we eat food duh


I have a 6 month old as of 9/6/17. It’s really been half a year, I can’t believe it! 🤴🏽💙


🌟 He sits up perfectly now, he doesn’t even tip over anymore lol.

🌟 He holds his bottle with NO assistance! He’s been doing it for a while but he was quite lazy, and only held it when he felt like it.. now he holds it for every feeding.

I mean he’s just getting into everything you can imagine and when you take one thing away he instantly finds something else.

🌟 We’ve transitioned to baby foods as well, and so far he LOVES apples, bananas & pears.. so I mix it in his oatmeal and he eats the whole bowl everyday for lunch. Soon I’ll be letting him have veggies like sweet potato & different fruits like mango! We’ve decided against the “dinner” baby foods, only because the idea of meat being in a jar is absolutely disgusting to me and I would not taste it therefore I won’t let him eat it lol. (We taste test all of his food, because duh)

🌟 He seems heavy to everyone, but he’s really only 19.15lbs and that (to me) is not heavy at all. Is it? I mean, he’s 6 months. His doctor thinks he’s at a good weight, a great one actually. He’s just really not as heavy as some people make it seem.

🌟 He is teething! Nothing has broken the surface just yet but he eats every little thing & loves his frozen nubbys. I can see the little teeth pods under his gums when I check his mouth (which he hates lol) and it’s ADORABLE & a little painful when he bites.

These past 6 months have been the best of my life.

So proud to be his mommy ✨