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So has Archer run off to seek comfort from Levi? Why is Levi even still hanging around anyway?

Why, for Archer to run back to when he realizes what a huge mistake he made of course!!

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Anon you know better than to think I will answer this ;) 

joshua dun

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  • Heavydirtysoul: "this is not rap" ARE YOU SURE TYLER?! ARE YOU REALLY SURE?! + street poetry lyrics I'm crying
  • Stressed out: insecurity + anti-capitalist vibes
  • Ride: reggae-techno-emo-rap
  • Fairly local: that one high note. You know what I'm talking about.
  • Tear in my heart: the cutesy love song we all need TBH
  • Lane boy: remember when you thought the ode to sleep rap was hard? AHAHAHAHAHA
  • The judge: weird ass noise in the beginning + ukulele + freeeeEEEEEEEE
  • Doubt: k but the beginning part sound like cats meowing really fast
  • Polarize: low key makes it feel like you're in a rap video
  • We don't believe what on tv: JOSHHHHHHHHH + YEYEYE
  • Message man: chill af + dat bassline tho
  • Hometown: supercool alt-rock vibes
  • Not today: "this ones a contradiction because of how happy it sounds" LIKE ALL YOUR FUCKIN MUSIC?!?! THIS IS WHY IM SO EMOTIONALLY CONFUSED
  • Goner: I'm crying AGAIN + the tiNY BEAN IS SCREAMING AGAIN

All these people saying “OMG have you listened to that song stressed out by 21 pilots???”

I’m like

“Bitch, first øff its twenty øne piløts, nøt the number, write that shit øut. Secønd, have yøu listened tø Fake Fan by Every Twenty Øne Piløts Fan?”

And they’re like

“Of course, that song is my jam!”

Then there’s me with a


“Fucking bandwagøners, listen tø anything that isn’t øn Blurryface and then cøme back tø talk business.”

  • Me: *sees picture of Josh Dun.*
  • Me: "he looks so good-God I would marry him-he's so pretty, the love of my li-"
  • Me: *sees picture of Tyler Joseph*
  • Me: "he looks so good-God I would marry him-he's so pretty, the love of my li-"
  • Me: *sees picture of Jenna Joseph*
  • Me: "she looks so good-God I would marry her-she's so pretty, the love of my life."