

I owe you a YOOGE thanks.

You really did a number on that old loser.

Without you, I never could have gotten the nomination.


Aww, you’re feeling left out, aren’t you?

Well, that’s just perfect.

After all, I’ve only got 269 electoral college votes.

I still need one more…


Sometimes terrible things happen in our clinics that no one can prevent or change. Those cases hurt the worst.
Our beloved clinic cat, Fennwick, was attacked by a new dog in our lobby last week. He was grabbed off of our reception counter by his head. You can see the fracture to his C1 on the left side. He was laterally recumbent and though he was aware of us, it became apparent after a few days that he was not going to recover. We elected to euthanize him to end his suffering.

He was a greeter, and a socializer, and a comfort to many who came through our doors. His love for all treats and his aggressive tactics to get you to oblige brought smiles to everyone’s face. His chirp for a meow is something I will never forget.

This is so important always. Keep your dogs restrained when you come to any clinic. Especially when the dog is new to you and new to the clinic. Keep your dog kenneled, leashed, and under your watch at all times.
We might still have our big cat otherwise.😭

72% youth voter turnout!!!!! highest voter turnout since 1992!!!!! of all the things to come out of this election this is what i’m the most proud of.

the youth has rejuvinated the left almost single-handedly. time to wrestle our country back from the old, gnarled grip of the soporific past

“America should have known what to expect when they elected Trump..”


The electoral college put his ass there. The people who voted did NOT. Every polling site shows Clinton won by a minimum of 1% for solely the popular vote.

There have been at least 2 OTHER INCIDENTS in history where the popular vote chose one president but the politicians behind the electoral college chose someone else.

I think this election is a PRIME example of why we need to ditch the electoral college and rely solely on the popular vote. The electoral college was made in a time when it was difficult to spread information quickly and only a select few had access to the political knowledge we have today.

Even if someone doesn’t have a smart phone or computer, most have access to a television to watch the news reports on presidential candidates, and possibly some form of a computer (even if it’s only a public access computer, like in a library) where they can look up the candidates policy plans as well as their history.


Bitty bakes with the boys.

“Chop, chop!” Bitty said. “These apples aren’t going to chop themselves, boys.”

He turned dish drainer to pluck out a paring knife, apparently intent on demonstrating – again – the proper technique for relieving an apple from its skin.

Tango leaned over towards Whiskey. “Why are we doing this again?” he asked in not quite a whisper, eying the heaping baskets of green and red apples that sat in the middle of the table.

“We’re doing this because Bitty said so,” Chowder chimed in, gripping his own paring knife like a hockey stick.

“Better question is why did we elect him captain?” Whiskey said.

Dex and Nursey were both about to jump in when Bitty turned around.

“I ask that myself each and every day,” he said.

“Uh, no offense,” Whiskey said.

“None taken, I’m sure,” Bitty said primly. “But the fact is, you guys did elect me captain, and I aim to welcome our new tadpoles right. And have pie for the coaches, and, yes, some left over for the Haus. And I could be in the kitchen all day doing it myself, or I could teach all you heathens how to make an apple pie that will charm the pants off … whoever you want to charm. And their mother. Trust me, you’ll thank me.”

“So who did it work on for you?” Wicks asked. “Your NHL boyfriend or his movie star mom?”

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The owner of this blog will never recognize Donald Trump as president and will never use that title to refer to him.
I just want everyone watching Charlottesville from another country to understand a few things about America:

It’s not as bad as this.

It’s a whole lot worse than this.

It’s always been this bad.

It’s never been this bad.

We have woven racism and capitalism into the very founding principles and economy of our country, and therefore what you’re witnessing is only one of the natural– if abhorrent– steps in our evolution as a nation. I’d rather not have your sympathy, and your fear is unnecessary. 

What I want you to do is speak. When your friends and neighbors dismiss America as a bunch of ignorant white terrorists, disagree with them. Because our history may be complicated and right now the ignorant white terrorists have the megaphones, but remember, it didn’t always look like this. We elected a black president and then we elected him again. We have a resistance movement millions and millions of people strong. Chances are if you’re on Tumblr you know Americans and are friends with Americans. And chances are you know they’re not ignorant white terrorists. 

We need your help. We need your support. We need you standing with us. Trump and Bannon want the world to turn its back on us, and they’ve shown us they’re really good at getting what they want. Please understand that Trump and Bannon and Sessions and Ivanka and Tillerson and everyone else in the White House and most of the GOP in Congress got there because they lied, cheated, and stole their way there. They do not speak for us. They are not us. They may represent the worst of our country, but there’s a lot more of us who believe in and are fighting for the best this country’s ideals have to offer.

so this seems like a good time to remind people:

The powers of the president (executive branch)

  • can propose laws
  • can veto laws
  • can nominate candidates for the supreme court
  • can sign treaties

The powers of congress (legislative branch)

  • can propose laws
  • can veto laws
  • can confirm/deny candidates for the supreme court
  • can fund or de-fund laws
  • can impeach the president

The powers of the supreme court (judicial branch)

  • can veto laws
  • can determine what a law means
  • can decide if a law violates the consitution
  • can decide how laws apply to a certian case if smaller courts couldn’t

so this is me telling you things arent going to be that bad (offcially) for a long long time because of how long it takes to get laws passed or to get things funded

socially things are going to be bad of course, trump’s big mouth is going to get other countires to hate us, his supporters are going to do awful awful things, but laws will not be made overnight.

across 8 years obama tried for 7 new things and only 5 got passed. trump will not get much done at all except getting people pissed off at him

you ever have those moments where you remember that Donald Fucking Trump is the President of the United States and you feel like you’re going to projectile vomit

And then you remember that there’s an entire investigation to find out if Russia fucked with our election 

And another investigation to find out if Trump tried to interfere with the investigation to find out if Russia fucked with our election 

And we may wake up one day and find out we elected Donald Fucking Trump but maybe we didn’t really elect him because Russia fucked with us but Trump is impeached which seems good but then we’re stuck with actual 1700s pilgrim fresh of the Mayflower Mike Pence or Devil in a man’s body Paul Ryan and its like waking up from a weird nightmare just to find out you’re life is miserable