we dont talk about that other part of her life


Míriel Þerindë! Supposed to be, anyway. SHE’S SO GREAT I love her a lot. She was one of the greatest craftspeople of her age (embroidery) and also Fëanor’s mom! He got his stubborn trait from her apparently =D She talked fast and worked quickly, and there’s this bit also about her and her son in HoME 12 which I love: “He was restless in mind and body, though like Míriel he could become wholly absorbed in works of the finest skill of hand; but he left many things unfinished.

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Any headcanons for an MC who can't drive worth shit, due to a) never fucking learning and b) too scared to learn bc hoooo boy that would be an easy way to kill yourself (you dont have to include the last part if that makes you uncomfortable, im just self projecting whoops;; )

Me and the other mods were talking about this in our discord chat, mod 707 brought it up and said ‘’ AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS LIKE THIS ‘’ and within seconds me and mod saeran said ‘’ same ‘’, we all hate driving, it’s scary.

But ! If this were true then mc either gets over this fear because in 707′s after ending she drives his car LMAO, or she drives that car while terrified while ALSO never driving in her whole entire life, which would be impressive.

I want you to all think of a petrified mc that just steps on the gas while she is being shot at and her boyfriend got shot int he arm and she j UST FUCKING ALMOST HITS A BUNCH OF PEOPLE AND VANDERWOOD IS SCREAMING IN THE BACKSEAT LMAO
She just slides down into the sit when they finally step and just kinda laughs nervously and says ‘’ i think I saw hell ‘’